June 01, 2023


Cash It: Betting the NBA Finals, Betting the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Picks

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Betting the NBA Finals, Betting the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Picks
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Betting the NBA Finals, Betting the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Picks

Jun 01 2023 | 00:59:43


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss how best to bet the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets, how they're leaning in their bets for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Florida Panthers and Las Vegas Golden Knights and which MLB players they are looking at for this week's fantasy baseball waiver wire pickups.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 Welcome into Cash it, Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here. And, uh, oh baby. We have, uh, a lot of stuff going on here, right? There's a multi-sport podcast. I know we tend to focus a little more heavily on the M l B action, but today we're gonna, we're gonna lead the shit off here with, uh, with, with a little N b A talk, Adam, because, you know, listen, I, I think that what we, what we saw, I mean, listen, I don't think anybody was surprised to see the nuggets do what they did in the West. And, you know, I think they were kind of getting disrespected a, a, a bunch. But what we saw with Miami, uh, you know, going up three, nothing on Boston, then Boston really coming back strong, uh, winning the next three. And then, you know, Miami really took care of business there. And that sets the stage for yet another, in my opinion, David and Goliath type matchup, because we're already seeing Denver as like a huge, huge favorite, um, over, uh, over Jimmy Butler in the Heat, like a huge favorite for, uh, for Denver here. So first off, how are you, second of all, have you enjoyed, did you enjoy that Boston, Miami series? Speaker 2 00:01:23 Yeah, it was hard not to, I mean, Boston was trying to make history, uh, becoming the first team to come back from three Zero, and they get a buzzer beater in game six. Actually, I wanna parlay on that buzzer beater. I didn't even know until the next day <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:01:40 No, because I put together like a six leg parlay for plus two 50, you know, and I thought I had Jason Tatum to hit three threes, and I saw he was, oh, for eight, I got, ah, fuck it, I guess I lost. So it was one where you get a bonus bet, so you usually get an email, you receive the bonus bet, like pretty right after the game. So I didn't get it. I'm like, all right, next day in the morning, I'm like, where the fuck is my email for my bonus bet? What the fuck? I know I opted in cuz you have to opt into the promo. So I go to, uh, check my bed history and I'm like, oh shit, I won. I didn't take Tatum's threes, I took his eight rebounds or more. And I had Derek White 10 points or more. Speaker 2 00:02:18 And with that buzzer beater that gave him 11, so I didn't even realize it. Um, so yeah, for game seven, look, I think a lot of people felt Boston was, were going to win cuz they were home. But this Miami team, man, you know, Jimmy Butler, guaranteed to win Bolster said they were gonna win. They're just a more mentally tough team than Boston. You know, I've said it multiple times that I just didn't see Boston winning a championship. As much talent as they had, something was off with that team. Um, I don't know what it was. I mean, the, you know, Missoula first year and coach again, I think you have to give him some credit to get him there. He was not put in a, a good spot, but his strategy use of timeouts were perplexing. You know, his answers to the media after the game were very short. Speaker 2 00:03:06 And I don't know, man. So a and we've seen them not be mentally tough and the pressure was on and they didn't come through. Tatum did hurt his ankle on the first play of the game and he was in pain, but he was out there. So it's tough to use that as an excuse. Miami had injuries too. Uh, Miami's just a real mentally tough team with a great head coach in sp and a great leader in Jimmy Butler. You know, Butler has been here before, uh, this is the third time in four years that they got to the Eastern Conference finals. They were the one seed last year. They just had a lot of injuries this year throughout the regular season. Uh, but I don't think anyone expected them to be here. I mean, they were the ac they were on the precipice of not even making the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:03:51 They lost the playing game to Atlanta and then playing the Bulls in the final playing game to get that spot. They were down with like four minutes to go. And then Milwaukee, they beat in five where Giannis missed a couple games and was hurt, and they beat the Knicks in six and then they come here and win a game seven on the road. So I think from a matchup perspective, I mean, Denver is the better team. That's why you're seeing the numbers like that. Yoki obviously playing at an MVP level, even though he didn't win it this year. Um, even though they swept the Lakers, it wasn't a series they dominated. There were several close games in it, but Deborah has not really gotten a lot of respect. I think everyone was looking to pick someone else. People were looking, oh, golden State, they have the history. Speaker 2 00:04:41 They won so many titles, we're gonna pick them. Oh, the Lakers, LeBron James and d Davis held. Oh, Phoenix has Kevin Durant. Yeah, we're gonna take them. And Deborah was the number one seed all year long, has a stud next to Yoki and Jamal Murray. It was an up and down season. But we've seen Murray have big postseasons in the bubble. I mean, he had, he had some big shots, so he's finally, finally healthy. So I think obviously Denver is a different team than what they faced so far. Um, because the box had Giannis hurt for two games. Uh, the Knick's obviously not a great team. And the Celtics and I talked about it when I was doing the show with Festy. It's a preview game. So I'm, look, look, it's gonna come down to three point shooting for Boston. If they're hitting their threes, they're gonna be fine. Speaker 2 00:05:29 If they don't, they're in big trouble. And they started, oh, for 10 in the first quarter. And I heard Shaq after the game, he said, look, if I'm playing on a team and we're oh for 10 after the first quarter shooting threes, I'm punching everyone in the face and saying, you're not hit. Don't take another three <laugh>. And and I agree with him, man, like I get it, like when it's Steph Curry, clay Thompson, you want those guys to keep shooting. But if you see you're in a tight game and you're not hitting your threes, why don't you start driving in the basket, man. Yeah. You know, get fouled. I mean, they had a couple easy alley hoops to Robert Williams. Like, that's how you have to do it, man. So, and Jaylen Brown was absolutely horrendous in that game. Turnover after turnover. I think they were talking about how every time he goes to his left, he was turning it over. Speaker 2 00:06:14 And I guess Butler saw that Butler was making him go left, kept turning it over. He had eight turnovers in that game. He shot eight for 23, 1 for nine from three point range. Tatum. Look again, I do think he was playing hurt. He only took 13 shots. He was one for four from three point range. He would've taken more threes. Um, but it was just a, a dreadful, dreadful performance. Um, and Miami on the other hand was one of the worst three point shooting teams in the regular season, and they've been one of the best in the playoffs. And it's like, can this