April 06, 2023


Cash It: Early MLB Season Fantasy Baseball Thoughts and Strategies

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Early MLB Season Fantasy Baseball Thoughts and Strategies
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Early MLB Season Fantasy Baseball Thoughts and Strategies

Apr 06 2023 | 01:04:25


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the start of the 2023 MLB season and how the hot starts, cold starts and injuries are affecting fantasy baseball teams. They also diive into some NBA playoff betting talk.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into cash. It. I'm Howard Bender. With me of course is Adam Ronis and, oh baby, here we are. Baseball season is, uh, in full swing and, uh, the n B A season winding down, um, N F L draft, getting ready to creep up. There's all sorts of stuff happening right now. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The NHL season, Matt, that too. What's going on, Adam? How are you doing? How's the start of your baseball season? How are your teams? How's everything going? Speaker 1 00:00:34 Uh, it's pretty good. I mean, the teams, it's so early, you know, some teams are good, some teams aren't, but we're not even a full week into the season yet, so really don't wanna look at that too closely. Been fortunate to avoid some of the landmine pitching lines that we've seen so far. Uh, there's been a few that have been really, really bad. So I, I don't think I've had too many of those cuz I see people complaining that their eras are like eight and nine. I don't believe I have an e r a that high. Maybe there is a league or two, and I'm just, cause I haven't really looked at it that closely. But, um, yeah, it's been, it's been good so far, but a long, long way to go. Speaker 0 00:01:15 How long do you give it, like you say, you know, you weren't even paying attention on that. Like, I, you know, I, I've looked and, you know, I mean, I got, I got Hosed by Chris Bassett nice and early, and it was just, it wasn't a, it wasn't a good outing. I think he had like a 24.8 e r a, uh, after the, uh, after his first start. Um, but that was like the only one that I really like zoned in on there. And like you, I'm like, uh, you know, whatever. It's, it's April, there's, there's plenty of time to go and, uh, lots is gonna balance it out. How long do you usually go before you start, like, really diving into what your team's stats look like? Speaker 1 00:01:53 Um, there's no set eight, I'll glance at it, but at the same time, you know, I've been in position before where after a month or two e r a and whip is high and was able to, to get it respectable. So you just don't want, obviously that Crisp Bassett low up, uh, you, you cannot afford now to have another one like that. Then you're really digging out of a hole and you need a lot of good performances to get out of it. I don't have any Bassett this year. Um, I have no Kyle Finnegan. He obviously had a terrible outing. Uh, who was the other pitcher that had a really bad outing? I can't remember now. Speaker 0 00:02:29 Oh, I mean, you know, like really bad or just, you know, I mean, listen, the, the owners of Corbin Burns right now, and you and I are recording this here on Wednesday afternoon. Uh, it's the bottom of the sixth and the Mets brewers game and it's tied up six six. So Corbin Burns, who was, uh, coming into this game with a 7.2 era r a from his, you know, opening start, which was, you know, five innings of four earn runs and now we're tacking on another six. So yeah. You know, using that, using that early round draft pick on Corbin Burns is definitely putting you in a hole. Speaker 1 00:03:03 Yeah. I do not have any Corbin Burns this year. Uh, yeah, he was not good against the max once again, so, I mean, it's only two starts, but that's not what you paid for. I mean, you could say the same about Max Scherzer, who is terrible in his starting against Milwaukee too. And I think he's allowed four home runs already. So we've seen a lot of pitchers get off to, to pretty bad starts here. I mean, we, we saw the fourth and fifth starters, a ton of runs and a ton of home runs there, but you're not expecting that from your top guys. Like a burns like Azer. We saw Dro really get hammered his first start out, but he's made up for it in his second start today as, uh, he went six innings struck out 11, only two hits, one on run, two walks. So, uh, you know, you expect those elite guys to, to bounce back unless there's an injury there, Heidi, or there's some change in velocity or something of that nature. Speaker 0 00:03:58 Yeah, I saw a tweet from, uh, Vlad Sedler who, you know, we both know and we're both friends with and you know, he's over at F T N, um, you know, talking about, cuz I did exactly what he did. Brian Anderson, Garrett Mitchell. Like I pulled some of these guys out, you know, knowing what they were gonna be going up against, you know, here early on in the season. And of course, you know, everybody hit two home <laugh> runs off of fricking Scher the other day. It was, uh, I was like, um, yeah. So I, you know, listen for me, I'm, I'm in the same boat. I don't, I don't worry about that stuff. What I'm looking at right now, like when I go to my league standings, um, I'm looking at just the at bats column for my hitters. Just making sure that everybody's getting the full compliment of at bats that I was, you know, hoping for. We know that managers, some managers like to rotate guys in and, uh, give some early rest to some guys. But, you know, I'm just kind of, that's, that's where I'm at right now. I have not been, Speaker 1 00:04:58 Oh, you know where I'm at. Let me say this. You gotta make sure do not let me fucking draft Eloy Jimenez next year. Okay. <laugh> this fucking fuck. Get it down this fucking guy. I wake up today, I go to my website, Eloy Jimenez on the aisle. I'm like, when the fuck did he get hurt <laugh>? When did he get hurt? This fucking guy? And I tried to, I didn't really target him, but I took him in labor. It was the auction. I think I got him for 15 bucks. I'm like, oh, that's pretty cheap. I'll take him at 15 bucks and he's out. And then I think I took him in the G S t cuz he was falling at that point. And it was like, I don't know, I think it was like sixth round, seventh round. I'm like, oh man, you know what? I'll take him here. This fucking guy, man. Speaker 0 00:05:42 <laugh>. I mean, I'm only laughing because it happened to me as well. I'm like Justice <laugh>. I was sitting there and I was like going through it and looking at some of the, the recent injuries before we jumped on here and, you know, and I have, uh, you know, Eloy <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:06:00 It's amazing, man. It just doesn't fail man. Fucking hamstring. Speaker 0 00:06:04 Right. How, how long before Byron Buxton goes on the, uh, on the il? Speaker 1 00:06:09 Probably, well, jazz Chisholm got hurt today sliding in a second base or saying it's a Stinger. And then O'Neill Cruise left the game after clotting with devs. Moki bets got hurt on I, I saw it. I was like, he doubled. I'm like, he is not running well at all. And I was surprised he stayed in the game cuz he collided with Jason Hayward. Uh, they're saying it's an ankle issue. They're off on Thursday, so that's something to keep an eye on. But yeah, it's just a lot already. And then this whole Tyler O'Neill situation is bizarre. Um, with his manager, Marel, apparently Marel felt like he wasn't hustling or running full speed. Um, when Aya threw him out at the plate on Tuesday night and O'Neill's not in the lineup. Wednesday he was asked, well, will O'Neill be there Friday? He is like, well that's not something I'm gonna answer right now. And then O'Neill said it should have been handled not in the media. So, you know, they have so much depth. Um, and that sucks if you have O'Neill. So there's a lot of stuff going on. And then Sean Murphy, the Braves man, this dude's played three games so far. Like I don't get this be I, okay, Travis Darnell is a solid hitter. We know that. Mm-hmm. Then if that's the case, why did you trade for Sean Murphy and then pay, pay him six years, 72 million? I don't get it. Speaker 0 00:07:19 Um, you know, I thought DNO was, uh, was doing more, uh, DH work. Speaker 1 00:07:24 No, Darnell has played every game. Murphy's played three of the six. Darnell's played every game. Speaker 0 00:07:31 I know that Dr. Knows Speaker 1 00:07:32 He's catch Speaker 0 00:07:33 Play game. Let's Speaker 1 00:07:37 See, I get Murphy caught yesterday in today's Dick game five, but Murphy's only played three outta six. Darnell's played six of six. Yeah. And Darnell's sitting cleanup. