March 30, 2023


Cash It: Happy 2023 MLB Opening Day!

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Happy 2023 MLB Opening Day!
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Happy 2023 MLB Opening Day!

Mar 30 2023 | 00:48:48


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis talk about the excitement for 2023 MLB Opening Day, early fantasy baseball waiver wire strategy sessions and best practices for building your bench. Plus some MLB DFS and betting talk!

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course. Adam Ronis. And, oh, baby, opening day m l b is finally here. By the time you're listening to this right now, games are right about to start up. Adam and I are recording on Wednesday, uh, afternoon. So we are still, well, I, I mean, I know I am, I'm bubbling with excitement. Adam, what's going on man? I've already seen you posting, uh, on social media, these like throwback Thursday, uh, pictures of you at, uh, city Field. Super excited. Speaker 1 00:00:41 Definitely. Obviously there's optimism with the Mets. I try to tone it down a bit just because of the past, but I am confident with Steve Cohen as the owner. So I'm excited to get back out to the ballpark cuz it also means warmer weather in the Northeast. It's been a mild winter. We actually, I believe, have had the least amount of snowfall ever in the history. Uh, we barely had any snow. Doesn't mean we still can't get, cuz you can get snow in April, but, you know, baseball around the corner means the warmer weather as well. So I'm excited. I'm not gonna be able to go to as many Mets games early in the season that I am accustomed to due to work. But I am planning to go to my first game on Sunday, April 9th, cuz it's Easter, so I have no softball that day. Speaker 1 00:01:27 Uh, so I am planning to go to Mets. I believe it's Mets, Marlins, Mets play the Marlins seven times in the first week and a half of the season. So, talk about unbalanced. Uh, the Mets have, it's crazy. The Mets have like some real soft opponents and really a good opponents early on. It's, uh, kind of weird. But yeah, I'm definitely excited. You know, it should be an exciting season. I think it's wide open as far as I think there are multiple teams that can win the World Series. Obviously there's some divisions where I don't think it's a great race, but I think there are multiple where you could see a few teams winning it. So I think there's definitely excitement for the season. I think the W B C gave us a taste of baseball and, you know, for the most part, we didn't get a ton of bad injuries in the pre-season. Obviously Edwin Daz was a crusher. Jose Al Alto missed a couple months, but for the most part it was pretty smooth. And I'm just glad my drafts are over in a way too. Speaker 0 00:02:29 <laugh>. Yeah, me too. <laugh>. Yeah, it's, uh, it's, it's, it's pretty funny. You know, when you, when it comes down to it, it's like, it's so cringey. Like, I'm sitting here over the past like couple of days and I was, you know, talking about it with Jimbo Bowden. I'm like, how do you, like, we're, we're watching position battles and last minute things are happening here. But, you know, from a fantasy perspective, you know, teams are drafted, waivers ran on Sunday for a lot of our leagues. Uh, that, you know, I don't know if all of your leagues did, but, um, all of mine had a a a waiver period for, uh, for Sunday. I believe that there's some that, that do it tonight, Wednesday, Wednesday night before the season starts. But yeah, I'm just like, put all of my players in bubble wrap please, but bubble wrap around them all. Speaker 0 00:03:19 Let 'em sit in the clubhouse and do nothing. And let's just focus on the, uh, on the season because there's like, you're, you're talking about your excitement for the, for the Mets. My excitement for the Yankees is, uh, you know, obviously, you know, at a, at a high here, um, I opening up against the San Francisco Giants, which is absolutely hysterical. Um, I will shout it out to my boy Adam Lober because, uh, I haven't, he hasn't even texted me asking me to lay down a bet with him, uh, on this series cuz he's like this huge Giants fan. So I'll have to reach out to him, uh, and see what's going on with that. But man, you know, Anthony Volpe made the team, so he's our youngest starting sh you know, our our youngest starting player on opening day since Jeter in 96. So obviously a lot of comparisons, you know, in, in that front. Speaker 0 00:04:09 A lot of pressure on that kid. But yeah, dude, I am, uh, I'm, I'm pumped. I am very, very pumped. I'm even, you know what I'm doing the, uh, the, the first playbook of the season for, uh, for MLB dfs, and I'm sitting there that's out [email protected]. If you don't have a subscription to fancy, you better get one, uh, best bets that are coming out for MLB and full DFS work, uh, from the team. Uh, if you, if you guys want, I'll, I'll recommend it here. Fantasy, use the promo code Howard. It gives you 50% off your first six months. So, uh, fantastic stuff all around there as the, as the rain comes teaming down, uh, on me here in Northern California, I don't know if you can hear it through the microphone. I did Speaker 1 00:04:58 At first. I was like, wait, is that coming from my place? Speaker 0 00:05:00 It is, right? We here, here, this is what happens when I mute the mic. That is what happens when I don't. So apologies for the, uh, the background noise people. That's, uh, that's just the way it goes out here. So, dude, I'm, I'm, I'm stoked. I am absolutely stoked as a Yankees fan, as a baseball fan. And I mean, let's face it, dude, look at the, just look at the lineup of pitchers throwing on opening day. It's like Scherzer deGrom, NOLA McClanahan, Corbin Burns, Garrett Cole, Sandy Altra, hunter Green, max Fried, Blake Snell, Pablo Lopez, Alec Manoa. I mean, it is just a, uh, ITT Laundry. Forgot Speaker 1 00:05:45 Ult against the A's. Speaker 0 00:05:46 Oh, TNY against, you know what, it's so funny. So much. Might Speaker 1 00:05:49 Not. He might not go deep though. I think they said, didn't they say he was only gonna throw a few innings, I believe. Speaker 0 00:05:55 Um, I thought didn't see that, but, oh, Speaker 1 00:05:58 How about, how about the, how about the night Bieber Castillo? That's a good one. Bieber had a great spring. Speaker 0 00:06:03 Bieber had a great spring. Absolutely. Oh, and, and Castillo's, like, he is all over a ton of my teams. You know, the, the funny part about it is, is that I've