June 08, 2023


Cash It: Love the NBA Finals, Hate the Stanley Cup Finals, Good Luck on the Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: Love the NBA Finals, Hate the Stanley Cup Finals, Good Luck on the Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: Love the NBA Finals, Hate the Stanley Cup Finals, Good Luck on the Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Jun 08 2023 | 01:08:07


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the excitement surrounding the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, why the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers are causing everyone to hate the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals and how difficult it is going to be to grab Elly De La Cruz and a number of MLB rookies off your fantasy baseball waiver wire.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender. I got me Adam Ronis here. What's going on, Adam? Uh, a lot of shit going on here, right? We got N B A finals. Uh, I mean, you and I are recording on Wednesday, so the series is one one right now. Uh, N H l Stanley Cup, we got the, the v uh, the Golden Knights up to nothing. Uh, and, and baseball is just, I mean, you ought talk about getting crazy. Ellie De La Cruz is up. Jacob Dros got Tommy John, this is like, I mean, we'll just hit like all the stories kind of in that order, I guess. But, um, how, how's it all affected you? How you doing, brother? Speaker 2 00:00:44 No, I'm good. Yeah, definitely a busy time. A lot going on. It's always fun in this sports world when, uh, you have something going on every single day, which it usually is most of the time. So, yeah, it's a fun time right now and, you know, kind of glad to see Miami Win game too, so at least we have a series right now. Had they lost, you know, everyone would've been like, oh, you know, is Miami gonna be able to stay in this series? So, um, I think everyone believes Denver's a better team, but Miami has done this all post-season. You know, they just find a way and they found a way to survive game two. You know, if Jamal Murray hits that three at the end of regulation, it goes to overtime. My guess is Denver probably wins, but Miami just finds a way to get it done, man. Speaker 2 00:01:27 They're just a tough, mentally tough team. They're not gonna go away. They another comeback from double digits. So, um, um, you know, my prediction before the series was Denver in six. A lot of people were saying four or five. I didn't see it. I have to give Miami some credit. Um, so yeah, I mean, look, they're getting, they made some adjustments in game two. You know, Kevin Love hadn't played for three games. They put him in the starting lineup, you know, he gave them enough contributions to, to help. Uh, max Struse, uh, couldn't hit a shot in Game one bounces back in game two and nails of four Threes, uh, Gabe Vincent, another good game. Bam was solid. You know, Butler is not scoring. Um, I, I still don't think he's a hundred percent, but you know, he was a playmaker at nine assist scored 21. Uh, so Duncan Robinson, you know, they didn't play big minutes, but gave him 10 points off the bench, and I think he had, you know, most of his points in the fourth quarter. So, uh, really good job by Miami. And once again, 48.6% from three point range. It's 17 threes, and that's something that they've been doing a lot here in the post-season. And, uh, for Denver. I mean, Michael Porter was just atrocious. And yes, I wasn't on his prop, then he burned me. Uh, he's had two bad games now. Speaker 0 00:02:44 I was just gonna, I was just gonna find out from you, like which props you've been hitting and which ones have been, uh, you know, kind of a, a, a struggle here and just, I mean, it's only two games, but still, um, you gotta see some, uh, some results here for what you're looking at. Speaker 2 00:02:57 Yeah, I had Michael Porter, um, I think in each of the first two games in, uh, game two, he was atrocious. He actually saw less minutes, only played 26. You know, he was bad on the defensive side, bad on the offensive side. He shot three for 17 from three point range here in the first two games. Uh, they need him to play better. Um, they also, Jamal Murray has, you know, didn't put up as many points. You know, Jimmy Butler was on him quite a bit. He did have 10 assists. Um, so yeah, Yoko Chat is 41, but he really didn't get much help. So, and, uh, Mike Malone was ripping, nah, not ripping, but criticizing his team after, you know, saying, you know, can't have that in N B A finals. So I expect them to bounce back and play a lot better in game three. Um, but yeah, I mean, at least we have a series now and should be fun. Speaker 0 00:03:46 Um, I'm, I'm sure you're not off your, your original pick of the nuggets in this series. Um, I think you said you thought it was gonna go like six games, I believe is, is what it was. Uh, at what point do you, uh, do you even think about hedging, uh, uh, you know, the, the, the overall bet on the series, um, with Miami sitting at plus 2 25 right now, Denver minus 2 75 to win, uh, the rest of the way. Um, do you give Miami, having seen game two, do you give them, uh, a little bit more of a chance to make it closer than you thought it would be? Speaker 2 00:04:21 Um, nah, I thought it was B six. So, I mean, do they have a shot? Yes. I mean, they've been doing it all post-season. They're a mentally tough team. They have a great coach, but, uh, I just think Denver is the, the better team. They just did not have a good performance at all in game two. I mean, it was, it was pretty bad. Um, you know, even Cavi, Caldwell Popo