March 09, 2023


Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy, Middle Infield Breakdown & NBA Best Bets

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy, Middle Infield Breakdown & NBA Best Bets
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy, Middle Infield Breakdown & NBA Best Bets

Mar 09 2023 | 01:05:44


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis break down their fantasy baseball drafts, favorite fantasy baseball draft strategies and discuss middle infielders (second base and shortstop) and how to draft the positions, as well as talk some NBA players and prop bets to watch for the upcoming days.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here by my side. What's up Adam? How's the week been, man? How's, uh, it's draft season. You having some fun? Speaker 1 00:00:14 I'm trying to, but yeah, it's been a grind lot going on. You know, I had the auction for Labor on Sunday in Palm Beach, and then Tao Wars on Tuesday, T G F B. I just wrapped up in the middle of a Draft Champions League. So, yeah, it's, it's fast. It's going on and, uh, but I don't have another draft, I believe for at least a week, if not war. So That's good. Speaker 0 00:00:39 Uh, bullshit, man. You're gonna end up doing a draft champions again, don't lie. Speaker 1 00:00:43 Uh, no. I, I think the plan was three and this is the third one. Um, yeah, we're in around 22 out of 50, so it's gonna take probably another week to finish. And by that time it's gonna be mostly redraft. So, no, I think this will be it. Speaker 0 00:00:56 All right. Well then that's good because I might need your help in the mock draft Army then get you just do a, just get you to do a fun quick mock. Speaker 1 00:01:05 Okay. Speaker 0 00:01:06 I've already listened. I've already spoken to, you know, DJ Short is in on it. Vlad Settler is in on it. Like, I got some good guys who wanna do, you know, I mean, I'm not talking about doing like crazy mocks like I used to do at the mock draft Army, but I mean, like, you know, like legit five or six guys, you know, in there with the, uh, with the listeners. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna hook you in there. That's it. You've just committed. Thank you. Appreciate it. Um, how is labor? Tell me about it a little bit because I, you know, for those of you who don't know, labor takes place down. Uh, you are in like the near the Tampa area, um, that you're, Speaker 1 00:01:44 No, it's not, this Speaker 0 00:01:45 Is Where were you Pensacola? Speaker 1 00:01:47 No, Palm Beach Gardens. Speaker 0 00:01:49 Palm Beach Gardens. Speaker 1 00:01:50 That's the other, other side. Speaker 0 00:01:52 Palm Beach Gardens on the, it's on the eastern seaboard of Florida. Yeah. Oh, shit. How far away from Fort Lauderdale? Speaker 1 00:02:04 Uh, probably an hour because I went to dinner son of a, with Rick Wolf and Ryan Hallam, and we took a Uber to Boca Raton, which was 45 minutes. Speaker 0 00:02:15 Damn. I wish I had known, I would've pushed harder to go because I thought it was on the west. I thought it was on the west coast of Florida again, but just in a different area. Um, damn, I would've gone and visited some friends. All right. Anyway, so how was it down there? Because I didn't get to go and, uh, and you actually got to go in my place, not for the, the same league, but you know, you got to, uh, go hang out with everybody. Spill the tea, who got really drunk and stupid, who made an ass out of themselves, who was, you know, really cool to hang out with. Speaker 1 00:02:51 I actually didn't really get to hang out too much. Cause Saturday I visited with a friend when I got there. Um, and then Sunday I had the auction hung out. Uh, the, the draft room for us was pretty cool. It was a loose room, a lot of joking, so that was cool. But then a lot of people were leaving on Sunday, like after the draft, so Oh, yeah. So that's why I went to dinner with Rick Wolf, Ryan Hallam, and couple of Rick's friends. That was cool. It was a fun time. A lot of wine was ordered at dinner, seven to eight bottles for like six people. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:03:25 We, we did that. We did that at F S G A <laugh>. Yeah. Went out to dinner with Rick. It's a lot of wine on the Speaker 1 00:03:32 Table. Yeah. So that was fun. And then when we got back, it was just the three of us kind of hanging out, uh, drinking and talking, because again, a lot of people laughed. So I left early Monday morning, had an early flight and had to come back and get right back into the mix. So, uh, yeah, no, no, it wasn't really time off at all. But, you know, it's always good to see people in the industry and and draft. Speaker 0 00:03:57 Yeah. Oh, dude, I, I was very, very, I was on the broadcast. I did the, um, like Saturday night I did like three hours of the labor. Al the one that I usually am, the, uh, I'm usually the auctioneer for that. So Saturday night I was doing that one. Um, and then Sunday was the, uh, the mixed, uh, and I did the full broadcast for that. You and Hal great teams, by the way. Great teams by the way. I mean, it was like, you know, to, as somebody who's just sitting there watching like value play, you know, like him getting guys, getting top guys for under how much I thought they should have been, you know, paid for. Um, and then watching you like build that pitching staff that you did at the tail end where there were the o there was, there was one move that I was like, I think it was, um, you've spent eight on Charlie Morton. And I was like, Hmm, you know, if you're gonna spend eight on Charlie Morton, you should have gone for the eight on Logan Gilbert, um, was probably the only one. But then you got like Tyler Molly, you got Hunter Brown, you got some really good guys there for like, under five bucks that I was like, ah, see, there you go. Now the fucking pitching staff is rounded out. Speaker 1 00:05:17 Yeah, I wound up spending a lot of money on the offensive side. I thought a lot of p players were going underpriced. It was just weird. Even the closing market was really underpriced. And I jumped in on one early, cuz Diaz went for 21 and I got Class A for 18 and I was feeling good. I'm like, okay, $3 difference. Cuz in drafts they're not that much different. I've seen drafts for Class A has gone ahead of Diaz, but then the rest of the guys went really cheap. I was like, what is going on? And even some of the other bats and pitchers, like, there was just a lot of players that went under price and you can't, and that's a scenario people like, oh, so then why didn't you spend, well, I spent on 20 bucks on a bunch of guys and I had a 30 and a 33. I can't get everyone, but there was just a lot of prices where I was sitting. I'm like, what is going on here, man? But I guess that's how it goes with that one sometimes. Speaker 0 00:06:12 I mean, the, the funny thing is, is what we've seen, and we've seen this in tout and labor on the regular, is when you're talking about, um, a 12 team mixed league, um, you know that there's gonna be great bargains at the end. And so we've seen, we've seen people like you, Derek Van Riper, you guys come out swinging hard and, and getting the big guys because you know how plentiful the player pool is, and you know that at the end you're gonna be able to get some decent guys for, you know, four bucks here and there. That way you're not, you're not, you're not, you're not going full blown stars and scrubs, you know, the player pool well enough that you can build a, uh, you know, you can come out and grab those big names, uh, and then show some patience. I think everybody in, in your labor mixed auction, uh, was very hesitant. Speaker 0 00:07:04 I mean, I wasn't able to like sit and watch any of the bidding. I think we talked about this when I brought you on to, uh, onto Sirius XM for the interview. Um, you know, I think everybody was just ev everybody was holding back money. Nobody was really out swinging hard. Uh, except for Shelly, Shelly Verg stra, you know, she came out like swinging hard for three guys and got 'em immediately, uh, and then had to like sit and back off for a little bit. But, you know, something that we'd, uh, you know, oh, it, it's, it's a, it's a move that you have to, you have to watch. Like when I'm nominating players, you know, you always have to nominate with purpose in an auction. And when I'm nominating guys, I tend