been, you know, trying to get the playbook done and the playbook just handles, you know, the main slate. So it's got the 11 games, but yeah. Uh, might have to do a little something, uh, or at least get like imp Pemba or somebody to, you know, doll up like a little, uh, a little one sheet for the Night slate, because you're right, Otani against Oakland, Zack Galland versus Julio Urias on, uh, Arizona LA Dodgers. That's gonna be a great fucking matchup. And then Bieber Castillo. Speaker 1 00:06:38 Yeah, no, it's shaping up to be a good day. I'll say the one thing that though, that I do hate about the beginning of season is in these fantasy leagues, guys are not placed on the IL officially yet. It's gonna be a nightmare. Like, you know, TA Wars, we get to put guys on the il, I have Jose Altuve and Mitch er, they're not on the IL yet. So you have to make, you have to put them on reserve and then you gotta hold by lineup block they're on IL or go to your SWAT and say, Hey, can you, it's just a pain in the ass because we know these guys are going on the il, but they officially haven't done it yet. Speaker 0 00:07:09 Um, yeah, well that's, you know, it's the, the site that you play on and it's teams also. No, Speaker 1 00:07:14 It's not the site though. See, none of these sites can put these guys if they're, they're not officially on the io. Speaker 0 00:07:19 Uh, you know what, Steve Gardner overrides the system on RT sports. Speaker 1 00:07:24 I get that. But, you Speaker 0 00:07:25 Know, to make it happen for labor. Speaker 1 00:07:26 Right. But you can't expect every commissioner to do that. Speaker 0 00:07:29 No, not every commissioner. But I, I expect our tell commissioners and our, our swats Speaker 1 00:07:34 Yeah, they are to do that. No, they are, they sent an email about it. So they're good about Speaker 0 00:07:37 It. Um, yeah, so I mean, yeah, there's, you know, there's, there's a lot of, uh, a lot of housekeeping that that needs to be done while you wait for, uh, for teams to do it. And I'll tell you what, what's even worse is that, you know, you've got those night games, so none of those teams, you know, la, Oakland, Arizona, Cleveland, Seattle, like, they don't have to do it until right before the first pitch. So you're, you are getting kinda, you know, Speaker 1 00:08:02 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:08:03 It's screwed around a little Speaker 1 00:08:04 Bit. I, I wish they just did it like the day before. Like, we know there's a ton of guys that are going on the il, they've already announced it. Just make it official for us. Come on, man. Speaker 0 00:08:13 I would, I would love for them to do it also. But you know what? They don't give a shit about your fantasy team, Adam. Speaker 1 00:08:17 No, they don't. Sons of bitches. Speaker 0 00:08:20 <laugh>. So Mets open up at, uh, what, one o'clock in the afternoon or four? Speaker 1 00:08:27 No, four. 4:00 PM Eastern. Speaker 0 00:08:29 Wow. All right. So then you get like a full run here where you get to watch, well you're, I'm sure you're gonna be locked into the Yankees game, right? Speaker 1 00:08:37 Um, I will watch. Yeah. I do have an a doctor's appointment, so I'll watch some baseball, go to my appointment, and then I'll be watching the Mets game during my, well, the first hour. I hope I'm back home. You know, doctor's appointments, whenever they tell you it's three, they're not gonna take you to four or four 30. So Speaker 0 00:08:51 What, what are you going in for? Are you going in for like Dr. Jelly fingers to, uh, a colonoscopy, Speaker 1 00:08:55 You? Nah, I'm getting eyes checked and, uh, hopefully few Speaker 0 00:08:59 Eyes. Oh, eye doctors. Yeah. That always takes a while Speaker 1 00:09:01 Actually. Yeah. But hopefully I'll come back and, you know, scher a contra. That'll be a good matchup. And then I'll be watching it while I'm on air. So, uh, that could be a bumpy show depending on what happens. Speaker 0 00:09:12 <laugh>. Yeah, I'm actually glad that the Yankees game is gonna be over by the time that I, uh, by the time that I, Speaker 1 00:09:20 For you, that works out one of the, yeah, there's just two games going on early Braves nationals, which will probably be over in the fourth, uh, with Patrick Corbett on the mound. That's great. Uh, so get your Austin Riley props ready? Speaker 0 00:09:31 Uh, anybody who mashes against lefties. Speaker 1 00:09:35 Yeah. So Atlanta's a minus two 50 favorite there. And then, yeah, and then the giant Yankees. Those are the two games at one. It's kind of a weird schedule though, cuz you got one game at seven o'clock and then three at 10 and everything else is early. It's kind of odd, but hey, we're not gonna complain. And it's a, it's a day full of baseball. I'll take it. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:09:54 Dude. It's a day full of baseball. Like, for me it's like 10 o'clock in the morning. I get to start with, uh, with Atlanta, Washington, the Yankee, San Francisco, and then they steadily start up until, you know, 4:00 PM Eastern. I still have, you know, like two hours of just free to watch baseball waiting for the show to start. Um, and then, yeah. And then, you know, as, as with only one game going on during the show for me is gonna be, I I fucking love it, man. It's gonna be great because then I get to sit and lock into, uh, the late night baseball. Well, for me it's seven o'clock. I don't care, man. Long night for you. Speaker 1 00:10:31 Uh, yeah, but I'm used to it. I'm up late and I like watching West Coast basketball. West Coast baseball. I was watching Warriors Pelicans last night till the end, so it's perfect for me. Friday though, only five games. I think, you know, they obviously do that because of potential rainouts on Thursday, they want to have the open day to push it back, but only five games on Friday. Speaker 0 00:10:51 Yeah, I I, you know, I'm, I'm actually, I'm kind of looking for, uh, or I was about to start diving into what the weather situation looks like. Um, I haven't really, Speaker 1 00:11:03 You know, it doesn't look too bad in the Northeast. It's a little cold Uhhuh. Um, I think for the Yankees it's showing about 52 degrees. Um, I'm not seeing much weather here. It doesn't look that bad. Oh, Cincinnati could have some rain I'm seeing. Speaker 0 00:11:19 Um, yeah, that's what I'm looking for right now. I'm like scrolling through and I'm like, Speaker 1 00:11:22 Yeah, it's not much. I, I I don't know if we're gonna get many rainouts or weather issues. See, got 52 is not ideal, but it's better than 34. Speaker 0 00:11:33 Oh yeah, yeah. <laugh>, yeah. Speaker 1 00:11:34 58 in Washington. 