keep continuing? So look, I think almost everyone's gonna take Denver. I, it's, I guess it's difficult to make a case for Miami. Um, so I mean, Speaker 0 00:06:59 I mean that, that was like, like, and that's the thing and you know, and to, to people who I've spoken to about this, because listen, I, I'll first to admit, I'm not a hoops guy. I've never been, uh, into the sport. I've never been, you know, one who like really absorbs the nba. I haven't really absorbed the N B A since Patrick Ewing was playing for the Knicks like that. That's, that's what it comes down to. But you know, cuz because the, the, the question that I keep purporting to everybody is, you know, I mean, we were, we were locked in, right? It was, it was mi uh, Boston was like a minus. I think they were like a minus Speaker 2 00:07:37 500. Speaker 0 00:07:38 Yeah, it was like I say four 70, I think it was minus four 70 to win that series against Miami. And, and everybody talked about, you know, Spolstra and, you know, and, and Jimmy Butler. But beyond those two, what else did that team really have? And that the Celtics were a flawed team, uh, to begin with. And nobody likes the, the coaching for, for Boston at all. And so they could understand Miami coming away from, from that one right there. But now you're talking about Yoic and his power in the middle, you're talking about his size, his rebounding, uh, you're talking about Jamal Murray and, and the talent level that you've got there. Um, better coaching with Denver than you do with, um, you know, with, uh, with, with Boston. So you know, this David and Goliath matchup, like so far the people who I've spoken to, um, are all locking in on Denver winning the championship now, you know, game to game. You, you see what happens and who's doing what and whatever. But like from a, from a betting standpoint, to me it looks like you're only, you're just, you're strictly going game by game that there really is not a lot of value. You can sprinkle a little something on the heat to win the series, but I don't think, I don't think very many people are giving them much of a chance to win this outright. Speaker 2 00:09:08 Yeah, I don't think so either. I mean, and I see why, um, if, if the angle you take is, well they've been underdogs this whole time and they keep winning, okay, well, you still gotta look, you still gotta look at matchups and everything. Um, this is the best offense that they faced. Um, YOKA obviously has looked great in the playoffs. So has Jamal Murray Porter Miami doesn't have a lot of size as well. They've gotten out rebounded in every series. Obviously it hasn't affected them yet. Um, but they're gonna really have to shoot well from three point range again to keep up with Denver. Denver's also a very difficult place to play, um, with the altitude and everything. So that's something else you have to keep in mind. Denver, I don't think Denver Lo has Denver lost a home game in the postseason? I don't think they have regular season. Speaker 2 00:10:01 They were 34 and seven at home. Um, they also have the extra rest. Uh, some, uh, there was some stat like the last 10 extra rest more than five days in a team home. They're like eight and one or something in the last nine. So that bodes well for game one for Denver. Uhhuh <affirmative>, uh, Miami's coming off a really exhausting series that had to go seven. Jimmy Butler looked a little worn down at the end of the series. Um, I don't know if he's playing through an injury or not, but yeah, this is, it's a tough matchup for Miami here. Uh, it's just an insane run that they've gone on, even though they were the one seed last year. Again, no one really expected this at all. So it's hard for me not to pick Denver. I kind of want to go against the grain, like, well, but I just kind of don't see it here. Speaker 2 00:10:55 Um, I just think their defense is gonna have a hard time with Denver, with Yoic and Porter. It just, they have so much size. Uh, Gordon can defend Butler. Caleb Martin obviously was phenomenal in the Eastern coverage finals. He almost won the v p uh, Butler won 54 voting wise. I mean, Butler had the better overall numbers. Martin was the best player in game seven. But that's another example too. When you're betting these awards, you gotta take the superstar man. These, these guys, subpar the secondary players never win these, uh, these awards. I think the last one that was not a superstar was Iguala for the Warriors. So like people want to get cute, like, oh yeah, you know, I'll bet Caleb Martin to win finals mvp. He had everything in his position to win the Eastern Conference MVP and didn't get it. So just looking at the pre, and that's the other way to bet too, depending on the odds, you, if you don't want to take Denver, you could look at Yoko mvp. I gotta look at the odds, but here are the last V MVP awards of the finals. Steph Curry, Giannis, Lieutenant Cooper, LeBron James, Kawa Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Iguala. There's the one, Kawa Leonard, LeBron James, LeBron James, Dirk Navitzky, Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce. Notice a theme there. The best player on the winning team Speaker 0 00:12:12 Wins the mvp. Best player on the winning team Speaker 2 00:12:14 Gets it. Yeah. So like Butler is getting m v MVP if Miami wins and Yoic is getting it, if Denver wins, you wanna make a case and say, Hey, it could be Jamal Murray. Okay, Jamal Murray had a great Western conference finals, think he averaged like 32, 33. He didn't get it. So I know people always looking for value and you know, oh, there's a long shot. The odds are it's not happening. So just be careful with that cuz I know again, everyone falls in love. Where, where Speaker 0 00:12:43 Are the odds? I'm looking on DK right now. Where are the odds for, uh, for uh, series at, for, you know, finals v P? Speaker 2 00:12:52 Um hmm. How come I, let's see, I guess it would be M NBA finals player milestones? No. Oh God, finals mvp. Here it is. YOKI minus 360 Butler plus three 30 Jamal Murray plus 1400 Caleb Martin and Bam plus 4,000. So Speaker 0 00:13:13 Would you sprinkle a little something on Jamal Murray? I mean, if we think that the, if we, if we expect Denver to win this series, um, is there a way for Jamal Murray to kind of, uh, leapfrog yoic as a possible M V mvp? Speaker 2 00:13:33 Very slim chance. Very Speaker 0 00:13:34 Slim. Okay, so then, Speaker 2 00:13:36 Yeah, I, I, I just don't see, I mean, YOIC just puts up Yoic doesn't need to have a big scoring game to dominate a game. Like, you know, he had three triple doubles and four games against the Lakers. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, he played 42, 42, 38, 45 minutes, and you know, they had F four game sweep. They're well rested. Um, he averaged a triple double against Phoenix, 34 and a half, 13.2 rebounds, 10.3 assist. He averaged a triple double against the Lakers, 27.8 14 and a half rebounds, 11.8 assists, 1.3 steals 1.3 blocks, shot 50.6% from the field, 47.1% from three part range. So, you know, they're not gonna win if he has a bad series. So again, as good as Jamal Murray is again, Jamal Murray averaged 32 and a half against the Lakers and he didn't get it Speaker 0 00:14:28 Right. Speaker 2 00:14:29 So like, what, what does he have to do? I mean, he shot 52.7% from the field, 6.3 rebounds, 5.3 assist, 2.8 steals, uh, 1.8 turnover. Didn't turn it over, scored big fourth quarters and he didn't win the M v mvp. So if he can't win a averaging 32 and a half <laugh>, how's he, how's he gonna get into the finals? Like how much better could he be? So, you know, those tho you gotta be careful with that. I think if you're not betting a superstar here, you're just kind of wasting money. Like so Denver is what on the money line? They are. Oh wow. So it's the same price. Okay. Forget that idea. Minus 360 for Denver. Oh no, that's, uh, that's game one. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:15:09 That's game one. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:15:10 For the series. What is Denver? It's hot. Speaker 0 00:15:13 Oh, they were like, uh, they were like, I think it was like three 80 last night. Minus I Speaker 2 00:15:17 Saw minus, minus 4 25 minus Speaker 0 00:15:19 4 25. Yeah. So if you, there's no, Speaker 2 00:15:21 You're do that, you just bet Yoku p still no value at minus 360, but um, at least you're getting a better number because it's basically a 90% chance that if Denver wins, yo Getz gets mvp maybe, maybe 95%. Speaker 0 00:15:36 So, all right. So, so futures garbage, v MVP awards garbage as far as betting. Speaker 2 00:15:44 Yeah, I think what you would do, if you think Denver's gonna win, you maybe take the minus one and a half games, you know, they win that. You're saying that they won't lose that they'll winning six or less Speaker 0 00:15:58 Five. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:15:59 No, Speaker 0 00:16:00 If they win Speaker 2 00:16:00 Four, two, you the minus one Speaker 0 00:16:02 And a half. Five. Five or five or less. Like, I mean, if you, if you're doing that right, you're saying one and a half? No, Speaker 2 00:16:07 No. If it's minus one and a half games, they can win in six and you win. They have to win two, uh, you know, by Right. Speaker 0 00:16:15 They gotta win the series four to one or four to two, Speaker 2 00:16:18 Right. Or sweet. So, or sweet. You can get, I mean, you could also take the ex the exact here on dk uh, four, uh, when Denver 42 is plus 400. Um, but I'd rather just do the minus one and a half for the series. That's probably what I would do. Speaker 0 00:16:35 That makes sense. That definitely makes sense. For game one eight and a half points spread, do you, do you just err on the side of caution and stick with the points as that's been, you know, relatively strong bet here? Or do you think, do you think the nuggets just really just whoop ass on them? Speaker 2 00:16:57 Yeah, I think we could see that in game one with the w the rest, the home court Advantage, Miami going on the road at Tough Game seven. I know it's tough to benefit gets Miami, they find a way to keep these games calls. But I, I think I would take Denver to cover game one Speaker 0 00:17:10 Denver minus eight and half. Okay, over under two 19. Speaker 2 00:17:17 Uh, both teams played a very slow pace. Um, I don't have a feel on, on that yet. Speaker 0 00:17:25 Okay. I mean, yeah, listen, I, I, I'm fine with that. I think if you wanna take Denver and you wanna take him with the eight and a half, lay in the eight and a half, I'm fine with that. I like your bet on the, uh, on the series Bet. And Speaker 2 00:17:37 Remember, and like, remember before Game one, Miami, Boston, what did I say on this podcast? I said, mommy's getting disrespected as eight and a half point underdogs. Yeah. So I've, I've given Miami respect, um, I didn't think they would be Boston. No, I, I gotta be honest there, but Boston, I just felt like they were not, they were not a mentally strong team this year. They did this throughout the playoffs, man. They let it Atlanta get back in the series. They were down three, two against Philly. Philly has their own problems of not closing teams out. If it was any other team that Boston was playing, except Philly, Boston probably would've lost. But Philly is a step above them in the not closing out series. So, like this Boston team showed you throughout the postseason that they put themselves in tough spots, man. And they almost, almost, but they get, they got embarrassed at home, bro, that game was never even really competitive man in the second half. Speaker 2 00:18:33 They were never in that game in the second half. Like, you never got the feeling, I don't know if you watch it, I never got the feeling. I was like, Boston ain't coming back, man. I, I was on there and I said to begin the third quarter, I was like, Jimmy Butler, he smells the blood in the water right now, man. And this is where a superstar steps up. Cuz like, he didn't have a big first half. And then you could see he started to step up. Although Caleb Martin, the entire, I mean, that ga that guy made people so much money on props. He went over his points prop, I think in every game of the series. I think it closed at 15 and a half in game seven. He scored 26. He had a double, double. I mean, he was just insane in that series. Um, so are they gonna get that level of play from him again? It's tough to see. Um, but he's looked really good. Look, I hope Miami can make it a competitive series, but a basketball, you're, Speaker 0 00:19:24 You're not optimistic. And the listen, there's no, listen, there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. And it's, and I, I think you're, I think you're right. I think anybody who's, who's looking to bet Miami right now is just riding momentum, riding the, you know, the flow of things and, and not really, you know, understanding just, you know, how strong of a team Denver is because I, I, you know, is Denver gets no press. Denver gets no press. And if you're an amateur better, uh, and, and you're looking to, you know, you know, I I think amateur betters are are like, yeah, I wanna cash in on this, uh, this Miami deliciousness right now. And, uh, and that's, you know, that's, it's just, it's, it's a mistake. And that's how, that's how Vegas gets rich. I think that you've got a very sensi sensible take on all of this. You do believe Denver will win. You see that there's no value on betting the series, except if you're gonna take that minus one and a half games, right? And look at this from a, from an individual standpoint, I, I think that's a, I think it's a smart way to look at it. And, uh, and, and I think that it's, uh, you, you can still have fun betting these individual games. You don't need to, you know, whatever, you, you know what I'm saying? You we're not betting on the champion right now. We're just Yeah. Speaker 2 00:20:40 And you can bet player props as well. So, um, but yeah, I mean, Yoki is just, gives Denver such a, a high offensive floor and Jamal Murray and Michael Porter, who's been great and the heat lacks size man, and bam, outta bio, you know, he's gonna struggle with Yoic. So, um, they also have several guys with size that they can throw at Butler. So, I mean, look, the heat have defied the odds the entire post-season, and maybe it's just their year. I mean, but again, that's not, uh, a great argument. Um, the home court advantage is big for Denver. Um, Denver is undefeated here in the playoffs at home. Miami is won every road game one. So I think that stops on Thursday night. Um, so yeah, I would love to pick Miami, man, I just, I don't see it, man. I just don't see it. I mean, Speaker 0 00:21:40 Yeah, I'm, oh, I'm, uh, I'm, I'm totally in there with you. Uh, love it, respect it, you guys, obviously, um, you know, I, I think we're, we're gonna need, uh, you know, right, we're gonna need to check in with you on the regular here as far as, uh, everything. Uh, guys, tune in to the SiriusXM, uh, channel 87, uh, Monday through Thursday from eight to 10:00 PM Eastern. It's the Fantasy alarm. Better cast with Adam Ronis and Justin Fensterman. And I think, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun listening to you guys, you know, maybe even live betting, you know, this game. I mean, you know, not not just this game, but you know, the series in general I think is gonna be, uh, uh, exciting to check out and, you know, and just check out that coverage