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:07:45 Darnell, uh, yeah, Darnell is, uh, yeah, today he's, he's playing. He, he is he catching? Wait, who's behind the plate today? Speaker 1 00:07:52 Ca Darnell, because Murphy caught yesterday and DH is Ozone. Speaker 0 00:07:55 Okay. So it's three games for, uh, for catching and three games for Ding for Darnell. Speaker 1 00:08:01 Yeah. And only three for Murphy outta six. I mean, again, I know it's early and I agree that managers like to mix it up, but that is kind of alarming to me. Why did you go pick and Murphy was hitting cleanup a lot in the spring. Yeah. And now he's starting to move down the order. Like, I'm like, if Murphy's gonna hit cleanup in this lineup, I mean, that's a real valuable spot with a Kuia Olson Riley ahead of him, even if he had six or seventh. But it's kind of ridiculous here. It's, I don't like why did you go get, go out and get Murphy then and pay him? Speaker 0 00:08:31 Yeah, I was, uh, I only think I have like one share of, uh, of, of Murphy. I didn't really, cuz every time I was in a draft, he just kept getting, like, people were just jumping at him, uh, with the catchers. So yeah, I'm not, I, I, again, I, I I don't know. I again, you know, I, I sit there and I watch like what managers are doing and you know, and who they're using and not what was there, there was something else I was looking at. I was, uh, I think it was, uh, something that Oh yeah. Like, I was like, why does Baldelli have Donovan Solano batting third, you know, in this lineup. It, it makes no sense, you know? And just again, you, you sit guys, you rest guys, whatever. But you know, trying to pull out some like, weird shit going on, uh, for that I don't really, yeah. With like, I don't really have any, uh, not it, it's, you know, knock wood. I don't really have any situations where I'm like that, like ticked off about, you know, guys sitting or, or anything like that. I'm not all too, uh, I'm not all too concerned. I'm not. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:37 I am. I have Murphy, I have O'Neill. I see O'Neill did pinch it today, uh, made it out as the Cardinals lost to the Braves again. Speaker 0 00:09:44 Yeah, that's probably, I mean that's, that's, you know, I, that could, to me sounds like, you know, you know, first time manager. Well, I mean, did Mar took over halfway through last year? Or was Marvel not even the manager last year? Speaker 1 00:09:59 He was the manager last year. Speaker 0 00:10:00 He was Okay. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So, I don't know, maybe he's just, you know, trying to set that tone nice and early because he does have a lot of young kids on that, you know, you know, there's Burson, there's Jordan Walker. You know, you just bring in Wilson Contreras who's, you know, taking over behind the plate for Yadier Molina. This is like, I guess marble's, uh, you know, alpha Dog situation where he is trying to make sure that, you know, the guys do exactly what he wants and setting the tone for, you know, the youngsters, I guess. Baby, Speaker 1 00:10:32 I guess we'll find out the next game. Befo Neal's out there. Speaker 0 00:10:36 Aw man. I don't want you to be angry at the start of baseball season. I'm having so much fun with baseball right now. Stolen bases are crazy up. I'm fucking hot as Balls doing, uh, some best bets right now. I'm loving that. How's your, how's your MLB betting going? Speaker 1 00:10:53 Uh, it's pretty good. I've gone light so far. Um, but I'll definitely be picking it up. Speaker 0 00:10:59 Yeah, I, um, I'm posting the best bets [email protected]. I'm picking three, you know, three bets, uh, a day is really what I've been doing. And, uh, it's, it's been, uh, it's been nice. I think, uh, uh, you know, it's so funny as, as, as I say that I'm sure that today's gonna be the day that I end up shitting the bed. I'm trying to think of what were my, uh, what were my picks for today? Oh, it was, uh, <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. This is, this is where I'll get, I'll, shit. The Bed Brewer's Money Line Astros run line over eight and a half for Pirates Red Sox, which I, I believe is two nothing. Uh, or something ridiculous like 4 4 4 to one in the, uh, in the bottom of the eighth. So, Speaker 1 00:11:45 Oh, here's something, Speaker 0 00:11:46 I'm out in Boston. Speaker 1 00:11:47 Here's something interesting too. Will Smith in to pitch the seventh inning. He got the first Save opportunity for the Rangers, and I think people started spending money on him on Sunday. Um, and he is now pitching the seventh inning. Speaker 0 00:12:03 Yeah. I mean, excuse me. You know, Bruce BCI is, is one of those guys. Like, I mean, he has no problem if he doesn't have somebody. I mean, you know, with the, with the Giants. I mean, he had, he had Sergio Romo for a little bit, but, you know, I think that he's, uh, you know, he's also familiar, well, a lot more familiar with Will Smith. I, I think he's just, you know, kind of more in the matchup sense, like, you know, will Smith came in, there was, it was Sunday night and he got that save. Um, but Speaker 1 00:12:31 The thing was, look, clerk hadn't pitched since Thursday and he wouldn't, he didn't pitch in that game at all. Speaker 0 00:12:39 Right. Yeah. But I think it was, I think it was more about who was up in the ninth inning. So, Speaker 1 00:12:43 But I don't even, I don't think it was like a potent part of the order. And I think it might have been one lefty. So I don't, I I don't know. I mean, it's again, some of these, uh, teams with the bullpens, like you don't know. Um, yeah. Cause it was against the Phillies. It was Sunday Night baseball, which, you know, all these games now fly by. There was a hour and 57 minutes, Sandy, Alcon, um, game. Speaker 0 00:13:09 Oh, the other day. It was, uh, Altra against, uh, who, Speaker 1 00:13:14 Um, Speaker 0 00:13:16 Oh, it was such a good day. Speaker 1 00:13:17 But The Twins. Speaker 0 00:13:18 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was, um, oh fuck, who was, it's a great game. Can't remember. Lopez was today. Speaker 1 00:13:27 Yeah, Lopez, LA Zao. That was a great due. Um, so was for that. Oh, so that game for, for, um, will Smith, it was Sosa stat and then Derek called Pinette for Pache. So it wasn't, you know, I, I dunno. Yeah. I don't know what, I guess maybe look Hart gets the next shot. I did pick up Will Smith in a league for Cheap. Cause you had, I think you had to have been paying attention to something night baseball. And that game ended before some of the fab periods at 10. So people started putting in bids. I got 'em in labor for like three bucks, so it doesn't work out. I'll just cut 'em. But I don't think I, yeah, I didn't get him anywhere else. Speaker 0 00:14:05 Yeah, he was, um, he was taken already when I was doing my fab on Sunday night. The only person who could potentially sniff some saves that I I invested in was, uh, Pierce Johnson. I think he got waxed the other day. Speaker 1 00:14:19 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:14:21 So, you know, again, you know, fucking chasing saves. It's the absolute worst man. It is the absolute worst. I, I just, you know, I, I, I, I can't, I just, I can't bring myself like, you know, this year I, I didn't invest, well, one league I had Diaz and that fucking sucked. Obviously another league. I, I took hater early, but mostly I kind of floated into that, you know, David Bednar, Camil, Dova, like that range of clothes. Daniel Bard, who apparently, you know, his anxiety got the better of him. Fucking, uh, here you go. Jim Bowden says to me, he is like, yeah, you know, this was a problem in the World Baseball Classic. I said, he's gonna have a lot of trouble if he's, you know, whatever. I was like, where, where, where were you when I was fucking drafting Jim? Where was that comment when you were, when I was picking up Daniel Bard? You know, we talked about it on shows you, you didn't say anything to me. The fuck. Speaker 1 00:15:17 Yeah, I was off of Bard because last year looked like a career year by far. Like a lot of the, uh, metrics were fortunate. And then you're asking him at his age to be a closer in Chorus Field. So I was completely out on him. Uh, it sounds like maybe he'll be back soon, but Yeah, I was, I didn't put in any bids on Pierce Johnson. Speaker 0 00:15:41 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:15:42 I, I didn't want any part of that situation, Speaker 0 00:15:49 But I did it. I, you know, when I bid on Pierce Johnson, I did it like, you know, like when you were bidding on, uh, on Robertson, remember