to, like, I'll throw out, uh, you know, Edwin Diaz just with the sole purpose of not grabbing him, not not buying him unless he's like super under the value of what I have. Speaker 0 00:08:03 I want, I want that guy to, you know, set the benchmark for me. Like, I wanna know if Edwin Diaz is going for $21, then okay, great. Now I know what the rest of closers like, what the range should be for them. It's not, they're not gonna go, they're not gonna go higher. So, you know, I kind of like doing that in auctions. And then if you see people are, are, you know, hedging or, or just not throwing their bid money around, you kind of have to take advantage of it. And I think Hallam did a good job with that, with like Kyle Tucker and Julio Rodriguez. Um, you know, guys who are going for, you know, Dylan Cease, I think he got for 18. So, you know, these guys who are going for, you know, good four, $5 under where I have them, you know, what I, what I have them earmarked for in like the fantasy alarm cheat sheet. You know, you, you have to, you have to notice that that trend is happening and, you know, try and capitalize on it for sure. Speaker 1 00:09:03 Yeah. And that's, you know, sometimes if you spend early, you wind up getting bargains. Other times you don't. But I think in this instance there were quite a few bargains early and I got Lenor for 22 early. Yeah, I thought that was a little, I thought that was a kind of a bargain. I mean, O'Neill Cruise went for 22 or 23. So again, I know O'Neill Cruise has tremendous upside, but at the same time, he struck out 50% of the time against left-handers last year, his lineup isn't as good. Um, and as much upside as there is, there's still downside with the batting average. Whereas with Linor, you know what you're getting. And even if he doesn't produce like he did last year, he is still gonna give you solid numbers across the board and hits in the top of a, a very good lineup. Speaker 0 00:09:53 Well, what'd you, what'd you pay for Austin Riley? Like 30. Speaker 1 00:09:56 30. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:09:58 Which is like four or five bucks cheaper than I thought he was gonna go for there. So you, you were able to kind of capitalize on that one as well. Speaker 1 00:10:06 Yeah, apparently I'm a big Braves fan this year. Um, <laugh>, that's what people keep telling me cuz I have a lot of Speaker 0 00:10:11 Braids. We didn't notice that Speaker 1 00:10:12 <laugh>. Yeah. Um, but like I said, and I hate the braids obviously as a Mets fan, but I do think they're better than the Met still. And, um, you know, they have a lot of good fantasy players. So, uh, I will take players that help me win and, um, the Braves have a lot of good fantasy players, uh, from across the board. I mean, a Kuya who I took in tout and I've taken in a couple dcs, I've taken allies. Where did I take Alies? I took 'em recently. Oh, I took him in, um, labor now 18 bucks. Um, I've taken allies, uh, I've taken Riley. I have Riley in a keeper league. I have Kyle Wright, I have Max Fried Charlie Morton. Uh, I think Rosselli Glacia is a really good, and a lot of jobs I see he goes like, sometimes six seventh clothes are off the board. Speaker 1 00:11:00 Uh, I'd take him a little higher. So, and then Braves have a lot, a lot of good talent. Oh, Spencer Strider, who I didn't even plan on getting Strider, I haven't taken him anywhere, but in this draft, he went, uh, in the Labor 25 and it stopped. I'm like, okay, I'll take it. Uh, we know he is not gonna throw 200 innings, but if he's strikeout rate is what it was last year, um, said, yeah, he is gonna be real productive and in a position to win a lot of games on that team. So yeah, I have, I have a ton of Braves this year. Speaker 0 00:11:27 <laugh>, I love the fact that you're so old school. I can hear you turning pages. Speaker 1 00:11:31 Well, no, I was the only, no, I, I have because I wrote it. What I do is I wrote, I I print out page and then I have another page where I list the positions, right. Every day. I was the only person in that room that didn't have a laptop. Like, I had one, but I didn't bring it with me. I'm like, yeah, I don't need it. I just have my sheet with the tiers and the prices and, and uh, a she, I'm like, what do I need a laptop for? I've never used draft software ever. And it's crazy because a lot, some of those guys are older than me in there. Um, but yeah, I just, I just, it's Speaker 0 00:12:05 My, come on. There's no way. Tim McLeod was, uh, was using a laptop. Speaker 1 00:12:09 Well, he wasn't at Labor. Speaker 0 00:12:11 I'm kidding. Sorry. I was just, you know, I know Lenny Melnick wasn't there, so I was just grasping at who the next oldest guy was. Speaker 1 00:12:19 <laugh>. Um, actually that room, you know, that room was not a ton of older people to think about it. Yeah. It was kind of a Ariel Cohen, Nick Pollock, Craig Mish was supposed to be there but couldn't make it. So Brett Hershey was drafting for him, but he gave Mish gave him all of his players and prices. And I had briefly spoke to Mish before and he is like, you know what, I'm just gonna be aggressive and take risks. I'm like, Byron, Byron Buxton, right? He's like, yep. And I think he did get him <laugh> Speaker 0 00:12:47 <laugh>, yeah. Um, <laugh>, Ariel Cohen. So <laugh>. So, so I told Ariel before, you know, I was like, dude, you, you gotta come on the show and, and you know, do your, your draft breakdown. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:05 I relay that message. I relay that message to him. Cuz you texted me that, Speaker 0 00:13:10 Was that about Ariel or was that about uh, Doug. Uh, Doug Speaker 1 00:13:15 Anderson. You told Ariel to do an Ian Con impression. You that's what you texted Speaker 0 00:13:18 Dude. His Ian Con impression was fantastic. Speaker 1 00:13:20 Oh, I didn't get to hear it. I guess have to go. Speaker 0 00:13:22 Oh, you're gonna have, you know what, you can go on the SX M app and search fantasy drafts and search for the labor mixed and uh, and get yourself <laugh>. Um, I mean it was, uh, it was very late in the broadcast. I think it was probably like the fourth hour Speaker 1 00:13:37 Reserve round cuz we were waiting for him and they're like to start our reserve round and they're like, yeah, he's two floors up and you can hear him. Speaker 0 00:13:45 Oh, that was great dude. It was great. He'd just say, you know, he tried to like deepen his voice a little and talk about George Washington <laugh>. I was like sitting there. Right. Kyle Ri is just doesn't know what to do. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:14:01 He probably, okay. Speaker 0 00:14:03 Raff is, Raff is hysterical. I'm fucking losing my shit. I'm like peeing in my pants as he's doing it. It was so funny. It was so funny because, you know, cuz the night before on the broadcast, Ian Khan did an Aeriel Cohen impression. Speaker 1 00:14:17 Yeah. And it's good. I've heard it. Speaker 0 00:14:19 Yeah. Oh, he does a great aerial impression. So yeah, it was, uh, dude fucking Ariel was just, oh, I was dying. I was dying. Absolutely. I I, you know what, man, I mean, he's so fucking good. I, I don't wanna lose to him, but I gotta do more shit with Aeriel Cohen. Right. I gotta do more leagues with him because he is just, he's such a great dude. If you guys don't, Ariel Cohen, uh, beat the Shift podcast. He also does some writing over at Roto Baller. Um, yeah, give g at the ATTC projections. That's Ariel Cohen right there. He's ah, yeah. Speaker 1 00:14:54 I love this. And I also, uh, play softball with him once in a while. Speaker 0 00:14:57 Oh, I heard that you filled in on his, uh, on his championship winning team a couple of times. Speaker 1 00:15:02 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:15:04 Yeah. See, there you go. Ariel Cohen if you're listening buddy, we love you. We definitely do. Um, all right. So auction labor, fun, fun stuff there. Uh, and then, um, we both finished our, uh, our T G F B I leagues. Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. Um, do you like your team? Do you not like your team? Speaker 1 00:15:28 Yeah, I like it. I thought my league was really difficult though. There was hardly any value. Um, I thought there was a lot of sharp picks. It was a very difficult draft. Speaker 0 00:15:42 Um, yeah, I th you know, my, I mean I thought I, I have a lot of sharp people in mine. Doug Anderson was in mine. Eric Caribelle is in mine. Couple of people who I don't know who I, you know, thought they did a, a good job with their picks. Um, so that was definitely going on. But yeah, I mean, I dig my team. I, dude closers are gonna be my, uh, my Achilles heel this year. Closers are gonna be my Achilles heel. I know it because I just, I don't like taking 'em that early and you know, all of a sudden then the fucking run goes and I'm like, Ugh, do I really do I wanna go with like David Bednar over, you know, like some other like, you know, quality player, but I guess I'm gonna have to start, I'm gonna have to start paying a little earlier for him driving me nuts. Speaker 1 00:16:38 I've been doing it pretty much every league, uh, T G F E I, I took Edwin Diaz round two, uh, in the labor, took manual class A for 18 and Intel ORs. I took Felix Batista at the end of round six. I debated taking one earlier and the second or third I was kind of reading the room and I'm like, you know what? They're gonna wait a little bit on closures, but picking third out of 15, once you pass on round four and five, you know what run's gonna come. So, uh, Diaz was the first one at three nine in that one. So they did wait a little bit longer. Um, so Batista is kind of right there on the cutoff. I know he is kind of dealing with shoulder knee issues. He's gonna throw bp. So it sounds like he might be ready to start the season. I hope so. Uh, cuz I waited till the end around six, so if he was gone, I might have had to wait a little bit longer. But I still only came away with one in Batista. And then I took, uh, a couple shots late on right now the Lopez in, uh, Herget from the Angels. So one of those guys pan out, Don, then I'll be okay. If not, I'll be, uh, flocking to the waiver wire like everyone else. Speaker 0 00:17:46 Yeah, that's, you know, I mean that's, that's gonna be a, a huge pain in the ass. And I guess, yeah, that's, with the way that the closer position is set up, I'm gonna have to start grabbing 'em a little earlier just to, you know, just to, just to make sure that I keep pace, cuz Yeah, the last thing I want to do is have to sit there and constantly like, spend the entire season, you know, run into the waiver wire and, and like having to spend, you know, too much of my budget. You know, I keep a, a draft book so that I know how much I'm spending, you know, um, on a position as the season's going on. Uh, and I don't want to be spending like 50% of my freaking budget just chase and saves. Speaker 1 00:18:33 We don't want to, but we always wind up doing it. And this year with so many unsettled closer positions, oh boy, it's gonna be more fun than ever. Speaker 0 00:18:44 It is definitely gonna be more fun than ever. Not really, like by, like you're saying, fun and I don't think you mean fun. Speaker 1 00:18:51 No, I don't. Stressful Speaker 0 00:18:53 <laugh>. Um, I started off my RAs slam draft now the RAs slam. Here you go. I, you know, really kind of funny with the way it is now. It's a, it's a points league, it's 12 teams. Um, you know, they did a good job of kind of balancing out the scoring a little bit. Like if you look at, like, look at the, the scoring from last year and where everybody was. You, you had all your top hitters, like in that realm, you know, as the, uh, as the top point scorers. They definitely value power, um, a lot in the, uh, in the res slam. They also, I mean, you know, speed too, but, so I had the second overall pick and I took Turner, uh, and then it came all the way back to me. And fucking both Garrett Cole and Corman Burns were still on the board. Speaker 0 00:19:44 Like I even, you know, especially in a Points League, I never see that. I never see that. Um, you know, somebody always jumps at the, at the top starting pitching. So I took Burns with my, my second pick, and then the dude who's right in front of me took Jazz Chisholm and Francisco Linor. And I was like, oh, now I'm sitting here with Cole and Burns. So <laugh>, uh, you know, and I never start off a draft like that. You know, me, you, you know me, you've seen me draft. I never start off a draft like that. Um, and there I, so my first three picks were Turner, burns and Cole. And then I just, you know, now I'm just pounding offense, you know, I'll probably end up like, you know, I, I mean I don't, saves aren't gonna be as big a deal, obviously D as in Class A, they went off in the seventh round. So saves are, you know, as coveted in a points league at least based on the way that this scoring goes. So I think I'm just gonna keep pounding offense the rest of the way. Speaker 1 00:20:50 Yeah. Every point he has a different scoring format, so you really just have to look at it closely and see, and usually speed and saves tend to be devalued in those formats. They're just not as many points Speaker 0 00:21:01 Correct. So we'll see what happens. I, you know, my offense that I just started pounding, it was like Adley Ruman, Jose Abreu, uh, Castanos Taylor Ward, and you know, it's been a, a, you know, a day and a half since my last pick. So I'm very excited to see who's, who's coming up next. Cuz a lot of people now are like grabbing like two and three starters. So very, very nesting. All right. So a little bit of draft analysis, tales of labor and, uh, and the, uh, the debauchery that never happened for, uh, for a little trip to Florida, which, there you go. I mean, I guess, uh, I guess I didn't really miss a whole hell of a lot there, huh? Speaker 1 00:21:44 Well, I don't really know what happened Saturday. I know, uh, there were some people out drinking pretty late. Speaker 0 00:21:49 Oh, okay. All right. Well, and then I'll just have to go to somebody else for a different story. Somebody who didn't go see a friend. I'm with you. Um, as always guys, for, for, you know, what we're doing over at Fantasy Alarm, just so that everybody knows, is that, you know, there's like a whole, uh, channel in our discord that if you are in your draft, you can hit us up and, uh, and you know, we'll, uh, you know, we'll kind of help you help coast you along. If you go to, uh, the fantasy alarm discord, not the DFS alarm discord, there is a, um, a little chat here, uh, you'll see at fantasy baseball draft advice. So live fantasy baseball draft advice, that's the fantasy alarm discord. So you have to, uh, you have to be a subscriber. Uh, the draft guide and the rankings are free, and you can go to fantasy draft guide for those. Um, but the Discord and, uh, and a number of other things like our DFS package and everything like that, that's, uh, part of the AllPro subscription. So you can go to there, go to fantasy and use the promo code Howard, and you'll get 50% off. We don't have a bonus, uh, erroneus bonus promo code. Adam, I'm sorry, Speaker 1 00:23:09 That sucks. I don't know what's he doing? Speaker 0 00:23:12 Everybody just has to go to your TikTok account now and follow it. Speaker 1 00:23:16 Yes. Add Adam Ronis. Let's go. Speaker 0 00:23:19 Yes, I know. I follow you. You show up on my, uh, on my feed with the Ronis bonus. It's always nice to see way to way to go. You, you should really, you should incorporate a TikTok dance. Like it's just you sitting at your desk. Speaker 1 00:23:33 Yeah, well, there's no dancing right now. Speaker 0 00:23:36 Show some, you know, do something, man. Come on. Show some cleavage. Do you know, do something. You gotta liven that shit up, man. This TikTok, gen Z. They, they need that. Speaker 1 00:23:49 All right, I'll work on that. Speaker 0 00:23:50 Please get it done, man. Get it done. <laugh>. I don't even, I haven't even posted anything on my fucking TikTok account. I think I just, I just use it just to, you know, entertain myself while I'm taking a shit. I just start, I just, I do, I sit there and I just start flipping through like TikTok videos while I'm taking a crap. I mean, I get like a lot of standup comedy, which is great. Um, you know, a lot of, uh, a lot of dog videos, some cat videos as well. Um, uh, and, and I do it that way. But then, yeah, then I see like you with the Ronis bonus and Ricky props Rick Kala. I love seeing those. Dude. Have you, have you watched his, uh, his live stream with, uh, with, with Lisa Ann Speaker 1 00:24:31 Sometimes, and he comes on, uh, our show on the playbook, usually on Wednesdays to talk hoops with us. Yeah, he's got the, the disco background, like, Speaker 0 00:24:39 Yeah, it's the disco background, man. I <laugh> fucking love that <laugh>. Him and Lisa Ann have had me out a couple of times and I'm just, I'm still, I'm mesmerized by it. <laugh>. I'm like, this is great, man. I wish I had smoked before I had, uh, I had shown up here. At least then, uh, it'd be that much more entertaining. So TikTok, man, I'm coming for you. I'm coming for you, TikTok. Although I think, uh, have you looked into the, the stunt app? Have you looked into that? That was what Michael Irvin was promoting at the F S G A? Speaker 1 00:25:17 Yeah, I started following them on Instagram. Speaker 0 00:25:19 Ah, Speaker 1 00:25:20 And downloaded the app too. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:25:22 Yep, yep, yep. I downloaded the app too. Um, might have to look into, uh, in, into some collaboration over there. Maybe we will, uh, we'll take a look. You know, I mean, listen, cuz Irvin's now a good friend of mine and, uh, and I can hit him up. Speaker 1 00:25:37 Yeah, okay. Speaker 0 00:25:39 Well, you, you doubt Speaker 1 00:25:41 Me. Yeah, I do. Speaker 0 00:25:42 That's hurtful, man. It's really hurtful. All right, well then, you know what? You, you just, you're not invited now. You're no longer invited. Maybe Lisa Ann will invite you, but I'm not gonna Speaker 1 00:25:52 Invite you. She will. I can count on her. Not on you. Speaker 0 00:25:55 A hundred percent. A hundred percent. She is a much better friend than I am. Yeah. I'm about to sabotage you now. Trolling and sabotage. That's what I'm all about. Um, all right, so that's everything for, for draft season right there. Now, I mean, we're gonna stay with MLB here, um, because it's time now for our middle infield breakdown, Adam second base and shortstop. Shortstop. Nice, super deep position. Second base, little on the top, heavy side, uh, you know, guys like, uh, Altuve and Chisholm and, uh, Ozzy Alby and Marcus Simia. And that's like the, the top end there. Then you kind of, uh, then it kind of trickles down for you. Um, how do you approach each position? Obviously every draft is different, but like your general strategy for middle infield. Speaker 1 00:26:48 Yeah, there's so many good short stops, but it doesn't prevent me from taking one early. I mean, I think you have to take the best stats early on. Um, you'd like to wait if you can, but I was gonna take two short stops in the first four rounds of, uh, T G F B I. Um, I decided not to, hoping that Corey Seger would make it back for around five. He did it. But the team three next to me did. They took Turner around one Seger in round four, and I got no problem with that. If you feel like they're the best players. And while shortstop is deep, it does drop off after a certain point, kind of after the top. I'd say maybe after around nine or 10. Um, there's some questionable shortstops there. So it's really kind of top heavy as far as second base. Speaker 1 00:27:31 I mean, again, I never, I think people, I don't worry about position scarcity early on. I want the best stats. And even if I miss out on the top 12 second basement, then I'm like, okay, that means I'm gonna be strong somewhere else, whether it's corner infield, middle infield. So I'll figure it out. Um, you know, I think Max once, he's not mad at second base, uh, we saw the last two months he performed much better. Uh, he was dealing with that elbow issue. I think Jorge Polanco has a nice bounce back here. I thought he was, a lot of his underlying numbers were similar to what it was two years ago. He obviously dealt with multiple injuries. Um, Tyro Estrada, a lot of people don't buy into him. I kind of do. Uh, I think he's gonna get to playing time. There's a little pop, there's a little speed. Speaker 1 00:28:14 So I like him. Then you gotta can tell Marta is really tough for me because like the guys really had one big year, but he is very cheap and he's, I think that Arizona team is intriguing. Um, and it's a pretty solid lineup. I haven't taken him yet, but I'm open to him. I think Gene Sagora, I mean, I wish he would hit higher in the order. It looks like he's gonna hit six for the Marlon, but he's a guy that can get double digit home runs, double digit steals late. So I've taken him in a couple drafts. I think Bryson Scott's kind of intriguing Louis uia. So there's some guys down there. Uh, we've seen a little power out of Brendan Donovan in the spring interest to see if that lasts. Uh, he's got multiple position eligibility. Speaker 0 00:28:52 Yeah, I've, I've actually grabbed him in a couple of spots, uh, tout Wars draft and hold and, um, N T G F B I because of that. I mean second, third and outfield eligibility, just to be able to move him around as easily as you can. You know, even if he's like, you know, he's not a starter or he might not start. It depends on what the cards do with Nolan Gorman, but if he doesn't start, he's still going to spell these guys all over the place. So he's gonna see, he's gonna see at bats. I like 'em a lot. I definitely do. Speaker 1 00:29:27 Yeah. So I think, you know, there's always guys that you can find late, so I just wouldn't stress like, oh, I have to get my second basement now. It's full, the position is fully off. Uh, don't worry about it. There's always someone that you can find late and I would rather say, Hey, this corner infielder, I have my first and third, but this corner infield's way better than the second basement, but I really need a second basement cuz it's full. No, take the corner infield, build a strength there and worry about the second base spot later on. Speaker 0 00:29:57 Yeah, what I've been doing, like if I can grab Jazz Chisholm, I'll grab Jazz Chisholm, you know, early and, you know, first couple of rounds. Uh, and, and, and, and that's, you know, I'll, I'll look at him. I've looked at Al Ozzy Alby, um, I've found myself, uh, you know, getting Andres Himenez in a, uh, you know, like a, like a seventh or eighth round kind of a situation where I actually, I don't mind that, uh, especially if we are gonna see a little bit of an uptick in some speed from him, which is something that we're hearing, uh, out of Cleveland. But from there, like, I'm fine waiting. I like Jonathan India for a rebound this season. Um, Tyro a guy who I already have on like three teams already. Um, so it was funny that you mentioned him because yeah, I think that, you know, I think this Giants lineup is actually gonna be a little bit better and I think that with some power and some speed, not to mention the fact that Estrada also qualifies. Speaker 0 00:30:57 It's short, so you can move him back and forth there. So, you know, yeah, I definitely, I dig that, that strategy as far as, you know, who those guys are at the, at the bottom. I mean, yeah, obviously, you know, you, you say to people, you can't have the best guy at every position, you just, it's not gonna happen that way. And you have to accept that. And, you know, if that means that you know, you're gonna be, you know, waiting on that second base position, then you're gonna have to wait on that second base position. There's nothing, there's really nothing wrong with it. I don't think that the differential that you're gonna see from, you know, paying down, you know, you know, laying for, uh, waiting on a, a Jonathan India or a Tyro Estrada. I, I don't really think it's gonna be that vastly different when you're looking at guys like Jorge Polanco and Gliber Torres. Speaker 0 00:31:43 I really don't. So, uh, I'm fine with that shortstop, you know, again, very top heavy. I always find myself just grabbing one of these guys because I, you know, again, like you said, it's, it's a matter of best player Turner wit Bechet. I've taken a chance on tattoos. I did that in Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational, uh, Lindo, I love Seager. I like, um, Xander Bogarts. I'm fine with there. I mean, he might not hit for as much power in San Diego, but I definitely like him for, uh, better run, scored better. R b i total things like that. Um, I, you know, looking down further at the shortstop position, I don't like the, the pay downs as much as I like the pay downs at second base. Speaker 1 00:32:35 Yeah, it's top heavy. I mean, it gets in pretty quickly. I mean, mean you're dealing with like a Javier Baez, um, CJ Abrams, Alberto Monte, he was probably not gonna be ready to start the year. We know his