May 04, 2023


Cash It: Betting Bad Beats, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs & Fantasy Baseball Value Picks

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Betting Bad Beats, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs & Fantasy Baseball Value Picks
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Betting Bad Beats, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs & Fantasy Baseball Value Picks

May 04 2023 | 01:04:05


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss sports betting strategies when you're getting hit with bad beats, the marquee NBA and NHL playoff match-ups and which MLB players have proven to be the best values so far in fantasy baseball.

Betting & Bad Beats - 04:31
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - 16:25
NBA Playoffs - 27:11
MLB Draft Value - 39:20
Rain -1:02:10

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Got Adam Ronis here by my side. Time to dig into the sports world. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, BADM, mitten, bachi ball, whatever you want to talk about. Adam and I got you covered here. Uh, Adam, you were actually just in like this killer squash tournament I heard. Um, and uh, and how'd you fare? Speaker 1 00:00:25 Oh, absolutely. Crushed. It won the whole thing. Obliterated the field. No one was even close to me. Speaker 0 00:00:31 I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that at all. Like, if there was a sport where I would be like, yeah, I could see Ronas doing it. It's squash, right? It's like a, like a combo racquetball, uh, you know, tennis sort of a thing. But the ball is so fucking hard that I can just see you just drilling people in the back with it or something like that. Speaker 1 00:00:50 That's how I roll. Speaker 0 00:00:51 I know, I know. You can be a little mean spirit <laugh>. Oh man. How you been doing? Because like, I mean, if you ask me how I'm doing, I'm just gonna say shitty and then cry and whine for the next, uh, 45 minutes. So how are you doing? Maybe, maybe you gotta, you you're doing better than I am. Speaker 1 00:01:10 That sounds like it. Yeah, it's been pretty good. I got no complaints right now. Speaker 0 00:01:14 That's it. You're not gonna tell me something fun. You went to a losing met game. I know that. Oh, Speaker 1 00:01:19 Stop. I <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:01:23 You know, though, here's the thing is, uh, I went and I knew they were gonna lose cuz I went to game one of the doubleheader against the Braves on Monday. It was supposed to be obviously one game, and they got rained out Saturday and Sunday. So one they rescheduled in August and then the one on Sunday, they rescheduled on Monday. I couldn't stay for both games because I had to do, uh, a show on Sirius xm. The, uh, we do the live in-game betting. Uh, so I had to be back for that. If not, I would've stayed. I love Doubleheaders. I mean, when I was a kid they used to schedule Doubleheaders and I would always look at the calendar and a lot of 'em were, you know, single admission. So I would go and this one was also single admission, but I couldn't stay. Speaker 1 00:02:04 And I knew they were gonna lose the first game. It was Spencer Strider against Reyes. I'm like, uh, bullpen game, essentially. I was like, yeah, they're fucked. But they kept coming back. Um, and they left a lot of runners on base. So they actually got to Strider. Strider only went five innings. Yeah. Um, and they hit several home runs. Even in the ninth, uh, Escobar hit home run and pull 'em with them one. So I figured they'd win the nightcap and they did. So yeah, it sucked to see them lose. But, uh, I went in, I mean, before I even got to my seat, it was three nothing. I was uh, uh, waiting online to get in and I see Murphy hit a home run and make it three nothing. But, you know, this is what I kept saying. And throughout the game, oh, at least he's on my fantasy team. Speaker 1 00:02:44 Oh, at least he's on my fantasy team. I have Sean Murphy. He was one of my top targets, a catcher. So he had two Homer six rbis. Ronald de Kuya hit an absolute moonshot into the third deck. So I have him on multiple teams. So that's the only thing that Braves team is so good. You know, we talked about it before the year we both took him. We agreed to win the World Series in that F S G A betting contest. Uh, and they're just so good. Um, and they've had injuries just like everyone else. But man, that lineup is just lethal. Ozzy Alies now bouncing back. He's got nine home runs. So they're just really good. And I've, I said going into the year, they were better than the Mets. They're better than the Mets right now. I'm still hoping that the Mets can turn things around. Speaker 1 00:03:27 Cuz if you look at the Mets right now, they've, they're above 500 and they basically haven't had their rotation the entire year. Verlander is gonna make his debut. Thursday, Sherzer has been on the IL and now suspended 10 games. So he's just coming back. I mean, not that Carrasco counting off much, but he's our, he should be back next week, <laugh>. So right now at this moment, Sega is the only guy that was in the rotation to start the year. I mean, they're throwing Joey Luc and, um, I mean McGill is okay, I'm fine with him. They had to set Peterson down cuz he was ineffective. So they've had a lot of issues with their pitching staff and they've been able to stay afloat. And yes, some of the opponents they've played have been weak, but they've also played some good teams. But they have a nice stretch coming up here. I think it's Detroit, the Rockies, the Reds. And I think another bad team, they gotta take advantage because the Braves are just pounding everyone right now. Speaker 0 00:04:18 Um, yeah, they are. Um, you know, it's so funny that you mentioned that, uh, that that Escobar thing, you know why your Mets stayed in it as, as well as they did and gave you like an entertaining game. Why? Because I fucking bet the Braves on the run line that game <laugh>. I bet the, I bet, I bet the Speaker 1 00:04:34 Brief screwed Speaker 0 00:04:35 You. So, so here's Escobar screwed me. AJ Minter screwed me. Like that's, Speaker 1 00:04:40 He has not been good lately. Speaker 0 00:04:42 Alright, so here's, so here, here, here's what it is. And this is, this is what, what you know is, is just driving me absolutely bonkers right now. Last week it started last week, um, I think it was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Um, you know, we talked about this on the podcast last week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Rangers bullpen just blew up against Cincinnati. Three straight games. Three straight games. I had, I had a run line bat, I had a money line bed. I went back and I did another, uh, run line bed. And, and each time in the eighth inning or beyond it, it, it fell apart from me. Then. Then I went and, and I, and I got, you know, hot for like three days and then all of a sudden it started to fall apart on me again. Um, Sunday, you know, Sunday when the White Sox put five runs up on Jalen Beaks, what the fuck is Jalen Beaks still doing in the game at that point? Speaker 0 00:05:39 Why are you letting him give up this many runs? So they end up giving away the game to the White Sox. I had to raise on the run line in that bet. And then boom, I had Braves on the run line against the Mets and Escobar hits that one off of Minter. And then later on that night, I had the Yankees on the money line against the Guardians. And, uh, and, and they let, they, they put Domingo Herman out for the ninth inning. Um, and then he ends up putting runners on. Then Clay Holmes can't get the runners out and he ends up like, you know, dealing with like the bases loaded and giving up runs. And then they bring in, uh, was it Wiley Paralta, Willie Paralta. And he fucking walks a run in. So I've had this, like, this just stretch where it's just, it's not a bad bet. Speaker 0 00:06:25 It's a bad beat, you know, like bullpens blowing up. And these bullpens should not have done that coming into that game. And, you know, the Rangers, they're bullpen had like a two e r a for the season. They were hot, they were playing, they were pitching, well, they weren't overworked. So I don't know what the fuck happened to them. But then, yeah, I'm sitting there and I'm looking at these bullpens and the meltdowns and it was just, it was, it was like one thing after another after another. And I mean, listen, I was up, I don't know, it was like 15 units after the, uh, after the first week, uh, first two weeks of the season. And then all of a sudden it started to like systematically fall apart on me. And I'm down. Now I'm, I'm only down a couple of units. It's not huge, but like the, to be up 15 units and then to, you know, to still bet steadily or whatever, and then to just get hit with these fucking bad beats. Speaker 0 00:07:18 It's making me nuts. Now, normally I would just walk away for a couple of days, right? Not write anything. Not, not, or not, not write, not