March 23, 2023


Cash It: Fantasy Baseball ADP Risers & Fallers

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball ADP Risers & Fallers
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball ADP Risers & Fallers

Mar 23 2023 | 00:59:56


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss some of the most notable fantasy baseball risers and fallers from late-spring drafts and share some lessons learned in sports betting.

Fantasy Baseball ADP Risers -- 5:27
Sports Betting Practices -- 32:10
Fantasy Baseball ADP Fallers -- 40:45


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Speaker 0 00:00:03 Well, what's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender. Got Adam Ronis here. It's fantasy baseball season, baby Oh baby, is what I'm talking about. Uh, drafts are in full swing right now as, uh, the regular season starts on March 30th. The World Baseball Classic has officially come to an end. So all of those players are returning to their camps, their spring trainings. Um, there are still plenty of drafts to go between now and then. So super exciting time along with M L B. And that's just, that's just m l b. We got more on top of that than other sports as well. Adam, what's going on? How's your draft season going? Speaker 1 00:00:45 Uh, busy as hell, man. Uh, a lot of drafts this week and hopefully I will have right now. I have none next week and I'm trying to keep it that way. Uh, it's just, you know, kid have too many fab leagues. Sunday's already a disaster as is. So, um, you know, did some early drafts and obviously a lot has changed, man. I know I have some fab periods coming up and my goodness, if you drafted an early march, some of the players that are available are, uh, pretty good. So, yeah, just a lot changing The landscape has changed, like it always is guys that are winning jobs, players being injured. So, um, I've already had a couple, uh, second round picks, uh, get hurt. So fun stuff. Speaker 0 00:01:25 Oh, Edwin Edwin Diaz. Speaker 1 00:01:27 I took Edwin Diaz in round two of T G F B I. So there we go. That is done. And I took Jose Altuve in the second round of TA Wars. Speaker 0 00:01:36 I took Edwin Diaz in the second round of the barf draft, so I've gotta replace them there. And I have no Altuve anywhere. Speaker 1 00:01:45 Yeah, that was my only Altuve share. I mean, I, Dr. I I draft a little different there cuz it's O B P and pitching was, uh, I see was pushed back a little bit. So, um, I really didn't love anyone in that two, three area. I've said this, I've done a lot of drafts picking in the top five. My main event was pick three, tower Wars was pick, where was I? Tower Wars I think was pick three also. Um, T G F B I pick three. So I've had a lot of pick three s this year. Um, my, my G S T draft, which I did Tuesday night, I actually had pick 14. So I have a lot of different players just because picking at the back end, uh, I got some players that I have not gotten any exposure to this year. So, um, but yeah, my, I have the, I have an F S G A draft on Thursday. I don't even know where I'm picking. Um, well, I don't So you were in one, did they do the draft order ahead of time or right before the draft? Speaker 0 00:02:37 No, I mean, I had, it was ahead of time. Speaker 1 00:02:39 Okay. So if I go there now, maybe that's the actual draft order because they don't send, maybe <laugh>, they don't say anything. So I don't know. Speaker 0 00:02:47 Uh, I, you know, I cannot speak on behalf of the, uh, the powers that be with the F S G A. Um, but yeah, I knew it's so funny. Um, I have, I've had pick two and three in a a billion places. I, it's, it's amazing how many times I've had that. I've had two, I've had three, and then I've had, I would, I I think pick nine. No, no, no. Pick 11, two drafts with pick 11. Um, in a, in, in 14 teamers or 15 teamers. Um, Speaker 1 00:03:17 I'm sorry if this draft room was right. I have pick two <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:03:21 That's so Speaker 1 00:03:21 Fucking funny. Unbelievable. Speaker 0 00:03:24 That's so funny. It's, yeah, I don't, I don't understand that either. You know, it's like, you know, I mean, how many, you know, how many sites in total are you playing with, like the N F B C? Like, it's, it's the weirdest thing. Like you could do K D S for those of you who don't know what that is, Kentucky Derby style, um, where you, you, you know, the, you get the, uh, you, you put your selections in, but then it's like, you know, randomizes who gets their first pick and stuff like that. Um, but I mean, you know, I'm playing over there and I'm playing over at RT Sports. I think I have one draft coming up on Yahoo maybe. Uh, I know right? Yahoo. But I mean, it's, it's amazing how the algorithms just keep putting the fucking people, same people in the same spots. Same spots, Speaker 1 00:04:13 Yeah. Uh, my for I think, yeah, my N F B C online championship I did last week. I had pick seven in that one. But yeah, I've had a lot of early picks. Um, have an auction this week in my Home Keeper league. So, uh, that has a ton of inflation. I actually have the second least amount of money to spend, so I don't have as much value as other teams. But yeah, it's just, uh, this is, uh, you know, crazy week with all the drafts and, you know, still got N B A going on and, uh, just a lot of stuff. So, yeah, it's a busy time. Speaker 0 00:04:48 Just a lot of stuff <laugh>. It's so true, man. It's so true. Um, alright, well let's, let's get to the, you know, because, you know, my ears peaked up a immediately when you said it earlier, uh, talking about, uh, the players who, you know, if you're gonna be doing fab players who might be available and things like that. So let's, let's start off here with, um, who are the most notable? I, you know, I, I don't wanna say like no name players, but who are the, who are the people who are, let's just say, rising up on your personal draft boards more? Speaker 1 00:05:26 I mean, I think obviously David Robertson's probably a free agent in a lot of leagues. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so, I mean, I think he's the closer. I know there was a report that came out that said it would be Robertson Brooks Rayley, uh, who might not be ready for the start of season. Some people think Aveno, I think it's Robertson to start. Obviously they could make a trade at some point, but I don't think they're gonna do it immediately. Uh, Anthony Volpe, who is just, oh my God, he is skyrocketing up draft boards. Uh huh I mean, I, I was surprised how early he was going to some of the main events and we still don't even know if he makes the team. So some Speaker 0 00:06:00 Type. No, no. Oh, you know what, here you go. Not, not so much breaking news, but, uh, while Jim Boden was off covering the, uh, the W bbc, uh, and all the players over there, he's been in contact with, uh, with Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman, uh, as well. And, uh, and according to, uh, Jim Volpe has officially made the opening day team. Speaker 1 00:06:23 Okay. But that's not official anywhere else. Speaker 0 00:06:25 Right. Has not been, has not been released into the wild yet. Speaker 1 00:06:29 Geez. I, I'm afraid to see how early now he's gonna go in drafts. Uh, let me see, where did he go? Actually, I was in the draft last night. I was like, oh, I can't believe, hopefully didn't go yet. And then, um, cuz you know, figure a lot of Yankee fans, I think he went like 12 13th round in the 1515 league, but he's gonna go higher, man. So that's a guy. Clark Schmidt, um, I see Reid dks is really risen, but he's not gonna be a free agent in leagues. Um, Speaker 0 00:06:54 You say Reid dks? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:06:56 He's risen up draft boards, but I don't think he's a free agent. Um, David Peterson might be a free agent in some leagues. Speaker 0 00:07:05 Okay. Speaker 1 00:07:05 Because, uh, Quintana went down a couple weeks ago. Um, I'm trying to think of off the top of my, but yeah, there's, there's quite a few players. I mean, I guess Jaron profile, he's a boost now that he, he's playing in Colorado. Speaker 0 00:07:19 Yeah. Why, why wouldn't he see a boost playing the outfield in Colorado now? Speaker 1 00:07:23 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:07:26 I actually think I took him in, uh, what draft was I doing? Uh, I think I was, uh, I was wrapping up my, uh, my RAs ball, uh, which is more or less a draft and hold, uh, type thing. And yeah, that's where I, uh, I ended up getting him as well. So, um, TJ Friedl, that's a guy who I see who could be available in some leagues who seems to be moving up draft boards as well. I know, uh, you were in on him. I was talking about him, uh, to somebody else. I was also looking at, uh, at Will Benson, uh, the kid from Cincinnati. Speaker 1 00:08:02 Yeah. If he makes the team. Yeah, for sure. Speaker 0 00:08:04 Yeah. Like really good speed. Um, and, and could see, you know, like that's, that's the, the, the funny thing, like looking at some of these guys who are, you know, on bad teams but are still gonna get that playing time. You might, you're not loving on them, but if, if TJ Friedl and Will Benson are full-time outfielders in Cincinnati, no, it's not a great team, but it's a, it's a, an amazing ballpark and, and they're gonna hit, you know, against, you know, shitty teams too. Speaker 1 00:08:32 Yeah, no, there's, again, if you did your draft weeks ago, like we did tout and labor early March, uh, there's, there's definitely players on that waiver wire that are gonna see a boost. And of course, still trying to figure out the closing jobs, uh, for many teams. Uh, obviously the first few games are gonna be interesting. You know, a guy like Matthew Boy had a great spring. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, shown great control. Um, as I mentioned Clark Schmidt, um, assuming he's in the rotation to start the year. Um, so yeah, I think that's, oh, Jared Schuster from Atlanta, if he wins the fifth spot now, I start, I see he went pretty high in the main events, but I still think in casual leagues, uh, people might not be aware of him. Um, I know he still is Battl battling dod for that fifth spot. And I know Mike Sroka made his spring debut today and was throw at 95. Um, so maybe it's short-lived, but again, you wanna roster these guys on the back half, uh, and see what happens. You know, some of 'em will hit. Speaker 0 00:09:32 That's pretty funny. We, we did a, uh, another mock draft for the, uh, fantasy alarm staff last night while you were doing the, uh, the Gotham League. And my last two picks in a, uh, and it was just, it was 12 team 29 rounds. My last two picks. I had the, uh, I had the, uh, the second overall pick, I think in that one might have been the third. Um, but my last two picks back to back were, uh, we're Schuster and dod. Speaker 1 00:09:56 Yeah. I mean, look, Speaker 0 00:09:57 You might as well take a shot on it, at least for the first, you know, month of the season. Speaker 1 00:10:01 It's the Braves man. They do a really good job of evaluating players and Spencer Strider was one of the guys that came outta nowhere last year. So not saying those guys will be, but you definitely take stock in a team like Tampa, Atlanta, la the Giants when it comes to turning around pitchers. Speaker 0 00:10:23 Yeah, they definitely do. And uh, it's, it's, you know, it's one of the reasons why I, uh, I, I routinely watch them and, uh, and, and look at that back end of the rotation. You know, it's like there's some teams where you'd love looking at the back end of the rotation. There are some teams where you're like, I won't even come close to it. Right? Like, I won't even, I won't even think about Kansas City's back end of the rotation. Would you gimme the Braves, uh, and their track record? Uh, a hundred percent. So, alright, let's see. So vo I, I like doing this like risers and followers type thing. Um, let's focus on, for those people who are still to draft, because let's face facts. You and I are recording here on Wednesday, March the 22nd. I'm sure this weekend is going to be big for a lot of people. Speaker 0 00:11:09 There are gonna be a lot of drafts, uh, coming up over the next, uh, you know, next several days. So for those who are, are focusing on that, um, let's talk about some of the, the players who are obviously shooting up draft boards regularly and, and whether or not, you know, the juice is worth the squeeze. Like, you know, we'll start it off with the kids because these guys, I mean, it's, it's ridiculous how early I'm seeing Corbin Carroll go right now having a good spring. He's very fast. He is expected to be the everyday outfielder, uh, in center field for the diamond backs. We assume he is going to hit fairly high up in the order as well. Is he a fourth round pick though? For you? Is is like, I, I mean, cuz that's really even in 12 team leagues. I, you know, the F S G A one that I did on Monday was a 14 Teamer, and, and Carol went in the early fourth, but then I was doing a, the a 12 team mock last night and fucking cor Carol went off early fourth there too. So is, you know, are, are you that guy Adam? Are you gonna take him that early? Speaker 1 00:12:16 No, and I have no shares. I think the only way I would do it is if somehow I was really light on speed after the first three picks, Uhhuh <affirmative>. But even then, I, I kind of don't see it. And then he went in the third round of my draft last night, which is a 15 team league. Holy. Speaker 0 00:12:31 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:32 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:12:34 That's crazy. Like, I mean, I get it, you know, Arizona, obviously it's, Speaker 1 00:12:39 It's possible he look people, people were probably saying the same thing about Bobby Whit last year and it worked out, but you gotta remember, not all these guys work out. Everyone points to Julio Rodriguez and Bobby Whit. There's a lot of guys that fail. Speaker 0 00:12:53 And where did Julio Rodriguez go in drafts last year? Speaker 1 00:12:57 Um, do Speaker 0 00:12:58 You Many people are like hitting me up with their keepers and they're like, yeah, I got Julio Rodriguez in the, in the 15th round. Speaker 1 00:13:04 It's a, it depends when you drafted, if you did an, uh, earlier draft, yes, but I forgot the exact date, but he was announced that he was gonna make the team, and I don't remember if it was a week or two before the season, but once that announcement was made, I know he was going in the, at least in the competitive league. I did sixth, seventh round. Speaker 0 00:13:21 Okay. Sixth, seventh round. And that's fine. That's where Bobby Whit was going Speaker 1 00:13:24 Too. Nah, Bobby Whit was going in the fourth round. Speaker 0 00:13:27 Was he? Speaker 1 00:13:28 Yeah. Well, it depends when you drafted because Okay, so T G F B I last year, I got him in around sixth or seventh, but remember that draft was end of February, right? So at that point you were like, you weren't a hundred percent sure, but once we got closer, he was going in the fourth, fifth round of big draft. So, I mean, look again, for Carol, for me, I'm not gonna do it. I just don't, I don't know if there's enough power. Yeah, the steels are great and everything. I