April 13, 2023


Cash It: Evaluating MLB Hot & Cold Starts for Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Evaluating MLB Hot & Cold Starts for Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Evaluating MLB Hot & Cold Starts for Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Apr 13 2023 | 01:01:37


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis evaluate several MLB hot and cold starts as they prepare you for your upcoming fantasy baseball waiver wire pickups.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on, everybody welcome it. To Cash It. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course. Adam Ronis and Oh Baby, like two weeks into the baseball season. N b a playoffs. Uh, the playing games started the last night. Adam and I are recording here on Wednesday. Uh, Stanley Cup playoffs. Oh, it's all the rage right now. It's a, it's a fun time for sports. Adam, how are you brother? Speaker 1 00:00:28 It is a fun time, unless you have a fantasy baseball team and your team is just littered with injuries, cuz it just feels like every five minutes we're getting another injury in. As we start recording. Corey Seger is on the IO of the hamstring injury and will be out at least four weeks. So the short stop position has just been decimated. Speaker 0 00:00:49 At least he hit the, the, my, my total base is prop. Yesterday before he pulled up Lame, I was, uh, I was watching that one intently. Uh, and it was a double that he just, he pulled up lame. It's a hamstring issue and yeah. Um, so you got, you do you have several teams that are getting pounded? Because I, you know, I mean, listen, <laugh>, fuck me for saying this, but I'll knock wood, Speaker 1 00:01:12 Let's get a Speaker 0 00:01:13 <laugh>. I haven't been getting hit yet. Like, I mean, I've gotten like one or two here and there, but I haven't been like, I, I haven't gotten hit hard yet. So I'm sorry that you're going through this, Adam. Speaker 1 00:01:25 Yeah, it just sucks. And then, you know, in some weekly leagues, you know, you find out, oh, Zach Lin's on the io. Well, he's already in my lineup for the week. That's great. Brandon Woodruff, I got him up. He's in the lineup for the week. That's great. So, yeah, it's been bad. I mean, my online championship team team in the N F B C has just been, uh, getting hit with injuries every day. Uh, Carlos Correa and then I, I was able to bench him cuz you know, that's a Monday to Thursday. Um, but yeah, it's just been pretty bad, you know, only cruise I only had in one league, uh, but it was a 15 team league, so there really wasn't much available on the wave wire for shortstop. Um, but yeah, it's just Jose Siria had in a couple leagues, uh, Eloy Jimenez. So, I mean, it's kind of hard to avoid what's going on right now, um, because there's just so many injuries it feels like. Speaker 0 00:02:18 Yeah, I, you know, let's see. Um, Eloy, I, I definitely, I lost in, uh, in, in one league. Um, you know, it just seemed like, you know, and that was the thing, you and I talked about it throughout the, you know, throughout draft season, uh, as far as just believing in him. And it just, it just never, you know, now they're like, you know, because I, you know, there are times where I like forget, you know, I'm like, oh shit, I've got like, you know, 30 best ball teams and I've got a dozen fantasy teams and everything like that. So, you know, it always just kind of seemed that, you know, Eloy was taken or I was doing, there was something else going on in my draft plan where I didn't take Eloy, but I do do have them in, in, in, you know, in some best bullshit and whatever that is just yeah. That, that kinda spilled off that way. Um, but yeah, man, again, I, uh, it just really hasn't bombarded me all that much. So Are you, are you just like, are you chewing through Fab right now because of all these injuries? Speaker 1 00:03:20 Um, in a couple leagues? Yes. Um, Speaker 1 00:03:24 You know, it depends on the leagues and what I have available on the bench. But yeah, I mean, again, in some of these deeper leagues, it's really difficult to find. I mean, the shortstop position, you know, everyone's like, oh, it's a deep position. I thought it was more top heavy and now you got a lot of those guys hurt. Um, you know, I haven't seen an update on Dan b Swanson. I know he was out of the lineup Wednesday left with Cramps O'Neill Cruz Seager. Um, I know I'm missing someone else, but yeah, shortstop position has definitely taken a big hit. Speaker 0 00:03:53 I'm gonna, I'm gonna go look for it right now. Where's my, where's my, uh, my, my batting? I, I want to see who else is like, really screwing everybody over and that because there's, you know, I mean, uh, you, you look at it, yeah, Swan. Okay. Swanson's hurt. Seeger's hurt. Anderson's hurt. Speaker 1 00:04:12 Yeah, there you go. Tim Anderson. That's another one. Tim. Speaker 0 00:04:14 Yeah, he just, yeah, he just left five stolen bases too. Uh, gliber Torres, I mean, yeah, second base, but Gliber, uh, you know, hip flex are there, uh, back to short stuff. And you know, the, I'll tell you, the funny thing is, is that not only, you know, do you have these guys getting hurt, but then, you know, Volpe hasn't done anything since the three stolen bases. Gunner Henderson has been dog shit. Carlos Coya has not been good at all. Javi Baez, Ahmed Rosario, um, it's really, yeah, it's, it's a deep position, but it's a deep position that's really not producing very much right now. Speaker 1 00:04:53 Yeah. And it's top heavy. And then you got some of those top guys being out. I mean, it's rough. It just, there's just so many injuries. There's some bad pitching performances as well with starting pitchers. So, uh, I mean, my team's overall, again, it's only a couple weeks in, but it's not like I'm buried at the bottom of the standings, but it's just, um, I notice when my teams, they're, they're low in, in offense. The pitching has been good and my offense has been bad, which again, usually doesn't happen. But I mean, I guess cuz I have guys like Pablo Lopez and Sonny Gray and Jesus Lazard and Lado. So I guess the pitching has been pretty good for me. And I kind of avoided those top ACEs. Like, I didn't get any Verlander Scher as much as I liked Ala I didn't get 'em anywhere. Right. So, um, I've been fortunate, I guess, in that area so far. But offense has been a problem. I noticed that in several leagues. I'm near the bottom in Homers and rbis. Speaker 0 00:05:57 See? Yeah. That's, you know, I mean, and, and that's, that's kind of an interesting thing also, when you take a look at, at, you know, and again, you know, obviously your standings are going flip-flopping all over the place now. We're still not at a point where, you know, things are kind of sitting comfortably. Um, but yeah, that's, you know, it, it's very interesting to see that, you know, you're, you're competitive and stolen bases, your run score are probably good. But yeah, the, the power on the R B I, that's, you know, like all of a sudden, I, I I, I don't necessarily know if, you know, we needed like, like it used to be. You remember when, when, you know, you, you ended up with like, you, you got yourself an Adam Dun and that just kind of helped you out with the power. You didn't do shit for you in batting average. You didn't do anything for you in speed, but you had 'em there as, uh, as that guy. Speaker 1 00:06:48 And it's, oh, that reminds me, you know, I had Adam Duval in league. He was crushing. Speaker 0 00:06:53 There's another one, Speaker 1 00:06:54 Actually, let me see, I think in the gst I lost Duval Eloy, um, Jose Siri, like, and it's like, damn, man, what the hell? Like all of a sudden, Speaker 0 00:07:06 All right, so you're just, you're just fucking cursed right now. Speaker 1 00:07:09 Yeah, man. Speaker 0 00:07:10 So what, what'd you do? What'd you piss off? Did you, did you do something, did you go to City Field and like, you know, disrespect something or, you know, like something sacred, some baseball tradition. Did you talk about somebody having a no-hitter, uh, when you shouldn't have, like, something's