not make a single bet. Just go and watch baseball and just enjoy it. Not, you know, do that. Clear my head and, and you know, whatever. And then I'll get back on it. But because I'm doing the best bets, you know, every single day over at Fantasy Alarm, I'm obligated to continue pulling these, you know, putting these articles out every single day. And so I'm just like, I'm in this rut and there's no time to just clear my head and uh, and just back the fuck off. Um, you know, and, and do it that way. So, you know, I'm like, I'm, I'm just, it's, it's really starting weigh on me a little bit. Not in the sense of league, oh my God, I can't bet baseball. No. Just in the fact of like, I needed to take a break and take a step back. I know you're gonna start helping with the article now. Um, but I need to take that step out, clear my mind and, and do that. I mean, what do you do? What do you do when you get like into a rut? You hit a, you hit a rut last year with, uh, with basketball, right? You were just, you know, the props were just getting housed on you. Speaker 1 00:08:28 Oh yeah. It happens every year. I mean, again, when you're talking a basketball season that starts in October and runs till June, you're going to hit a dry spot. I don't care who you are, you know, if someone says they don't, they're lying. It's just the way it is. There are times where you just are on fire and you're hitting a large percentage of bets, but there are periods where you just can't get anything. Right. And there are bad breaks. But I wanted to follow up cuz I, unless I miss it, I notice, so you talked about the bullpens. Have you ever thought about doing first five innings? Because, you know, the starting pitchers are really gonna have more of an impact. I haven't seen that in your writeups, at least not that much. Is that something you consider maybe the first five run line, first five money line Speaker 0 00:09:13 Instead? Yeah. Yeah. I definitely, I definitely thought about doing that and just kind of clipping the game in that sense. You know, I mean, I I I just got to a certain point where, yeah, I mean, it's like you just don't want bullpens costing you and I've done the first five, you know, or I've like switched over and I've done like a team total instead, right? And, uh, and, and go from there. I mean, maybe that's, that's kind of the way I'm gonna have to at least kind of at least tilt it here and there over the next couple of days and just kind of eliminate the, the bullpen aspect of it. Because yeah, it was just, I mean, fuck, or maybe I just start dipping it to some more props instead. There's gotta, I just, I need to just switch it up from what I'm doing right now and just get out of this rut. Speaker 1 00:09:59 Yeah. I mean, try something different. Um, look at a different, you know, like you said, run total first five team total. Um, yeah, definitely look at something different. I mean, I'll tend to do that at times as well. Um, but yeah, it's, it's tough because you just, like, you feel like you can't get anything, right? It's the worst feeling in the world. And that is when you do need to, again, when you're doing content and you're doing it every day, it's different. But there are times where, um, you just step away and you say, you know what? I'm not gonna bet anything today for mentally, because you know, when you're placing that bet, you're sitting there and especially if you're watching the game or following it closely, you're sweating it. And that's a lot of stress. That's a lot of up and down. So sometimes you just need to get away from it. Speaker 1 00:10:47 I mean, there definitely have been days over the last few weeks where I've just taken the whole day off. I think Saturday was one of those days, cause I went out for a friend's birthday, so I said, you know what, I don't need to sit here stressed if I'm gonna bet when I come back home, cuz it was like a brunch thing. I I'll make a bet at night. So, um, it is good sometimes to get away because it can be distracting, it can consume, you know, again, I'm very competitive and I hate to lose. So even if the bet is fucking $1, I don't wanna fucking lose <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:11:13 Oh yeah, dude. It's, it's, Speaker 1 00:11:14 You see what I'm saying? I don't wanna lose. I fucking hate Speaker 0 00:11:16 It. And, and I'll tell you what, you know, the funny thing is, is that if this was just me might be okay. No. All right, I'm on. Speaker 1 00:11:23 I'm not okay if it's just me and I, you know, again, we both provide content for people, you know, I'm putting stuff, uh, you know, I've done stuff for a fantasy alarm and like you said, I will continue to do so and I've put stuff on my social medias with videos. So, yeah. You know, if people are tailing and following, you know, and I don't have success, I feel bad. It's the same thing in fantasy advice. You know, Speaker 0 00:11:43 I feel bad. I feel like a fucking schmuck. Speaker 1 00:11:45 Yeah. I mean, look at the same time, here's the opposite though. If someone hears this and they start attacking you, that's different. Again, ultimately it's your decision. You can say, I trust Howard, I trust Adam. I'm gonna tell them. And there are, I feel like the people that follow us, for the most part, and maybe you agree, disagree, especially people that subscribe to fantasy alarm. They're very understanding. And I think it's because they followed us for years and they see our track record and they go, you know what, most of the time they're right, more than they're wrong. It's gonna happen. I trust them. So it's the people that just start following you though. So say maybe someone saw you to start the air scorching and tearing it up, like, oh wow, look at this guy, man, I'm following him. And now you go through this streak and like, what the fuck, what happened to you? That's Speaker 0 00:12:33 Exactly, that's as soon as we subscribe. Yeah. You start fucking lose. That's that. Like, that's the thing. And it's so funny, man, because that's the only thing that's in my head about this right now. And you know, and, and, and I'll say this cuz there are some people who will go out there and they'll make, they'll make like 10 picks for a day. They'll throw you, you know, eight different props and two game bets and and they'll just, they'll be like, here, this is, this is what you got. Right? And, and I don't know if they're not playing it themselves or whatever, they just, they, you know, they walk away and that's it. And boom, it's like blank slate. And they feel good. Me, I'm like drilling myself in the head because I feel like, yeah, I've, I feel like I started off the season so hot that we probably did rope in a couple of subscriptions just based on, uh, you know, off of that. Speaker 0 00:13:20 And I mean, listen, I, you're right, the fantasy alarm family's fucking amazing. Shout out to Glen K uh, who, who wrote me about something completely different. But like the first line in his email was, dude, don't let these bets get to you. It'll come back around. It always does. You know? So like I get that kind of, you know, the encouragement from, from, you know, this guy who's been, you know, obviously with part of the family for an extended period of time. But yeah, it's like, it's, it's the new people who come in. I mean, I'm not like one of those people. I try not to be one of those people who always wants to be liked by everybody, but fuck man, you know, <laugh> like, it's like driving me nuts that like any new subscribers who are coming in, uh, you know, are probably like, what the fuck is this? I totally got, you know, whooped on this one here. Ah, ah, making me nuts at him. Speaker 1 00:14:11 Just maintaining confidence, understanding that it's gonna turn around. But yeah, I've been there, man. It just, you just feel like I can't get anything, right? Like the process, the reasoning behind the bets all make sense and then something goes wrong and it's worse too, like where you get hooked or it's like one little thing that goes wrong. Um, and again, anyone who has been, uh, betting for a while has been through this. Uh, if you haven't you're a liar. Cuz like everyone goes through, even the best players, the most successful, they're gonna go through periods where it's a struggle and you know, your read on things are wrong or it's, it just happens, unfortunately. Yeah, it's, it's the worst feeling, especially when you're providing content. Speaker 0 00:14:52 Yeah. Oh dude. Like I, and I know like in football season, I'll go like three straight weeks with like, oh, like, what the hell just happened there? And then I'll get right back on it, you know? And I, and I know that that's the same case here with baseball. It's just, like I said, it's just, we're at that point, right? It's like the, the, the first, you know, first month of the season, you know, shit's real busy with fantasy alarm and, you know, and, and the work that we're doing alongside Sirius XM and the Better Sports Network. So we're, you know, like in