May 18, 2023


Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Trading & MLB Injuries

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Trading & MLB Injuries
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Trading & MLB Injuries

May 18 2023 | 00:56:23


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the perils of dump trades in fantasy baseball keeper leagues, the frustration with MLB injuries and the agony of drafting injury-prone players every year. They also touch on betting the conference finals in the NBA playoffs.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender, got Adam Ronis here by my side. Another week has gone by Ronis and there's all sorts of stuff happening here. The N B A playoffs. We're down to the conference finals, we're down to the conference finals for the Stanley Cup playoffs, uh, baseball. Both our teams took a a, a major tumble. Mine seems to be on the, uh, on the way back up. Your bets on the other hand are a totally different scenario. So how's your week then? Speaker 2 00:00:34 Ah, I mean, if it has anything to do with the Met, it's been shitty. I mean, it just keeps getting worse and worse. I mean, it's just embarrassing at this point. You know, they had a stretch of 13 games against the Tigers, reds, Rockies, and Nationals. They went four nine. Like, that's just cannot happen. So I thought that was like, all right, here we go. Maybe they'll turn things around and instead they get worse. Now the Rays come in to City Field on Tuesday and smack them around. So they're now, as we're recording this, in fourth place in the east, I mean, they're real now only six and a half behind Atlanta. Um, but, you know, you know how I feel about Atlanta, how good they are though. They do have Kyle Wright and, um, max freed out at least two months, so that, that, that won't hurt a little bit. But their offense is just so good, and they're great on the road. They're 16 and seven on the road, only 10 and nine at home. They're the only team in the division with a positive run to Fred. Well, I just noticed this. There's only three teams in a National League four that have a run differential plus 10 or more. That's insane. Speaker 0 00:01:38 Uh, parody man, come on. It's about parody. I mean, and Speaker 2 00:01:41 Every, every team of the Al East is plus. Speaker 0 00:01:43 Well, you kind of, you, you, you look at the way it's, it's structured in the, uh, in the al versus the nl. I mean, let's start in the Al Kansas City. Uh, the White Sox and the a's have all been abysmal. I mean, absolutely abysmal. And Cleveland hasn't really been that much better. You know, there's still, there's sub 500. They haven't won 20 games yet. Even the Tigers haven't won 20 games. Wow. You look at that, uh, the standings in the, uh, in the American League central, and there you are, you're, you're looking at it right there with the twins being the only team with a, uh, with a, a record above 500, um, in that division. So, you know, bottom feeders are getting passed around left and right. Meanwhile, when you look in the nl, nobody expected Pittsburgh to be where they are and Speaker 2 00:02:29 They're falling apart, Speaker 0 00:02:31 Right? I mean, they are falling apart right now. And it's, it's, you know, it's gonna gravitate and it's gonna change. But I don't think anybody saw the, the Nats at 18 wins at this point in the season. The Rockies, uh, even with 18 wins at this point in the season, they're just, you, you haven't seen, you haven't seen that separation between the real bottom feeders and the contenders in the nl like you do see in the American League, like we've got the Marlins who are sitting in second place, uh, in the East. You got the Pirates who are in second place with the Reds in third. The Cardinals have been atrocious this year. You got the Diamondbacks who are, are surprising everybody in the West. So, you know, you wanna talk about like, potential parody there in the, uh, in the National League so far. It seems a lot more prevalent there than it does in the al Speaker 2 00:03:16 Yeah, for sure. I mean, the al you have the al least, again, every team over 500, uh, just, and the Ray is obviously playing insane Baseball at 32 and 11. And yeah, the nl I mean the Braves are really good. And then the, the Dodgers are playing very well, man, you know, everyone was like, ah, this team is not as good. They lost too much and they've been playing great baseball. They won eight to 10. Um, they're 11 games over 500. So it's really the Dodgers. And Braves right now is the only two really solid teams. I mean, give the Diamondbacks credit, they're five games above 500, even though, uh, they've sent down two thirds of their starting outfield. Alec Thomas, Jake McCarthy. That sucks if you have them in fantasy, or especially McCarthy who was going, you know, eighth, ninth, round of 15 team leagues. Speaker 2 00:04:00 I did not draft him anywhere, but, uh, he helped me last year when he got called up with the speed. I mean, cuz you got the Mets who were underachieving and disappointing. The Phillies are disappointing. The Padres are disappointing. Uh, and the Cardinals too. Um, it was funny. Oh yeah, we had the, I think it was us, we had the discussion last week about the Cardinals looking at the division. I was like, wait plus three 50. Fuck you man. I want a better price. <laugh>. Um, cuz I I, they, they probably could still win this division as poorly as things have gone and they have played better. They won seven of 10. Uh, they still have some issues obviously with the pitching staff and Liberatory is coming up, uh, making his debut as, uh, later on Wednesday as we're recording Wednesday afternoon. So they, they could still win the division. And that's the other thing too, you know, we sit here and like, oh my God, this team's, it's May middle of May man, we've seen so many times these teams have major second halfs, the Braves, the nationals year, they won it. So I know it's easy to say it's still early, but you know, no one is really out of it yet. Unless you're the A's or Royals Speaker 0 00:05:00 <laugh>. Unless you're the A's or the Royals. Um, yeah, true. I mean, I, I I, uh, I I I just, I I don't need to belabor the point anymore. I mean, it is, it is early, it is only mid-May. We're recording here on the 17th. So I mean, there's, there's a lot to, there's a lot to go around still. And again, we're seeing, we're seeing teams who are, who are succeeding right now, who normally wouldn't and vice versa. Uh, and, and we go from there. I mean, the, the real question for me and I think for, for a lot of people here is how is that affecting your betting and how is that affecting your fantasy reign? Speaker 2 00:05:39 Uh, fantasy it's been all over the map. I have some really good teams and some teams that are, are struggling. So I guess it depends on who I have. Uh, my Top Wars team has been really good. Um, I think that one's the second, uh, my TG FBI team has sunk. I don't know what the hell happened. Um, it's down to 11th place, so that one is bad. My main event team is three. My main event league is so competitive, man. We were first on Sunday and then the next day dropped to seven. So right now these are the standings 1 0 3 and a half, 1 0 1 and a half, 98 and a half from me and my boy Brian Ambos 96, 92 and a half, 90, 88, 87, 83 and a half. 76 and a half. I mean, that is insane. Like it's just a real competitive league. And only one team is in the top 100 and the overall, the first place team and they're 61. Speaker 2 00:06:27 So that goes to show you this was a real competitive balanced league. So, you know, that team's a good shape, but I could easily come back next week. But yeah, we're in 10th. So, um, my labor team, I think's fourth, my F S G A team's third, uh, my GST team is really good. My home league team sucks. This is probably the