going on with your, uh, with your fantasy karma right now? Speaker 1 00:07:29 Uh, I think one of my ex put a curse on me, man. I really do. Because oh shit has fallen apart since, uh, that time. So I think she had more power than I thought. Uh, but no, but I was, shit, Speaker 0 00:07:42 I wasn't, I know what you're talk like, like mystical shit going on right now. Speaker 1 00:07:46 Yeah. But when I did go to City Field on Sunday, as soon as I sat down, the guy next to me goes, are you Adam Ronis? I was like, what? I'm like, how do you know? He is like, oh, I listened to you on Sirius xm. I was like, oh, shit. So he was with his friend. They had season tickets, cool guys started talking and everything. Big Mets fans. It's crazy. My friend was with me. He is like, I wouldn't have believed this if I wasn't here. Speaker 0 00:08:08 That's hysterical. I love the, you know what I mean, <laugh>, I, I don't consider myself a celebrity, but like, when shit like that happens, I, you gotta get all giddy about, you gotta feel good about it. You're putting out content that people are consuming. Speaker 1 00:08:23 Yeah, it was crazy. I was like, I didn't even, I didn't, I don't even know if I even spoke that much that he knew the voice or how I looked, but it was crazy. I was like looking around for cameras, thinking I was on Impractical Jokers for a second. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:08:38 Which we all know Sal is the best. Speaker 1 00:08:41 No, Joe, Speaker 0 00:08:42 Joe quit. Speaker 1 00:08:44 He did not quit. He was forced to leave because marriage is bad. Speaker 0 00:08:50 <laugh> wait a minute there. Um, you know what I said then, then get out of the marriage and, and, you know, just do your thing. Like you're, you're more well loved on Impractical Jokers than you are at home. So be it. Embrace that Speaker 1 00:09:08 He's, uh, went through a divorce. Speaker 0 00:09:11 Oh, so he should get back on the show then? Speaker 1 00:09:14 He should. I hope so. Speaker 0 00:09:17 It doesn't work without the Speaker 1 00:09:19 Foursome. It doesn't really, I mean, they've had like celebrity guests come in and garbage. Some of them have been okay, but it's not the same. I still watch it and I'm still a fan, but it's not the same. You know, I understand in life things change, but when you have like the four of them doing that for nine years and then you just remove one, it's just not the same. Speaker 0 00:09:41 Yeah, definitely does not work. Definitely. Yeah. Actually, I don't really watch it as much now. I, I find myself still going back to like, early seasons and watching those. Like I'll actually look at what season, you know, the, the sh the episodes from, and I'll be like, oh, yeah, yeah, I remember, you know, that was a good season. I'll go back and I'll watch that. But yeah, I don't like if he's not, you know, running on ground screaming Larry. Yeah. I mean, what, what, what fucking good is it? Speaker 2 00:10:09 <laugh> Larry. Speaker 0 00:10:13 Oh, man. Well, damn. So now we gotta, so, all right, so, so there's something going on with your fantasy karma now. So your, your teams are abandoning you. The injury bug is biting a big old piece outta your ass. Um, but yet you still have fan recognition at City Field, so, Hmm. Hmm. I don't know, man. I don't know. We're gonna have to, uh, we're gonna have to explore this a little bit. If you guys out there, as I know that, you know, there are, there are tons of Adam Ronis, uh, you know, lovers out there, and I don't mean lovers in the romantic sense. I mean that you just love Adam Ronis, uh, you know, on Twitter. Just help us here. Maybe Red Rum can help us with, uh, with a, a reason for it, right? He usually chimes in where's Truck Truck? What's wrong with Adam that he's getting bit by the injury bug like this? I think we all need to know Speaker 2 00:11:08 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:11:10 Because it ain't happening to me. Speaker 1 00:11:13 Well, you're fortunate right now, I could tell you that, Speaker 0 00:11:16 Um, uh, <laugh> living somebody's dream. I don't know. I don't know. Um, you know what it is, man, I just, I, I actually, I did, uh, not only did I pair down the number of leagues that I played this year, but the primary leagues that I'm, I'm dealing with, it's all weekly moves. And that just, that that changes everything to not have to like, sit there and go in every single day and pop this guy outta the lineup, pop that guy back in the, because that's, you know, I'm not gonna say that I'm too busy for, but I, if you do too many leagues like that, it really does become like a pain in the ass every single day, especially out here on the West Coast. Like, I had to get up this morning and get my fucking betting article out because nine 30 was the first game out here. So, yeah, I get up early and usually, and, and yeah, I don't really sleep much, but man, to like, to have to sit there and like set like a dozen, you know, even half a dozen lineups, uh, on the daily that that's, you know, that that gets to be too much from me. Speaker 1 00:12:25 Yeah. But on the, on the flip side, like I said with the two examples, with a guy like Zach Lin and Woodruff going on the aisle on a Tuesday, now you're taking a zero on that spot for the week. Speaker 0 00:12:36 Yeah, yeah. No, I hear you on that. Better that it's a pitcher than a, than a than a fucking hitter, I'll tell you that. Speaker 1 00:12:45 Well, I mean, it could happen with a hitter too. I mean, cor of course it could. We got the COR news early on Monday, so when I saw that he was out with a back, I said, I'm taking him out. And I only got him in one league, and it was only be, and it was as a middle infielder, like he fell in the draft. I was like, all right, fine, I'll take him. I'm, cause I'm not a huge Corre fan for fantasy. He just never hit 30 home runs. Like, it's just, he just doesn't do much. But like, he really fell and I'm like, all right, I already have my shortstop. I'll take him as a middle infielder. So took him out and I can put him back in Friday if I want, if he is back. Speaker 0 00:13:22 I think the Tim Anderson news broke after lineup lock for Speaker 1 00:13:26 The, well, yeah, cuz it happened during the Monday, wasn't it Monday game? It happened during the, um, Speaker 0 00:13:30 Did it happen during the Monday game? Speaker 1 00:13:32 I think so. Or was it Speaker 0 00:13:34 Sunday? I thought maybe it happened Sunday night. Speaker 1 00:13:35 Maybe it was Sunday. Speaker 0 00:13:38 I don't know. I don't know, man. Ugh. So, all right, so it's a grind for you right now. Like that's the thing, and, you know, and just to bring it back towards, you know, the, the, the fab budget and all that other stuff, um, <laugh>, man, it is, uh, it's, it's, it's tight, you know, as far as like how much you, you you end up spending, because you got a lot of guys who are like overspending on shit and, and paying, you know, far too much money. We had that conversation about the closers and, and chasing saves and stuff like that. Um, but, you know, even so with like, you know, players who were just coming up, Francisco Alvarez, for example, I, I do have a, a shitty waiver wire story about that. But, you know, it's like, you know, figuring out how much you budget for a guy like that. I can only imagine that in leagues where he was available, but you were dealing with all of these injuries, you kind of, you don't get to put like a, a strong bid out for Alvarez, or do you sacrifice? Speaker 1 00:14:44 No, I didn't get him anywhere. I don't think he was available in many of my leagues. The other problem with him is in a lot of leagues right now, he's only eligible in the utility spot, and the Mets have not made a commitment to play him every day. So if you need 10 games to gain eligibility, a catcher, it could take a while. Uh, he's caught two games so far, um, and he's sat three days, so you might have to wait two weeks potentially before he gets that catcher eligibility. So that's difficult. Um, so there's a lot of things that go with it. Um, when you're looking for these