47 in Boston. 44 in Chicago. I mean, that's the Cubs. What do you expect? Rays obviously dome. Um, so yeah, it's not too looking too bad, except it looks like Cincinnati might have some rain. Speaker 0 00:11:51 That'd be unfortunate, because I would really like to, uh, I'd like to check out. Oh, there's, uh, actually, uh, da da believe it or not, there's supposed to be rain in San Diego. Speaker 1 00:12:02 Yeah, I did see that too. Which is, that usually hardly ever happens. Correct? Speaker 0 00:12:08 Um, yeah, well, I mean, that's what we're dealing with here in California, dude. It's like, uh, a fucking nightmare. Like it ha it's, it's continuously raining here, uh, which is the absolute worst because, you know, we live right by the creek and I'm dealing with like creek flooding and all this other shit, but yeah, it's weird. Right? That's the, that's the worst game right now. Colorado at San Diego. Best chance of rain on the entire slate, which is, you know, obviously odd and weird, but I was never gonna use Herman Marquez. Uh, nor was I planning on really using Blake Snell for that matter either. Um, some really good hitters for the Padres that I can't, you know, that I'm, I'm not gonna rely on too heavily for dfs, but I mean, dude, there's so many different places to go, um, for this. Have you looked at the slate from a, uh, from a betting standpoint yet? Speaker 1 00:13:03 Not yet, no. Been busy with N B a NBA's. Got a big slate on Wednesday, so, but yeah, I'll start looking and maybe, uh, jump in on something. Like I said, I think some of those right-handed bats for the Braves stand out against Patrick Corbin. I mean, he's, I guess he's not the worst pitcher on the slate because Mueller's going for the as, um, might be the worst opening day starter ever. So <laugh>. Um, but Corbin's right up there though. I mean, it's, I I mean, it's a joke that he's getting paid all that money, man. Speaker 0 00:13:37 Yeah, it is pretty crazy. I'm looking at my, uh, at my stats sheet right now just to, uh, kind of eyeball this for people. I mean, obviously this is all gonna be in the, uh, in the DFS playbook, but, you know, I might as well, uh, hit you guys with a couple of fun things. Uh, Eduardo Rodriguez, um, also struggles, uh, you know, I mean he, he's, he's one of those guys who does the, uh, the reverse splits. I wouldn't be stacking lefties against him because he is actually had a really nice spring. But, you know, I'm looking at like, you know, all hitters against especially, uh, especially righties against Patrick Corbin. I'm looking at, uh, Herman Mar lefties against Herman Marquez. Maybe, you know, little Juan Soto there if you wanna, uh, avoid the rain. What about the Phillies against Kyle Gibson? Dude. Speaker 1 00:14:27 Yeah. Is that game in Philly? Speaker 0 00:14:29 Uh, no, it's actually in Texas. Look at that. Oh Speaker 1 00:14:31 Yeah. Gibs Love life. No, wait, the Phillies are, Speaker 0 00:14:35 Oh, no, no, no. Speaker 1 00:14:36 Yeah, yeah. No cuz um, Speaker 0 00:14:38 Oh, you know what I'm looking at? I'm looking at last year's, uh, last year's team affiliation. So where is, yeah, I was gonna, Speaker 1 00:14:44 I was gonna say, because Gibson's on Baltimore now, that's why it's to Speaker 0 00:14:46 Baltimore Speaker 1 00:14:46 Now. Yeah, yeah. It's deGrom verse Nola. It's Degra versus Zola. Yeah. So you might wanna scratch Speaker 0 00:14:53 That. I'll be, I'll be scratching all of that. Oh, Kluber Gibson. That's what it is. Boston Baltimore. I'm not investing in, uh, in, in any bats, although, I'll tell you what, man, uh, Masta Yoshida, you know, had a really great, uh, w bbc. Um, you know, I, I talked to Jim a lot about him cuz Jim was, you know, Jim Bowden was doing the broadcast for, uh, you know, all those games down in Miami for the wbc. And uh, and he had a good chance to look at Masaaki Yoshida, you know, he's like, you know, he's like, I don't think the power's really translating that much, but he could be like a 15 to 18 home run bat could splash in a little bit of speed there. So, you know, Yoshida coming off of, cuz that's kind of what I'm looking for for tomorrow, right? You know, is I'm like looking to set DFS lineups. I'm looking for guys who came off of the WBC and spring training, like super, super hot. Who looks dialed in the most trade. You gotta, Speaker 1 00:15:52 Are you gonna use Trade Turner versus Dru? Speaker 0 00:15:55 No, no, no, Speaker 1 00:15:55 No. I mean, deGrom is healthy right now, so <laugh>, I know you're, Speaker 0 00:16:00 If I'm targeting against pitchers, you know, I mean really, I mean if I'm, if I'm just gonna flat out target against pitchers, I'm gonna target against Corbin, I'm gonna target against Gibson, I'm gonna target against Mitch Keller. Um, I could very well, you know, target against, uh, uh, Corey Kluber. Speaker 1 00:16:19 Mitch, Mitch Keller had a great spring. Speaker 0 00:16:21 You sure did. Speaker 1 00:16:23 And we've seen him tease before, but I'm, uh, I didn't draft him anywhere. I did draft your sheet in a couple league and in my home league, I've already had two teams in choir trading for him. Speaker 0 00:16:31 Yeah. You know, let me ask, Speaker 1 00:16:33 It's an ob it's an Obp league too, dude. Are you gonna start about trades? Is that where you going? Speaker 0 00:16:38 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's, it's not just trades, it's also, it's it's roster turnover. Like guys, you know, who draft their team and they're already, they're already hitting us up in Discord, uh, at fantasy alarm asking, you know, should I drop this guy to add this guy, drop this guy to add this guy? And I'm like, you know, I, I think it's, it's always good to talk to people. I was gonna talk to you about it here. I'm gonna talk to Jim about it on the fantasy alarm show as well. Like how do you handle all of that shit, like trades and excessive waiver moves, uh, before the season starts? Speaker 1 00:17:12 Well, first of all, real quick, I'm saying no player props for these baseball games. I mean this is ridiculous. Um, but anyway, cuz I was looking up McLean, Han's K Prop, it's not there. Then I go to Yankees, giants, nothing there. So anyway, but yeah, the trade dude, I have a guy in my league and no joke, as soon as the auction was over, he was sending trade offers. He sent me multiple already. He's already made