there on Sirius xm, obviously here on the podcast, uh, we will be, uh, revisiting the, uh, the N B A finals and, uh, and we'll see from, uh, from that standpoint. Speaker 0 00:22:36 But I like where Adam's head is at here, and, uh, I think you guys should, uh, probably ride, continue to ride Adam's coattails. Now, there's something in the water down in, in Florida right now, because wanna shift it over here a little bit to the Stanley Cup finals, where we've got another Florida team. Uh, and that is the Panthers who have been riding, uh, Sergei, Bob Broski, uh, who's been standing on his, on his head, uh, for the Florida Panthers. He's been absolutely fantastic. You wanna talk about, Miami came in as a number eight seed, uh, and they got in, even after losing one of the playing games, the Florida Panthers just barely squeeze into the, uh, Stanley Cup playoffs. I think it was Pittsburgh, like, had some, like, like their last two games of the season were like against Tomato can opponents that you just easily kick around. Speaker 0 00:23:33 Uh, and they didn't. So Florida squeezes in and now boom, we see what, what's going on over there? Um, a much tighter series here, uh, to bet Vegas Golden Knights are like a minus, I think they're like a minus one 20 favorite. And the Florida Panthers are plus 1 0 5, and that's just to win the cup. Forget about, you know, individual games, and we can talk about that. But I mean, have you gotten a chance to, to, you know, I know you've been so neck deep in, uh, in baseball and basketball, have you gotten a chance to watch any of, uh, of what we've seen? Dallas Stars almost made it a little bit of a series there against Vegas. It's been a lot of fun to watch some hockey here. Speaker 2 00:24:11 Yeah, I've watched a little bit. I saw the four overtime game, uh, for Game one, uh, with the Panthers, uh, series there against, uh, the Canes, so watched a little bit, but yeah, I mean, again, two teams from Florida as a seeds who barely got in, and the Panthers were more remarkable as they had to play Boston who set, you know, records for wins and points, and they were down three, one came back in, won, and then after that they just destroyed everyone. So, it's insane, man. Um, you know, you, you tend to see those playoff runs more in the N H L cuz of a hot goalie. Um, this is only the second time an eight seat has reached the N B A finals. The other time was the Knicks against the Spurs, and they lost in five, Speaker 0 00:24:58 And they lost those to the Spurs in five. Yeah. Yeah. Um, well, I'm kind of looking at this series again. This, this is another one that to me, man, I don't know, I feel like this one here, I I feel like I'm gonna take the Golden Knights on the, uh, for, for the overall series. And I think that there's, you know, some, even some value at it, you know, at like minus one 20 or 1 25, depending on where you're looking. And I'll tell you why. I'm curious as to, as to your thoughts in this Florida amazing series. We've seen, like, you know, huge, huge time, but I think beating the Canes as handily as they beat the Canes has now put them on the shelf for an exceptionally long time. They had the series wrapped up, and then all of a sudden Dallas started to make it a series with the Vegas Golden Knights. Speaker 0 00:25:54 You and I are recording here on Wednesday. We haven't had hockey in, you know, the, the Panthers haven't played in I don't know how many days now. And now you're talking about Saturday is gonna be the first game, uh, between these two teams. I, I feel like as great as Bob Broski has been through these playoffs, I think this is too much of a layoff for him. You know, maybe it gets guys healthy, uh, you know, on the ice, uh, in front of him. Um, and, you know, obviously I don't want to go against Kook who has just been otherworldly in these, you know, in these playoff runs, but I just feel like it's just so much time off for Bob Broski, um, to really kind of snap back into it against Vegas. Speaker 2 00:26:43 Um, I'm not sure, I don't follow this enough to make a pick. Okay. Um, but I'll be, I'll be rooting for the Panthers Speaker 0 00:26:52 Because they're the underdog. Speaker 2 00:26:54 Uh, yeah, it's a great story, everything they've done. So, um, I just think it sucks that a hockey champion is coming from Florida in Vegas, Speaker 0 00:27:04 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:27:05 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:27:05 Well, I mean, that's, I mean, again, that's like the, the huge, you know, utter nightmare, uh, that it is. But, but, but we can't go back to our original six teams, Adam, as much as we'd like to. We can't even go back. We can't even go back to the days when the divisions were named Patrick Adams, Norris and Smith. Remember those days? Speaker 2 00:27:26 I do. Yeah. Patrick Division Rangers. Speaker 0 00:27:28 Ugh, I remember when that was going on. Adam Pepsi was a nickel Speaker 2 00:27:34 <laugh>, and a, and a quarter drink was actually a quarter, not $2. Remember those quarter juices in, in New York? Speaker 0 00:27:42 Of course I do. Of course I do. You could get a ticket, you could get a blue seat, a a a blue seat in Madison Square Garden for two bits. Speaker 2 00:27:51 Yeah. Not anymore <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:27:55 No, not anymore at all. But all right. So you're not, you're not betting the, the, the series or anything with the Stanley Cup finals at all? You're, you're good with, you're good with avoiding that. Speaker 2 00:28:05 Yeah, I got b a in baseball. I'm good there. Speaker 0 00:28:08 All right. Well, I'm fine with shifting off of, uh, off of the N H L and, uh, you know, I mean, listen, I'll, I'll, I'll root for the Panthers just because it's that, that beautiful story. And the Golden Knights have a championship, a recent championship as well. So, um, I, I will side on that, but I, I am going to sprinkle a little something just on the Vegas Golden Knights to do it. It's not a, not a big bet, but, you know, just something to kind of keep me paying attention to this, uh, to this series. I will watch to see what the over unders look like, because right now, I, I, you know, if Bob Brosky is not, you know, what he should be, then I think the Golden Knights can put up a lot of scoring there. And that's probably, you know, like the other, like individual game bets that I'll look at for the N H L. But we could just, we could bypass that. We could kind of shuffle it over and we can move over to fantasy baseball, or just MLB in general. We can talk about BET and MLB right now and where we're kind of living. We can also talk about checking in, uh, with our fantasy teams and see, uh, see what's riding high. We can also maybe, uh, talk some waivers and see if there's some, uh, some good stuff happening. Uh, where, where do you wanna begin when it comes to baseball? Speaker 2 00:29:26 Wherever you want. Speaker 0 00:29:28 Wherever I want. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Well, I, I wanna brag about being back on a hot streak for betting baseball. How about that? Can we be there? We Speaker 2 00:29:34 Can, Speaker 0 00:29:35 I can, I can definitely live there in that spot because I, I got myself into a, into a hole. Um, but as we've talked about here on the podcast, one of the things that, you know, it's just, uh, looking at different angles to bet, you know, you were talking to me about the first five inning bets. I did a bunch of those as well. Um, I started teetering more towards, uh, looking at some props. You know what it is, man, I do the DFS playbook, uh, every Tuesday, and it's always, uh, like a 13 game slate, 12 or 13 game slate. So I'm like, you know, I'm spending all this time researching and, you know, looking at individual matchups. So to that point, then I immediately then start, I, now I start looking at, at more props, uh, on the hole. And I guess, uh, let's see, nine and three, 12 and five over my last 17 MLB bet. So pulling myself out of the, uh, out of the hole, uh, slowly but surely. And, uh, and I'm starting to, uh, I'm starting to get a little bit more aggressive with some plus odds, especially if I'm looking at it, uh, on, on a prop. So that's kind of where I'm leaning. The best bets are always [email protected]. Um, are you, uh, are you still sticking with your first five innings? What, what are you betting more? Speaker 2 00:30:56 Nah, more, more player props, um, lately, so looking at that, um, sometimes pitcher props and outs for pitchers, strikeouts, I'll do game lines in totals occasionally as well. So it's a little mix of everything. It really depends on the slate and what I see, um, you know, sometimes the numbers are, are off. Um, obviously it's very difficult. Baseball man. I mean, Oakland beat the Braves first two games of the series. I mean, really, like, and not only that, Speaker 0 00:31:25 Dude, that was crazy. Speaker 2 00:31:26 Braves didn't even score, bro. They had one run in on Tuesday and what they have on, dude, I Speaker 0 00:31:33 Had the, I had the Braves team total over five and a half on Monday night on Memorial Speaker 2 00:31:38 Day. They score, they scored two runs. Speaker 0 00:31:40 I know. And then, and then Servo, uh, Dan Serio who does the, uh, the Better Sports Betting show on, uh, on Better Sports Network. Uh, and I co-host with him couple of days, you know, during the week. He went right back to it yesterday and, and went four and a half. Uh, the team total over four and a half. And they, they scored one fucking run. Speaker 2 00:32:02 Yeah, I was on Austin Riley's prop for Total Bases. And he was, oh, for four. I mean, he had a 3 0 8 average and a Op PS over one against left-handed pitching and was going up against the lefty. But basically the entire team did nothing. So, uh, the Braves have actually not been playing well lately either. I saw they've lost like 12 of their last 20, something like that. So I don't mind it as a Meds fan, obviously. But that was definitely surprising to see them lose the first two games. So the A's actually have a three game winning streak, which I thought we'd never say this year. Speaker 0 00:32:36 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:32:38 Oh no, it's two My bad. I why do I think it was three? It's two after losing, what? 17 in a row? Nah, like 10, 11. So, uh, unbelievable. So they're gonna win this series, I believe, right? It's not a four game series, it's gotta be three. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:32:52 No, it's a, it's a three game set. And yeah, they're gonna win the series against Atlanta. But how do, I mean, how do you feel about going back to that game today? I can neither confirm nor deny that whoever wrote the MLB Best Bets article at Fantasy Alarm today, uh, not only took the over nine runs, which bucks the trend of, of what we've seen through these first couple of games, uh, but it's James Capri against Jared Schuster. Uh, not only did I do that, but I also went back and, and, uh, and and jumped into a Matt Olson prop, uh, over two and a half hits, plus runs, plus rbi, obviously if he can clear that deck with a, uh, with a solo shot. But I mean, I just, I I just feel compelled to go right back to this game cuz there's just nothing in my, in my world that says that Oakland sweeps this series. Speaker 2 00:33:49 Yeah, it would be surprising. I think you just go based on what you've seen all season and who's the better team. And we know in baseball this could happen. A bad team can beat a good team on any given day. It's happened a lot to the Mets this year, so I'm used to that feeling, so yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:34:03 But you're not a good team. Speaker 2 00:34:05 Uh, I don't know. Oh, you mean Speaker 0 00:34:06 You beaten bad teams? Speaker 2 00:34:08 No, they've been getting beat by bad teams. They just lost four outta six to the Cubs and the Rockies. Speaker 0 00:34:13 This is so easy to just to stop to egg you on. It's so easy. Speaker 3 00:34:19 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:34:24 I was even talking about the Mets yesterday and I referenced you on the show. I was just like, ah, Adam Ronis is probably just really pissed off and sick of listening to me talk about his meds. <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:34:34 They're just so inconsistent even yesterday. I mean, really they can only score two runs. I mean, Sangu was great. I was on his prop over five and a half Ks, uh, he's gone over that every game except two this year. Uh, good sign for him was no walks, but I still don't, I need to see that again because that's been his biggest problem. Um, but were you, Speaker 0 00:34:54 Were you jerking your gerkin into seeing Francisco Alvarez batting second? Speaker 2 00:34:59 No, it happened a few days ago. So they finally made the right call, but I didn't like that they pinch hit Vogel Bach late in the game for Vitos. If you're gonna pinch it, why isn't Beatty up there to Beatty didn't start. Like, I don't get it. Vogel, Bach's terrible man. I, I don't know, something is going on that he has some power over the front officer buck that he keeps getting opportunities cuz he stinks. Speaker 0 00:35:22 <laugh> Vogel, Vogel Buck is turning into the Taso hill of baseball. Dude. Speaker 2 00:35:27 It's worse. At least takes like how buttons do Speaker 0 00:35:30 Get <laugh> Speaker 2 00:35:32 OBA's Terri. And, and half the time he's, he strikes out looking, he just stands there. I'm like, what? What are you doing? So, um, but I guess the other big story on baseball is the return to Royce Lewis man. Uh, good to see that, you know, it was one year to the day that he tore his a c l. He came back on Monday, you know, two weeks ago I wrote in my waiver wire, I call him, Hey, pick him up now. He's rehabbing, he's eligible return May 29th. Um, I was only able to get him in one league. I guess I, I just should have been more aggressive. I was like, ah, you know, I don't need to bid a lot. I'll get him, I only got him an F S G A, he was in my lineup this week. Um, he's not gonna be, he's gonna be available in the N F B C this weekend. Um, and I really wanna, but it's not like I kind of don't have a ton of money left. I think my main event team has like 500, but a lot of teams don't have money. But man, that is a guy that can be a difference maker. Power, speed, you know, game one a three run Homer a game time single a ninth had another hit on Tuesday. So, uh, I'm really interested in him. But throwing Speaker 0 00:36:36 Multi-position eligibility soon enough. Right. He qualifies at, at short all over the place. But he is playing a lot of third bases. Speaker 2 00:36:43 Yeah. Oh, he's available in T G F B I too. Oh boy. Um, oh geez, I have 6 0 7. Somebody has a thousand, so they clearly haven't been paying attention. And then 7 88, 6 93, um, could I use a shortstop in this league? Probably. Um, yeah, my team's not good. I don't know what happened sucks. Well, I got Speaker 0 00:37:02 Is the fbi Speaker 2 00:37:03 Yeah, my team sucks. Um, I got, yeah, I I could use them for sure. I'm gonna, I'm gonna bid aggressively. I don't give a fuck. Speaker 0 00:37:12 I mean, you, you shouldn't have to give a fuck. I mean, if you definitely want, you know, if if you gotta get the guy, you gotta get the guy I was dealing with some, uh, some injuries. I don't, I don't think, I mean, I'll put a bid in on him for A T G F B I if he's available. I haven't