bids, um, then you'll probably see, you know, I saw a big bid on Grace and Rodriguez where he was available and he was not good in his start against the As. So you have to wonder when Brads comes back, do they send him down? Uh, we know Taj Bradley's coming up here on Wednesday, and we'll see how he performs. But if Lin doesn't miss, miss much time, you know, he might not be up for long. Uh, and then you're, I think you're trying to fill in the gaps right now. Like a guy like Frenchie, Cordero man, dude, Homer again today, he's got four home runs. I mean, you, you pick guys like that up and see if it lasts. Speaker 0 00:15:57 Yeah, I think, you know, I mean, that, that's, that's obviously the hope. I was just kind of, you know, in that realm of, well, you're, you're, you know, you've got three guys who are injured and you have to kind of figure out how you're gonna replace. Maybe you need to replace two of them. Uh, you don't have enough on your bench. You have a short bench, stuff like that. And then you don't get to, to make that move to, to get a, a Francisco Alvarez, the, the quick story that I have. So N FPC platform, you, you, you know, there's no, like in, in a lot of leagues all over the place and tons of leagues that I'm in, you know, fab happens, you know, the, the waiver claims happen, and then the next morning, uh, you have, you know, you have the opportunity, especially in like a weekly league, you have the opportunity to pick up a guy in the morning, you know, so that, you know, in case you missed on all your fab beds, that you could still replace a hurt guy in your lineup or something like that. Speaker 0 00:16:53 Um, but the N F B C platform doesn't allow that. That's just, it's strictly fab bidding. And, and, and that's it. And so I ended up, uh, I went after Alvarez in the F S G A league on RT Sports, and I went after him in the, uh, the Barf League, bay Area, RDO Fantasy League, um, and that, that's on the N F B C platform. So in both of 'em, I was just like, you know, and I was, I was kind of, you know, I was like, oh shit, the deadline's coming up. I gotta make sure I do this. So I was like, you know, I drive picked up Alvarez, put the bid in Drop Reese McGuire and just leave it at that. And so I did that on the F S G A one, and I got the player, I won the, you know, the bid, and I got the player. Speaker 0 00:17:42 And then the next morning I was like, oh, okay, now I gotta find a, I gotta put somebody into a catcher spot. You know, I knew, I knew he was utility only like in the back of my mind, but obviously while I was, you know, rushing through the, uh, the fab down to make the fab deadline, um, you know, I, I bricked it in the, uh, in the barf league. So I put the bid in, it was a winning bid, but it was invalid because I dropped re McGuire and I need, I wouldn't have been able to start a catcher that week. So I fucked myself, uh, on, on, on that move there, which, you know, super pissed me off. Oh. So Speaker 1 00:18:20 That, uh, so I guess that leak has a rule then that you have to have a, a legal lineup then, and the, the, the waivers recognizes that and doesn't process it. Speaker 0 00:18:30 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:31 Wow. Okay. Speaker 0 00:18:32 Exactly what it was. Speaker 1 00:18:34 Yeah. Cuz I think you would've been like, okay, I'll take a zero catcher for the week just to have Alvarez, right? Oh, Speaker 0 00:18:40 Fuck. Yeah. I totally would've done that. Yeah, absolutely. That's why I was like, you know, I immediately, I hit up Justin Mason, you know, I'm like, you know, I get up in the morning and it's like 5:30 AM and Mason's out here on the West Coast also, but, you know, I like see, you know, see this, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's the morning I'm, uh, doing my morning thing and I'm scrolling through on my phone. I'm looking to see what, you know, what happened after waivers processed. And, and of course I was like, you know, emailing him, being like, what the fuck I winning bid on this shit? How come, why, why is it saying it's an invalid lineup, blah, blah, blah. And then I did like a quick follow up email after that being like, you know, I don't even remember what my comment was, but I was like, oh, I saw this and blah, blah, blah. And then all of a sudden my, by my third email, and, uh, and I'm sure Justin will say the, the progression of reading these emails when he eventually woke up, uh, was, you know, the, the, the rant of an angry man sitting on the toilet at five 30 in the morning, um, who finally came to realize that the mistake was his part. And, uh, and everything's fine, <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:19:46 It is the fucking worst dude, because I want 'em, and yeah, I get it. I, I think that, you know, there they're slowly integrating him in and that's, you know, kind of what we expect. But man, just to, just to, to have that as like my second catcher, I, I, I would've been styling. Styling. Speaker 1 00:20:07 Yeah. I mean, I think eventually he's very aggressive at the play right now. I think he's pressing too much. But again, it's not like Toma needles any good. I know the pitching staff likes to throw to him, but you know, the meti offense badly. I mean, this team just cannot hit. They're one of the worst teams with runners in scoring positions so far this year. So, um, they need any offense they can get, and they have all these young kids raking down in the nighters, Brett Beatie, Vitos. I mean, uh, at some point you're gonna have to bring them up, man, because you, you gotta win. I mean, they got fortunate. They did win today. They took two outta three, four of 'em. The Padres great. But I mean, this offense is just really lacking right now. When I was at the game on Sunday, I was so frustrated and Mets had an opportunity to get back in. Speaker 1 00:20:54 It. Base is loaded. The pitcher just threw five straight balls. He walked the batter, threw ball one to Escobar. And I'm sitting there, don't take a pi, don't swing, don't swing, take a pitch. He swings at a pitch grounds the third inning over. It's like, come on man. Like the pitcher's on the ropes. Like, if you're gonna swing at a pitch after he threw five consecutive balls, you better smoke it for a hit. Or not even for a hit, you better lace the shit outta that ball. Like if you crush it right after the shortstop or you know, deep to left field, okay, I can live with it. You gonna hit a weak round and a third. Nah, you can't be swinging when the pitcher's throwing five straight balls and now the bases are loaded. That pressure is all on the pitcher, man. It's fundamental baseball, man. It goes to little league. Even in softball, bro. Even in softball, like if, uh, a guy walk throws four straight balls, you gotta keep taking a pitch. Yeah. It's in his head now, man. So, shit like that, man. It's like guys are trying to do too much because they realize that they're not producing and not putting up runs Speaker 0 00:21:57 The rants of a Met fan right there. <laugh> no fundamentals. You gotta get back on track. It's, it's, uh, it's, it's, it's, listen to that man. Your fantasy teams, everybody's hurt. You're bleeding fab every single week and you're not, you know, you have no power on your teams. And now, and now your real life team is abandoning you too. Speaker 1 00:22:20 I mean, I wouldn't say abandoned. I mean, there's seven and six, but, um, and you know, that's the thing is like, you know, every team has injuries right now, man. It's insane. Like the Braves are dealing with a lot of injuries as well. The Phillies. I mean, it is pretty much every team. I mean, n outside of the race, we just can't lose right now. Um, you know, everybody's kind of bunched up, you know, no one's really dominating. Um, the a's are just horrific. I mean, that is just an embarrassing team that they're running out there, man. I think, I think if you bet against them every day over the course of the season with the run line, you're gonna be profitable. Like, cuz this team is just absolute trash. Um, and the rays, they've, uh, they've covered the run line in their first 11 wins, man. Speaker 0 00:23:05 Okay. But can, can we, like, can we put the raise a little bit into perspective because Speaker 1 00:23:11 I know who they played. You know what? I know they've played no one. You're gonna tell me The Tigers, the nationals, the, a's you know what though? They're beating the shit out of these teams. They, in fact, they are, their, their first, uh, nine wins. They won every game by at least four runs. Speaker 0 00:23:25 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:26 And then the Red Sox, okay, they're not as bad as those teams. I know. They're not great either. They're beating them though. And look the razor good every year. They, they just are, they're uhhuh, they're run extremely well. They fi they take these pictures from other organizations and turn 'em around. That's why I was interested in Zach Ffl. I've always liked him. I'm like, he's going to the race I'm in. We saw a glass now come there and how good he's been. I know we can't stay healthy. Ross missing came over. Springs has been great. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, they just, they know what they're doing. So I look, they're gonna be in it, Speaker 0 00:24:01 But gimme, gimme, uh, gimme one picture, not name Eduardo Rodriguez, who is better than Eduardo Rodriguez that they beat. Maybe you could say Whitlock last night, but Speaker 1 00:24:15 Yeah, that's his first start. Speaker 0 00:24:16 But who have they like, who have, yeah, Speaker 1 00:24:19 I understand that. But Speaker 0 00:24:20 I've Speaker 1 00:24:20 Seen, we can, we can look at some other teams and look at who have they faced and they're 500 like the, you know, no one else is doing what they're doing. Again, it's a hot streak. They're not gonna, they're not the favorite two in the World Series. They still lack some power. I mean, Wanda Frank was off to a great start and I was not in on him. I wanted to see him do it. We know the prospect pedigree, but, you know, he had the injury scare in the spring and he's off to a great star. And I like a rose arena. Um, Josh Lowe is a guy I picked up over the weekend. Um, he's gonna get some more opportunity, uh, with Jose Siri out. He might sit some against some left-handers like he is on Wednesday against sale. But, um, I, I like him as a guy in a 15 team league could pick up. But no, as Ray's team is good, they, I mean, we knew going in the year. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:25:08 No, I'm not saying that they aren't good. I just, you know, when you, when you're looking at 11 wins in a row, you do have to take into consideration who they are, who, who they are facing. Uh, you know, a as far as, you know, as far as the pitching goes, because, you know, you're also still talking about you're not only are you talking about three of the wor the three worst teams in, in the, in the league, Detroit, Washington, and Oakland, but their pitching is so subpar. Um, you know, and just, so just to have them all like, kind of lumped together, uh, for that obviously, you know, winning, you know, winning feeds off the winning energy feeds off of everything. So I gotta tell you, I'd have, I'd have many more doubts about the Rays if they weren't blowing fucking teams out. Like that's, you know, to me is, you know, they, these are the teams that they need to, you know, just pound, uh, and, and just, you know, get those wins. Cuz that's, you know, kind of where it comes down to. It really does. But I, you know, I'm with you on the Wonder Franco stuff. I have no shares of him. And yeah, I was like, oh yeah, wonder Franco, he's a better reality player than he is a fantasy player. And, you know, I mean, I don't think he's ready for this year. I, I, you know, I mean, I think he'll we'll see some steady progression, but I don't think this is his breakout campaign. Like, what the fuck was I thinking Speaker 1 00:26:31 There? Well, I mean, it's still early, but I mean, we really haven't seen the power or speed, but we know that he was a top prospect, and so far he is putting it together and we'll see. Look, they, they still have, um, you know, this is a four game series with Boston. Uh, maybe they lose one of these games. Then they got three in Toronto, three in Cincinnati, home for the White Sox, Astros, white Sox, again, pirates. And then they get the Yankees, they got a stretch, they got a stretch of like, uh, what Speaker 0 00:27:01 Is that schedule? Speaker 1 00:27:03 And they got a stretch of, look, they, there's some good teams in there, Toronto's in there, um, Speaker 0 00:27:07 Toronto's in there. Sure. Speaker 1 00:27:09 Houston's in there. Although, I mean, Houston's not what they were, I know they're off to a slow start. Uh, they got the White Sox for seven, the Pirates who suck, but they got seven against the Yankees, three against the Orioles, three against the Mets. So they, they got some tougher teams coming up. But this is what you want, man. Like, because not a lot of baseball teams do this. You get this stretch and sometimes you go seven and three, maybe six and four. I mean, they're just wiping everyone away. And that's what you wanna see, man, because it is a schedule that you should be taking advantage of. Speaker 0 00:27:47 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Um, all right, let's talk about, you know, well obvious. So here you go. It's the ultimate of Hot Starts for, um, you know, for the, for the Tampa Bay Rays. And, you know, listen, I, I kind of, you know, I was, I think I was, uh, I was talking to Glen Colton last night, uh, and, and just talking about the Ray and what they're at, and, and I was like, Hmm. Like if I had to pick like, where their first loss would be, it's either gonna happen to me. It was, I was like, April 15th, April 16th, maybe Kaci, um, you know, is is the Saturday game and Manoa who off to a, a, a terrible start for none of his fault. And, um, <laugh>, uh, you know, so I think that that's kind of where it is. Manoa, this dude, like, I, I, I, I don't, poor son of a bitch, like warms up, like opening day, he's like ready to go, right? Speaker 0 00:28:43 He's, he's like dealing with the cardinals and he, you know, warming up and then the, the, the ceremony and everything, this and that, and it takes forever. And then he like sits idle for, for too long. And then that happened again in, in Toronto the other day for their home opener. So it was not only, it was like the Cardinals opener and having, you know, warmed up and then delays for that. But then there was like an even bigger delay in that Toronto game that it wasn't like, like why wouldn't you sell? Why wouldn't you have all those festivities before the first pitch is supposed to go? Like, why did you have to delay a game for like a good like 20 to 30 minutes clearing off this fucking, you know, celebration or whatever, while Manoa who had already warmed up and now was like sitting idle for like another half hour. I was pissed. Speaker 1 00:29:39 Yeah. This was like Gary Cole, right? Speaker 0 00:29:42 What's Speaker 1 00:29:43 That? It's like Gar Cole when he was pissed that, uh, like an opening day. I think it was last year, and there was a delay and he was all upset. Yeah. So it's kind of something similar. Speaker 0 00:29:54 Well, so that's why, you know, I I, I look at the slow start from a note, you know, two out of his three starts we're like, me, me, one great start, which, you know, was against Kansas City. Um, you know, so I mean, I was kind of looking at that. So that's where I kind of thought that, that maybe we would end up with that. Uh, hot starts, cold starts. Um, I'm sure you've got a couple that you're, you're eyeballing that. Um, we'll start with like guys who are off to a, a really hot start right now, guys that you're, you're looking at, maybe you don't believe in them, or maybe this is like, hey, this isn't, this is a guy who you actually should pay attention to. Speaker 1 00:30:32 Uh, I'm buying into Pablo Lopez. Uh, velocity was up in the spring. Uh, the only concern I had about him was the shoulder. So as draft season went on, I was trying to get him