March 02, 2023


Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis, Corner Infielders & NBA Prop Bets to Watch

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis, Corner Infielders & NBA Prop Bets to Watch
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis, Corner Infielders & NBA Prop Bets to Watch

Mar 02 2023 | 01:09:38


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss some of the fantasy baseball drafts they are currently doing, break down corner infielders (first base and third base) and how to draft the positions, as well as talk some NBA players and prop bets to watch for the upcoming days.

MLB Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis -- 0:00
MLB Corner Infielders - 28:55
NBA - 58:01

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Got Adam Ronis here. What's up Ronis? How are ya? Uh, it's been a week since last we left off, um, and it's, uh, it's a busy time of year right now. N B A is back for you. Uh, fantasy baseball prep is, uh, is there for you. You, you must be, uh, in a world of drafts, cuz I am, Speaker 1 00:00:26 Yeah, definitely. Just insane amount of drafts right now. I'm in, uh, three slow drafts, uh, two Draft Champions Leagues for the N F B C. One is almost done round 48 out of 50. Uh, the other one recently started round six. And then T G F B I, uh, great Fantasy Baseball Invitational, a lot of people in the industry in that. So that one kicked off on Monday. I'll be in Florida this weekend for the Labor Mixed League auction. Then Tuesday I have my Tout Wars draft, uh, on base percentage. So yeah, dude, it's just insane. And then, you know, then a couple weeks later, N F P C G S T Home League. So yeah, it is draft season. Speaker 0 00:01:06 It is 100% in draft season. I, uh, I unfortunately had to bow out of labor this week, this year because I couldn't, uh, make the journey. However, uh, live coverage Sirius xm, uh, I will be on there Saturday night. I will be doing, uh, some, some broadcast coverage there. And then on, uh, on Sunday. When's, when's your draft? Speaker 1 00:01:29 Sunday? 1:00 PM Speaker 0 00:01:30 Oh, so yeah. Yeah. So I am, I am the broadcaster. I am there for the entire draft, uh, on Sunday, all five hours worth, uh, on my Sunday day. Just to sit there and, and pick on you and, and talk about how poor you are at drafting. Just all sorts of criticism. Are you excited about that? Speaker 1 00:01:50 Oh yeah, definitely looking forward to it. <laugh> <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:01:56 Dude. Yeah, this is for me. Yeah, this is, this is a ton of fun. I mean, you know, I'm gonna start doing some stuff over at, at Fantasy Alarm, some spring training updates, keeping some steady injury news, uh, coming out for everybody so that way, you know, everybody else, you know, everybody who subscribes and, you know, well it's, this shit's gonna be free. So, uh, anybody who wants it, you know, you can just come over to fantasy and be doing like a daily, uh, spring updates and injury, uh, article there. But on top of that, uh, T G F B I, uh, going on right now, uh, tout Wars draft and hold, uh, slow draft and, uh, in, in that one as well. And then, uh, on top of that, then, uh, throw me down a, uh, a fantasy football best ball with Mike Dempsey and Bob Harrison and those guys. Speaker 0 00:02:49 And I'm like, wait a minute. Because now it's like, I've got these, the barf draft is next, not this weekend because of labor, but it's the following weekend after that. So, uh, taking part in that, and I, and I gotta be honest with you, I, I think that, you know, Boden has been so, Jim Boden that is, has been so vocal about like, how, how Otani is being used. I was actually thinking about doing a league where Otani, um, would be able, you'd be able to get both his pitching and his hitting stats, like at the same time and lock him Speaker 1 00:03:28 In. Yeah. Yeah. My home league is like that cuz it's a Daily League. So the guy who has 'em, I'm, I think he's cheap. I forgot his price, but, uh, yeah, it's just such a, such a big advantage to have that. Speaker 0 00:03:38 It's a hu it's, it's huge. I was trying to explain to, to Jim, I was like, listen, if you're talking about like just a, if you're talking about a Points league Otani had, you know, like, I mean it was uh, I don't know, four, five, almost 500 points more than the next guy because of the way their point system was, was, was structured or most of the point systems were structured. So it was like on average, I mean, it was that, I mean, it's a huge, huge advantage. I, you know, and now I'm like trying to think, I'm like, well, how do you, how do you level the playing field? Or do you do something crazy, like have people bid, like use fab bidding on that one, one pick in the draft because you know that that's gotta be otani. Speaker 1 00:04:25 Yeah. There's, there's a, a fantasy football high stakes leagues that does that where you use your fab, um, for a draft pick. Speaker 0 00:04:34 I think that would be a really, really interesting kind of way to go about it. Um, but then also incorporating the third round reversal because I, I feel like if you've got Otani there at the top, you, you just, I mean, it's such a significant advantage. It's such a significant advantage because you could leave him, basically, you could leave him in a, in, in, in a picture spot and now all of a sudden you've got, you know, 600 more at bets. Its gotta be anybody else. It has be, you've got Speaker 1 00:05:07 Ot, but it has to be a Daily league. You can't do it in a weekly Speaker 0 00:05:12 Yeah, yeah. It's gotta be a daily. Speaker 1 00:05:13 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:05:15 But the fact that he's going to also hit on the same day that he pitches, I'm talking about getting those, those don't stats together. Speaker 1 00:05:22 I don't, I don't think you do though, cuz you have to put him in a spot. So if he's pitching, you put him in a picture slot, I don't think you can get his hitting stats. Speaker 0 00:05:30 Yeah, that's, that's the whole debate. Like that's the, that's the whole, Speaker 1 00:05:33 And either way it doesn't matter though, because if you're in a Daily League and you get his pitching and then his hitting stats the other day, you don't care. Yeah. I mean, it's gonna suck if he's pitching and he hits two home runs that day, whatever. But you're getting all the other stats, whereas in other lease you have to a weekly league, you have to make a decision at the beginning of the week Tout wears these two different players. Speaker 0 00:05:54 Right. Which is crazy. Speaker 1 00:05:56 Yeah. So, um, but yeah, I mean, he's the like, look in my home league again, it's a Daily League, the guy who has him. It's just a huge advantage. And, um, I I had barely edged him out to win the league last year. It's, it's just such a huge advantage to have him. Speaker 0 00:06:12 Yeah, yeah. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I, I was, I did a legal, you know, like two years ago or whatever it was that, um, I had Otani and I could, you know, it was a Daily League and I could move them back and forth. And it was, it was a huge advantage. Uh, you know, I mean, you and I talk about it when you look at the end of the year, when you look at the year leagues standings, look at the number of at batts for the teams that are up top versus the teams that are at the bottom. I mean, it's, it's significant. Um, and, you know, having otani and, and being able to move him back and forth like that, I mean, it's just, it's, it's huge. It is very, very advantageous. Um, not the point that I wanted to like jump on here, but in the sense that I, I might be creating a, a new league just to, just to screw around with it and see, um, what I want to do. It's, it's in the makings right now, so nobody at me on Twitter or something like that and be like, oh, I wouldn't, honestly, I don't even know if it's gonna exist. Um, where are you at in, uh, let's, let's, let's do a little, uh, comparison here. Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. Um, how do you like your, uh, how do you like your league? How do you like who you're going up against? Who are the, uh, any big guns that you, uh, that, that you're squaring off with? Speaker 1 00:07:28 Yeah, it's a tough league. Uh, Tanner Bell is in this league, Enal, Sarah Scott White, who I compete against in Tout Wars next week. Uhhuh <affirmative>. So yeah, it's been a tough league. I really haven't got much value. Um, I've been sniped quite a bit. Um, we're sitting in round nine, last pick in round nine. We were at a ridiculous pace. And then today it has really slowed down. I don't know what happened, <laugh>, but there's only been, uh, we're recording Wednesday afternoon. There's only been like, uh, five or six picks today. Um, but we were flying to start, Speaker 0 00:08:00 Um, we got off to a good start. We're in midway through round 11. Oh Speaker 1 00:08:05 Man, you're ahead of us. I think. I thought we were on a really good pace. I guess not. Speaker 0 00:08:08 We were, well we were on a, on a, on a great pace to, to start then it kind of, then it hit a lull somewhere between rounds five and six. And now, I mean, you know, it's, it's kind of been at a, at a, at a steady pace. What, what number are you drafting in yours? Speaker 1 00:08:24 Four. Speaker 0 00:08:25 Oh, you're see, you're four. I'm 11 in mine. Um, Eric Carle's in mine. Uh, I, I honestly, is that James Anderson? Maybe? That's James Anderson, who's, um, he's, he's Speaker 1 00:08:39 Good. If it's him, he's good. Speaker 0 00:08:40 Oh yeah, yeah. No, I know James Anderson's very, very good. Um, but yeah, I think, uh, you know, there are a lot of names that I don't recognize. Although I will say I do have, uh, Mrs. Salinger, that mouthy wife of Justin Mason <laugh>. I love her. I love her so much. She is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. And, and she's drafting right in front of me. Oh, she just took Daniel Bard the closer who I was gonna, uh, I was looking to grab this, this round right here. Well, thank you so much Mrs. Salinger. Speaker 1 00:09:16 You don't want Bard anyway. Speaker 0 00:09:19 No, you don't like, you don't like Daniel Bard? Speaker 1 00:09:21 No. He's coming off a career year. He closes in cores. Uh, if you look at a lot of the underlying numbers, I mean career year, man. Speaker 0 00:09:30 Oh yeah, it definitely was. It definitely was. But he also, there's, there's also minimal competition for him. And I'm not saying that the Rockies are a good team or they're gonna get a ton of saves, but he does seem to, Speaker 1 00:09:43 It's the only reason he goes where he does is cuz he has a Speaker 0 00:09:45 Job. He's got job security. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:47 And half the league, you can't say that about. Speaker 0 00:09:49 Exactly. So that's kind of where I was, uh, where I was eyeballing him. Uh, run through your team. So who do you got, uh, folks for, for the rest of, for during this show? I mean, we'll splash in some, uh, some, some N B A and some N H L, maybe even some N F L talk here. The focus today, we're gonna, we're gonna talk about our teams, but we're gonna focus in on the corner infield spots, first baseman, third baseman, uh, you know, depth of the position and all sorts of stuff like that. So, uh, if, if that's what, you know, you'll, you see this in the title of the art of the, the podcast episode. But just in case you're like, Ooh, ooh, who is it? We're just gonna warm up. We're warming up to it. I don't usually break that fourth wall and talk to the people like that. But for today, I'm going to Adam, I, I, I don't know why. So picking fourth, let me hear it, man. What was it? What'd Speaker 1 00:10:39 You do? Yeah, about, this is a 15 team league, 30 rounds N F C format. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I started off with Jose Ramirez it for Speaker 0 00:10:47 Love It. Love it. Um, he dropped to sixth in mine. What was your, what was your top five? Speaker 1 00:10:54 Uh, Aku, Julio Rodriguez, trade Turner Ramirez Judge Bobby Whit Jr. Speaker 0 00:11:00 Ah, okay. Ours went Aya, Julio Turner, judge Otani Ramirez. This is where my Bobby Whit went in, uh, eighth overall. And my right behind Kyle Tucker, Speaker 1 00:11:15 He, he's being overvalued in that spot. Speaker 0 00:11:18 Yeah. I feel like, I feel like that is a, a little too early for him. There are a ton of other guys. I'd rather have Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Juan Soto Moki bets. Um, I, I put Bobby Whit and I, and I, and I love Bobby Whit, don't get me wrong, I love Bobby Whit, but to me he's like 12, 13th, 14th, maybe like in that range for me. Speaker 1 00:11:42 Then even worse than o p. Speaker 0 00:11:45 Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, is this O B P in the, the Great Fancy Baseball invitation? Yeah, I didn't think so. I didn't think so. Where did he go in my, uh, tout wars? O B P. Oh, he went first pick of the second round. So 16th Speaker 1 00:11:58 Overall. Yeah, that's too early. He had a two 90 O B P last year. I know it could get better, but that's asking a lot. Speaker 0 00:12:05 Yeah, definitely. Um, all right, well let's hear the rest of your team. What you got Speaker 1 00:12:10 Edwin Diaz, Francisco Linor, Luis Castillo, AIS Garcia, Jose Abreu, Tristan Mackenzie, William Contreras and Chris Bryant. Speaker 0 00:12:22 Not bad, Speaker 1 00:12:23 Eh, it's okay. I don't know, man. Um, I don't love it. I don't know why Speaker 0 00:12:29 Lado Well what like, I mean, position wise, statistics wise? Speaker 1 00:12:34 No, I like the position wise. I don't know man. It's just, um, I just, I, I mean if I would've known that Class A would've gone, fell around three, I would've went probably ala in round two and then come back with Class A. Speaker 0 00:12:50 Ah, ah, okay. Speaker 1 00:12:52 And then round four, I was gonna take Dalton VA show and he went one pick before me. Then I'm like, all right, well I know I have a shortstop, but I really love Corey Seger, so let me, let me, he'll uh, he'll probably come back to me. So let me take a picture here. Speaker 0 00:13:08 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:13:08 And then Corey Seger went with the next pick, then around five. I was just like debating what to do. I didn't really love anyone there. And look, I know what Dolos Garcia has some holes in his swing and he chases a lot, but it is two years in a row that he's had power and speed and he did hit two 50. So I'm ho if he repeats what he is done the last couple years, I'll be happy with that. Um, Speaker 0 00:13:33 Did they shift, did they shift on him at all? Speaker 1 00:13:36 Uh, I don't remember. Speaker 0 00:13:38 I don't remember either. Uh, because I'm, I'm curious as to, you know, because for guys that, you know, with the shift being banned, I I do expect a nice uptick in batting average for a few of 'em. Speaker 1 00:13:50 Yeah, I mean Seager is obviously the prominent one. Uhhuh <affirmative>, I mean the guy was already a two 90 career hitter and had a career, uh, low batting average last year. So I expect his batting average to bounce back. So Abrao I thought was a good fit for this team, just cuz I already had, you know, some power speed three guys to start with. Ramirez, Langor, and Garcia, all power and speed. Um, Garcia batting averages a little bit of a concern. And I don't have a 300 hitter yet. I think Abrao could hit 2 82 90. A lot of the stat cast numbers were ridiculous last year. He moves to a great lineup, should hit some more home runs with that short left field par there in Houston. Um, so I thought he was a good fit. Um, but yeah, I mean now I'm starting to see guys go above their ADP band. Like Taylor Ward went third pick around seven and I really like him. But that is as early as I've seen him go and I had my eyes on him, Speaker 0 00:14:41 Uh, uh, last pick of round seven in my league. Yeah. For Taylor Ward. I like him too. Yeah, you're starting to see a lot of guys kind of creeping up the boards. Speaker 1 00:14:51 I think you're to the point now where if you like a guy, just take them, don't even worry about the adp. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And remember too, with some of these injuries like pit like Tyler Glass now and Joe Muscow, they haven't gone yet. That pushes other guys up the board. So I guess for me, the thing is, I guess I haven't had a good read, like things that I've expected to happen, haven't. Um, so I mean, again, I think the team is solid. Chris Bryant's a little risky. I mean, I know he was really good last year, the brief time we saw him in Colorado. He is healthy now. So I was like looking at a picture there, I was considering Nesta Cortez and I'm like, I knew he won't make it back, but I was like, all right, you know what? Maybe Lancelin will make it back. Speaker 1 00:15:32 He did not lancelyn win the same round. So, and I wanted, oh, I wanted Max Munsey in round nine. He went one pick before me. So yeah, it's just a lot of that. But I mean, yeah, I mean statistic wise, I mean I think it's pretty, so, I mean, I got a good base power and speed average might be a little low. I mean, I, Ramirez is it, it's the thing, Ramirez and Lenora are tricky. Um, cuz we sold Lenora have a good average last year, but the year before he did it. Um, so I think it's, I mean, I got good power and speed guys that hit in the middle of the lineup. Ram Ramirez, Landor Garcia, Abreu, all at Contris. I liked going to Milwaukee. He was really good last year. So I got, we spoke on a previous podcast I'm looking for, you know, so the Wilson Contreras, MJ Melendez, Alejandro Kirk, uh, William Contreras Range, or Sean Murphy, like, I want one of those in a two catcher league. Um, and Sean Murphy went second pick around eight. So I took William Contreras at the, uh, end of round eight. So, yeah, I