a, in a, in a million different things. And so yeah, it's just, uh, it's it's just one of those moments where yeah, I I I, I know I can rationalize it. Put me on the therapist's couch right now and I can totally rationalize streaks happen. Go ahead, take your time, clear your mind and you'll be okay. Like, I know that for a fact, but you know, it's still when you're like in that shit right then and there, um, yeah. And we'll just, we'll just, we'll just figure out what days you can take <laugh>. You can give me the best bets here. Like, basketball season can't come to a close enough for crying out loud. <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:16:00 Yeah, we're still a month and a half away. Speaker 0 00:16:04 Yeah, well, they really spread it down. I can't, I can't wait that month and a half. So Speaker 1 00:16:07 I mean, geez, like the, the Knicks are off and then, uh, three days the Sun's, uh, son's nuggets are off three days. Like they're really spreading it out. Speaker 0 00:16:19 At least hockey is dead to me. Now. I don't have to worry about the Stanley Company. Speaker 1 00:16:26 Dude, that was just such a pathetic performance by the Rangers in Game seven. It was so bad they were getting dominated from beginning to end and the only reason why it stayed won nothing for a little bit was cuz of shit darken. I mean, that was just an abysmal performance by the Rangers. I, I don't know if there's a more disappointing game seven than I can remember in my life for one of the teams I root for. I mean, that was just really bad. I mean, they, they could've, they could've lost that game. 10, nothing. Speaker 0 00:16:53 They should have lost that game. 10 nothing. I mean, it was, it was so bad. So you were on air with, with fti, uh, doing the, uh, the Fantasy Alarm, better Cast Show on Sirius xm. Uh, shout that one out. You guys. Eight to 10:00 PM Eastern right after me and Jim Boden. So you get a four hour fantasy alarm block that's just absolutely fucking phenomenal over on Sirius xm. So six to 8:00 PM Eastern is me and Jim Boden, eight to 10:00 PM Eastern. It's, uh, it's Adam and, and Justin Fensterman. Um, and you know, and you guys were doing the, uh, you know, you're doing all the, the basket, it was like a lot of basketball talk going on, but then you guys drifted into hockey and you guys went to the game. Like, I mean like, like, so like I had to turn off the broadcast because, you know, Sirius XM has like that three minute delay. Speaker 0 00:17:41 And so while you're sitting there and you know, you're like, yeah, let's go to the game right now. Uh, you went to the game that happened like three minutes ago for me, so I couldn't, I couldn't listen and watch the game at the same time. It kind of threw me off in a, in a little bit of a way, but I, you know, so I turned that off and, and then I, to be perfectly honest, I, I think it was the, the Rangers went down to nothing and I was like, you know what? I'm just gonna go help my fucking wife cook dinner right now. Like, I, I can't be sitting here watching this. This is gonna make me insane. I didn't even put any action on it was just emotion. I even sent to you the text. I'm like, fucking Rangers are getting worked right now. I have like all these images in my head, Mattau, mattau, mattau. And all I got was kicking the balls, kicking the balls, kicking the balls. We just, we looked like shit. Speaker 1 00:18:28 Yeah, it was really disappointing, man. You know, game seven. Um, but they basically lost, I would say games three and four. I mean, you win two games in Jersey on the road, you go up two zero and then you don't even win a game at the Garden. I mean, I knew they were in trouble there once, uh, they, it got to two two and then, you know, obviously Devils take Game five at home. Sure, great Rangers play great at home Game six. Sure. But that was just a real disappointing series and I knew it was gonna be tough. I know Jersey is good. I hate the setup for the N H L playoffs that they changed where it's all the divi in division for the first two rounds. It's so stupid cuz I mapped it out and not that it would've been easier, but I believe, I think if they had done it the traditional way that they used to have one verse eight, two verse seven, I think they would've played Toronto in the first round. Not that that would've been easy, you know, Toronto won their first round. Uh, but again, it's, it's not excuses. I've been saying it since they instituted this format, but it was a, a tough first round. Um, but no excuses. They, they gave it, they gave it away in a sense. I, I don't know if they gave it devils were the better team through seven games. But you know, you're up two zero, you win two games on the road, man, and you can't come back home and get one. That's really what fucked them. Speaker 0 00:19:46 Yeah, that was, uh, that was an outright disaster. Now I'm looking at like the N H L and it's like, all right, so Toronto's the odds on Favorite. Okay. Speaker 1 00:19:54 And they lost Game. One of the Panthers who fucking beat the B bros, bro Bruns were Speaker 0 00:19:58 On three games. Was was Johnny Van Bessbrook in net? Speaker 1 00:20:02 I, I don't think so. Shit, Speaker 0 00:20:04 Man. <laugh>, what the fuck? Speaker 1 00:20:07 I mean, did you see that sta too that now the best team in every sport, the best regularly season ever. None of them have won a title. Speaker 0 00:20:17 Oh yeah. Oh, the, the President's trophy winners. Well, Speaker 1 00:20:19 No, not even that. Well, yes, the President's Trophy has been a curse, but I'm saying in the four major sports. So the best, most wins all the time was the Mariners. They didn't win a title. The Patriots were undefeated, Speaker 0 00:20:31 Lost, they lost to the Giants. Speaker 1 00:20:34 The now you have the Bruns this year they had the best record most points all the time they lost. And the nba, the Warriors, when they were 73 and nine, they lost crazy man. So you don't want that historic season <laugh>, you wanna be. No, you don't. Speaker 0 00:20:50 You Speaker 1 00:20:50 Wanna the, you wanna be the, you wanna sneak in as a wild card and get hot. Speaker 0 00:20:54 You spend all your capital winning the regular season. And you know, I mean, I remember when the Rangers twice, I watched the Rangers win the President's trophy, um, after, was it after winning the Stanley Cup? Or maybe it was before, right before they won the Stanley Cup. I can't remember. They, they won the President's trophy at one point, uh, and then, you know, got knocked outta the playoffs and then they did it again. Uh, a couple of years ago they won the President's trophy and they made it to the conference finals. They made it, this was the fight thing. The Rangers made it to the conference finals and lost the year they won the President's trophy. This is after 2000. Um, they're the only team to win the President's trophy to get beyond the second round. Speaker 1 00:21:35 Do you know when the last time the president's trophy team won the Stanley Cup? Speaker 0 00:21:39 Um, I'm gonna go with, uh, 1964 and it was the Montreal Canadians, Speaker 1 00:21:44 It's not that bad. Um, 2012, 2013 Black Hawks <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:21:50 Oh yeah. Thanks for fucking Patrick Kane. Could that dude have looked any more sluggish in that game? Seven? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:57 Oh man. So disappointing, man. I'm Speaker 0 00:22:01 Bitter man. I'm not even like, I don't, I don't give a shit. I, you know, I hope it's Toronto and Edmonton and Canada. You can just keep the fucking sport. Speaker 1 00:22:08 I don't even know who to root for. Now I can tell you this, it ain't the devils, uh, that's No, no, Speaker 0 00:22:13 No. It's never the devils. Speaker 1 00:22:14 I want them to get knocked out. I don't even know whoever. I mean, Toronto hasn't won in a long time and they tend to choke every year and they already lost game one, I guess I guess them, I mean in the West Seattle Kraken expansion team, Speaker 0 00:22:29 Right? Well, there you go. It's gonna be the Panthers against the Kraken. Imagine. Speaker 1 00:22:32 Oh my God. Hockey will get no ratings. I mean, look at these team whatsoever. Look at these teams that are left Vegas who's bare at a team for a few years. I know they've been good. Edmonton. I mean I obviously have a good history. Dallas Stars, Seattle, Kraken, the Carolina Hurricanes. Yeah, the Devils, the Maple Leafs and the Panthers. Oh my God. Like, I guess the Maple Leafs and Edmonton have the richest history of these teams. Well, Speaker 0 00:22:56 They've got the richest history, but they also have the Marques players. You got Austin Maths on Toronto, you got David, David, uh, for, for Edmonton. So, you know, I'm, you know, along with um, uh, what's his face? Can't I remember? Oh, dry cycle. So I mean, you know, to me it's like, okay, I'd rather see those two teams in there because I know they, it's, I know there are big stars, you know, around the Speaker 1 00:23:21 League. Would