you were like 116 or something like that. Like, I kept the, the Pierce Johnson bid as a, as, as a sane bid. Um, I mean, I still did, you know, over a hundred, but I was like, there's no way I'm gonna sit here and throw out that fucking, you know, $300 bid that, that idiots are, are, are throwing out way too early on, uh, on closers, on the, on even potential closer when we see all of this shit. It's all just, you know, it's crazy man. It really is, really, really is. Speaker 1 00:16:25 Yep. There's no doubt about it, man. And I'm sure we're gonna see more turnover. Um, you know, Arizona's a situation now where McGuff giving up two of 'em runs the other day. Speaker 0 00:16:35 Yep. Speaker 1 00:16:37 And then even, um, I guess the Dodgers too, we saw Al pitch the eighth and then the ninth and the, it wasn't a safe situation on Tuesday. It became one, and then Evan Phillips came in to get the last two al Speaker 0 00:16:52 Oh man, I, you know, it's, I, what I really wanna do is I just wanna, I, I just wanted to go play in leagues with saves and holds like enough for it. Like, I think we're at the point right now where, you know, closers is, is such a crazy, volatile position. Like, I don't really see the harm, you know, you can, you know, with, with going with, uh, with saves and holds. I don't know if you're, if you're pro saves and holds, if you're against saves and holds, it just makes it, you know, I'd say a little bit easier, um, to handle your relief pitching as opposed to always sitting there and having to like, spend all this crazy money, you know, for guys who are chasing saves. Speaker 1 00:17:34 The reason why I don't like it is, I think then everyone's gonna have the same strategy of, okay, well I'm not gonna draft closers anymore and there's a lot of guys that get hold, so I'll just get them all laid. So then, you know what I mean, at least as frustrating as as this is, you know, there is some strategy there where I feel if you put the holds and saves together, it eliminates the strategy. Cuz isn't everyone gonna be like, all right, well I don't need to pay for saves anymore. I'll just, I'll just wait and then all the guys are gonna wait and then everyone's gonna have the same strategy. Speaker 0 00:18:05 Yeah. Well, I mean, I, you know, I, I I see that, but you know, for the same token also, you know, I I, I still think that your, your high end closers, they just, maybe they just don't go in the fucking third round. No, they won't of drafts. Maybe, maybe it devalues them to like the fifth or the sixth round where you can start grabbing, you know, I Speaker 1 00:18:25 Don't even think they'll go that high. Speaker 0 00:18:27 You don't think they'll even go that Speaker 1 00:18:28 High? Maybe two, but I mean, nah, it, it, I don't think they would go that high anymore. I mean, I don't know. I don't play in league. If someone has a save holds league, you know, set, let me know where their closes go. Cuz I, Speaker 0 00:18:39 Well, I, you know what? I have a saves, I have a saves in holds league and, and I think it was like Diaz in Hater went in like the fifth round, late fifth, early sixth round, I think it is where they ended up going. Um, because that's the thing is that, you know, I mean, holds can be a, a very arbitrary thing also. You gotta make sure your team's got the lead and then what bullpens do you invest in and who's gonna be coming in? Like, I, to me, I don't think it's like a, just a clear cut, no brainer of being like, ah, fuck it, man. I'll just, I won't invest in closers. I'll look for the, the middle relievers who, you know, come in pitch the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings and, and you know, get those guys on the cheap, you know, I don't know necessarily know if you're gonna get that kind of consistent production from them. Speaker 0 00:19:25 At least, you know, from like, you know, a hater standpoint, even a doval standpoint, you know, that these guys are gonna come in in the ninth and, and protect that lead. So that's kind of, that's, you know, I mean that's just, that's, that's my take on it. And, you know, I would much rather see closers, high end closers go in like the fifth, sixth, and seventh round than to watch them go in like the third round than have to like, put up with all the shit that we end up putting up with. And we put up with a lot of shit. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:57 I just, yeah, I think there's so many guys that get hold that, you know, people are just gonna wait and get them late and pick them up off free agency. We know there's always guys that emerge in the seventh, eighth inning every year that come outta nowhere. They'll just be like, all right, I'll just go pick those guys up. Speaker 0 00:20:13 It's gonna, yeah. It's an interesting thing to, uh, to kind of track and to take a look at. I, you know, I've got one league where I'm doing saves plus holds the other leagues. It's all saves. And the leagues are, it's all saves is just nothing but frustration upon frustration. So yeah, take a look at that. How are you enjoying the, uh, the mad crazy rush of stolen bases? Speaker 1 00:20:38 Yeah, it's insane. I mean, labor Torres has five now, so he's running wild. Uh, the success rate is very high. So, I mean, it's, I guess it's been good so far. And obviously the, uh, time of the games have really fallen far. Um, you know, the boat, is it about 25, 30 minutes trimmed off a game so far? Speaker 0 00:20:59 30? Well, coming, like just finishing the, uh, the weekend it was 31 minutes shorter on average per game. Speaker 1 00:21:06 Yeah. Just crazy. The one thing I don't like though is, and they need to work on it, like Machado getting ejected. I mean Yeah. You know, I guess he called the Yampa douchebag is what apparently was said. So they're gonna throw you out. But like, I, look, I just, I don't wanna see a game end on some stupid call, man. Could you imagine a playoff game? Like they have to do something whether, and I don't know if this is possible because you don't want to be like, all right, well, in the playoffs seventh inning or later we're gonna be more liberal, but they have a whole season to get through it. But I, I don't wanna see a playoff game or a big game end on, uh, a ball call or a strike call on a batter or a pitcher. I mean, that would be absolutely horrific. And I'm sure it's gonna happen here in the next couple weeks. Speaker 0 00:21:51 Yeah. Oh, I'm sure it's gonna happen in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure it's gonna happen closer to, you know, like the playoffs, you know, they, they have talked about it, you know, in the sense of, you know, there, there definitely needs to be some fine tuning. I mean, it's, it's crazy, you know, Jim was suggesting the possibility of, you know, giving the picture another throw over to first base, um, you know, uh, increasing the, the pitch clock or at least the, uh, the mandate of, you know, when you have to be looking, you know, in the box and looking at the pitcher. Um, yeah, I, I, i see, I, I think that, I think there definitely needs to be tweaks and I'm, and I'm totally for it. I really am. I mean, listen, if this is what's gonna keep people interested in baseball, you know, then there's really, there's no reason to be like some stodgy old purist who's like, you know, but Speaker 1 00:22:40 Do you, do you really think it's gonna bring in new fans? I, I don't know if this is gonna do it, like, so people, so people can sit and watch Three Hour N F NFL games, but they're not gonna watch two and a half hour baseball games though. Speaker 0 00:22:56 Well, I mean, again, you, you know, football, football, football, it drives the Speaker 1 00:23:00 Bus <laugh>, I get it. But I mean, football games are three hours, and when you look at the complete action, what is it, 14 minutes total action Speaker 0 00:23:07 <laugh>. Right? It's amazing. I don't know, maybe, maybe Football Sunday, maybe just because it's weekly and it's not, well, I mean, weekly games and, uh, you know, that, that, you know, it's, it's one day out of the week that everybody's watching all the football on Sunday. Yeah. You got the Monday game. Yeah, you got the Thursday game. But, you know, overall, I think, you know, yeah, you had to shorten it for baseball just because it's daily. And I mean, and they didn't shorten the season. Like I know that that was, that was Bandi around also, do we play fewer games than 162? And, uh, you know, that just that, that didn't happen there. So, I mean, I get it. You know, listen, I I I, you know, people talk differently about football anyway, you know, they'll, they will, you're