January 20, 2023


Cash It: Betting the 2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Games

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Betting the 2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Games
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Betting the 2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Games

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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis break down all four of the 2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round games, cover the latest NFL injuries and their impact, as well as make their picks against the spread for those who are looking to bet the games.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Cash it, Howard Bender and Adam Ronis here. What's going on, Adam? How you been? Speaker 2 00:00:09 Pretty good after, uh, the Cowboys victory on Monday night. So <laugh>, no, it was a nice stress free game, which, uh, I cannot really say much with Dallas in general, so I never really got the impression they were gonna blow it. In fact, I, I think I tweeted in it, I want at halftime, like, oh, who's taking Tampa's money line? And then our boy, Ani Streetar said, he responded, I'm in. I go, I don't believe you. That was too quick of a response. I don't believe. You bet it. And then he showed me the ticket at plus 600. I was like, you're my boy, but I hope you lose. Speaker 0 00:00:44 Uh, it was only, I mean, what was the score when it was plus 600? Speaker 2 00:00:48 Uh, it was at halftime, wasn't it? 18? Nothing. Speaker 0 00:00:51 It, was it 18 or 24 at halftime? I think it was 18, Speaker 2 00:00:54 Remember? I think it was 18. Nothing at half. Um, they had three touchdowns and the three missed extra points by Myer, which obviously was a big, uh, topic. Um, Speaker 0 00:01:02 Yeah. So what's what's, like you said, stress free. I mean, I, I, I kind of figure you had to be stressed out about that. You're sitting there, you're watching your kicker, like miss over and over again. Love the fact that the un over under was 45 and a half. Yeah. <laugh> into the game. And he misses those extra points. I mean, listen, as, as a better, um, I mean, it's sick. It's crazy. I actually, I didn't bet the over under in that game, um, because I just, you know, I just didn't know what was gonna happen. I didn't wanna, like, I didn't wanna bet the over being like, yes, I hope this is like a, a big shootout. No, I want this to be like a, like a three nothing game <laugh>. It's just two teams I hate. So you ought to be flipping out. When Mara kept missing these, uh, extra points, Speaker 2 00:01:42 It was just stunning to see because he missed three extra points all season during the regular season. And then he missed that many in a row in a playoff game. And then it was actually five in a row cuz he missed one, uh, week 18 against Washington. So it was just mind boggling. Um, for a guy that's been good all year, fortunately it didn't cost them, but you know, when you're seeing it, 18, nothing. Instead of 21, you're like, damn man. Uh, you hope this doesn't come back. But I think the theme of that game, and I think it's an important topic, uh, we talked sports betting. I had a, the, the problem I had that week was people were not looking at the two teams this season. They were betting on narratives. They were based the whole, like, you couldn't be an N F L analyst and break down that game. And how do you come up with Tampa Bay as your pick? The only reason why people were picking Tampa Bay all week, Tom Brady, Uhhuh, <affirmative>, home underdog, Tom Brady in the playoffs. Dallas, an aptitude in the postseason. That was it. Speaker 0 00:02:48 Uh, that was the whole, the whole grass versus turf debate. You must have enjoyed that one. Speaker 2 00:02:53 Yeah, I mean, I don't, I don't think too many people went that way, but the whole thing was all I saw, oh, Tom Brady, oh, he's not gonna lose him to the Cowboys at home. And it's like, guys, I don't know how much we've talked about it, but I've been saying it when I'm doing my Sunday shows and we're watching Tampa Bay. I'm like, this team fucking sucks, bro. <laugh>, they suck. Speaker 2 00:03:11 They do, bro. They do. Were they were eight and nine. They fucking won a shitty division. I don't know if you realize this. They were outscored by every team in their division, bro. Carolina, Atlanta, and the states all outscored to Tampa. And it was the same thing like every week. Like Tampa would have like this, they would be shitty for three quarters or three and a half quarters. Then they'd wake up and they'd beat like the, the Rams. Okay, 16, fucking 13, they'd beat Seattle and Germany came from behind. What was the other con? Oh, the Saints who were fucking terrible. So they have like, these come from behind winds in the last couple minutes and every time up Tampa is back, here we go. And they would never go on a run. So it was all, well, Tom Brady and he wasn't great this year. Speaker 2 00:03:54 This team had major flaws. And again, I was not supremely confident Dallas more because I was worried, okay, I've seen Dallas just not show up at times, like the Washington game. What was that? Um, but we have seen when Dallas plays their A game, they are one of the best teams in N F L. We've seen them beat the shit outta Minnesota. We've seen their offense go crazy. So for me, it was, and I, and on on the pod, I did pick Dallas, but I was, but I was just amazed at how many people wants to have and a Tampa money line man, it's like this team didn't belong in the playoffs. They were a product of a weak division. And your analysis is, oh, Tom Brady at home in the playoffs, he's not gonna lose to Dallas. Oh, Dallas sucks in the playoffs. They haven't won a road game in 30 years. Like, if you broke down the teams and looked at the talent, doo was a better team. So you can't just base your analysis on narratives in history cause you're gonna get fucked. And that's what happened if you took Tampa. Speaker 0 00:04:56 Well, I mean, it's, it's kind of funny that you say that because I mean, yeah, if you remember the, we, we talked about this on the pod last week. I also made the pick, um, on, uh, you know, on the fantasy alarm show. So I, I mean, I, I always, I bet what I, you know, what I pick and if I write something up, I'm definitely betting it a hundred percent. And, you know, so for these games, and, you know, listen, I I'm not a, I'm not a prop bet guy. I've never been a prop bet guy straight, you know, straight against the spread. I'll bet money lines and, and you know, more often than not, I'll bet some over unders as well. So for the games this past week, um, you know, if you remember I had, uh, I had San Francisco, um, you know, laying the points and the over, uh, on that, I wrote that one up for, uh, for, for picks wise, uh, nailed that one. Speaker 0 00:05:50 I had the Jags getting the points, uh, for the other one. And I, uh, and I, I'm, I, I, yeah, I missed on the over under, um, I, I, yeah, I took the under in that one. Um, and so I, I ended up missing on the, uh, on, on that. And I was like, you know, okay, fine. The next day, um, we had, I woke up at like five in the morning on Saturday. There was, or on Sunday, there was no power, you know, we were dealing with all that rain shit and all the nonsense that was happening, which mind you, again, mother Nature, clearly a Niners fan because it rained, torrential downpours for, for hours on end leading up to the game. Then it stopped, and then about 30 minutes after the game ended, the skies opened up again. It was insanity. It was, it was crazy on, uh, uh, you know, it was like, it was hysterical also, but so had no power, uh, or, or internet the next day. Speaker 0 00:06:47 And I was like, ah, shit, I'm screwed, blah, blah. So I didn't even get