mean, so it's, it's fine I guess. I don't know. Speaker 0 00:16:34 Yeah, I mean, listen, I I like my team too. Obviously there are certain things that I'm gonna, you know, need to kind of shore up on. Um, I went, uh, mine started, uh, Moki bets at 11. Uh, I took tattoos in the second round. Um, I went Matt Olson, Justin Verlander, Alec Manoa, Alec, Alex Bregman, Wilson Contreras, Nick Castanos, Nick Lalo, Anthony Rizzo, Tyro Estrada. So I need saves. I don't have anybody there. And I probably need a little bit of starting pitching. It's kind of funny on one side of, you know, like right on, on either side of me, everybody, you know, these guys went like crazy pitcher heavy. So I figured I was gonna go in, uh, to this kind of end. The, the four guys who were right behind me all fairly strong on pitching. So I was gonna say, all right, I'll grab my position player here and come back on the other way and take pitching. I was gonna look at a closer, um, to come back. There's really, there's not a whole hell of a lot out there closers this year. Man. It's crazy. They, there's like legit like being pushed up draft boards left and right. And it's, and it's funny too, because there really aren't that many guys, like we said, who have like, you know, who have that job. You know, 60% of the field is probably gonna like, lose their job by the end of, uh, end of May Speaker 1 00:18:08 And then everyone's chasing. So that's why I want to get at least one guy. I mean you. Yeah. Look, I never in the past took a closer this early in the dcs, the draft Champions league. So you can't make moves. I'm definitely taking one early and I've done three so far. I've taken class and hater and two, um, this one, the reason why I took Diaz in the second, I didn't love anything there. I thought one of those, I mean, after I took Diaz, five of the next six picks were pitchers. Um, and I would've taken one of those pitchers and then seeing what was there. I was like, I don't love it. And then what Ledor, I understand shortstop is deep, um, but you don't know how the draft is gonna pan out, right? Uh, so, and I'm fine taking two short stops early. Like, um, the team next to me at three, um, has Turner and Seager two picks in the first four rounds. But Turner does, no, Turner doesn't have afield eligibility anymore, right? Speaker 0 00:19:01 No, he does Speaker 1 00:19:02 Not. Yeah. So Speaker 0 00:19:03 Nor does he have second base eligibility either, Speaker 1 00:19:05 Right? So like, I don't mind that at all. People are like, oh, you, how are you gonna take two shot short stops in the first four rounds? Look, if they're gonna gimme the stats and that's where they belong, I'll take 'em. And that means you might be weak at third or second. Who cares? You're, you're, you have a legit middle infielder. So I was gonna take Cory Seger, um, if he made it back and he did not. Um, but yeah, I mean it's, you gotta, you gotta come in with a planet closer and I want to get one early now looking at the way it fell, um, I'm trying to think like, cuz I really like, where did he go? Oh, see, see again, had a, if I would've known like Ross Gladius went second to last pick around four. I, I really like him. He was really good when he came to Atlanta and he has a track record of closing. So maybe, maybe, I don't know man. It's easy to go back and look, but you don't know. You have to make the decision at the time, Speaker 0 00:20:02 Right? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:03 Look, Daz over a hundred strikeouts good e r a and whip, he only had 32 saves. He could easily get 40 this year. I think there's only a couple guys that can get 40 that, that's why. So look, you're either gonna look back on this pick and be like, oh, it was great. Good thing I did it. Or Oh man, he got hurt, he wasn't good. But I would like to get one closer early if I can. It is just everyone is, you know, it's easy to say, yeah, there'll be a lot of saves that come in on the wave wire. You are, you know, half the league and even the teams with two closers are still gonna be spending money on fab, on speculative closers. They might not spend as much cuz they're gonna be like, oh, it's a 15 team. Like I have two solid closers. Speaker 1 00:20:46 Cuz most people are not coming outta this with two, some are gonna come out with three shaky and they don't even know if they have the job. So everyone's gonna be spending money on fab and closes early on. And if you're that team that's desperate, you know, you're gonna be like, well, I really need this guy. I think he's the guy. I'm gonna have to spend 30%. And we all know a lot of those don't pan out. So if I could just get one stable, one early, maybe another one in around 12 or 13, depending who it is. And then obviously speculate on a couple relievers, especially now since we're still a month from the start of the season, uh, then in the reserve round, take a couple relievers and one of 'em might be my first cut. Speaker 0 00:21:26 <laugh>. Yeah, I, um, I, yeah, it's just, it's, it's funny. I mean, in the, uh, in the tout wars draft and hold, yeah, I just, um, you know, I don't know, man, maybe it's just the, the, the way I'm, I'm drafting, I just really wasn't looking for closers too early on. You know, I just, I felt like there was just more important, like in this, I mean, you know, bet's Tattooan Olson as, as my top three picks. Um, Edwin Diaz went off the board before me taking Olson. Um, but am I gonna pass up on Olson or Chisholm or Cedric Mullins or Louis Robert to grab like Ryan Presley there? And then, you know, like, so I, I took Olson and then Presley and Hater both went off the board and it was like, do I want Jordan Romano? Uh, or do I want Justin Verlander? Speaker 1 00:22:19 I would've done hater of a Olsen. As much as I love Olsen too, batting average is not great and he doesn't steal bases. And there's first basemen that you can get later on. And I love Olson. You know, a guy can hit 40 great, but not much speed, not an asset and batting average. Speaker 0 00:22:38 Um, yeah, not, not a, not a huge asset. Well, I mean, we're also gonna have to see they shifted on Olson a Speaker 1 00:22:45 Ton. Okay. But his average is not gonna drop 20 to 30 points. I think people are getting a little out of control thinking like, oh, now all these guys are gonna, it, it's not gonna jump that much. Speaker 0 00:22:54 What do you say, like 10 points Speaker 1 00:22:57 Maybe? I mean, again, it depends on the guys, but like, y you know, the saves are such a scarce commodity this year. Yeah, yeah. That I would've taken hater there if I were you. And again, I love Olsen, but at the same time it's like, okay, I can find someone that puts up similar numbers, doesn't have the ceiling of Olson, but later on, like even at Anthony Rizzo guy had 32 home runs last year. Speaker 0 00:23:27 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. No, I hear, oh, I got Rizzo as my corner infielder Speaker 1 00:23:33 Rowdy til Letz. Speaker 0 00:23:35 Yeah, yeah. No, I hear you. I hear you. All right. So that's, you know, that's kind of where we're, I just, yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm just, I'm having a lot of trouble with the closers these days and, you know, everybody Speaker 1 00:23:47 Is Yeah, Eric, trust Speaker 0 00:23:48 Me. Because even the top, even even the top guys, like, that's the thing is like, you know, I I I, I always kind of worry whether or not we're, you know, the, the masses are overreacting to the year before and the way it went. Or maybe it's because I had Liam Hendrix last year, <laugh>, and I got Yeah. You know, and I got burnt on that. And, uh, and it fucked me up for, you know, taking that, you know, that that guy right there, you know, it's funny. There really wasn't any kind of a, a big closer run. I would say it Presley hater Romano, um, was probably the biggest closer run. But then, like Devin Williams got sprinkled in here. Rice glaciers got sprinkled in there. Helsley Dova, I mean, so it wasn't, and yeah, I went with the, uh, I, I went with Mano. Speaker 0 00:24:36 I went with a number two starter as as opposed too, and I thought I was gonna get a closer on the way back, but there I was in round six, and I was like, wow, Bregman's still on the fucking board. Like, I believe in a bounce back for Bregman this year. So, I don't know, man, maybe I just, uh, I ignored, saves a little too much. Um, but I mean, whatever I, I, I feel like I'm, I'm, you know, in, uh, in Tout Wars, which is J Draft and hold, um, you know, sea Wald, LA Clark Kimbro, I mean, I'm sitting with those three and that was like, you know, definitely waited on saves there as well, Speaker 1 00:25:16 Right? And two of those guys might not even close. Speaker 0 00:25:18 Two of those guys might not even close. Then again, all three of them could close. Jerry Deto said in an interview that Paul Sea Wald is probably the guy who's gonna see the majority of saves work