on more teams. Uh, so I mean, and I love what I saw yesterday. It was like a 31 pitch first inning. I was like, oh man, this dude is not gonna last long. And he did. Uh, he settled down. I think one of the runs was unearned and he wound up going, I think seven innings. Man. It should have gotten the win, but the bullpen blew it. Uh, so I love what I see from him. Uh, he actually went seven and two thirds, got threw 31 pitches and the first inning, and was able to get seven and two thirds on 98 pitches, struck out 10 and walked one. It's got a 1 35 era r a. So, uh, I'm buying into what he's doing right now. Um, I think it's good to see Matt Chapman off to a good start. Like, we know the average won't stick, but he hits the ball hard had power. So I think you like what you see from him. Um, Luis Arias. I mean, what the fuck this guy kick Speaker 0 00:31:43 <laugh>? Speaker 1 00:31:43 Yo, this dude doesn't make an album, man. I saw him a lot against the Mets. This used. Uh, and the Mets have played them seven games, can't get this motherfucker out. Speaker 0 00:31:53 How is it, how is it that the first cycle in, in Marlin's history, like how bad were the have, have the Marlins been that nobody's ever hit for the cycle? Speaker 1 00:32:02 Yeah, I thought that was kind of bizarre. I was like, really? Speaker 0 00:32:06 First year? Was it 1993? Speaker 1 00:32:09 Something like that? Yeah, early. Yeah, early nineties. Speaker 0 00:32:12 Okay. Like I, I find that bonkers that that's the first, uh, that that's the first one. I mean, you know, I'm not gonna like <laugh> challenge it, but just thought that that was kind of weird. Um, arise is really good. Who's the, the player you just said before, arise? Speaker 1 00:32:30 Chapman. Speaker 0 00:32:30 Chapman. Chapman. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I dig that. I, I agree with you. I don't think the batting average sticks. Um, where are you at with Jordan Walker? Obviously off to a, uh, a fantastic start to the season. Um, I mean, I'm, I'm invested in him. I, you know, I definitely believe in the player. Oh, I haven't even looked. He's playing right now. Does he have a hit? Did he extend it to 12 games? Speaker 1 00:32:55 Um, I know that O'Neill and Anado Homer so far for them. Speaker 0 00:32:59 Yep. Nope, he's oh, for two right now, trying to make it 12 games. Um, are you buying Jordan Walker? Speaker 1 00:33:07 Yeah, I don't have him anywhere, but yes. Um, you know, it's great to see him get off to this start and, uh, even kind of hitting at the bottom. I mean, he doesn't walk much, but the strikeout rate is pretty good. 19.6%. So he is been pretty good in that sense. Um, so yeah, I I think he'll be solid and he'll definitely be in contention for Rookie of the year. Speaker 0 00:33:32 Yeah, well, you and I took him in the, uh, in the sports book league, so you damn right. You're damn right. Oh, we'll, we'll track and see. Uh, see if, if, if, uh, if that's the case. What about, here you go. I mean, let's talk about, you know, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people just use their bench as a revolving door with the waiver wire. And, and that drives me absolutely insane. What about some of the cold starts that, you know, you're, you're not worried about, they'll turn it around sort of a thing, but you hear people are, uh, questioning and whether or not they're gonna give up on 'em. Speaker 1 00:34:09 Um, no one comes to mind. Uh, you have a few names. Speaker 0 00:34:14 Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Uh, I mean, first and almost Gunner Henderson, like, what are we doing with, Speaker 1 00:34:21 I'd be a little, I'd be a little worried with him. Uh, he as a young player, um, I didn't draft him anywhere, um, but I would be a little worried with him, um, that maybe they bench him here and there, you know, you know, we, we get excited for these young players, but not all of them come out running. Um, you know, Jordan Walker is, but I mean, Henderson has struck out 40% of the time so far. Now he is walking 22 and a half percent walk rate, but 40% strikeout rate. Uh, I mean, obviously he's better than this, but, you know, at some point, you know, I don't think he gets set down, but it's a possibility. I mean, Anthony Volpe is another guy he gotta start to worry about too, you know, they did, they benched him, not benched him. They gave him a day off on Tuesday. He was back in the lineup on Wednesday and let off, um, and did have a double, so, and scored three runs, uh, no, I didn't score three runs. He scored three on the season, but, you know, yeah. Not all these guys come up and perform. Well, I've all been struck out 30% of the time. Speaker 0 00:35:25 Um, like, how concerned are you that they're gonna send Henderson down? Speaker 1 00:35:29 Not yet. I don't think so. But, you know, if it gets to the, I mean, if he keeps up this strikeout rate, then they might say, you know what, let's just give this kid a, a couple weeks down to get his head straight. And we've seen it. Some guys get sent down, come back up and then, um, perform Well. I mean, Alex Bregman has started his career was like, what? One for 33? Something like that. So Trout came on. Speaker 0 00:35:52 Is that his career, or was that, uh, the way he started this year too? Speaker 1 00:35:56 No, uh, I don't have any Breman this year. He did home. Speaker 0 00:35:58 I do, he was like, he did homework. He was like one for 16 at one point. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:36:03 Bob Victor Robles sitting 3 89. Speaker 0 00:36:06 Oh, I know. What the fuck is that? See, there you go. Like, is that a guy that you would a, you could actually believe it, because here's the thing, Robless actually had, you know, there, there, there was some buzz on him, uh, when he first came up. And it, it just seemed like he wasn't interested. Now, you know, I've asked Jim Boden about him, and he's just like, you know, uh, the, the, he, he is like, Rob's heart isn't in the game. It's, it's about getting attention. If he's not getting attention, then, you know, he's, he's just, he, he loses it. So he doesn't, he doesn't like the player, like the, the character makeup of the player. Um, and he throws that out there. There, I, I mean, I don't know, I don't, I don't know Robles per personally, but I mean that's, uh, that's kind of a, of a detrimental thing. You think, uh, you know, he could be the guy who like, oh, all of a sudden he's off to a hot start and he starts getting all the attention. Maybe he kind of thrives off of that. Or you just think that he's, he's trashed. Speaker 1 00:37:02 I mean, the guy was highly touted, but man, we have seen nothing, even with this hot start. I mean, he is making a lot of contact. That's good. But there's no power. Uh, he's on a shitty Nationals team. Um, I guess he's hitting six today, it looks like. No, wait a second. He at the, still at the bottom of the order. That's the other thing. They don't even move him up. <laugh>. And he's off to a good start. You're like, oh, it's the nationalist. Move him up, get him up in the order. And that's not, yeah, he's said ninth today. Ninth Speaker 0 00:37:32 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:37:33 So, I mean, Speaker 0 00:37:34 The team, the, his team is blah. I mean, Speaker 1 00:37:36 Come on. Yeah, it's, it's pretty bad. I don't think they're as bad as the, a's, Speaker 0 00:37:42 Um, you know, I, I mean those are, those are the two teams I think are gonna compete for, uh, for, for most losses. A Speaker 1 00:37:50 Hundred percent I think. I think the a's are worse. The nationals actually have been playing competitive, um, staying in games, you know, they do have a few decent bats. Uh, Mackenzie Gores look good so far. Um, Josiah Gray has used his fastball way less, which is a good thing for him. Um, he actually didn't have his best stuff and was able to go five and two thirds and kind of limit the angels on Tuesday. So, um, theys are just brutal. And they lost Seth Brown. I mean, their bullpen is a disaster. They bring in Trevor May, he's walking the ballpark. I mean, that