to bet the games on Sunday, and I was like, okay, you know what? I actually, I felt pretty good about that because I probably would've, I would've taken the Bengals, uh, and laid the points and I would've taken the bills and I would've laid the points and I would've been like, I would've been screwed on that. Um, but go to Monday night, I skipped taking the over under, because if you remember, I said, I'm taking Tampa, my Monday night Home dogs. You laughed at me about it. Um, but I said to you also, Dallas wins the game. And so instead of betting the over under in that game, I took Dallas on the money line with Tampa and the points so that I could, you know, kind of hedge that last bet. Speaker 0 00:07:29 And, uh, and, and it was, uh, and it was great. I, I knew, I mean, I agree with you Tampa Bay, way overrated. You know, this is like, you know, it's like the, the tax that you play that, that you pay on certain things, you pay a tax when you bet Dallas. I mean, that's just in, in football. That's the way it is. You pay a tax when you bet the Yankees in baseball, you pay a tax when you bet Notre Dame in college football, because that's what the, those are the teams that everybody knows. And, you know, Joe Blow walks into Vegas one weekend and he looks on the, you know, he walks past the sports book and he is like, oh, oh, let me, let me put a little election on one of the games here. Who's playing? Oh, Notre Dame up Dallas Cowboys. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:08:08 I'll up Yankees, Lakers when they were good. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:08:11 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. So there's obviously that tax on Tom Brady, and that's, and, and, you know, and, and that's a problem for betting. I mean, just, you know, if if you're, if you're an amateur better, uh, or you're just kind of dipping your toe into the pool, like these are pitfalls that you have to watch out for. And the narratives were pushing Tom Brady so freaking hard that Yeah. I mean, it was like, I, I even, I had to tell Jim Bowen that I hoped Dallas won Speaker 2 00:08:40 <laugh>. Yeah. But, you know, it was just, it was good. Um, the other games, uh, I was on the Chargers. Yo, it was funny. I was out watching it with, uh, my friend, um, she's a Giants fan, and we were watching the game and she's like, oh, I guess I thought this game was gonna be good. I guess it's over. I was like, this game's not over. She's like, it's not. I'm like, no, it's the fucking Chargers. This game is not over. Did Speaker 0 00:09:05 I, did you think of me? Did you think of me when they were up 27? Nothing Speaker 2 00:09:08 <laugh>. Well, we always talk about, dude, I just, I, I gotta stop. I'm done with the Chargers. I think I gotta stop picking them before the year I gotta stop. It's like, it's that X you keep going back to, I gotta fucking stop. But I told her, I said, this game's not over. I'm like, this is the fucking Chargers, man. And I just wish it's easy. In hindsight, I just wish that I would've hit the money line sprinkled something on it. Um, like it was, I think it was plus 1900 at halftime. I know it's easy to say now, but I wish I did. Um, because I just, I kind of knew. I'm like, yeah, this is not over. And then you could just see it. I'm like, I cannot fucking believe it that that was just an epic collapse. I I was hammering the Chargers on Twitter, and someone's like, why don't you give Jacksonville credit? Yeah, you look at it from both sides. But to me that was more Chargers blowing it, man, you know, they're an aptitude to run the ball. Caught up with them. You Speaker 0 00:09:55 Right there that, you know, I've, like, I've been pounding that job, like teams who are up, and I said this about betting. If you're betting, if you're betting a team and you're laying points, okay, your team better know how to run the fucking football. And the charges. Like, I mean, PFF had a, uh, pro football focus. They had a a, a tweet out today about Austin Eckler 18 touchdowns and, you know, 1600 plus all-purpose yards, you know, number one, RB one and p p r dude, like, sorry, like knowing that the team doesn't trust him to like run the football and run out the clock. That made no sense to me. Speaker 2 00:10:35 Yeah, they played, like they, it was a close game. They could have run the football, uh, Herbert missing Keenan Allen in the end zone was huge. It was just a epic collapse. So, um, but I, I was on the Ravens keeping it close. I told you that I felt like, uh, the Ravens played the Bengals well, was concerned about the offensive line, and then of course they lose another one. And Jonah Williams, and they, they were not good in that game at all. I mean, they got fortunate to win. I mean, if Tyler Hunt doesn't fumble, I don't know if they come back. I didn't think the Ravens would win, but I just felt divisional game third time. They knew they, they played 'em well, I felt their defense would keep them in it. Um, we knew the Ravens weren't gonna put up points. Uh, they barely eclipse. I think guess it was like five, six games in a row, 17 or less. But I just felt that number was too high. Uh, I felt they would keep it close. But you know what, though, I will say this, the games were way better than we anticipated. I cannot believe the fucking Dolphins were in that game that long. Speaker 0 00:11:31 No, I know, I know. Speaker 2 00:11:33 But it was, but it was the Bill's mistakes. Like if you go, uh, the Dolphins did nothing on offense. They could not sustain any drives. They had a 50 yard part returned by Cric Wilson. They had the two turnovers. They did nothing on offense. They could not sustain drives. Um, it was Josh Allen turning the ball over again. So everything that the Dolphins needed to go right to, to keep 'em in the game happen, um, and they still couldn't win. Um, but that one was stunning to me. I thought that was gonna be a blowout. I didn't see how, because again, how I was like, how are the Dolphins gonna sustain offenses to keep up with the Bill's offense? And they didn't, but they needed all the intangibles or the extra things they needed happen to keep them in the game. Speaker 0 00:12:14 Yeah. Listen, that sometimes that's, that's, that's just kind of all you need. I mean, you think about it, right? The, the, the Bengals in the Ravens game had, let's, let's just say Huntley gets over, let's say he breaks the plane, they go up that touchdown. Now it's the Bengals responsibility to march back and score a touchdown themselves in order to, you know, in order to, you know, grab out back that lead. And then, you know, how much time is left on the clock and does it come back and, and turn to, uh, you know, Justin Tucker. So, I mean, yeah, listen, sometimes the, the ball breaks right for you. Sometimes it doesn't. And, uh, yeah, I agree with you. I think it was, it was, you know, obviously, you know, then focused so heavily on Skylar Thompson and, and his story of growing up and his mom and his grandfather both dying when he's six. And you know, the whole thing. I mean, you know, you, you lost your dad when you were young. I mean, you, you know what that's like as a child, right? I mean, that's, you know, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not outing anything that the world doesn't already know, right, Adam, Speaker 2 00:13:13 Right. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:13:14 Okay. Speaker 2 00:13:14 <laugh>, I've been open about Speaker 0 00:13:15 It. Yeah. Well, we might have to edit this out. No, but I mean, like, so, so like they focused on that aspect of Skylar Thompson, which like obviously made me wanna root for him even more, um, with that. But yeah, you're right. I mean, it was more mistakes on the Bills part. And I'll tell you what, like that's, I mean, you know, I, we, we can, we can just kind of, we're gonna float around. He goes, there's a bunch of stuff I want to talk to you about today and, and, and ask you, but let's just stick with the football here. Bengals lose Jonah Williams, or he is got dislocated kneecap <laugh>. I'm sorry. Uh, I, I just, I hear dislocated kneecap I wins in pain. So I can't even imagine that he's on the field this week. And so it's more offensive line troubles for the Bengals, the bills playing, you know, kinda, I don't know, were they playing too loose there? Are they getting careless? Are they not as good? Josh Allen, you know, down that stretch, you know, of the, uh, of the last couple of weeks of the regular season, you know, the bills weren't li just lighting everybody up left and right. Um, do you think the, the, uh, the, the teams are still on level ground here, or do you think Buffalo's got that advantage because the Bengals offensive line issues? Now Speaker 2 00:14:24 I am concerned about the offensive line issues. I think it's a problem. I mean, we saw it, uh, in the second half last week. Uh, most of the game, uh, they, again, that's a team that, again, I always think the divisional games are tough. It's always something I bring up. And then you're looking at a third time. So that could be a possibility. Um, it's all about matchups, right? So, but the fact that they could not sustain any offense is concerning. Uh, they had, uh, 234 yards of offense. And the Bengals had 360. I mean, the Ravens had 360 4, and this is not a good offense. Tyler Huntley. Um, and the, and the Ravens kind of messed up. I mean, JK Dobbins was open about it after the game. I agree with him. He's like, it's a playoffs. Why am I not getting the bowl more? Speaker 2 00:15:11 Why dot get it the goal line. What, I mean, what are you saving it for? You had 13 carry 62 yards, 4.8 yards a pop. You should've gotten the ball more. So, I mean, look, we can, we can do this with both teams, right? We can say, well, the builds they look terrible, Josh Aro. So we can do it with bow teams. But I think there's a little bit more concern. I know you could say, well, the Bengals had issues on the offensive line last year, borrow a sack nine times in a game, and they were in the Super Bowl and we're close to winning. So that is fair. But I am concerned they have not run the football well, and you're asking Burrow a sack four times. Uh, I know the Bills pass, Russ isn't as great. Al Vaughn Miller, and they have some issues. They could get Micah hide back, which is big. But I, and you're seeing this line moving towards the bills too. Speaker 0 00:16:02 Yeah, it's like minus five and a half Speaker 2 00:16:04 Now. Yeah. So I know te I knew, I know dogs usually do well in this round, but I think I'm on the bills here. Speaker 0 00:16:16 I I, I worry about the offensive line for sure. I really, really do. I mean, you can say, you know, anybody can sit there and talk about it all, all week long, you know, Joe Burrow, and he, you know, he's, you know, the moment's never too big for him. And he's, you know, super cool about it. And yeah, that's fine. But if you're just, I mean, if the Bills pass Rush is on and we've seen this Bill's pass Rush, it can be, you know, really, really good at times. I I, I do worry about, you know, Joe Burrow and, and the fact that, you know, I mean, you're talking about he's gonna have to get rid of the ball real, real quickly, which obviously shortens up all the routes and it just changes the style there. And then you don't have to worry too much about potential shortcomings in the secondary if you go into like, you know, cover zero, um, you know, because you're, you're not really worried about the, uh, about the, the them getting the best of you, uh, on the deep play. Speaker 2 00:17:10 This line is begging you to take the Bengals though, isn't it? Speaker 0 00:17:14 Um, Speaker 2 00:17:17 I mean, if you look at like, the Bengals have been great against the spread. They've been phenomenal. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:17:22 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's Joe Burlow. Yeah, I see. Bill, you staying there, the Speaker 2 00:17:25 Bills have been bad against the spread. Um, they're two and five against the spread, their last seven playoff games, two and five against the spread, their last seven home games. I don't know, man. And then the line keeps moving towards Buffalo Speaker 0 00:17:37 And the line. Well, yeah, again, it's, Speaker 2 00:17:40 I think it's cause the Bengal's offensive line issues. Speaker 0 00:17:42 Yeah. It, that's, that's easily what it is. I would didn't this open, it opened at like four, right? Speaker 2 00:17:48 Yeah. Three and half, four, I believe. Speaker 0 00:17:50 Yeah. So, Speaker 2 00:17:51 And I think, yeah, I think it would've been, I think if they had a, cause remember I think they've had their five offensive linemen healthy most of the year until recently. Like, they pretty much had them intact the entire season. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:04 So it's the last, it's like the last two weeks of the regular season they started to, uh, Speaker 2 00:18:10 Up with it. Colin's going down and then Kappa and then Williams last week. Speaker 0 00:18:14 Yeah. So that's, uh, yeah, it's tough. It's tough. No, if there's a line that screams at me to do anything, it's, it's the Jaguars at at plus eight and a half. That's, that's Vegas. Just saying, gotta take the Jaguars, you gotta do it. Uh, chiefs haven't, chiefs haven't been blowing teams out. Look at how great the Jaguar's comeback was, right? Like that's that I'm, I'm looking at, at it from that perspective. Um, so <laugh>, I mean, I'm, I'm all in on the Chiefs and I'm laying the points. I'm on the, over here on the 53. Cuz I do think this, this turns into a, a little bit of a slug fest, but I kind of feel like, you know, this is where experience just trumps everything. I think this is where, you know, it's Andy Reid. It's Patrick Mahomes. It's Travis Kelsey. Uh, they're getting back. C e h He got experience. Speaker 2 00:19:14 No, I don't think he's gonna play. Speaker 0 00:19:16 Oh, they're not? They're saying he's not. Speaker 2 00:19:17 Yeah, Reid mentioned something today. Okay. Um, but either way, um, um, I I don't think it matters. He was being phased out anyway, you know what I'm saying? Like Yeah, Speaker 0 00:19:30 No, I thought I thought of anything. All it would do is kind of affect, uh, you know, Isaiah Pachecos touches. Like I think, you know, McKinnon is, McKinnon is their favorite and you know, he's gonna be on the Speaker 2 00:19:41 Field. All right. Here, here's some news. First of all, MCCA Har will not play. That's official for me. Speaker 0 00:19:45 I I heard that. Speaker 2 00:19:46 That's, and then the note is, okay, Reid said, probably not when asked about activating c h from Injur Reserve for this round. Speaker 0 00:19:53 Okay, Speaker 0 00:19:55 Well there you go. It doesn't hurt Pacheco at all then. I still think the Chiefs win this one. And I think this is like, I, I feel like this could be like a, like a, like a 35 to 21 kind of a game. Maybe 35, 24, something like something on, on that front there. I just can't, I, you know, I, I, I feel the Jags are a great story, great story, but I mean this is just, this is experience. This is the chiefs and you know, I get that they haven't been blowing out teams at home. Uh, you know, but if you look at like, the last couple of weeks of the season, the offense is definitely kicked into another gear. Speaker 2 00:20:40 So here's okay, I'm kind of torn on this game cause my initial reaction was with you. Yeah, take the Chiefs. My concern is they're just not good against the spread. Um, with these big numbers, they're one six and one against the spread at home. But also I feel like isn't a time for Jacksonville the, the luck to run out. Like again, they've been a good story, don't get me wrong. But look at a quarterbacks that they faced to end the season. Zach Wilson, Dobbs Davis Mills, and yeah, last week was a good comeback, but let's not fucking forget they were down 27. Nothing at the half, man. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:21:16 Yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:17 You do that against the Chiefs. You're not coming back. I'm sorry. You're not, you're just not coming back. So I think Jacksonville also, they have, uh, they're what, 30th and past D v O eight. That's a bad matchup. They're bad against tight ends. Um, when they face the top offense, they're not good. You know, the division, again, another team took advantage of bad division. It's just, I don't see how they, they win this game. Um, and even covering it is kind of, I think the Chiefs, if you'd like, teaser, I think they're a great teaser. Um, you could tease it down like minus two and a half. That's perfect. Um, I mean, Peterson's a good coach. Um, again, I give, I give Lauren's credit for bouncing back after throwing four interceptions. That's your first playoff game. And to mentally bounce back, I think is great. Peterson also six and oh, against the spread as a postseason underdog and five and one outright <laugh>. That's pretty good, man. <laugh>, um, damn. Yeah. Like, Speaker 0 00:22:20 Yeah, but that was, I mean, come on. That was also, that was Peterson with the Eagles with a good Eagles c with the Eagles team that like went on to win the Super Speaker 2 00:22:27 Bowl and last week. But you know, it is. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:22:29 And last week, which was one game against the Chargers with the Speaker 2 00:22:32 Jags, come on. Yeah, I, yeah, I think the Chiefs win this game. I'm a little hesitant to lay the eight and a half, but also I also don't want to take Jacksonville plus eight and a half cause I could see them getting blown out. Speaker 0 00:22:47 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:22:47 Again, I, I don't tease much talk too ladies anyway. Nah, <laugh>. Um, but I, if there's any like, I think that's a good teaser leg with something else. Speaker 0 00:23:00 Um, I, yeah, I'm fine with that. I'm definitely fine with that. I, again, you know, when you, when we're sit there and you look at the spreads and you're like, you know, you're looking for that suspicious line, that to me like, you know, just coming off of that, that game against the, uh, against the Chargers, you just, you know, Speaker 2 00:23:19 If you said which one would you take? I guess I would lay the points with Kansas City because maybe I'm just reading too much into the history of covering the spread. This is a playoff games and it's experienced team. You got an inexperienced Jacksonville team, they're also coming off an emotional win. That's not easy, man. Like that, that's just a huge emotional win where you come from behind and you expelled a lot of energy. Now you have to go on a short week and play in a tough venue. So, um, I can tell you this, you can say what you want about the Chargers. The chiefs are ecstatic that Jacksonville won. I don't think they wanted to face the Chargers again. Speaker 0 00:23:50 Oh, no. I mean, listen, you don't wanna face a team like the Chargers a third time. I mean, granted Mike Williams is out and that does affect certain things. But again, like that's the, that, you know, like to talk like Giants Eagles to move in and, and, and talk about that game. Yet you don't wanna face a team for the third time Miami against Buffalo. You don't wanna face them for a third time. Cincinnati against the, the, the Ravens. You don't want to, like, that's just, there's just, there's, it's, it's really kind of funny because there's just, you'd think that, oh, well it's just two games. It's two games and weeks of preparation against this specific team, you know, the ins and outs of this team. And then you've seen them, you know, play calling twice already. Like that's huge as far as it's Speaker 2 00:24:37 The Giants Eagles, it's different. This is, this is the third matchup in like eight weeks. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it Speaker 0 00:24:45 Was, yeah. Yeah. Both their games were Speaker 2 00:24:47 14. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. 14 and 18. Speaker 0 00:24:52 14 and 18. Sick. So even more so now, and now here. Wait, you, you know, it was Jalen Hertz the first time. It wasn't Jalen Hertz the second time, but it wasn't the Giant or, or you know, it wasn't Jalen Hertz the, but there, there was something going on, but then he was um, oh, the Giant sat everybody for that second Speaker 2 00:25:12 Game. Yeah. Week 18. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:25:15 Dude, that this game here, this, this is the one like, you know, like where are you at with this? Because I'm just, the, the time off that Jalen Hertz has had, I think has kind of a negative effect. I do worry about the condition of the shoulder, but there's everything about this Eagle's team is so much better than the Giants except for coaching. Cuz I'll take day ball over Siri any day of the week. Speaker 2 00:25:45 Any, I mean, you think it's that clear cut? I mean, sir, Speaker 0 00:25:48 Done Well, I, I've always loved Speaker 2 00:25:50 Dude, I love DL too. I said, we talked about it a couple times that I felt he should be a coach of the year and I think he's third. Yeah, but I mean, Siri's done a great job too. Like you can't, I don't think it's that clear cut. Speaker 0 00:26:04 Um, Siri got great results this year because Jalen Hertz took his game to the next level, right? He had Jalen, he, they, they worked together last year. Siri wasn't, he's not a rookie coach here. Day ball in his first year turned Daniel Jones completely around from being this turnover prone, trying to throw a hero ball up, just sloppy play, not trusting his legs. Speaker 2 00:26:33 You don't need to sell sell day on me. I'm objective. I hate the fucking giants, but I think he's coach of the year, no doubt. And he's done a great job. But I I mean you make it seem like, oh, easily d over Syria. I don't, I don't, I don't think it's that really. I don't think there's a huge coaching advantage here at all. I think the concern is Jalen Hertz's Health. I really think that's a concern. I don't know if that shoulder is fine. Um, but it's just so funny, bro, cuz e everyone I see is picking the Giants and it's so funny. Like the Giants were oh, mediocre team all season long. Okay? Then they have a playoff win against a Minnesota team that we all thought were frauds <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:27:15 And Speaker 2 00:27:15 Now the Giants are like, they can't lose. It's since it's just funny, like we talk about the last thing we saw. It's just amazing. Like now, I, I don't think I've seen anyone pick the Eagles this week, Speaker 0 00:27:27 Everyone. I mean, no, no, no. I mean, come on. I mean, the reason we know about recency bias, listen, every Cowboys fans forgot how much the Cowboys sucked for a couple of weeks, <laugh> and all the problems they were having. But they go out there and then they just soundly, soundly, Speaker 2 00:27:42 Wait, wait, wait, wait. The Cowboys had one bad week against Washington? Speaker 0 00:27:47 No, they had more than Speaker 2 00:27:48 One bad week. What? Okay. What was the other bad week? What the lost Speaker 0 00:27:50 To Jackson. You know what I'm going, I'm gonna, your schedule right now, Speaker 2 00:27:52 The loss to Jacksonville that they lost an overtime. Was it a bad loss? Yeah, but they didn't play like garbage. They had the fucking lead. They beat Tennessee by 14. They beat the Eagles. I know that was with Minsu. It's not like Dallas