Speaker 1 00:25:30 Probably. Speaker 0 00:25:30 Right? I know, I know. Probably Speaker 1 00:25:32 Same Muno with Munos is really good. Speaker 0 00:25:35 Munos is very good. But as, uh, as, as Deto said, the way he built this bullpen, um, you know, he likes, he, he loves Munos, but he likes Munos in every situation. And that's always, you know, you know, we've seen this before. It's not always your best reliever, uh, in the bullpen who's closing out games for you. Sometimes you want that guy in those high leverage situations in the seventh and eighth. And then you have a guy like C Wald who just kind of settles down in, uh, in the ninth, um, yeah, Kimball's competing with Sir Anthony Dominguez and three other idiots in Philly. Danny sucked. What's, and he sucked. Absolutely. Absolutely. Speaker 1 00:26:16 I mean, the do didn't even want to use him Speaker 0 00:26:18 For a 23rd round pick here right now, where I don't have any saves. I figured I could give it a shot. Round 23. I'm also looking at, uh, Danny Himenez from, uh, from Oakland. Speaker 1 00:26:30 Yeah. For the 10 Save Opportunities they have Speaker 0 00:26:33 <laugh> <laugh>. Hey dude, you know what? You know what? Fuck that. Because for years in my HomeKeeper League in the late nineties, close to 2000, I fucking had Joaquim Soya as my locked in closer for the Royals who were a shitty team then. And, and he still ended up getting me 25 plus saves each year. Speaker 1 00:26:54 No, thi this team is awful. Speaker 0 00:26:58 Who's worse? Oakland or Washington? Speaker 1 00:27:01 Uh, I, yeah, Speaker 0 00:27:03 Exactly. I think Oakland, they both suck Speaker 1 00:27:05 Ass. I think Oakland, but they both suck Speaker 0 00:27:08 <laugh>. They do both suck. I don't know. I'll have to, uh, sprinkle in some, some hopefuls and some possibilities later on in the, uh, uh, in the draft. So, uh, saves not, not not my strong suit here early on in, uh, in some of these drafts, but I got good power speed combos and, you know, I love my, um, I love my, my, uh, my, some of my starting pitching. I really do. Come on. You, you know, you, I get to, I get to root with your Mets with you every, every five days. Every five games when Justin Verlander pitches. Speaker 1 00:27:47 That's right. See, just like I had every Yankee starter last year. Speaker 0 00:27:51 Yeah, but you were still a dick about the Yankees. Speaker 1 00:27:54 Oh, I mean, <laugh>, you're a dick about the Mets. Speaker 0 00:27:58 Yeah, but the Mets deserve it. The Yankees don't. Speaker 1 00:28:00 Yeah. Right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 0 00:28:01 No, they don't, don't be like that. Um, alright, so that's what's going on in our T G F B I drafts again. You know, everybody posts them. I love, who was it? Somebody finally, Todd Zola. Like, he tweeted something that I actually tweeted like two or three years ago. Uh, I was like, yeah, everybody loves their team after three rounds. <laugh> people are like, oh my God, I can't believe they let me start off by draft like this. And 11 first Speaker 1 00:28:32 Two picks and 11 of them are gonna be losers in Speaker 0 00:28:35 October. <laugh>. Oh my God. Unreal. All right, so last, uh, last podcast episode of Cash It, we covered catchers. Let's, um, let's talk some, uh, some, some corner infielders first and third base cuz you know, I mean, listen, we're only doing these podcasts weekly right now, so we kind of have to double up on the positions and make sure that we get you guys, uh, all, all sorts of covered here. Um, I mean, they're kind of, you know, we can, we can go 'em at the same time or we can talk about, um, first base first. You wanna go first base other than the fact that you're gonna shit on my, uh, my Matt Olsen pick. Speaker 1 00:29:20 Not shitting on it. I'm just saying shit on it. I love Matt Olsen always been a big fan. Um, but there's an opportunity cost to take him. Speaker 0 00:29:30 Yes, yes, yes, yes. I mean, Speaker 1 00:29:32 Look, uh, you know, there's Vlad Freeman, obviously Alonso all good picks early on, uh, who I mentioned. I like the move to Houston Paquins solid. If he, I mean, the guy who had more walks than strikeouts, I think verse base is not as bad as years passed. I mean, Christian Walker, Reese, Hoskins, Rizzo, Mount Castle, if he played another park, man, he really got hurt by Camden Yards. Roddy Toles, yeah. It's gonna come to the low batting average, but the power's legit. So there's some good options at first base. I don't think it's as thin. I think people thought last year first base was thin. I, I don't think it is this year. Like, I don't feel the need to have to take a first baseman early if I'm sitting in a spot where I can get Vlad Freeman Orlon. So sure, I'm gonna take it, but it's not a position where I go, oh, I gotta get my first basement. Now it's drying up. I I don't see that. Speaker 0 00:30:28 Yeah, I, you know, listen, I I love getting my my power hitting first basement. I really do. And, you know, I mean, yes, I, I could, I could wait on the position. I, you know, in, in this case here, you say you would've taken hater over him, even if I didn't take, you know, hater over him and I took Matt Olsen, I could've gone around and taken another closer. I could have, instead of taking Manoah, I could had Verlander and then gone with like Ryan Helsley or Camilo Al or, or, or, or something like that. I could've gotten into the closer game. So, uh, it wasn't a matter of saying, um, I'm either gonna go with first base or I'm gonna go with saves. Um, I just, I'm also, I'm just, I'm a huge sucker for, uh, for, for Matt Olson. I, I love him. Speaker 0 00:31:13 I love him very much in both, uh, you know, o B p and, you know, potential batting average. Whereas these are his projections. His projections we're bullish on him there. Look at that 2 72 batting average that is kind of bullish. I wouldn't mind it though, for sure. Um, but yeah, I would say, you know, from Vlad Freeman, Alonzo Goldie, Matt Olson, then, you know, then you can talk about a brau in there as as well. Cuz he is in a much better, I mean, he is, he's in a, an equally hittable park and he's got a a, a strong lineup around him as well. So I can, and Speaker 1 00:31:51 Even, even Innovative does, even if the power doesn't go up substantially had 15 omers last year, even if he's 22. Yeah. The batting average in the counting stats. So to me, he's, uh, roster construction piece. And again, with the, the power and speed that I built early and a little suspect batting average in a DOIs Garcia thought a brega was a good fit for that squad. Speaker 0 00:32:13 I agree. I agree. I like PAs Guino. Speaker 1 00:32:16 All right. Haven't after him yet. Speaker 0 00:32:18 I, I, I, um, I don't think I've drafted him yet either, have I? No, I don't. I I don't, um, settle something for me as far as his nickname goes. I hear people saying Italian breakfast, which I think is just stupid and, you know, kind of racial, uh, in that sense, just because, you know, it's PAs quintino. How do we know that? You know, he's not Portuguese. Why are we throwing the Italian breakfast on there? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:32:47 It could be Kenyon too. Who knows? Speaker 0 00:32:49 He could, he could be Kenyan. You have no idea. But I'll tell you what, I also heard a nickname of his that I think should hold a lot better. I think Paqua is so much better. A fucking nickname. Speaker 1 00:33:03 No, um, I have, I have no opinion on it. Speaker 0 00:33:05 You have no opinion on, on a nickname? No. Uh, maybe it's because I'm also, I, you know, when I first started writing baseball, I was covering the Royals and, uh, and I was, you know, Billy Butler's nickname was Country. Country Country. No, it was Country Breakfast smothered and covered in O P S. Right. To me, <laugh>, that was the greatest. And I kept incorporating his nickname and all sorts of like, cooking phrases into all of his player notes, which were on like Yahoo and E S P N and uh, and obviously Rhoda Wire. So yeah, the Italian breakfast part didn't, didn't really work for me. I do like the fact that the, the the, the dude could steal some basses. It's not a lot, but you know, if any anything that he can contribute, um, I'm definitely in on there. Um, but then, yeah, I mean, you know, every, everybody else then beyond that has warts. Nathaniel Lowe, CJ Kron, is he gonna do it again? I mean it's Coors, you gotta love that Reese Hoskins, like, yeah, you did say Christian Walker is uh, is a possibility, but that batting average kind of eats it as well. What do you think of Andrew Vaughn in, uh, in Chicago? First place out? He's outfield eligibility. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:34:21 He's okay. I haven't drafted him yet. I mean, look, I think the White Sox are just better off with Tony Laa gone period. It's just gonna be a good thing for them. Cause a lot of those guys did not have good years. So I expect them to bounce back. You know, he is an asset in batting average. He doesn't strike out a lot. Um, and should hit middle of the order. So yeah, he's fine. Speaker 0 00:34:41 He works for you. Um, Ty France, does he work for you? Speaker 1 00:34:46 Yes. I mean, preferably as a corner infielder. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, but yeah, I Speaker 0 00:34:51 Mean, oh yeah, when I'm like shifting down here and I'm talking like Ty France, uh, you know, even Toles Josh Bell, I'd much prefer him as a corner infielder than actually my Speaker 1 00:35:01 First one. Yeah, France is always gonna give you a good batting average, you know, not elite power, but the counting stats should be good. Pretty good lineup. So I know it'd be, you might have disappointed a little bit last year. Um, actually no. I had two more home runs in the year before the runs were down 83 rbis, I mean 20 83, 2 74 corner infield spots. Not bad. Speaker 0 00:35:24 No, it's not bad at all. If you, if you're locking that down in your corner infield, it doesn't, it, it definitely doesn't suck. Um, when you look further down the list there and you start moving in, well you've, you've mentioned Toles, so you like Kim. What about Josh Bell? Jose Miranda turned it up, uh, late last year at one point. Um, anything further down there? Speaker 1 00:35:47 Yeah, I think Bell should rebound in Cleveland. Speaker 0 00:35:50 Bell should rebound in Cleveland. Okay. I can dig that. Anything further in there? Kronen worth? Arias. Josh Nailer manes. Do you go for the rookie and Tristan Cassis? Speaker 1 00:36:07 Yeah, I don't really love any of them. Speaker 0 00:36:11 Um, Mancini uh, Jared Walsh making his way back from thoracic Outlook syndrome? Speaker 1 00:36:18 No, I think Mancini could be okay Speaker 0 00:36:22 As long as the the, the wind is blowing out. Speaker 1 00:36:26 Yeah, that tricky. Wrigley Speaker 0 00:36:28 <laugh>. So what's your, what's your general plan in when, when you're picking, when you're drafting first basement, obviously yes, if, if, if Vlad Freeman, Alonzo, Goldie Olson, if it's an appropriate moment for you, although it sounds like it's Vlad Freeman and Alonzo and then we'll see what happens. Um, at that point of the draft here, how have you, uh, how have you handled it in like your draft champions and the stuff that, that you've done so far? Speaker 1 00:36:57 I haven't gotten the elite first basement, cuz I rarely picked at the end. I mean, I just started a draft picking 15 and Freeman Vlad were gone I think was even Alonzo gone? No, no, but I have seen Alonzo go 15 in the league. Yeah. My T G F B I, he went 15th. Um, which I don't think is crazy either. Um, lead power, he's improved his contact rate every year. He actually does not strike out a lot for a power hitter. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so I haven't been able to get any of those early guys. So it's kind of been a brau in a couple leagues already. Speaker 0 00:37:33 That's like your sweet spot and you're getting him what, like seventh round, eighth round Speaker 1 00:37:37 Si Yeah, sixth, seventh round and a 15 team league. Speaker 0 00:37:40 Okay. All right. Yeah dude, have you done any 12 teamers yet? Speaker 1 00:37:46 No. Speaker 0 00:37:47 Yeah, <laugh>, I did one, I did the mock draft for fantasy alarm, the first mock draft and it was, it was insane doing a, a 12 teamer after only doing all of these 15 teamers. Speaker 1 00:38:00 It's a big adjustment cuz I've done it in the past where I'll do the N F B C main event and then do the 12 team online. And it's just, you really have to have a different mindset. You have to be willing to cut players quicker. And that's something I've had to learn cuz you know, you want to stay patient like, oh, I believe in these guys, but that 12 team league, you gotta turn the back end of your roster a lot and play the matchups every week. There's just way more available on waivers. And I guess too, when you draft, you can be a little bit more aggressive knowing that there's gonna be more on a waiver wire where it's tougher to do that in a 15 team league. Speaker 0 00:38:33 It's definitely tougher to do it in a 15 team league. Yeah, no, I was just looking for like, you know, draft thoughts on that because yeah, it really, it it changes your mindset and I like the fact, you know, that's, it's a good point that you can be more aggressive when you're doing a a 12 team or, I mean, yeah, it's, it's so funny when you're just like, holy shit, look at the depth <laugh>, it's unbelievable. I'm like looking around in like the eighth, ninth round of a 15 teamer and I'm like, fuck, where is everybody? And then, uh, and a 12 teamer. I was like, we were in like round 18 and I was like, ah, this is a fucking breeze. Click, click clickety click. Feeling good. Um, all right, so first base, that's kind of where you're at. I like to grab myself a a first baseman, a a an early guy. Speaker 0 00:39:21 Um, and I tend to, yeah, I tend to, to try and get like that, that middle range, you know, like somewhere between ranked 15 to 20. Um, I don't mind grabbing a guy as my corner infielder as well. I think it's, um, you know, I mean obviously the, the position knock wood is not taxing, uh, injury-wise. Yeah, you get some, some random things there, but I always kind of like having that, uh, pair of first baseman sitting there in the corner infield and the uh, and uh, and obviously first base, so, uh, third base. What about that one? How do you treat in that, that position? We kind of touched on it a little bit, um, when we were talking about Gunner Henderson and where, uh, where he's been, uh, been getting taken. What are, what are your thoughts on the, uh, third base position overall? Speaker 1 00:40:09 It's top heavy. Um, it's not deep. So, um, you know, or Ramirez goes around, one Machado usually goes around one Riley round, two devs round two Anado in round three, which I don't like. Um, then people are like, oh, then it's Bregman Gunner Henderson, and then you start to see a drop. So, I mean, I'd like to get one early if I can. Uh, then you got, let's see, then you, you wait a while, then you got Matt Chapman. Look, I think the power rebounds, but you know, you're not gonna get a good batting average, so you gotta account for that Same thing with you and Neil Suarez power's legit. He really had a, a good couple final months, but you're not gonna get a great batting average. I mean, KA Bryant Hayes just hits the ball hard on the ground all the time. I mean, I don't know where the power's coming from. And is he gonna run? Speaker 0 00:40:59 He's gotta, he's, he's gotta pick up that launch angle. That's really what, what needs to happen. Speaker 1 00:41:04 So I'm not in on him. I'll, I need to see it first. I do like Alec Bo, um, he's a guy that increased his launch angle late in the year last year. Good Hitters park. Good lineup. So I don't mind him, uh, Brandon jury's got the multiple position eligibility, but, you know, was that a career year? It is a good angel fly Speaker 0 00:41:21 Though. I, I was just gonna say, I mean, you know how it's not like Brandon jury is like some 23, 24 year old kid. I mean, the dude's been around for a while and then yeah, last year he goes and he puts up this fantastic season that Speaker 1 00:41:36 In Cincinnati, Speaker 0 00:41:38 Right? In Cincinnati. So, you know, you're talking about a pitcher's ballpark in, in Anaheim. And I, you know, again, I I I where like, where are they gonna play 'em? I mean I know that they can, they can move him around the field, but I mean, I guess, uh, I guess second base would probably be where he would play the most. Cuz Rendon will be at third at least until he gets hurt. Speaker 1 00:42:05 Yeah. Which will be April 18th Speaker 0 00:42:08 <laugh>, I guess they've got the, I guess they've got jury slotted in at second base right now. Speaker 1 00:42:15 Yeah, I think he's gonna play, but I mean, most of the production last year came in Cincinnati. Um, yeah, he, he'll probably play, I think he's gonna play second. Speaker 0 00:42:25 Yeah, I Speaker 1 00:42:25 I I know he's probably gonna hit six. So he is Ward, trout, ot, Rendon, Renfro, he's gonna have a lot of opportunities driving runs, but I don't feel great about taking him. So yeah, third base is, is it's real top heavy. Um, that's why you see a lot of those third basemen go early and then it's uh, I don't think you're gonna have your third base spin as a corner infield or in many leagues. Speaker 0 00:42:51 No, probably not. No, probably not. Although I think I might in, in the draft and hold dude, man, I'm sorry fan tracks, but I really don't like your software here. I really don't like this draft software. Are you drafting on fan tracks at all or is all your shit on N F C Speaker 1 00:43:17 N F B C right now? But fan tracks they do use for the draft, uh, for Tout Wars on Tuesday and then they move it to on rdo, Speaker 0 00:43:26 Right? Yeah. Which is what we're