May 25, 2023


Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Updates, MLB Futures & Prop Bets and a 2023 MLB Bold Predictions Check-In

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Updates, MLB Futures & Prop Bets and a 2023 MLB Bold Predictions Check-In
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Fantasy Baseball Updates, MLB Futures & Prop Bets and a 2023 MLB Bold Predictions Check-In

May 25 2023 | 01:12:47


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss all things MLB including Ronis' dislike for Mets manager Buck Showalter, MLB futures and prop bets, buying low and selling high in fantasy baseball as well as a check-in on their 2023 MLB bold predictions.

Ronis Loves Mets, Hates Buck -- 00:30
MLB Prop Betting -- 18:48
Fantasy Baseball Check-In -- 27:15
MLB Division Winner Bets -- 43:17
MLB Bold Predictions Update -- 52:44

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course. Adam Ronis. What's up Ronis? Uh, I, I, I gotta tell you, man, I, knowing that the Mets are doing well, I, I think it was on Sirius xm. What? I said, I, I had you, I think it was when I had you come in, uh, wish Jim Bowden a happy birthday. I even said, I was like, ROEs to be in a great mood. Mets are doing well. How are ya? Speaker 2 00:00:28 Ah, they lost on Tuesday. I'm in a bad mood again. Uh, Tyler McGill sucks. <laugh>, they Speaker 0 00:00:34 Can't win every game. Speaker 2 00:00:35 No, they have to. Now they're in a position where they started slowly. But yeah, look, there's good things with the Mets, but I mean, buck Showalter's really starting to get on my nerves. Like you're hearing all this reporting about how Francisco Alvarez is showing up early to the ballpark and is eager to learn and get better. And then Gary Sanchez starts on over him on Tuesday when they were off on Monday. Alvarez had probably one of the biggest hits this year so far with that home run in the ninth against the Rays. Like we're sitting him for Gary Sanchez, get the Fuck outta here. And then, you know, Jeff McNeil is sitting, why? Because Drew's smiley's on the mouth. Like, why are we playing? And then Vito, sorry, right, fine, he started on Tuesday, but you pinch it for him. For Daniel Vach. I'm sick of this guy. Speaker 2 00:01:22 I don't wanna see Vogel back. I don't wanna see Kana. Let Beatti play every day. Let Vitos play. Vitos started hitting rights in the minor leagues. He had our op p s of over 1.1. Uh, he cut down his strikeout rate. Like if you're gonna call the guy up, just let him play. And if he sucks, send him back down. But just play these guys. And Buck sch is so reluctant to play these young guys. I just, I can't stand vocal buck anymore, man. I mean, he's just not good. Like, how does he not see it? Just and Mark Hannah too. Like, I don't wanna see these guys play, even if the young guys fail. And we know we've, we've seen a lot of rookies come up this year. They've been bit aggressively in Fab. Some of 'em have hit some of 'em f flopped, right? Jordan Walker was drafted real early. He's in the minor leagues right now. He's finally started to hit in the minor leagues. Maybe he comes back up soon. So yes, all these guys are not gonna come through, but the Mets have these veterans who suck. So just let these young guys play. So that's the one thing that really bothered me about Tuesday in that lineup, uh, with Buck Shaw alter. Speaker 0 00:02:23 Yeah. You know, I mean, listen, I, I, I get it. And I, and I saw a big buzz about that big, very big scuttlebutt about the, uh, about McNeil sitting about Gary Sanchez playing, you know, buck is, uh, he's, he's old school. He loves his, uh, his, he loves his, uh, established players. And I know, I get it. You're your established players all blow. So, you know, it's like you might as well ride the, uh, ride the kids. I'm not a hundred percent sure why Buck is doing it. Maybe, uh, maybe we can, uh, we can hit up Jim Bowden and see if he can, uh, get us some, uh, some insight into why that's happening there. But man, I mean, you can't argue against Buck Showalter's track record. There's a guy who maybe he hasn't won the World Series or did Buck, you know. Exactly. He has, but it's right. He always gets fired and then the year after he's there, then the team wins the World Series. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:14 With the Yankees and the D backs. No, I agree. But at the same time, you know, it's just, I, again, I just don't think it makes sense what he's doing right now. And yeah, he had a great year last year. Got them the a hundred wins. But again, in the end, they did not come through in the postseason. And you know, the goal for this team with all the money they're spending is to win in the post-season. And you could say, well, they haven't won in a while. Why? No. That's, if you're gonna spend that money, and again, baseball is kind of wide open right now. I know we both believe, well, at least before the year, and maybe you've changed your opinion, but I think we both feel the Braves are probably the best team. But they have issues right now, man, with their pitching, uh, with, um, max Fried and Wright being out. Speaker 2 00:04:02 Uh, they're still fine. They're four and a half up on the Mets. Um, and they're slumping a little bit, but it is kind of wide open when you look at it right now. I know the Rays are 20 above 500, but I don't think anyone believes that they're gonna continue this pace. I don't know how the Orioles are 31 and 17 with their pitching staff. I mean, give 'em a ton of credit, but like, I don't see them long-term having the pitching. I know the Yankees got off to So stubborn, we knew they would be fine. I mean, <laugh>, come on. Um, so they're 10 above 500 and obviously the Al Central, no one is a threat. And the Al West, I mean, you never count Houston out, even though they have issues too. Luis Garcia for the year, or ke probably the All-Star Break. Speaker 2 00:04:46 They've been kind of banged up. They're not the same offense, uh, that they have been in the past. I mean, the Rangers have scored almost a hundred more runs than them. So the Rangers offense has been great with the Rangers. It's like, okay, well are we buying this? I think the offense is really good. And they've done this without Deron so far. Nate Ival has just been unbelievable. He's thrown at least eight innings and four of his last five starts in two complete games. Of course, long-term. The injuries with him, you know, is that gonna hold up? And then National League, I mean the Dodgers, what an organization, man, because everyone was like, oh, this team, they're not as good. They're not gonna be there. It's the Padres. Yeah. Okay. Padres four under 500. Uh, they're struggling Dodgers 12 above 500. Just finding a way to get it done. Uh, but there's really, to me, there's like no team where you go up that team. That's the team. So that's wh why, you know, there's a chance here if the Mets can put things together and you can't be losing these games. Here's why. Look what happened last year. The Mets had such a great year, and the last couple weeks you hit Speaker 0 00:05:55 The bed. The second half, right? Speaker 2 00:05:56 The last, not the second half, it was more September. You know what though, if you go back and look at the records, it was really more the Braves not losing than the Mets shitting the bed. It's easy to say that cuz the Mets were in first place, what I think the last week of the season. But yes, they shit, the be against the Braves can't dispute that. But it's not like the Mets imploded and lost 20 or 30. It was the Braves didn't lose. So they left themselves little margin for error. But you know, if you go back and you could do this with every team, oh, if they didn't blow this lead, if they didn't lose that, that's why the games are important. Because I had said it, you know, as we talked, I said, the Mets cannot afford to lose the division. If they lose the division, they're not gonna go far in a post-season. Speaker 2 00:06:36 You just can't put yourself in that wild card position. And you saw why they three games, they lost two seasons over. So that's why it's real important to win that division. Yeah, the Phillies made the run as a wild card, but they still didn't win it all. So it's just these little decisions add up over the course of a season. And I just think you gotta put your best guys out there. I mean, even baiting, when he first came up, he wasn't playing him every day. And you're saying now the guy can hit, he can hit Alvarez. Yeah, he's a little aggressive at the play, but that was a, he said he's had some big hits for them. Even the, um, the game against Cleveland that I was at on Friday, they were down, he was oh and two and he got a hit to keep the game alive. So you'd love to see that a young player who's very aggressive, couple big spots, he's come through. Why is he sitting after they were off on Monday for Gary Sanchez, who they brought up to the team because they didn't wanna let him go. They were forced. I don't think he would've been here if they didn't have that decision. Speaker 0 00:07:37 Uh, no, I don't, you know, I I don't think that he probably would've been there either if they didn't wanna make that decision. I, you know, listen again, I, you know what, giving, giving Alvarez the extra day off that, that doesn't, that, that doesn't bother me that much. Because the bottom line is, is that come the second half of the season when, when shit gets, you know, tight and I mean, and, and the winds get, you know, the impact of wins get even more. You don't wanna, you know, let 'em, let 'em take the extra day of rest here in the month of May and, and make sure that, you know, you, you have him catching five, six days a week, uh, you know, come August and September, you don't wanna, you know, you don't wanna burn the guy like the kid out. And, you know, I mean, he's also, I mean, you think about it, he's not used to this, this lengthy schedule. Speaker 0 00:08:23 Do you remember when, when I, I guess it was, was it the second year of Mike Trout and everybody