know outfield is kind of bad, dude. When I look at, like, you look at some of the outfielders going after him. Luis, Robert guy's never played a hundred games in his career. Cedric Mullins was bad against lefties last year. Um, a Doah Garcia, I mean, he is done it two years in a row, but chases a lot of bad pitches. Definitely could see a downfall. Kyle Schwarber, who I love, I mean, I know the average isn't great, but I, I mean I, I like College War Eloy Jimenez, who I did take last night, like a sucker, um, Speaker 0 00:14:23 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:14:24 I mean, look, I you already had the calf issue. They're saying it's not serious. It was crabs. I really wish they would DH 'em, but outfielder in that range, it, it's not appealing at all to me. So I see why people are doing it, but I can't, I just think it's too early for me. There's better players that I feel more comfortable with in that rage. Speaker 0 00:14:44 Yeah, I, I agree with you completely. I really do. I, and I wish him nothing but the best, but I have no shares of him because he's just going so early right now and it's just, it's not working. Uh, you know, just according to my build. I mean, had he fallen to me in like the fifth round of, uh, of the, uh, F S G A draft the other night, then maybe I would've looked at it. But I mean, I mean, he didn't even come close to falling to me, uh, at all. He went one, two to six, seven picks ahead of me in round four. So it's kind of crazy. Um, gunner Henderson, uh, you know, obvious rookie, again, hasn't really been zipping up draft boards that much. I think the fact that he's having such a crap spring right now, uh, and he was battling that wrist issue for a little bit. I think that's kind of held his a d p in check. I don't mind taking him in the seventh or eighth round, which is where he seems to be, you know, settled. But now I've start, started seeing some people, uh, you know, taking him in the sixth and, and moving up just talking about how, you know, top heavy third base is, are you pro or con Gunner Henderson? Speaker 1 00:15:56 I haven't taken him anywhere. So I mean, I'm not really worried about third base. Um, if I don't get one of the top ones. Um, there are some that I like, uh, later on. So, uh, he just has not fallen into any of my teams. I, I think usually in the area he goes, I'm getting a pitcher. Speaker 0 00:16:16 Um, okay. All right. I could see that. I mean, I'm just looking at one team of mine, I don't really recall. Um, but yeah, I mean, usually I go heavy on the offense and, uh, and I'm looking at pitching in the sixth and seventh round, so, um, yeah, Henderson wouldn't be, you know, a, a top guy for me. It also depends, you know, did I, was I able to, you know, secure Manny Machado or Austin Riley, um, ahead of time? Did I use my first round pick on Jose Ramirez instead? Um, and then, all right, so then the infamous one, and again, we don't know if he's gonna be on the starting roster, but I don't know how you keep him down. Jordan Walker, this, this dude's gone from being like a, like a 15th, 16th round, you know, take a flyer on him, uh, to a 10th round, uh, you know, hey, look at what he's doing. Uh, and now I'm seeing him go in the, uh, in the eighth, possibly even the seventh, depending on how the, the size of your league. Speaker 1 00:17:20 Yeah, I have no shares. His N F B C main Event adp, which is 10 main events, is 1 24. So yeah, people are, are high on him. And I'm sure if they officially announce, hey, he's making the team this week, he'll move up further. So mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, I haven't paid that price tag on him, so I don't have him anywhere, so I hope he sucks. No, I'm just kidding. Speaker 0 00:17:44 <laugh>. Oh, you don't hope he sucks? Cuz I, I have, I got him, you know, I, I have him in a couple of places, but I, you know, drafted early. So I got him in like the 15th, 16th round of that for the F S G A. When I saw Corbin Carroll go in the early fourth and then Gunner Henderson in the seventh. I was like, fuck it man. I'm just gonna make my move. I'm gonna take a guy who I just, I really want on my team. I believe in him. I like the, uh, the player. I like the hit tool. Like everything that I've seen about him this spring, I've, yeah, I have very, you know, limited fear that Dylan Carlson will suddenly wake up and they'll be like, ah, yeah, we should still make sure that Dylan Carlson's our starter. Um, I think the one thing that's kind of holding back on Jordan Walker and then making that announcement is I think they want to see him more in the outfield. I guess his defense is, you know, he's still learning, still growing cuz they're not gonna put him at third, uh, where he qualifies everywhere. But, you know, they wanna make sure that that defense is solid. That's one of the things that, you know, St. Louis is known for. They're not gonna, they're not gonna sacrifice defense just to get, you know, a young kid's bat into the, uh, into the game. Speaker 1 00:18:58 Yeah. They have a lot of depth on that team. They have so many ways that they can go. Uh, if it was a different team, I think we'd be like, oh yeah, he's definitely making it. I mean, he should, I think we all believe he will, but they just have a, a lot of different ways that they can go. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:19:13 Um, about to start moving up on the boards even more so, um, kind of a youngster too. Gabriel Marino, uh, catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. We know that the kids all about power. He was a great prospect in the, uh, in the, in the Toronto organization. Uh, Carson Kelly was just diagnosed with a, uh, a fractured forearm. He's gonna miss the first two months at least. And Marino's gonna get that job. Marino's gonna get those at bats. It's a good power bat at a, you know, at at a, at a position that kind of struggles. He's also, um, he's, he's got, uh, he's just an on base machine, like a machine. Um, you know, he's, he's like rocking a minimum of like a three 70 O B p, uh, at any level right now. So, thoughts on, on him. Speaker 1 00:20:06 I like him. I just haven't been able to get him anywhere cuz typically I'm taking one of the top 10 to 12 catchers and then really waiting on the position. Uhhuh <affirmative>. So last night's draft, I got Sean Murphy. Um, I also took Sean Murphy in the main event. I mean, he slate to a cleanup for the Braves. I mean, come on bro. You're gonna have, uh, Akua Olson and Riley in front of you. Uh, and, and Alby and Michael Harris behind you. I mean, and you going from Oakland to Atlanta, I just, you, you, you can't ask for a better spot. So, you know, I'll get like him, William Contreras, um, Wilson Contreras, uh, Alejandro Kirk. So I get a lot of those guys. So if I'm doing that, like, I don't want to take my second catch or a few rounds later, but if you miss out on those guys, then Moreno's fine. Good as your one, and then you kind of wait. But yeah, I do like him. I think you're gonna see his price rise now because of this Speaker 0 00:20:58 News. Um, yeah. I I definitely think that you'll, you'll start to see him, him climb up, uh, draft boards. I'm trying to find out where he, he went in the 12th of a 14 teamer. Um, you know, it's so funny that you brought up Murphy because I took Walker and Murphy was in my queue. I took, took Walker and Murphy went immediately the next pick. And so I came back around and you knew that I was waiting on a Murphy because I grabbed Tyler Stevenson immediately. I was like, <laugh> dude. Dr. Rdo was so fucking up in my queue and shit. It was ridiculous how many