has played well here. Most of the post season, you know, only took four shots. So they're gonna need, uh, Porter to really step it up. Uh, he's been a key contributor for them. He struggled. He had the first two games, uh, and Jamal Murray obviously has to become a guy that, uh, you know, they can't win when he is scoring 18, even when Yoko putting up 41. We saw Murray in game one and had 26, and, uh, he had a great series against the Lakers. He's certainly capable of it. So, uh, you know, Miami made their adjustments in game two, and it worked just enough. Um, but I expect Denver to, uh, to play better here in game three and respond even if they lose game three, you know, I still think that, uh, they'll winning six. Speaker 0 00:05:25 Okay. Perfect. Perfect. Now, you know, for the, uh, for the, the off the outta outta left field kind of thing here, Adam, I know that you're, uh, you're, you're very much in tune with the, uh, this supposed Taylor Swift curse, uh, in the nba. And I'm kind of wondering, uh, does this give Miami a little bit more of a chance? Uh, have you heard of this curse? Speaker 2 00:05:46 What is the curse? Speaker 0 00:05:48 Oh, well, here you go. Uh, every NBA playoff team that is on the ERAS tour, which is what she's on right now, has lost, um, you know, she started the tour in Phoenix. Uh, everybody thought Phoenix was gonna be, you know, a, a, a big time team, uh, you know, come the, you know, the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:06:07 No, no, I didn't. Speaker 0 00:06:09 All right. Well, I'm not saying Well, all right. So were after the trade deadline, and they picked up Durant. Were they not the favorites to win Speaker 2 00:06:18 For a little bit, but they were not going in to the playoffs? Speaker 0 00:06:22 Where were they going in? Well, they, they were dealing with injuries go going in, weren't they? Speaker 2 00:06:27 No. Speaker 0 00:06:28 No. All right. They were just healthy and just not gelling. Speaker 2 00:06:31 I mean, Chris Paul got hurt in the playoffs. Speaker 0 00:06:33 Okay. Yeah, I do remember that. I do remember that. All right. They were, they Speaker 2 00:06:36 Were, they were favored to be Denver, which was stupid. Speaker 0 00:06:40 Okay, so here we go. So, uh, Phoenix, her first stop on the tour, every other city that, uh, that has been in the, uh, in these N B A playoffs has lost. Now she's got a July 15th date with, uh, in Denver. Um, she has July shows in, uh, in, in the San Francisco area for Golden State. She has, uh, live shows, uh, scheduled for obviously, uh, Los Angeles. So every team. Speaker 2 00:07:07 Yeah. But she has only Speaker 0 00:07:08 City. She has the only city, not on her tour is Miami. Speaker 2 00:07:13 Okay. But she didn't go to Denver yet. So how is this, what if it gets canceled? Speaker 0 00:07:18 Oh, well, I mean, what if it gets ca So that's, that's your, you're, you're out on that prop that, that uh, that potential curse. Yeah. Uh, immediately because these, these shows have not been played and you think they could get canceled. Speaker 2 00:07:31 Yeah, exactly. So I, okay, I can't buy this. And, and why is, why is there no show in Miami? What happened? I thought Miami would be a prime tour. Speaker 0 00:07:39 You would think, right? Apparently she played Tampa Bay. Speaker 2 00:07:43 That is interesting. Okay, so is this why the Mets and Yankees suck? Cuz she did, uh, Jersey MetLife? No, Speaker 0 00:07:50 No, no, no. This is strictly an NBA thing. Oh, Adam, come on man. It's, it was on espn.com, dude, I don't, come on. So, you know, it's important to be read. Speaker 2 00:07:58 Yeah. Oh, bet. If it's ESPN wrote it, then it has to be legit <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:08:04 Uh, Taylor Swift has been so blended into my life. It, it never in a million years wouldn't have been. But if it's, if it, if it hadn't been for, uh, Shannon Blunt, our producer over at, at Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, uh, and Aaron Rogers, now there's just too much Taylor Swift going on in my life. So, you know, when I see that N B a, uh, you know, Taylor Swift curse, maybe you gotta pay attention to that. Speaker 2 00:08:30 Um, I'll pass on that, but we'll see. We'll, we'll revisit this if, uh, Miami wins, right? And then you'll be like, oh, see, that's why Speaker 0 00:08:37 I told Adam, I told you to bet Miami right then and there. I told you about the curse. You knew it <laugh>. We'll see what happens in tonight's game, Adam. And I'll be, uh, obviously, uh, paying attention, uh, over there. Uh, let's switch it up to the Stanley Cup finals. This is, this is getting ugly, it's getting out of hand. Um, I bet the Vegas Golden Knights going into the series because I was worried. I, you know, it was so funny. I was worried about Bob Broski and the the 10 day layoff that he was gonna have going in and, you know, literally every N H L person I spoke to, and I've spoken to a bunch of them, every NHL person was like, no, no, no, no. The, the layoff's gonna be great. You know, you, you see that the team is rested and they're healthy and this and that. Speaker 0 00:09:27 And I'm like, yeah, I'm not really so much worried about the forwards, I'm not worried about the defenseman. Yes, get healthy, uh, you know, get more energy. I'm, I'm totally into that. It's how hot Bob Broski was. Cuz you know, listen, I'd say he's probably a, a better than average goalie at best is probably the description. Um, but he's not what, you know, he, he once was, you know, years ago. Um, and so here we are looking at, at him the momentum and then what happens, you know, 