started flipping out that he put on weight in the off season? Do you remember that? Yeah. And everybody was like, oh, he got fat. No, it's gonna happen. He's gonna suck this and that. And what he, he, all he did was come out and say, I haven't, I, I'm not used to playing this kind of a rigorous schedule. I put on the weight because I noticed last year, in the second half of the season, I started to struggle a little bit because I was losing weight. Uh, you know, it was, it was a, a much bigger grind than I thought. So if you're gonna, if you're gonna have this kid behind the plate in the second half of the season, you want him as relatively fresh as possible. So, you know, I I mean, you can look at it and say that, that Buck Showalter is, is micromanaging right now and he's making bad decisions. Um, but, you know, I think what what matters most is where you guys are in the standings come the All-Star break, how far you and you might be disagree. What? Speaker 2 00:09:31 It doesn't matter where they're at the break, how many times the last two years, haven't they been in first place in the All-Star break's? Speaker 0 00:09:36 No, no, but just like re maintaining a competitive spot, you don't wanna, they're not, you're not gonna fall back or anything like that. All you wanna do is you wanna make sure that you are, you know, your, your playoff contention is where it's at. And then, and then you work Alvarez like a fucking dog. Then you work Beatty every single day. And then like that's, you know, I mean, I, I I think he's, you know, he is playing more of the long game. The problem is, is that Mets fans are, are, you know, they, they're, they're panicky. No, and I mean, listen, Yankee fans are also, I mean, I, you know, Yankee fans with, with the, the Yanks in the basement, you know, last, just last week, I, I spoke to a number of people who were just, you know, over panicking and, and getting all freaked out about it. But I think that that's just, that's inherent with Mets fans as well, you know? No, see, they start to, they start to get a little panicky. They disagree with some of the moves that Buck show Walter's making. They wanna see the kids play and, and they're not thinking about two months down the road. They're thinking about what's going on right now. Speaker 2 00:10:40 No. Becau they're 25 and 24. Okay. I know they, why is Ed Edward Mar? Why is Eduard Escobar hitting fucking second? Why? What is he Speaker 0 00:10:49 Draw? I dunno, what was his, how'd he do Speaker 2 00:10:51 One for three? Speaker 0 00:10:53 Okay. Did he draw a walk too? Speaker 2 00:10:55 No. Speaker 0 00:10:56 So just one for three? Speaker 2 00:10:57 Yeah. Why is he hitting second? Because there's a lefty on the mound. Like, come on man. It's ridiculous. Get just, I don't think meds fans are panicking here. It's easy to say that about New York fans. I agree with your general premise, but just you pitch hit Vach for Vitos. Like really? Why? What is Vach done? A guy sucks, bro. He fucking, who Speaker 0 00:11:19 Sucks? Who was on the mound? Speaker 2 00:11:20 It doesn't matter who was on the mound. It does Speaker 0 00:11:22 Matter who's on the mound. No, Speaker 2 00:11:25 It doesn't. You got, so why do you see, here's the, and we've talked about this. How many times have we said, I think we had the conversation last week. Why don't managers let these lefties hit against left-handed pitching, right? They never get the opportunity to, and then they get limited at bats, and then they're like, oh, for nine or one for nine because they never see lefties. If you're gonna call Vitos up, is Speaker 0 00:11:48 He voac a lefty too? Speaker 2 00:11:50 Vitos is a righty Vogel box. A lefty. Speaker 0 00:11:52 Okay. Speaker 2 00:11:53 So if you're gonna call Vitos up and you're gonna star him, can you just let him finish the game? Why did, why does he, why can't he be in there against a right-handed pitcher? He, like I said, at the minor leagues, he cut down his strikeout rate. He was about 20%. That was one of his flaws in the minors. And they were little concerned about him hitting writings. He had an ops over one. I know it's the minor leagues, but he did what you wanted to see. Let him finish the game for Vogel Box. It's not Vogel Box. Good. Speaker 0 00:12:23 No, but I, I think you, you stand more of a chance of Vogel Bach finding a mistake pitch and Dr. Driving it out than, than Vitos. Nah, Speaker 2 00:12:32 I disagree. Speaker 0 00:12:33 Like, come on dude. Vetos is batting one 50 right now. One 50 And how many Speaker 2 00:12:36 Of bats? Speaker 0 00:12:37 I I get that. It just Speaker 2 00:12:38 Came up. Speaker 0 00:12:39 I know, I know. But don't, you don't have to, you don't have to bombard the kid right off the bat. Like, I mean, again, you were down six to two at that point when they made the switch again. Speaker 2 00:12:49 Exactly. So it wasn't a pressure spot. Let the kid hit, see what he can do. Ah, nah, dude, I, you gotta let these, you gotta see what they can do. You, you're fucking with his confidence, man. It's the same thing with Jordan Walker, right? You were upset when they sent them down. And remember he got off to a slow start. Now he's hitting when Speaker 0 00:13:07 You get off to a slow start. Speaker 2 00:13:09 He wasn't, he wasn't great, Speaker 0 00:13:11 He wasn't great, but he was hitting better than any other outfielder that the Cardinals had at that time. He was hitting better than Tyler O'Neill. He was hitting better than, uh, an injured Lars Nut bar. He was hitting better than, uh, I don't even know who the other fuck was that, uh, that was sitting in the outfield over there. But Walker's numbers were significantly better. He got off to a hot start. He cooled for a little bit and then all of a sudden he started, he was like, I don't know, he was like four or five for 10, uh, you know, in his last 10 at bets. And then they sent him down. Like that was the problem. That was, that's Ali Marmel just being an asshole and not knowing, you know, how to manage his team because he's got too many fucking outfielders there. Um, you know, that that was the, the move there. I get it that you want to see your, your, your rookies up there and you wanna see them play and whatnot. But I don't know, maybe Buck saw a, a possible way for the Mets to get back into the game and not lose it. I mean Sure. Vogel Block when we went oh, for two and, and didn't do anything. But yeah, I don't know, man. I think you're, uh, I, I think you're, again, I, I feel like you're overreacting to, to Buck's moves in a very short time span here. Speaker 2 00:14:22 Nah, he's been doing it all year, man. He's been doing it all year. And Speaker 0 00:14:26 You guys are above 500 Speaker 2 00:14:27 By one game. And what are the expectations for this team? You're telling me that this is a good start for the Mets when they went four nine against the Tigers Nationals Rockies? Come on, man. That's, this is, it's been a bad start for the Mets. It's been Speaker 0 00:14:40 A terrible start for the Mets, but the majority of the, the bad start or whatever has been, uh, a 10 game suspension by Scherzer who looked like asked, you know, to start the season and injured Justin Verlander. You guys would've been significantly better off had Scherzer started the season properly and Verlander wasn't hurt. Speaker 2 00:14:58 But the offense has been bad too. I think they've been shut out eight times this year, which is more than last year. The offense has been a, a major disappointment as well. Well, Speaker 0 00:15:06 Your offense has always a major disappointment, dude. It is. It, it always is. They go ask Jake Jacob deGrom about his run support over the years. Speaker 2 00:15:17 Yeah, I mean that was really in his start. They ask, oh, Speaker 0 00:15:19 That hurts, does it? No, they, does that hurt a little bit? Speaker 2 00:15:21 No. If you look at the offense last year, they had a good year. They were near the top of a lot of categories. This year they're not. And again, I just think you gotta, you just gotta, if you're gonna call Vitos and Beatty up, let them fucking play. You know, you can't do this. Oh, oh, for two, I'm taking you out of the game, man. That just doesn't help, man. You don't build confidence. You just got, we always say it when these teams call up rookies, we're like, well, they called them up, they're gonna play. Because otherwise why bring 'em up? If you're gonna jerk 'em around, then don't bring them up. Just let fucking vulgar box sit there and fucking swing and miss and Marna look like shit. If that's what you're gonna do. Speaker 0 00:15:57 Well, I mean, I I think when you're bringing up Beatty and you're bringing up Vitos, you're bringing them up to never send them back down. Like, and that's, that's the thing. Like I don't see Vitos or Beatty getting sent back down. I didn't think Beatty Speaker 2 00:16:10 Won't, Beatty won't, I could see Vitos getting sent down Speaker 0 00:16:13 If he doesn't turn it around a little bit. But I do, they do like his uh, his defense though, don't they? Speaker 2 00:16:18 Nah, he's been the DH mostly. Speaker 0 00:16:19 Oh, has he been DH in the whole time? Yeah, I saw him dh I Speaker 2 00:16:22 Think he played, I think he played third one game, I believe. Um, cuz they've, they've talked about using Beatty in the outfield to probably keep Vitos, uh, maybe playing third. I mean, and I guess, I don't know if Beatty's played outfield before. I mean, again, that's kind of tricky in the middle of the season. Ask him to do that, um, to keep his bat in there. But, uh, you know, oh yeah, Speaker 0 00:16:44 That's another thing is that you don't want, and one of the things that I hate is when managers move kids around, move 'em to a different position cuz then all of a sudden they're not thinking about their hitting, they're thinking about their defense. Yeah. And that's, that's, that's an issue. That's definitely an issue. Speaker 2 00:17:02 Yeah. But I mean, look, at least the meds did start to turn it around. There was a nice five game winning streak. You know, they had