doing. <laugh>, we're gonna move it from this shitty site, <laugh>, we're gonna park it at this other shitty site. I mean, I don't even know how many years I've been in Tout Wars, <laugh>, I just, I don't think I'll ever get used to that website. I mean, it's so, like, it, it, there's nothing about that website that inspires me to explore it further. Speaker 1 00:43:55 See, I'm used to it by now, but yes, it is not the most user friendly site. Oh Speaker 0 00:44:00 My God, dude. Trying to like, trying to, trying to pick up waivers and I Speaker 1 00:44:04 Just say like, how you can't do like the N F C, they let you duplicate a list. So say you put like 10 guys in a drop, you just hit copy and that same list goes to another and then you could just drop down the menu and on the player, I don't know why they don't have a feature like that. You gotta manually do it for everything Speaker 0 00:44:24 Because that site was created in, in <laugh> Speaker 1 00:44:29 1926 Speaker 2 00:44:31 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:44:33 I mean, I Speaker 2 00:44:34 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:44:40 I mean, no, nobody knew that shit in 19, 19 26, but 1986, I'm sure somebody had an idea for something when the internet really, when did the internet take off? Was it 90, what, 1990? What, where were we? It Speaker 1 00:44:56 Was late nineties, right? Speaker 0 00:44:58 Well, I mean, you know, 19 97, 19 98 with the inter, you know, that was like the fantasy sports boom on the internet. So you gotta figure, all right, so then I guess if, if that was the, uh, the Boone for Fantasy Sports, then I guess, yeah, this, this on Rhoda was probably, uh, first created by some bizarre coder in like 1995 or 1996. And he, and he built it that it could never swap it. He just built, built it, so it could never be Speaker 1 00:45:38 Oh man, Speaker 0 00:45:40 <laugh>. Ah, man. You know, like, I don't mean to run it down if you're on the Town Wars board and you're <laugh> and you're listening to this right now, I don't mean to run it down, but come on. Yeah, we Speaker 1 00:45:50 Love it. Speaker 0 00:45:51 We love it. No, we don't, we don't, they're not Speaker 1 00:45:54 Gonna change it, bro. I mean, you Speaker 0 00:45:56 Guys, like, it's one of the guys, it's one of the guys who's like, you know, in like the higher up group of like friends with the, uh, with the T board. It's like Peter Kreitzer, you know, cousin's, brothers, sisters, uncles, nephew, Speaker 2 00:46:11 <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:46:12 Something like that. Because I really, I don't, I don't, I don't, I I don't, I, yeah, I I mean with the, with the advances that you've seen technology-wise, like, I don't even know like who's on on Roto besides Tout Wars? Is anybody Speaker 1 00:46:29 <laugh>? I don't think so. Speaker 0 00:46:31 Is this like, if, because if this is a site that's exclusive to Wars, get a, you know, go hire some like 19 year old brainiac and, and just put 'em to work, get 'em, uh, get 'em, you know, give 'em like $5,000 and a case of Red Bull and say fix this site. Make it more user friendly. I think you could get it done in a week's time, I think. So that, uh, that's, that's the plan. You know what I'm gonna put from now on, I'm gonna put my Tel War's dues into escrow <laugh>, and I'm gonna tell 'em that they can have it all. Uh, as soon as we're either off on rdo or on RDO gets an update, uh, for this decade, Speaker 1 00:47:12 Let me know how that goes. Speaker 0 00:47:18 Ah, look, Adam doesn't wanna make Speaker 1 00:47:20 Waves. I don't, I, I make enough. So I'll leave that to you, Speaker 2 00:47:25 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:47:29 Um, all right, so where were we? Third base Rendon at the bottom there. Turner, Josh Young. Speaker 1 00:47:36 I'm good with Turner. I'm good with Turner. I know he's older, but going to Fenway Park and the Green Monster. Speaker 0 00:47:43 Dude, so funny how much you love Speaker 1 00:47:44 Him, but I'm just saying like, he's still a guy that I think of hit for average, he's gonna play DH instead of third base that should help him stay healthy. He's a 2 78 the last two years. Um, doesn't strike out, uh, walks. He's solid in O B P league. I mean, you know, you're talking to O B P 3 53, 61 400 the last two years, career 360 6. You're getting that in the double digit rounds. Yeah, there's not gonna be good power there. Um, but I think being the DH should probably help him stay healthy a little bit. He's not gonna be on the field as much. Um, and again, fem Weight Park, green, monster Pepper that, um, maybe sees a little bit more home runs. He's, he's a flyball hitter, so I'm fine with him. Speaker 0 00:48:25 Okay. All right. What if we go down even deeper? Let's see. Well, who was, I was thinking, I think it was Jim Bowen that I was talking to. I asked him about Moncada and he was like, Nope, I was, nevermind. Speaker 1 00:48:41 No, no part of him bro. F this guy. Speaker 0 00:48:43 No Speaker 1 00:48:44 F this guy a podcast. Fuck this guy Speaker 0 00:48:46 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:48:47 Yeah, man. Nah man. Like dude, it's amazing. Like he was like this top camp, miss Prospect, he has sucked bro. He has done nothing. He's done. He's had one good year and he was absolutely horrendous last year. And then, I dunno if it was last year or two years ago, we heard, oh, he was eating so much sugar and candy and he cut it out. Well, you might as well go fucking eat it cuz it ain't Speaker 0 00:49:06 Well that was, that was two years ago, right? When, when they said it. Well and then he was supposedly walking into last year wanting to run more and then he fucking got Speaker 1 00:49:17 Hurt. Yeah. Two stolen bases. Yeah. And two stolen bases. Speaker 0 00:49:19 Come on. Yeah, he got hurt. Speaker 1 00:49:21 He's got five stolen bases over the last three years. Speaker 0 00:49:24 He got hurt last year, Adam. Speaker 1 00:49:26 Okay. It doesn't matter. Speaker 0 00:49:27 It does matter. Speaker 1 00:49:29 Okay, so he's gonna be good this year, you're Speaker 0 00:49:31 Saying you're No, no, no. I didn't say, I didn't say was gonna be good. I'm just saying that, you know, he got hurt last Speaker 1 00:49:35 Year. Well what? He doesn't do anything. There's no power, there's no speed, no average. Like what does do, Speaker 0 00:49:40 It's really weird, right? Speaker 1 00:49:40 I mean yeah, it does nothing God Speaker 0 00:49:42 Damn coming up through the Red Sox organization, that dude was stealing like 50, 60 bases and he just did nothing. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:49:49 I'm not wasting Speaker 0 00:49:49 Pig. Speaking of stolen base, John Birdie. So Jim Bowden was in, uh, in uh, Marlin's camp yesterday, was talking to Skip Schumacher, the uh, uh, the new manager over there who was talking about, um, I I think what happened was was Jim was talking to him about the outfield and he was asking him about that. Uh, and, and Shoemaker was like, you know, he was all in on uh, on Brian D. Cruz. Speaker 1 00:50:14 Yeah, I like him. Speaker 0 00:50:17 Yeah, Shoemaker says that it's, it's breakout season's coming. He's he's just, he loves the kid. He's all in on him. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:50:23 They sent them to the minors. He worked on his approach specifically hitting Changeups and he had an insane September. I know it's one month, but So he said he's gonna be the starting in the starting outfield. Speaker 0 00:50:36 He, he is Brian De Cruz is his left fielder. Speaker 1 00:50:39 Okay. But he's probably gonna hit at the bottom of the order though to start. That's the only thing. Speaker 0 00:50:42 Um, yeah, we didn't really get much in the, uh, in the, Speaker 1 00:50:45 I mean I gotta Jin because you got Chi Chisholm, sole Rey is gonna hit up there. Sura Garcia Cooper, so I mean maybe seventh, but you know, if he does well and there's injuries he could move up. But yeah, I like him. He's a, a late round pick. Speaker 0 00:51:00 So here's where it got interesting. Asked about Sole and the DH spot and Skip Shoemaker said that his DH spot, he considers that he just a, a position to rotate guys so that everybody gets, you know, like a day off every like, you know, whatever, five or six games that, you know, somebody gets just, just because it's, it's Shoemaker considers being the DH a half day. So if a guy plays, you know, five of the six games in the, uh, you know, at third base, uh, he'll DH 'em on that sixth game. So, you know, just to like give him like a rest from the field and whatever. And, uh, and, and so it just kind of, it it it just kind of bolsters the fact that of, or the question really is um, you know, what kind of bat bats is John Birdie gonna see if this is the way that Skip Shoemaker runs through everything and he, and he legitimately does rotate his DH as opposed to just leaving somebody in there and uh, you