two trades, but that's the way he drafts. So he basically spent all his money early and I think he has like 15 $1 players and then he does that to trade. To me it's exhausting. I don't know how you can play the game that way. You're basically going into the season saying, I am going to trade a ton. And I am to the point, cause some, one of my friends said this and I might do it, start charging a transaction fee for trades. Speaker 1 00:17:59 I wonder if this guy is gonna make as many trades because no joke, he must make a hundred a year. I've never went back and looked, but he's already made two, bro two and the season hasn't started yet. And he keeps sending me offers for, he's like, what is it gonna take to get yoshida? And I'm like, I need offense. Like, I think my pitching's good, I need offense, but it's insane. So I know there are people like that in maybe not every league, but every two to three leagues. I just don't understand it. Why do you trade so much? It doesn't make any sense unless, again, I know that's this guy's blueprint going in. Like I can tell cuz I, he's sending the, the trade offers for similar players. So that was his intent. I think he like spent on foreclosures and he already traded Camila Deval. Speaker 1 00:18:42 So his plan is, okay, so it's clearly his plan is saves are a scarce commodity. I'm gonna pay for them in the auction. There's gonna be a team or two or three that come out of the auction with no saves. They're gonna be desperate and I'm gonna trade 'em right away. I just, I hate building a fantasy team that way. You're putting so much work on your plate and then you can root it. Because this guy's won the league one time and, uh, several leaks several times of the years he's been out of it. I just, I sit there and the league knows, the league is always joking like, oh, did anyone get a trade offer yet? And it's Howard, I am telling you the, like, you are like, oh, I mean, he's exaggerated. I am not exaggerated. I can fucking send you trade offers every day from this guy and I can send you the trades he's made. It's, it's insane bro. And it's annoying as the commissioner, like, again, you should be able to run the, your team you way you want. But I'm to the point where I, I might just start trading, uh, charging for transactions and you know, what does he make as many trades? If, if you charge five to $10 a trade and if he does pay it, hey that's extra money into the pot, Speaker 0 00:19:49 Right? Yeah. We, um, yeah, we had, uh, we had a, a couple of guys like that back when we were doing, um, god damn my, my my home league from a while ago where it was like, you know, bidding on, bidding on free agents was real money, not bid money. You were, you were actually paying for these free agents, uh, to pick 'em up. And I mean, it was like, Speaker 1 00:20:17 What were they charging per transaction? Speaker 0 00:20:19 Per transaction? It was, uh, it was $10 tr per transaction, $5 to move a guy up, $5 to move a guy to your bench. Speaker 1 00:20:28 And all the money went to the pot at the end, right? Speaker 0 00:20:30 All the money went to the pot Speaker 1 00:20:32 And how many trades were made? Speaker 0 00:20:36 Um, oh, still a ton. Speaker 1 00:20:37 Yeah. Okay. I mean, I guess, yeah, I Speaker 0 00:20:39 Mean 5,000. The, the funny thing is, is like this group, like we had one dude, we had one dude who would like, make like a bunch of trades and then he would try to work it into the trade that the other team picked up the cost of his moves. <laugh> like, it, it was, it, oh dude, it was fucking, it was unbelievable. You were just like, oh, Charlie's, Charlie's working a deal with me and he wants to do this like, you know, four for four deal, but he doesn't wanna pay for, you know, the roster moves. If I want to get this done, I'm gonna have to like pay the extra money to get the deal done. Uh, and it was a, it was a huge pain in the ass. Huge pain in the ass. Um, look, Speaker 1 00:21:20 Here's the thing, trading is a lot of work. If you wanna be successful and offer fair deals, and if you're gonna be an asshole and offer a bunch of shit trades, then you're wasting your time. Cuz you're sending bad trades to multiple teams, they're rejecting it, you're sending another one, they're rejecting it. You keep going back and forth and you're was wasting fucking time. So it's a lot of work to make trades. And this is not even a high dollar lead, which Bob, you know what I mean? It's not like, oh, this is not, not a $300 entry fee, you know, not like you're gonna win huge money. It's, it's an average amount. And I'm like, damn, you're putting in all this work for that like shit. And I do this for a living and I like, it's so much work and waste of time. Speaker 1 00:22:00 I, I, I, you know what it is, maybe I don't, I don't, I guess I don't trade as much as other people. Like I trade out of necessity. So in this league I usually make trades June and July as it's a keeper league. So as teams are falling out and they're ready to unload, and I see the teams around me making acquisitions, it forces me like, Hey, if I wanna win this league, I'm gonna have to give up my young pro. I've traded tattoos when he was cheap, soda when he was cheap. Cuz I wanna win this year. So I don't worry about the future. I wanna win this year. That's when I make trades. Even in tout, I don't make a lot of trades labor. I just don't, um, it's, I don't know, I, again, trades can be fun, but it's just, it's so time consuming and I just don't trade as much as I used to. Do you? Speaker 0 00:22:48 Um, no, I definitely don't trade as much as I used to. Um, you know, because I'm, I, you know, I also, I mean I, you know, you get so many people who get so hung up on trades, you know, it's always nice to like sit there at the, at the bar with your buddies and you're hanging out or, you know, we, we used to, I used to play in this rotating poker game in New York, um, and there were like, you know, seven of us who were all in the fantasy baseball league as well. And, and so we would, like, we'd talk deal at the table, we'd go out for like a smoke break and we'd talk deal over there. And it was, it was fun to do it. The the passing of of emails back and forth and back and forth and the passing of texts over and over again. Speaker 0 00:23:30 No, that's, that's, that's time consuming. It's annoying. It's aggravating. And, uh, and, and yeah, I mean, I just, I just don't go through the process as much because, you know, you're also, you're dealing