worst only league team I've had in a while. I had one year where I rebuild, I think I noticed it like in June or July, and I said, it's a keeper league. So I said, all right, I'm trading to get players. That's the only time I've done it. I actually, I think that league's been going since 2004 and I've won it every year except two. So it's not looking good for me this year. So Speaker 0 00:07:05 Say you've won ev if you've won every year except for two, it's been going on since what you said 2014. Speaker 2 00:07:11 It's 2004. Speaker 0 00:07:13 2004. I think you need, you need better competition there. Come on. I mean, listen, I'm not, I'm not taking anything away from your talents as a fantasy player. But if you're wi if if, since if, if this league has been going on for nearly 20 years and you've won every single year except for two, I mean, what's the entrance fee for this one? I mean, it's, it's a just, it's a, it's what's that, Speaker 2 00:07:37 That's why I wanna up it, obviously. And Speaker 0 00:07:39 Obviously you, you wanna up it, but I mean your, your level of competition sucks, dude. Speaker 2 00:07:45 No, there, there's, I'll say there are a few really bad players in there, but there's some really good ones and we've had a couple that have dropped out cause I guess they got frustrated that they couldn't win. So, um, it's an auction keeper league. But yeah, this year though, it, I'm not dominating at all. Um, so I have to figure it out. I'm so low in O B P, it's an armed base percentage league. I'm down in that category. So yeah, I'll probably wait another month. I mean top three cash. Um, so, you know, I have to look and see if there's a way to get there, but another, I'll probably decide another month whether, whether I'm gonna rebuild and trade for cheap keepers for next year. Cuz it's not going well. I guess one of those players who has been disappointed on that team is Austin Riley. I didn't realize, you know, cause the Braves are so, well, I didn't, I wasn't even there. I was like, oh yeah, Riley's okay. And then I started looking at his numbers today. I'm like, holy shit, what the fuck happened to this guy? Speaker 0 00:08:38 <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:08:41 Right. It's amazing sometimes when you don't look at like the stat lines, you know, you just assume you're like, ah, it's Austin Riley, I, I'm not gonna have to worry about him. Uh, and even if, even if he is slow, you know, to start off then, you know, you still at least are in a, in a point where you're like, ah, he'll, he'll come around and you don't worry about it. And then, you know, all of a sudden you realize and you're like, motherfucker's been bating one 10 for the last two and a half weeks, uh, with like, you know, one home run to his credit. So I I I get that. I definitely get that. Still though, man, I don't know. I just have a problem with playing in a league that's just not competitive like that. Speaker 2 00:09:19 It is competitive though. I mean, last year I only, I barely, I was not in first place most of the year and I had to come back in the last week and I barely won, I think by one or two. Um, so, and did Speaker 0 00:09:29 Anybody, uh, so here's the question then. That's, that's you, right? And we know what kind of a player you are, but the question is, is what kind of effort did the top five put in there that you like suddenly like, came from behind and ended up sneaking in on the last week? Oh no. Speaker 2 00:09:45 I mean, no, there was, there was a couple other teams I thought, nah, they were real competitive up top. I mean, the thing is though, you got the teams, like once we approach the trade deadline, there's obviously a lot of bottom teams that are like, all right, I gotta play for next year. So then there's a, a race to make those trades. And usually I don't make a lot of trades. And what happens is the team surrounding me, they make big trades and I'm like, I have to counter it cause I realize if I don't make it, I'm not gonna win. So that's really what goes on is you have a lot of the top, you know, I think last year we might have had five that were really gunning for it and made trades, uh, at the trade deadline. So, you know, that's the positive and unfortunate part of the keeper leagues, right? Speaker 2 00:10:29 It's just part of it. Like you can't blame the teams that are near the bottom and they're out of it. They can't get in the money. Well, what are they supposed to do? Unload the guys who they can't keep for cheap prospects draft picks. They have to do it that way. And yes, those trades oftentimes seem lopsided. Trust me, I'm there. I'm like, what the fuck? How did this guy make this trade? Puts pressure on me now I gotta do it. And I, I've traded, uh, Juan Soto very cheap cuz I had to to win. And I'm like, I'm all about winning this year especially, well, when I'm in contention this year is gonna be dicey. I think I'm like ninth place right now. So I have to see if the team starts to get going, um, and then figure out what I'm gonna do. But right now it's, it's pretty good. I mean, you got one 12 and a half from first 96 and a half, 90 and a half, 90 and a half, 87 and a half, 83. So there's a lot of, and I'm at 73, so I'm what? Yeah, damn. I'm 40 out of first 39, shit. Uh, so yeah, it's not good. Speaker 0 00:11:24 Yeah, I mean, listen, part and partial, one of the reasons why I, uh, I disbanded, uh, you know, my primary home league was because, you know, we, we did a, we had a a little bit of turnover, uh, as people started getting more and more frustrated with the fact that it was just, it wasn't about your fantasy prowess, it wasn't about your knowledge. It wasn't about, you know, slick savvy moves. It was about who made the most egregious dump deal at the trade deadline. You know, who, you know, we, we'd see like five and six for ones for, you know, for keeping Juan Soto at like a, at even not even like a, like a, a a a, a huge price. Well, I mean it, it's been disbanded longer than Juan Soto, but you know what I'm saying? You take whoever that top player is and all of a sudden somebody's like, you know, they're trading power, they're trading speed and they're trading a closer. Speaker 0 00:12:14 And you know, I mean it's like all of that shit that gets piled up where the, the person who's making that, that dump deal and just trading away that one player, you know, their focus is filling all of their categories. It's all about I wanna get, I wanna make one trade that fills up all my categories and fills up all my deficiencies. And, and to me, yeah, that's a, to me that's a shit move. It's, it's not, you know, it's, it's not just what the, what the overall game should even be about. And, and once it turns into that, you know, and maybe that's why they don't want to, you know, up the money on that. Because I think once you up the money like that, that becomes even more prevalent. And I, and I, I just had to say, you know what, fuck it man, we, we, we can't do this league anymore. Uh, it's just, it's it's not Speaker 2 00:13:02 Was it an, was it an auction league? Was it an auction league? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:13:05 It was an auction heating for league, I Speaker 2 00:13:06 Guess. Oh, and I've heard suggestions about this. I guess one of the things you could do is try to have a limit on the price of players that are involved in the trade. You know, like you can't exceed xml. But again, I guess that doesn't completely solve it cuz you could have two or three cheap players that overachieve that year and that still might not counteract it. I mean, but you don't want like three 40 plus dollars players traded along with two others for like, you know, a minor leaguer, uh, a draft pick and you know, a cheap keeper at like $4 or something. So, you know, I'm sure there's ways to counteract it, but yeah, that people do get frustrated by that. You have to know that going in, if you are gonna play in a league like that, those traits happen and it trusts me. It sucks cuz I've been on the other side where the teams around me are making great trades and I'm like, what the fuck? But I also understand why the teams at the bottom do it. You know, I guess they're just trying to find that balance where like, hey, you didn't really need to give up five players just to get one. Why'd you do that? You know, I guess Speaker 0 00:14:10 Because they don't give a shit. Like, that's the thing. It's Speaker 2 00:14:12 Not that they don't give it, I don't think it's that, but I think you gotta look at it from their perspective too, is they're trying to get cheap keepers for next year. So, and Speaker 0 00:14:19 That, and that's, and listen, I understand, I <laugh> I understand what their perspective is, but they, it, it doesn't matter to them if the deal is egregious or not, just as long as they're getting their cheap keeper for next year. Speaker 2 00:14:32 So how do we, we fix that instead of what's that? How do we fix it instead of just saying, well, I'm not gonna play in the league, I'm gonna disband it. I mean, again, if you don't like the league, I've always said it, don't play in it. But for the people who do like playing it and don't like these dumb trades, what's the way to counteract it so that we don't get egregious trades? I was thinking again, a cap like, hey, you can't trade away or acquire like plus $50 in salary. Again, that's not gonna completely solve it because you will have right players that are cheap that, you know, they, they could just do it that way, but then if they're that cheap, you would want to keep 'em. But there has to be some way to fix it that we don't have people just bowing out of these leagues. Speaker 0 00:15:12 Unfortunately, though, there isn't like, that's, that, that, that's the big problem is that there really isn't because the team up top is, is willing to, to part with whatever keepers they have to in order to win this year. And they will turn around and they will say, well, if you want this, you know, super cheap keeper or whatever, I want this, this, this, and this. Now the person at the bottom is like, all right, I don't give a shit. Here you go. You can have all of that because I just want my cheap keeper. Um, and, and I get, you know, I mean that's, it's, it's all well and good. I, I've literally spent 20 odd years trying to figure out different ways to, to counter all of those dump deals and the, you know, it's like, you know, it's, it's like, uh, like one of those, uh, one of those, those Chinese finger puzzle things or finger traps or whatever where you, the, the harder you struggle with it, the tighter it gets on you. Speaker 0 00:16:09 And I think, I mean that's really what it's been, uh, to the point where, yeah, I mean, I tried, dude, we, we tried so many different, you know, rules added and amendments made to the, to the league constitution, uh, you know, have to protect a player traded within this window of time. You can't trade for a player with X amount of do, you know, like we've tried everything with that and I have yet to find, you know, a, a single one. Now, the problem for me, I mean obviously I wanna, I wanna play for money, but I also think that that non-trading leagues suck. And so that's, you know, it's the catch 22, uh, for that, you know, obviously the N F B C says no trading when, because money's involved. And I get that and it totally makes sense. But for the same token, it's like, you know, trying to to piece together and scratch and claw off of the waiver wire because you can't make a trade, eh, it's a little, little bit of a pain in the ass. And, and, and eliminates a certain element of the fantasy league that I love. I love being able to like talk trade with people and, and, you know, see about working something out. Speaker 0 00:17:21 So I don't have an answer for you, man. Speaker 2 00:17:23 Yeah, I mean, I guess one way to do it too is penalize people for finishing last, second to last, they have to pay a price. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:17:31 We, we, we tried it, we, we, it didn't work. Loser. The person who comes in last has to pay the, we had, we had the person who comes in the bottom three has to pay the, the entrance fee for the top three teams the following season. And nobody gave a shit. Really? They were like, fuck that. You know, we had people drop out because of it. We had people who were just like, you know, whatever. Okay. Oh, so, so then all of a sudden it becomes, you know, like a, like a, like a money trade where you're like, all right, don't worry about it, man. I'll give you everything I got and I'll pick up your entrance for, for next Speaker 2 00:18:04 Year. That, that's bad. Speaker 0 00:18:05 When I finishing last, people Speaker 2 00:18:06 Were doing that. Speaker 0 00:18:08 I mean, you just, you you saw it, you just, they, they, you know, they would swear up and down line. No, no, no, I don't care about that. But I mean, what's, what's the difference between like, you know, saying, I'm gonna give you, you know, a top place team, you know, turns around and says, all right, I'll give you this guy and, and a hundred bucks and you give me these five players, and Speaker 2 00:18:28 What if you don't win, now you're out a hundred bucks. Speaker 0 00:18:31 Well then, yeah, you're out, out a hundred bucks, you take that chance. But you know what, if you're making that push and you finish in the top three, somebody's paying your fucking entrance fee next year anyway. Speaker 2 00:18:40 You know what though? There's, you know, people need to hit us up. I'm sure people have good suggestions out there in their leagues that have something in place, but hit us up, uh, and let us know. Um, maybe there's something good out there. I mean, one thing I do, I've told you about this, this is a trade. I don't, I don't remember if you liked it or not, you probably did it. But what I do for the trades is once the trade is agreed upon, right? I'm the commissioner. So I get a message, I post it on the message board, it's on there for 48 hours. So every other team gets to better the trade. If they, if, like, for example, so the, the whole point is not to go back and forth. The point is, wow, I can't believe that's all you got for Jared Kek. Speaker 2 00:19:20 I'd give you more. Okay, maybe you didn't have a discussion. So you go and now and go, all right, you traded Jared, Kel, Nick for Manny Machado, I'll give you tattoos. And the other owner goes, all right, I liked that offer better. Now that trade is agreed upon. And believe it or not, most of the trades go through originally, it's not a lot of back and forth. So, but the reason to do it is to, again, so maybe there were five people who didn't have a conversation. They go, that's it, that's all you got. I'd give you more for that. Okay, go ahead. See if they take it. Um, and that's something we've been doing, and I'd say 90 to 93% of the original trades go through. It's rare that you get it overturned. Speaker 0 00:19:58 Yeah, I mean, I I I I get that. Yeah, I remember you telling me about this. Uh, you know, th this whole thing, I mean, yeah, it definitely, you know, it, it favors, but, but also it favors teams that, you know, I'm not gonna, you know, because it, it kind of alters the dynamic that, you know, some people are talking trade and one person's sitting there, or, you know, two or three people are just sitting there being like, you know what? I don't have to worry about this. I just need to see what it, what somebody's looking for and what somebody's willing to take for that and just beat that deal. Speaker 2 00:20:28 Yeah. But if they don't, then you're stuck with a shit deal. Like, if you are thinking it's like, ah, you