players he took from me throughout this draft. It was crazy. Speaker 1 00:21:38 Yeah, he took a couple mine too, and tell, and then he said that myself and Rudy Gamble took a lot from him. So I guess that's how it goes sometimes, Speaker 0 00:21:47 Right? Tristan Mackenzie, George Kirby, Taylor Ward, um, drew Rasmussen, Anthony Volpe, Garrett Mitchell. Like, what the fuck's wrong with you? And we, like, we brought him onto the show, uh, onto the broadcast and I was like, dude, I hope you finish in dead last and you get relegated outta this league. <laugh>. I hate you so much. Speaker 1 00:22:10 Sure. He took kind to that Speaker 0 00:22:12 <laugh>. He did actually. He, you know, I, I love Dr. Roto. He knows that, uh, I'm, I'm always kidding. We always have this, uh, first time call longtime listener, first time caller banter, uh, that goes back and forth with us, um, on that. All right, so here we go. On the rise sometimes a little too crazy. Corbin Carroll, gunner Henderson, Jordan Walker, Gabriel Marino, Anthony Volpe. Like, these are guys that, you know, you have to, you know, like that's always the thing that, uh, you know, it kills me with a d p and people need to, need to really pay attention to that is you gotta look at a date range for what your ADP is. Now, that's one of the things that I love about the NF BBC's adp because you can set the calendar for it and you know, just anybody out there, like, it's tough because there's no trading allowed. Speaker 0 00:23:08 And you know, a lot of, you know, certain players, you know, a lot of starting pitching gets elevated, um, in those, you know, in, in all of those leagues. But the fact that you can identify really where these kids are going right now as opposed to, you know, two months of, you know, being taken the 18th to the 25th round because nobody knows if you're even gonna make the team to where they are now. I mean, it's like light years's difference. And a lot of people they just don't know, you know, where to start taking guys. So I think that's a, it's just, just, it's a good lesson for everybody to, to kind of pay attention to know your, you know, know the source of your a d p, you know, how many times have I, you know, seen somebody, how many times have you seen somebody in a draft room? Like they'll take a player and somebody's like, oh, you know, they're ADP's like, you know, seven rounds later. Yeah, well a ADP's a guideline, but b have you seen where this dude's been going in the last two weeks? It's crazy. Speaker 1 00:24:12 Yeah. That's why my Speaker 0 00:24:13 Draft draft advice baby, what my draft, given draft advice, Speaker 1 00:24:16 That's why my draft braid usually suck. Like my c b s draft grade last night sucked. I'm like, yeah, cuz I took players that don't fit in your stupid rankings. Speaker 0 00:24:25 Wait, what? Speaker 1 00:24:27 I'm, you know, the draft grades. Speaker 0 00:24:29 Oh, oh, fucking draft grades. Yeah. Terrible. Speaker 1 00:24:34 And that's why I love when I finish near the bottom, like, okay, cool, let's, uh, talk me at the end of the year. Speaker 0 00:24:38 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:24:39 The other thing too, man, all all these fucking projections and oh, so I have you guys projected finish here. I don't give a shit. Talk to me at the end of the year. Cuz half the fucking team's gonna be different, man. I know you need something to talk about and you're looking at draft targets, but it's the stupidest thing in the world, man, because we all know half the team and maybe more than half is not gonna be the same at the end of the year. So you can criticize my team all you want on draft day. Talk to me at the end of the year. Speaker 0 00:25:11 Yeah, it's <laugh>. I mean, do, do you have to like consistently put out the cliche comment of you don't win a league on draft day. Like nobody gets that. It's, you know, and, and people sit there and freak out about like, people who have drafted early and if they lost a player are already like sitting there trying to make trades. And I'm like, why do you wanna blow up your team just because you, yes, you, you lost, uh, you know, Edwin Diaz, you're, you're gonna need to chase saves throughout the year. Why do you wanna blow up what you just did on draft day, uh, in order to just chase the one category and replace that player as opposed to just go for saves on the, you know, because you're never gonna get anybody, you're never gonna get anybody of Edwin Diaz's quality or with his job security or whatever you want to say. What made him that kind of an early round pick. You're never gonna, you know, you're not gonna replace that. Um, and and why would you wanna just you, oh fuck my outfield then because I wanna make sure that I get saves. It. It's, it's crazy. Like I don't understand, like, you know, we, we talk about trusting the process and and that means your draft is part of your process. How do you not trust it? Speaker 1 00:26:34 Yeah, I mean, look, I, like I said, I've already lost two second round picks, but not gonna panic. And last year, I'll give you an example. Tout Wars, which is a 15 team league I drafted for Fernando TAs in the first round in August. I had 120 points without TAs the whole year. No, I didn't win the league. Uh, team fell off once they announced TA's suspension cuz uh, locker room chemistry was just really fucked up. It just, the team just fell apart. We thought TAs was coming back, he got suspended and, you know, camaraderie fell apart. So that can happen in fantasy. But the point is, even if you lose a first round pick, I mean, there's so many roster spots, even in a deeper league now, not a mono league ale, and only yet you're probably fucked if you have had Ds, but not many of Speaker 0 00:27:22 You guys fucking you fucking give up right Speaker 1 00:27:23 Now. Yeah. Just, you know, just start, uh, going to N f l basketball drafts now. I'm just kidding. Uh, you can still overcome it. It just makes it more difficult. <laugh>, uh, cuz we know there's gonna be saves on the wave wire. There's probably, there are relief pitches right now that we're not drafting, we're not even talking about that are somehow gonna find their way into saves. It always works that way. So you just have to continue to grind and you, you can't worry about it. Like it sucked. I mean, losing everyone, Diaz, Jose Altuve, it sucks, but you know what? Nothing you could do. Suck it up, move on, Speaker 0 00:27:56 Suck it up and move on. Good advice. Yeah, I just, yeah, I mean it's a, it's, it's a six month long season. It's a flipping grind. Speaker 1 00:28:07 No, you know what? I, I truly believe one of the reasons why I have success is because I just continue to work. Um, there's a lot of people who just get deflated, you know, they get up to a bad start, they kind of give up a little bit or they don't put as much time and effort and I just can't, I can't do that. Which is why, like I always say I need to cut back on leagues because I know if my name's on it, even if there's no money on the line, like in Industry League, I just know myself. Like I take too much pride with my name being on there. You know, we talked about labor two years ago. I was in the last place after the first two months. I was like, no way. This is fucking gonna happen. I'm never gonna finish it at the bottom. And you know, I got as high as third and finished fifth, you know, okay. I didn't win the league. But the point is I'm just not gonna give up. Uh, no matter how bleak it gets, my entire roster would've to be on the IL for me to finish laps. Speaker 0 00:28:54 Yeah. I mean it's, and and we've talked about that, especially with