with people who, you know, are, are so, so unreasonable with trades. So unreasonable with trades. Like, I'll give you an example here and I'm gonna call it out because I don't give a shit about calling out people for, for making things difficult. Steve Phillips, former GM of the, uh, of the, the New York Mets, uh, he's hanging out on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. This dude sends out so many trade offers, right? But what he does is he sends out these shit trade offers because he is hoping that somebody's gonna bite on one and make a mistake. And so I get all of these, you know, like ridiculous offers from him. Speaker 0 00:24:21 And I just, you know, at first I tried to like, negotiate with him a little bit and I realized how fucking pointless that was. And so I just, I now I just reject any deal that comes my way from him, uh, unless it's like a legit deal, but I mean, it's a dynasty league and he's like, you know, he's, he's trying to get my young stud players and he is trying to deal with me like fucking Jorge Solar. And I'm like, what, what the fuck am I gonna do? I'm in a dynasty league and you're asking for a, a a 24 year old outfielder who's on his way up and you're offering me Jorge Solar in return. Like, what the fuck do I want that for? Speaker 1 00:25:01 Yeah, that's the other thing too. If you make a lot of trades and you send those insulting offers, you alienate people and they're not gonna want to deal with you anymore because they know how you operate. And I kind of feel like that way sometimes. The guy in my league, it's just, it's kind of a, a turnoff. It's like you keep sending these garbage offers. Even someone in the league texting me, he is like, oh, I already got a few garbage offers. I'm like, yeah, it's just, it's annoying. And um, you know, you definitely put people in a position where they're like, I don't wanna deal with this guy anymore. Speaker 0 00:25:34 Yeah. Oh, absolutely. And you know, again, a, a bad trade rep, reput reputation spreads like wildfire, wildfire so much faster than a good trade reputation. Nobody, somebody's like a good person to trade with, good person to talk deal. Like that's the person who I want, the person who, like, you know, if you're offering me a fair deal, because when I offer somebody a deal, I study their roster. I look at what their, what their shortcomings potentially are right Now, first and foremost here, I am not a a, a preseason trader. I'm not, I draft, I, I build my draft plan. Everything comes to, to fruition for me. Um, I have, you know, alternative picks if, uh, if my guys aren't available, but I'm building my team in the draft the way I want to build my team, then I want to go into the regular season and I wanna start seeing how everybody does. Speaker 0 00:26:30 Typically, I, it'd be a very, very, very rare moment to see me make a deal, uh, before May 1st because I want to give everybody a, an opportunity to, you know, I want the hot starts to heat up. I want the cold starts to cool off. Uh, you know, and I want, I wanna really assess like what my team needs are, and I don't feel, I don't think you can do it. And now we haven't even played a fucking game and people are making all these crazy trade offers. Like, how do you even know, like what are you basing it off of? You know, you're, you're, you're trying to like acquire a, a rookie, uh, you know, like what, what are you basing it off of? Is this guy is, do you want the power? Are you looking for the speed? Like, you know, where is it, like, how do you assess your fucking team before you even do it? Speaker 0 00:27:17 Because I think all projection systems are garbage. I really do. I, and, and that's, you know, I, I love the team over at Fantasy alarm, but you know, I just, I don't use projections because I analyze the player himself and I analyze the matchup, you know, if it's a Daily League, I'm analyzing that stuff and then I'm looking at, at what I expect from this player throughout the course of the season. I'm not looking at what his rest of season projections are because that's a, you know, that to me is like, I mean, there's, there's so many different factors that come into play that I don't, I I just don't do it. So, you know, you won't see me trading at all until at least after May 1st when, especially this year with all the rules changes and all the adjustments that are being made and the WBC playing, uh, you know, this year, I, I, I really don't wanna, you know, I I I want to use April as like a real good chance to evaluate my team before I even think about making moves. Speaker 1 00:28:16 Here's the other thing too. I could say, well, you came out of the draft short and saves, right? That's probably common for many people. If you try and make a trade for a closer now, you're gonna overpay. We already know there's a handful of closures that we can count on, and two of 'em are injured. One out for the year at Edwin Diaz and Rosselli Glacia, who to me was a top five closer. So now you're minimizing it. And we have a lot of situations. We don't even know who's gonna close. Marlon just said it's gonna be Tanner Scott, AJ Puck and Dylan Flo are involved for saves. So we have a lot of teams like that. So why would you trade for a closure now? You're gonna overpay, just wait it out. There's gonna be closures that come out of nowhere. You know, we think we know every bullpen, but there's a couple that, wow, I didn't know it was gonna be that guy. I had him sixth on the debt chart for saves. So yeah, you might be light and saves now, but now you're gonna overpay if you're trying to trade right away coming out of the draft. So sit back and speculate on some relievers. Speaker 0 00:29:22 Yeah. Oh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. And, and, and yeah, there's, there's nobody, I mean, I could even just, you know, go over the closer grid and, and take a look at it. I'm not, I'm not looking to make that move. No way. I mean, you know what, 60% of the guys who are, who are getting saves right now, I mean, first of all, we've got how many different committee situations? At least half a dozen. Speaker 1 00:29:44 Yeah. More than that, I think, man, it's a lot. Probably. Yeah. Yeah, it's a lot. There's just very few teams where we go. Yep. That's the closer. And even the ones that we think we know, ah, there's a chance that couple bad performances, they don't have the kick. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:58 Oh, absolutely, man. Absolutely. So you're, you're, you're, you're basically the same mindset as me. You're not overturning your roster a ton. What, what about waivers? Like, are you like, I mean, you deal with Fab, so it's basically, it's only weekly for you, um, to deal with that. But there are people out there with, you know, I'm not saying first come, first serve, but waiver priority. Um, or there are some people who can just, you know, do like a first come first serve and they're just fucking churning over their roster over and over again. This guy goes, oh, for four, he gets dropped for a guy who went four for four the night before and, and all of that. I mean, what's the, what's the, what's the advice that you give that player? Well, Speaker 1 00:30:37 I think in this first FB heard, I actually do not mind spending, especially if you're draft was three weeks ago, like Labor T you know, there's good players. Now, I didn't wind up spending a ton in labor. Lemme see who did I get? I wound up getting, well, I lost Reese Hoskin, so I had to get a corner infielder and there wasn't a lot there. So I got Brandon Belford dollar, I pick up Nick Gordon for three. I really like him. I think he's gonna get playing time early with the injuries. He's got some pops, some speed eligible at second and outfield. There were good pitchers though. David Robertson was available. I went six, he went for 17. Michael FOMO was available. I think he's the Cubs guy to open. He went for nine. My bid was four. I've been on David Peterson, he went for five. Speaker 1 00:31:17 My bid was four. I got Clark Schmidt for four, uh, I bid four and Jared Schuster, he went for seven. Um, so there were some good players available. So I don't mind spending in that first week, because again, if your draft was more than two weeks ago, there's play. Like we didn't, by the time this draft was done, David Peterson was not in the rotation. It was Jose Catana, he got hurt. Jared Schuster obviously came outta nowhere in the spring and both he and Dot are opening the season in a rotation with Kyle Wright on the IL Soroka not ready yet. So there, this is a week and Michael Fullmer, I mean, that's the guy that, you know, no one really was sure what his role was gonna be. So there are some players available, especially if you waivers haven't run. Now, if you just did your draft this past week, these guys are drafted. Speaker 1 00:31:59 You know, Derrick calls another guy, season increased play. So I don't mind in the first fad period spending, um, I did spend in T G F B I and David Robinson. I had Diaz, and this is one of those situations where my initial bid was 1 44 and then I'm like, ah, let me up it to 1 68. The Runup was one 13, so I upped it for nothing. But I, in my online championship, he went for over $300. And that's why I've said this numerous times about fad. It is the one of the most difficult things to help players with because every league is different. So someone could come to you and go, Hey Howard, how much should I spend on David Robinson? You go 15 to 20%. Hey Adam, how much should I spend on David Robinson? 15, 20%. Hey Justin, how much should I spend on Robertson? Speaker 1 00:32:40 Uh, 15 to 20%. So the guy's like, oh, I feel confident. All three analysts at fantasy alarm, they all said 15 to 20%, so I'm gonna go 18%. And then in one league, he could go for 12. The next league he could go for 34%. You just don't know, you know, and I always, and especially early in the year, if you don't have a history of the leagues, so what I try to do is early in the year, kind of gauge, okay, is this league very aggressive on Fab or they're not? And that's the way you have to do it. Um, cuz I remember one year when Keenan Allen, years ago, his big free agent and me and Doc were playing in a high stakes league, opposite leagues. And he got 'em way cheaper. And I put in a, a big way higher than him, and I didn't get 'em. And it's like every league is different. And it's, it's the, I think it's the most difficult thing in fantasy to explain to players because it can vary across the board. Speaker 0 00:33:31 Yeah. I mean that's, that's the thing, you know, and you, you talk to people about it and you know, and you, and you say like 15 to 20%, but then you, you know, there's, there's also that factor. I mean, depending on who the player is, who's available, you know, then you say, listen, if you really need this guy, like if David Robertson had the job security that you know, that, that Edwin Diaz had, and that there's, there's no chance he has that job. Right? But let's say, say Speaker 1 00:34:00 For example, didn't example didn't have the closer yet, Speaker 0 00:34:02 Right? But just for the, the sake of example here, you know, let's say David Robertson has the job, the same job security as Edwin Diaz did, right? Then you look at that and you say, okay, listen, probably 15 to 20%, however, if you really need saves, if you lost Diaz or whatever, you might have to go up to like 25% just to, just to make sure that you lock the guy in. The problem is, is that David Robertson doesn't have that same job security. So people who are throwing around huge bid money there, like that's, you gotta be careful of that. Like, if, if it's a no-brainer guy who's gonna get the playing time, Derek Hall. If it's Derek Hall, then you know, you're like, oh shit, okay, I lost Reese Hoskins. I, not only do I need a first baseman, but I need some decent power. Speaker 0 00:34:55 I'm gonna have to like, you know, deal with, uh, batting average shit later on. But let me lock this down here and get the guy. And so if the suggestion is, you know, eight to 10% for Derek Hall, you can go up to 15% and, and just, you know, to, to lock him in. But the problem is, is that you get people who sit there and just make it rain at Club Fab, like, like, you know, like, I mean, it's like bunny bucks to them. The dude who took David Robertson. Now I lost Edwin Diaz in T G F B I. Yeah, man. So I was gonna go after David Robertson and like make sure that I, you know, put a healthy bid on him. What Speaker 1 00:35:33 Was your bid? Speaker 0 00:35:35 My bid was like two 17. Speaker 1 00:35:37 Wow. And you didn't get him? Speaker 0 00:35:38 And I didn't get him. Speaker 1 00:35:39 See, that's what I'm saying. So if, do Speaker 0 00:35:41 You know how much he went for? Speaker 1 00:35:42 Um, uh, three 12. Speaker 0 00:35:46 Uh, Adam, I think that number's gonna be a little bit higher. Speaker 1 00:35:51 All right, what was it? Speaker 0 00:35:52 Come on. Speaker 1 00:35:53 Yes. Okay. Um, 3 89. Speaker 0 00:35:56 Oh, lower, Speaker 1 00:35:58 3 84 Speaker 0 00:36:00 Higher, Speaker 1 00:36:01 3 86. Speaker 0 00:36:03 Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Speaker 1 00:36:05 Yeah, see that's my point, bro. Okay, now I know that's a 15 team league. 