know what, um, I'm just gonna offer this. Someone will gimme better. It doesn't really happen. So No, no, Speaker 0 00:20:37 No, no, no. That's not what I'm saying I'm saying is, is that somebody will just sit back and instead of like, you know, really looking into making some deals to better themselves, they're just waiting to see who's, who's ponying up what at some point. Like who, you know, just watching, you know, it's like three teams, watch 12 teams make these deals and offers, and then they all, they do, you know, each year is just come in and try and, you know, undercut a team on a deal. Speaker 2 00:21:02 It doesn't really happen. It's usually the same group of people training. I'm actually not one of them, right? Um, I just, I just find it difficult. I get insulting offers. I just don't get it. Like people know what I do. It's like, do you really think, and I'm sure you go through this too, if you're playing like in a home league and people send you dumb offers, like guys, do you not realize you can think that maybe, I don't know, maybe you think we're not that smart. I mean, probably not, but whatever the bottom line is, do you really think like we're gonna click a button and be like, oh wow, look at this shit. You're giving me garbage for this. All right, I'll take it. Like, really? Speaker 0 00:21:32 Did I fucking go through that on a weekly basis with Steve? It's fucking Speaker 2 00:21:35 Insulting, bro. Steve Speaker 0 00:21:37 Phillips, dude. Speaker 2 00:21:38 Oh, I know. I've played in a league with him. He's insane. Speaker 0 00:21:41 I mean, it's, you know, hey, get that over and over and over again. But yeah, I mean, to your point, yes, people who, uh, you know, who, who know that I'm in this business. And like I said, that, that, you know, that HomeKeeper league that was disbanded was a, was a 15 teamer, uh, auction keeper. And uh, and everybody in that league knew what I did for a living. And I still got, you know, shit sucking trade offers. Speaker 2 00:22:06 That's crazy. So, yeah, I mean, again, that is a big challenge though, these keeper leagues, and you're gonna hear more of it. You'll probably get some complaints and tweets about it as we get closer to trade deadline, um, these dump trades. So, um, I've usually on the side giving up young players in acquiring, but I might be on the other side this year based on the way things are going. I'm looking for cheap keepers next year, but I only do Speaker 0 00:22:31 Your, your, your, your team this year. You're gonna be part of the problem, not the solution. Speaker 2 00:22:36 No, man, I'm <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:22:38 I Speaker 2 00:22:38 Don't even know. Do I have anyone that's good, <laugh>? Nah, I have some good players like <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:22:43 I have some good players. Team really sucks, man. It really is bad. No, Speaker 2 00:22:45 It's, it's really not. It's just, I guess I'm, I'm lacking. Well, my ob b p is so bad. I, I don't know what happened, but I mean, I have Alonso who's pretty affordable. Matt Olson, a Rosa, Reina, Yoshida, Riley, so, and then Pi, my pitching's been good. Um, McClanahan Gray, I don't have enough clothes either, man. Um, but I, I have some trade pieces here. Um, and I have Yuri Perez as my minor leaguer. I haven't called them up yet, so I'll probably just hold on to 'em at this point. See if I was in contention, that's a guy I would trade, you know, he becomes appealing for, cuz he is a minor leaguers, so I didn't call him up yet. So you can keep him next year for nothing. So if I wasn't contention, I'd hold him and, and deal him. But, um, again, I'm not giving up to yet. Cause I know there's probably people may like, oh shit, he's gonna give up. Nah, I'm not, it's only May. But you gotta be Speaker 0 00:23:36 No sense, no sense in, in, in activating 'em now unless you absolutely know that it's gonna be worth your while. Speaker 2 00:23:42 Exactly. Um, you kinda have to play it like someone still has not brought up Josh Young. I don't know why. I think they have a pretty competitive team. I'm like, okay, uh, like why are you wasting that for <laugh>? But everyone has a different strategy. But yeah, this, I I think it's been a pretty challenging year for fantasy baseball because of all these injuries. And I know we've kind of repeated this every week, but it really is insane, like how every day, like multiple players, especially with the pitchers and you know, I, I'm looking at my good teams, they haven't really been hit hard by injuries. I mean, my t team has lost Cory Seger and all too, me my second and third round picks and they've been able to stay afloat and both of those guys could be back this week. So that would really help. But if that team has not really been hit hard by injuries, especially on the pitching staff, the bats have been, and even my GS T team, that's really good. Over 120 points in the second, you know, I lost Eloy Jimenez, but you know, that's my fault. Uh, like Adam Duval Speaker 0 00:24:39 My, you lost Eloy EZ every day. Speaker 2 00:24:42 Come on. I know, man. Like I said, I'm not drafting that guy next year. It, it has to be really far for that guy. Um, but yeah, I, I, I noticed the teams that are doing pretty well have not been hit hard by injuries. And I think that's one of the things this year. Um, although my F S G A team is very good, but it has a lot of players injured man, uh, lost Springs, O'Neill Cruz just got JD Martinez back. Um, there was another pitcher I lost too. So, yeah, I mean look, there's gonna be certain scenarios where if you got hit with a lot of injuries, it is difficult to overcome, especially in the pitching. Cuz as you scour the waiver wire not for pitcher pitching especially, you know, 15 team or more, there's just not a lot there, man. And that's why you're seeing in these competitive leagues when these rookies come up, people are spending money, man, because they're like, Hey, uh, he's coming up now, could be up in the rotation for four months and what am I waiting for? Uh, because a lot of the prospects have already come up, uh, came up, but we're already seeing more and more being called up every day. But it's just really thin and pitching with all these guys going down with season ending injuries. Speaker 0 00:25:47 Uh, yeah, I've been hit with it, uh, a a bunch as well. We just lost Nick La Dolo, who's probably gonna be out for the rest of the season or at least the majority of the rest of the season. Uh, drew Rasmussen gone. Speaker 2 00:25:59 That was a big one after he had a great performance. The n ncaa I know. Speaker 0 00:26:02 Oh dude, next day, believe me. Yeah, Rasmussen and, and Springs from Tampa. It's really, I mean that, that hit hard. My F S g A team, uh, in like the past, what I guess two weeks, Jordan Walker got sent down, uh, jazz Chisholm out for four to six weeks with turf toe. TJ Kron hits the I l as does, uh, TJ Frito. Speaker 2 00:26:23 So yeah, I have Frito in a couple weeks. So how do you look at Jazz Chisholm? Because he's, he does get hurt every year and we kind of know that, but we know how dynamic he is. What seven Homers 14 steals. Like if he plays a full year, he could go 30, 30. His counting sets are not great because of the team. Like, does your, now that you have jazz, because I didn't get him this year, I wanted him, I think there was a, a draft in the third round where he won't one pick before me and I wanted him. So like, you know, we, we talked about Eloy and we both dealt with it and now we're kind of tired of it. How do you look at jazz now? Um, do you feel, does your opinion change him or you're gonna be like, you know, what if he's there third, second, third run again next year I'm taking him again, I'll deal with it. Speaker 0 00:27:05 It, I mean, that's it. I look at him now exactly as I look at