the industry leagues where, you know, halfway through the season, you know, halfway through the season when when football content starts to ramp up, half your league disappears. You know? Yeah. And it's, it, it's, it sucks especially, you know, obviously, you know, I'm talking baseball, you know, even in football though, like, once, once they start to fall out of it, they stop paying attention to it because they're in so many different leagues that it's like, oh, well I might as well just pay attention to, you know, the ones that I'm, I'm doing well in, and they let the other teams just fall the shit. I mean, we've seen a billion times. So, you know, that's, that's definitely, that's one of the things, and that's a, that's, that's a point that I actually, I made at a a, uh, at, at our, uh, our our work meeting this morning. Speaker 0 00:29:44 Uh, nobody's gonna fucking outhustle us. Nobody, nobody else is gonna, nobody's gonna work harder than we do. And that's, that's huge. That's, you know, and, and I, and I was talking about it in the, in the sense of the fantasy alarm team, you know, like with, with what we, you know, with what we've done over these three months that, you know, you know, our, our, our subscriptions and our traffic have never been higher, right? We, our year over year numbers have been fantastic. Um, the community that we continue to build over at Fantasy Alarm, like, I mean, it was, it, it's, it's, it's that good. I had a guy last night who, you know, I just, I put this out into our discord because, um, I didn't know that you had the, the Gotham draft. So we were one Speaker 1 00:30:30 Short G S t Speaker 0 00:30:32 G s t, sorry, Gotham, g s T. It's all, you're Speaker 1 00:30:35 All No, there is a, there is a guy. There is one Speaker 0 00:30:37 Y Yeah. Y'all look alike. Yeah. All you drafts look Speaker 1 00:30:40 Alike. Okay, Speaker 0 00:30:41 Well, you know what I'm saying though, right? So, so I put it out in Discord and, and there was a guy who, like I said, you know, uh, whatever, first come first serve one spot come draft with all the fantasy alarm, Adams boom. Like, like all of a sudden everybody wanted in on it. And like, fucking guy hit it. Like, I was like, boom, you got it. No problem. Whatever. I mean, I'm like, it's, it's this kind of a like of, of a fucking community that, that we've done. Why? Because our analysts are dedicated to you winning. Of course, we wanna win ourselves, but if you aren't, if you're subscribing to our site, if you're listening to our advice here on the podcast or, or you know, on, on the radio, okay, and you're not winning, well then I fucking take that shit personally. I definitely do. I care more about my subscribers winning than I even care about my own wins. And if I, you know, I, I've always said this, I never lay, you know, I never say to bet something if I don't bet it myself. I'm in this shit with everybody. And that's, that's like, like that's the, the fantasy alarm mentality. That's the group that we are. And that's the thing, like, doesn't matter what kind of adversity we're gonna get, nobody in any fucking legal ever outwork us. Speaker 1 00:32:01 Oh, speaking of betting, I have a question for you. Speaker 0 00:32:03 Sure. Speaker 1 00:32:05 So my guy, our guy, Ani Streetar, uh, messaged me the other day with a, a nice promo. So I deposited $500 on DraftKings and got two free $250 bets. So you obviously have to use them within seven days. So the first one I used the other night, $250 I Clay Thompson, over 21 and a half points, which I gave out on my social media. TikTok, Instagram, Instagram at Iran 88 TikTok at Adam Ronis, and gave it out on the, the Playbook, A Better Sports Network also gave out on the playbook, Kelly o Lennick over 10 and a half rebounds and assists. So I parlayed that with one of their free bets for plus 2 45 and one $613. So I had to use the other $250 free bet yesterday. So we were talking about it on the show, and Justin Fesman produced Adam Bernard. They're like, yeah, you already made a profit, so just do a single bet, you know, to double the money or like two 50 to win, you know, with the juice 2 35, 2 30. I said, why I already won $613 off a free bet, right? And so I'm, I'm looking for a home run here. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:33:22 Well, so I play it safe. Thank Speaker 1 00:33:24 You buddy. Thank you, Speaker 0 00:33:25 <laugh>. I'm already, I'm already up. Rodney, why play it safe with a free bet? Speaker 1 00:33:30 Thank you. So last night I did a six leg parlay. Uh, the first game Speaker 0 00:33:38 Was, oh man, what? Wait, what were the odds of this six game parlay? I gotta know. Speaker 1 00:33:43 Oh, hold on. Uh, oh, I would've won, I would've won 1100 bucks. So IPL oh plus four 60. Speaker 0 00:33:53 Oh my God. That's not even that outlandish Speaker 1 00:33:55 Either. It's not. So, uh, the first game was Magic Wizards. I had two props combined. Minus 1 29, they hit, second game was Celtics Kings. They were combined plus one 30 they hit, it was the last game. Thunder Clippers. I needed Josh Giddy five assist more. He hit, I needed Russell Westbrook five assist system more. He had two and I lost, fuck. Yeah. Uh, so I don't know. I still, it's the right mentality, right? They're like, oh, you sound like a gambler now. No, man, I already won $613, so I might as well shoot for a bigger one. So it's Speaker 0 00:34:38 A, but it's a, because it's a free bet, it's a free bet. That's the thing. Speaker 1 00:34:43 Like, I could have, I could have done Jason Tatum over 28 and a half points. That was my bet of the day on the playbook. I could have done that and then I would've won, I don't know, like 2, 2 30. But I mean, I already banked $613 off nothing. Speaker 0 00:34:59 Well that, and that's the thing, you deposited 500. Like if you put, if you, if you use that 500 and put two 50 on your first and then you won, that's great. And then you add your other two 50, you'd probably play it a little bit safer than a six leg single game parlay. But these are free bets, right? Go for fucking broke dude on the second one for sure. After you win the first one. Speaker 1 00:35:25 I agree. I mean, I, I'm with you. I already have a profit of $613 just for depositing 500. So, um, I'd rather take the shot of winning 1100, then two. And I get it. Trust me, these parlays are not easy to hit. Like I had reasonable, like Westbrook, all I asked for was five assists. The dude Speaker 0 00:35:46 Dude gets Speaker 1 00:35:46 Five assists almost every night. He had two last night, you know. Yeah, I probably, but then I look back, I'm like, uh, why didn't I just do Sha Gil Alexander 25 points a more since he scores 30 or more every game and he had 31. But you know, you always do that when you look back on it, you know? So, um, but yes, I al we, we encourage being reasonable here. And I know I do mention these parlays from time to time and I, I lose a lot of parlays by one leg. So as I say, don't take the, don't take a lot of your bank roll parlays. They should only be, if you hit a big bet, maybe you say, okay, I'm gonna take, you know, 5% to the side for a parlay. And if you do, you know, it depends on your budget. Speaker 1 00:36:28 $10, $20. DraftKings has these same game parlays that are risk free $10. They give you max bet back t n t for FanDuel on the t and t games. You know, if you bet $10 on a parlay and it loses, you get your $10 backed in credit to use again. Like they had a promo for the W BBC on DraftKings. If you bet the u s a money line $15 you get. So I bet the 15 bucks of the u USA they lost. So now I got a $15 bonus bet. So it's all about discipline. I