right. They'll, they'll sit there, uh, and spend three hours watching a game that has 14 hour, 14 minutes of, of Speaker 1 00:24:03 Action between, between two shit teams because of their fantasy and gambling allegiances on a Thursday night watching fucking Titans cults every year in a boring ass fucking game. <laugh>. But, hey, I got Derek Henry and I, I have the cults in my pool. I mean, you know, that's really a big part of it, which we know. But I just wonder though, if this is going to bring in more fans, like, are they gonna say, well, I never watched baseball. Oh, it's two and a half hours now. Yeah, I'll watch. I don't know. I don't know if that's gonna do it. I understand why they made the changes and that they're hoping it brings in new fans, but I don't know if it will. Speaker 0 00:24:42 Yeah, I'm not, I'm not a hundred percent sure. I, you know, I mean, it'd be very interesting to see, you know, and we gotta watch throughout the season. We gotta see how they market it. Like that's, you know, I mean, when they were trying to bring baseball back and it was the steroid era and it was, you know, chicks dig the long ball and, you know, we go from there. I mean, it's definitely something that we're gonna have to, you know, take a look at for baseball. They're gonna have to figure out, you know, ways to market it in order to kind of, you know, bring everybody back. I mean, listen, there are a ton of young, exciting players out there now, and there's a lot of, you know, a lot more rookies. They've made it a lot more interesting to like, bring rookies up, uh, and giving teams that incentive to do it, as opposed to, you know, knowing that, you know, these guys are gonna sit in the miners until fucking super two free agency. So, uh, yeah, I'm not, I'm not really sure how, uh, how they do it. Like what, what would, you know, I dunno, you know, put on your marketing hat for a second, Adam, and tell me how, uh, how, how, how can they promote it to bring in new fans? Speaker 1 00:25:47 Nah, they're just gonna have to say fast-paced, quicker games, more action, you know, something like that, I guess. But even then, and here's the thing too. So at these games, if they're shorter, aren't the, I don't know if what the rule is in every stadium, don't you cut off beer sales after like the seventh inning? So aren't they gonna make less money now? Speaker 0 00:26:09 Um, yeah, I'm sure that the concessions do take a little bit of a hit for sure. Speaker 1 00:26:14 Unless they'll extend the rule now. Like, yeah, we're gonna sell beer the whole game since these games are two hours and a half, you can't get that drunk <laugh> Speaker 0 00:26:23 <laugh>. Um, yeah, right. The eighth and ninth inning, they could go bike just like that. So, um, yeah, I don't know, man. I don't know. I, you know, and I haven't been to a game yet. Have you gone to a game yet? Speaker 1 00:26:38 I'm going Sunday to the Mets game. Speaker 0 00:26:42 Okay. Who are they playing? Speaker 1 00:26:45 The Marlins. Speaker 0 00:26:47 That's Marlins. Speaker 1 00:26:48 Yeah. They, let's play Marlins seven times in the first 10 games Speaker 0 00:26:52 With maybe no Jazz Chisholm now. Speaker 1 00:26:55 Uh, yeah, I guess we'll see. Um, and the Marlins haven't announced the start yet. I'm assuming it'll be Paxton Garrett, uh, with Cueto out, uh, the Mets are throwing Carlos Carrasco, so that'll be fun. Speaker 0 00:27:08 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:27:08 With his Speaker 0 00:27:09 Philosophy. Oh, so you're going to a 12 to nine game then? Speaker 1 00:27:12 Probably. Yeah. I guess I should have won Saturday for Sega. Speaker 0 00:27:15 Welcome to your three and a half hour baseball game. Adam, your seats are right this way, sir, please step on over. Speaker 1 00:27:21 See, I'm, I, I don't see, I don't mind staying at a baseball game. I like being outdoors. It's a city field's a great stadium, especially if the weather's nice now, this time of year, it's iffy, you know, I played softball on Sunday. It was 36 degrees with like 25 mile per hour winds. Uh, that was fun. Speaker 0 00:27:37 Well, I saw your, I saw your tweet about that Speaker 1 00:27:39 <laugh>. It was not fun at all. And the worst part was, so usually you play a doubleheader against one team. We play a team, we win, and another team came and they said, yeah, you're gonna play them next. Okay. Come to find out. Nope, we have to wait until that other team plays the team. We just play and sit around for the next game when most of our team is old. It's the first game. We're all gonna get tight. Uh, sounds was like, damn, we're gonna lose. But we actually smoked them 19 to four. But I was like, really? Of all the weeks that we have to sit around week one when it's, and what it, and what it was crazy is between games. Oh, okay. The wind's dying down. The sun's out. Not too bad. As soon as he took the field, the wind picked up again. Speaker 1 00:28:20 So it was not fun. But, um, yeah, that's the thing, you know, on the East Coast this time of year, man, like, uh, Tuesday was beautiful weather. It was in 72, 73, I don't know if you watched the Yankees, but it was cloudy and overcast. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So it's tricky this time of year. I mean, it looks like Sunday's gonna be 60 degrees and sunny, but yeah, I mean, you gimme a nice 75 degree day, even in the summer. I don't mind staying at the ballpark for three and a half, four hours if, you know, I'm not in a rush to go somewhere. I like being out there and watching the game, you know? And then I, I like watching these people who always leave in the eighth inning. I'm like, why do you, I, I understand some people don't live close to the ballpark, right? Especially if you talk in New York, there's people that come from Connecticut jersey, I understand that. But if it's like a three, three game and the eighth inning, why are you leaving? Like, then why, why are you bother coming for, I, I, I, I never understood that. I just don't leave games early. You could be 12 two and I'm probably not leaving early. So that's just me. But I love the people who leave early. It's like three, three. It's a great game up. Bottom eighth, gotta go. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:26 <laugh> gotta beat the traffic. Yeah, man, you gotta beat the traffic. Oh, I gotta get, I gotta get on that Subway. Speaker 1 00:29:30 You're gonna hit traffic regardless if you drove. I mean, Speaker 0 00:29:35 <laugh>. Yeah. It's funny that like, you bring that up because for me, like concerts, it's, it's the same thing. And uh, and I don't know if they're listening here or not, but I will, uh, I will out my, my sister-in-law, uh, for, you know, ruining concerts for my niece and nephew as they were growing up, uh, <laugh> because it was really funny. So, so my wife and I, we brought my nephew, um, out here to San Francisco. He was 16, and we brought him to, uh, the Outside Lands Music Festival. And we were like, yeah, you know, whatever his favorite band was playing, uh, he was like super pumped about it. So we like, you know, we made like this, this whole thing and, and we're sitting there and like, trying to situate ourselves, um, you know, close enough for when his favorite band hits the stage and, you know, and stuff like that. Speaker 0 00:30:24 And he was just getting, he was like all hepped up and he was all like, you know, oh, whatever. Can we move closer? Can we move closer? I'm like, yeah, dude, let, let, we'll go wherever you want to go. I, I'm a big dude, so, you know, fat wise, not Heightwise, but I'm a big enough dude that I can like clear some space and I know how to dance big if I want to, to make sure that we're, you know, we're comfortable or whatever. And, and then he kept like, you know, can you know, can we, can we move up a little more? Can we, I'm like, Ben, go where the fuck you want to go? Tell me where you want to be and let's do it. And just stop asking me over and over. He's like, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just so used to my mom making us leave during the encore or during like, the last song because she wants to beat the traffic and she doesn't wanna be like in the crowd leaving the, the, the arena. Speaker 0 00:31:10 I was like, I understand that now. Thank you for letting me know. I'm sorry that she ruins concerts for you all the time. <laugh> let's, I was like, what about baseball games? Your dad used to take you to baseball games, right? He is like, yeah, but when my mom was there, we always had to leave early to play to, to, you know, to, to avoid the traffic. So I don't get it either. I, you know, I mean, uh, you