10 day layoff like that for, for, to me, for a netminder, that's a problem. You want to keep playing, you want to keep getting peppered with shots. You want to keep hustling in a game. And that's, that, that's the flow. To me, the 10 day layoff was brutal. Now, game one, they, he gave up four goals. Speaker 0 00:10:16 Uh, one was an empty neter, but I mean, come on, like seven to two in game two, um, like to me, this is gonna be a very difficult thing for Florida to come back from. I think they had all of that momentum, the big underdog story. And you know, I'm not saying the Golden Knights or the be all end all of hockey, but clearly this is this, the momentum is on their side. Uh, and, and that's kind of where I'm at. But I'll say this, no matter what side you're on, betting wise, you know, it's, it's been a, a, a fantastic Stanley Cup playoffs, but these finals are about to let us down. Speaker 2 00:10:58 Yeah. You need Florida Win game three here, man. I mean, I shut it off in game two. It was, and you know, you don't want that. So they need Florida to win game three, obviously, to keep some interest and f and they kind of need a, a win where they outplay Vegas, you know, they can't win two one in overtime, they get out shot. So if you want some interest in this series, you need Florida to have, uh, a pretty not dominant, but a convincing win in game three. Speaker 0 00:11:28 Yeah. I, and I, you know, the funny thing is, I don't know if they get that. I think if they do speak out a win here in game three, I think it's one of those like double overtime games where they like, you know, they need that magic, you know, Kuck in the, you know, right in front of the net and it just kind of, you know, and, and whatever. And then everybody's like, yeah, okay, here comes the four of Panthers, here's the momentum. And it makes it exciting for game four at least until Vegas slams the door on him, then beats him five to one. Like, yeah, I, I, I'm, so, I'm, I'm kind of bummed out, you know me, man, I'm like getting, you know, each year more and more back into hockey. I've missed it so much. So much. I was such a crazy diehard fan back in the day. Speaker 0 00:12:11 I used to go to as many games I could possibly go to. Um, and then, you know, it kinda lost steam and, and you know, a lot of things in, uh, in, in, and this is like early nineties, early to mid nineties was what the, the era I'm talking about here? Yeah, we won the cup in 94, but oh, 97, 98, 99, those years were just absolutely disgusting. Uh, and, and I left hockey and I'm so desperate to get it back right now. And I think that yeah, these are, this is gonna be the Stinkiest Stanley Cup, uh, in a very long time. I would not, I mean, I I, I'll say Vegas in five, but I would not be surprised to see Vegas sweep them. Speaker 2 00:12:52 No, I wouldn't either. Based on what we've seen in the first two games, you know, we see this sometimes that team has that miraculous run, and then it comes to a crashing in, and that's what, that was kind of the fear with the Miami Heat. But they won game two and at least, again, we have a series now. It's very interesting where we cannot say the same for the Stanley Cup finals right now. Speaker 0 00:13:12 No. Uh, and, and a little on the depressing side. I don't know what hockey, like what the hell does hockey need to do to kind of get into the, into the foreground some more? I don't really, you know, it's not like we haven't had like, our share of these superstar players. I mean, I, you know, from from Gretzky to Lamu to, you know, Sidney Crosby and Yamir Yer and you know, Conor McDavid, like we're, we're, we're flush with superstars. I just don't understand how hockey doesn't pick up more steam. I, I don't understand, uh, our, our lack of fire for it here. Is it just because we're just a bunch of knuckleheads in America who just want their football? Speaker 2 00:13:59 I think that's part of it. I guess there's so much going, I don't know. I don't know why hockey just can't get the ratings. I guess it doesn't help with the two markets here, you know, Florida and Vegas. I mean, really, uh, I think that doesn't help. So, um, I mean, we've had a lot of overtime games here in the playoffs, which is good. Overtime hockey, I always say if you don't really watch hockey much, watch a playoff game and specifically overtime hockey, I don't see how you can't get excited about it. But yeah, I guess there's just people who are, you know, like you said, into football, even though football's not going on now, or they're into baseball or the N B A finals and, you know, they, they watch shows and movies and it's just, they don't have the bandwidth to watch everything, you know? So I think that's part of it. Speaker 0 00:14:44 I think I might have to do like a, an entire special where I just go around interviewing people and ask them why they don't love hockey. Like, I, I mean, really it's just, it, it's, you know, uh, you know, w you know, I'll be like, what's your favorite sport? And they'll tell me, and I'll be like, okay, great. Why don't you like hockey, you know, to like the football people and see what they have to say. And really, I don't understand. And, and I need to, you know, I'm not working for the N H L here. I'm not marketing for them or anything like that. To me, it's just, it's such a, it's such a great game to watch, obviously, you know, if you can play, I recommend it. But it, to me, it's such a great game to watch. Uh, and it's, it's phenomenal live, phenomenal live, um, that it just, I, I really, I I just find it incredible. Speaker 0 00:15:33 And there's action all over