know, cuz I mean Bernie's led the league in stolen bases. It means that he is a one category guy but he's also been predominantly a one category guy because all he is doing is coming off the bench. If he, if he gets like four outta six games during the, uh, during a course of a week, I think that's pretty solid. Speaker 1 00:52:30 Um, he started a lot last year cuz I picked him up in tall oars and he obviously helped me in the stolen base category tremendously. Um, but even, okay, but even if that's the case, I mean how many games is he's playing a week? Two to three? Cuz you got I would think so. Larry's gonna DH most of the time. You still have Advers sale. Garcia De La Cruz Chisholm was gonna play center and Jesus Sanchez. So yeah, Speaker 0 00:52:56 They are not big on Sanchez at all. Speaker 1 00:52:59 Okay. Speaker 0 00:53:00 That's, that was like, that was like the whole thing. They are not big on Sanchez. Like Jimmy even asked about Sanchez and fucking Shoemakers turn the conversation to a different area like twice. Speaker 1 00:53:16 Oh well, okay. So then I guess they could mix in even so though in a weekly league, I think it's gonna be tough Daily League. Yeah. That's Speaker 0 00:53:22 Different in a weekly league. Yeah. Listen, in a weekly league, of course. How many, like every week every game that you play is a weekly league. How many daily leagues do you play in? Speaker 1 00:53:31 Uh, one. Speaker 0 00:53:32 You only play in one Daily League? Speaker 1 00:53:34 Yeah, just my home league. That's it. I mean, uh, N F P C style format, you can change your lineup on Friday. So for T G F B I, that's the way it is. Main events. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> all ocs, um, draft champions. But yeah, I mean Tal ORs is, is weekly. I mean you could activate guys off Dial L and stuff. That's weekly league. So, uh, labor is weekly. So yeah, mostly weekly. The one only daily is my home league. Speaker 0 00:54:01 What about the Gotham league. Speaker 1 00:54:03 I'm not in that. I've, uh, I've had conflicts on the dates and I haven't been able to make it back. So yeah, I think I've been outta that league now for three years. Speaker 0 00:54:11 What about the G S T Speaker 1 00:54:13 Weekly? Speaker 0 00:54:14 Weekly, Speaker 1 00:54:15 Yeah. We model that after N F B C. Speaker 0 00:54:20 All right, man. All right. When's that draft? Speaker 1 00:54:25 March 21st. Speaker 0 00:54:27 Nice. Nice. All right, so third base, how you handling it? It's basically, it's uh, it's very top heavy. You're trying to get one of the, uh, one of the top six, top seven guys. Speaker 1 00:54:40 Yeah, if I can, I'm trying to remember. So obviously T J F B I have Ramirez. I know one of my other dcs I bom was the starting third basement, I think, and, and I got Matt Chapman too. Um, so yeah, I mean, probably one of the top 12. And again, you know, Chapman has the flow of batting average, but second year in Toronto, moving the fences in. Um, you just have to make sure when you construct your roster that you're protected from that, uh, potential low banning average. But I do think you're gonna get really good power out of him. Uh, you know, I had 27 home runs last year, you know, I hit 2 29. Um, so he is probably gonna hit around two 30 Again. Speaker 0 00:55:22 Gotta get yourselves some Luis Arias, <laugh> two for the price of one. Put them together. They can be a superhuman baseball player. I hear a Rise is gonna do a lot of leading off in, uh, in Miami. Speaker 1 00:55:40 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:55:41 Yeah. It's Speaker 1 00:55:43 Another, where's Ja? Where's Jazz? Gonna hit second, third. One Speaker 0 00:55:46 Second. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:55:47 Okay. Speaker 0 00:55:48 I mean, it's still a great spot. Jazz is hysterical. Jim says he's like one of his favorite interviews. Speaker 1 00:55:54 Yeah, he seems like it. He's on the cover of, uh, what is it? Mlb the Speaker 0 00:55:58 Show. MLB the show. Yeah. He says you can bank on 2020. He wants to be 30. 30. Eventually he'll be 40 40. And that peak season that he puts up, he wants to be 50 50. We're like, all right, <laugh>. I, I love a guy who sets the bar high for himself. Yeah, why not? I Speaker 1 00:56:18 Doubt about it. I mean, Aaron Hicks said, was it last year he was going 30 30? That worked out well. Speaker 0 00:56:22 <laugh> Jazz Chisholm versus Aaron Hicks. Come on now. You're just now, now you're just being mean. Now you're Speaker 1 00:56:29 Not. I'm just saying. All these guys say, yeah, Speaker 0 00:56:30 I wanna be, oh, you know, listen, but you had to go to a Yankee part-time outfield. Speaker 1 00:56:34 It just came to my head. Speaker 0 00:56:36 Oh yeah, because, because your first instinct is to go against it. Oh, is this because, is this because we shit on Mr. Met during the, uh, during the show yesterday at Fantasy Alarm? Speaker 1 00:56:47 No, I didn't hear it. So fuck you guys. Um, Speaker 0 00:56:50 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:56:51 No, it has nothing to do with that. I was just thinking of a player that said something so outlandish. We knew it couldn't be reached and Hicks was the first one that came to mind. And I've liked Aaron Hicks. I've always drafted him. I actually took him in a draft championship, I don't know, like around 38. I mean, they saying he's gonna play every day. It might not last. He did have an R B I single today up the middle. Speaker 0 00:57:14 <laugh>, <laugh>, gee, Willers, R B I Single up Speaker 1 00:57:17 The middle. Yeah, I mean, it's a start Speaker 0 00:57:20 And Fantastic. All right, so there you go. I think it's a nice rundown of the corner infield spots, uh, basic strategies given who you've had. Um, I in, um, well, I've got Gunner Henderson in, uh, in Tout draft and hold. He was my guy, uh, Bregman. I've never, I've never drafted Bregman. I've never drafted him. I, I, I think I, I just, uh, I I just became best friends with Larry Shecter. Speaker 1 00:57:49 Yeah, there Speaker 0 00:57:50 You go. Now, now that, uh, now that Bregman's there, I might have to screenshot this for, uh, for Larry to see, he'll be so excited for me. Speaker 1 00:57:57 I'm sure Speaker 0 00:57:58 <laugh> and that's winning fantasy baseball. All right, Adam, what's going on in the, uh, in the wonderful world? So the N B A has started back up. We're in the second half. The Lakers have all gotten hurt now, so I don't have to listen to Jim talk about it. Um, what have you seen so far coming back? What's the, uh, how your, how's your prop situation look what's new? Speaker 1 00:58:23 Yeah, no, it's a good time in the MBA right now. Um, you know, I've been on the Bucks to get to the finals all year and they are just absolutely rolling right now. Um, won 14 in a row and oh, 15 in a row. Uh, they are now the one seat in the East Conference by a half game over Boston and Chris Middleton's still on a minutes limit. Um, so they're building him up. So really like them in the east. The Knicks actually have been a big story. They have been playing great basketball eight and two in their last 10 games now up to the fifth seat in the Eastern Conference. Um, so they've been a, a big story. And then obviously, um, Kevin Durant making his Phoenix Sunday debut Wednesday night. We're recording Wednesday afternoon, so that's gonna be something to watch, uh, to see how he adjusts cuz uh, the Luca Don Kyrie Irving pairing has not worked out well. Speaker 1 00:59:16 They are one in four with those two guys playing together and the one win was over, over the shitty Spurs, um, <laugh>. So I look it's gonna take time for them to acclimate, but I never thought that that was a title contender team and, uh, golden State should get Steph Curry back next week and all of a sudden they are up to the fifth seed. So if the playoffs started today Phoenix, golden State in the first round, that would be absolutely insane. Wow. Crazy. But I don't think that's crazy. I don't think that's gonna happen though. Um, I guess it's, I guess it's possible that cuz the Sacramento Kings just keep winning and they are the third seat in the Western Conference. They've won four in a row, seven of their last 10. Um, the biggest surprise probably this year, uh, Denver means the one seed in the west, uh, Yoki, another triple double last night. That's his hundred triple double of his career and, uh, a heavy favorite to win v mvp and I don't see him losing it. Speaker 0 01:00:08 Okay. What's the line on him now for V mvp? Speaker 1 01:00:13 It might be minus 300, I think it was minus Speaker 0 01:00:16 Minus Is it all the way down there that now Speaker 1 01:00:17 It was minus two 50 when I looked the other day, but I just, I don't see, they're the number one team in the Western conference. He's, uh, averaging close to a triple double, um, just putting up insane numbers so I don't see him losing it. Let me see the awards on DK minus three 50 and Beads plus