Eloy, it's the same thing. I mean, I, you know, a, a love, uh, you know, like a strong love for the player, you know, the talents there. I mean, let's face facts. If these guys, you know, and, and, and it's no different than Byron Buxton and I have to, I have to start looking at these guys and you know, I, I'm, you know, you, you, you, it's a must. You have to look at these guys the same way you look at a b at a Byron Buxton. Um, it's, it's no different in fantasy football when you're looking at a guy or you were looking at a guy like Christian McCaffrey, they're guys that who just have phenomenal talent who just don't stay on the field. Uh, you can take those chances if you want, but you have to understand that while the ceiling is crazy high, the, the, the length of, you know, the, the task of work that that's gonna be at hand for you during the course of the season, huge, huge pain in the ass. Speaker 0 00:28:02 Like when I drafted, uh, you know, jazz Chisholm in, uh, in this league, um, I also drafted, uh, a little bit later, uh, Nolan Gorman and Jonathan India just, you know, based on where, where a D ADP was. Because I was like, all right, listen, if jazz gets hurt, like he usually does, you know, I I've got second base and, and middle infield covered. And at worst, you know, what happens when, when everybody's healthy is that I just move Chisholm into the outfield and, and do it that way. And that's kind of, that's how I, uh, I I went about it. So while Chisholm is hurt and he's out for four to six weeks, I'm not getting destroyed right now because, you know, I'm slotting in India who has been, uh, completely fine, three home runs, eight stolen bases, bating two 90. So I'm, I'm fine with that. And Nolan Gorman's got 10 home runs bating 2 85. So I was like, okay, I'm good there. And it's just, it's a matter of now it's just piecing together some, uh, some parts in the outfield because <laugh>, Luke Raley and Eddie Rosario ain't gonna get it done for me. Speaker 2 00:29:14 Yeah, man. And outfield we knew going of the year was kind of thin, especially if you're in a league with five outfielders that you need to start. The thing about Gorman, they finally started him yesterday against the lefty. Man, I don't, I don't get it. Just let him play, man. Like the guy's been raking. Just l see if these guys can hit lefties. Of course there's gonna be some that are just the net and they look brutal. Okay, fine, don't play 'em. But I feel like there's so many managers that just don't give lefties a shot against left-handed pitching. And Gorman has just been so productive, man. So it burned me this because I lost his, what is it? One Homer five R b i game on Monday because in the N F B C, I have him in an online championship league and you know, we do Monday through Thursday lineups, he his facing a lefty. So that means he's playing two games out of four. I'm like, I can't do that when I have Volpe, Correa and Adamis. I'm like, well, I gotta say Gorman don't want to. And now Gorman, I I don't know if that, that might have been his first start against the lefty this year. Um, now I he is oh, for nine against lefties. But really I'm not going on nine fucking, it's nine Speaker 0 00:30:19 At Fats. I know rookie basically rookie season, Speaker 2 00:30:22 Right? So Speaker 0 00:30:24 Ali Marmel, Ali Marmel sucks. Speaker 2 00:30:27 Yeah, I mean that they Speaker 0 00:30:28 Need to fire him. Speaker 2 00:30:30 They, I guess because as we alluded to the division assault for grabs that they're probably like, all right, we don't need to do something now. Um, and they have played better. They've won seven of 10 and, uh, looks like, uh, you know, liberatory is coming up. We'll see what he can do. And then Tyler O'Neill starts his rehab. I mean, that's another guy too. I mean, you know that those two don't get along and everyone says it. Yeah. Trade O'Neill get something for him because we wanna see O'Neill get an opportunity to play every day. We know he has the ability, the power under speed. But it's gotta be tough when you and the manager don't get along because it affects your mentality when you show up to the clubhouse every day. Oh man, I line up today. Oh, this motherfucker not putting me in a lineup again. Fuck you. You know what I mean? It affects your attitude. These guys are human beings, you know, as much as you wanna say, oh, they're professional, get paid a lot of money, we're still human. We got emotions, man. Oh Speaker 0 00:31:16 Dude, it's good. See, that's the, it's gonna get worse. Yeah. You see, they just brought up Oscar Mercado. Yeah, man, what, like, what the fuck are you bringing up Oscar Mer? Like, I get it now at this point, you, you, you're gonna keep Jordan Walker in the, uh, in the mins, uh, until super two free agency passes. You're gonna get that extra, he's extra year of control outta him. Speaker 2 00:31:34 He's not hitting. But you know, that could also be a mental thing. Like, wait a second. You guys had the confidence to start me at the beginning of the season and just, cuz I get off to a little slow start now you're gonna send me down like Speaker 0 00:31:46 Slow start. What are you talking about? He was, he was the best hitting outfielder on that fucking team. He was doing better than Tyler O'Neill, better than Lars Nut Bar. He was doing better than Dylan Carlson. He was out producing all these fucking guys and they sent him down. Speaker 2 00:32:03 I mean, he was okay. I mean, those guys weren't doing anything. He, he had a 25.6% strike guy, 3.8% walk rate, two homers, two steals, and 78 plate appearances. I mean, it was okay. It's not like he was outstanding. It's not like he Speaker 0 00:32:16 Was, no, I'm not saying that. But he wasn't, he wasn't doing anything that warranted the, the send down other than the fact that they had too many fucking outfielders. Speaker 2 00:32:24 Yeah, seven 18 O p s I mean it was o again, I'm not saying he deserved to be sent down. They had a lot of outfielders, a lot of 'em were underperforming. But then, you know, think about it, you're a 20 year old kid, you get the call to the majors 21. Uh, did he turn 21 recently? Oh, this be, no, he turns 21, uh, this week. Happy Birthday Jordan work. If you're, I know you're listening <laugh> um, <laugh>. But yeah, just, I mean the whole thing, the whole thing with Wilson Contreras, oh, he is not gonna catch then he goes in there. Jack Flowery has his best game. Like, just, it's crazy cuz we think of the Cardinals as a, a pretty good organization and it's just has not gone that way this year. But yeah, since Walker went down, uh, he's hitting two 13 with a 3 38 O b p a three 11 slug, um, only has one home run. But that could be, you know, partly like, wait, why am I here, man, you guys gave me a shot and the majors I wasn't awful. You set me down. It could be a mental thing too. You know? And even, even, even if he was tearing it up, say he went down there and tore it up, was he guaranteed to get called back up? Speaker 0 00:33:26 No, I don't think he, it's not that he was guaranteed to get called back up. I I don't like the way Ali Marmo runs this team. And, and I know that they've been, uh, performing better as of late and that has nothing to do with Ali Marmel. Yeah, it doesn't, it has everything talenting to do with the players. Speaker 2 00:33:43 They have ta Yeah, they have talent. They eventually were gonna play better. Speaker 0 00:33:47 Yeah. Like you couldn't tell me that Gold Schmid and Anado, uh, we're gonna, we're gonna, you know, underperform the entire way. You couldn't tell me that Wilson Contreras, that's been a problem defensively, but offensively he's been, you know, he's been fine. The problem is, is that, you know, Marmo is sitting there and he's just, he's rotating in guys over and over again rather than just letting them play where they belong. And