even looked to see yet. If he's available, he will, Speaker 2 00:37:27 Unless he was drafted and held onto or drafted and dropped. He's not, he wasn't on the 40 main roster. So you couldn't have picked him up all these weeks. That's Speaker 0 00:37:36 How Yes, I know. Because we have that stupid ass rule in the F S G A, which again, I don't understand. If you are trying to be the trend setting draft of, uh, and, and League of the Fantasy baseball season, why do you put stupid constrictive rules on player acquisitions? Like we're, we're fantasy, we're industry people. We should be making speculative picks. Right? And I, and I tried to do that. I mean, I know that, that a guy, you know, I, I was, um, we had gone back and forth with all the, the shit about it with, um, with rookies being called up like Brett Beatti, um, you know, whatever. But I wasn't sure of where we stood with, uh, with guys who were on the, on the il. Um, and so I was like, fuck it man. I'll throw in a bid on Royce Lewis and see if I, again, this was like two weeks ago and you know, it was a small bid speculative bid and I threw it on them. And uh, and, and you know, and everybody like pissed and moaned about it to the point where I was like, you know what? All right, fine. It's bullshit. And then of course, what did I see this past week? Somebody put a bid on, on Royce Lewis. So of course I was the asshole who posted out, out to everybody else being like, um, just so you know, just because the beat writer says that the team's gonna call this guy up doesn't mean you can bid on him fucking garbage, Speaker 3 00:39:01 Garbage. Speaker 0 00:39:03 Where are you in, in T G F B I, Speaker 2 00:39:06 10th place, Speaker 0 00:39:07 10th place in your league in the overall rank? Where are you? Speaker 2 00:39:11 I don't know, probably 80,000. Uh, let's see. Um, I, Speaker 0 00:39:14 You know, I just, maybe, maybe, I'm just, just trying to brag a little bit. Speaker 2 00:39:17 2 59. Speaker 0 00:39:20 Cause I am in the top. Th oh, I'm only, I'm 32nd in the overall right now. I'm second in my league. Speaker 2 00:39:27 There's four months left, buddy. Speaker 0 00:39:29 My team rules. Speaker 2 00:39:30 Okay. Until they see rules, until they all get hurt and you start crying. Speaker 0 00:39:36 Oh dude. And you know what the funny thing is though, is that if I, you know, looking at my team, uh, because I've tried to be more sensible with some, some fab bidding and stuff like that. Like Yeah, yeah. Here I go. I just lost Elrod and I lost Tyro. Estrada. Speaker 2 00:39:52 Yeah, Elrod's a big loss. He was pitching great. And it sounds like he convinced like two months. Speaker 0 00:39:58 Yeah, I saw that. What the fuck is a pulley finger? I I used to think that was like, uh, it was like, you know, like when, when you know your uncle at Thanksgiving's like pull my finger. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:40:09 That's, that's probably what happened. He was at a family event and someone pulled it too hard. Speaker 0 00:40:14 <laugh> Eduardo, Eduardo, come here. Speaker 2 00:40:17 Vek Speaker 0 00:40:19 Vik pull my finger. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:40:21 Oh Speaker 2 00:40:22 No, you hurt <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:40:26 I guess. Oh shit. I just lost Riley Green too. He just went on the I l Speaker 2 00:40:30 Ah, see you talking shit. Look what happened. Speaker 0 00:40:32 His team fell Speaker 2 00:40:33 Park apparent. He get a, apparently the pulley finger is more common in climbing. So I wonder if he was climbing a mountain or something. Speaker 0 00:40:40 Um, I don't know. I don't know. I hope she had at least had a cute face. Speaker 2 00:40:45 Yeah, me too. Speaker 0 00:40:52 Oh shit. You're not supposed to say stuff like that, Adam. Speaker 2 00:40:57 I didn't say anything wrong. Speaker 0 00:40:59 Well, I'm doing my little, uh, fancy baseball, humble brag here. I'm in first place in the F S G A league right now I'm in second place in my T G F B I and I'm in third place in my barf league, the Bay Area Rooke Fantasy League. So those, those three leagues right there, which, you know, I talk about a bunch, I'm feeling pretty good about. I like my teams there and I'm sitting up top, um, my tilt wars draft and hold team. I think I told you about that last week, right? I was like, oh shit, I'm supposed to set a fucking lineup for this thing. Speaker 2 00:41:34 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:41:35 I'm doomed now. I've, I've dropped, I've dropped all the way down. I used to be like hanging out in like the top five and now I am, uh, I'm humping it up in 12th place. And you, and you can't improve your team at all. You can't. That's one of the things that obviously, you know, drives you a little nuts is like, it's, it's so hard to look at your team, uh, and be like, I can't pick up anybody off of waivers. Can't make it. You know, I, I don't have, you know, enough, uh, healthy guys or you know, some minor leaguers haven't been called up yet. Um, so I guess I kind of have to just, uh, you know, shit the be on this one, Speaker 2 00:42:11 It happens. I mean, a lot of those draft champions, draft and whole leagues here comes down to you need some luck and health. And obviously we've seen so many players emerge off the wave wire and some of those guys are drafting on other teams and some weren't. So, you know, it's, that's just part of that format and you know, that going in, uh, that it really comes down to the draft. Speaker 0 00:42:34 Did you just That's fantasy baseball, Susan, me? Speaker 2 00:42:38 No, I did not. Speaker 4 00:42:39 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:42:44 Oh man. All right. Well what else are we looking, are we looking for anything else in, uh, in the fancy baseball world? Anything that's, uh, that or just baseball in general that's kind of catching your eye? Speaker 2 00:42:56 Yeah, I think the next big prospect to get call up is Ellie de La Cruz. I've put him in the article too as a speculative of that. He's been crushing it at the minor league. Seems like he's homering every day. I know it's a matter of the Red's trying to figure out where he is gonna play. Well, my guess is we'll see him in the next week. Speaker 0 00:43:14 Really? You think it's gonna be that quick, huh? Speaker 2 00:43:16 Yeah, I think so. He's just, he's crushing it down there. I mean, I mean, what more does he have to prove down there? Speaker 0 00:43:22 No, I mean, what more does he have to prove down there? Nothing. But at 25 and 29, uh, you know, and you just lost your, your, your top starter or one of your top starters to a, a lengthy injury. The question is, is if you're the reds, why do you call 'em up? Like why do you, why do you start his free agent clock? Speaker 2 00:43:44 Yeah, but it won't, isn't the service date time passed? It's about, I mean, it's an estimate. We know the exact date, but it's probably pretty close. Speaker 0 00:43:51 It's coming up in like, uh, like I think it's in within 10 days. Yeah, so you, you want, so you gotta get that, that extra year of control, um, of him. You wanna make sure you get that and then, yeah, I mean, I guess we're kind of in that situation. I don't know. You know what it is, man, it's, it's so funny. I'm having, you know, I got this guy in the fantasy alarm discord who just, you know, just a constant churning over of his roster and you know, and he asks not just, you know, he'll ask a question about a player and then I'll give him an answer about it and then he proceeds to spend the rest of the week asking every other person who will listen to him the same exact question Speaker 0 00:44:36 And you know, and he's like, you know, on, on the perpetual