that, would that be the best? I mean, I don't, obviously the NHL doesn't do great ratings and I don't think any of these matchups will help, but that's gotta be the most appealing, right. For, for the NHL Toronto Edmonton. Yeah. Hundred Speaker 0 00:23:35 Percent Speaker 1 00:23:36 I guess cuz of the players. Yeah. But I, I guess I would lose the US viewer unless you're a diehard hockey fan. Like, uh, I don't know how much Stanley Cup I'm gonna watch. Speaker 0 00:23:46 I, if it's Toronto Edmonton, I'll watch all seven games. Speaker 1 00:23:50 Okay, so there you go. I Speaker 0 00:23:51 Mean, if, if, if that's the case, if it's those two teams, but you throw the, I mean listen, if you throw the Kraken in there or the Panthers in there, maybe I will also, because they're just these like, you know, Cinderella stories that nobody thought had a, even a remote shot. Panthers have a hot goalie right now. That's what's going on over there. Speaker 1 00:24:09 That's crazy. Three games to one, they were down to the B Bruns and they won. And then when it game to seven on the rope, man, that is Speaker 0 00:24:16 In overtime insane. In overtime. Yeah. They tied it up with less than a minute to go and then they, they they nail it in overtime. Speaker 1 00:24:23 Geez. What? Like so you have to say the broom season was a failure, right? Speaker 0 00:24:29 A hundred percent, Speaker 1 00:24:30 Yeah. Okay. Because yeah, I mean, this came up where I guess Giannis and Tenant Cooper had a quote last week where they were asking him if it's a failing. He's like, failure, what are you talking about? Like, and I understood his quote. It's probably what you don't want to hear because if LeBron James said that shit, he would get fucking roasted. Sure. Um, but I, I understood what he said, but I'm, I think the buck season was a failure. I mean, you were the number one C and you lost in the first round. So it's a failure. I know you could say, well, it's a failure for every team that doesn't win the championship. It's kind of unfair. But again, you're the brooms, you had 135 points and 65 wins and you had a three games to one lead. I mean, it's obviously worse than the Bucks. You know, bucks were pretty much down and Giannis wasn't a hundred percent no excuse, but the brooms man that is just to not even get out around one and you're up three games to one against the Panthers team that you had 43 more points then God, man, ah, these regular seasons, bro. It's just like, ugh. It just sneak in and get hot man. And especially in the N H L, we see it all the time. You get that hot goalie, man, you, you can make a run. Speaker 0 00:25:37 You can definitely do it. It's definitely, you know, so I mean, you know, I'll just kind of, I'll just monitor this shit now, but I'm not, I'm not investing any time watching any of these games. Sorry, hockey, you know, I, you know, I'm, and it's a great Speaker 1 00:25:49 Playoff sport. It really is a game. Speaker 0 00:25:51 Oh, such a great playoff. Speaker 1 00:25:52 I say this all the time if I know this, people don't watch hockey at all. Try and at least watch a playoff game. Even if you don't wanna watch the whole game tune in for the third period, especially if you see an overtime and watch it, it is a really good action to watch. Speaker 0 00:26:07 And, and to me, you know, and I'll say this also, uh, as much as I love baseball and football and, you know, going to a live hockey game is the best. Like, that's the, that's the sport that I love. Just going to games nonstop. And you Speaker 1 00:26:23 Don't go much, right? Cuz there's nothing there. What? No, there's nothing Speaker 0 00:26:25 Here. What am I gonna travel down to Fucking San Jose Now? Speaker 1 00:26:28 How far is that trip? Speaker 0 00:26:29 I don't know. It's probably like a, like a half hour, 40 minutes away. Oh, that's not even Speaker 1 00:26:33 Bad. I thought you were gonna say three hours. You won't go 30 to 45 minutes. Speaker 0 00:26:38 Well see the, by the time I I, I would've to leave and go right down there by my, excuse me, by myself. My wife's not coming to a game. She doesn't want, she doesn't give a shit about the sharks. She ate hockey. Speaker 1 00:26:48 You wouldn't go to a game by yourself. Speaker 0 00:26:50 Oh, I would totally go to a game by myself. Speaker 1 00:26:52 Okay. Don't be like fey. Speaker 0 00:26:54 Okay, before you get to that, before you guys, I'll just say this, all right, cuz we're gonna transition to basketball anyway, um, to talk about that. The only salvation that, the only solace that I take in the Bucks losing is that Festy fucking stole that pick from us in the, uh, in the F S G A sports book. And I'm glad that he loses it now. Speaker 1 00:27:14 Yeah, it's karma. I mean, we took the bucks to come out of these, so we lost that too. But <laugh> Speaker 0 00:27:19 Well, I mean that was like our consolation prize, right? Right. Because we were all locked in for our number one pick. And then we knew, you even said it like that, like that day before the draft. You're like, ah, Fey fucking takes this pick. I'm gonna kill him. Oh one. That's exactly what he did. So bucks losing. I'm okay with that. Looking at the, at, at, at the, the, I guess are, are these the conference finals now or these semi semi, Speaker 1 00:27:44 Semi-finals. These Speaker 0 00:27:45 Are the semis. All right. So Sixers Celtics, that's got all the earmarks of being a great series. Um, Lakers warriors, that's got all the earmarks of being a great series. It looks like the Suns might get bounced. Is uh, is Chris Paul hurt? Dude, there's so much here. They're like, I'm not even a basketball guy and I'm like, oh shit, I know what's going on. Speaker 1 00:28:09 Yeah, Chris Paul's hurt once again. It happens every year in the playoffs. He gets injured. So yeah, I think the suns are in big trouble. The one thing that I think the schedule really helped them here though because, uh, they have three days off between game two and three. So they get to go home. And this is what I said when the trade happened, I was very concerned about the depth of the Phoenix Suns. They have no bench and it is a major problem. Now. Your stars play more minutes in the post-season, but if you have to play long series and you have to exert those stars playing a lot, it's a, it can catch up to you as you go along. So right now, Booker and Durant have played the most minutes in the playoffs. Those guys, uh, I think is that game Friday? Speaker 1 00:28:55 I think, I think it's Friday. I'm telling you right now, Booker and Durant are gonna play 44, 45 minutes. There's no doubt in my mind. And I think they probably win game three because of that. But if Chris Paul's gonna be out, not that he was is, is great anymore, he's still good. But now you have to go into your bench, which is giving you nothing. So I think they are in trouble. But you're right. The other three series, even Nick's Heat, you know, Nick's had to win game too. Like yeah, they, they were playing from behind most of the way, but they were able to pull it out. Jimmy Butler didn't play maybe Butler's back next game after that ankle injury. But that looks like a series that can go deep. Lakers Warriors is gonna be phenomenal. Obviously from a ratings perspective, Curry versus LeBron and the Lakers were able to win game one on the road in Golden State. Speaker 1 00:29:44 Which I said it, I said it before the game. I said, look, if there's a game the Lakers could steal it's game one because the Warriors had to go seven games with the Kings, they just played Sunday and then two days later that's come back and played game one and you figure that could be some tired legs. And the Lakers defense, since the trade deadline has been one of the best. And they did a really good job on that. Late possession to double Curry, get the ball out of his hands. And Jordan Pool took a long three where he had time. I didn't like the shot. Um, I think he could have dribbled up a little bit, maybe get a better look. There was time he missed the shot. But that's what you want. You don't want Curry taking the shot there. So Lakers defense did great. Anthony Davis was dominant, but problem with Anthony Davis and the guys on t n t last week were talking about this, some really good discussion. Barclay Shaq, Kenny Smith. And they were saying how a few years ago when Davis was on the Pelicans, they all felt, Hey, in three, four years this guy, fuck Speaker 0 00:30:43 <laugh> Met Game going on as we're recording folks. Yeah. Met Game going on. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:50 And it was 5 48 and Adino just gave up a game, a go Head single. They had second and third and I think it was Eric Haas two runs singles. So now Detroit's up 6.5, bottom eight. Damnit. Speaker 0 00:31:02 That's all right. If it makes you feel any better, I'm looking at the, uh, the fucking Astros being shut out by the Giants. Um, which I, I figured it'd be a, a lower scoring game and I'm fine with that. But the fact that the Giants have two runs on the on on Valdez a lefty, it's uh, it's, it's a bit of a shock for me. Yeah, I think I only bet, I bet the under on that game. So we'll see what happens here. Uh, <laugh>, I'm not feeling good about the bullpens. Speaker 1 00:31:29 Yeah, a lot of, I mean the Astros just are, you know, dealing with a lot of interest in the pitching staff. Obviously the offense is not the same. Um, but with Anthony Davis, the problem I have with Anthony Davis is his inconsistency and they talked about it. They said when he was the pelicans, he looked like a guy that could be the best player in the sport in three, four years. And we just don't see the consistency. Like yes, the uh, game one 30 points, 23 rebounds, five assists, four blocks, 44 minutes, 11 to 19 from the field, absolutely dominant. But if you look at the Memphis Games, 2212 rebounds, seven blocks. Game one, game two 13 points, nine rebounds. What? Okay, game 3 31 point 17 rebounds. Game 4, 4 13 from the field, 12 points, 11 rebounds. Okay, game 5 31 points, 19 rebounds game six, 16 points, 14 rebounds, five blocks, nine shots from the field. Speaker 1 00:32:24 I mean, it was a blowout in 28 minutes. But that's the problem, man. Like where is the consistency? This is a guy that can go out and dominate and maybe against Golden State, it happens more because they really don't have anyone that can guard him. You know, kaon Looney has been an absolute beast on the glass and I've been playing that prop a lot, but he doesn't have the, the foot speed to keep up with Anthony Davis. Draymond Green is too small. Um, I'm looking at a game where Davis faced Golden State in March and he had 39 points, eight rebound, six assists, but then he had another game against somewhere. He had 12 points, 12 rebound. It's like the inconsistency of Davis is just the one concern I have cuz you're not getting 30, 23 from him every night. So in Golden State's, a tough team to beat. Uh, but Speaker 0 00:33:06 I mean, is is basketball, let me ask you this cuz I, you know, I I didn't play past junior high. Okay? And, and that was it cuz I, you know, no three point shot and I was the shortest kid in the fucking in, in the city. Um, and so I, uh, I, you know, I i I didn't play. I mean, is it that fucking taxing on these guys that, that they need two or three days off in between games? Like it's, or is this strictly, is this strictly like the N B A with like a money grab and stuff like that? Cause you're talking about Anthony Davis inconsistency, so I'm wondering, well, is it because I mean, he's he's an injury prone guy. Is it because he plays all out and his body is all banged up that two days later he still hasn't fucking recovered from that, that that game? Is it that physically taxing? Um, or is this just, you know, is this just a money grab for the N B A and we have to sit and suffer like this? No Speaker 1 00:34:02 Tv like, so you got Wednesday night, there's one game Thursday night, there's one game, <laugh>, I mean, really. So they're extending it to, for TV purposes. It, it doesn't have to, we know that these sports don't care about health. We, we went through this with the N F L with a Thursday night game, you know, they could sit there and say, yeah, we can, no, you don't. You fucking play three, three days later. I mean, come on, you don't give a shit. Um, yeah, I don't know with Danny Davis though, it's just, I, I don't know why. Cuz we saw it in the regular season. He had stretches where he dominated for like two weeks at a time. And I was playing his props every night, like points, rebounds. Like he went through a ridiculous stretch, especially when LeBron was out. But it just feels like, uh, we don't get that this, I don't know if it's effort or I mean, there again, how's he, he should never be taking 13, 14 shots from the field. Speaker 1 00:34:53 Like, it doesn't make sense, right? So I mean that's, so that's my concern. But I do think the Lakers have a shot to win this series, uh, taking game one was ob obviously huge for them. Um, and the Warriors, they, they had some issues in that first round against the Kings. They weren't good in the half court offense. And the Kings are not a good defense. So I know everyone's pointing to the Warriors like, oh, they're gonna win it now look at the teams that are out. But I'm not so sure, man, I, I still have some questions about this Warriors team. Curry bailed them out in game seven. Like they didn't really get a lot from anyone else. Curry needed 50 points for them to advance. So, um, I think this is, but this is clearly the most interesting series in this round. Lakers Warriors, obviously the Curry LeBron storyline. Speaker 0 00:35:38 Yeah, but I mean, come on. No, I mean six or Celtics is a, is a pretty tight series too. I think Speaker 1 00:35:43 It should. Well Joel, Speaker 0 00:35:44 Especially with him beat, banged up still. Speaker 1 00:35:46 Well, okay, so we're recording here on Wednesday. The game is Wednesday night as of right now. I don't think he's officially been ruled in for what I seen, but he said he's gonna play, he was named the v MVP on Tuesday night. Uh, he said he's going to play. So the Sixers taking game one was an absolute huge win, man. I mean, that was definitely surprising. Subject were 10 point favorites at home and the six ERs went in there. James Harden Best game I've seen him have in a long time tied his postseason career. I have 45 points. I mean, harden has been kind of banked up, I felt over the last month, man, he just took over that game. But I think one of the problems that Celtics have is, uh, Joe Missoula, a first year at Coach, you're starting to see the cracks. Um, I mean, how do you not double hardened the guy's lighting it up and they couldn't find a, a way to defend him. And the Celtics just seem like on paper they're the best team in the East right now. But something seems off with this team that I feel like, I mean, they could still get to the finals, but something just doesn't seem right with this team. Speaker 0 00:36:48 All right. I I, you know, I I don't really know. I just, I have to just take your word for it. Speaker 1 00:36:53 <laugh>. I mean, they, they went to, they, I mean, they went to seven games at Atlanta in round one. I mean, that should not have happened. Speaker 0 00:37:01 Um, I, I, I guess not. Speaker 1 00:37:04 I mean, think, okay. Yeah, yeah. Let me, you know, give you boss. I Speaker 0 00:37:08 Just, I'm just like, I, the Knicks are still in it. I'm still interested. Speaker 1 00:37:11 Yeah. I mean, look, I, I thought before the series, the Knicks would win this series. I mean, uh, but Miami's got like no Tyler hero, no Victor Ola de Butler's now got a bad ankle and Randall came back and played great. Um, but man, this Miami team man, uh, Jimmy Butler is a hell of a fucking player, man. I mean, what he did in round one, just watching that. I mean, he, there were games. He just could have missed shots and he just took over. He really, they, he really is a different player in the postseason. It's insane. It just, he can take over games. Uh, so that's gonna be a tough series. I really thought the Knicks were gonna win as soon as I saw that matchup. But watching the way Miami has played and without Butler, they stayed in there. Uh, it's gonna be tough. It's gonna be tough. Uh, but look, there is hope. You know, I, I can't believe I'm saying it, but there is a shot that the Nicks gets get to the finals, man. They if ability, yeah, I think there's a shot. I would, Speaker 0 00:38:14 Does Embi need to be hurt for the, the conference semis? Speaker 1 00:38:17 Well, if they, they had, now again, the regular seasons different. The Knicks played Boston very well this year. They might, uh, they win the season series. They might've, I know they played them very well this year. So, um, there's a shot where I would've said before the playoffs, nah, it's not gonna happen. I think there's a, a small shot. It happens. Speaker 0 00:38:39 I'm not thinking that that would be fantastic. I mean, at least just for, for keeping my interest as much as possible. Speaker 1 00:38:46 Although the Miami, Philly would be interesting cuz Butler played for Philly and they decided to not keep him. So I can see ba they're like, yeah, okay, I'm gonna show you. So that would be a very interesting series. Speaker 0 00:39:00 Oh, definitely. Okay. All right. See, see, I'm intrigued. It's like playoff time. I'm intrigued again, anything <laugh>, when was the last time you and I got this far into a podcast? And we didn't actually speak about anything fantasy baseball or, uh, related except for the fact of like how to get out of a, of, of a betting slump. But that was more about being in a betting slump than it was really baseball. I just need to be distracted from baseball. Speaker 1 00:39:25 Yeah, I understand that you're a Yankees fan too, and they're struggling right now too. Oh Speaker 0 00:39:29 My God, dude, this dude, Speaker 1 00:39:31 They're bad, bro. Speaker 0 00:39:32 Remember, what was it? I think it was like a couple weeks ago. I