some uh, good come from behind wins, which they really needed. And we know that can propel a team. Um, and then I, I'm sure you saw, but here on Wednesday, as we're recording the game total and the Mets cubs is six and a half. Did you see that Speaker 0 00:17:21 Today's Speaker 2 00:17:22 Yeah, cuz I guess the wind is blowing in. Speaker 0 00:17:25 Oh, okay. Speaker 2 00:17:26 But six and a half. I don't remem I mean that is insane. There's no way you could take the under on that <laugh>. I don't care how much the wind is blowing in. Speaker 0 00:17:33 Yeah, that, that's, uh, I I definitely did not see that. Really? Six and a half. Is it still? It's six and a half. Speaker 2 00:17:40 Uh, yeah, I could check real quickly on where Speaker 0 00:17:42 Is it right now? It's, I see it at seven. Oh is Speaker 2 00:17:45 It at seven? On which Speaker 0 00:17:46 One? Not only is it, is it at seven but the juice over seven is plus money. Speaker 2 00:17:50 Yeah. That's insane. I mean I know Stroman has been really good and obviously he wants to show the me, Hey, you guys fucked up. You should have kept me. Um, Ensa obviously coming off a really good start. You know, his walks are still an issue. Well I wonder what his walk prop is. I be, I look at walk props. I had strider over one and a half walks on Tuesday and he walked three. I've talked about this, um, with my boy Brian Ambos. Cause I was not as high on Strider as everyone else. Now with that said, I did take him in labor. It was an auction. I went to 25, no one went higher. I said, okay, 25. So Strider and a 12 mixed. Okay, cool. And I took him into the Fs g cuz he fell end round two. My issue with Strider is he's only gone past the six inning three times in his career. Speaker 2 00:18:36 And I know his career started last year. The strikeout are great, but he throws so many pitches that he goes five, six innings and is that what you want from your number one pitcher? And I looked at Garrett Cole last night and Garrett Cole has not gar Cole's going to the eighth inning once this year. So I know maybe that's the norm in baseball now, but that kind of bothers me about Strider. He's walked, I think at least two batters in every start except three. Um, and I saw last night the Dodgers had the second best walk percentage against Rightee and Strider's still at a good start, but he didn't win. And that's the problem is if Strider's gonna go five, six innings, that's gonna reduce his ability to win. And again, pitching is kind of down and a lot of the top guys have soft Corbin burns. So I'm not saying all Strider stakes, I'm just saying that was one of my concerns about Strider. Plus he had the injury at the end of last year. I mean, you prob I guess you can make the Casey's the best pitcher in baseball right now or one of 'em. But I do think that hurts him a little bit with his ability to not go deep into games. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:19:37 I actually, I was, uh, I was on the, uh, the DFS playbook over at Fantasy Alarm, uh, on Tuesday. And I was like, you know, I said, I, I don't mind strider, but I do think that there comes some risk here. And I cited the fact that the Dodgers plate discipline has been, you know, has been strong, not just, you know, against Right-Handers, you know, the entire season. But, you know, over the, the last like seven days, I was like, their walk rates jumped up. Um, you know, they hit, you know, they, they, you know, they, it's just, they're, they're a strong hitting team. And while I do like, you know, Spencer Strider, I think that, you know, it, it, there's, there's a lot of risk with using him in DFS now. I mean, he struck out 11, right, which that I didn't fucking see coming in six innings. But, um, you know, I said that, you know, I said there was risk with him. There was risk with Garrett Cole. Um, and, and you know, I just, I wasn't, you know, I I wasn't in on it. By the way, there is no walks prop posted for, uh, Senga right now. I'm looking on DraftKings. Speaker 2 00:20:40 Wow. Okay. Speaker 0 00:20:41 I see Stroman Stroman over one and a half Walks is a minus 200, uh, line, uh, but nothing posted for, uh, for KO Senga. Speaker 2 00:20:50 Oh, that's interesting. Again, and, and Strider's been phenomenal. I mean, he has a 2 97 era r a he struck at at least eight in every start, uh, except one. And the one he didn't, he had seven. Um, he has double digit strikeouts of three of his last four. But he has one start this year where he is gone past the seventh inning and two where he's gone past the six. Um, are you, uh, Speaker 0 00:21:14 Are you, are you betting strikeout props now? Speaker 2 00:21:17 Um, yeah. Uh, it looks like I got burned today on Joe Ryan <laugh>, dude, Speaker 0 00:21:24 Dude Joe Ryan and Zach Galland. The two of them are combining for four strikeouts on the day. <laugh> dude. Speaker 2 00:21:30 I mean, Joe Ryan's prop was six and a half. The Giants are like, they strike out a ton. He actually had no strikeouts, I think through four. He wound up finishing with four in five innings and then, uh, 107 pitches out of the game. So yeah, I got Burna and then De Scf has six, so go figure. But that happens sometimes, you know, but yeah, uh, yeah, I'm, I look at different props walks, total bases. Um, so yeah, I'm, I'm starting to, to get some more baseball betting as the N B A winds down. Speaker 0 00:21:59 Yeah, I'm, I'm actually, I've, I've start, I don't know if you've noticed in the betting article, I've started putting in more props than, than I usually do because I'm sitting here and I'm like breaking down the games and, you know, the, the books have really tightened up on the, uh, you know, the run lines and the money lines and, and all that shit that, you know, I'm trying to find, you know, some, some, you know, ways to do it afterwards or, or you know, better. And all of a sudden I'm starting to see, you know, some, uh, some really weird, uh, plus odds for, for certain player props. Um, and I'm, I'm mostly looking at hitter props as opposed to the strikeout props. I mean, if something's like really glaring, then I'll, uh, then I'll look to that. But, you know, things like, I'm, I'm, I'm looking at, you know, like Jorge Solar over, you know, whatever, like a, like a, a seven or an eight game span was bating over 400. And, you know, and, and you know, you look at his, his weighted on base averages tight and his, his, you know, whatever, and it was looking great and I'm like, wow, you know, I'm looking at this. It's like one and a half total bases. Uh, it was like plus 1 0 8 or something like that. Um, which boggled my mind because his home run prop was only at plus 2 25. Speaker 2 00:23:13 Dude, it was at plus 2 0 5 at one point on DraftKings on Tuesday. Cuz like everyone was saying Solar's gonna hit on run. It was Corfield, it was a lefty. So yeah, I mean that thing was bet so much that it was no value. Plus Fandel does Dinger Tuesday. So they, they, they, the odds become worse because they know people are playing it. Right. So you don't, you don't get the best odds. Like if you sh if you see Tuesday, uh, the Dinger Tuesday for FanDuel and you compare their home run outs to other books, you're getting better odds than the other books. But obviously it's, it's a nice promo where if the guy doesn't hit a home run, you get bonus bets for the home runs hitting the game. So, um, oh Speaker 0 00:23:48 Yeah, no, I'm not, I'm not, I'm just looking at like, you know, straight up. I'm not looking for like all the uh, the, the crazy attachments to it. But I'll tell you what though. How was then, why was Chris Morrell at plus 600 yesterday? Speaker 2 00:23:59 Because they figured, uh, how's this guy gonna keep hitting home runs <laugh> <laugh>? I mean what said it's eight, I think it's eight and 10 games now and he's hitting every game since he came up and they still hit him. I don't think yesterday, there was one day, two days ago or three days he hit ninth. I'm like, what now? I know he's striking out a ton. That's the other thing too, with him for fantasy. Okay. I think people are, I've seen a couple You sell hot. Really? Okay. What are you gonna get for him? Okay, we all know he is gonna cool off. He did this last year, he came up, he had a pretty good year, power and speed. Now I picked him up in two leagues. I wish I got him in more. I picked him up in labor and the uh, N F B C online championship. Speaker 2 00:24:37 I'm just gonna write it out man at this point. Like yeah, he's obviously gonna cool off and he'll probably go through a stretch that's pretty bad because he does strike out a lot. Um, I kind of compare him to Patrick Wisdom, you know, wisdom went through a ridiculous streak where he is hitting home runs every day. I picked him up in tout and labor and now he's on the bench. I think I cut him in labor cause that's 12 team, uh, tout he's on the bench. But I mean, you kind of knew, well this guy strikes out a ton and we saw it last year. So there's gonna be a period where he struggles. And it's the same thing with Morrell, but like, unless you play like in a league with some casuals and they just are gonna, Speaker 0 00:25:17 And there you go. Like that's, that's what it is. Like cuz you and I buy low sell high. That shit doesn't work in industry leaders. No, because every single expert or industry analyst or whatever is 100% skeptical of any great star. Like it's, you know, if, if, if it's not a player who is like a marquee name and listen, that's, that's also, you know, there's some lazy analysis going on where you get some industry analysts who are like, you know, oh, you know, this, this guy is, uh, you know, he's doing great and blah blah blah. But you know, I'm not buying it kind of a thing unless it's like, you know, somebody who like Corbin Carroll, like if it was some big name there, then they'd be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, rah rah rah. But every other player, there's, there's nothing but skepticism out there in industry leagues. So like you and I in a league where you can trade with like, let's say, you