the place. There's much fewer TV like football. You, you get what, like g guys are standing around for like half the time with all the TV timeouts and everything that, that we deal with with football, it's not really, you know, there's not a whole lot of action in that three hour extravaganza you sit through every Sunday. There really is not a whole lot of action there. Um, I mean, you know, like, think about it, when you're, when you're talking about the N F L, what are they, you know, you watch Red Zone, right? Speaker 2 00:16:07 Yes. Speaker 0 00:16:08 The Witching Hour where wins become losses and losses become wins, and there's all this crazy action. It's like, yeah, you got a, a, a full half of like, some back and forth and back and forth, but like, this shit really doesn't like matter until team's in the two minute drill at the end of the game. Like, it's crazy like that. And so there's, there's so much less action in a football game than there is in a hockey game, which is fast-paced. And I, you know, just amazing, you know, and all right. And the fact that they do it all on skates. Come on, come on. I don't get it. I don't get it. Yeah, it's, you don't, it's, you don't wanna help me understand. Speaker 2 00:16:49 I well, it's cuz it's always been that way. So I don't see, I know, I don't see it changing. I don't know. Again, I, I don't know. I, I'm not sure why. Speaker 0 00:16:59 Huh. Well, I'll tell you what, you guys can, uh, you can hit me up on Twitter at Roto Buzz guy. You tag Adam in there at Adam Ronis, and you can, uh, you can help me understand. I'm gonna end up having to do that. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll just walk around, uh, the F S G A in Cleveland and just be like, why don't you like hockey to like industry people? Because I'm sure that there are industry people who are like, yeah, this doesn't do it for me, doesn't move the needle, and I need to find out why I'm coming for you. N H l I wanna help you. I really, really do. Because these finals are are, yeah, they're, they're like a turd sandwich right now after what was a really fantastic playoff run, uh, and, uh, and regular season. So I'll figure it out. Um, mlb, oh, you wanna cry about your Mets, you wanna laugh about deGrom? What do you wanna do? Ellie Speaker 2 00:17:50 Davis, first of all, first of all, no one should laugh about deGrom. Okay? I agree. Yeah. And look, as a Mets fan, I still root for him. I wanted him to do well. I don't blame him for taking the money. I do think he probably wanted to leave New York. I mean, there were some reports that he didn't give the Mets a chance to match. And I said at the time, I don't blame the Mets, they could not pay him based on his age and injury history. So I was not upset that the Mets didn't, you know, one of the few things they've done right, they shouldn't have paid him. Um, but I did wanna see him pitch. Well, I only drafted him in one league. It was a Draft Champions league. And even at the time after the pick, I'm like, damn, this might have been a mistake. Speaker 2 00:18:33 Um, but that team is actually doing very well. Uh, and I was thinking the other day, I was like, damn, this team gets the ground back. It has a shot. Well, so it was late second round, I think that was the league. I had a Kuna in round one and Dro and round two. So it's just unfortunate. I mean, you can't be that surprised. You knew if you drafted him, there was definitely risk of injury. Probably wasn't, you know, fully healthy last year. We saw when he came back, you know, he had a, a stretch where he was good, but then towards the end of the season he wasn't. And even with that, he still was solid in the playoffs for the match, the one game they won. But yeah, it just sucks. And you know, Texas obviously has done very well without him, but still they, in the playoffs, you, you need a guy like that. Speaker 2 00:19:17 So they might be able to survive the regular season. Uh, but you know, in the playoffs it could be, uh, a problem. But they are 20 games above 500. That lineup is insane. They got Corey Seager back, he's been on fire, Mitch Garver, who on Tuesday caught his fifth game. So depending on your league rules for catcher eligibility, he could be eligible at catchers soon, whether it's five or 10. If it's 20, uh, you probably not gonna get there or it could take a while. But yeah, his team is rolling right now, so it just sucks. I was not happy to see the DRO news because even as a, a baseball fan, I don't see how you cannot like watching Tagro pitch. I mean, he w in his prime and when he's healthy, he's dominant and he just mows everyone down. But when you throw that hard, you know, you're a major risk for injury. You know, I would say he should, I don't know why he keeps throwing 99, a hundred, 101, he should dial it back. But Speaker 0 00:20:14 Have you ever, have you ever watched that slow motion action of, of a pitcher like throwing? Speaker 2 00:20:20 Yeah, yeah. It's the, it does not look good on their arm. Speaker 0 00:20:23 <laugh> really, like, I get kind of like nauseous when you start looking at the elbow area and the amount of torque, uh, that, that, you know, that that happens when, when they're delivering, it's like, oh my God, that's horrifying. Speaker 2 00:20:38 Yeah. And as far as the Mets at least fucking on Wednesday, Daniel Vogel box, not the lineup. I mean, come on man. Fucking fifth on fucking Tuesday night you're playing Atlanta and of course, what do you do? Fucking oh, for four with three strikeouts. And I knew it. I keep saying, cuz you, you on on these sites, you can bet the next step bet. I