was like, what a great fucking time to be New York sports fan, blah, blah. Now the Rangers are out. You got the Knicks who are in it. But I mean, you know, we, we know that Jimmy Butler is a tall order. Um, the the Mets are, the Yankees are. I'm like, what the fuck, dude? Speaker 1 00:39:52 Well, look this, I'm not used to seeing a Yankees lineup being put put, put out there like this. And I know judges hurt stands hurt, but every fucking team has injuries, man. Every team, like, I don't even know who's the healthiest team in baseball right now. I have no idea. Speaker 0 00:40:08 It's for Pirates. Speaker 1 00:40:10 They lost their best player. O'Neill Cruz. Speaker 0 00:40:13 Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 00:40:14 <laugh> and, well, not that he's any, he's not great, but they lost JT Brew Baker. Um, Speaker 0 00:40:19 Oh, don't even brew. Baker me here. All right. Best team with the least amount of injuries. Let's see. Orioles Speaker 1 00:40:26 Have injuries too. Speaker 0 00:40:28 Yeah, yeah. Razor dealing with injuries. Speaker 1 00:40:31 And then Pete Fairbanks was put on the aisle L today. Speaker 0 00:40:34 Um, I think the Orioles haven't been dealing with like a world of injuries. I Speaker 1 00:40:39 Guess so. Yeah, right. I can't think of any major injury they've had. Speaker 0 00:40:43 No, me neither. Um, no. Everybody up. I'm like, I'm going through the teams and I'm looking through 'em all and I'm like, hurt. Yeah, this guy's hurt. This guy got hurt, this guy got hurt. Now is this, is this that moment here where we uh, where we turn around and we say that, you know, there's, there's more injuries today than any other year that we've ever done this. Speaker 1 00:41:05 Yeah. I mean, every, we say it every year, but I did see a number that did show more injuries at this time in baseball compared to the last few years. So, but it just seems like it hap I think it happens in every sport now we're dealing within the N B A too. Like ev almost every N B A team has had a star. Not only not a player, a star. Randall's missed games and beats miss games. Oh, the Celtics really haven't had anyone sit out, right? Yeah. Um, Denver hasn't either. Um, but yeah, Butler's been out, but it feels like even in the Chris Paul's out now, so like every, every team, um, has had like a star injury here in the playoff sit. But I think the thing that's intriguing about the N NBA this year is we don't have a clear cup favorite, you know, in years past, people would complain about the nba. Speaker 1 00:41:58 Oh, we know who's gonna win the championship. It's gonna be Golden State this year it's gonna be Cleveland with LeBron. Why am I gonna watch? I don't, I can't even tell you who's gonna win right now. I don't know. I could be the Celtics, it could be Denver, it could be the Warriors. Maybe it's the Lakers, maybe Philly. I mean, it's, it's not clear cut. Who's gonna win right now? And I think that's what makes it interesting, because in the past, that would be the big complaint I heard from people about the nba. Oh, we know who's gonna win. It's a star driven league and it is a star driven league, but fucking Mets lost God dammit. Speaker 0 00:42:34 And all I'm thinking about right now is you and I doing an entire podcast in those voices, the voice that you just did, there's somebody winding and complaining and the voice that I usually do. And so I don't know what I'm gonna do. Right? I think we need to do a whole podcast <laugh> with just those two fucking voices. Speaker 1 00:42:53 Oh man. Speaker 0 00:42:55 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:42:57 Losing of the tiger sucks, Speaker 0 00:43:00 Dude. Dude, it's uh, I mean, what, what'd you know? This was, um, this was Surez. Oh no, it wasy today. No, Scher tonight. Speaker 1 00:43:11 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:43:12 Oh, that's what it is. Okay. Ah, you fucking threw Joey Lucchese at him. I mean, it's Joey Lucchese. Yeah. We went, it's Speaker 1 00:43:18 Terrible. Joey Wentz, I mean, Javier Baez fucking, at least Speaker 0 00:43:21 Joey Wentz is a decent prospect. Speaker 1 00:43:24 Yeah, well, the 6.6 70 ra, I mean, they scored five runs off of 'em. They didn't get a run off the bullpen. They let the, they let the bullpen throw three scoreless innings. That's where they lost it. Like they should attacked on more runs. I mean, anos gotta shut it down in the eighth. But, um, yeah, I mean, and Javier BAAs of course, hits his first home run revenge game against the Mets. Speaker 0 00:43:50 Alex Lang with his fourth save Speaker 1 00:43:52 Here. Okay, here's the thing. So talking some base without, I'm pretty sure the Mets are gonna make the playoffs. Do you agree? Speaker 0 00:44:02 Um, sure. For the sake of the conversation, no, Speaker 1 00:44:06 Be be honest. I mean, again, Verlander has yet to make his debut. Uhhuh <affirmative> Sheriffs has missed most of the season. So you get those two back. Yes. Can they each get hurt again? Absolutely. But I, Speaker 0 00:44:17 I was gonna say, you want me to throw something at you here? Because this is actually kind of, uh, uh, of interesting, we've seen the issues that obviously with Lance McCulloughs, but this year now, so Verlander got hurt. He started off on the il, um, they just lost, uh, Luis Garcia to the IL and, Speaker 1 00:44:35 And Jose Erti Speaker 0 00:44:36 And Jose Erti. Um, and, and Bowen was like, he, he kind of opined that is there, you know, is there something that we need to know about these Houston pitchers now, and, you know, and, and how much, how much concern should you have over Houston making the playoffs? So, you know, my question is, is that Houston and the, and the Mets actually have the exact same record mm-hmm. <affirmative>, okay. Um, both dealing with pitching injuries. Right? Now, the question is, is what happens, like if, if Verlander does stay out longer, and Speaker 1 00:45:11 If Verlander is making his debut tomorrow, Speaker 0 00:45:13 What's that? Speaker 1 00:45:14 He's making his debut. Right. Speaker 0 00:45:15 But I mean, if he, if he, if there is a, a recurring problem, okay. So if Verlander, like, let's say he throws it, he, you know, gets his like two starts and all of a sudden it's like his arm's barking again, blah, blah, blah. You deal with that kind of a thing because that's what's going on with the Houston guys. So, I mean, basically, and then the question is, is, you know, Scher, we saw Garrett Cole was like a piece of shit after the spider attack incident. So if Scherzer was using stuff and now he's gotta be uber careful coming off of a 10 game suspension from it, um, what happens if Shea just doesn't have it anymore? Speaker 1 00:45:51 Um, yeah, I guess then they could be in trouble. Um, I mean, it's kind of looking at the rest of the landscape though. Um, but if those guys look, I agree. I don't, you could say what you want, but I agree what, what Shea said, he'd have to be an absolute idiot if he was cheating and they checked him knowing he was gonna get checked again to come out and cheat. Like, come on man. Like you, you've heard the guy speak. He's not an idiot. He'd have to be an absolute moron to come out and cheat after they checked him. So well Speaker 0 00:46:19 Reverse. Maybe he was doing a little reverse psychology. He was like, there's no way they're gonna check me. Speaker 1 00:46:24 Nah. Yeah. Right. You know, and that, that was the umpire who is the only umpire to eject anyone due to this three guys. He's ejected. I forgot who it was, the umpire's name. Um, but, so I was gonna ask you now with the Yankees, do you think the Yankees are gonna make the playoffs? They got a tough division. And look, they're one game above 500. It's not like they're five under, but they're in last place in the Les Uhhuh <affirmative>. Like, and we're so used to the Yankees making the playoffs, and everyone's gonna be like, oh, it's the Yankees. They'll figure it out. Do you think there's concern about them missing the post-season? Speaker 0 00:46:59 I definitely think there's concern about them missing the postseason. I mean, what doesn't sound like Ronan's coming back anytime soon? Speaker 1 00:47:06 Oh my God, man. Yeah, bro, that's a disaster. Speaker 0 00:47:10 Clark Schmidt has been shit terrible. Uh, Severino's still a few weeks away from even coming, even thinking about coming back. Speaker 1 00:47:18 I see they're offense and they're pitching. Speaker 0 00:47:22 Well, I mean, their offense isn't gonna be supportive. I mean, it's the whole team. I mean, once you, I mean, think about it. You take judge and, uh, and stand outta the lineup. I mean, where's your power coming from? Speaker 1 00:47:33 I mean, if I would've told you, Willie Calhoun's gonna hit fourth or fifth, Speaker 0 00:47:36 Just stop it. It's like the meanest thing. You could have said to me, <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:47:41 It's yeah, pretty good. Speaker 0 00:47:42 Calhoun. Speaker 1 00:47:43 I mean, look, Volpe has been picking it up a little