know, Sirius XM hosts or fantasy alarm analysts or whatever, there's no, there's no possible hope of that. But you play in any home league, any home league and there is always somebody who is going to, you know, get Phish hooked on Chris Morrell Speaker 2 00:26:28 Maybe. I mean I think people have gotten sharper, but you're right, there probably is someone out there. Look, I would, if someone's gonna offer me something good for her, I'm taking it. The guy has a 36.5% strikeout rate, 5.8% walk rate, 4 29 batting average balls a play home, run a fly ball percentage 50%. So for every two fly balls he's hitting one is going over the wall. So we all know you don't even need to know these stats <laugh> to figure this out. I mean, he's got eight home runs in 10 games. He's had a hit and a run in every game that since he's been called up in 12. So, um, he was tearing it up in Triple A, but we know this is not gonna last. So, you know, if you can get something from him, yeah, do it right now. Uh, for sure. Um, and like I said, I have him in two leagues, I'm just gonna ride it out. I know at some point he's gonna hit my bench once he starts to cool off. Speaker 0 00:27:14 Yeah. Oh no doubt. No doubt about it. Um, are you doing all right in your other leagues? Speaker 2 00:27:21 Yeah, I mean Tao Wars, I'm second, I'm up, I was up to like 120. The team at first has one 20. I'm one 12 going into today that team looks pretty good. I just got Corey Seger and Altuve back. I know Altuve left the game on Tuesday, but it turns out to be an illness, so that's pretty good labor. I'm fourth. My T G F B I team is not good. It was good. And it's sunk to like 10th. Uh, my main event team I told you keeps fluctuating between like first and seventh. I think it's fourth. My online championship team's not that good. It's like eighth and it's the pitching man. It's a 12 team league. Um, the pitching just hasn't been good. I keep getting these blow up starts, so I gotta try and figure that out. The offense has been okay. And then, uh, mentioned my home league last week actually. It's kind of started to take, take off. Speaker 0 00:28:10 Is your team still sucking that league? Speaker 2 00:28:11 Nah, I'm in the eighties now and, uh, it's pretty bunched up. I think. I'm not that far off of first place. Not well like I think last week it was like 30 out of first. I think now it's more like 20. So, um, starting to make a, a nice little push here. So I, as of right now, I won't be rebuilding at this point. Oh shit, I dropped to 81. Fuck. Uh oh no. Oh no. Six place. So I'm like, uh, uh, 26 out of first 27. So that's not bad. Oh wow. The first place team dropped. Our guy Marty, who listens to this podcast, he has been in first all years. He is in second. Ah, too bad. Uh, anyway. And then g s t, um, I have over one 20. I'm in second place there. Touched first for a little bit and, uh, yeah, so mostly good. Speaker 2 00:28:58 Um, yeah, so mostly good, you know, a couple teams middle of the pack, but uh, you know, I kind of look more at the stats and go, okay, am I really that far off? And you know how it is at this time of year. You, if you have a hot week and home runs, you can pick up three, four points. Yep. Steals. Um, it's the pitch, I think the thing this year, and I don't know if you agree, man, it's just avoiding these blowups by pitchers. Man, there's so many of them now. It's just like you crossed your fingers, you're like, oh, this guy gave up eight runs and two innings. I hope I don't have 'em on my team. Okay, good thing I don't Speaker 0 00:29:27 <laugh>. Yeah, I mean, listen, you know, it's, it's inevitable for, you know, if you're playing in a competitive league and you've got a a, a rotation of nine pitchers, you're, you're gonna get tagged every so often. It's just, you know, it, it, it, yes, you, you want to try and avoid it, but I mean, what are you gonna do? Like, it's kind of funny. I was like, I think this was, uh, oh great fantasy baseball invitational. Um, I can't remember who the hell I benched, but I put in fucking Michael Kopac, uh, for him. And I was like, you know, cop's been sitting on my bench after, you know, like, you know, just raping my ratios, uh, <laugh> for the first couple of starts in the season. I was like, I get him the fuck out. Um, but I, like I, I tossed him in there and, you know, hoping for the best going up against Cleveland and uh, you know, I mean it's like, it's uh, you know, that that's it. It's so tough to navigate at times. I mean, I lucked out. I made the right choice here, but still nevertheless. Speaker 2 00:30:26 Yeah, it's interesting you bring him up. Cause he was available in my labor league this week and I didn't get him, I guess there were a few pitchers I liked and you know, with labor it's a hundred dollars fab, no $0 bid. So you gotta be really diligent. You know, you can't go spend four or $5 in everybody that comes up. Uh, we still have four months to go. So I put him in there but only for a dollar. And obviously I didn't get him. And then after seeing his last two stores, I'm like, oh, maybe I should've went higher. I mean, cause, Speaker 2 00:30:56 Cause now over his last 15 innings, now it is the Royals and the guardians. But I don't care cuz the way Copak was pitching, uh, he was getting hit by pretty much everyone. Um, it's really the walks that have been the major issue with him, but he wasn't even getting a ton of strikeouts. But now his last 15 innings no runs, three hits, one walk, 19 strikeouts. So I don't know cuz I've, last year I had 'em on many leagues this year I stayed away. Um, but man, I don't know what's happened here. I know his velocity, the fastball has shown better life. Um, cuz the, a lot of the underlying stats have been shitty, but whatever's going on here, the last two starts, uh, you've gotta be encouraged if you have him for sure on this. Speaker 0 00:31:38 I, I dropped him in the F S G A a couple of weeks ago. Speaker 2 00:31:41 I can't blame you, man. I can't, that's a 15 team league, right? Speaker 0 00:31:44 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:31:46 Yeah. I mean, look, I can't blame anyone who did. And you know, we always sit back, you're like, oh, what'd I do that? Um, I know there were people who Speaker 0 00:31:53 I know exactly why I did that <laugh> <laugh>. Like that's not a question I ever asked. Why, why did I do that? Because he fucking posted a, a an an a r fucking e r a of like nine something. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:32:09 He was walking guys, he was getting hit hard. So yeah, I can't blame anyone. Speaker 0 00:32:13 It was horrible. It was horrible. But I mean, again, yeah, you look at the guardians and you look at what they did or what they have done and I was like, okay. So I, I feel pretty confident in the fact that I can, you know, he's not gonna get destroyed because the guardians just aren't destroying anybody at this point. Not, not at all. And I was, you know, I mean, you know, whatever, it is what it is. I mean, decisions get made here and there. It's definitely, listen, you know what, and I said this before the season even started, I said the first month, month and a half of the season is gonna be a lot of evaluating players. You gotta see, you know, who's responding to, you know, the pitch clock and what teams are most aggressive on the base pads, which teams are the most efficient on the base pads. Speaker 0 00:33:02 And you know, kind of going through that because, you know, you just expect it to see different things at least through the first month. And, you know, we all know that you need a certain number of plate appearances or a certain number of innings pitched to for your, you know, for your numbers to level off and, and to show really what's been going on, right? I mean, what is like a, you know, people wanna see a hundred plate appearances from a guy before they make a decision. And so, you know, I I I feel like, you know, the, we've gone through the tough navigation part, like, and now we can take a look and we know who's doing what and, and I think where we're a little bit more balanced, Speaker 2 00:33:45 We haven't talked about this guy. I don't have him anywhere. Do you have Trey Turner this year? Speaker 0 00:33:52 Um, I think I just have him in, uh, in best ball Speaker 2 00:33:56 Man. Has he socked, I mean, I Speaker 0 00:34:00 Mean <laugh>, we have the article in the draft guide at Fantasy the Alarm every single year. The smart system dictates it, right? I know Speaker 2 00:34:07 That Speaker 0 00:34:08 You don't, you don't go for a veteran when he, and it's so funny too, because I got all these people who are like saying to me, they're pissing and moaning like in our discord and shit like that, where they're like, I don't know what to fucking do with Trey Turner. Should I just fucking trade him? Blah, blah. I'm like, what? You're gonna trade him while his value is at its lowest? Like how stupid is that? Like that I don't really, you know, I never understand. But we talk about it. I mean the thing about Trey Turner right now, no, we haven't discussed it at all. I'm looking at him and, and he's just pressing at the plate. Look at his strikeout rate. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:34:39 Look at Speaker 0 00:34:39 Strikeout rate. That's the one number that's way off from anything. Trey Turner is usually done. Speaker 2 00:34:47 Yeah, it's pretty bad. I mean, I don't have them anywhere, so I didn't like pay that close attention to it. Um, cuz like I had a Kuia one, um, that was the guy I wanted at one if I had my shot. So I mean, I did take Julio Rodriguez three and he has sucked too. So, um, really, really in the average, I mean, he has hit some power, stole some bases, but Trey Turner has 11 rbis. He has a 6 69 O p s, but you're right, strike a number is by far the highest of his career. Going back to his first season in 2015 where he didn't play that much, 26.9%, his hard hit rate is down. So yeah, he's clearly pressing, uh, the team is struggling and then, you know, you feel like, all right, well, uh, I gotta put it on my shoulder. So, um, is there, there, is there theory, just to clarify, it's for only if you signed with a new team, correct? Speaker 0 00:35:40 Yeah, if you, if you, if you're signing a big contract and going to a new team. Speaker 2 00:35:45 Okay, because I was gonna say, what about Aaron? Judge <laugh>, <laugh> Speaker 0 00:35:50 Aaron Judge is a mythical creature who is just absolutely yummy, delicious to watch at the plate. One of the most imposing hitters out there. Um, but yeah, no, it's about, it's, it's about changing teams and, you know, and we, we can also attest to the fact that, you know, adding more pressure to yourself now that Bryce Harper is back, I think that, you know, I think that's gonna help kind of turn things around for, for Trey Turner. Like I'll bet you, you know, we're, we're starting to see, right now, his walk rate is kind of, you know, where it's been over the last couple of seasons. Um, I think we'll start seeing the strikeout rate kind of diminish a little bit, uh, once this team is like, you know, starts to gel a little bit more. And they are, you know, again, one big offensive push by the Phillies, I think for like, you know, for like a good like a week, a week and a half, let's say they go like, you know, eight and two with like strong offensive numbers, um, you know, in a 10 game stretch, then I kind of feel like that'll help alleviate some things for, for Trey Turner. Speaker 0 00:36:58 But you know, I mean, you, you look at the rest of his numbers, you know, peripherals and stuff. It doesn't, you know, he's not swinging wildly outside the zone. He is just, he's missing, he's missing the ball. Speaker 2 00:37:09 So maybe if you, if you said it's gonna be difficult to trade for him, and I agree, but if that team is near the bottom of the standings, maybe you try and send something for Turner. Cause like you said, oh, Speaker 0 00:37:22 Oh, I'll trade for him a hundred percent. No, but I Speaker 2 00:37:25 Now, especially if that team is near the bottom, like if they're in the bottom three, you know, you, you start to have that mentality as we approach Memorial Day, they're gonna be like, fuck man, you know, my team's just not doing it. Uh, I gotta make a change. I gotta make a move. You know? And that's the mentality sometimes of those teams near the bottom, and maybe you can get them to, to give you turner not for nothing. Um, you'll probably have to give up something, but you might be able to, to pry him away from a team that's struggling. Speaker 0 00:37:55 Oh, I, I think that's a, it's, that's an easy call, I think with a, you know, give him a, a, a strong middle infielder and Christopher Speaker 2 00:38:03 Morrell <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:38:06 Chris Morrell and Michael Koeck for Trey Turner put off out there right now. How Speaker 2 00:38:11 Do you say no to that Trey Turner? God, come on. Speaker 0 00:38:14 That's probably the fucking offer Steve Phillips made for man, Speaker 2 00:38:18 Probably. Yeah. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:38:23 Oh man. Unbelievable man. Unbelievable. I, I'll tell you what, so for, for me, my fantasy baseball check-in right now, I'm second in the F S G A league. I am, uh, I'm third in, uh, in the Barf league. Um, oh, no, no, I'm fifth in the barf league. I'm third in my division in great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. My team is like top 30 overall right now, uh, for that. But here you go. Here's the, uh, here's the kick to the groin that like, it just, I, I, I forgot about it in, in, in to some degree, but my draft and hold for tout wars, I, I don't know why I was thinking it was a best ball and, and I just, I, I just stopped. I, I, I just haven't made moves, roster moves over the, you know, the last few weeks. And I'm like, oh fuck dude, this guy's hurt. This guy's back in the minors. Like, what the fuck am I doing right now? Oh, Speaker 2 00:39:23 You're supposed to set your lineup, Speaker 0 00:39:25 Supposed to set your lineup every week. Speaker 2 00:39:26 Oh, okay. Yeah. So it's kind of like the, the Draft Champions League. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:39:30 It's just like a draft champions. Yeah. But for some reason, I, I wasn't, because my draft champions teams, I'm, I'm fine, right? Like I, I, I'm, I know I have to make those moves every single time. Maybe it's because there's money involved <laugh>, maybe that's what it is. Maybe because there's money involved, uh, that I'll pay attention to that. But for fuck my fucking Tout Wars team, I was like, man, my team's plummeting. I was like sitting there, I was in like fifth and fourth and all of a sudden I was like, I'm looking, uh, you know, when you're on the other side of the, uh, the, the standings, you know, they've got like the, the top half and then the bottom half is like side by side with it, boom, garbage, garbage. So, but that, Speaker 2 00:40:12 Those leagues are tough because like I have one where I don't even have enough pitchers to fill in. They're, they're hurt. And that's the unfortunate part. When you do those, again, I use those more as my prep. Obviously I want to win. I think one of, I think I did three draft champions, one's in first, and one has actually been moving up. I think it's seventh or eighth, the other one's like 12th because, you know, I got like fucking a reliever that I have to start just to put in a full, full pitching step because of injuries. So yeah, that's gonna happen. If you do multiple, you're gonna have one where you just have like so many injuries and you just can't fill a starting roster. Speaker 0 00:40:51 Um, yeah, which is, you know, definitely what's what's happened to me in, uh, in, in a couple of spots there. I mean this, I'm just, you know, just at my, um, there you go. My, my draft and hold for, for tout wars, I mean, yeah, Jordan Walker's in the minors. Dylan Carlson's on the il uh, Adam Duvall's on the Il Freek got hurt. Uh, they, they sent down Aaron Hicks. He's not doing nothing. Well, he, Speaker 2 00:41:17 He designated for assignment Speaker 0 00:41:19 <laugh>. I know Elliot Harris Montero down in the minors. Um, yeah, we're Oh, Clevinger just went on the il. Yeah, there's just, there's like a whole mess of shit that's like going on there where I'm like, I don't even know who to put, I'm like starting fucking Owen Miller is my corner infield. He's Speaker 2 00:41:37 Been good. He homered again. Speaker 0 00:41:39 I know, but he's just been on my bench for the last couple of weeks. I just put him in now for next week. So that means he's gonna go, oh, for 21, Speaker 2 00:41:45 Probably he had, cuz he had a homer and a stolen base on Tuesday. And then today where he is batting cleanup, he homered again. So I had picked him up in my home league. Um, I did bid on him in the N F B C but didn't get him. I, you know, I don't see this really keeping up either, but right now they're playing him, um, they're finding a way to get him in there. They, they've been playing him at third and put Brian Anderson in the outfield, taking away, playing time from Tyrone Taylor who sucks. Anyway, I finally, I had him in a couple leagues. I'm like, I can't do this shit anymore. Guy sucks Speaker 0 00:42:16 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:42:18 Yeah, I, you know, again, like, well that was the thing. I mean, I was looking at that Milwaukee outfield and it was like, you know, I was more bullish on Joey Weemer, Sal Freek. Um, I, I, you know, I was like, when Tyrone Taylor got hurt and you were like, okay, he is gonna be out for an extended period of time. I started looking around in that area and uh, and I was like, you know, cause I didn't have very much confidence in the fact that Brian and Brian Anderson was gonna be able to like, perform well and hold that outfield spot for them, which is kind of what happened. Uh, and then in the process of that, then, uh, yeah, then, then what was it, Garrett Mitchell got hurt freely. Speaker 2 00:42:55 Yeah, that was a bad one. Man got hurt, man. I, I fucking had him in my N F C main event. I was excited and then he fucking went down. That was a big, I mean, I, I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me, Speaker 0 00:43:06 <laugh>. It's my pleasure. Speaker 2 00:43:08 Yeah, I know that. Speaker 0 00:43:10 Believe me dude. Do you know I lost, I had Garrett Mitchell everywhere. I like everywhere. Speaker 2 00:43:15 True man. Speaker 0 00:43:16 So, Speaker 2 00:43:17 So when going back to a conversation we had two weeks ago, we talked about the Cardinals winning the central, they were plus three 50 to them when they were horrible. Do you know what they are right now? Nah. What's your guess? What's your guess? Guess I have it in front of me. Speaker 0 00:43:30 Wait, wait, right. So Cardinals right now to win the division? Speaker 2 00:43:34 Yes. Speaker 0 00:43:35 Plus two 80 Speaker 2 00:43:37 Plus 2 25, 2 25 Speaker 0 00:43:39 Even that, that good Speaker 2 00:43:40 Not only, only behind the brewers who are minus one 40. Well, Speaker 0 00:43:43 I mean Pittsburgh is already in second place Brewers room, which we knew first. Speaker 2 00:43:46 Which we knew we, we knew the Pirates were not. I mean, come on. We all do. Speaker 0 00:43:50 Exactly. Nobody. I, and, and that's, you know, Vegas knew that also. Speaker 2 00:43:55 I know cuz remember I was, we were like, what plus three 50. Cuz I think at that point they might have been like 15 below or something. I mean, it was bad in the last place, but we bought and I was like, oh, I kind of wanna bet them to win the division. I'm like, plus three 50 though. That's all you've given me when I 15 below. Now they're five games out. Um, and they've won seven of their last 10 and they're six under 500, but plus 2 25. I mean, but we hate, we don't like Mar mobile. That's the problem. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:44:25 We don't, we don't like Marmal at all. Speaker 2 00:44:27 If you had to bet it now, who would you take? Speaker 0 00:44:31 If I had to bet it right now? Yeah, I mean I, I guess I would, I would have to look at the brewer. What are the brewers at now? Speaker 2 00:44:44 Minus one 40. Speaker 0 00:44:45 Yeah, see, it, it, it'd be a no bet for me. I mean, I'd sprinkle a little something maybe on the plus 2 25 for the Cardinals, but I mean, I didn't want to bet it at plus three 50. So I don't really see the need to look into betting it now. Speaker 2 00:45:03 Yeah, I mean I guess my biggest hesitation is Maral. I mean, the other day he said, yeah, well we can't start liberatory because we need to make sure we have a arm in the bullpen. I'm like, what? Like, you know, he should be in the rotation. They Speaker 0 00:45:21 Gotta fire him <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:45:22 It's just, it's insane, man. Speaker 0 00:45:24 They have to fire him. He's not good. Speaker 2 00:45:27 No, this team has the most talent in the division, at least offensively. I mean the pitching, you know, Michael List allows a lot of contact. Wayne, he writes older. Matt's isn't that good, so I get it. They, that's the, the one, you know, hesitation is, it's not like they have strong pitching. They've been able to get by with it the last couple years. And again, part of it is the division stinks, you know? Cause I don't, we don't know when Woodruff's coming back. Um, they had said sometime in June, but now it looks like it might be after the All-Star break. So Birds has not been dominant. Um, so th there's some questions there with the brewers. I mean, both central divisions in both leagues, like, they suck. I mean, the twins are one game above 500 in first place. I mean, the Tigers are in second place. They're 21 and 25. They're two and a half back, Speaker 0 00:46:18 Dude. That's all Eduardo Rodriguez. Speaker 2 00:46:21 Yeah, I know. My goodness man. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:46:24 Uh, Speaker 2 00:46:25 I mean they're, they're minus 51. I mean the only, the only, it's crazy man, these divisions, uh, in the central, I mean, I guess that's where you have to look for a long shot if you're trying to play a division and get good odds because I mean, I guess like, yeah, the guardians are plus three 50. The White Sox are plus 800. I mean we, we both felt like the White Sox would be competitive this year. Uh, could they turn it around? I mean, if cop's gonna be good and she, Leo's been solid. I mean, again, Eloy, him and Ez, can he stay healthy? Luis Robert has been fucking awesome. The one year I don't have him and he's fucking tearing it up. Speaker 0 00:47:07 See, you know what though, I have Louis Robert in a bunch of spots because I just, I wasn't going to, I I wasn't going to turn around and be like, you know what? He didn't perform last year and blah, blah blah. And I was expecting him and this and that. I, I just, I couldn't do it. Um, and I, and I grabbed him and I, you know, I mean I got him for like a, oh, you know, a, a good rounder two discount. He was, he was dropping in in a lot of drafts. But, but then again, I also took Eloy too. So Speaker 2 00:47:36 Did I, I took Eloy and I said I'm never drafting him again after this year. Although it looks like he's about ready to start a ream assignment, so he might come back a little bit early. Um, but yeah, Robert, see Robert I wasn't avoiding but I wasn't targeting. Um, I'd have to go back and look and see who I took in that range. Um, but yeah, I mean if you look at some of these division winners, like the twins are minus two 30 guardians, plus three 50 White Sox plus 800. The rays are minus one 50. The Yankees are plus two 70. I thought the Blue Jays would be better. I know they're three above 500, but they're plus 800. Obviously no one believes in the Orioles. They're plus 900 even though they're three games out. And I think they have the second best record in baseball right now. Speaker 2 00:48:17 Yeah, they do. And they're plus 900 as the fourth option to win the division. Astro's a minus one 40 and they're in second and the Rangers are plus two 50. Um, the Braves are minus 4 25 Metro plus four 50 Dodgers minus 4 25. Padres plus 700. So I think if you're looking for value, it's probably in the central where you gotta figure out, okay, who's the team that can sneak up? And when it's division, I mean Cubs are four and a half out there plus seven 50, but I don't think people buy into them. So I guess it's the central division if you're looking for a long shot to win the division to get good odds. Speaker 0 00:48:56 Yeah. Yeah. It's probably the place to go. I don't know, man. I'm already like, you know, it's so funny, like I'm not even worried. I, I, you know, I'm not even thinking about action now for division winners and band. Like I'm already a, I'm already shifting my thought process cuz I've already shifted from full game bets to more prop bets added in and, and making sure that happens. Uh, and then I'm now I'm like ready to start diving into, uh, to wins totals for, for N F L. Like, I'm not even, you know, I'm gonna let the baseball season go as it as it does, you know, I bet my win totals, you know, early on before the season started, um, made my picks for division winners before then. Now it's just like, you know what? I'm just gonna let it go, let it ride. Because I know that come like the second half of the season, once, you know, we start moving into more football, then everything's gonna fall off. And I don't wanna, I'm not gonna sit and look to like, you know, hedge or anything like that this early on in the season. Speaker 2 00:49:57 How about our guy Shane McClanahan to Winsa Young? He's second now behind Cole Cole's plus three 50 McClanahan's plus 400. Speaker 0 00:50:04 He's so fucking good. He's so fucking good. I mean, he's on the bu he's on the bump tonight. I love the fact that he's on the bump tonight. Uh, the day after the, the raise loses 20 to one. Speaker 2 00:50:16 Oh my goodness. Yeah, basically Rayley and Beth in court giving up like 11 runs in the Ninth Inn, two positions. But Speaker 0 00:50:22 You know what I mean? I, I was like, you know what if, if, if you're gonna give up on the game or whatever, let the let the position play, save the bullpen cuz the raised bullpen is getting, uh, you know, it gets a little worked over because you don't like using the opener. And then they, and then, you know, when you, you use an opener, if you look at the, the stats, like let's say you look at, you know, innings pitch for the bullpen. I, I always look at innings pitch for a bullpen, you know, for like DFS purposes. I wanna see, you know, who could like screw me over and cost me the win. And you look at the rays and it's like, the rays always have, you know, like, you know, probably one of the, the highest inning counts for, for a week's worth. And I'm like, that's because, you know, Josh Fleming is throwing three or four innings, you know, they're, they're going with like the opener and stuff like that so you're not, you know, you're not getting a, a fully accurate reading. But I was like, yeah, rather than just tax this fucking bullpen more guy give up, the game's not happening for you here. There's no way. So I was okay with that except for the fact that I didn't have any JS on my, uh, in my DFS lineup. Speaker 2 00:51:24 Yeah, V lad had six rbis. They went off. I mean look, they've, they've, I don't wanna say they struggle I guess because they play in the AL East, but they're 26 to 23. I think you expect them more. And I did notice too their record against the AL East is bad. They're like five or six scapes under 500 against the AL East. So that's not a great sign. They're Speaker 0 00:51:43 One in 11 against the AL East. Speaker 2 00:51:45 Are you one in 11 Speaker 0 00:51:47 Or two and now it's two and 11? Speaker 2 00:51:49 No. Is it that bad? I thought they played more games than that. Hold on. Are you sure? Speaker 0 00:51:53 Yeah, yeah, yeah. We were talking about on the show yesterday. Yep. Speaker 2 00:51:56 They've only played 12 games. Are you sure? Speaker 0 00:51:58 Or maybe it was in there last 12 games. But yeah, they were like yeah, Speaker 2 00:52:01 In their last 12. Yeah, they've played more than, than 12 I believe. Let's see, um, real quick, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 7, 18, 19 19 they've played okay against the AL East Speaker 0 00:52:19 And what's their and what's their record in that? Speaker 2 00:52:21 Yeah, two. Wow. They got swept by Boston. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. They have six wins against the AL East. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:52:32 So they're six and 13 against the AL East. Speaker 2 00:52:34 Yeah. And they're, so basically they're beating up everyone outside the AL East and struggling in the AL East and they've lost a lot of close games but still. Um, how about this N LM MVP AYAs plus one 10. Next is Alonso at plus 1300, like this is a Kunis award Speaker 0 00:52:51 Plus 1300. Speaker 2 00:52:52 Yeah. Wow. I mean it's a Coyas award. If he stays healthy, how does he not win it? The team is in first 20 steals the power, the average, I mean it's his award. If he stays healthy, I mean I know Alanso has the home runs, but if it comes down to AYA and Alanso and the numbers are close and the Braves when the division Una's getting it, Speaker 0 00:53:16 Oh yeah, he should. Speaker 2 00:53:18 And then in the a al MVP TANI'S minus 1 35 judges plus 800 Speaker 0 00:53:26 Judges. Speaker 2 00:53:27 Okay, you know what, this is interesting. So this kind of goes, I don't know if it does, but I'm trying to draw a comparison here between Yoic. So Yoic won two straight MVPs and you know, why is he good enough to win the third and B won it. It was close. I know everyone's saying no. Whoa, YOIC should have won. Well it's a regular season award. Yes. Yoki is the better player he showed in the playoffs. Do you feel like they want to give it to Tani because he did deserve it last year, but Judge was that good? Like could that be a factor here plus Ult pitching? I mean, judge is having another MVP season. I mean he's tearing it up in May plus 800. Or do you think that people kind of wanna see OT get it cuz he does deserve it with his ability to dominate on the mound and at the plate? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:54:17 I think that's kind of where it is. And I think, you know, when you look at the fact of what Judge was doing last year just on a, on a, you know, a record breaking pace for home runs. I mean that's, you know, obviously the, uh, the way it goes. But yeah, when you look at, at, you know, overall player and who is seriously like the most valuable player, you know, O otani blows that away. He really does. I mean, there's a reason you picked Otani to, to win the A L M V P this year. So did I, Speaker 2 00:54:45 Did I Speaker 0 00:54:46 Yes you did. I'm looking at, I'm looking at your bold predictions right now. Speaker 2 00:54:49 I did pick Aya, right here Speaker 0 00:54:51 You go. So A L M V P, we were both on Otani, N L M V P. We were both on Aya aal, Cy Young. We were both on McClanahan. Yeah. My Speaker 2 00:55:01 NL C Young was a bad pick right now. Nola <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:55:04 You went Nola. I went Julio UUs dude. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:55:07 <laugh>. I'm trying to be, I mean, I didn't wanna go corporate burns obviously. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:55:12 Me neither dude. I was like, I, you know, UUs, I was like, oh, we're taking the gloves off finally we're gonna really gonna run 'em. And uh, and and he fucking, he had like three great starts to open the season and, and he's been dog shit since. Do you know Speaker 2 00:55:24 Who's favored right now for the N L Z? Without looking. Speaker 0 00:55:29 It's, I mean it, it, how, how is it not Strider Speaker 2 00:55:32 Gall Gall and Kellen 200 Strider plus 2 25 kha plus 1100 Mitch Keller plus 1200 Speaker 0 00:55:41 Mitch Keller. Dude, the sweeper pitch dude, that's crazy, right? Speaker 2 00:55:45 Oh, he has been phenomenal, man. Speaker 0 00:55:49 Yeah. You wanna hear the rest of your bold predictions? Speaker 2 00:55:52 No, I I know, I know Ricky. I went McGill, Vargus. Cause I wanted to go, everyone was gonna go Walker or Carroll, so I wanted to be different. And I do like Vargas, but it's been bad. Speaker 0 00:56:00 We both went Volpe for Al. We, I went Walker. You went Vargas for NL 20 wins for the first time I listen. You went Nola. I went Fram Valdez. Speaker 2 00:56:12 Yeah. Don't think Speaker 0 00:56:13 Those, I don't think those are bad picks. Speaker 2 00:56:15 No, I mean Nola, NOLA kind of does this, uh, the one thing about no I like is he stays healthy. He gives you winnings, but it's been, and I don't even think I have him in any league. He's got four wins. Uh, I mean he is clearly not in the Cy Young conversation with a era r a of 4 31. But I think Val, how many Vals has been phenomenal. Speaker 0 00:56:38 Yeah, he's had he great outing. I don't know if he uh, I think he got the win, but yeah, let's, uh, I don't even know. He has wins. He has on the season Speaker 2 00:56:47 Four, four. That's what's tough though about wins, bro. Like, I mean, there's gonna be maybe one guy that gets 20 wins this year, maybe two. That's the problem with it. I mean, these guys don't go deep. They go, we just talked about it in the earlier, they go six innings. Speaker 0 00:57:01 Six Speaker 2 00:57:01 Innings nowadays. So 20 wins is really difficult. So you might not get any, you, you might get one. I don't even know who the, I don't even, I don't even pay attention to wins. I don't even know who has the most wins in baseball. Speaker 0 00:57:13 I don't either. <laugh>, I don't either. Let's see, I, because again, it's, you know, it, it's, it's, it's it be bec it's such an arbitrary category that you're like, I mean, how do you, because I mean again, you know, greatest, greatest bullpen in the world and your shit in the bed. Shay McClanahan actually leads the league and wins with seven. All Speaker 2 00:57:32 Right, that's good for us. A young pick Speaker 0 00:57:34 Followed with six by Gall Aldi. Joe Ryan, Justin Steele, well he and Clayton Kershaw. Speaker 2 00:57:43 Ryan is probably getting one today. That game's not over, but it's seven one and the eighth they're up. Uhhuh <affirmative>. Um, and Gallen could get one today too. The Daks on five three and the seventh he left with the lead. So, but Speaker 0 00:57:56 So could Shane McClanahan. Speaker 2 00:57:58 I hope so. I have him in my main event and my home league. Did Kris Walker do anything? No. Still. Oh, for three to walk son of a bitch. Speaker 0 00:58:09 Uh, 200 Ks for the first time. You and I both had Shane McClanahan 30 saves for the first time. You wanna talk about a shit suck category. <laugh>. You got Ryan Helsley. I've got Devin Williams and we can both like, you know, take it to the bank and suck it. <laugh> 30 dingers for the first time. You got Julio Rodriguez. I went Nate Lowe. Speaker 2 00:58:32 Okay, Nate Lowe. Speaker 0 00:58:33 Wow, look at me. 30 stolen bases for the first time. Andres Himenez for me, that probably won't work. Nico Horner for you. That's definitely in the, in the cards. Speaker 2 00:58:44 Yeah, he, dude, he's had a great year. I don't have him anywhere. He has been phenomenal. And he, even with being on the e uh, io and he came back pre pretty quick. Um, I don't know how both of us forgot Esther Ruiz <laugh> because I drafted him. I haven't been talent. Speaker 0 00:59:00 I know, I know. Speaker 2 00:59:01 Like, uh, that was kind of a, cuz I, I took some heat for that pick, um, when they did the broadcasts and I was like, look, he's gonna play every day. I didn't, he's been leading off too. Um, and actually I think I had this conversation when I did the fantasy alarm show, uh, with Dr. Roto because he said he wanted Ruiz. We're in the same Tout Wars draft. And I was saying, look, if Ruiz keeps doing this, I have Ruiz and a Kuya on the same team. So obviously I'm first in steals, I'm gonna have to move Ruiz at some point. Speaker 0 00:59:33 At some point you probably just, you could probably just keep him and just drop Taylor Ward. Speaker 2 00:59:40 Oh, I do have Taylor Ward in that league. How the fuck did you know? Speaker 0 00:59:43 Uh, because you and I both picked Taylor Ward make 300 for the first time Speaker 2 00:59:47 <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:59:49 And, and I was looking it, I was like, fucking Mickey Moak is playing over Taylor Warden nowadays. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:59:54 So, okay, so I picked up, I picked up Mickey Moak in the G S T two weeks ago. I didn't play him last week, this week, last minute. I said, let me play him. I have Taylor Ward in Tout and he's in my lineup for the week. Uh, ward did pinch it scored a run. I haven't seen the Angels lineup yet, but Mon Ex another guy too, he's striking out a ton. Look, ride this wave. Someone asked me about him or McClean as a pickup. I said, McClean, he's playing shortstop, hitting second reds. They're gonna play every day. Moak starts to cool off, he's gonna hit the bench. Now he does have the pedigree. Number one overall pick. 2016. I did put him in my wave of wire article on fantasy on Tuesday. Um, but you gotta understand too, like, I don't know if it's gonna last, but again, this is what you have to do nowadays too. Speaker 2 01:00:42 Sometimes straighten these guys. Some of 'em are gonna stick. You know, I'm trying to think like guy like Taylor Ward was a guy last year, right? You picked him up and pretty much, yes, he went through a dry spell and he got hurt, but he was on your roster all year. Some of these guys will, some of them won't, but you have to act early and take a shot. If you don't, someone else will. So, you know, I've picked up Moak, he's in the lineup this week and I don't expect him to be on my roster the whole year. But you could understand why the angels will play at him right now. And it sucks for Taylor Ward because, you know, they're not sitting rero, they're not sitting trout. So he's gonna be the odd guy out for now. I'm gonna hold ward in 15 team leagues, 10 team leagues. I might drop him, um, at the end of the week if he keeps sitting. I don't want to, uh, but, you know, tough decisions there. Um, I mean Speaker 0 01:01:28 Certain guys, I mean, you, you ride the wave until it breaks, you know? And, and if it's a, if it's a come from outta nowhere type guy, then yeah, I have no problem dropping him. Once he cools off a guy like Taylor Ward though, I'll keep on the bench unless I absolutely, positively need that roster spot. Yes. Like I don't want to just give up on a guy who I was pretty bullish on coming into the season. Speaker 2 01:01:52 Me too, man. It's been, uh, disappointing so far and then never thought that Mickey Moak would be the guy that, you know, comes out of nowhere to kind of send him to the bench for now. Speaker 0 01:02:03 Yeah. Uh, 2020 for the first time. Uh, you said Tyler O'Neill. I'll just go fuck myself with the jazz Chisholm. Call <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:02:12 Well, you still might get it. Speaker 0 01:02:14 Ah, it's possible. We'll see. No Speaker 2 01:02:15 Is, isn't he at like seven 13? Speaker 0 01:02:18 I don't know. He's fu you know, he's got 13 stolen bases, which is great. I mean, Speaker 2 01:02:21 Both of our guys are hurt, but Tyler O'Neill shit, the manager fucking hates him. Speaker 0 01:02:25 Hates him, hates him. Uh, cheap source of home runs. You hit it nicely with Jorge Soer. I went Michael Conforto. It's not terrible. No, no Speaker 2 01:02:34 Dude, that's good one. He's got 10. Does Speaker 0 01:02:36 He have 10 already? Yeah, Speaker 2 01:02:38 He owned again yesterday. Speaker 0 01:02:39 I'd flex right now, but I don't wanna rip my shirt Speaker 2 01:02:42 Dude. So la so, so LA's a guy that I've put in that waiver wire column like five times because his Yahoo ownership is fucking ridiculous. I haven't checked what it is now, but like, so like what do you, what's your rule for that? Like, I don't wanna