know, my wife is kind of, she's not like a beat the traffic person. Her like attention span, uh, in like the, the seventh and eighth inning kind of wanes a little bit. Um, you know, me, I'll like sit there. I'll have a, like, I'll eat an edible and I'll go to a game and then I'll just sit and I'll keep score. I won't talk to anybody. I'll like, I'll sit and I'll eat and I'll drink and I'll have a good time. Uh, and I'll keep score the whole way. And I don't give a shit how long the game goes, but yeah, man. Well, I mean, is that not part of where we're at in, in this world anyway? Like nobody's got an attention span? Speaker 1 00:32:06 Yeah, for sure. Uh, it just, again, I just don't know why you would leave a tight game. It's one thing if it's like ten two, okay, fine, you want to leave a little early, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Why would you go to a game? And I know some people might be like, well, you know, there's some casual fans, maybe it's a work event, and they don't really care as much. There's way too many people leaving early for me to believe that like that eighth inning comes and you just see a bunch of people leaving. So I just, I don't get it if it doesn't make sense to me, like, why bother coming? So now they're gonna leave in the eighth inning when the game is two hours old. <laugh> <laugh>, you're gonna spend more time in your car going to the game and going home than the actual game Speaker 0 00:32:54 People, man, people, I, you know what? I hate 'em. I know you did too. At times, <laugh>, you're not as much of a missing throw as I am. Speaker 1 00:33:04 No. And then it's like going in the movie and, you know, it's like two hours and 15 minutes, and then at the 1 55 market, you're like, all right, time to go <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:33:16 Meanwhile, although most of the nerds are always like, I gotta sit through the credits, there could be like a little sneaky trailer after the credits. Yeah. That's what I, I don't know. Do you, do you, do you watch any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? Speaker 1 00:33:30 No. Speaker 0 00:33:31 Yeah. See, that's like, you know, it's like those little, you know, they, they may, they, they have you sit through all the credits. Uh, they do something like, they'll do like a series of credits and then they'll do like a little, little piece of like a, a trailer or something, like a, a scene, uh, to kind of set up the next movie. And then you go through more credits, another like two and a half minutes of credits, uh, and it's just kind of winding down. And then you'll get like another little sneak preview trailer for another related movie to it. And, uh, you know, and that's how they've like that, that's how they've worked it. So now it's like, kind of, it's just trained me and, you know, any other Marvel nerd out there, it just trained me to just, I sit through every credit now. It doesn't matter what movie it is. I'm like, you gotta sit through all the, all the credits, man. You never know what's gonna pop up at the end of it. You don't see enough movies for that. Why don't you see enough movie? Are you gonna, are you gonna see the movie Air? Speaker 1 00:34:30 Um, I don't know if I'm gonna go to the movie theater for it, uh, but I'll try watch it somehow. Speaker 0 00:34:37 Oh, do you not like the going to the movies? Speaker 1 00:34:39 Uh, there's usually nothing great to go see. Speaker 0 00:34:45 Hmm. I don't know how I feel about that. Speaker 1 00:34:47 Really. You go to the movies a lot? Speaker 0 00:34:50 Not a lot, but, you know, I'll, I'll, I'll happily go see a, a, you know, a movie. There's some movies that you just, you have to see on the big screen. I think, you know, any, any, anything from, anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, any Star Wars related movie? Um, you know, I know that they're doing like a new Indiana Jones. Like, that's the kind of shit that I want to see on the, uh, on the big screen. Do I want to see some, like, you know, some fucking drama where, you know, everybody's like crying their eyes out and shit. No, I don't, I don't need to do that. I don't even need to go see romantic comedies on the big screen. Maybe it's just, just action adventure movies for me. Speaker 1 00:35:28 Okay. So what, when's the last time you went to the movie theater? Speaker 0 00:35:32 The last time I went to the movie theater, I think it was, yeah, it was Top Gun two. Okay. That's not bad. That's, that's fairly recent. Speaker 1 00:35:42 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:35:44 Yeah. I don't think I've seen anything else in the movie. And, you know, and listen, my wife's been like, oh, I wanna see this in the theaters. I wanna see this in the theaters. And I'm like, ah, I don't really give a shit about that. Like, air is not a movie that you have to see on the big screen. I just, you know, it, you know, you know, if my wife's bitching about me, then I, I don't take her anywhere. You're Speaker 1 00:36:06 The movie. That's what you do. Speaker 0 00:36:07 <laugh>. I'm taking the movies. We go see a basketball movie. Speaker 1 00:36:10 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:36:11 This way. You like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. This Speaker 1 00:36:13 Is way you could sit next to me and shut the fuck up for two hours, <laugh>. Oh Speaker 0 00:36:16 Dude, that's please. Anytime I can get her to shut the fuck up for two straight hours, dude, that's, that's money in the bank. <laugh>. Well, I mean, you know, listen, I'm, I'm dealing with, I'm dealing with, so, you know, for anybody listening out there, I'm dealing with a, a very stressful situation with my wife right now. She is. She just had wrist surgery and, uh, and, and she's, she's just a, a fucking horrible patient. She's one of those people who the doctor will prescribe, you know, an antibiotic for her, and she won't take it the proper, you know, properly. You know, the she'll, they'll, they'll give her fucking painkillers for something like this, and then she won't take them. And I'm like, why aren't you taking 'em? And she's like, well, because I'll save 'em. I'll stash 'em. I don't really need 'em. Well, you do need 'em because you're fucking bitching to me about how much it hurts right now. So take a fucking pain pill. Oh, I don't like the way they make me feel. Then go to fucking bed, take a pain pill, go to sleep, baby. That's the way to do it. She's just, she's a terrible patient. So that's kind of what I'm dealing with right now. <laugh>. It's a little frustrating. <laugh>. It's a lot frustrating. Speaker 1 00:37:31 Sounds like it. Speaker 0 00:37:33 Well, because she's not gonna heal properly if, if she's doing shit with her wrist that she shouldn't be doing right now. And listen, you know, like, I'm like, I'm like, why are you, why are you, you know, picking this up with your bad hand? Why are you doing that? I, if I asked you for a hand job, you wouldn't give it to me with the bad wrist, would you? She's like, no. I was like, well, there you go. See? So why, why pick up other shit? I'm not asking you to do anything that's, you know, gonna gonna extend your recovery time. I'm trying to help you. I'm like, let me open up your bottle of water. Let me pour you that bowl of cereal and slice the banana into it. Let me do all that shit for you. And she's like, I can do it myself. Hmm, you can, but then I'm gonna have to like, listen to you complain about how much it hurts for the next like, you know, two weeks because you're not healing properly. Relationship dynamics, Adam, relationship dynamics Speaker 1 00:38:33 Sounds fun. Speaker 2 00:38:35 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:38:45 Oh, by the way, so right now though, Lopez comes into the game in the seventh inning. Speaker 0 00:38:49 Oh, look at you. Take to the subject already. Speaker 1 00:38:52 That's not good. He did issue a walk, but then got out of a bases loaded jam and then David Robertson comes in in the eighth inning, but it's a tie game. And they might be giving him two winnings here. He did retire the sign and order Uhhuh <affirmative>. So yeah. Great guys. We thought Speaker 0 00:39:10 Closers, dude, closers suck. Closers Speaker 1 00:39:14 Suck. They really do. Maybe just, you know, what, next year, just start your draft for two closers. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:39:19 <laugh>, you're fucking Speaker 0 00:39:21 First pick the draft. Right? Speaker 1 00:39:23 If you did that this year, that would not have worked out. It would've been Diaz class A. So you would've been fucked already. Speaker 0 00:39:30 Yeah. What's is class a's Not her? Speaker 1 00:39:32 No, no, I'm saying you Diaz, if you took Diaz, but your first pick class a's, oh, second, you already lost one. Even though class A did give up. I was watching that out. Inva, but two are bombed as Seth Brown the other night. Speaker 0 00:39:44 Well, you know, yeah. That's, you know, that, that's annoying. But you know what, we're seeing some of these bottom feeders like sudden, like how the fuck is Detroit won two out of three, you know, two games already off of Houston. I mean, Detroit's terrible. Speaker 1 00:39:59 Um, they're not, I mean, they're not good, but I, you know, ed Edward Rodriguez is not bad. Uh, Boyd is not bad, even though he wasn't great the other day. Uh, Torkelson Homer, you got Riley Green. I mean, they're not great, but yeah, you don't expect them to be used. But it's early in the year. I mean, Oakland already has two wins, so pretty much, yeah. Everyone in baseball has two wins except the Phillies and Nationals. Speaker 0 00:40:26 Well, that's baseball. Susan. Speaker 1 00:40:27 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:40:29 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:40:35 <laugh> fucking Bowen dropped that on me in a game and, and, and on a show. We were like sitting there. We we're talking about, I think it was, um, what was it? Oh, yeah, yeah, it was, uh, I think it was when Detroit Beat Houston. Oh, no, no, no. It was, uh, Oakland. Oakland beat the Angels when Otani was pitching. And was that, I think that was, uh, that was Sunday. I Speaker 1 00:40:59 Think it was a two one game, wasn't it? Speaker 0 00:41:01 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like, it was, yeah, Danny Jimenez got the, uh, got the save in that one. But yeah, I was like, I was, I was cruising through like, you know, oh, I was, I was about to go Was that Monday night that that happened? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I went like three and oh on Saturday, three and oh, on Sunday with my best bets. And then I went two and one the following day because that was when Otani, uh, you know, when, when Oakland beat them. And I was like, damn, man. I was all set for like, you know, nine and oh, in a three day span and, you know, up a ton of, you know, a bunch of units and feel it all good. And I don't know what the fuck happened. I was like, how, how the hell does, does Oakland do that? And, and legit Bowden was like, well, that's baseball. Susan. Speaker 1 00:41:50 Yeah, he's a big fan of this podcast. Speaker 0 00:41:54 <laugh>, who isn't a big fan of this podcast, dude, Speaker 1 00:41:57 I don't know. Speaker 0 00:41:59 There are lots of big fans of this podcast. Your, your burner account, Rudy Martinez. Are Speaker 1 00:42:05 You, I really don't know who that is. Speaker 0 00:42:07 Yes, you do. Come Speaker 1 00:42:08 On. I don't, I swear. Really? Speaker 0 00:42:09 Have you ever reached out to him? Speaker 1 00:42:11 No. Why would I, I don't care. I I have no idea who's behind Adam Ron's ponytail account either. Speaker 0 00:42:20 Oh, you, you don't. No. Speaker 1 00:42:23 Is it you? Nah, I don't think it's Speaker 0 00:42:25 You. Is it at Adam Ronis ponytail? Speaker 1 00:42:27 Something like that? Let me see. I don't think they posted in a while, but yeah, it's something like that. Speaker 0 00:42:32 Let's see. Adam Ronis ponytail that I wanna, that I wanna know. Oh, I don't see, oh, I just typed that in Speaker 1 00:42:42 Wrong. Oh, it's at Ronis ponytail. Speaker 0 00:42:46 At Ronis Ponytail. Speaker 1 00:42:47 They have not tweeted since, I don't know, they retweeted a couple things. Looks like December. Speaker 0 00:42:56 Oh yeah, look at that. The real fantasy sports expert and the source of Adam Ronis Fantasy Power. Yeah, last retweet was, uh, December of December, 2022. Speaker 1 00:43:10 So yeah, I don't know who that is either. Speaker 0 00:43:14 Wow. I guess I'm, I'm just not as popular as you. I don't, I don't get these, uh, nobody makes parody accounts for me. Speaker 1 00:43:24 You want me to make one for you to make you feel better? Speaker 0 00:43:26 No, that's okay, man. Speaker 1 00:43:27 Okay. <laugh>. It's okay. I don't have time to fucking do multiple Twitter accounts, man. Speaker 0 00:43:33 Yeah, I don't, I don't have time to do my listen. I'm supposed to like, be posting shit on, on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and, and TikTok, and I'm like, I don't have fucking time for all of that shit. Like, I mean, if, if I get to like, I don't know, I, you know, if I get to a point where I don't have to like, you know, work fucking 70 hour work weeks and shit, then maybe I have some time to like, play around on social media, but I really, yeah, I don't have it. I don't have it. I don't have the time. I don't have the time or the energy. Ooh, I just saw a video of Jordan Walker's first Career Home run. Speaker 1 00:44:14 Yeah. He, uh, got it today against the Braze, but the Cardinal's lost. Speaker 0 00:44:21 Oh, yeah, that's okay. Congratulations to him, my friend. Did somebody get him the ball or is somebody gonna, or is somebody gonna fucking try and heist it? What would you do? Let me ask you a question here. Um, and I mean, listen, I, you know, we'll, we'll, I guess we have to kind of phrase it in, in a couple of different ways. Let's say you, let's say you go to the ballpark and you catch like a milestone, like, you know, the the 500th home run of Pete Alonzo. Right? And like that end, that that ends up with you. What would you, you know, would you just give it back because it's Pete Alonzo and it's your team? Would you hold it for like, ransom and try and get something out of it? Like where, where do you stand on that front? Speaker 1 00:45:07 Um, I don't, uh, I actually don't know what I would do until the time. I'd probably, I would definitely try and get something out of it, whether it's sell it on the open market or negotiate with the Mets to get like season tickets for life or some shit, you know, Speaker 0 00:45:22 Uhhuh <affirmative>. Speaker 1 00:45:24 Um, but I would probably want something packed for it. It has value and you caught it, so why not get something for it? Speaker 0 00:45:31 Yeah. No, no, no. I mean, I, I get that, you know, to me, I mean, just things that I've seen would be like, you know, somebody get, gets it back to the, the, uh, the player without like, you know, kind of holding it hostage or whatever. And, and the team always gives him something anyway. The player always gives him something anyway. I mean, I, that's, that's what I've seen. I've never seen somebody like be like, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, here you go. Here's your, your milestone. Here's your first hit as a major leaguer. And, uh, and not get like, you know, at least a, an autographed bat or something like Speaker 1 00:46:06 That in return. I didn't, I didn't see the story, but I think the, uh, person who caught Yoda's ball kept it right and they didn't want to give it back or something. I didn't, I don't know the details, but I saw like something about that. Yeah. Okay, here it is. The family who ended up with the first home rum ball won't give it back. Speaker 0 00:46:27 W was that at Fenway Park? Speaker 1 00:46:30 Yes. Speaker 0 00:46:30 Yeah, there you go. Your Honor. The defense rests fucking Boston, man. Speaker 1 00:46:41 He turned down multiple offers by the Red Sox staffers in exchange for the ball. Um, so Speaker 0 00:46:50 Like, what the fuck is he gonna do with it? I mean, show it off to, oh wait, put it in a fucking shadow box and show it it off to all your friends. They, Speaker 1 00:46:58 They didn't even catch it. A Pirates fan on the Green Monster cult the ball and gave it to the kid at the front row seats as a kind gesture. So they didn't even catch it. It was given to them <laugh> by a Pirates fan. Speaker 0 00:47:10 Oh my God. Oh my God. And all right, so, you know, little kid baseball. Okay. That, you know, that might make a little bit more sense. Yeah. But you has, Speaker 1 00:47:21 The family has some say on it. Speaker 0 00:47:24 What's that? Speaker 1 00:47:25 The family had some say on it. They probably said, yeah, don't give it back. I mean, I don't know how old the kid is too. That's another factor. Speaker 0 00:47:32 Well, that's the thing. I mean, if, if the kid's like six years old, but still, you, you, you make a trade, you know, auto, Speaker 1 00:47:39 You get an autograph baseball from your favorite Red Sox and Yo Sheah and whoever else. Speaker 0 00:47:45 Exactly. Speaker 1 00:47:45 Don't you want that more? Speaker 0 00:47:47 Exactly. Exactly what