issues. Jorge Mateo, who could lose playing time, and then who's gonna be the shortstop for the Yankees, Oswald Perza, Anthony Volpe, you know, so that's, that's something to keep an eye on. I mean, Perez's a guy that kind of has been moving up a little bit, but dealing with a little bit of a foot issue now. It doesn't sound too serious, but yeah, I mean it's kind of, it's top heavy. Like there's really good top 12 shortstops a few after that, and then it starts to drop off, uh, towards the, uh, like the 18 to 30 rage. Speaker 0 00:33:21 Yeah, no, I definitely, I agree with that. There's definitely a, a, a drop off. Uh, just to backtrack on the Yankee, so what we've heard now from both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone is that, uh, Oswald Peraza is, excuse me, he's, he's, he's gonna start as shortstop on opening day. Um, they're locking in. Josh Donaldson at third Laboratory is at second. Um, and then, uh, and Rizzo at first DJ la Mayhew is going to be their kind of utility dude for the, the time being. But you know, the, the, the, the idea that we got from them was Donaldson's got about a month worth of rope. If Donaldson performs, then he's gonna stay there. But if Donaldson's hitting like two 18 at the end of April, then they, they, they could be looking at some different alternatives and, you know, and that's where then all of a sudden the Volpe conversation started even more. So we could actually even see that. We could see Volpe up in May playing the hot corner for the Yankees while Le meh actually stays the, uh, the super utility player. How about that? Speaker 1 00:34:44 Yeah. Need y Yankees need to start going with their young players and stop giving these veterans so much patience. Speaker 0 00:34:52 Agreed. Agreed. Yeah. I, I, I'm so, I, I like, ugh, Donaldson. No, I mean, he might be the nicest guy in the world and he might be a great for, great for the clubhouse, but I I, I don't give a shit about the clubhouse for, you know, if, if, if the performance on the field is not as good. Um, what do you think of Wanda Franco? Speaker 1 00:35:12 I have not taken him. Um, we haven't seen the power yet. I mean, is it possible that it happened? Sure. We know he is a highly touted prospect. Um, still only 22 years old. A lot of buzz on him last year and it didn't happen. We just haven't really seen any power from him yet. He's a phenomenal contact hitter. I mean, to have a strikeout rate in the majors today of 9.6% is just absolutely absurd. So, I mean, would I be surprised if he had 2,515 stolen bases? No, but we haven't seen it yet, so I have stayed away from him. Speaker 0 00:35:44 Do you think people are overpaying for him right now? Speaker 1 00:35:48 Um, slightly. Um, but I, again, I could see like this, this big season, but I wanna actually see it before it happens. So I'll take some short stops, uh, that are going after, like in my tg F B I, he went pick seven of round seven. That's kind of a kind of late in a way. He usually goes a little earlier. So like O'Neal Cruise went at his ahead of him. Swanson went ahead of him. Tim Anderson went ahead of him, which you usually, you don't see. He usually goes ahead of those guys. Speaker 0 00:36:27 Um, I mean, I've got him below all those guys in my rankings. Speaker 1 00:36:31 Yeah, I like Willie a Domus better than him. Speaker 0 00:36:34 I've got, uh, he's right in front of Willie DOAs for me, but I think I, I would probably drop him a little bit there as well. Um, yeah, I just, I, you know, it's, it's, it's the community that doesn't really understand that. Yeah, I, I'm with you. I think that, that he could develop more power and we could see that, but I kind of look at him more in the realm of, and you'll, you'll get this comparison, you'll have to forgive me for going back to the Yankees, but, um, it's like Jeter, you know, Jeter incredibly popular was, you know, was picked high in drafts all over the place, um, over the years. But Miguel Tejada, Arod Nomar, like these guys were all out producing him in the counting stats. Jeter was doing great with the batting average, but these guys were all, you know, out slugging him. Speaker 0 00:37:33 And I kind of feel like it's a similar situation for Wanda Franco. Like we, we look at a guy and say, you know, he's this phenomenal prospect. He's phenomenal in, in reality you wanna build a team around him because he is that talented, but he just doesn't put up the fantasy totals that you need or that you want. And then, you know, I guess, what was it? Um, the, the labor auction that you did, he went for $21. I was like $21. Are you, like, the batting average is fine, but you know, are you paying $21 for a guy to hit you, you know, 12 home runs and steal you 15 bags? Like, is that enough of a, it's, you know, of a return, Speaker 1 00:38:15 Not enough power and yeah, maybe the batting average good. Get some speed, but I mean, he doesn't really hit the ball hard right now. He doesn't elevate the ball. He doesn't barrel up the ball. So until I see it, I'm not paying that much. So yeah, people are paying for the name value and the potential. And maybe it happens, but I'm not gonna pay for it until I see it. Speaker 0 00:38:37 Yeah, I'm, I'm the same way. I mean, I'm just avoiding it right now. I think, you know, that's, again, if you want <laugh>, if you want like, you know, 15 stolen bases and you want more than the power that Wanda Franco gives you a fucking Tyro, Estrada <laugh>, it's gonna pop you 20 home runs and steal you, you know, 13 bags, 14 bags. Like, I'm, I'm fine with that. I'm definitely fine with that. Um, let's see, let's look for some, lemme see if I can find some, some late targets here in the middle infield and, uh, see what you think. You know what, let me go to, I'm gonna go to your rankings. I'm looking at mine right now and we love that. Lemme go to your rankings here. Ooh, how deep do you go? Well, ooh, look at where you got Bryce Tang. Talk to me, dude, Speaker 1 00:39:29 I think he's Speaker 0 00:39:30 Gonna start, he gets time this year. Speaker 1 00:39:31 Yeah, I think he's gonna get the opportunity to play. Speaker 0 00:39:36 I mean, I would love it if he did. No, no doubt about it. No doubt about it. Um, yeah, I mean they, they could, uh, you know, I think what's going on with Milwaukee right now is Tyrone Taylor is hurt. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> that could push Brian Anderson, you know, into some outfield, which could move, uh, Luis Arias over the third if, unless, you know, if they didn't want like Mike br Sota kind of take over there. So yeah, that could be, uh, that's interesting. That's interesting. Tang's a, a very nice call there, Adam. I I kind of like that. Who else you got? Gimme some, gimme some sleepers. Adam, I want some sleepers. Speaker 1 00:40:22 Um, I mean, there's not a ton of traffic. I mean, Piaz is definitely one for the Yankees, so he's starting to move up, but I, I did take him under Draft Champions League recently. Um, we saw him come up and have a pretty productive, I think Elvis Andrews can still produce. Um, he had a good year last year now with the White Sox, good Park, good lineup. I think that white team rebounds this year, they don't have Tony La Russa falling asleep in the dugout this year. So that's gonna help Speaker 0 00:40:47 <laugh> how that dude stayed employed still drives me insane. Absolutely insane. Um, yeah. All right, keep going. Who else? Who else you gimme second base two. You don't have to just give me a short stop here. We're covering the entire middle infield. Oh, I know. Some late targets of yours. Speaker 1 00:41:15 Uh, second base, uh, probably a Jean Segura, Bryson Stott, Chris Taylor, ISAC Peris. Yeah, I do like Nick Gordon. I drafted him in towel cause we have unlimited il so I took him late. I know he is dealing with an ankle issue. Um, but I think if he gets the playing time, he's got a little popped little speed in Michael Massey for the Royal starting second basement. Speaker 0 00:41:41 Ah, interesting, interesting. Yeah, we're gonna have, we have no projections for him. Why do we have no projections for him on the website? Who's in charge of that man? Is that you? Speaker 1 00:41:56 Nope. <laugh> can't blame me on this one. <laugh> as much as you want to Speaker 0 00:42:02 <laugh>, when in doubt, I pretty much try to blame you for everything Speaker 1 00:42:07 I've noticed. Speaker 