team is just absolutely garbage. They're so bad that I actually started Carlos Carrasco this week in my weekly lineup. Cause it's the a <laugh>. If he gets bombed by the a's, then he's fucking done. Speaker 0 00:38:34 Oh dude, I hope he gets bombed by the a Speaker 1 00:38:37 <laugh>. Fuck you man. Come on, Speaker 0 00:38:38 <laugh>. Hey man, Speaker 1 00:38:41 I didn't have a lot of options. It was like Matt Boyd and Edward Cabrera. I'm like, I can't start Edward Cabrera right now. That dude, wait walks everyone now watch. I bet his, his walk line, cuz I look cuz most pitches, walk lines are one and a half. His was two and a half. And I was like, shit. Of course he's gotten, he's in the third inning, two and third innings. He hasn't walked anyone yet. Speaker 0 00:39:05 Hasn't walked anybody yet. Oh. Speaker 1 00:39:07 Against the Phillies. So against the Mets. He just could not find the strike zone. And he's one of those pitches where you look, you like he's got excellent stuff, but he just cannot find the plate all over the place. So, but yeah, I just, I the a's are just fucking horrendous. N again, national's not good, but I think the a's are worse. Speaker 0 00:39:27 I mean, it's, it'll be a fun thing to track. Absolutely. Which, which team loses more? Um, <laugh>, I tell you what, and I almost kind of feel like, well, you know, if, if we still had the imbalance schedule, I would say that the nationals would end up with more losses. I just, you know, I mean the rest of the, the, the division just destroys, Speaker 1 00:39:48 I mean the East have two wins. Were they both against the angels? Oh, no one. Yeah. Angels opening day. They won two to one and they beat the guardians. Four three, here's their other games. 13, one lost six, nothing lost. 1211 lost 6, 4, 9, 5 11. Nothing. 11, nothing. 5 1, 12, 8. I mean, this team is absolute trash. This is one of the worst teams I've seen in a long time. I mean, look at this fucking roster, man. Speaker 0 00:40:15 So, so what you're saying is, is you have no, a's on your fantasy teams, Speaker 1 00:40:18 I actually think I do. Uh, let's see. I do have Trevor, may I cut him in one? I I'm about to cut him in the other fuck him. Um, Speaker 0 00:40:26 I had Danny Jimenez Speaker 1 00:40:28 <laugh>. Oh, you didn't he go on the IL today? Yeah, he went on the il. They're like, oh wait, you gave up, you gave up runs. Let's put 'em in the il. I mean, you can't, you can't start any their pictures. I do have Estuary Reese in Tout. Um, I have Connor capable in the Draft Champions League. Again, that's 50 rounds. I don't think I've started him yet. And I have Jesus Aguiar in a draft champion cuz like right when he was signed was in the middle of the draft. It was in the thirties. I'm like, all right, he's probably gonna play every day for the A's. But yeah, I mean, this team is just, uh, looking at this roster. I just wanna vomit Speaker 0 00:41:00 <laugh>. All right. Let me, uh, let, let me give you, uh, some more slow starters and see if, uh, if, if, uh, if panic is setting in. Um, alright. You know what, I got an email today actually about MJ Melendez. No, Royals aren't a good team. Melendez is striking out almost like 40% of the time. Uh, you know, and it just, it, it just, he just doesn't look good. Did we see the best of him or you're willing to, uh, cut him some rope here? Speaker 1 00:41:30 Yeah, no, I think you'd be patient with him. I did see the Royals, uh, as bad as they are, they're, they're making a lot of hard contact. Um, yeah, the strikeout rate's a little alarming there with Melinda, who was 24 and a half percent last year. So again, we're looking at it 10 games here so it can happen. Um, he's still walking 14% of the time. I think he'll be okay. I mean, again, he's, he's a catcher that's not catching every day, so no, I'm not worried about him. Speaker 0 00:42:00 Okay. All right. Uh, are you concerned over the sophomore slump from Julio Rodriguez? He's, uh, he's only Batten 2 28 right now. No. And, you know, are, are you worried, are you worried that he's, uh, that he's, he is gonna disappoint everybody who took him in the first round? Speaker 1 00:42:20 He better not. I took him in a couple weeks. Um, nah, I think he'll, I think he'll be fine. He started very slowly last year too. Yeah, I think he's gonna be fine. He's got a couple home runs. He's stolen four bases. He's scored some runs. So, yeah. You know, not power yet, but we know again, it's, it's 12 games. He, if he, over the next week and a half, he hits five home runs, we're gonna be like, oh, okay. He's on, he's on pace to do what we expected. So it can quickly change. I mean, you could have a night like Ryan Mountcastle, we had nine rbis, and you're right, right back in the swing of things. Speaker 0 00:42:53 Well then, then what's the advice that you give to people who can't sit on their hands? I mean, you've seen it in the fantasy alarm discord. Guys are like, you know, uh, some guy, some guy hits a, a home run, random dude hits a home run, and then they're like, all of a sudden they start listing, you know, these are, these are who I think the three worst players are on my team. Are, should I pick up this guy instead of the one of these guys? And, and there's just, it's a constant battle to try and get people to be more patient, to, to give a longer leash to, you know, some of these players, like what advice do you give them? Because, you know, I, I could say it till I'm blue in the face, say, be patient, be patient. But people just, they, they, they refuse. Speaker 1 00:43:38 Well, I think there's a balance, there's a level of being patient with certain players, but I do think you have to churn the back end of your roster. Like last year, if you were too patient, then you missed out on Taylor Ward, and that was a guy that helped you all year. Now I know we can look at the Wave Warrant and say, well, this guy didn't work out, this guy didn't work out. If you get, you know, two guys, especially this time of year, that can work out. Like again, Frenchie Cordero in the 15 team league, I'm gonna take a shot. Like I picked up a kdu this weekend. Um, I don't know if it's gonna work out. He was great in the minors we saw two years ago. He had power and speed. Uh, he's, he's let off in the first three games that he played for Detroit. Speaker 1 00:44:20 So, you know, there's certain times where you have some dead weight on your roster or you have aisle spots. You do need to take chances on some of these players off to Good starts. Um, you know, I think Chris Bubi was a big name that people were talking about. It's only been two starts. His velocity is up. He looks good, we're gonna find out his next couple starts are the Braves and the Angels. So, but sometimes you need to take shots on the on on these guys. It doesn't mean you cut every player that's struggling, but there's a lot of times where maybe you drafted someone late that's not panning out, not getting the playing time. And you know, you have to take shots on some of these players that are getting the playing time producing. And it's, if you see it a change, you know, it's, you are not just going, oh, well, 12 innings, 14 strikeouts. Okay, what change is he doing anything differently? And if there is, maybe it's a sign of things to come where he can perform to a certain level. But like, you know, you, you, you brought up guys like, you know, who were taking in the first 10 rounds. A lot of those guys I'm gonna be patient with, I can't, you know, we did all this work off season, had them ranked in a certain spot unless there's an injury or something doesn't look right, you know, again, it's still 10 to 12 games. Speaker 0 00:45:35 Huh. All right. Well looking, looking further down, uh, player who I actually really dig, I don't, I don't expect him to hit 33 home runs again, but Anthony Santander from, uh, from Baltimore, um, or looking at, uh, at Josh Bell, you know, now that he's, uh, in Cleveland, he's Batten 1 0 9 and, you know, is, was Cleveland a the right fit for Josh Bell? And, and you know, is he, you know, is he capable of turning things around or do we