lost five of six 10 the season. They had one bad week against Speaker 0 00:28:08 One. I should say they lost five to six. I just don't think that they played very well. Speaker 2 00:28:12 How? Okay, they lost the Washington game was terrible. They beat the Titans by 14. They beat the Eagles by six. Speaker 0 00:28:17 You know what it was? They, they whooped ass on the, uh, on the Vikings and then struggled hard the next three weeks. They won all three. They Speaker 2 00:28:24 Struggled against the Giants, they beat 'em 28, 20. They didn't struggle on that game. Speaker 0 00:28:28 They didn't play well that game. Speaker 2 00:28:30 They beat the shit out of the Colts. They struggled against the Texans. They had to comfort behind the Jaguars game. They broke 34. Speaker 0 00:28:35 The shit outta the Cols dude, the, that all that shit came in the fourth quarter. Speaker 2 00:28:39 Okay? They put up 54 does a cow Speaker 0 00:28:41 Can't, it does count. It does kill shit for three quarters of that game. Did Speaker 2 00:28:48 They, how did they struggle in the game? Speaker 0 00:28:51 Yes. Speaker 2 00:28:52 Oh, come on bro. They put up 54. You can't say they struggled. Speaker 0 00:28:56 They put up 33 points in the fourth quarter, Speaker 2 00:28:59 But okay, they did it though. It doesn't count. So we eliminate fourth Speaker 0 00:29:02 Quarter. I'm not saying it doesn't count. What I'm saying saying is, is that they struggled, they had issues on offense for the first three quarters of that game. They did not play a very good game and then they blew 'em out in the fourth quarter cuz the cults completely fell apart. Speaker 2 00:29:20 I think it's unfair to say that they struggled down the stretch. They lost two games down the stretch. And in the Jacksonville game they had the lead Jacksonville, like they always do comeback. And then Dak throws a pick where it bounced off Noah Brown into the hands of Jenkins and he takes it to the house. It's funny, Speaker 0 00:29:37 You Speaker 2 00:29:38 Too, it, dude, I am very, Speaker 0 00:29:40 You do it. You do it exactly what Giant fans are doing. Speaker 2 00:29:43 No, I'm not. I think it's unfair to say that the Cowboys struggled down the stretch. They won seven of their last nine. You act like they ate eked by each victory they Speaker 0 00:29:54 Won Speaker 2 00:29:54 By say that they 37, 8. Speaker 0 00:29:56 All right, listen, I watched every single game where their flaws, yes, there are. And and, and you know that there are flaws and I'm sorry, but you know, both on offense and on defense, all right? I mean, listen, that whole opposite side of your secondary because of injuries, I mean, was, was a huge, huge problem and still is a huge problem for Speaker 2 00:30:17 You. That's the secondary's a problem. But that's not, that's separate from saying that they struggled. Speaker 0 00:30:22 It's not separate. It's the Yes, it's the same fucking thing. It's not, I'm not saying it's not whether they're winning or losing the games. What I'm saying is, is that they're having issues. They have had issues down the stretch. Okay? Dak has not played a flawless last eight Speaker 2 00:30:35 Games in this, this season. Okay, Howard, we can do it. This, every team does every team have flaws down the stretch? Josh Allen's turning the ball over. Bengals have offensive line issues. Eagles have not played well. The Eagles have played worse down the stretch than Dallas. I know they did. Every team, every team has issues. Even San Francisco, I know they haven't lost, but their defense has shown cracks. Purdy wasn't good to start the game. So every team has issues, right? Speaker 0 00:31:00 Listen, I'm not gonna, yes, you're right. I'll give you that. There you go. I I'm not gonna argue it with you, Speaker 2 00:31:08 But I, no, I just think that it's, it's not right to say Dallas struggled down the stretch. That makes it Speaker 0 00:31:14 Seem like Dallas had their struggles down the stretch. And yes, Speaker 2 00:31:17 The sec the Speaker 0 00:31:17 Second game, Hey dude, and listen, you know what, you should have won these fucking games because you're playing the cults and the Texans and the Jaguars. I mean, it was like, you know, it was like that, that midpoint in the season where you guys beat the Giants and the commanders and then you beat the Rams, okay? Then you lost to the Eagles. But then you beat the Lions and you beat the bears and everything was all great and hunky dory and you blew out the bears, you beat the shit outta 'em, and then you came back and you lost to the fucking Packers. And then you turn around, you beat the shit outta the Vikings. And then yes, you did win against the Giants, the Colts, the Texans. Speaker 2 00:31:50 Okay, you know what, here we go. I could do, but Speaker 0 00:31:52 You had Speaker 2 00:31:52 Issues. I could do the same thing with the 49ers. Let's look who their winds are against close of air. The Rams great Chargers cool by six Cardinals. Ah, they suck. Saints, they suck. And they only win 13 nothing. Dolphins, uh, I don't two What was two playing? They game with the, he was, um, Buccaneers, great Seahawks. They won by eight commanders, Raiders, which they struggle one by three and the Cardinals, where are the great wins there for the 49ers Speaker 0 00:32:15 Commanders? They beat the commanders 37 to 20. What do you mean one by, Speaker 2 00:32:19 So what does that mean? The commanders make the playoffs? Speaker 0 00:32:22 No, no, no. I say where where the Raiders by three? Speaker 2 00:32:25 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where's the impressive, where's the impressive win in that stretch? Speaker 0 00:32:29 Where's the impre? It's, it doesn't have to be a specific impressive win. What I'm actually, you Speaker 2 00:32:34 Just discredit Dallas for beating the teams they're supposed to beat. Speaker 0 00:32:38 Yeah. And guess what, the last five, the last two weeks of the season against the Raiders and the Cardinals, it was more about getting Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchell back, right? Than it was really worrying about what Christian McCaffrey's ankle was doing that he wasn't playing. They still wearing, and you got Brock Purdy going there, they Speaker 2 00:32:53 Were still in position to get a, a one seed. So you can't say the games don't mean nothing. I didn't, Speaker 0 00:32:57 They didn't say that the games didn't mean nothing. Speaker 2 00:32:59 But you're saying, oh, well it didn't, you're just saying that. Oh, it was more about this. They were in position to get a onee. So you, like, you're cherry picking. Now Speaker 0 00:33:08 I'm definitely not cherry picking. They, so how 34 points to the r they gave up 34 points to the Raiders in week 17. That was a bad performance by their defense. 