then yes, obviously moving Wilson Contreras to the predominant, you know, prominent DH spot, uh, is screwing over, you know, because they want to keep Brennan Donovan's glove in the infield, but you can't keep Nolan Gorman's bat out. And, you know, it's just, it's been this, this constant rotation of uncertainty and, and, and just a complete lack of consistency in this lineup. And that's, you know, again, that, that to me, that's the, the manager that's the manager overthinking things and getting his decisions wrong on a regular basis. Speaker 2 00:34:48 Uh, we have some breaking news during this podcast kind of fits in with what we were talking about with injuries. Dustin May's velocity was down in the first inning and he went down the tunnel. He's out of the game. Speaker 0 00:35:00 Ah, Speaker 2 00:35:02 The right elbow pain is what they're saying. So look, I wanted no part of May this year, I, I could not believe how high his ADP was. Cause he's a guy that people see the pitch. He's got great stuff, right? If you watch highlights of dust, may you see his pitches. Like, wow, this guy's good. He doesn't strike anyone out. He's one of those guys that throws hard, but you don't get any strikeouts. I get it. He's on the Dodgers. The other thing I didn't get is how many innings are you getting out of this guy? You know, like, this is his career. 34 and two thirds 56, 23 30 last year, 47 this year. Like, so what were you expecting for where he was going? I just wanted no part of dust. May and yeah, he was off to a good start with a 2 6 80 r a but his strikeout rate is just extremely low man. Speaker 2 00:35:52 For a guy that told 17 and a half percent strikeout rate and his career was 22.4% and his walk rate 8.7%. So I get it, he's hurt. I'm not trying to say, oh cause I got shit wrong this year, but I didn't just, I didn't get the in infatuation with Dustin May like he, again, he's a good pitcher on the Dodgers, but how many innings are you getting out of him? He was, there were so many pitchers, I'm sure that you like too, the Joe Ryans p that were going after him. I'm like, what? I'm gonna take these guys. Justin May has yet to show it. How many innings and where are the strikeouts man? 22 point percent. Uh, career strikeout rate for a guy that throws 97 98 consistently is one of those guys that, you know this on this age of social media now you see a lot of highlights of pitches, right? Oh, look at the movement on this pitch. Look at that swing and miss. That's great. And May has a lot of that, but we're the results, man. So I wanna know, part of me, I, it sucks. I don't wanna see any guy get hurt and we'll have to see what it is. But this goes back to what we were talking about before about these pitchers, man just going down left and right. Speaker 0 00:36:56 Well, I mean it's, you know, I mean the injuries are, are, you know, abundant as always. I don't have a, you know, any Dustin may either this year. Uh, and and it's not for, for anything other than the fact that I I avoid pitchers who get shuttled back and forth in between the bullpen and starting. And that's kind of what happened with Dustin May, they always wanted him to start, uh, and, and he'd get those spot starts, but he was predominantly, uh, uh, a middle reliever. He wasn't, you know, and, and, and that was, you know, you were like, oh, okay. If I can get like two or three innings out of Dustin may, uh, for this outing, that's, that's what, you know, Roberts was doing with him. You know, every time you see a picture like that, I, you know, again, how long did it take Kevin Gossman to, to fix himself? Dylan Bundy was an absolute disaster. Do Speaker 2 00:37:48 You know why Gossman sucked early on? Speaker 0 00:37:51 Well, aside from the fact that he was going back and forth between starting and, and, and bullpen and starting in bullpen and starting in bullpen, you're fucking up his arm. Speaker 2 00:37:59 Well, he also pitched for the Orioles. Orioles don't develop any pitchers. Speaker 0 00:38:03 Well, that's what I'm saying. Uh, you know, that's why by through d Dylan Bundy's name in there as well. But I mean, you know, take a look at, take a look at any starting pitcher who has spent the majority of his time going back and forth. How about Ross St. Stripling? Here's another example. He's, he's actually pitching today. But I mean, is anybody enamored with Ross St. Stripling in his 8 78 e r a right now? I mean, he looks like shit and he's like another perfect example. The Dodgers just back and forth, back and forth the arm. It, it, you show me any, I, I'd like to see you point me to a major leaguer who spent the first like couple of seasons in the bigs going back and forth between spot starts and, uh, and, and you know, predominantly bullpen work and was actually, and has actually become a productive starter. Speaker 2 00:38:57 I'm sure there's probably a handful. Not a lot. I don't know. Can't think of anything off my head right now, but I'm sure there's a couple. But yeah, I mean, I just thought me, like was being overvalued. Cause I saw, I was like happy when people took him because pretty sure like a Joe Ryan went after him. Uh, Pablo Lopez, a lot of guys even Springs and Rasmus, and I know they got hurt. But, uh, like those guys, you know, um, I guess I don't, you know, here, Speaker 0 00:39:26 Let's face it, Adam, you know, it, you, you, again, you mentioned it, it's Twitter, it's, it's fantasy baseball Twitter, you see pitcher Ninja, uh, pitching Ninja sends a, you know, puts out a a, a tweet about a guy and everybody el everybody, you know, in the fantasy community drops to their knees with their mouths open. Speaker 2 00:39:43 Yeah. I mean, and great, you know, you, you can look at pretty much any pitcher in baseball is gonna have a great highlight reel, right? They're gonna majors for a reason, but that doesn't encapsulate everything. And again, may those 97, 98 does not get strikeouts. And here's one thing, did you have this conversation with boating yet? Cause I think some people are starting to say, oh, the pitch clock, that's why guys are getting hurt. I have no fucking idea. But have you had that discussion with boating yet? Speaker 0 00:40:10 N no, I don't think we have. Uh, we, we haven't talked about the fact that the, you know, the pitch clock in speeding everything up is causing it. I'll bring it up. I'll see what you bring Speaker 2 00:40:20 It up. I'm, I'm interested to see what his take is. I mean, he obviously talks to people like, cause I'm seeing that being floated around now. I, I don't know. Like, I don't know how you can make that conclusion after a month and a half. You know? I don't know. So I'm just curious the people who know about the game or talk to people, if that's something that's being thrown about, if that's a possibility or it's just, it could just be random, right? Pitching is not natural, bro. <laugh>, you know, you're throwing 95 to a hundred guys get hurt. It's just the way it is. You're not supposed to, your arm's not designed for that. Speaker 0 00:40:57 Yeah, I'll bring it up. Absolutely. I mean, you know, and obviously Dustin May coming outta today's game, uh, and, and you know, Nicola do with the, uh, the stress reaction in his, uh, in his tibia. I think that, you know, I I think if, if that's what it's being said, I mean, I haven't heard you, you've heard people say that it's the pitch clock Speaker 2 00:41:15 People, I've seen speculation on Twitter, people like, yeah, this is the, the pitch clock. This is why it's happening. Speeding up the game. I guess not as much, uh, recovery time between pitches. I mean, I saw Kelly Jansen the other day had three pitch clock violations, man, like, geez, bro, <laugh>. Uh, so again, I, I have no idea. I don't even, I think people just guess to sometimes, like, why would you say that? What's the data? Like? Do you have