see a pattern in his, uh, in his work? These are some late names that, you know, both of these guys I've had people ask me multiple times whether or not they should drop them. Speaker 1 00:46:14 Um, I mean, I'm not a huge Josh Bell guy, so it depends what you're dropping for. But I mean, what were the expectations for Josh Bell? I mean, he's never gonna hit the 37 home runs that he hit in 2019 when everyone was hitting home runs, you know, last year, only 17 home runs. I mean, I think he's a 20 Homer, 80 R b I guy. I mean, nothing special about that. Speaker 0 00:46:38 Yeah. Anybody that you've, uh, that you've dug into that you, um, that, that you took a shot on, uh, you know, cuz you do the waiver wire article [email protected], you guys can go check that out. Uh, Adam does twice a week. Uh, we get full updates there. You get one on Saturday so that you can, uh, you can, you can kind of make your waiver claims there. And then, uh, the other one comes out on, uh, what Tuesday guys to watch for the week? Or is that Wednesday? Speaker 1 00:47:04 Yeah, Tuesday and, um, Saturday. Speaker 0 00:47:06 So Tuesday and Saturday. Um, yeah. Anybody that you've, uh, that you've kind of un uncovered? Speaker 1 00:47:14 Well, guy, I don't know. I don't, I didn't see what his roster ship is right now, but Chas MCC Cormick, I mean, he's hitting lead off now for the Astros and he's running, he stole his fourth base. So I think that's the guy that could really help out. Um, Matt Strums interesting for the Phillies. Um, he's been good so far, starting to stretch him out a little bit. Um, yeah, as I mentioned Josh Lowe, I like right, I picked him up in labor. Uh, I had a couple of injuries there and I got him. Um, I think Alec Burleson's a short term, um, cuz it looks like large new bar could be back. Um, like I said, oh, and Bryce Elder, you know, I picked him up in a couple leagues, uh, for the Braves. You know, it's so funny. Everyone was like, Jared shoes to, were just going up draft boards in the high stakes leagues before the year. Now the tunes in the minors <laugh>. Right. Speaker 0 00:48:10 Well, di Dylan Dodds back in the minors too. Yeah. He was like, it was one of those two guys Right. That was supposed to be the fifth starter. Speaker 1 00:48:17 Yeah. And now it's elder who's pitch well, and I think, you know, he's got a little rope, you know, I know Max Fried will be back soon. But, um, you know, Kyle Wright didn't look good in his first start, so I think older could be there and help out for a little bit. Uh, closer wise, we really, there's not much there. I mean, I guess Andrew Chaffin, if he's still available, he got the save opportunity. Um, this past week I kind of thought, and I I I should have been more when they sign him, I'm like, I think he's gonna close. And a lot of people are like, no, he's not. He's the A lefty. I'm like, but they have Joe Mantle ply and I know he's been hurt. I really do think they wanted McGuff to get it, but he has struggled so far. Um, Speaker 0 00:49:00 Uh, now he just, he actually, they just activated him off of paternity leave. Yeah. He missed. So, you know, there's a kid in play there at home, which, you know, I did, I did a whole article on that. I, I remember, uh, it was, uh, back, uh, remember I think I told you about the CJ Wilson, uh, and talking about the fact that, you know, all the, uh, all the home numbers in, uh, in, in the Rangers new park were, you know, fantastic except for CJ Wilson's and his road stats were so good. And why, why was he like the outlier there and talking about like, you know, that these guys aren't robots, that these are, these are actual human beings. And talked about, you know, CJ Wilson having, you know, the kid and, and, and dealing with that. You know, I, I cite other examples, you know, Pablo Sandoval going into a slump, uh, and, and overeating because he was, you know, freaking out because his mom's house burned down and, you know, and all their family shit that was going on. So, you know, I, uh, yeah, I think, uh, you know, I don't remember the point that I was just about to make there, but, uh, I believe, yeah, that having a, uh, having a kid from McGuff could be a, a, a problem. I mean, fr from a fantasy standpoint, Speaker 1 00:50:13 Yeah, man, a real life standpoint. But that's Speaker 0 00:50:16 Another, I mean, listen, I don't know the guy, I don't know if his genetics need to spread or not, but come on, man. He's supposed to get some fucking saves from my fantasy team. Speaker 1 00:50:24 Yeah. I'm still holding onto him just to, to see if may, you know, a little bit longer. But Chaffin has been pretty good so far. Um, but yeah, I mean it's been, it's been tough. Um, I mean, Renell, the Lopez is a guy that I think I have might be my highest roster player. And I was getting a little worried. And then the other day I watched him, he had a four out save, struck out three and looked great. So that's another team. I think they want him to be the guy. So I think he has a little, he has some rope right now. You know, Liam Hendricks, who knows, he could be back mid-May, end of May. They didn't put him on the 60 day io. We still have to see how he bounces back. But Speaker 0 00:51:09 Yeah, I got some, I got some trust issues with Ronaldo Lopez. Speaker 1 00:51:13 No, I think he's a different pitcher outta the bullpen, so I, I'm good with him again. I know he had a couple rough outings, but his stuff was really sharp the other day that he's throwing a hundred, 101. His slider was really good. So I think he's the guy for now. It's not Kendall Graman. Speaker 0 00:51:30 Well, yeah, I'm not in on Kendall Graman either. Uh, you know, again, that, you know, I, I, I think I just need to, I think I just need to be out on White Sox. I think that's the problem. Speaker 1 00:51:39 Oh dude, I am so sick of this team. Speaker 0 00:51:42 I might be jinxing them because I was so into them and now it's like, you know, GTO's falling apart. Um, you know, Eloy can't stay healthy. Speaker 1 00:51:52 They said he could be back this weekend. I mean, don't rush this fucking guy. Okay. Speaker 0 00:51:57 <laugh> from your lips to God. Speaker 1 00:52:01 If he, if not for real, if he gets hurt again, I'm not drafting him next year. Make sure I don't make sure, like, you know, I print out my list, I'm gonna cross off his name wherever it is before the draft starts, Speaker 0 00:52:10 <laugh>. I will definitely, I will be right there for you, man. I will. And then when we do the sports book league, then we just take all sorts of Eloy props. Speaker 1 00:52:19 Yeah. Under Speaker 0 00:52:19 E unders everywhere. Speaker 1 00:52:21 <laugh>. But it's only 11 home runs. I don't care under. Speaker 0 00:52:23 It doesn't matter. <laugh> doodle hit nine in the first half and then I'll miss the whole second half of the fucking injury. Oh shit. Well, Adam, I'm so sorry that your fantasy season has not gotten off to the, uh, to, to the white hot start. Um, Speaker 1 00:52:43 No, the thing is though, a lot of the teams are actually like decent. Like, no, not, no one is like buried. Like I think in the main event I've been fluctuating between first and fifth so far. So that's nice. Um, uh, you know, T war is kind of in the top five labor in the top five F S G A I've been first most of the way, so it's not like the teams have been awful like G s T top three. So I guess I'm pretty fortunate considering that it happened hit with a lot of injuries and I know others have too, but it hasn't really been brutal. It's not like, yeah. Oh, right now I'm first in the main event just looking 114 points, 47th overall. Um, true. So, yeah, I mean, but I did really like that I did the draft with Brian Ambo, so we both, like, the team coming out we're like, that's not good. Speaker 1 00:53:29 You know, like <laugh>, when you both like, you like the team like that, you're like, ah, shit, something's gonna go wrong. So, so far, so good. Although David Robertson's on that team and then they brought him into the seven today. I mean, again, I understand why Buck, she, Walter did it, it was, it was a big spot. I think it