bit. Homer at Two Stone bases. Glad's been good. Rizzo's been good. They just got beter back, which should help. But yeah, this offense though, man. Um, and you gotta wonder how long Judge is gonna be out too. Um, yeah, Speaker 0 00:48:01 Yeah. It's not a, it's <laugh> not great, Bob. Not great. Speaker 1 00:48:06 Yeah. It's, it's, uh, it's been a wild year in baseball. You got Tampa and the Pirates, so the two of the best teams. Speaker 0 00:48:13 Well, that's why I'm sitting here also, and I'm just, I'm, I'm looking at the, um, you know, you're just looking at the standings right now and seeing what's going on. Like, all right. Tampa Bay has been fantastic. All right. And, and if you just bet Tampa Bay on the money line this year, uh, you'd be way up. Maybe that's what I just need to do. I just need to be Tampa money line and say, you know what? Fuck it, man. It doesn't matter if it's minus 2 65, just fucking bet it. Speaker 1 00:48:40 Yeah. And then you'll profit after three wins. After Speaker 0 00:48:44 Three wins. Oh, dude, I had this, I actually had a, a similar conversation with Corey Parson actually the, uh, about this. He's like, yeah, no, man, you don't wanna be Mr one 10, but for the same token, you gotta, you don't wanna be throwing parlays all over <laugh>. I'm like, yes, I know. Thank you for pointing that out. But, all right, so Rays rock solid. And I de I definitely think also the books have definitely clamped down on uh, on, on and exposed the bottom feeders with the, uh, with the lines. I mean, the lines are just like a, like a nightmare right now, or at least that's how I'm seeing it. Um, so Rays Orioles and the Blue Jays, all three right there, top the, uh, the American League East, I think. I mean, that's, that's a very, very tall, or you like the Yankees have to have to leapfrog two of three in order to, you know. Speaker 1 00:49:42 No, they get that you can get four teams in. Speaker 0 00:49:45 Yeah, I know, but I mean, logistically, like when things start happening here, Speaker 1 00:49:48 I don't know. I mean, I mean, okay, again, you Speaker 0 00:49:51 Think everybody, everybody's coming out of the east for the playoffs. They Speaker 1 00:49:54 Actually, dude, they can man, because look at the central, okay. Uh, twins are 17 and 13. The guardians are 14 and 16. The White Sox are probably one of the most disappointing teams in baseball, and I don't know if it's gonna get better. They're nine and 21 with a minus 64 run differential. They won two in a row after losing eight straight, but they're nine and 21, man. Um, so that, I'd say the central gets one team, and then the west comes down to, as we talked about, you know, is Houston gonna be able to turn this around? You know, they'll get all Tub Bay back soon, but still, you know, Garcia or Ke out, um, again, McCulloughs. Okay. Let, I'll, I'll believe it when I see it. Speaker 0 00:50:31 Yeah. I'm not thanking on that. Speaker 1 00:50:32 And Texas is in first place, but the grandma is out, so I don't know how they're doing it. They're plus 74. How the fuck are they winning like this? Who are they beaten? Um, okay. They, well, they took three or four against the Yankees. They got swept by the Reds. Speaker 0 00:50:50 Thank you. Thanks for bringing that up again. That's awesome. Took two Speaker 1 00:50:53 And three against the a's swept the Royals took two. Oh, they played the Royals numerous times. I don't, I don't know, man. I don't, Speaker 0 00:51:01 I still think the, the angels in the Mariners who were sitting there at, at, at, yeah. The third and fourth in that division. I think both of those teams need to, to go on a surge. Yeah. Uh, and, and you know, and, and Mariners have been Speaker 1 00:51:13 Disappointing. I thought they would be better. Speaker 0 00:51:16 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:51:17 I mean, Julio Rodriguez has not been great. I know the home runs in Steels have been there, but he's striking out a lot. And now he's dealing with a little bit of a back issue. He was scratched from the lineup on Tuesday. Um, Robby Rays out for the year. Uh, they lost Andre's Munos in the bullpen. I mean, Castillo's been good. Gilbert gets pushed back like every day. He's always dealing with something that's not a good sign. Um, the kid, Bryce Miller, who they called up I know is the a's, but he looked dominant in his debut on Tuesday. Um, but yeah, they, they've been at this appoint, although Jared Kek, holy shit, bro. Holy shit. Speaker 0 00:51:50 It's on fire, Speaker 1 00:51:51 Man. And they moved him up. He's been hitting two or three. I only have him in one draft Champions League. Man, the price tag got so high, but still, man. Um, I know we talked about him earlier, uh, in one of these podcasts, and we both said, yeah, real deal. You know, he's a prospect, high pedigree and struggled early. We see it numerous times with these guys. Not everyone comes out and is Ronald de Kuya, Juan Soto, Fernando tattoos, Kennick is crushing it. That's, he might be the best. I'm just doing this off the top. I know there's probably a couple other, he might be the best draft pick this year. He was going like round Well, in the, in the early dcs. He was going like round 18, 19, 20, he started to move up as we got close to the season in the competitive leagues around 15, round 14. That's gonna be a fucking absolute steal, man. Speaker 0 00:52:37 That is definitely gonna be an absolute steal. That's, uh, yeah, I mean, listen, those are, those are the types of picks of Mick. I mean listen, we yeah, we talked about it, right? You talk about, um, you know, post type sleepers and, and this is like the, uh, the, the perfect except example, Speaker 1 00:52:53 Except Joe Ele. He doesn't work out Speaker 0 00:52:56 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:53:01 Dude. Kanick has seven homers, five steals. He's batting 3 0 9, a 3 71 O B p. I mean, geez, man, if you gotta be doing well, if you have 'em on your team and you got 'em for cheap, do you even remember offhand? You, did you, you played in the AO or no, for labor? Speaker 0 00:53:20 I was in the nl Yeah, I'm sitting out this year. Okay. Speaker 1 00:53:22 I'm trying to remember what he went for in the auctions. I mean, in a, in a mono league, he probably went double digits. But in a mixed man, I don't even, I wonder what he went for in my labor, you know? Oh man, I don't even wanna look. I'm gonna cry. I'd be like, really? I've been go an extra buck on kill Nick. What an idiot. I mean, it's easy to say now, but No, I think before the year, that was the type of player that you want in those rounds. Speaker 0 00:53:47 That's exactly the type of player you want in those rounds. Exact, that's why I have shares of Kek, uh, you know, in, in multiple spots. Because he was going in like the 19th, 20th round, uh, when I first started doing, you know, like draft champions and, and other best ball. Yes. Uh, draft and hold things, you know. So I was like, all right, so I'm g grabbing 'em there and, and you know, it's like that's the move where the, where you say, that's why I draft early and not late. Yes, agreed. Because, you know, by the time, I don't know where did, where did, where, where did Kel Nick's A A D P finish up and like, I mean, let's just say if we put a date range on, uh, just the, uh, the last month of spring training, right? So just the, uh, the month of March, let's say. Speaker 1 00:54:30 I think, I mean, I remember in the, at least in the high stakes leagues, like 14th, 15th round, he started to move up to, I mean, I could quickly see my main event and see if I can find where he went. But yeah, I remember offhand he really started to move up because he, I think he was having, wasn't he having a great spring too? Speaker 0 00:54:47 He was having a great spring. Yeah. And then that was, that was the thing. And there was everybody was like, oh, well, you know, is it gonna last? Or whatever. But people started buying into it, you know, I mean, we talked about it, I talked about it with, with Boden on air. I was like, this is the exact type of pick that I want to make because, um, you know, again, I'm, I'm all about the, uh, the post hype sleeper. I'm all about, you know, one, once a guy struggles and everybody gets off of him, if you like the player and you like the hit tool or whatever, then, then you, that's where you, that's when you jump on it, and that's what you do. Speaker 1 00:55:22 Okay, so, so I'm looking at my main event. This was March 18th. He went in the middle of round 15th. Speaker 0 00:55:29 Yeah. See, that's a great spot. Even it really, I mean it's, it's not as great as what I'm taking him in the 20th, but still the 15th round for the production that he's giving you and the, and the upside of the player himself. That's, Speaker 1 00:55:40 Oh God, I don't want to say who. I took over him in round 15. Speaker 0 00:55:44 Oh, I can't wait. God ahead. Tell me. Speaker 1 00:55:46 Oh, there's context to it though. <laugh>, Ezekiel Tova. Speaker 0 00:55:52 Hey, it, his first home run yesterday. I know. Speaker 1 00:55:54 I need, we needed a short stop. We had no shortstop and after that, so it was like, I don't even know who's the next shortstop off the board here. It was a while. Yeah. There was really nothing left at shortstop. So, damn, man. You know what, and I always say this, you know what, sometimes, well the thing is, then you need a middle infielder two. But I always say this and I gotta stick to it. Don't fucking worry about one position, man. Just take the best players and you'll figure it out. There's always someone that comes on waivers. And I always say that because I, when I do draft sometimes with a partner, they'll be like, well, we really need a shorts up here. I'm like, you know what, don't worry about it, man. Like, it's okay. It's a 15 team league. It's a competitive league. Damn man. And at that point, only had three outfielders took Yoda in round 13. That's been pretty good so far though, but damn man. Ugh. That's a, that's like Kanick right now is a league winning pick. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:56:56 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:56:58 Let me see where he went in the, Speaker 0 00:56:59 Uh, say that. Speaker 1 00:57:00 I'm gonna see where, I wanna see where he went. My great fantasy space Limitational, cuz remember that was a few weeks earlier. I guarantee you it's probably 19 or 20. Uh, where is it? Ick? Yep. Round 19. Last pick of round 19. And this is a great example. You know, the earlier you draft, yes, you're gonna get screwed by an injury, a guy get hurt in the preseason or training camp, but that's four rounds of difference. And I'm sure if we went back and looked at some of the earlier draft Chevys, it was round 2021. So that's the advantage because Spring didn't start yet that, oh, they probably did. Cuz this start draft started February 27th. Spring started like a few days later. So maybe there were a few games people saw him. But yeah, that's uh, that's gotta be one of the best picks right now in fantasy. Speaker 0 00:57:51 Yeah, I would, yeah, I, I would say that I would rank that up there. Yeah. You know what, usually at, at this point in time, I would, uh, I would, I would look to actually kind of make that assessment, like go back and look. I haven't had the opportunity or the time to, uh, to do that. But I'm curious to see right now, like who would be the, uh, you know, the, the, the best spots or you know, I guess the best, uh, the, the the, the biggest value. Who's given you the biggest value so far? Speaker 1 00:58:20 Well, I mean obviously there's guys you picked up off waivers, but a lot of it's when did you pick 'em up off waivers? Like Jake Solinsky has been really good power and speed. The other guy Jorge Mateo, and he went in the T G F B I around 18. Um, so there's probably a lot of good guys off waivers too. Speaker 0 00:58:40 Yeah, because Speaker 1 00:58:41 I noticed, Speaker 0 00:58:42 I mean, there's always, but there's always guys off of waivers. Like waivers is, is is a different story. It's a, it's a different animal. I mean like, who is like, you know, who, who was that? You know, who's that? Jared Kellner. I mean right now it's Jared Klick best value, Ken Best value pick that people have made right now. I'm sure that there's like a maybe a reliever or somebody, uh, late who also went that might be, uh, included in that. Speaker 1 00:59:04 You know what's crazy? A lot of the top relievers have performed well, we haven't really got like that big saves guy off the waiver wire yet. Speaker 0 00:59:15 Hmm. No, we really haven't gotten that big saved guy off Speaker 1 00:59:20 The wire. I mean if you look, look like bed NA's been good, Romano's been good class a's not getting strikeouts, but he's been good. Um, so a lot of the guys that you took early at Closer, uh, Felix Batista, he's been good. So, but I, again, I didn't look at this in depth, but I gotta think. Yeah. So I'm looking like at the, uh, some of the top offensive players. Yeah, it's Mateo's definitely been up there. Six Homers 10 steals and he's hitting 3 38. That is stunning. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:59:48 Yeah. I said something about that Boden still doesn't think he's gonna hit. I'm just like, dude, I mean, we're a month into the season right now. He's clearly made some adjustments. We saw that during the spring. Like, what more do you want to see? Speaker 1 01:00:05 Damn. Wow. Keek doesn't rank. Why is it Keek ranked so low on this c b s? They haven't ranked 41st. How you sitting? 3 0 8 with seven Homers. Five, I guess. Oh, his runs in rbis are low. That's the Seattle context, but still, man, I mean, looking at the Cody Bellinger, I guess a pretty good one. Seven Homers five steals 3 0 3, but he went like round 10, 11, Nico Horner, two Homers, 10 Steels, Steelers, Speaker 0 01:00:30 Nico Horner, that's a, that's a good one right there. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Speaker 1 01:00:32 Tyro Estrada, who I did like, I have 'em. Yep. Speaker 0 01:00:35 That's, I have a lot of shares of him. Actually it's weird. Speaker 1 01:00:38 Um, James Outman, who's been pretty good, wonder Franco, who we both didn't like, but he went, you know, eighth, seventh, eighth round. But yeah, I, Josh Lowe, I just, they fucking keep sitting this guy though, man. Speaker 0 01:00:52 <laugh> Speaker 1 01:00:52 The Tampa Outman, Speaker 0 01:00:53 They just have too many guys. They just rotate everybody in. I Speaker 1 01:00:56 Know. And it sucks because I picked up Low and a couple leagues and the guy has just been every, he's really good man. I mean, I get, if they sit him against some tough lefties, but he's sitting 3 42, he's got five homers, five steals, like, but he sat against the rightie the other day. But yeah, I'd say Mateo and Kel Nick of guys who are drafted have got to be two of the best, uh, value picks so far. Speaker 0 01:01:20 Yeah, probably, Speaker 1 01:01:22 Probably a lot more on the pitching side, I would think. Let's see, some of the pitchers, I would say Joe Ryan has been really Speaker 0 01:01:31 Good. Yeah, but I mean, I feel like a lot of people were in on Joe Ryan. He mean he had a great spring uptick in velocity. There was a a lot of buzz Justin Speaker 1 01:01:38 On Justin Steel. Justin Steele was a late round pick. You guys got Oh yeah. Speaker 0 01:01:42 Steele definitely Speaker 1 01:01:43 1 4 9 era eight a 0.96 Whip Dani. Well, I've always liked when he's healthy. I do have him on Leaguer too. I did bench him against the Astros that worked out well. He fucking went eight innings. He's got a 2.13 era r a um, Bryce Elder. He was more of a pickup though. He's been really good for Atlanta. Everyone. Oh, Jared Schuster, Don. Oh, nope. It's Elder Eduardo Rodriguez too. Speaker 0 01:02:08 Fucking Eduardo Rodriguez <laugh>. Well, dude, I don't know if you can hear it right now, but all of a sudden, sudden, yeah, Speaker 1 01:02:16 That's rain. Speaker 0 01:02:17 Turn it. Yeah, that's rain on the tin tin roof here. So I think, I think this is the perfect time to kind of shut it down anyway, because I'm about to, uh, I'm about to get out of the shed because lightning's about to strike and it's gonna fry me in the, Speaker 1 01:02:29 Wait a second. No, this okay. This is a good tie into last week's podcast. Why do you give a shit you wanna die? Speaker 0 01:02:36 It's because I don't, I don't have my shift covered yet. For, uh, for, for what? Oh, okay. All right. So I'll tell you what, Adam, if I die before 6:00 PM Eastern tonight, I just need you to do the fancy alarm show for me. All right. Speaker 1 01:02:48 Uh, I'll see about that. Speaker 0 01:02:50 And believe me, I don't give a shit if I die, and I'm okay with that. It's not like I'm running inside for cover. Uh, but I'm sitting here shouting now because I can't hear shit, uh, because my mic is picking up all the rain. So Speaker 1 01:03:02 Yeah, it really is. I was like, for a second I was like, what is that? And I figured it was rain. Speaker 0 01:03:06 Yeah. Listen, listen, see. And that was the, that was the mic off for just a, a split Speaker 1 01:03:12 Second. Yeah, man. Yeah, that's pretty heavy shit. Well, I've dealt enough of that shit in fucking New York the last few days, so. Speaker 0 01:03:18 Well then I think this is the perfect time to say thank you so much everybody for tuning in and, uh, you know, good luck with all of your bets and all of your fantasy leagues and stuff like that. Uh, catch me on The Fantasy Alarm Show, 60 8:00 PM Eastern Catch, Adam Ronis, uh, on the Fantasy Alarm. Better cast from eight to 10:00 PM Eastern on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. Um, Adam's gonna be jumping in on the MLB best bets, so we got everything. You guys are gonna be more than covered, uh, trust me. So I'm gonna get on outta here. For Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Benner. This has been the Cash It Podcast. We'll catch you next time.

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