of doing that and rotating in all of these guys. And meanwhile he's sitting there with Ellie Deela Cruz on his bench and I'm like, how long have you been fucking eating that bench spot? Like, you're sitting here asking me, you know, this is my worst performing guy right now, and you're talking about what he's done over the last three days, but you're like eating this fucking bench spot, hoping, waiting that this guy's gonna come in. And I think, I think he's had De La Cruz sitting on his bench for at least a month and a half now. Speaker 2 00:45:12 Yeah, I think it all comes down to team context, the amount of teams in the league. Cause I think sometimes you do have to move on. Like if you look at Christopher Morrell right now, right? He was the best free agent pickup. Now he's back to what he was. And I already regret not sitting him this week, uh, in labor. I picked up Jake McCarthy and I was like, I should probably start McCarthy. I was like, ah, Morell's been hot and Morell's sat now a couple times. McCarthy's has three stolen bases this week, so I already regretted. So I think it really comes. And Paul de Young is another guy, right? He was a hot guy. He was on fire. He's cooled off predictably. So I think it all depends on what players you have. Um, dude, Speaker 0 00:45:51 What is, what has Brent Rucker done in the last two weeks? Speaker 2 00:45:54 Exactly. I mean, I'm looking now at the young, he has been hit list now in six straight games over, uh, 21 at bat. So he is old for 21. Um, average was at 2 81, uh, 2 91. Now it's 2 34. So I mean, Morrell another guy Rucker as you mentioned too, he is cooled off. So yeah, I mean a lot of these guys sometimes that you pick up, they're all gonna cool off. And if you're in a 10 team league, you can turn those spots and turn it over 15. You really can't, like in 15, there's just not enough available. You know, this, anyone who plays in a 15 team league knows it. The tenure, you can do it a little bit more twelves a little bit too. It's one thing I've learned over the years in the twelves is the back half of that roster, there's enough on free agency, even in N F C where you have 30 roster spots and most home leagues don't, most home leagues might be 25, 26. So you can sure in the back end of your roster a lot, uh, depending on, Speaker 0 00:46:49 Depending on, on what you're looking for and what you're doing. Like for example, this guy spent the last three weeks asking me about MJ Melendez. And I was like, dude, I said, you're not starting him behind the plate because you have, uh, he's got somebody really good at at catcher. The name's escaping me right now. So that means you, you're using MJ Melendez and his 200 batting average and his minimal production as an outfielder. I said, if, if you're not gonna use him behind the plate, then he doesn't have the fucking value that you need, that you want. Like you, you've got 20 outfielders sitting on your waiver wire who are probably better odds to, to do more and be productive, you know, a as the, as this happens, you know, let him go. And, and you know, of course he like, he holds him, he holds him, he holds him, he holds 'em, and then he finally drops him. Speaker 0 00:47:47 And MJ Melendez has four hits, including a home run in his last five games. And all of a sudden he's like, oh, he is playing well now. Should I pick him back up? Should I, I'll, I'll see what McCarthy does tonight. And, and that, that is like, there's a difference between churning over your roster sensibly, you know, ride the ride the Chris Morrell wave, you know, and as soon as he cools off you dump him, boom. There's nothing wrong with that ride Brent Rucker for the first two months of the fucking season and as soon as he starts putting together, stringing together multiple games where he's going over four or at best one for four and he's like two for his last 36, you have to just get rid of him and pick up the hot guy. Like if that's, if, if that's how you're churning over your roster, fine, but to like sit there and like, you know, hold a guy throughout, you know, uh, you know, put him on your bench and refuse to drop him because you think maybe he's going to heat back up. Speaker 0 00:48:48 Like that's not the mentality you want. Like I'm sure that there are people right now who are sitting there with Brent Rooker either in their active roster waiting for him to heat back up or have him parked on the bench. This dude is in this last 12 games, all right, is batting 1 25 with two runs and two R B I and he's striking out 42% of the time. Like what is it about Brent Rucker's past that you're seeing that, that you're like, oh, he'll just turn around. This is just a, a, a little mini slump and that's like that kind of churning or you know, churning your roster to me is completely fine if you're understanding what the value is with these guys and then it's just temporary value, you know? And like you said, it's easier to do it at 12 team league because you can do that, but you know, oh man, I don't know man. Just when you're, when you're talking about, cuz he's also, you know, like you're gonna drop McCarthy. Like why would you drop McCarthy instead of giving McCarthy even just a little bit more than like two or three days? Speaker 2 00:49:55 Yeah, I mean you can't analyze a player's performance over a two three day period. So cuz we all know as bad as Melendez is, he's gonna have a streak where he does well. So, you know, even the worst players go through a streak where they perform very well. Um, I just think though with McCarthy, like I was not high on McCarthy this year. He was going to the top 100. It was too pricey for me, but he was available in free agency. I was going after him. I only got him in one league. Uh, but I think where he is gonna be useful at least is stolen basis. And I think he already has four since he came up. I think he had one over the weekend against the Red Sox and I believe he has three uh, going into Wednesday, still hitting at the bottom of the lineup. Speaker 2 00:50:39 Probably not gonna get a lot of power, but hey, if you need speed guy's gonna help. And you know, sometimes we see players get downtown in the minor leagues, they work on something, they come back up and they're fine. So, uh, I think you have to stick with him cuz you've seen it already. He's gonna run, he obviously has to get on base to run, but he's gonna get, I think he's gonna get an opportunity here. So it's way different than spending a top 100 pick where you're relying on him picking him off. The waiver wires a lot different. Yeah, you do have to spend some money. Um, and I clearly, I didn't spend enough in certain leagues cuz I only got 'em in one Speaker 0 00:51:13 McCarthy right now. All right. Since, since being brought back is five for 14 with a double two r b i five stolen bases. Speaker 2 00:51:24 Oh, it's five. Okay. Yeah, I know he had two on Tuesday. Yeah, he's gonna run, man, he Speaker 0 00:51:28 Had two on Tuesday. He had two on Monday. Uh, he had one in the, uh, in the first game against Boston back on the 26th. So, you know, you're, you're looking at that and you know, like to me, yeah, like why would you even consider dropping, like, this guy wants to drop McCarthy for fucking Melendez again. And I'm like, why would, like, that makes no sense to me. Like, and, and it's a perpetual thing. And this is, I guess what, what rubs me the wrong way about it is that this guy asks these questions like this throughout the entire season, but he's done it every single year. So when we talk to you, you know, when we talk to somebody about being patient, the sample size, how to turn over your roster properly, he's not hearing it, nothing's registering. All he wants to know is, should I drop this guy or not drop this guy? Should I pick this guy up or not pick this guy up? Like he's not learning anything, which means that he's not even fucking playing this fantasy baseball season on his own. Yeah, that frustrates me. Speaker 2 00:52:40 Yeah, I mean the goal is to help people learn to help them win, you know, definitely here to support and advise, but you also wanna learn how to play the game properly. And it's a long season in baseball. You can't just look at what a guy's done for the last three, four games, especially after an extensive period where he was bad, you know? So, and look, we're never gonna make all the right decisions. Uh, again, I already, I knew it on Monday. As soon as I click submit, I'm like, I should have fucking be morrell for McCarthy. I just knew it. And, and now I'm sitting here on fucking Wednesday already regretting it. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:53:17 Kicking yourself, and you're gonna agonize over this moment, like, you're gonna agonize over this roster move every single day until Sunday as Morrell goes like, oh, for a billion. Oh, Speaker 2 00:53:28 He is man <laugh>. Um, is he even, is he even playing today? He probably isn't. I know he is been sitting more lately. Again, I'm happy that I got him in a couple weeks. He gave me what I needed, but he's not a lock to be in the lineup every week going forward. Uh, let's see. He is not in the lineup this afternoon, not Speaker 0 00:53:45 The lineup today. Speaker 2 00:53:46 Great. So he set two of the first three days of the week, which might be a, might be a blessing. So I don't get a o for four. Speaker 0 00:53:53 They're, they're happier going with Michael Taman or, or, uh, ma b ma mastro baloney. Yeah. You don't get more Italian of a name like that. Speaker 2 00:54:05 Oh, man. And the rays, again, not hitting shut out through five. So the ra rays and the Braves are having a little slump here. Speaker 0 00:54:13 Well, hopefully the ace, the, the, the, the Braves pick it back. I know you're not rooting for that, but I am, because I just fucking Oakland days, they're so bad. And it just, it, it just seems like, you know, I end up like picking the wrong time to, to bet against them. You know, it's like you can ride that, that wave if you literally just sat there and bet the money line against the, uh, the, the Oakland days. You'd be up right now. But it just seems like every time I try to focus in on a bet and be like, you know, I'm gonna target against these idiots, like all of a sudden they pull out these like weird performances where it's like, really? Like where, where the shit did that happen? Speaker 2 00:54:52 The Braves are seven and 12 were their last 19 games. Speaker 0 00:54:57 Oh, I, I hear you look in your chops on that one. Speaker 2 00:55:00 Well, they played good teams though. I mean, they lost, uh, they split with the full four games. They lost two or three to the Dodgers. They lost two or three to Texas. They got swept by the Blue Jays. So, I mean, they faced some good teams in that span. I mean, not the a's though this is where they were supposed to bounce back. Uh, just crazy. You gotta think that they just went in there and not focused like, oh, it's the a's will win. It has to be like, how else do you explain 'em losing seven two and two to one, two to one. Like really two to Speaker 0 00:55:27 One. Two to one to the to the A's. Speaker 2 00:55:29 Yeah, man. Like, come on. And then even the seven two game, a lot of those runs came late. Speaker 0 00:55:38 Sorry, I'm looking right now. And my T G F B I team just got kicked in the nuts again. Justin Steele pulled after three innings. Yeah. Undisclosed injury. Speaker 2 00:55:48 Yeah. I haven't seen y yet either. So see, that's what happens during this podcast. You talk in all that crap and now look Speaker 0 00:55:55 Well up here. Speaker 2 00:55:55 Maybe, maybe you should be a little bit more humble on May 31st. Instead of acting like you want a title, this is a lesson for those out there playing fantasy baseball as well. Don't brag on May 31st two months Speaker 0 00:56:10 In the books. Speaker 2 00:56:11 And Howard Bender is throwing himself a victory parade for being in the top three in multiple leagues. Speaker 0 00:56:17 I was just celebrating. I can't, why can't I celebrate that? No, I'm not saying no, I saying that that's gonna, that that locks You Speaker 2 00:56:23 Said, oh, Adam, where are you in the overall standing T G F B I. Oh, Speaker 0 00:56:27 That's, well, that's because I just love trolling you. That's that's, that's Speaker 2 00:56:30 Fine. That's four months to go. I mean, my team, Speaker 0 00:56:32 That's why, that's my karma right there. My, it's like instant karma. Speaker 2 00:56:36 Yes. Speaker 0 00:56:37 Like shit on bender. Speaker 2 00:56:38 Yes. That's definitely so this way, when we come back in September, and you probably won't even ask in September, you'll be so engrossed in football and your teams will be out of it. You won't even ask. But I'll remember, I'll be like, Hey Howard, remember May 31st when you were asking and you were throwing yourself a victory parade. Well, let's see, how did it end? Speaker 0 00:56:58 I will remember the May 31st episode, uh, only because I want to hear that voice on you again. Hey, Howard. Speaker 2 00:57:05 Yeah. Hey, <laugh> Howard, remember? Hey Howard, Speaker 0 00:57:10 Remember when you Speaker 2 00:57:10 Were <laugh>? Imagine I, oh, I'm just glad I wasn't blessed with a voice like that. Yeah. So today we're gonna talk a little bit. Baseball looks like the Phillies gonna city fifth, play those mats. Speaker 0 00:57:24 See, I feel like that's actually what my voice sounds like. Speaker 2 00:57:29 Nah, it doesn't. You actually have a little bass in your voice, so I wish you sounded like, well, thank you. Easy to, in front of you, Speaker 0 00:57:38 <laugh>. I feel like there are times where I sound like Mad Dog Russa. Speaker 2 00:57:43 No. Speaker 0 00:57:44 Okay, good. Good. I Listen again, I can't, I, you know, you, you, you, I, I, I don't know what my, like when I hear my voice, yeah, it's just, it, it drives me nuts. But that voice that you just put on, Hey, Howard. Speaker 2 00:57:58 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:57:59 It was very, it was actually, you sounded a little bit like Jim Bowden there to me for a second. Speaker 2 00:58:04 Yeah. Okay. <laugh>, verbal retweet <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:58:14 Oh shit. You know what? We're dropping the mic on that. That's how we're ending this show. That's how we're ending this show on Adam. Ron's verbal retweet. So <laugh> catch up with us again. Adam is, uh, is on the, uh, fancy alarm, better cast show. That's, uh, Monday through Thursday, eight to 10:00 PM Eastern on, uh, on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. Uh, now that basketball is over, or, well, it's almost over, uh, look for, uh, more of Adam's betting content over at, uh, fantasy alarm.com. Not to mention, uh, fantasy baseball rankings and waiver wire work every single week. Uh, June 1st, right around the corner i e tomorrow. So Adam and I will both have, uh, new, uh, updated Fantasy Baseball rankings for, uh, the month of June and sort of beyond that. So, um, big thank you as always, Adam. Love, uh, lo love getting this chance to, uh, to chop it up with you on the regular. Um, for all of you out there, thank you so much for liking, subscribing. Please spread that word, tell everybody, uh, all your friends share this podcast, uh, around the world. But that's gonna do it for us here, uh, for the Cash of Podcast. For Adam ROEs, I'm Howard Bender. We'll catch you next time.

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