anything behind it? Or they're just looking for reasons? I mean, it could be valid. I I really don't know. I don't think I have the ability to make that assessment. Speaker 0 00:41:50 I will. Uh, I'm definitely gonna, I'm gonna bring that up because I, you know, because I think the pitch clock and I think the, the new rules that we've been dealing with that sp have sped up the game, I think have been fantastic. I think it's been, uh, you know, much better to, um, you know, I, I just think it's been better for the game. Uh, and I, I like these, you know, I, I love a nice little like two hour game. Gimme gimme, I'm a busy man. I got a lot of shit to do. So, but I'll bring that up. I'll tell you what, man. I'll bring that up. And, uh, for you guys listening, uh, today is, uh, today is Wednesday. So Wednesday, May 17th, uh, Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. You'll find the, uh, you'll find it on demand. Uh, but Adam, and I'll discuss that, uh, next week as well, just to kind of, uh, give him Jim's thoughts, uh, on this. Speaker 0 00:42:43 But yeah, we'll definitely, uh, bring that up and, uh, and see what the, uh, what the word on the street is. We know what the word is on Twitter. We know what the word is on social media, but perhaps the gm, uh, has some, uh, MLB front office, uh, insights for us there. Maybe he's talked to a couple of people about it. We will, uh, we'll definitely have to see. He's got a great relationship with Andrew Friedman, so perhaps maybe, uh, he'll look into Dustin May's injury. Uh, and maybe we get a, a little bit more of an answer. I think definitely be nice. Um, all right, let's kind of, uh, let's, let's, it gives us a good opportunity here to switch gears. Adam, talk to me about, uh, about the N B A for you. I mean, we're, we're wrapping it up right now. Speaker 0 00:43:26 I mean, listen, you got Lakers nuggets in the, uh, in the west, the nuggets, uh, they, they took down, uh, the Lakers already yesterday. So one, nothing in the series going into this whole series. The, the nuggets were the favorite, not just for yesterday's game, but they were also, they're also the favorite to win this. Um, much more lopsided over on the, uh, in the eastern side. I think, uh, to win the series, the Celtics were a minus 5 75 favorite over, um, the Miami Heat, who are plus 1600 to win that the Eastern Conference. So, um, my feeling about the East is I'm just gonna leave it be and not give a shit unless somehow the heat win two outta these first four games. If this, you know, series becomes two two, then I'll like start to pay more attention to it. But I think the focus here is over on the West with, uh, you know, YOIC battling ad and LeBron. I think that's really, um, you know, gonna be a a, a very strong battle. It's gonna make it for a good series. Speaker 2 00:44:31 Yeah, I mean, that's clearly the more appealing series. And you saw it in game one, just, uh, a few like high scoring games, just really fun game. I mean, Denver was unconscious in this game. They just couldn't miss a shot. They did taper off a little bit in the fourth quarter of the Lakers. Made it close. They got within three, but eventually lost by six. I mean, Denver shot 54.9% from the field, 46.9% from three point range. But the Lakers shot just as well, 54.8% from the field, 45.8% from three point range. Both teams shot pretty well from the free throw line. Lakers were a little bit better. The difference in this game was the rebounding man, Denver. Denver destroyed them on the boards 47 to 30, I mean, and on the offensive glass, 15 offensive rebounds for Denver, five for the Lakers. So Lakers did make some adjustments late in this game. Speaker 2 00:45:16 They put Rui ha Chamara on Nikola Yoic. Yoic did not have a big fourth quarter. Uh, still a finish with 34 points, 21 rebounds, 14 assist. I mean, clearly the best player, uh, on the floor. Anthony Davis had a big game with 40 and 10. LeBron was solid, almost had one assist shy of a triple double. So really fun, uh, first game. And Denver's a very tough place to win. Uh, they're great at home. I watch, it'll be like a low scoring game. The second one out, this, this game also too was, I haven't seen any numbers. I'm sure the sports books got destroyed on props. I hit a six leg parlay and I didn't even, the only yoic prop I had was Yoic five assist or more. I mean, I could have, I could have made a lot more money. Um, and I put like decent, like I put Anthony Davis over 22 and a half, he and 40, I had Austin Reeves, 20 points rebounds assist more. Speaker 2 00:46:10 He had 33. I had Michael Porter, 20 points plus rebounds supposed to assist. He had 27, uh, Jamal Murray over 18 points tomorrow he had 31. So I coulda upped these numbers. I know it's hindsight, but I mean, they got destroyed because I'm sure there are people who are really aggressive, like Anthony Davis, 30 points or more. Jamal Murray 30 or more, yo and 30 or more they got destroyed. So, um, obviously both teams are not gonna shoot this well again in game two. But I do think this is gonna be a fun series that goes pretty deep in the east. Everyone's gonna pick the Celtics. I think the numbers though are ridiculous. Um, I understand Miami is an eight seed and they don't have as much depth. Boston is just a hard team for me to trust. I think they're gonna win. But Boston just has these games where they let teams back in. Speaker 2 00:46:57 Like they were down three, two to Philly, okay? They lost game five at home. That was more Philly not even showing up in Game seven. Like the comments from in beat are just comical. He said, well, it can't be me and James Harden carrying this team. Both of you guys were shit in Game seven <laugh>. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's one thing if MBI went out there and scored 35 and Harden at 28, oh, those comments make sense. You guys both were shit. You know what I'm saying? Like crazy man. And I know that MVP is a regular season award and everyone last night's like, oh, Yoki real, if he should have won it, and B had a great year, don't get me wrong. But I mean, we clearly see Yoki is a better player man. Um, and Yoki won't care if they get to the finals, but Boston's just a team that they kind of played down to the level of competition at times. Speaker 2 00:47:44 And they give these games away. They did it against Atlanta. They did it against Philly. I could see Miami winning game one cuz Boston came off the emotional game seven, even though it was kind of a blowout. And they do have like an extra day. Um, but we've seen it in the past. When you play that game seven, it's kind of exhausting. And even with the extra day arrest, it takes a little bit out of you. So I can see Miami winning game one. I think Boston wins the series, but like the line is just ridiculous. Like, they're like massive favorites and they, Miami probably has the best coach in the n b and Eric sp to a phenomenal job what he's done to get them here as the a seat. I mean, knocking off the box. And remember too, they were in the playing tournament. Speaker 2 00:48:24 They lost the first game. They had to win, um, the next game to get in. So, and Jimmy Butler, he's amazing. Um, so I think Boston does win, but yeah, this series doesn't have the watchability appeal that Denver Lakers does cuz you got so many storylines, you know, with Yoic and LeBron and Davis and, you know, a lot of people not believing in Denver as a one seed. A lot of people still dog and yoic man. It's like, dude, if, if you want, this guy is phenomenal, man. He makes his teammates better. Like he does that. And that's the thing, he doesn't even force shots. He doesn't take like 30 shots from the field. He did a couple times in the last round, but 17 shots from the field, yes. On, on game one. 12 is 17. You know, like, it's just, he's just phenomenal to watch. Speaker 