100%. I agree. You should never have the Raiders of all teams putting 34 points up on you. They only gave up 13 to the Cardinals, 20 to the commanders, 13 to the Seahawks, seven to the Bucks, 17 to the Dolphins. They shut the saints out. They gave up only 10 to the Cardinals and they only gave up 16 to the Chargers. You only give up 14 to the Rams before that. So, so listen, with the exception of the Raiders game where they gave up 34 points, I think the defense kind of held its own even with no, the injuries of their secondary that they Speaker 2 00:33:53 Had. You're missing the point. You're discrediting Dallas saying, oh, they beat the teams are supposed to beat. Isn't that exactly what San Francisco did? Where is the impressive win in that Tre? Where did Speaker 0 00:34:03 They beat 35 to seven over the Tampa Bay bucket over Speaker 2 00:34:05 Tampa. Oh really? Speaker 0 00:34:06 33 to 17 over the Miami Dolphins. Speaker 2 00:34:10 Okay. And Dallas crushed the Vikings who made the playoffs and won the division, crushed the Cols. So you're saying Dallas, oh, they beat who they're supposed to be. Isn't that what San Francisco did? Where's the impressive, not the impressive win by score. Where's the impressive team they beat in that stretch? Who's the good team that they beat in there? They're like, wow, that's an impressive win. Speaker 0 00:34:27 Uh, doesn't, I'm not talking about that, dude. You're all right. You're, you're twisting it all into a whole different thing. If you can't admit, I'll say this, if you can't admit that Dallas has had problems over the latter half of this season, Dak has not been playing good ball. Okay? They, their, their secondary has had some serious issues. They've had some o line injuries that they've been having to work over, okay? Dallas coming into the playoffs was not a highly regarded team. Speaker 2 00:34:58 Okay? I think the word struggle though, to characterize Dallas as missing. Speaker 0 00:35:02 Oh my God. All right, so now, so it's so it's my choice of words now. Speaker 2 00:35:06 Yes. Speaker 0 00:35:06 Seriously, dude, come on. I mean, you wanna split hairs like that. Fine, serious. Your struggles might be the wrong word. They coming down the stretch, Dallas did not impress anybody. They definitely didn't impress me. And I'll tell you what, they Speaker 2 00:35:21 Won six of eight even. Speaker 0 00:35:22 And as big of a homer as Jim Bowden is, even he was able to sit there and point out a number of flaws at the cowboy. See, he can be rah Ron cheerleader all he wants. Dude, Speaker 2 00:35:34 You can go back and listen to the podcast last week. I said I was concerned about, about the secondary. Of course, they have flaws. Dak D's problem has been interceptions at the wrong time. If you look overall at what he's done, this offense has been, I think, number one or number two since he returned. Speaker 0 00:35:51 Yes, it's, it, it has definitely had its moments of clicking. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. But I'll tell you what, I'll take, I'll take, uh, I'll take San Francisco's offense, believe it or not. I'll take San Francisco's offense over Dallas's offense, even with Purdy under center. Speaker 2 00:36:10 I think that is still a question. I mean, I think San Francisco's offense is better because they have a multiple ways to beat you. Like there were times that they put Deebo in the backfield McCaffrey wide receiver. So, and then the flip flopped, like they just have a multitude of ways to beat you. I think the biggest question still is Purdy. And that's as a cowboy fan, that's the, the hope that I have is that Purdy turns into that quarterback. That was the last pick of draft. Uh, we did see some nerves in some off target throws early in that game. He did settle down and was better. Um, but again, and I mentioned it last week, you know, the, the key is if they fall behind 10 to 14 points, is he gonna be able to lead them back? Because that's when the pressure is on him. So with that said, I'm gonna take San Francisco and I hope I'm wrong. <laugh> and Dallas also. Dallas also at a scheduled disadvantage here. It's their fourth straight. Speaker 0 00:36:57 Oh, oh, I love that one too. That's actually another favorite mine. Speaker 2 00:37:01 Dude. Dude, dude, can you let me finish? I'm not making an excuse. I'm stating a fact that you tell me what I'm saying is wrong. Okay. Can I say it and then you tell me what's factually wrong, please say Speaker 0 00:37:09 It, say it. I'm, I'm, I'm on the edge of my seat. Speaker 2 00:37:11 I know fourth straight road game for Dallas and 49ers don't travel and they have two extra days of rest. So they've had more time to prepare. It's a fact, I'm not using an excuse, but it's a fact. And any, any n f NFL player will tell you. I mean, Jacksonville's in the same situation too. Speaker 0 00:37:26 Yes, absolutely. You can blame, you can blame the N F L for being greedy and wanting the revenue of a Monday night football game with Tom Brady versus the Cowboys. Um, you can blame them for being greedy like that. But like when, when Dallas Cowboys fans, bring that up to me. Okay. You, you're making it sound like it was intentional like that, that the N F L is out to get us. Speaker 2 00:37:52 I didn't say that. Why? Like why would you in insinuate Speaker 0 00:37:54 That's, that's the insinuation. No it's not. It comes through. Yes it is. No, it's just like what you're saying that Giants fans are sitting there with their recency bias thinking, Hey, we just beat the Viking, so now we're beat. Speaker 2 00:38:05 It's not, see again, no, no, no. Howard, I didn't say Giants fans. It's people who are prognostic the games, it's not Giants fans, of course Giants team fans are always gonna be optimistic. I'm not talking Giants fans. I'm talking, everyone that I see picks for this game, everyone's taking the Giants. There's not Giants fans. So just get that clear. Are Speaker 0 00:38:25 They taking the Giants with the points or are they taking the Giants straight up Speaker 2 00:38:28 Giants with the points. Some think the Giants are gonna win. Speaker 0 00:38:31 I like the Giants with the points also only because it is a division game and they are seeing each other three times now. And we don't know about Jalen Hertz. And I would much rather just, you know, grab the points in a divisional matchup like that. Especially if you're gonna gimme that hook, you're gonna gimme a seven and a half point. I mean that's just that, that to me is where I want it. So I'm, I'm fine with that actually. Are you taking the Eagles, laying the points? Speaker 2 00:38:58 No, I think I'm gonna take the Giants, especially with that half. Um, yeah, I mean I think they could keep it close. I think there's a lot of pressure on Philly and again, I'm, I'm concerned about Hertz's Shoulder. I don't know if he's a hundred percent. Yeah. And I think they'll, you know, we saw Lawrence with a big game. So, um, although Giants defense did not play well last week, the Giants just could not be stopped on offense. Minnesota defense is so bad. Oh, already. And we knew that and we were picking on them down the stretch. They cannot stop the Giants. All you need to, okay. All you need to know about how bad the Vikings defense is. And this, I always talk about this. Speaker 0 00:39:39 Yeah, look at the fact that Dallas put up 40 points on Speaker 2 00:39:41 Yeah, exactly. Cuz Dallas is terrible. <laugh>. Um, Speaker 2 00:39:46 Okay, good coaches, right? I think they exploit the opponent's weakness. I think sometimes we see teams get too cute. This is our strength, we're gonna go with it. Em bellick always boo good like this. We've seen games where Bell Chip will run the ball 50 times and games will pass it 50 times This year Daniel Jones was consistently under 200 passing yards in a lot of games. In fact, he only had three games this year of 300 passing yards. Of course two came against the Vikings 334 yards passing in a 71.4 completion percentage on Christmas Eve. And this playoff game, 68.6% and 301 passing yards. Okay, <laugh>, that's all you need to know. Giant said. We are fucking passing Barclay boy. He have nine carries in the game. Yeah. And that's not what the Giants wanna do. Giant said. All right, well yeah, we don't have the best passing game, but this team cannot stop anyone. We're gonna pass. And that's where, you know, you got good coaching and um, yeah, someone was uh, in a one and done playoff league and showed me their lineup. I said, Nope, you gotta use Daniel Jones this week. And they're a Giants fan. And I was like, look, even if the Giants win, would you rather have Daniel Jones against Minnesota or against Philly? Come on. So play Daniel Jones. Play Barclay. They did. And obviously it worked out. Um, Speaker 0 00:41:00 Was it, was it Mike from Long Island who kept asking about starting Josh Allen or Joe Burrow? Speaker 2 00:41:06 No. <laugh>. That's what he asked you. Speaker 0 00:41:09 <laugh>. Yeah. I love Mike. He's such a great team, but he had like a whole thing and I was like, I'm using DA Daniel Jones in mine. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:41:16 Yeah. I mean to me it made sense. Uh, and obviously the rushing yards were insane too. So you're not gonna get a better playoff game from Daniel Jones than that. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:41:29 A hundred percent. A hundred percent. Um, alright, so, so Tari talk to me here about this, then we can kind of shift through it. All right, so wait, so I, I said I'm taking, we're we're both taking the Chiefs minus eight and a half, right? Speaker 2 00:41:44 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:41:45 I'm, we're both taking the Giants plus seven and a half. Speaker 2 00:41:48 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:49 Both taking the bills laying five and a half. Speaker 2 00:41:52 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:53 And then San Francisco against Dallas. Three and a half points. You're taking the Niners, did you say? Speaker 2 00:42:00 Yeah, but I hope I'm wrong. I will gladly lose this one. Gladly Speaker 0 00:42:07 <laugh>. Um, I tell you, I mean, I, I said I just don't know, I just don't know how the, how the Niners can be stopped. There's really, there's just so much going on. I get it. Yeah. Brock Purdy is the, uh, is the linchpin. I mean, I kind of don't wanna just go with a clean sweep here, but I think I'm gonna have to, uh, and I'm gonna have to take the Niners and lay the three and a half figure that if they're gonna beat Dallas, they're gonna have to do it by a touchdown and we'll just kinda, we'll lock in there. I don't need it to be, uh, Brett Maher versus, uh, Robbie Gould. Uh, we don't, we don't need that. Oh, maybe that's what it is. Maybe that's what happens, man. Maybe you just, maybe you need to take Dallas with the points because of that hook. Cuz it's gonna come down to a Bre Maher field goal at the end of it and he's just not gonna be able to tie it up. Speaker 2 00:43:01 Don't do that to me, man. All Speaker 0 00:43:03 Right. I won't do that. You talk to me here. Are you playing at any, uh, any, uh, f fpc uh, games? They've got their divisional round one that's starting up now. Um, and then they've got, uh, you know, obviously the, their main event is already, uh, underway. Speaker 2 00:43:20 I am not. Are you? Speaker 0 00:43:21 You're not. Yeah, I am actually. And I'm gonna play in the divisional round here. I wanna play in the divisional round. So talk to me here. You can only pick one player from each team. It's one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, uh, a tight end and the two flexes. So, Speaker 2 00:43:42 So it's eight Speaker 0 00:43:42 Spots. So it's eight spots. So you got no, no kicker, no defense. So where, where are you going here? I mean, you know, do you just, do you, do you, do you turn around and say Jacksonville sucks against the tight end? It is a tight end premium league. I have to lock in Travis Kelsey here. Speaker 2 00:44:01 Yeah, I mean, he'll be chalk, he'll be chalk, but yeah, Speaker 0 00:44:05 I mean, how do you, how do you approach, I'll shut up. How do you approach when you're in a contest like this? Speaker 2 00:44:15 Um, I mean, I think you just, I know you don't want to go chalk, but I, I think it's hard not to take Kelsey. I mean the other option would be what? Kittle and we saw Kittle only two for 37 last week with Deebo back. It's just not the same. Even though I think he still is a red zone guy. But I think, you know, but then if you're look at San Francisco, you probably, actually San Francisco is interesting. You could actually, I think everyone's gonna go cmac. That's where it might go different and go Deebo CMAC doesn't get the volume he does when Elijah Mitchell plays. Speaker 0 00:44:48 That's a very good point. Speaker 2 00:44:49 He doesn't. So, but are Speaker 0 00:44:50 We, are we sure that Deebo is gonna get, you know, his usual, you know, the, what we expect from him knowing that Auk is there. What was Purdy? We're, we're still, you know, hanging back a little bit on, Speaker 2 00:45:01 I mean, we saw it last week and he's the most explosive player. So Yeah. Could it change this week? Sure. But look, if you go McCaffrey, Kelsey, everyone else is doing that, right? So you, you gotta try and be different somewhere. So I think most people are gonna go C Mac, especially at the running back position. So I think Deebo is a good option for Kansas City. I guess it's Mahomes or Kelsey. I don't see how you go. Anyone else? Um, Bengals. I think it's Burrow or Chase, maybe Higgins, um, Jacksonville, et TN or Kirk. Speaker 0 00:45:36 What about Ingram? Speaker 2 00:45:37 You could use Ingram too. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:45:40 I kind of, I, you know, I mean I kind of like doing that. Uh, you know, the, the question that I have, the, the real issue that I have here is, uh, is the quarterback. Yeah. Like I know you don't, you don't need the quarterback to advance. Like the guy who won it last year had Josh Allen, so he didn't have a Super Bowl quarterback going for him. And you know, it's like double points. So I mean, you don't necessarily need to do it, but you know, the question is, is, you know, where are you looking here? You could go Mahomes if you think everybody's, if you think the chalk is going Kelsey, you could go Mahomes, uh, over there. Um, you don't know if you can trust Jalen Hertz Burrow versus, uh, you know, bills and Bengals. I mean, I would lean Alan over Burrow just because of the offensive line issues that we're dealing with right now. But shit, man, I mean, you know, still it's Bengals bills, uh, it's, it's a, it's a great game. And then, you know, or, or or do you turn around and you say, you know, Dak Prescott? Speaker 2 00:46:44 Mm. Unless only if you think the Cowboys can go to the Super Bowl. I mean obviously you're trying to pick the, for the, I think the quarterback, you want to get the one that's gonna the Super Bowl. Cause they're gotta put up the most points more than likely. So, Speaker 0 00:46:55 So Purdy then Speaker 2 00:46:56 Yeah, go ahead. I mean, that'll be, that'll be contrarian because people are gonna take McCaffrey and Deebo I think the most, maybe Kittle mixed in. So yeah, pur will definitely be contrarian. If you think that they're gonna go to the Super Bowl, yeah, then that's, that's a contrarian play. I don't, I don't think a lot of people will take him. Speaker 0 00:47:14 Where would you go? Mahomes Allen. Speaker 2 00:47:18 I think Buffalo's gonna sue Bowl, so I would go Alan. Speaker 0 00:47:20 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I also don't like having to make that decision of, you know, Stefan Diggs, Gabe Davis. I mean, you know, everybody's gonna take digs. Yeah, I think it's Alan or Diggs in, in that spot. Just like in Cincinnati. It's Oh, Speaker 2 00:47:37 Dawson, Knox, Speaker 0 00:47:39 Dawson, Knox. If you really want go tight end premium. Speaker 2 00:47:43 I mean, it's hard to take Knox over Kelsey. Kittle, even Schultz. Speaker 0 00:47:50 Even Goddard. Speaker 2 00:47:51 Yeah. Goddard's, Goddard's got a really good matchup this week. Giants are bad against tight ends. Look what Hawkinson did in the two games. So I think Goddard's a prop to look at this week. His over yardage. Speaker 0 00:48:01 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's another tough one right there. I, Speaker 2 00:48:07 Yeah, I do think the games will be good though this week. And again, usually this is the best week into the playoffs, but I gotta say that wild card round was, was really enjoyable. Um, even Seattle, San Francisco, I know the final score