four 50 Giannis plus eight 50 and Tatum plus 1500. I mean, if Giannis finishes strong maybe, but cuz they are the ones he, but I doubt it. He's probably gonna sit here and there. Um, and he's got a couple injury scares twice. I mean, it looked like he didn't participate in the All-Star game festivities then he played in the All-Star game, scored a basket and sat. I'm like, all right, he's gonna miss some time now with the wrist injury. Wrist injury. And he played first game outta the All Star break and then over the weekend he left with an knee injury and then he came back, played last night against the Nets and crushed him. So, Speaker 0 01:01:16 So what? Speaker 1 01:01:18 No, I he's fine. Speaker 0 01:01:20 <laugh>, I thought you guys thought there was more of that sentence. Speaker 1 01:01:24 No, no, what I'm saying he's, he's good to go <laugh>. Um, but here, here's a, a, a prop, um, I've discussed this with John and Pemba, he's talked about this a lot too. Jarron Jackson, his blocks at home are just insane. He's averaged like over four blocks at home last night. It was two and a half, I bet that, and he had four blocks. So when you see Jarron Jackson at home look for his blocks prop for some reason, I don't know what it is, he, they, they can from more blocks at home, he's averaging like almost double the amount of blocks at home compared to the road. And uh, yeah, it was sitting at two and a half on Tuesday night. So I bet that at minus one 30 and it cashed Speaker 0 01:02:03 Nice. Speaker 1 01:02:04 Yeah. And now with props, you're gonna be looking on teams that like are sitting guys like, uh, the Thunder Sha Gil is Alexander is out with like seven injuries. So a guy like Jaylen Williams, you'll look at, uh, the Hornets are probably gonna have some value of the Mellow Balls out for the year, uh, the Pistons with um, Marvin Bagley and James Wiseman. So, you know, those guys are probably gonna see some low prop numbers and you could take advantage of that. So those are just some things to look at at this point. And Damien Lillard, bro, I never seen a prop this high Tuesday night, his prop was 37 and a half points. He obviously did not go over, even though he went over <laugh>, he went Speaker 0 01:02:46 Over that. I was gonna say the previous 10 games. He, what did he do? What did he do for the five games prior that his prop was that high? Speaker 1 01:02:53 Well, he had a 70, was it 71 or 72 point game, that's why. Um, and he actually had 19 points in the first half and he finished with 23. Cuz there was a, there was a boost on DraftKings, Luca and Damien to each score 30 or more. And I didn't take it and, uh, it didn't cash. Lill had 25, he was nine to 21. So Lillard's last few games, 25, 71, 26, 39, 40, 38, 33, 28, 40 29, 42, 42. So yeah, he averaged, he's averaging 38 and a half points per game in February. Speaker 0 01:03:27 Right, okay. Speaker 1 01:03:30 I just wish this guy could play in the NBA finals. I love him, but stuck on that shitty Portland team. Speaker 0 01:03:35 Right. And what's his contract situation? He, Speaker 1 01:03:38 He's, he's signed with them. Like he, he is said like yeah, Speaker 0 01:03:41 Like recently son. Yeah. Speaker 1 01:03:42 He is like, I don't wanna be one of those guys that goes and joins a super team. I'd rather try and win something here, but it's uh, not happening. It doesn't look like, Speaker 0 01:03:54 Yeah, well poor guy. Speaker 1 01:03:56 Yeah, I don't think, don't have to hear about the Lakers much either, man. LeBron is proud. Speaker 0 01:04:00 LeBron Russell's Speaker 1 01:04:02 Out. Davis is sitting on, um, Wednesday night on a back to back a game they really need, they need against the th and their, their underdog. So Speaker 0 01:04:10 Yeah. All right. Well as always, check out, uh, Adams, uh, NBA prop. Be article over at, uh, picks You can always listen to Adam Ronis. Uh, is it five to 7:00 PM Eastern on the Better Sports Network and eight to 10:00 PM Eastern along, uh, with a, uh, fantasy sports in-game betting show, uh, with, uh, with both shows with Justin Fensterman. Speaker 1 01:04:36 Yeah. What did I do to deserve that? Speaker 0 01:04:38 Ah, <laugh>, uh, nothing. It was, uh, again, it was just a, a, a plot by somebody to drive, uh, bender into the ground because who the fuck is gonna cover me now when I need to, uh, take a day off? Right, exactly. <laugh>. Exactly. Exactly. Just fucking run me into the ground. Run me into the fucking ground. You got any, uh, you got any Rangers fever now that, uh, they're, uh, they're making moves here at the trade deadline? Speaker 1 01:05:14 Yeah. Um, always a big Rangers fan. I don't follow him as closely as I really want to, but, um, actually I, the All Star break, I watched a couple games. I saw the game where they came back against, um, I saw the Game Against Calgary and who was the other one? Damn, I can't remember. But yeah, they were, they were two pretty good games. Speaker 0 01:05:37 Yeah. Well, with, uh, what Patrick Kane coming over, um, they, they picked up Tara Sanko earlier because they didn't think they were gonna be able to get Patrick Kane. They ended up making that work. And the, uh, they got, did you see that they got the Coyotes involved somehow? So the rain, the, they, I think it's, um, what should we call it? The Rangers are picking up like 50% of his salary and then No, no, no, no. Yeah, it's like, I think the Ranger's only paying like 25% of his salary. 25% of his salary is being paid by the Arizona Coyotes. Uh, and then another 50% is being paid by the, uh, by the Blackhawks. So, um, you know, classic, uh, classic New York Rangers move, man, you gotta get that, that 35 year old guy, um, who's had a, uh, a phenomenal career and you just, you know, shooting for that one last Stanley Cup. Speaker 1 01:06:33 I mean, they have a young team, mostly. Speaker 0 01:06:37 Mostly. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I just, you know, I mean, I I I I think it's funny, you know, when we bring him in and, uh, you know, him and Panera were so good in Chicago together, uh, when they played on the same line and yeah, it's just, you know, it's that, that that free, it's that old timer free agent guy who, uh, who you kind of make that move for. Um, so hopefully it pans out. It didn't pan out for me last year. Would I, uh, sprinkle a little something, something on the Rangers, uh, and Steren Steren turned into a, a dog shit play in the playoffs. It was crazy. It's very disappointing. Yeah. I'm just gonna sit there and fucking silence. Speaker 1 01:07:18 Oh, what do you want me to say? <laugh>? I hope the Rangers do well. I'm excited, man. I mean, it's always good when the Rangers are Speaker 0 01:07:25 Good. React Devil, are you, are you, are you, are you looking for props while we're talking here? Is that what you're Speaker 1 01:07:30 Doing? No, I've, I've already bet three props. I, oh, and I took this Giraffe King's boost. Man, I hope they didn't sucker me in. It was Kevin de Durant to score 15 points or more. Hit one three and the Suns to Win plus 100. I mean, how does Kevin Duran not score 15 points in his son's debut? Hit one three and the sons win against the Hornets when they're 10 point favorites, so we'll see if they suckered me in, but yeah, I, I I bet that Speaker 0 01:07:56 <laugh> they hate you. Why hate you? I dunno. Oh, I, I <laugh> because they do. Why? Why? Because you're unlikeable. Yeah. About Speaker 1 01:08:10 That. I've been told that Speaker 0 01:08:12 <laugh> Speaker 1 01:08:12 Not by women, though. Speaker 0 01:08:14 Yeah. Know. Well, it depends. Not, not that they've said to your face. Speaker 1 01:08:20 That's fine. As long as they're nice to my face, that's all that matters. Speaker 0 01:08:24 Oh, that's all <laugh>. That's a, that's a low bar right there. As long as they're nice to my face, that's all. Yeah. I don't Speaker 1 01:08:32 Care. Say whatever you want as long as, uh, well, okay. I forget it. I don't wanna get Speaker 0 01:08:36 Canceled. Oh yeah, no getting canceled here right now. Especially cuz you know, it's, yeah, you know what? Yeah, I just, we'll just, we're just gonna cut it off right now before either one of us <laugh> says something stupid. How about that? How about that? So, because we know Speaker 1 01:08:53 Shannon won't edit it out, Speaker 0 01:08:55 She will not edit it out and she'll probably like highlight it. She'll probably put a couple of Pamm Pamm pamm, like right around it so it's highlighted, uh, even more so there. So, um, big thankss to everybody <laugh> for listening in. Uh, hope the, uh, the Corner Infield Talk helps, uh, as we go through the draft next week, Adam, and I'll, uh, we'll dive into some middle infield, some spring training updates and, uh, and all the fun stuff you need to win your fancy baseball, uh, leagues this season. So for Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. Catch you next time.

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