the, the parents think that like, you know, that that yoshida's gonna be the next fucking Ichiro, and that baseball's gonna be worth a million dollars and set the kid up for life. Come on. Fucking Yo Yoshida is not gonna turn into Ichiro Suzuki and, and do that. See that, that to me. There you go. That's, that's greed. Speaker 1 00:48:08 He said, I hope that ball, I hope that ball is coming back one day. That's what Ishida said. So there you go. Speaker 0 00:48:17 That's trash, dude. That's, see, that's just, you know, it's disappointing. Now, now I have to hate Americans again. Spent my whole Speaker 1 00:48:25 Time. You didn't before. Speaker 0 00:48:27 What? No, listen. No, no, no. I've, I've focused all my anger on, on, on the uk <laugh> like, fuck England. Fuck 'em in their asses. I I, you know what? Yeah, I'm sorry if you're British, you're an asshole. I'm sorry. You're some uptight, prude pain in the ass douche bag. Uh, and you know, listen, Adam knows why I'm feeling like that. And you know, listen, British food sucks. British men are uptight. No wonder, well, no wonder all of these British women are hoping to come to America and, and marry an American guy because we're easily better in the bedroom than any Brit. Hey, excuse me. Do you mind if I touch you in the vagina right now? Like, that's, yo, come on. What the fuck is that? There's no romance, there's no juvie. Speaker 1 00:49:16 Oh, man. Speaker 0 00:49:20 Benders in a mood. Speaker 2 00:49:24 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:49:29 Come on, Adam. Roll with me here. You know, you want to Speaker 1 00:49:32 I am. I'm rolling with you, man. Speaker 2 00:49:34 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:49:38 Oh shit. Oh my God. That's all I have to say about that. I really don't. I'm enjoying the baseball season. I'm enjoying the games right now. I like the stolen bases. I like the shorter games. Um, I just, you know, again, to me, you know what it was, man, because baseball just shit all over itself over these last four years between Covid and the shortened season and, and ownership arguing with players and management, arguing with players and owner. It was just, it was just this whole thing. Speaker 1 00:50:13 Ah, fuck. Speaker 0 00:50:14 Oh, my, my Brewer's money line pick is winning. What do you got? Speaker 1 00:50:18 Yeah. Garrett Mitchell, walk off Homer against Aino. Speaker 0 00:50:22 Garrett. Speaker 1 00:50:23 Unbelievable Speaker 0 00:50:24 Fucking Mitchell. Speaker 1 00:50:25 I do have Mitchell in then at bc Main Event, but Speaker 0 00:50:29 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:50:30 Oh man. Speaker 0 00:50:31 So Mitchell and Joey Weemer both with home runs today, huh? Speaker 1 00:50:34 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:50:36 Ooh, ooh. Get me Sal Freek in the fucking, you know, in the outfield. Also put Yellich in fucking in the DH spot. Give me, give me all rookies in that Brewer's outfield. Speaker 1 00:50:48 Yeah. Here comes the, the panic time now for the Mets. I mean, after six games, ah, the season's over. This team sucks. Speaker 0 00:50:55 <laugh>, <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:50:57 You know, it's Covid. It's already started after yesterday. Speaker 0 00:51:03 Yeah. Well, you know what, man? I mean, see that's the thing though. I, and I'm, and I'm okay with that. I'm, I'm actually okay with that because when the Mets start off hot, it's like, it's one of the absolute like worst thing, like, you know, met fans, you know, shit on the Yankees as much as they possibly can. They're the best team. They're going to the World Series. Everything's great. Everything's coming up metropolitan right now. So, you know what, having like, you know, a little bit of a humbling experience, uh, I'm, I'm cool with that. I'm good with that. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:51:35 Yeah. No, Speaker 0 00:51:36 So there you go. My money line bet hits there. Now I need the, uh, I need the Astros to, uh, to maintain this lead, uh, against Detroit. And I'll go fucking two and one again. I'm happy to go two and one. I'm up over eight units for the, for the season already for baseball. I, I, I'm pretty happy with that. Speaker 1 00:51:55 Yeah, that's great. A great start. Speaker 0 00:51:57 Uh, it just sounds like, nah, I, I, I heard the jealousy there. I heard that jealousy. It's okay. It's all right. I know it's early for baseball. And yeah, definitely things will, will match up. What about, uh, how's, how's N B a treating you? Speaker 1 00:52:12 Sunday is the last day of a regular season and then the play tournament starts Tuesday Speaker 0 00:52:17 And the plan tournament starts Tuesday. Um, how, how's shit lining up for you there? I mean, when, you know, when you look at the, the potential matchups of where everything's kind of leaning, are you excited to bet the playoffs? Are you excited to, you know, to see some of these matchups? Speaker 1 00:52:32 Uh, the west is still wide open. We're not gonna know until the last day. Um, even the one seed's not locked up yet, Denver should get it, but they have a two game lead with three to play. Um, Sacramento I believe is uh, I don't know if they're locked into the three, but they're not falling into the four and then four through 10 in the west is just insane. Um, it could go in so many different ways. Um, so right now the first round would be Golden State Phoenix, which Golden State I'm sure doesn't want that. You don't wanna face Phoenix in the first round. Um, Clippers, Lakers have a big game Wednesday night. Right now the Clippers are the sixth and the Lakers are the seventh, even though they have the same record, but the Clippers have the season tiebreaker, so obviously if you're six you avoid the playing tournament. So yeah, the West matchups are just so unclear. We do know that Nicks and calves are facing each other in the first round that is locked up and yeah, to me the east is just, I don't find the East interesting until the semis, I think top four all advance to the semis. Speaker 0 00:53:37 You think both in both conferences top four are gonna advance to the semis? Speaker 1 00:53:41 No, no, no. Not in both. In the east, the west. Oh, Speaker 0 00:53:43 In the east. I'm sorry. The Speaker 1 00:53:44 West is wild. I think you could see, you could see two of the top four seeds in the West not make it far. So like everyone, no one's gonna bet Sacramento at all. They're gonna look at them as a regular season team, no defense. Uh, especially if they play like Golden State. Like I think Golden State will be favored over Sacramento with Sacramento getting home court as bad as the Warriors are on the road, cuz Andrew Wiggins is coming back. He's missed like 21 games due to personal reasons which weren't revealed, but he's on his way back and that's huge for them. Speaker 0 00:54:19 Okay. Okay. Speaker 1 00:54:21 And it looked like him be locked up the v MVP on Tuesday night with a uh, 52 point, Speaker 0 00:54:28 I was gonna say, a 52 point game, right? Speaker 1 00:54:30 Yeah. He went from like minus two 40 to minus six 50. So I don't think there's anything that could be done the rest of the week for him to lose that. Speaker 0 00:54:38 That's Do they do v MVP for each conference or just for the whole league? Speaker 1 00:54:42 Whole league. Speaker 0 00:54:43 All right. So Yoki not gonna win it. Speaker 1 00:54:45 No. Speaker 0 00:54:46 Yoic who is the favorite for the longest time right now? Speaker 1 00:54:49 Yeah. And then even last week he was a slight favorite at like plus 1 0 5 plus one 10 and he sat out three games with a calf injury. I don't know if that's what did it. Um, cuz we all know when that showcase between Philly and Denver and B didn't play and Yoki did and then that's when the odd shifted. So I uh, there was some speculation that, oh, Philly is doing this cuz they don't want to be to lose M V P, I don't know. But look and be Giannis and Yoko all been great all year. You can make a case for any of them, but I do think there's people who don't wanna vote Yoko three years in a row and now they have the reason not to do it. Speaker 0 00:55:35 Okay. All right. Um, how's your, uh, how's your N B A betting been finishing up, uh, the the final couple of weeks here? Has it been, is it, does it, is it tougher to bet at the tail end of the season for you? Speaker 1 00:55:50 It is, but you can get some value on players filling in. A lot of teams are sitting players, so you get these guys that are not well known that you get pretty good numbers on their props. Um, like the lines though are absolutely crazy. We've had lines of 17, 18, 19 