doesn't say it, but Seattle's up at halftime and that game was competitive and midway through the third quarter. Speaker 0 00:48:26 I'm very excited about it. I th I think, listen, I think the games this week are, I'm, I'm very much in on these. I, you know, the funny thing is like, if, if you're just looking at the games on the surface, it's like, yeah, you, you're like, chiefs Jags will probably be the lame one, right? Like, that'll be the blowout. If, if there's gonna be a game that's gonna kind of disappoint. But I think these other three games, you know, giants, Eagles, Bengals, bills, cowboys, Niners, these are, these are gonna be some battles. These are. Unless, unless Dallas plays like they did down the stretch. Speaker 2 00:48:57 Yeah. <laugh>, you're definitely rooting against Dallas, aren't you? Speaker 0 00:49:02 Oh, a hundred million percent. I'm rooting against Dallas. You know, Speaker 2 00:49:06 You know what's the sad part this week though? I actually, even though obviously I hate the Eagles and the Giants, I kind of have to root for the Giants because if Dallas wins, Dallas gets the home game, Speaker 0 00:49:17 Ah, we all know how they do well against the spread when they're at home. Speaker 2 00:49:21 I don't care about the spread. Win the game. Speaker 0 00:49:24 <laugh>, you gonna call up Tim Matthews, you're gonna be like, dude, let's Speaker 2 00:49:27 Go. I gotta, I think I have to go to that game, man. Speaker 0 00:49:30 If you have to call in the favor, like, that's the favor. That's what you call in the favor. Speaker 2 00:49:35 Yeah. I gotta fight. If anyone's listening, well, nah, let me not get in my head of self. Let's, let's let them win first. I don't wanna fucking look ahead. Cause this will not be easy. This is the one, this is the one team. I said it before the, uh, you know, midway through the season. I don't wanna play to 4,000 in the playoffs. And uh, here we go. I would've, I would've rather faced Philly. Speaker 0 00:49:56 Now let me ask you a question here before we, uh, before we scooch on out, just to confirm if the Bills win and the Chiefs win, then the AFC Championship is in Atlanta. But if the Bengals win and the Chiefs win the games in Kansas City. Speaker 2 00:50:17 Correct. Speaker 0 00:50:22 Okay. Did the bills and the Bengals finish with the same record? The Bills game? Speaker 2 00:50:28 No. Bills were, bills were one game ahead of Speaker 0 00:50:29 Bills were one game ahead. Okay. So that's, that's really what a fucking dude, I'd be so pissed off, man, if I were in Kansas City, if I had, don't, if I had seasoned tickets to Kansas City, now I gotta fucking go to Atlanta. Speaker 2 00:50:44 Yeah. I mean, but the thing is, the Bills beat the chiefs head up. That's, that's why they did it. You know, chiefs had a half game, they played one more game and won. But if the bills played that game in one, they'd have the same record and the Bills beat the Chiefs in Kansas City this year. I get it. I mean, I know Bengals are like, well, we could have won the game. And the thing is, if the Bengals, even if the Bengals beat the bills, they'd still be a game behind Kansas City. Speaker 0 00:51:12 Yes. That I know. Well, you know, just 1, 1, 1 last thing to just rile everybody Speaker 2 00:51:19 Up. Yeah, I know Speaker 0 00:51:20 <laugh> because I'm about that life, dude. We like just sat here going off. I mean, I, you know, obviously our, our Dallas discussion kind of, uh, took center stage. I wanted to talk to you a little bit of baseball, a little bit of hoops, but you know what, I'm not going to, because, uh, we gotta get on outta here. We've recorded this one at a much earlier time in the day. So Adam's got a show to do. I've got a show to do. We'll catch up with you guys next week here on the Cash at podcast. Um, we will, we will talk some, uh, some baseball and some basketball as well. Are, are you getting a little, a little baseball fever at all, Adam? I know that you're, you're mopped up here with N F L and N B A, but is the baseball creeping in at all on you? Speaker 2 00:52:01 Yeah, I've started to do, you know, some research and look at some things. Um, I haven't done a draft yet. Um, I think I'll probably wind up doing like a, a draft champions at the end of the month. And I feel like that's when you really start digging in because you know, you usually I do, yeah. I usually do the four hour clock, so got some time in between picks to really dig in more and then, I don't know, I just feel like that's when it really starts for me. Um, cuz you start looking at team builds and looking more in depth at players and doing research. Like I didn't even realize I was doing some research the other day. I didn't realize Lotus Goel had wrist surgery in October. So that explains a lot why he had no power most of that year. So that's something I didn't realize that slipped by me. So just doing things like that. Um, so yeah, I will, uh, starting to ramp up the baseball, started putting one of my leagues together cuz it's a keeper league. So I said, here's the, the league fee, get it in. Um, all that stuff. So yeah, it's, uh, it's gonna come pretty quick and at least this year finally we get a real spring training. It feels like we really haven't had one in a while. Speaker 0 00:53:12 Yeah. Season's not really gonna sneak up on us like it, like it has over the last couple of seasons. I got into a conversation talking about some of the rules changes, um, you know, with like limiting the pickoff moves and the bigger bases and, uh, and you know, and, and what that was gonna do for like, some stolen base work. And, and you know, we just, we kind of just started getting wrapped up in that conversation. I just, you know, I mean even more so the, there's the bug, you know, I mean, I'm obviously putting together all the stuff for the, uh, M L B draft guide over at Fantasy Alarm and, you know, getting that stuff organized that I got, I got the bug, I got the, I got the bug like big time now. Like I'm, I have a, a very, very strong feeling that this is gonna be a, a very, very good year of baseball. Speaker 0 00:53:58 And maybe it is because we're gonna get our full spring training and we're not dealing with like, all the bullshit nonsense of a potential lockout or, you know, everything that we've had to deal with for MLB over the last couple of seasons. So super pumped about it and, uh, I got a lot to talk about, but I'll, I'll save that for, for the next episode of Cash It. So, uh, we're gonna get on outta here and, uh, we wish you guys nothing but the best hope all of your DFS lineups cash. I'll have the, uh, the playbook. I'll do a full four game playbook, uh, for fantasy alarm.com. Uh, and then I'll, uh, I'll play around with some lineups and dart boards for the individual two game slates for, uh, people who want to play those, uh, on Saturday and Sunday. So all that stuff's gonna be available to you [email protected]. As always, check out Adam Ronis, uh, NBA props work [email protected]. Uh, final words, part in shots. Speaker 2 00:54:55 Let's go. Cowboys. Speaker 0 00:54:57 Oh my God, you <laugh>. You <laugh>. It's like hanging out with Boden all over again. Speaker 2 00:55:05 I'm as bad as him. You Speaker 0 00:55:07 Know it. Well, you know what, today you were, Speaker 2 00:55:10 Oh, stop <laugh>. I picked the 49ers <laugh>. He's not picking the 49ers. Speaker 0 00:55:17 No, no, no. Of course. He's not picking the 49ers. Speaker 2 00:55:19 He picked him to go to the Super Bowl, didn't he? I saw the tweet that was sent out on the Sirius six seven fantasy account. Yeah. Oh God. Like, come on girl. I hope he's right. But sound boys. Come on. Speaker 0 00:55:31 That's gonna do it for us here on cash. And I'm Howard Bender for Adam Rose. We'll catch you next time.

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