0 00:42:08 I do, I do. Um, all right. Some, uh, some, some savory advice for our listeners when, uh, when dealing with the middle end field in their drafts. Adam, what Speaker 1 00:42:18 Do you doing? Well, you know what was funny? So I had posted, you know, that I was down in labor and it was on Facebook and a couple guys in my home auction like, oh, now I have the blueprint on what you're doing. I'm like, it's a fucking auction. Every auction's different. What fucking blueprint do you have? Oh, he likes Linor. Yeah. Great. The fucking guys talking about <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:42:42 Did you, uh, did you met up in, uh, in in your tout Wars team? Let me see. I was talking to DJ Short, um, oh, Speaker 1 00:42:49 If I had similar players Speaker 0 00:42:50 Right before the draft and I was, you know, we were talking about him being a Met fan and he doesn't let that, uh, creep in. So Speaker 1 00:42:59 Actually, but meanwhile he's, if I have similar players intel in labor is what you're saying? Speaker 0 00:43:03 Yeah. Do you Speaker 1 00:43:04 Um, I have Ronaldo Lopez in both. Um, let's see. Ooh, Speaker 0 00:43:10 Ooh, Speaker 1 00:43:12 That might be it. Oh, Charlie Morton in both Ronaldo Lopez in both. Is that John Gray? I think John Gray in both. And that's it. Speaker 0 00:43:27 So not a lot of, not a lot of overlap. That's good. Speaker 1 00:43:30 No. Speaker 0 00:43:33 Do you prefer not a lot of overlap or do you prefer overlap? Speaker 1 00:43:37 Depends. I mean, if it's a player that I think is gonna be really good this year, then I think you get more overlap on middle to late round picks. It's hard to have the same early round picks across the board. Although I kind of do have a several Francisco linor share, so I gotta pull back Speaker 0 00:43:55 <laugh>. Oh dude, this is the year to have 'em. What are you talking about? Speaker 1 00:43:59 Is it, Speaker 0 00:43:59 Dude, I love, I listen, when Linor came to New York, I was, I said it, I was like, he is going to love being in New York. Just, you know, from everything you just kind of see from his personality and, you know, I mean, granted, it's you, you, you're, I'm only getting it from the media. I'm not like speaking to him firsthand, but it just seemed like New York was a good spot and, you know, struggle the first year to kind of make it happen and, you know, see what happens. But yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm a believer in him. I really am a Speaker 1 00:44:32 Believer in him. Oh, you know who I have a lot. Uhoh Luis Castile. Speaker 0 00:44:37 Ooh, alright. I, I can't hate on that. Speaker 1 00:44:40 Yeah, he, he was really good last year, especially when he went to Seattle and pitching in that park compared to Cincinnati. That's a good team. Um, and the one thing that prevented Castillo from being like a top 15, top 20 pitcher was whip and he had the best whip last year. So Yeah, I like him. Especially when I'm getting him in round four or five. Speaker 0 00:45:02 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely, definitely. Um, yeah, I, um, I just did a, uh, I did a, a mock draft for, um, for N B C and Roto World. Um, you know, and it, the, the league is shallow, right? One catcher, no middle infield or corner infield, only three outfielders. And so, you know, knowing that it was a 12 teamer and it was this shallow, I just, I attacked hitting first. I was like, I'm just, I'm just gonna get like, you know, the, all the big names and I mean, and it was great. It was like Julio Rodriguez and Austin Riley and I think I got Francisco Linor in that one. Um, and so I loaded up on bats. My first two starters, you know, people started grabbing starters a little on the early side there. Also my first two starters still Carlos Rodan and Luis Castilla. Speaker 1 00:45:56 Yeah, that's pretty Speaker 0 00:45:57 Good. And that was like, like that was like the sixth or seventh round of a 12 teamer. Speaker 1 00:46:05 Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Speaker 0 00:46:07 It doesn't make sense, but it worked and it was great. I love that draft. I loved that draft. Um, all right, well I think we've kind of gone through the middle infield enough, unless Adam, you have, uh, more insightful things to, to share with our listeners. Speaker 1 00:46:24 Nah, I think we covered it. Speaker 0 00:46:26 Good job. Good job. Shall we, uh, usher it over to the hardwood floor and talk a little n b a? Speaker 1 00:46:33 Let's do it. Speaker 0 00:46:37 Talk to me cuz I don't know shit about the nba. How many games are left in the regular season? Speaker 1 00:46:42 Um, for most teams, about 15 or so, it's gonna end like April 10th, somewhere around that range. So we're about a month away from the end of the season. And right now, man, no one would've thought this before the year. The Sacramento Kings are the number two seed in the Western conference, yet no one is going to pick them to go anywhere in the playoffs. <laugh>, uh, they've been fortunate they've had health, they're starting five, stayed healthy, but, uh, just still amazing that they are where they are. Of course, the sons are gonna be the team. Everyone picks with Kevin Durant. There they are. Two and a half behind the kings for the two seed. They have won three in a row, seven and three in the last 10. Kevin Durant now looks like the minutes are back to normal. He played, uh, a ton of minutes in their last game and then Wednesday night he makes his, uh, home debut. Uh, so, uh, obviously Memphis is a story now with Ja Morant. We don't know how much Speaker 0 00:47:41 Time he's, oh dude, can we, can we talk about how fucking stupid that shit is? Speaker 1 00:47:45 Yeah, man. I mean, I don't know what's going on because apparently he's come from, it comes from a good background and everything and it's been a couple of issues that have happened with him over the last few weeks. And then obviously being on Instagram live with a gun and they said it was two games he was gonna miss, but I think it's gonna be more. Um, so I, in my home league, i I, I was surprised this guy held Taas Jones, the backup point guard all year long and then must have dropped him like right before this John Morant because I was like, oh shit, he's on the waivers. So I spent a lot of my fab to get him. Um, I did play his player prop on Wednesday and he disappointed, I mean, Tuesday and he disappointed. I couldn't believe it because I was in Florida on Sunday, so I couldn't bet. Speaker 1 00:48:27 And I'm like, I was telling Ron how I'm like, oh, I love TAs Jones points rebounds assist tonight and I can't play it man. And uh, he went over it easily. He had 25 points, 12 assists, three rebounds Sunday against the Clippers. And then I was on it last night against the Lakers and he only had 16 points, three assists. He went over his points prop 15 and a half. But I played the 22 and a half points in assisting. Only had 19, but apparently the Lakers have been one of the best defensive teams, which I was surprised to see over the last few weeks. Um, but Anthony Davis right now is just absolutely fucking crushing. And I, I was talking about his prop on the show yesterday, I was like, ah, that's kind of high. 42 and a half points rebounds and he fucking obliterated it again, 30 points, 22 rebounds. Speaker 1 00:49:08 So with no LeBron, Anthony Davis is carrying this team and now they are the ninth seed. So it looks like they're gonna get in the playing game, especially if they get LeBron back. But Anthony Davis props you, you gotta look at right now, his, these, these are his lines over the last three games, 30 points, 22 rebounds, 39 points, eight rebounds, six assists, 38 points, five rebounds to assist, 28 points, 19 rebounds, five blocks, 30 points, 15 rebounds, four assist three blocks. I mean he's just crushing it. There's 30 points now in four of the last five games. And this was the same matchup against Memphis that he had the 28 19 that comes back with 30 and 22. So, um, Anthony Davis definitely someone to look at for props right now. Interested to see how high the books put him because uh, he is just, uh, tearing it up right now. Speaker 0 00:49:57 Yeah, well I will, uh, I will stay away from it because you know that the, the day that I buy into it and I start hurt betting his problems. Yeah, he's gonna get hurt. He's gonna come outta the game Speaker 1 00:50:08 