mean, if you just bet a strikeout for him, you're gonna fucking make money. I don't even know what the odds are, but I mean, I can't stand seeing this guy. And yes, the Mets have way bigger problems. No one is hitting right now. I mean, Lin Dore has been in a major slump he did at a home run on Tuesday. Um, yeah, this, this team is just fucking bad right now, man. I, I don't even know what they can do at this point. Speaker 2 00:21:15 They just gotta, I, I said going into the year, they did not improve the offense. This is the same fucking offense from last year that flopped down the stretch. They didn't do anything to improve it. And then I don't know what Buck Solder's doing with this lineup, because look, I'm not saying Vitos is a savior, but how can you judge a guy if he's fucking sitting every two days you bring him up and you don't play him. Everyone, the whole point of bringing up prospects is we always say it right. Well, if they brought him up, he's gonna play every day. He's not, and he might suck. Maybe he's worse than Vogel Bach, but you know what? I know Vach sucks. I don't know about Vitos yet. Let 'em fucking play, let these guys play. They all might suck, but I'd rather see them up there than Vogel Vach because I know he's not good. He's got a higher O B P than slugging percentage and then Bucks making excuses for him. Like for what? Come on man, you gotta win games now you're under 500. The fucking Marlins are better than the Met. So yeah, I'm sick of this shit. Speaker 0 00:22:16 Yeah, I don't really, uh, you know, it, it's kind of funny because we know, uh, Vogel Box ceiling, we know where he is at. We, we know the exact type of header he is. We've seen him, there's a reason that he is a well-traveled, uh, journeyman slugger who just, you know, who, who definitely, you know, if you, if you just look at the numbers, I mean, it's just, it's it's bad. It's really bad. Um, but yet for some reason, a veteran manager like Buck Showalter and, you know, Buck's not the only one to do it. We see a lot of, uh, a lot of veteran managers do it, uh, where they sit there and they, uh, and they, they'd rather just rely on the veteran because, you know, hey, you know, I mean he's, we, we've seen him do it in the show before. So there is the possibility of him doing it right now instead of waiting on Vitos. I, cuz Vitos is, I mean, he's he's under the Mendoza line batting right now, isn't he? Again, Speaker 2 00:23:12 How can you judge the guy when he's I'm Speaker 0 00:23:14 Not, I'm not, I'm not judging him right now. What I'm saying is, is just that's what his numbers are at the moment. That's all. I wasn't judging because I'm with you. I think that you gotta give a kid, if you're gonna bring a kid up, you gotta bring him up to let him play. I hate bringing a kid up and letting him dh. I hate bringing a kid up and, uh, and, and sending him every two games, three games, every one, every other game like that. I, I, I don't believe in that because why bother bringing him up then? He's not learning anything. I also hate when you change a kid's position. Like, I was psyched when Ellie de La Cruz came up and they put him at third and they just, you know, they're like, okay, we're gonna, you know, let him let him play. Speaker 0 00:23:56 Third, we're not, you know, there's no reason to move Matt McClean off of, uh, o off of shortstop, and we're not gonna move Jonathan India off a second base. So, you know, I mean, at least it's a position that Ellie de La Cruz is, you know, comfortable playing. You know, when you take some of these kids and you move them up and you're like, you know, like they they did with Jordan Walker, they were like, all right, we're gonna bring you up. You're third baseman by trade, but you know, you're gonna go play the outfield. And then all of a sudden the kids starts thinking more about his defense than he is thinking about, you know, being relaxed at the plate. And, and we've seen that as a million time, you know, a a million things. What I'm just saying here is like, you know, I, I get it. It's, to me, it's like, what is the manager thinking in the sense of, I don't, you know, he can't say, I don't see enough to not give him regular at bats. When Vetos got called up, did he play multiple games in a row to start, or did he, was he in and out of that, that lineup? I haven't looked at his game log. He's been in Check it out. Let me check Speaker 2 00:24:58 It out. Been in and out Speaker 0 00:24:59 The entire time since being called up. Speaker 2 00:25:02 Yep. Speaker 0 00:25:03 Um, yeah, he is. All right. So he got called up May 16th. He didn't even play. Wait, wait, Speaker 2 00:25:12 Wait. The Mets changed their lineup. I saw a lineup earlier today where Vach was, I just Speaker 0 00:25:17 Got, oh, so all of this shit is for Knot, and Speaker 2 00:25:20 I just got an alert. This can't be right. I just got an alert that this can't be right. Is this like an old lineup? I mean, I just, I saw a lineup. No, Speaker 0 00:25:30 I'm looking, I see an expected lineup. I don't see a a, a new lineup. Speaker 2 00:25:34 Well, I just get an alert that the lineup is, I hope this isn't Rightio Nemo McNeil Linor Alonso Beatie Marte Vach Conna Alvarez. I saw a lineup earlier today that had, um, Vitos in it, and no Vach and Marte hitting second Speaker 0 00:25:54 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:25:55 Because they do have to, I mean, the Phillies did it in its work. They moved Trey Turner fourth, and now all of a sudden he's hitting, they moved, uh, Scher Ali off Castano second, they shuffled things up. Um, at least Turner's gotten going a little bit, but, um, yeah, I gu so I guess I I cannot believe this fucking guy's in. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:26:17 Yeah. Here's the, the lineup tweet three minutes ago. Nimo McNeil. Yep, yep, yep. V Kata Alvarez. Oh my God. Buck Showalter is a, uh, he's a stubborn motherfucker, Speaker 2 00:26:29 Dude. It's costing him games right now. I mean, you ca how do you put Vach out there again, guys? I, I, I don't know, man. So I'm, I'm gonna bet for him to strike out every time he fucking comes up <laugh>. And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I mean, look, if he hits three home runs, good. Do it. Shut me up. But like, it's not happening. Speaker 0 00:26:49 Yeah, no, I'm with you. This is, I'm with you. This, Speaker 2 00:26:51 This team's a disaster right now, man. They're gonna get swept by the Pirates this weekend. They played the Yankees next week. I mean, this is Speaker 0 00:27:00 All right, man. Well, you know what, let's, let's talk about how about some happy thoughts about M L B. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about, uh, potential waiver wire pickups. Let's talk about the kids who are up right now that we're starting to see. I'm tired of complaining about the fact that, you know, uh, I, I, I can't pick up a prospect ahead of time and the F S G A league. So let's talk about the kids who are up now. Jordan Walker did get brought back up, um, that I think that, did that happen before you and I recorded the last time? Or I don't even know. I don't remember. But Walker got brought back up, uh, and then all of a sudden with Nick Sendell landing on the I l uh, Ellie De La Cruz, who I heard on Sunday on M L B Network Radio, when asked when Ellie De La Cruz was gonna be brought up, he was like, well, he still has a lot to work on and, you know, I want to talk, you know, and, and he started citing a couple of different things, his plate discipline, uh, you know, some play in the field, uh, you know, and, and so it didn't sound like anything was imminent. Speaker 0 00:28:03 He also was like, yeah, I've got McClean and I've got, um, you know, India there, and India's not going anywhere. I'm not trading him. Um, you know, Jose Barro is, uh, is still there and he's working the outfield now, but he's an infielder by trade. So there wasn't anything imminent. And then boom, bam, Sendell lands on Il. Ellie de La Cruz comes up, uh, he, he draws two walks and, and hits a double in his first three professional at bats. The dude who, uh, just last Saturday struck out all five times at aaa, Louisville <laugh>, um, like all of a sudden he like draws a couple of walks. He hits a double, uh, like a ground out and a line out or ground out and a strikeout for his, uh, for his other two at bats. So, um, exciting stuff there with him. Uh, do you have shares of Ellie Dayla Cruz? Has he been in, you know, in, in all of your leagues? Is he, was he already owned by people? Speaker 2 00:28:59 Yeah, I mean, I started writing about him in the Wawa article, I think two or three weeks ago saying, Hey, time to stash him now. He could be up soon. Um, he's rostered in a lot of leagues. I mean, he was drafted in my Tout Wars league, uh, my home league. He was a minor league draft pick this year. Trying to think what other league. So GST league, he was already picked up. Now he will be available in the N F B C this weekend. There's a lot of people who have already spent money. Um, so, uh, people who have money left are definitely gonna spend on him, especially since we have the rest of the week. Uh, you know, he got off to a slow start. April, he had 18 strikeouts, two walks in May. He had 32 strikeouts, 24 walks, and he was hitting just moonshots. Speaker 2 00:29:42 Uh, he had a, a ball that he hit last night, 112 miles per hour exit velocity. That was the highest buyer red this year. Uh, he can clearly run, I'm, I might play a stolen base prop for him. They're going up against Noah cigar. Noah cigar cannot hold. Runner is on. So every, anytime sy guard's on the mountain, I'm looking at stolen base props. So I did it with Wanda Franco a couple weeks ago, uh, when, uh, the Rays played him and I just, uh, I should have took three from that game. Um, so I might do, I'm probably looking at De La Cruz Fraley and India, uh, maybe McClain too, so I might, I might do two or three. Um, the problem is, even De La Cruz, I think for a home run yesterday was like plus three 50. Like, cuz they know everyone's excited and they're gonna bet it, so they're gonna just make his props. Speaker 2 00:30:29 Not really valuable as far as that, but yeah, synagog can't hold, run his arm, so I'm gonna look at that. But yeah, de La Cruz is gonna be, I think he's roster doe in a lot of leagues already. Um, because again, I, I've been, I've been writing about it on finishing alarm.com Hey, stash, him, you know, he's gonna get the call soon. Um, so like in those first come first Serve leagues, he's probably gone. Um, and look, he comes up and he hits cleanup, like not, we seen anytime it's a great hitters park, and we know rookies can struggle, but McClean has been good. They called him up, he's been good. So yeah, you gotta go, uh, you're gonna have to spend money to get him. Speaker 0 00:31:06 Oh, I mean, you're gonna have to, I mean, this is, this is one of those empty the Fab wallet immediately kind of a thing. This was like, to me, because, you know, even, I mean, I don't love Nick Zza. I, I, you know, I I thought he could very well be a post type sleeper on this team because, um, because, you know, it was, it was very low-Key Reds team. Nobody had