just, I'll preach it again cuz you see all these people on social media putting out their big hits for parlays. They're not showing you the five previous ones. They all lost. So just be disciplined. I know it's tantalizing. Oh, look, I could turn $20 into a thousand or, but you gotta remember the odds are long for a reason. Speaker 0 00:37:16 Yeah. Well, I mean, listen, we've, we've, yeah, I mean we've had this conversation and you know, as far as that goes, um, you know, to, to people out there, it's, you know, we, we always promote the, uh, you know, being responsible. And we always talk about the fact that single game parlays, that's not the way to make money. It's, it's, the book's Speaker 1 00:37:35 Not the book said that's their most profitable is the single game parlays? Speaker 0 00:37:39 Yeah. Oh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. I think the, the number was out of like 4.2 billion in bets. Um, there was like some ridiculous, uh, number that was like, I I wanna say it was probably like, I don't know, like 12 million or 14 million in just single game parlays alone, that, that the books won. Like, uh, you know, of like, you know, spanning a year's worth of like, bets everywhere, four point billion, $2 billion, 14 million alone, just on single game parlays. It's crazy, dude. And it's, it's like, I mean, the amount of money that they make off of that is just, it's, it's crazy. I mean, again, if you're, if, if you're, you know, if, if you've got discretionary income and you wanna have some fun, okay, fine. But don't make that your only means of betting. That's not, that's not smart and that's not gonna turn a profit in any way, shape, or form. So, um, I, you know, whatever. I don't, so, so Annie and fete were, uh, a bunch of little Speaker 1 00:38:49 No, Annie wasn't, no, it wasn't Annie. It was, Speaker 0 00:38:51 Uh, no old ladies. Speaker 1 00:38:52 It wasn't Annie. Speaker 0 00:38:53 Just, Speaker 1 00:38:54 Yeah. And Adam Bernard who? Our producer on, uh, B S n. Speaker 0 00:38:58 Oh, okay. I don't, I don't, I don't think I know Adam. Maybe I, did I meet Adam at the F S G A? Maybe Speaker 1 00:39:04 He was, he was there. Speaker 0 00:39:05 Okay. So then, yeah, I guess I, I probably did meet him. Funny. He didn't seem like a, like a chicken when I met him. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:39:22 Oh shit. All right. Let's get, let's get video. A little sidebar of gambling there. I love it. Um, let's get back to some, some M L B because we're talking about guys who are climbing up in the, uh, in draft boards right now. The ADP is, uh, is rising. Um, I'm not sure if there are any others that really stand out to you that much. I feel like, I feel like some of the guys like Jared Kek and, and Garrett Mitchell, they're not really climbing that much, so it's not really that noticeable. There's still, you know, beyond the 15th and 16th round, uh, for that. But any other names that you, uh, that you see that, you know, you're just like, man, this dude is climbing still. Speaker 1 00:40:07 Uh, yeah, Reid der is who I mentioned earlier. He's been moving up. Uh, let's see. Usually it's some pictures that are moving up. Cuz we saw early on that maybe pitching wasn't going as early. Speaker 0 00:40:21 Right. Speaker 1 00:40:23 Uh Speaker 0 00:40:23 Oh. Now I'm like in fucking drafts and pe people are just grabbing pitchers left and Speaker 1 00:40:27 Right now, yeah, it tends to happen as we get closer to the season and maybe a couple injuries or guys aren't ready, you start to see players move up. Speaker 0 00:40:36 All right. Well, I mean, I think we're, we're, we're at a good starting point there. Let's go the other direction. What about guys you see dropping, um, obviously Altuve is gonna be a name that we have to discuss here. Where, where do you feel comfortable and don't say the second round because that you did that already, <laugh>, where do you feel comfortable taking Jose Altuve knowing that he is gonna miss the first two months? Speaker 1 00:41:05 Yeah, I'm probably gonna pass. I mean, if you're in a league with unlimited aisle spots, you can be a little bit more aggressive, but I don't like to start the season knowing I'm gonna miss a player because more injuries are gonna happen and then you just dig yourself in deeper hole. So I'm probably gonna pass on him. I didn't take him last night. Um, yeah, if you have no IL spots, it's difficult to take him. I know second base is pretty thin, but, you know, there could be setbacks. He could struggle when he comes back. It's a thumb. I mean, that's a big deal for hitting people think, oh, it's just a thumb. I mean, he could come back in two months and then struggle the first month. So now you got three months, half the season where you're not getting top notch production. So I'm generally gonna pass unless everyone in the league thinks like me. Uh, so I don't know, maybe 12 round in a 15 team league if I have an IO spot, maybe. Speaker 0 00:41:54 See that's, that's the range that I was thinking as well. Um, I saw last night in, uh, in the mock draft that we did, John and Pemba took Altuve somewhere around the eighth or the ninth round of a 12 teamer. Um, Chris Towers from C b s and the, and the F S G A took him in the ninth round, um, you know, off of, uh, yeah, in, in a, in a 14 teamer. Uh, Speaker 1 00:42:24 He went around the, he went around 11 in my 15 team league last night, where we do have three i l spots. Speaker 0 00:42:29 Okay. So for me, yeah, I mean that's, that's definitely a, a, a tough situation to be in. But I, you know, if you do have the i l spots to give, no, I don't wanna, I'm, I'm with you. If it's gonna cost me a, an a ninth or 10th round pick for Altuve, no. But if I'm sitting there, it's the 12th or the 13th round and I have I l room, yeah, I'm gonna do that. Um, it's the same thing with, uh, with Bryce Harper and I actually took Bryce Harper, um, in the F S G A and I, it's the only share that I've, that I have, that I have of, of Harper this year at all. And just, you know, the reports are coming in that they're, you know, it's, it's, it's nice. It's, you know, it's possible mid-June ding, um, you know, in the 12th round. Speaker 0 00:43:18 Uh, you know, I'm, I'm kind of interested especially for the fact that, you know, he is just, you know, I mean, I, you know, don't, you're, you're gluing up your, uh, you're gumming up your, your utility spot because he does not qualify for outfield people. Keep in mind. Um, but that's kind of the range where I'm looking at for Bryce Harper who's, you know, obviously expected to miss more time than, uh, than Altuve. So, so I'm, I'm in, I'm in that range. Who else, who else, Adam who's dropping in drafts that you're just like, I can't believe they got him that round. Speaker 1 00:43:49 Right. Polanco, because he has yet to participate in the spring and it looks like he might not be ready. So the season, he was a player I really liked going in Uhhuh <affirmative>. Um, so kind of sucks. Uh, he actually <laugh> went two picks after Jose Lt V at my draft last night. Um, it's tough man, because this knee bothered him last year and I believe he did not have surgery. So it is concerning that he is yet to play in the spring and he's probably gonna begin the season now on the io. So kind of sucks there. So, um, he missed the final month last year with the knee injury and hasn't played in a game yet, so not a good sign. So I'd definitely have to back off of him. Speaker 0 00:44:39 Yeah. Yep, yep. Yeah. Um, I think, uh, I'm, I'm just kind looking at a draft toward Speaker 1 00:44:45 Tony. Tony Golin obviously is following cuz he's