On the other guy to look at his Mikel bridges man, ever since he got traded to the Nets, he has just been on a tear. Um, he had 30 points on Tuesday, his last few games, 30 points, 33, 38, 21, 31 24. Uh, he is taken 20 shots from the field almost every game. So he's been the go-to guy for Brooklyn since the trade. The Books app pushed him up, I think it was 24 and a half points on Tuesday. He went over it again cause for a while it was sitting 19 and a half, 20 and a half. Um, and he's been crushed to that. So it was up to 24 and a half against Houston. Um, I did points rebounds 28 and a half. He had no fucking rebounds but at least he scored 30. So I cashed the prop <laugh>, I dunno how he had no rebounds against the rockets. Speaker 1 00:50:50 But um, yeah. And then, you know, obviously players sitting out like I took advantage of uh, the bucks on Tuesday night. Giannis was out, drew Holiday was out. So I bet Chris Middleton, who uh, started for the first time since coming back from the injury and played the most minutes, he's been hovering around a 25 minute limit. He played 31 and had 24 points, 11 assist, uh, and four rebounds. But you know, I think Giannis and Drew Holly will probably be back. Um, Damien Lillard has been on a heater. Um, but yeah, me's gonna get is getting really interesting now. Uh, the Knick's obviously were a big story for a while. They had won nine in a row and of course they fucking lose to Charlotte at home after beating Boston in double overtime on Sunday. That was a great game that I really didn't get to see cuz I was in a Uber, um, for the overtime I was kind of following it on my phone. Speaker 1 00:51:40 But yeah, the Knicks have been playing great basketball and um, yeah, they're, they're currently the fifth seed in the east, so might be shaping up to be a Cleveland Nick's first round. Uh, and now the Bucks have opened up a two and a half game lead on Boston. Boston is kind of struggling. They lost three in a row, five and five over the last 10. I've said all the year though I think the Bucks are the best team in the East, so I'm still picking them. Uh, the West is where the intrigue is. Denver's been great. Yoki is well on his way to earning his third straight mvp, but a lot of people are gonna pick the sons, uh, because of Kevin Durant being there. Um, golden State continues to be mediocre, man. Uh, I they fucking lost to the Thunder on Tuesday night and man, I just can't back this tea man. Speaker 1 00:52:28 A lot of people could be like, oh, the Warriors man, they just lost to the Lakers and Thunder on the road, man. They have been horrendous and Curry is back. Curry was back for both those games and they lost by eight of the Lakers and they lost by nine to the Thunder who basically are like, nah, we really don't wanna make the, uh, make the playing game. They said, Shane Giles, Alexander's on a minutes limit. He wasn't last night. And they're sitting him on Wednesday night when they are tied with the pelicans for the last spot. So, I don't know man, I just, I cannot back the Warriors. You'll probably see a lot of people like, oh, the Warriors, I don't see it, man. I'm afraid to like completely go all against them because they still have Curry Thompson, Dre, but dis team has shown no consistency all year long. There's seven and 25 on the road. How could you win an NBA title when you're that shitty on the road? Yeah, that's seven, five. They have the third worst record on the road in the Western conference. The two teams are worst, the two worst teams, the Spurs and the Rockets, both six and 27 Speaker 0 00:53:30 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:53:31 Come on man. Speaker 0 00:53:32 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:53:36 Now the Speaker 0 00:53:36 Key. Well then you know what, then the Speaker 1 00:53:38 Key is the the key is gonna be the draw for them though. Cause right now they're the six. Now if you look at the Western standings, there's a lot of movement could happen. They're the six, they played Memphis in the first round. They could probably beat Memphis again. I expect John Moran to be back for the playoffs. I don't know exactly what he's gonna return, but I didn't like Memphis anyway before that. Uh, I don't think they're going to go anywhere. So like, if they get Memphis in the first round, even o Memphis is really good at home. Like that's a series they quit. Now if they get Phoenix in the first round, they're going home. Speaker 0 00:54:12 If they get Phoenix in the first round, they're definitely going home. There's no doubt about that. I'm still, yeah, I, you know, again, I I, I know you don't like talking about this kind of stuff here, but the Ja Morant fucking flashing a piece on Instagram just still gets me. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:54:27 I don't know what he's thinking, man. I, I don't know what's going on with him. Speaker 0 00:54:30 He's obviously not thinking, or like somebody, somebody called him a bitch or something like that and he's like trying to overcompensate for it. But I mean, do we not learn from Plao burst that you don't bring a piece to a club and really, if you're sitting there at a strip club, right, and you got these, you know, all these girls rubbing up on you and stuff like, like you got a gun in here on you right there. Like, what's gonna happen? Then there's, there, there. It's just makes no sense. Makes no sense to me. Especially when you're a kid like Moran, who, you know, I mean, I've heard you talk about 'em, say all sorts of great things about, you know, his talent and everything like that, that, that you do something like that. It's just, it's a, it's a weird, it's a weird move. I don't, I don't really, I just don't understand it Speaker 1 00:55:21 Either. Either. Do I? Man, it makes no sense at all. Speaker 0 00:55:24 So, um, alright, well, so your article comes out, uh, on picks Wise on Friday. Everybody'll have to check that out. What else you got coming up? You gonna go record ano new Ronis bonus right after this show? Speaker 1 00:55:38 Nah, no. It's already out for today. I didn't do one for a few days. I've been really busy, so, um, well, yeah. Got shows and articles and rankings to update and, you know, we're in the grind next weekend. Oh yeah. You're not coming to tell, right? Speaker 0 00:55:55 Don't fucking rub it in. Speaker 1 00:55:57 No, I'm not. You act like it. It's not like it's, uh, it's, it's, it's good, but it's not like you're gonna miss a ton. Speaker 0 00:56:06 No, you know, New York for me is, I mean, New York is home. Yeah. Like, that's what it is. It's not just about being, I mean, listen, I love being at the drafts and I love seeing everybody who I haven't had a chance to see. Um, but, you know, it's also about being back in the city for me. I miss it. I love it. I didn't get to go back this, uh, this past December, so this obviously stings even more. Speaker 1 00:56:32 Sorry, sorry to Well, you, you know what? I'm not fucking sorry. You opened wounds for me recently, so fuck you again for another podcast. Speaker 0 00:56:39 Oh, come on dude. Why you got, why you living in the past, Adam? Look forward not behind. Speaker 1 00:56:45 Okay. That's what I do. I, I do look forward Speaker 0 00:56:48 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:56:49 Look forward to us setting our clocks ahead this weekend. Don't forget, guys. Oh, Speaker 0 00:56:53 Shit. Are we doing that nonsense again? Is this like the last time? Speaker 1 00:56:57 Is it really? I didn't hear that. This is the last time I Speaker 0 00:57:00 Feel like the, I, I, I feel like I heard that they're, they're going to abandon the whole daylight savings thing. Speaker 1 00:57:06 Oh, I didn't hear that. Speaker 0 00:57:08 Yeah. So is that this fucking weekend? God Speaker 1 00:57:13 Damn. Saturday. Speaker 0 00:57:16 Saturday. Saturday. Like going Saturday into Sunday, or is Friday into Saturday? Speaker 1 00:57:20 Saturday into Sunday. Speaker 0 00:57:21 All right. All right. So it's not gonna fuck me up. I got a live draft. I got the barf draft, uh, in, uh, on Saturday. And that's, uh, that's live at the rec room in San Francisco. If you guys are listening, uh, and anybody out there lives in the, in the Bay Area. Um, I think starting at like, it's 11:00 AM or maybe it's noon. Uh, the Barf league has its draft. So me, Justin Mason will be there. I think Matt