any expectations of them doing anything. Uh, the outfield, I mean, what's the outfield? It's fraley. It's Friedl and <laugh> and Zel was, uh, you know, was what they were looking at. I mean, obviously injuries and whatnot have changed everything up a little bit. But, you know, the question is, is if you're the, if you're the Reds, you know, is there any reason, I mean, unless he, you know, immediately like starts, you know, I mean, what like an oh for 36 with, you know, 22 strike counts? Speaker 0 00:32:02 Like, I mean, I mean, how bad would it have to go in order to, to send him down? Because if you think he's here to stay, this is like when, uh, was it 2017 when Juan Soto was brought up and I, uh, you know, I was, I was cruising in NL labor. I was in first, and I put the rest of my fab on Juan Soto. I was like, fuck it man, this is a Gopher broke move. And, and I'm doing it. And, and Soto absolutely killed it and helped me, uh, helped me win, uh, labor. I feel like De La Cruz could be that kind of guy where you just, you just have to open up that fab wallet. Speaker 2 00:32:43 Yeah, no doubt about it. I mean, he's 73% rostered in Yahoo right now. Um, so yeah, I gotta think in very competitive leagues where you are allowed to speculate and pick up prospects, he's gone. But I know he will be available in the N F B C this weekend, so, um, I don't know if I'm gonna have enough money to get 'em. I did spend on Royce Lewis in the league, so, uh, I, I would love to have them, but yeah, Speaker 0 00:33:10 That's, I'm kind of in that, in that boat also with, you know, a couple of these, uh, couple of these kids who came up that, you know, I just, you know, that plus some injuries and I don't, I don't think I have enough money for him at all. I'll put, you know, I'll put the bid on, you know, like, you know, you have to just at least put something on there. Oh yeah. But, you know, I'm looking, you know, at some other, at some other issues that, that might need my, you know, more attention from me, you know? Uh, the Reds by the way, like a super exciting time. Andrew Abbott, uh, they brought him up and, and he looked, he looked, uh, rock solid on Monday, um, for his first start. So, you know, I'm, I'm looking at teams, it's like, do I want to, you know, do I want to compete for Elliot de La Cruz or do I just try to wanna, you know, do I wanna lock in an Andrew Abbott? Speaker 0 00:33:57 Like, you know, it's kind of funny that NL Central is so grotesquely wide open. Like we expected the Cardinal, like we all thought the Cardinals were gonna win that division. We all expected the Pirates to, to crumble and, and go back to being bla. Um, Milwaukee has not been impressive at all. And, and then you've got the Reds like, you know, it's, it's crazy how that is. And now, like you're looking at the Reds and they're just keep bringing up the kids and, and they're just kind of, you know, every time one goes down with an injury, they, they always seem to have somebody else ready to go. Speaker 2 00:34:36 Yeah. I mean, look, they're gonna be a fun team, at least for the next couple years. I mean, they still have, uh, Christian and Car Strand down there as well, and he's started Uhhuh to crush it, so they have some good prospects. Yeah, this division is just bad. I mean, I kind of, we talked about it a couple weeks ago, maybe it was time to bet the Cardinals, and they just can't seem to sustain anything. I mean, and that, that pitching is a problem and it, you know, it kind of has been the last couple years they've been able to survive, but it, it's just not good right now. Um, and they're back in last place, eight and a half games back. They've lost five in a row, eight of their last 10, which is just embarrassing because this is a winnable division. So yeah. Reds, you know, came into play on Wednesday, five games at a first, uh, I, they, they probably still don't have enough to win. Uh, they'll be an exciting team to watch, you know? No, they Speaker 0 00:35:25 Definitely don't have enough. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:35:26 Lalo, lados still out green feeling. That's the one thing about Abbott that I'd beware. I wouldn't go crazy bidding on him. What Red's picture do we see have success in that park? Man, you know, as good as Hunter Green is, it's not great for fantasy, even Ledo. So as good as those arms are, that Park hurts. And Abbott did have home run issues in the minor leagues and his first start, you know, he did walk some guys, yeah, he only a lot of hit, but, um, I wouldn't be spending a ton of money on him. Speaker 0 00:35:55 Well, yeah. And again, I don't really have the, the ton of money. What, what kind of a a range are you looking at for, for him? Are you thinking, you know, like if you were to, if you were to throw a fab down, are you looking at like 12 to 15%? 