2 00:49:11 It's a real skillful player. So, um, again, the Lakers did make some adjustments in that game late, which was kind of interesting. Uh, so yeah, that series is gonna be great. And Boston Miami could be a tough watch at times. Uh, but I, I wouldn't be surprised if Miami gets this to six games. I think everyone's just kind of rolling out the red carpet from Boston. I think it's gonna be easy. But Miami is a tough team, man. You know, they're, they're, they're not gonna make it easy for Boston and I can't Boston and I can see just when you're ready, like, oh, here comes Boston. They have that letdown game, man. So that, that's my concern with them. Okay. Speaker 0 00:49:48 Well, so would you, um, I mean, at, at this point, well, I mean it's, you know, uh, for, for our listeners out there, it doesn't really matter because this game will be played. Um, but if you're betting, uh, tonight's game, uh, are you taking the heat plus the points? It's eight and a half. Speaker 2 00:50:02 Yeah. Yeah. I take the plus eight and a half. I, I don't see them. I see them being ready to play a little extra rest Boston and emotional game seven. Um, Miami's been good in, I think they're, yeah, they're two at, oh, in games one and the playoffs and they went both on the road. So, um, yeah, I like, I like Miami to cover. Um, and again, this Miami team beat the Bucks, um, and they could have, and they pretty much handled the Knicks pretty easily, you know, I mean, the Knicks were fortunate, uh, to win one of those games. So, uh, they're very well coached. Um, and the heat won two games in Boston's last year and used to conference pots. It was rematch last year. So, um, and they have a massive coaching edge. You know, Missoula's a first year head coach. He's made some questionable decisions like in games with timeout usage and everything. Um, so yeah, I would take Miami in game one to keep it close. Speaker 0 00:51:01 Right on. Right on. Um, all right, so conference finals underway for the N B A. Let's, uh, switch over. Have you had any, uh, have you had any chance to watch any, uh, any N H L action? Speaker 2 00:51:14 A little. I mean, once the Rangers are eliminated in my interests really dwindled, but I watched some of the game seven Kraken stars. Um, so yeah, I've watched a little bit. Yeah, just a weird, weird N H L season as well with the teams that are there, man. Just, uh, I mean, what's going on in Miami this year? You got the heat as the AC in the conference finals, the Panthers making it upsetting the brooms. So, uh, things going well down there in, in Florida, man. Well, Speaker 0 00:51:42 They gotta, they gotta make up for the fact that, that the dolphins are gonna shit the bed again. Speaker 2 00:51:46 Okay. <laugh>, I mean, Speaker 0 00:51:50 And who is gonna get concussed in week three? And then we're gonna spend the next six weeks discussing whether or not the guy should retire. That's, that's what Miami's that's what Miami's got going on, right? That's why the Marlins are in second place in the division right now, <laugh>, because they just gotta throw everybody in Miami something because football season is going to be, uh, a bit of a shit show for them. Speaker 2 00:52:12 And that Marlin's lineup, especially with Jazz out. Oh my God, bro. It's just so bad. Speaker 0 00:52:18 Yeah, it's, it's horrible. They might as well, I I, I heard they were gonna bring Mike lull back. Speaker 2 00:52:23 You might as well. <laugh> can't hurt them any further, right? Speaker 0 00:52:29 I don't think you can. I don't think you can. Um, all right, well, you know what, listen, uh, I, I, I think we're, we're good here for today. I, I, I don't really have too much else going on here. I we don't need to dive in too deep into the N H L at all because neither one of us are really watching too much of it. Uh, shout it out to Florida Panthers for, again, proving that all you need is a hot gold tender and some good defense. And that's what's going on with the, uh, with the Panthers. So kudos to them. Yeah, I don't really have anything else, man. I'm like, just kind of putting my head down. There's, uh, you know, I'm gonna sweat some, uh, some MLB best bets. Uh, had a good day Monday after, uh, John and Pembro's wedding. Let's congratulate John and Pemba for getting married. Speaker 2 00:53:16 Congrats. How was it? Speaker 0 00:53:18 That was a great time. It was definitely a great time, but, uh, you know, I like took off from, uh, from, you know, betting that weekend, even though, and every like, literally everybody's like, oh, you can, you can bet now. You can bet now. I'm like, I'm not signing up for anything until it's legal in California and, you know, I'm not gonna, you know, I, I've got my guy who lays my action for me in New York and, and that's it. And that's, that's, you know, that's, that's all I need. They're like, oh, you can put a bet down. You can put a bet. I'm like, I'm not gonna ha open up a fucking account right now, cuz I want every bo every promo code that comes my way once California opens up. And it's gonna take a little time, but, um, I'll do it that way. Speaker 0 00:54:00 So, uh, so yeah, so aside from, uh, you know, people hounding me though, but since, you know, we've been back, um, nice little three and oh action on, uh, on Monday, yesterday, uh, my bets and my props that I threw out to everybody, uh, on Tuesday all hit. And so feel good about today. Uh, today's action as well. So, uh, keep an eye on the MLB best bets moving forward. Uh, you always, you always wanna jump on it when somebody's getting hot again. And, uh, and, and that, that seems like me at the, at the moment, uh, especially after, uh, getting shit on by bullpens for <laugh> for like a couple of weeks there. Uh, which was just absolutely brutal. But no sense in looking back, always looking forward, Adam. Always looking forward. So, uh, any final thoughts? Uh, any, any hopes and dreams you wanna share with everybody? Speaker 2 00:54:54 I just hope the Mets win a game soon. That's all I'm asking for right now. I mean, they finally, they, they called Mark Vientos up, so we'll see if he can spark the lineup. Speaker 0 00:55:03 Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly, exactly. That's, that's all they have to keep doing. Just keep bringing up rookies and uh, and maybe something will click. Speaker 2 00:55:11 I mean, it's better than Mark kind of Daniel Vach and that trash they're running out. Speaker 0 00:55:17 Yeah. Yeah. That, that is true. That is true. Well, I wish you nothing but the best, Adam. I hope it all works out. I'm sure Speaker 2 00:55:24 For you. I mean, you have to root for the Mets against the rays, right? Speaker 0 00:55:27 I don't have to do anything. Speaker 2 00:55:28 I mean, okay, if I said to you, who do you want to win tonight? The next two days, Mets a ray. Who are you picking? Speaker 0 00:55:34 I'd have to say the Mets. Speaker 2 00:55:35 Exactly. Thank you. Cuz you're chasing the race. Speaker 0 00:55:38 Yeah, but I'm not, I'm not, you know, I'm, it's not like I'm lending you support. Like I didn't say, Speaker 2 00:55:43 I don't expect, Speaker 0 00:55:44 Expect the race to win. Speaker 2 00:55:45 I don't expect support from you. I know how you are <laugh>. You got that knife ready to stab me in the back. Speaker 0 00:55:51 <laugh>, it's already in there. You just can't feel it right now because I've severed your spine and you can't feel anything in your lower extremities. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:55:58 Once you twist it, I'll feel it. Speaker 0 00:56:00 <laugh>. On that note, we're gonna cut out outta here. Big thanks to everybody for liking and subscribing and giving us a listen. Uh, for Adam ROEs, I'm Howard better. This has been the Cash at Podcast. We'll catch you next time.

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