write the same guy all the time, but when I see him like in the 2030 percentage, I'm like, what is wrong with you people Speaker 0 01:03:04 Then are are Did you write that? Is that the specific sentence? Speaker 2 01:03:09 No, but I'm like, I, I don't know. I didn't say that, but I'm just like, I I keep mentioning him. I don't know why this is a guy that yes, he hit the 47 home runs. Was it 19 when everyone was hitting home runs? But like, this is a guy that's got legit power. He shouldn't be e even I get it in Yahoo. There's dead teams and all that. It doesn't matter, man. Like I see worse players that are higher roster than him. Speaker 0 01:03:31 I'll tell you what, your next waiver wire article comes out on Saturday. Speaker 2 01:03:36 Yeah. Speaker 0 01:03:37 If his ownership percentages are still low, I wanna see your recommendation Jorge sole. And when you do the player writeup, you just simply write, what the fuck are you people waiting for? <laugh>? That's it. That's your analysis. <laugh>. I've had this guy in the fucking article for four straight weeks and nobody's picking him up. And what the hell's wrong? Oh, well, you know, I mean, I don't want his batting average blah. Take the home runs, take minute. I'm so, I'm so thirsty for home runs in two leagues that it's killing me. Killing me. Speaker 2 01:04:18 I mean, look, if it's not, it has to be up by now. They had four games in course field, like, you know, if you just like, come on man. But like, I I, I've talked about it on the, the Sirius XM show cuz you know, we kind of do, you know, DFS betting and all, he's 54% on Yahoo right now. I try not to put in guys over 50%, but he's 54%. That's still too low. Speaker 0 01:04:40 That is definitely too low. Speaker 2 01:04:42 Like Patrick Wisdom is 67%. How is he Oh, more than Solar Air? Speaker 0 01:04:47 Well, well, because you know, when the wind's blowing out at wrinkly, I mean it really, really helps him out. And, you know, Marlin's Park, it's a, it's a pitcher's park and I mean, he doesn't really have any support in the lineup. There's no protection. Speaker 2 01:05:00 Ridiculous man. Speaker 0 01:05:01 <laugh>. I Speaker 2 01:05:01 Just, I just don't get it. I I really don't. Speaker 0 01:05:06 Um, cheap source of stolen bases. Garrett Mitchell for me. CJ Abrams for you. I don't even know if Abrams has any stolen bases. Speaker 2 01:05:15 He's actually been, he's been okay. Um, I don't know how many offhand I had him on one team and I didn't, um, keep him, I drafted him and cut him. I think it was in a 12 team league. That's why, uh, let's see. He's got five. Speaker 0 01:05:29 Okay. Uh, cheap source of strikeouts. I stupidly went with Martine Perez. Uh, you went with Alex Cobb. That's a solid pick. Speaker 2 01:05:39 Yeah. Cobb's, I, I'm a big Alex Cobb guy. Um, he had another good outing yesterday. So, Speaker 0 01:05:46 Uh, cheap source of saves. I hit it with, uh, Carlos Estevez who has what, 10 or 11 saves right now. Yeah, dude, Speaker 2 01:05:52 I, I was not on him man. I didn't think he was gonna be able to close. And that was some of the reports. So I was looking at other guys and then he's been really good. Yeah, Speaker 0 01:06:04 I haven't been a bunch of spots, so I'm pretty stoked about that. You went with Michael Fullmer. I can understand why he would've done Speaker 2 01:06:10 That. Boy. Yeah. Look it look good for a week Speaker 0 01:06:12 <laugh>. Yeah. For a week. It did. Sure, sure, sure, sure. <laugh> uh, here you go. Failed to match the hype. I somehow said wander Franco. Speaker 2 01:06:21 Dude, we, we were both, uh, I agree. Look, I gotta we gotta take L's when we're honest here. I understand the prospect pedigree, but I was not on him. My goodness man. Um, cuz I was like, where's the power? Yeah, he's a great hitter. The average is there contact. I just didn't think the power is gonna be there yet. And yeah, he's been fucking good. Speaker 0 01:06:42 Uh, you went Dylan cease. I don't think that's, uh, too terrible of a call here. Speaker 2 01:06:46 Yeah, he has not been good. I just didn't like him going in the third round the walks. You cannot have a walk rate like that and overcome it year after year. You just can't. And yeah, his era, r a is four six. Um, the strikeouts are down to, um, 30.4% last year. 23% walk rate is still high at 9.6% whip of 1.36. So yeah, that one looks pretty good so far. Speaker 0 01:07:12 All right. Uh, exceeds expectations. I had Patrick Sandoval, you have Jake freely. See, I'd say you're in the lead right there. Yes. Jury's still out on those two I think. Speaker 2 01:07:23 Yeah. Freely has been pretty good. The problem with him, he sits against lefties. So I have him in labor and I think he has five lefties this week. I had to sit him. Speaker 0 01:07:31 Right. Okay. Uh, must own <laugh>. We both went for the Phillies. You said Alec Baum. Uh, and I said, uh, Nick Castanos Speaker 2 01:07:42 Castanos I know has been struggling lately. Uh, BOM has been slumping too overall. I mean, I'm a, I mean, Bo's 2 65, homers 33 rbis, two steals. It's been okay. Um, I have him in tout o p three 18. That sucks. Um, Castanos I don't have this year. I've always been a huge fan of him, but I did not draft him this year. He is, I know lately he's been bad. 2 96, 5 25, 26. So they're both kind of similar. Um, Castiles has a 3 88 batting average balls in play. He's really hitting 2 96. I thought he was been slumping. Okay. Mean six. So there's similar numbers. He, your guy's better average, eh, I guess they're, Speaker 0 01:08:29 I take jury's still out. Speaker 2 01:08:30 Yeah, definitely. Speaker 0 01:08:32 Uh, and in the, oh, hell no. Uh, we're both looking pretty good right now. I had Jacob Degra, you had Michael Harris the second. Neither one of them is, uh, performed the way they're supposed to. Speaker 2 01:08:44 Oh yeah. Michael Harris is just, uh, I could not like third round, second round. Sometimes the guy's 22 years old and didn't have the plate discipline. I know he, he's been hurt, but, uh, now he's losing, playing time, uh, hitting 1 63. So, yeah, I mean, look, that was, I didn't think it'd be this bad, but no way. I'm taking that guy in round three. Um, Drom, it's, it's clear it's injury. I mean, we all know when he is on the mountain, he's dominant, but injuries have been a major, major factor. I took him in one league, it was a draft champion league in round three. Um, and then after that I said, what the fuck was I thinking <laugh>? And stop and stop drafting <laugh>. It's like, ah, lemme get one share. It's round three. If he stays, if 22 starts, I'll be happy with this pick. Uh, yeah, that's, uh, uh, just sucks Speaker 0 01:09:33 <laugh>. And those are, that's listen, that catches you up on where we are. That's your, that's your two month check-in on our 2023 M L B bold predictions. Uh, uh, I, I think we did, uh, I think we've done fairly well. Lot of hits, couple of misses and that's just the way it goes. But unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, Adam and I are out of time right now because, well, I've gotta go record another live stream and Adam's gotta go do some other work and then I gotta do some more work. And then we both have shows later on today. So we thank you all for, uh, for joining us here on the, uh, on the Cash App podcast. Adam, any, uh, any, any final thoughts? Last minute things to, uh, tell the kids? Speaker 2 01:10:15 Uh, hopefully the Celtics can win game five so we get more NBA action. Speaker 0 01:10:20 Oh God, I hope not, dude. Speaker 2 01:10:22 Why? Speaker 0 01:10:23 Just get it done. Just get it done. Yeah, but if they, if they gimme nuggets, heat, let's get it done. Let's get outta here. Jimmy Butler versus Nicola Yoic. Thank you very much. That's all I want. Stop with this nonsense. It's again, I want the Panthers to sweep tonight. Uh, and then I want the Golden Knights to, uh, to dispatch of the stars. Let's just put it to an end there. Let's get to the finals and stop fucking around. Speaker 2 01:10:48 Yeah. The problem is if the Celtics lose on Thursday, you go one week with no games. I think in the N H l, isn't it worse? It doesn't, A Stanley Cup begin June 8th, June something, right Speaker 0 01:11:00 Adam? I'm okay with that. Speaker 2 01:11:02 Okay. Speaker 0 01:11:03 I'm okay with that. Give both. I mean, look, give all the teams plan ample time to rest before the finals. That way everybody's, you know, as healthy as we can possibly be, everybody's, there's no, there's no distinct advantage. There's no team that's like, you know, that's been out for eight days and the other team has only been off for two or three. Like, we're all in the same boat here. And if, if that just means that we miss a, a week of, uh, of hockey and, and basketball, so be it. We have all this baseball to enjoy. Speaker 2 01:11:34 That is true. But eh, it's just, you know, when you enjoy the sport and you know what's near the end, and then you're not gonna get as many games. It's, uh, it's not as exciting. But I, I feel you At least we do have baseball. Speaker 0 01:11:48 We have baseball. There you go. Go for longer walks, man. Enjoy yourself. Speaker 2 01:11:54 <laugh>. There's day no, there's day baseball. So to Speaker 0 01:11:56 Watch that it's daytime baseball. Exactly. All right. But yes, we gotta get going here. But we thank you all and as always, he's at Adam Ronis on Twitter. I'm at Roto Buzz guy on Twitter. Uh, you can always hit us up if there's a, there's a topic you want to hear discussed here on the, uh, on the Cash App podcast. Serve it on up. We got you here. It's a lot of fantasy baseball. But, uh, you know, always happy to talk. We'll, we'll have to start creeping in, uh, N F L Draft Guide for Fantasy Alarm. The initial launch for the Living Draft guide is June 15th. So we'll get Adam, uh, talking some football before you know it in the meantime. That's gonna do it for us here on the Cash Podcast. Thank you so much for liking and subscribing for Adam Ronis. I'm Howard Bender and we'll catch you next.

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