Wood is gonna be there. No, Matt Wood's not there. That's right. Matt Wood moved. Um, just a really good group of, uh, of local Bay Area fantasy analysts. So pop by the rec room, come by me a beer. How about that. Get me all sorts of fucked up during this draft. My favorite, my favorite weed store is right on the corner, by the way, where the rec room is. No, Speaker 1 00:58:12 Calvin, I, I guess we know what you're doing. Speaker 0 00:58:15 Shout out to California cannabis. Dude, the, the last time. So I was there for, um, I missed the last football draft with the last baseball draft I was at, and I walked into California cannabis, like right at the, uh, you know, before the, the draft even started. And I was like, oh, yeah, I need some flour. Uh, gimme a couple of the, uh, these pens so that I can go and sit and smoke while doing it. And, uh, and they gave me one that was, um, it was a, a a, a new brand that I had never heard of. Um, and it was amazing. Absolutely. Like, at one point during the draft, I had to like, I had to like sit there, compose myself, consciously, walk myself to the bathroom, splash some cold water on my face, take a leak, and then come out and everybody's looking at me like, dude, are you okay? Speaker 0 00:59:09 You'll look like you're about to throw up. Did you throw up? I was like, no, I just got really high right next <laugh>. They're like, all right, it's your pick. And then I had to like rally <laugh> figure that shit out. There's nothing better than new weed. See you drinkers. You're, you're, you're a drinker. You don't understand what happens when you get new weed. Adam, em, new weed is the best. It's always just a, a delicious present because you know, if you've been smoking the same shit for like, even as like a week, you know, your body builds up that tolerance for it. So when you get like, new weed, it is like bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. So good. Speaker 1 00:59:49 Well, hopefully you get some more again this weekend. Speaker 0 00:59:52 Oh yeah. I'm definitely going to no doubt about it. No doubt about it. I actually, I have like, I, I have, I have some money stashed in a little area so that, you know, the wife doesn't see how much I'm gonna spend over there, Speaker 1 01:00:03 <laugh>. Okay. So that's what I have to look forward to when I'm married. Hiding shit. Speaker 0 01:00:10 Oh, yeah, dude. You know what I mean? The married girlfriend doesn't matter. You're still always hiding shit. You know it. Right. Come on. Don't even, like, you know, you wanna open up that little, why Speaker 1 01:00:22 Do I words anything for my girlfriend? I've never lived with a girl, so I don't need to hide shit. Speaker 0 01:00:27 Mm mm All right. You've never hidden anything from a girlfriend, Speaker 1 01:00:34 A physical, uh, uh, object Speaker 0 01:00:38 Or, you know, I mean, you know, I mean, it, it, I guess, uh, you know, I mean, it's not, I mean, I'm hiding money from my wife. I'm not hiding. I'm not hiding, like I'm hiding money so that I have like a little stash in case I want a little something special because my wife loves to, she, you know what my wife loves to do? She loves to let her ambient kick in and make bad decisions. Late night online shopping. Yeah. That's what my wife loves to do. So have stash little Speaker 1 01:01:05 And you don't eat cash for that. All you need is a card. Speaker 0 01:01:07 Oh, I, dude, it's fucking brutal. I'm always like, what the fuck did you buy? So, you know, so I have to like, you know, I stash a little cash, you know, for me, I like, I'll take it outta the ATM or something like that, and I'll just kind of tuck it aside and whatever. And then that way, you know, I can go do this. I won't hide the, the weed pen or anything like that. She'll be like, oh, where'd you get that? And I'll be like, oh yeah, I just, you know, picked it up at California, cannabis at the, at the barf draft. She won't like think twice about it. <laugh>. Whoa. It's heading over there. That's, you know, that's when she's like looking at the bank account. Did he take out some cash for that? No. You're never getting married, dude. Admit it. You know, you're not getting, getting Speaker 1 01:01:53 Married yet. No. It's, it's possible. Speaker 0 01:01:55 Oh, really? All, all right. Dude. Ashanti is not gonna marry you. Speaker 1 01:01:58 It doesn't have to be her. I mean, I would definitely marry her on the spot if that came up. But it doesn't have to be her. Speaker 0 01:02:07 No. Okay. Speaker 1 01:02:08 I mean, I could get married at like 55, 60. It's possible. Speaker 0 01:02:14 You could, you could. Absolutely. Megan v Stallion could just, you know, bump right into you and boom. Speaker 1 01:02:20 Bam. There you go. Speaker 0 01:02:22 There you go. Megan. These st What about Lizzo? Would you do Lizzo? Speaker 1 01:02:26 Oh, I would definitely bang her. Speaker 0 01:02:28 Ah, see, you supposed to, can't say bang. You gotta say too bang is less. Bang is more aggressive. Speaker 1 01:02:34 Oh, am I gonna get canceled? You're Speaker 0 01:02:36 Totally getting canceled right Speaker 1 01:02:37 Now, Shannon. And edit this out then she, no, Speaker 0 01:02:40 Don't edit it out. This is good stuff. Speaker 1 01:02:42 <laugh>, would you, would you hit Lizzo up? Speaker 0 01:02:47 Um, no. Probably not. Speaker 1 01:02:51 No, I would, Speaker 0 01:02:53 I mean, I think she's got a very, very cute face. She's a little big for me, I'm not gonna lie. Speaker 1 01:02:57 Nah, she's not too thick for me. I she can get it. Speaker 0 01:03:02 Megan, the stallion. I'd be all over. Speaker 1 01:03:05 I would too. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:03:08 <laugh>, just to show you where I'm drawing my line. Speaker 1 01:03:11 <laugh>. Yeah, my line is Speaker 0 01:03:13 All right. Shannon, maybe you should edit. Speaker 1 01:03:18 Big girls need love too, man. Speaker 0 01:03:20 Do listen. I, have you ever met my wife? Speaker 1 01:03:24 No, Speaker 0 01:03:24 My wife, my wife's, she's, she's five nine. She's not a, she's, she's, you know, she's not built like a linebacker, but she's, you know, she's got some thickness to her. I, I don't like, I don't, I I'm not a little skinny wave girl type of guy. Speaker 1 01:03:38 I never, I, I'm not either. I like thick girls. Speaker 0 01:03:41 Yeah. So there you go. Hi Speaker 1 01:03:45 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:03:50 And we've just been canceled. Now Speaker 1 01:03:53 I'm making get a bunch of dms from, uh, bigger women. Speaker 0 01:03:57 You would love that, right? Speaker 1 01:03:58 I actually would. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:04:00 Ah, me. No. Stay outta my dms. I'm married, folks. I'm married. I never cheat on my wife. Never, never, never, never, ever. She's too much for me to handle anyway. My God. Then to have her like mad at me for something like that, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Speaker 0 01:04:17 Um, all right, well let's, uh, let's shut it down here. You got a show to do? I got a show to do. We got shit going on here. Um, you know, listen, again, fantasy, the MLB draft guide and the cheat sheet and the rankings, they're all free. Go over there, get in on it. So good. Um, there's also a bunch of, like, if, when you download the cheat sheet, you'll see there's a, uh, a promo code and a QR code that if you wanted to, uh, subscribe to Fantasy Alarm, then uh, we got that 50% discount. You could also just again, go to fantasy and use the promo code Howard, and that'll just give you, uh, 50% off, uh, as well. Check out Adam's work over on TikTok. What's your TikTok? Are you at Adam Ronis on TikTok? Speaker 1 01:05:04 That is correct. Speaker 0 01:05:05 Check out the Ronis bonus on TikTok. Give Adam a follow. Um, don't follow me on TikTok. It's not gonna be exciting yet. Uh, I'll let you know when, when that time has come. Uh, yeah. Picks Wise article on Friday, all the shit that we got going on over at Fantasy Alarm over the next couple of days. Not to mention the fact that you could get live in draft advice. Somebody's always paying attention, uh, to that channel over on our Discord. So that's gonna do it for us here today on Cash It. Thank you always for liking and subscribing. For Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. We'll catch you next time.

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