points recently. You had Sunday, Minnesota was like favored by 18 or 19. They lost to Portland straight up 1 0 7, 1 0 5. And then you had the King's massive favorites against the Spurs on Sunday. They lost 1 42, 1 34 in overtime. So, you know, motivation is a big factor now and some of these teams have nothing to play for. Um, like I mentioned, the Knicks on Wednesday night have nothing to play for Jaylen Brunson's out Randall's hurt. So he's out. So then you look at guys like Emmanuel quickly and quitting Grimes for player props. The Wizards are basically set all their stars so you could look to some of their players for player props. Speaker 1 00:56:43 Um, so yeah, that's what you're kind of looking at at this point. Cuz yeah, there's, there's teams that just kind of have nothing to play for at this point and either shut down their players or the teams that are going to the postseason know their seed. They're just gonna rest guys. But, uh, Sunday, Sunday's a very interesting game, uh, day because those games could have a significant impact for seating. Um, and it's funny, like, so basically the most of the east is at um, 1:00 PM and then the west is at 3:30 PM There is one inter conference battle, but it's pretty much that's how it's gonna go. So everyone's playing at the same time and um, that's gonna de determine, um, you know, who you face. So I want to see if these teams try to avoid Phoenix. So it's basically kind of the Clippers and Warriors try to avoid Phoenix and the Clippers play the Suns on Sunday to close out and the Warriors played the Trailblazers <laugh> who basically have no one right now. So it's gonna be pretty interesting to see what happens there. And then the Pelicans play the Timberwolves on Sunday at three 30. That's a massive game because right now the Pelicans are the eight Minnesotas at nine and you wanna try to get to the eight. Cuz if you're in the seven eight game, you win one, you're in the playoffs. If you lose, you host the nine 10. If you're in the nine 10, you have to win two games to get in. Speaker 0 00:58:13 All right. So regular season ends Sunday? Yeah, playing starts when? Speaker 1 00:58:18 Tuesday. Speaker 0 00:58:19 Tuesday. So by the time that we record next week, like full flow playoffs should start Thursday. The, uh, Speaker 1 00:58:27 No, no, the, the playing tournament I think is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The playoffs will probably start that Saturday. Speaker 0 00:58:33 Oh, okay. All right, great. So then we'll be able to kind of, you know, we'll, we'll be able to take a look at the seatings, maybe kind of, you know, play around with, uh, with what the odds are for potential futures. Speaker 1 00:58:44 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:58:46 Nice, nice. Did we take any, um, did we take any N b a bets in our, uh, in our sports book league? Speaker 1 00:58:52 Well, we took Yoic to win v p so that's Oh, Speaker 0 00:58:56 Way to go. Adam. Speaker 1 00:58:57 You suggested Speaker 0 00:58:59 It too. Me. Speaker 1 00:59:00 You did? Speaker 0 00:59:01 Why would I suggest a basketball bet? Speaker 1 00:59:03 I'll stop, bro. You did you want me to get the dms? Speaker 0 00:59:07 No. Okay. Speaker 1 00:59:09 That's what I thought. Um, but yeah, we had, Speaker 0 00:59:11 Yo we got the bucks. Okay, so we got the bucks to win the East and then you made me take Yoic. Yeah, mvp. All right. All right. Thanks a lot. Speaker 1 00:59:24 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:59:24 Dude, how about the fact that we've got Matt Olson with, uh, over 34 and a half home runs and, uh, and most home runs at plus 1900. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:59:34 He looks shot. Speaker 0 00:59:35 He looks locked in baby. I love him so much. I do. You don't love him like I love him. Speaker 1 00:59:45 No, I do. I mean, sucks that he's in the praise, but I already know the bras are better than the Mets. So I said it before the year, so it's not surprising to Speaker 0 00:59:53 Me. No, you'll be okay. Oh, I just want to give you a hug right now. That really is my Yankees 1, 4, 2 today. Yay. Speaker 1 01:00:01 Maybe the Mets aren't better off starting slow and then maybe they'll actually finish strong for once or maybe this will force, um, them to make some moves. Speaker 0 01:00:09 Uh, it's like they say at the poker table, Adam, it's better to be down early than down late. Speaker 1 01:00:14 I mean, Beatty should have made the team, I know he got hurt. They're saying it's only thumb soreness, but he should have been on the team and he had a great spring and Escobar's doing nothing. You got, they, they need bats. Man, that was my problem with the meds. They have done nothing to fix this offense. I know. They were great in a regular season. Doesn't matter. This is not an offense bill for the post-season. This is not, it's the same thing. We saw them last year, so they didn't do anything to improve it. So you gotta get Beatty up here. Speaker 0 01:00:43 Yeah, that's definitely a, a a must for them. That'll, you know, and then, you know, grabbing, you know, having a player like that, I mean, it can, it can inject so much life into a team. It really can. That's why I like watching, you know, like Corbin Carroll and Jordan Walker. And I love the fact that, you know, that the, the Mariners, you know, Julio Rodriguez last year, you know, I, I dig that shit, man. I definitely do. And I do think that, you know, it definitely helps with a lot of people, especially when you've got like a, you know, a young budding superstar. No doubt. No doubt. Alright, Adam. All righty. Um, I think that's gonna do it for us. I gotta, uh, I gotta get on outta here. I gotta, I gotta go check on the patient and make sure that she's not doing anything with her wrist that she shouldn't be doing. Really? I'm just trying to get a hand job before the work, before Speaker 1 01:01:34 I, I hope you get it. I hope you get it. Speaker 0 01:01:37 <laugh>. I'll never listen. <laugh>. See, who was it? Was it, um, oh, Louis CK. Yeah. All right, so here you go. You people want to cancel me for loving Louis CK You can cancel me. Oh, I'm a big fan. He does this amazing bit about how disheartening, uh, a hand job from your wife is when you've been married to, you know, for, for an extended period of time. And he does this whole thing. He is like, yeah, you know, kids aren't home. You know, we're we're, you know, my wife's cleaning up my daughter's bedroom. I go in there and <laugh>. There's the whole bit about it. He's just, it's so unenthusiastic. <laugh>. Speaker 1 01:02:17 I think I remember that. Yeah. <laugh>. It's Speaker 0 01:02:20 A great Speaker 1 01:02:20 Bet. Yeah. Here you go. Alright. Okay. Come yet Speaker 0 01:02:26 Done yet. Speaker 1 01:02:28 <laugh>, how much longer? Speaker 0 01:02:32 Oh, geez. I'm getting kind of ti lemme switch hands here. Speaker 1 01:02:36 <laugh>. Ah, alright. Right, Speaker 0 01:02:37 Right. And which, which my wife can't even do. Speaker 1 01:02:41 That's true. Yeah. It's like, all right, well if this hand's tired, we're done. Go finish. And your own <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:02:49 How's your jaw? Speaker 1 01:02:52 <laugh>? I mean, your mouth still works, right? <laugh>, you're talking, Speaker 0 01:03:00 Oh, you sure are complaining a lot right now. You sure you wanna put your mouth to a different, you? Oh my God. Now why are you making me say these things? Adam? Speaker 1 01:03:10 I, you said it, I didn't make you do anything. Speaker 0 01:03:12 You're making me say Speaker 1 01:03:14 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:03:16 And by the way, for the record, unless we like, specifically like privately, tell Shannon to, to edit that out. She leaves it all in. She doesn't care. She's like, unless you guys specifically call me up and say, you really need to take this out. She's like, I'm not buying your bullshit. So she's like, I'm leaving it all in. So I might have to make a call later. Speaker 1 01:03:41 <laugh>. No, not really. Speaker 0 01:03:45 All right. That's gonna do it for us here at the, at the Cash It podcast. As always, folks, we, we, we, we appreciate your, uh, your time, your likes, your subscribing, all the energy, uh, that comes along with it. And, uh, yeah, Adam and I will, uh, we'll be back next week. So for, for Adam Ronis, I'm not even gonna give you an opportunity to, for any words of wisdom at the end of this man, I'm just gonna say for Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. This has been the Cash of Podcast, and we'll catch you next time.

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