was still three two at the time, and he brought him into Face Soto, where runners on basically got the out, then he pitched the eighth and then Aino got the save. So that sucks from a fantasy perspective, but I guess they're gonna do that sometimes. Speaker 0 00:54:00 Yeah. You know, I mean, I, I think most managers are building their bullpen in that fashion anyway. We're seeing it so much. I mean, there's so very few like lockdown closers in there, and there's a ton of guys who, you know, you'll see guys getting the, the, you know, the majority of saves, but then you, you always have to kind of factor in that, you know, somebody's gonna trickle in somewhere, uh, and, and get some work. I, I'm just, I'm thinking about, um, you know, like Pete Fairbanks is getting all the save opportunities right now for the raise and, you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But, you know, once that streak kind of comes to an end and then everything's all, you know, match up based for Kevin Cash, and all of a sudden then I think you'll see Jason, Adam, uh, get a saver or or two there, you know, they'll just, they'll utilize, uh, Fairbanks in a different situation, get 'em in a more high leverage situation if that, you know, if three, four, and five of the lineup are up and, you know, in the eighth inning and, you know, and, and the razor clinging to a two run lead, you know, you're gonna want to throw him in there, uh, maybe instead of Adam. Speaker 1 00:55:05 So I know it sucks for fantasy, but that's the way you should do it. I mean, if you're an eighth and a one run game and you got 3, 4, 5 coming up, don't you want your closer facing them and then you bring so much? I mean, it makes sense. Speaker 0 00:55:16 Absolutely. Absolutely. It does. It sucks for fantasy, but it's, it's the smart move in in, in reality. That's why, that's why, you know, like managers sit there when, you know, when they like do interviews and somebody brings up the fantasy aspect and they a or they ask you, you know, who's getting the saves? Who's your ninth inning guy? You know, blah, you know, they hate it. They hate the question because they're like, well, who's up <laugh>? Who's, who's, who's at the plate right now? What, what, what inning? What's the score? <laugh>, what do I have left? Do I have another lefty in the pen? You know? So it's like all of a sudden it's a, you know, mixing and matching there. That's why, again, I know, I know we had this discussion, I think saves and holds, uh, is just better than dealing with just saves. I know you say it devalues the, the top closers, but dude, I, I think top closers are fucking devaluing themselves right now. Speaker 1 00:56:08 Yeah. Class a's been a little shaky so far. Um, hater's been okay. Ramono Blue has saved the other day, but he is been generally been good. But yeah, I, the problem too with saves now is you have teams you don't even want to cl like you don't want a closer from the a's. Like we don't even know who it is and they suck. And I know, I do agree. Hey, bad team, no, this is a fucking atrocious team. There's no one you want to close because you can go, you might go two weeks without getting a save from a a closer. They only have one save, I think. Right? Opening day two, two to one game. Yeah. I think that's the only save they have. Yeah. The other game they won was, wait, the other, they won a game four three who got the save there? Cuz I definitely know it wasn't a complete game, um, Speaker 0 00:56:53 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:56:54 Oh no, it was, oh, they won it in the bottom of the ninth. So Trevor may pitched the ninth, got the win, but he's been, yeah, like it's, no, it's not even worth rostering anyone. The nationals. I mean, Finnegan got a save the other day. He hasn't been good. Detroit has no savior opportunities. I have Lang uh, I I have been having him on the bench and I might have to cut him at some point. Speaker 0 00:57:16 Yeah, yeah. I mean it's just, it's not, I mean, I mean these teams are really bad. Yeah. Like, you know, closers on bad teams, you could still get away with it. I mean, shit, man, I had JohE Sori as my closer for years and years, uh, in, in a HomeKeeper league back when he was with, uh, with Kansas City and, and closing out games there. Uh, David Bednar, right? I mean, I don't think the, the, the pirates are a particularly good team, but they'll, they'll play their competitive games and he will get that, uh, that, that save work. But yeah, guys like Finnegan Jimenez may, um, Lang Yeah, that's a, that's, that's a tough r tough guy to carry only because especially if they're like, you don't do holds, uh, you know, and these guys, you know, they're, they're gonna end up in like, they're just, they're just gonna pitch in a ton of non-safe situations. And we all know what closers look like in non-safe situations. It ain't Speaker 1 00:58:13 Pretty. No, it's definitely not. As we saw with, uh, Evan Phillips on Tuesday night, yes. We gave up three runs. Speaker 0 00:58:20 Yes we did. Although I don't have any Evan Phillips, so I was okay with it. Speaker 1 00:58:24 I do. So I drafted him in labor, I cut 'em for Will Smith and then I spent $12 to get him back this past week. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:58:34 The repurchase. You gotta feel good about that. Speaker 1 00:58:39 I, yeah, fuck it. I mean, I was like, you know what? I think the runner up was eight, so I got 'em for 12. I was like, all right, fine, I'll take it. I mean, I had a little extra fab cuz I lost Reese Hoskins. So yeah, I think I made like six pickups in labor this past week. Speaker 0 00:58:53 Jesus. Jesus. All right folks, that's, that's what we got going on here today. Uh, a lot of m l b talk obviously, we'll continue that. Uh, I'm sure n b playoffs are, uh, are exciting for you, Adam. I mean, playing games and all. But, uh, you know, we, we should have everything set and squared away by this weekend, right? Speaker 1 00:59:16 Yeah. You'll have the, um, final playoff teams Friday night. You have the, uh, final playing games on Friday. Um, the, the heat will host the first one. Timberwolves will host the second one and they'll play the losers of the Wednesday night games. And then, uh, you have, Saturday is when the playoffs start. Saturday you got Net Sixers, Hawk Celtics, Nick's Cavalier, and Warriors Kings. Speaker 0 00:59:45 Do you prefer this play in format? Speaker 1 00:59:48 I don't mind it. I mean, you know, you get some playoff level basketball though. I gotta say the games on Tuesday were pretty bad, but I don't mind it. Here's the thing, the seven and eight scenes never win anyway. <laugh>. So. Right, right. They just don't, in the N nba, I mean, it rarely happens. This isn't like baseball, hockey or football where you get some of these, you know, baseball where you seen wild card teams get to the World Series. Just last year, I mean, the Phillies were the last wild Carden gots of the World Series. You don't see that in basketball. It's just not gonna happen. I mean, the Lakers are a dangerous seven seat, but they still have their work cut out for them. So you just don't see many of these bottom seeds. So I don't mind. It's, you know, it's only three days anyway of extra games. So you get more, more games to bet on. More player pops. I don't mind it. Speaker 0 01:00:44 All right, well, we'll check in. You, you got your betting article, uh, on Friday still? Speaker 1 01:00:50 No. Speaker 0 01:00:51 Oh, okay. Maybe we gotta get you, uh, doing some betting articles on, uh, fantasy alarm then people gotta know how to bet the N B A dude. All right, good to know. Good to know. But that's gonna do it for us here today on Cash It. As always, we thank you guys for listening, liking, subscribing, uh, all that fun stuff. You can follow Adam on Twitter at Adam ronis. You can follow me at Roto Buzz Guy. Uh, best of luck to all you guys with all your waiver work this weekend. And, uh, Adam and I'll be back, uh, same time, same plays next week. Thank you all again. Catch you next time.

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