gonna miss a month, Speaker 0 00:44:48 Right? Yep. He's gonna be, uh, he's gonna be down. Uh, they just sent down the Dodgers just sent down Gavin Stone. That dude looked amazing this spring. Speaker 1 00:44:59 Yeah, he's someone who could be up this year. You know, Matt sent down Francisco Alvarez, you gotta remember Brandon, uh, fought also sent down. So these guys could be up at some point this year. Their names just keep on the radar. Speaker 0 00:45:11 No doubt, no doubt. I'm trying to see if there's anybody else who's like really, um, you know, kind of fallen down that maybe it's not always, it's not always injury, you know, attached to it, but maybe it is for the most part, part. Speaker 1 00:45:26 I mean, Carl obviously Carlos Rodan, but he hasn't fallen as far as I I I thought his ADP in the main event is 75. Speaker 0 00:45:34 Yeah. Yeah. I, I looked at, uh, at Rodan, I have Rodan in a, in a couple of spots from, from early drafts and I was still getting them in like the, you know, I was getting 'em in like the fifth round, sixth round. Speaker 1 00:45:48 And that was after the diagnosis? Speaker 0 00:45:52 No, no, no. That was before the diagnosis. After the diagnosis. I haven't really seen him fall off that much. Speaker 1 00:45:58 Yeah. I mean I guess they are believing the reports that, oh, he's had it before and if it was a game he'd be able to pitch now and it's managing it, but it's a little concerning for a guy that's had a difficult time staying healthy. Like I, I know how good he could be, but the price is high. We're on the other side. Joe Musk Grove, like I am buying him right now, uh, in my n FBC online. Speaker 0 00:46:21 Oh. There's another guy who's definitely dropping where he should, Speaker 1 00:46:24 I'm scooping up, scooping up. He might, he might miss one start. I mean, he dropped a, a weight on his toe. It's not his arm or anything, so, um, he's, he's a, a value right now I think. Uh, Ken could have a setback, but Oh, you know, who's really rising? Chris sale. Wow. Speaker 0 00:46:41 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:46:41 And I know he got bombed on Tuesday, but, um, he's rising. Speaker 0 00:46:49 Yeah. Sale. I'm looking at sale right now in the, he went in the eighth round of the Fs g a Rodan went in the, uh, in the ninth, the last pick of the ninth round. That's probably the lowest I've seen him fall. Speaker 1 00:47:02 Yes, me too. Speaker 0 00:47:04 Sick. Sick dude. I'm pumped man. Fucking draft season dude. How excited are you? Speaker 1 00:47:13 Um, very but also fatigued, so, uh oh, Speaker 0 00:47:15 Stop. Don't be stuck, puss. Speaker 1 00:47:17 I'm hot. Just saying Speaker 0 00:47:19 I'm, I'm fatigued dude. I've had the flu for like a week now. A week and a half. I've been like coughing like, you, you haven't heard it because I keep off my mic when you start talking. I'm like, please just ramble on for a little while, Adam. And I'm like hacking behind the scenes here dying and I'm still psyched about this shit, dude. Fuck. Fatigue. Come on. Fatigue. It's cuz your met suck, right? Is that what it is? Speaker 1 00:47:50 No, Speaker 0 00:47:51 They mean no Speaker 1 00:47:53 Because they suck Speaker 0 00:47:54 <laugh>, you know who I have a bunch of this year again, Speaker 1 00:48:02 Linor Speaker 0 00:48:03 Linor. I fucking love that kid. I really do. I, I think this is the year, this is the year I started off the F S G A draft with a Kuya, Linor and Jazz Chisholm. Speaker 1 00:48:17 I have no jazz. I wanted him in my online championship and he went one pick before me. I, I wanted, I mean, he's the guy that's rising too. I think he went in one of the main events in round two. So like people obviously there's obviously a, an immense ceiling for him. There's obviously some risk with injury and now he's moving to the outfield where he might be aggressive and you know, could get hurt. But the ceiling is just, uh, yeah, he went as early as 24 in one of the main events. So that is round two and his 80 feet in the main events is 35. Speaker 0 00:48:54 I love the player man. Of course. Yeah. I definitely love the player. Speaker 1 00:48:57 Yeah, I wanted to get, I wanted to get at least one, one chair and right now I don't have any, but yeah, he's a, he's kept him my keeper league. So I guess it'll, uh, comes down to the F S G A on Thursday, whether I can get him and if I have pick two, that means I have to take him in the third round <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:49:15 I might, I Speaker 1 00:49:16 Might, I might do it, I might do it, Speaker 0 00:49:17 Do it. I had the third pick of this. I took him in the third round. Speaker 1 00:49:20 I might, man, you know what I might looking at what's there. Yeah, I might. But then again, there's some, there's some bad players in those leagues, so they might let something slip to me. Speaker 0 00:49:29 Ooh. Spicy <laugh>, you know, who's not rising up draft boards, who it really kind of surprises menos. Speaker 1 00:49:43 Um, Speaker 0 00:49:43 I don't, I don't get how people don't like think about the, the potential for the rebound here. Speaker 1 00:49:50 I mean, I know he had some injuries last year. He also, I think put a lot of pressure on himself, uh, with the contract. I know it's a good ballpark. Speaker 0 00:49:58 You also had another, you also had another kid. Speaker 1 00:50:01 Oh, that's his fault. Speaker 0 00:50:02 Well, no, no, no. Not in the sense of that, but in the sense of a crying fucking baby at home when you're trying to like rest during a home stand. Speaker 1 00:50:12 Um, okay, I get it. Speaker 0 00:50:14 No, no, no, no, no dude, I did, I did this whole thing where, um, I guess it was, um, was it when Texas moved to, uh, globe Life for the first time and I did this whole man, when did I do this article? I don't remember. It was, um, I was looking at the, uh, at the Texas pitching staff and I was trying to figure out why everybody was, you know, everybody was so great at home and they were so shitty on the road and you were like, oh, well the ballpark factors, whatever, except for CJ Wilson who was so shitty at home, but on the road he was fucking money in the bank. Remember CJ Wilson? Yeah. So I dove in like even further and I just kind of like really like investigated the whole thing. And he had a kid that year and he had a crying baby at home and when he was on the road he was in bed in the hotel, lights out, Resty calls, his wife talks to her. Everything good with the baby. Yeah. Boom night's sleep. No fucking elbow in the head saying you feed the kid now or anything like that. So how about, you know, it, it's funny I brought that up to, uh, to Bowden and Bowden was like, he started talking about a number of players where he's seen that happen too, kid at home and it's crazy. First kid is the worst, like, you know, third or fourth kid, it's not a big deal. First kid's always the worst. Speaker 0 00:51:43 Well something to humanize these kids man. Humanize 'em. They're not just names on a piece of paper. Oh, Speaker 1 00:51:48 I know that. I know that There's always, you know, things that we find out after the year that they were going through and it kind of explained some stuff. You know, Uhhuh, Speaker 0 00:51:55 <affirmative>, Pablo Sandoval right. Was like completely garbage. Uh, you Speaker 1 00:52:01 Know. Yeah. But so then, but Castanos didn't hit for power at home though, either or the Speaker 0 00:52:06 Road. No, I know he didn't hit for power at home Speaker 1 00:52:09 Or the road. Speaker 0 00:52:11 Well, cuz he was banged up and hurt. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying, what I'm saying is, is Castano had a multitude of things last year between injuries, pressure of the new contract, new kid, like all of that shit was like, I mean, it was fucking with him. I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan. I'm, I'm looking at the rebound here and I, I gonna, I I love it, man, because I feel like I'm getting a 3,100 bat in like the fucking ninth round, but I dig that. I definitely dig that. Um, all right, well, you know, let's, let's just, you know, we'll, we'll stick to just baseball here, ad p risers and followers, um, kind of keeping you guys up to date with all of the news and shit. Any other final thoughts? Here, Adam, because you know, people aren't gonna hear from us again until after they draft this weekend. You got some words of wisdom you wanna share some food for thought, perhaps. Speaker 1 00:53:09 Yeah. Just stay up to date on all the latest news. Make sure you, you know, we're gonna start to find out who's making the team, who's not. So also make sure during the draft that you check, um, what's going on. I know during the Mtm o Ultimate Friday during that draft, Brandon Nimo got injured and I think the team that took him didn't know. Now it might sound like he's not gonna miss much time. We'll see. He said he is gonna be fine. Every player says they're fine. But you do have to make sure you pay attention even during your draft to any type of news, because you don't want to get stuck drafting a player to find out that they injured their knee that bad that night. So make sure you pay attention. Uh, and in the reserve rounds, take a lot of bullpen arms. Uh, I think I took, Speaker 0 00:53:59 Yes, Speaker 1 00:54:00 I took like three guys last night. Uh, so again, we have a four day season, four days of the week to open next week. So you might actually probably want to get some of those relievers in there. There might be teams where, uh, that have three games that maybe your starter doesn't pitch. So, um, especially at the end of the draft too, you could look at the schedule for the opening week. Uh, but you want to take a chance on these relievers who you, there's so many unsettled situations. So that first weekend, maybe the guy that is second or third on the depth chart that is competing for a job gets two saves and they go, you know what? He was really good. Yeah, we're gonna stick with him. So you wanna have that guy on your team. You don't wanna battle whatever you on fab, uh, to spend a ton of money. Cuz we know people are gonna spend a lot of money on relievers since there's only a handful that are locked into the gig. And we already lost one in Edwin Diaz. Speaker 0 00:54:59 Yeah, we have the, uh, the closer grid over it at fantasy alarm and it's, you know, um, we color coordinated, you know, green, yellow, orange, and red and you know, our boy Joe Galena, uh, mans that, and I gotta tell you, man, <laugh>, it is like, it's, it's crazy, uh, how, how small that green is. It's crazy how small, you know how few guys there are in there. He does have the Mets here still with Robertson and Green. I don't know if how I feel about that. I don't know how I feel about that. I would think I'm gonna have to have words with Joe. Might have to throw hands over. This is Joe a, is Joe a Mets fan? Speaker 1 00:55:44 Um, I think he, I thought he was a Yankees fan and I talked to him quite a bit, a tout horse. Speaker 0 00:55:48 Eh, I thought he was a Yankees fan too. I'm gonna have to have him move this shit, man. Cuz I would definitely not say that. David Robertson is, uh, is a, you know, has elite stability in the role right now. Dude's like 137 years old. Speaker 1 00:56:04 Yeah, he was pretty good last year. I mean, I hope he is. I took him in the main event in round 14. My second, second Speaker 0 00:56:09 Closer though. Speaker 1 00:56:09 I know my second closer though, so I figured around four. I figured around 14. It was worth a shot there Speaker 0 00:56:15 Around 14. Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. For a 14th rounder. Yeah, I'd, I'd, I'd give that a shot. No doubt. Um, all right, well, best of luck to everybody out there in your drafts this weekend. As always, you can hit Adam and I up for, for any kind of questions. He's at Adam Ronis on Twitter. Uh, I'm at Rhoda Buzz guy on Twitter. Happy to answer. You can also hit us up in the, uh, in the fantasy Alarm discord if you're a subscriber. If you're not a subscriber to Fantasy alarm, trust me, you're gonna want to do it. We just run an all sports package right now. Um, so you get everything that's behind our paywall. Uh, go to fantasy and just use the promo code Howard, and that'll take a, a full 50% off right immediately for the, uh, for the whole subscription. And, uh, and you'll be fucking psyched, um, because then you can jump into the Discord and you can talk to me and Adam, uh, whenever you want. Speaker 0 00:57:15 You can hit up anybody from the fantasy alarm team. It is, uh, well worth the price of admission, especially here during draft season. We actually have a, a, a room on our discord specifically for if you are in a draft, in a live draft. Let me give you the live draft advice. Somebody is always in that room answering questions, uh, no matter what, so that you guys can be, uh, fully covered. So, uh, do yourselves a favor. Get your asses over to fantasy Use the promo code Howard, take 50% off. Uh, if that doesn't work because they're about to fire me, uh, hit me up at roto buzz guy <laugh> and I'll, I will, uh, personally help you out and find that discount, uh, for sure. But that's gonna do it for us here, uh, for this week's episode of Cash It, uh, Adams N b a Prop articles coming out on picks on Friday. Speaker 0 00:58:08 I've got a bunch of shit [email protected] right now. Spring training updates, the position battles we posted our bold predictions. Uh, there's plenty of stuff to get in there. All the front office insights with me and Jim Boden, it's all free over there for right now. The subscriptions will start up once the season starts, but for here, take advantage of the pre-season. Shit. It's all free. That's gonna do it for us. Big thank you to you for liking, subscribing, listening, uh, telling Adam that he's a, a, a homer for the Mets and and we don't like him. Yeah. Uh, Speaker 1 00:58:41 Meanwhile, Speaker 0 00:58:41 Whatever you wanna do. Speaker 1 00:58:42 Meanwhile, I'm, I think the Braves are better than the Mets, but I'm a Homer. Got it. Speaker 0 00:58:46 I know you do. How much does that hurt when you say that? It does hurt. It Speaker 1 00:58:49 Hurt a lot. They're fucking good, man. They're better than the Mets. Speaker 0 00:58:52 Does it hurt you? Does it really Speaker 1 00:58:54 Hurt? It does. It does. Speaker 0 00:58:55 That's awesome. I'm glad that I'm, I'm glad you feel that. Go Speaker 1 00:58:59 Blue Jays and race Speaker 0 00:59:01 Whatevs. Dude, it doesn't bother me. Yeah, it don't bother me at all. I'll see what happens by the end of the year when you're not in the playoffs. And we are, Speaker 1 00:59:10 Mets are making the playoffs relax. Speaker 0 00:59:13 Oh, I don't know about that. We'll have to see. Okay. We'll have to see. Um, but there you go. I'll tell you what. Next week, uh, next week's pre-season, right before the season starts, we'll be dropping the first, the last, the next episode of Cash. It. Do you wanna do, uh, some futures and props some last minute bets before the season starts? Sure. That's what we're gonna do. So stick around. We'll, uh, we'll catch you guys next time. He's Adam Ronas. I'm Howard Bender. He's been the Casia Podcast. A bye-Bye.

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