3 86 in yours. I went 1 68 and I got 'em. And I uped my bid from 1 44 run up was one 13. Then in my n FPC online championship, which is a 12 teamer tg, FBI is 15. Vlad Settlers in this league. He had him with Diaz, he went 2 0 9, the runner up was 180 9. Do you see, that's exactly my point of what I just spoke about a few minutes ago. Yeah, 3 86, 2 0 9, 1 68. You bid more than me and didn't get 'em. And in Miley guy got, so like, especially early in the year too, this is more impactful now because everyone comes in with a thousand dollars. So they have more money to spend. I think as this season goes along, especially when you get July and August, always look at what the rest of the league has remaining. Speaker 1 00:36:57 And yes, look at what they have remaining. And also if it's a closer go, okay, who has the most money left? What is their closer situation? If they have three good ones, you know, all right, they're pr, they'll probably bid. You always put in a token bid, but they're probably not gonna go crazy. So I think as the season goes along, I think it's not easier, but it's easier to gauge. But that's a perfect example of how we just saw one bid, almost 400, one over 201, slightly over one 50. And I mean, again, and, and this one, Vlad got him for 2 0 9, the runner up was 180 9. So it's, it's, it's crazy early in the year. Speaker 0 00:37:37 It really is. It really is. But you know, I mean, I'm, I'm not gonna like, you know, I thought I put in a fair bed. Speaker 1 00:37:44 I think you did too. Again, you put it more than me and I won it 1 68. So I agree. It's fair. <laugh>, I would not have gone 3 86 because again, I think Robertson is the guy now, but he had a high walk rate last year. He's 38 years old. They do have Adam Aino. They actually mentioned there was a report from S O I a couple weeks ago that Brooks Rayley could be in the mix. I actually did take it to an N FBC draft Champions. It was like around 36. I was right around the time the report came out. I'm like, all right, I'll take a shot. Cuz again, you can't make ad drops for the season in that format. Um, so I think Robertson is the guy to start, but you know what if he gets off to a shaky start and Arno's pitching well or Brooks Rayley's pitching well and we know the Mets are gonna be aggressive. Speaker 1 00:38:28 There's a good chance they trade for a close. There might not be now. It might not be May. Maybe it's June or July. So I think sometimes you just have to worry about now though. Like if the guy has the job, but it's not like, oh yeah, Robertson's for sure the guy, even Michael Fomer who people were bidding on, I think he's the guy and I bumped him up by rankings like a week or so ago cuz someone was like, wow, you got him pretty high. I'm like, I think he's the guy. Um, and drafted accordingly. But what if Brad Boxberger pitches great. Cuz they said Fulmer and Boxberger are in the mix. What if Boxberger is great? So, um, McGuff from Arizona, he's a guy I've been drafting in the reserve rounds. You know, he had had great spring. I don't think he allowed a run, he had closer experience in Korea, but they have several other arms. What if they bro up out there for the first save opportunity gives up two runs, they might not go to him game two. So there's just a lot of situations that are in flux right now. Speaker 0 00:39:23 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And I'm not going, you know, that was, that was my, my my feeling about it. I put the big bid in on, uh, on Robertson because I think he's the guy. Um, but I mean, I'm not gonna put fucking 40% of my budget on a guy who might get me, you know, 12 saves and then lose the job. 12, 12 saves with a six e r a. Like, I don't want that. So, you know, you just kind of have to wait and see. And if that's, if that means that I missed out on Robert Robertson for this one, okay, fine, but at least I have a substantial amount of my budget remaining that I can go and Chase saves later on because I know that they're gonna be available. Everybody knows they're gonna be available. So, you know, I, I felt okay with that. Speaker 0 00:40:09 I mean, that's, that's the thing for me. It's like, you know, when you're building, you know, like replacing a guy who's hurt is one thing, but when you're building a bench, like how many times do you see people just fucking rifle through their fab budget over the first like month or two of the season? Um, and then really they, they come away with basically nothing because they're, they're sitting there and they keep, they're like, all right, well I'll throw, you know, $22 on this guy. I'll throw 10 bucks on this guy. And then the following week they end up dropping that guy and they start spending more money. I've seen people bleed through like half their budget by the end of the first month, and all they've been doing is rotating guys in and out of their lineup. And I'm like, it's just, it's not the way to do it. It's just, you know, we, I think you and I had this conversation about it for football. Like people are just, you know, you're so quick to pull the trigger. You're so quick to, you know, change out a guy that, you know, you're, you're doing yourself a disservice. It takes, you know, especially in baseball, it takes fucking guys' time in order to, to build themselves up, to get on that hot streak, to shake a cold spell. Maybe they struggled late in the spring. Uh, they were dealing with some soreness, right? I mean, they don't Speaker 1 00:41:25 Play all the cold weather sometimes. I mean, look at Marcus Simeon last year. His first two months were horrible. Look how he finished. Imagine you dropped that guy. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:41:33 Exactly. Exactly. I mean, you know, marquee names rarely get drop, but what they end up doing though is they end up trading 'em for like 60 cents on the dollar. Speaker 1 00:41:45 Now on the other hand, if you drop Toy Buros, uh, you did a Smart Day <laugh>. Oh yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:52 I was so out on that dude when he went to Toronto even I was just like, no way. Speaker 1 00:41:56 Like, but he just, I mean, but it got really bad though. Like it's, I don't think it was just Toronto. I mean, he just was awful and he hasn't had a good spring. I I didn't draft him anywhere. I'm, if he's good, he'll be good for someone else's team, not mine. Speaker 0 00:42:09 Yeah, I have, uh, I have no shares of him whatsoever. Um, all right, big plans for, uh, well tomorrow you're working all day, you got the shows to do, um, just kind of check in and, and do that. So for, for opening day, it's a workday for you. It's a workday for me. Uh, I hope everybody out there has a great opening day though. I mean that's, you know, that I, I, I dig that very, very much. I, I love just, you know, the, the general feeling of opening day from announcing the players and, and all of that. Are there, um, are there any, any situations that you've looking at at all? Uh, well, you haven't really dived in for, for betting purposes there. Um, you're not really a big DFS guy either. Speaker 1 00:42:55 Nah, not as much anymore, man. I'm more into the betting. Um, I Speaker 0 00:42:58 Just said I was gonna ask you what your favorite matchups might be or what do you think the most favorable matchups are, obviously besides the Braves against Patrick Corbett. Speaker 1 00:43:08 Yeah, I mean you, uh, I guess, you know, I don't know. Marquette, Marquez had a great spring and he's on the road. Um, no tattoo. So let me see who else. I mean, there's some good pictures on the mount tomorrow. That's the issue. There's not a lot of right, I guess the twins against Greenkey. Speaker 0 00:43:24 I I like that. Speaker 1 00:43:25 Yeah. Um, I, I might look at some lefty vats for the reds against Keller. It is in Cincinnati. Oh, it's gonna, oh, okay. Chancellor Rain 60 degrees. I mean, I'm not afraid of Michaels, the Blue Jays bats. I mean, I'm not afraid of that. See? Oh, and obvi the angels against the occur with the Muller, oh my god, trout Tommy Taylor Ward Rendon while he is healthy. Um, yeah, look, there's, there's a lot of good pictures in the, it's reflected in the total six and a half, seven and a half. 7, 7, 7 and a half. Seven and a half, six and a half. I mean, the highest total is nine. I'm seeing. Yeah, two nines Baltimore and Boston and, um, twins, Royals. Speaker 0 00:44:10 Yeah, I was, I was looking at, um, what'd you call it? I was, I was looking at that for the, uh, you know, inside the playbook. Uh, you know, one of the, one of the features or highlights thing is, you know, uh, highest expected run totals, uh, twins versus cranky Red Sox versus Gibson Reds versus Keller Braves versus Corbin, um, you know, on that front. So ob obviously eyeballing players like that. Um, but then I'm also looking at like the pitchers who have the best odds for the win. Uh, max Fried at minus two 50. Shane McClanahan at minus 2 25 Blake Snell against the Rockies at minus two 10 Garrett Cole at minus 180 5. And then you got Burns, Corbin Burns and Pablo Lopez, uh, both at minus 1 45. So, you know, if you're, if you're looking, uh, if you're playing some dfs, uh, you know, these are the guys who, you know, you're, you're obviously you're looking for strikeouts and you're looking for, for wins. Like, you know, you obviously want a, a high strikeout guy with low ratios and a best possible chance for a win. For me, that's like, I'm looking at it, it's like McClanahan stands out, burn stands out. Pablo Lopez stands out for me as much as I like guys like Max Fried, um, you know, or even Blake Snell. I mean, well, Fried's just not a big strikeout guy anyway, so pick it and choose. I really, I do like Hunter Green against the, uh, uh, against the Pirates. The case. The pirates are Speaker 1 00:45:43 Terrible. Yeah. The case will definitely be there at least. Yeah, I'm interested to see what his strikeout prop is. Speaker 0 00:45:49 Uh, yeah, I'm interested to see what everybody's strikeout prop is, and yet none of them are there. Speaker 1 00:45:55 That's crazy, bro. We know the starters. I understand it. Come on, man. Speaker 0 00:46:00 How is don't, don't be scared. Don't be scared. The books are afraid, dude. Speaker 1 00:46:05 You're afraid, man. Speaker 0 00:46:07 Let's see if, uh, I'm on bet MGM right now. Let's see. Any, uh, nope. Game props, no player props at all. No strikeout props, Speaker 1 00:46:17 KK for the early games. Nothing there, Speaker 0 00:46:20 Huh? Well, all right. All right. Um, enjoy opening day. Everybody have a, have an absolute blast and, you know, have some fun. Um, again, I'll have the, uh, I'll be, I'll be probably posting the, uh, the, the, the DFS playbook. By the time you're hearing this, the DFS Playbook for Fantasy Alarm will already have been posted. Um, and I will probably also have a, uh, a best Bets article for you guys, uh, out there as well. You need a subscription, so fantasy, Speaker 1 00:46:56 You'll make your money back. So just do it. Speaker 0 00:46:58 I know, right? Like, that's the thing. That's the thing. Anybody who's tailed my bets, um, you know, for, for baseball over the last, I don't know, five years. Like you, you guys know, I, I, I just, I, I I come outta the gate. Well, um, and then I get like a, I get like a really hot, like super hot streak, uh, like, you know, towards like the tail end of April. Uh, and that helps carry me through like, you know, may and June. It's just, you know, you build up that bankroll, you'll definitely pay off, whether it's d DFS or betting, you'll pay for your subscription easily in the first like, I don't know, week or two of baseball, I think. So fantasy promo code Howard, 50% off your first six months. Um, you've got your N B A uh, prop article coming out on picks on Friday. Anything else you're working on? Speaker 1 00:47:54 Um, the usual stuff. Catch my shows with the picks we give out picks every day. Um, I think my, to start the show we give out a N B A pick. I think I've hit like four or five in a row. I had Jaylen Williams over 24 and a half points to assist on Tuesday night. And um, I'm going right back to him on Wednesday, cuz Shay Giles Alexander is out. So going right back to him, Speaker 0 00:48:17 Going right back to him. I love it. All right, well, we're gonna, uh, we're gonna go on the rest of our day and prep for m l b opening day. We hope you guys, uh, enjoy the festivities and, uh, yeah, keep liking and subscribing, recommend it to your friends. We have a good time here. So for Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. This has been the Cash It Podcast and we'll catch you next time.

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