15 to 20%? Yeah. More. Speaker 2 00:36:10 I mean, a lot depends on team lead. How bad you need a pitch of a 10 to 12. Man, I'm not going crazy. I'm not gonna put a big bid on him because I just, I worry about that park. I just do. I mean, you know, every, everyone loved Hunter Green and Lado before the year and look at their numbers, it's just, it's not great. You know? Yeah. The strike, it's there for Hunter Green, but Wins and Whip. So yeah, he, uh, he allowed a aaa, he allowed 1.88 homers per nine this year. So it's already getting, it's the weather seating up. It's a tough ballpark. So yeah, I'd be wearing, his first star was against Milwaukee, right? Speaker 0 00:36:49 Uh, yeah. The first Star was against Milwaukee and they Speaker 2 00:36:51 Suck against left-handed. Speaker 0 00:36:53 Yeah. Terrible against lefties. Terrible. Like 30 plus percent strikeout rate. Um, like a, like a, like a two 40 wait, <laugh> waited on base average. I mean, it was, it was like an ideal, it was an ideal start for him. It really was. Yeah. I mean, if you're gonna, if you're gonna, you know, end up with that, I don't know what his, uh, what his next turn through the rotation is going to, uh, is gonna bring. I haven't looked ahead of the, uh, because he's not gonna face the Dodgers here, so it looks like Speaker 2 00:37:21 They play this weekend. Speaker 0 00:37:23 What's that? Speaker 2 00:37:24 Wherever they play this weekend. Let me see. I'll look at Speaker 0 00:37:26 It. Yeah, I'm going to it right now. I'm very curious to see how they match up St. Louis Speaker 2 00:37:31 <laugh> in St. Louis. Speaker 0 00:37:33 In St. Louis, which Speaker 2 00:37:34 I mean, you and Righties, man. Goldie Anado Speaker 0 00:37:37 Anado. Speaker 2 00:37:38 Yeah. Could be, could be a little tough. I mean, again, that lineup though has been hit or miss this year. Speaker 0 00:37:44 Yeah. Saturday morning sa dude. So hit or miss, like the Cardinals are, I mean, easily one of the most depressing things. I was actually, I was starting to look up what the, uh, the odds were for NL Central, and here you go. Cardinals are at plus 4 75 right now. Uh, brewers are minus two 50 Cardinals, plus 4 75 Pirates are plus six 50 Cubs are plus a thousand reds, plus 2,500. Um, <laugh>, you know, it's, it's like at, at some point I kind of wanna, I mean, I agree with you. The pitching needs to be fixed. You can't, you can't be sending Adam Wayne Wright out there. I listen, I love Adam Wayne Wright. I think he is absolutely fantastic, right? I mean, I think he is a great person. The big League Impact charity that, that he runs is, uh, is outstanding. Uh, that time he called up the F S G A draft, uh, he called up, uh, SiriusXM, uh, to criticize the fact that everybody kinda let him, you know, drop and, and he, you know, called out and said he was gonna have a great, like, I love all of that about Adam Wainwright. Speaker 0 00:38:53 The only thing that I love about Adam Wainwright right now is betting the opposition on the first five inning run line. Like when Adam Wainwright's starting, like I can't it, to me, that's just, I mean, he is just not, he's, he's done 41 years old. I love you, but you know, it, it's time to hang it up. You know, there are certain pictures that we're seeing Wayne Wright, you mentioned Cider Guard earlier that I, I mean, it just, to me it makes no sense to be shuttling these guys out every five games. Uh, if you have even remotely a potential prospect to bring up. Speaker 2 00:39:31 Yeah, they really, they, they're struggling. I mean, they finally bring Libert tour up. He hasn't been good. He got smacked around on Tuesday. Yeah. They just don't have the pitching. And the division is certainly winnable. I mean, I can't believe Milwaukee's minus two 15, but I guess it's, uh, an indictment how they don't believe in anyone else in this division. Speaker 0 00:39:52 I think that's really what it is. It's less about how Milwaukee is, you know, playing. Cuz they, they look like shit too. Speaker 2 00:39:58 Yeah. I mean, you know, I don't know when Woodruff's coming back, if he even is. Um, so that's someone that they need. Burns is not what he was the last couple years and offensively it's been a struggle. So yeah, I mean they, they have a minus 20 run differential and they're in first place. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:40:19 That is, uh, that Speaker 2 00:40:20 Is, I mean the central divisions in both, uh, leagues is just brutal. I mean, the twins are first and one game above 500. Then again, the White Sox now all of a sudden they've been playing better. They're only four and a half out and eight games under 500. Speaker 0 00:40:34 Dude, you know what? The guardians kind of woke up too. Speaker 2 00:40:36 Their offense is horrible though, man. I Speaker 0 00:40:39 Just, it's just, it's a small ball. It's a small ball manufacturer run offense. There's no power in there like worthwhile. Speaker 2 00:40:44 It's bad. I mean, Mackenzie came back and looked really good. I mean, for his first start back. Bieber though, to me is a guy I would absolutely look to trade right now if someone is buying that. Um, cuz he's a guy. Look at his strikeout prop. If it remains five and a half, it's now five straight games. He's been under it. He just can't strike anyone out, man. Uh, someone two weeks ago, this girl reached out to me. She's like, Hey, I got this trade on the table Bieber for Altuve. I really need a second base. And I'm like, do it. Speaker 0 00:41:14 Yeah. Trade Bieber for Altuve. This Speaker 2 00:41:16 Was like two weeks ago. Once Altuve came back. I know he is banged up now. Yeah, no, Speaker 0 00:41:20 No, no. Like I would, I would definitely, I'm, I'm fine with that. You know, it's so funny. Somebody just, uh, uh, sent me a message here. Let me ask you about this, this trade here. Um, he would be, uh, trading away Corey Seager, no, Corbin Burns and Blake Snell and he'd be acquiring Francisco Linor, Nick Casts and Shane Bieber. Speaker 2 00:41:45 No, it was, wait, Seager, Speaker 0 00:41:49 Seager, burns and Snell. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:41:51 For Linor. Castanos and Speaker 0 00:41:54 Castanos. Speaker 2 00:41:55 Ah, man, I I hate trading Seager man. Um, Snell is, he's hit or miss. I mean he had a great run in the second half last year. Uh, I mean it depends, I guess if you need the bats more, I don't know man. I, I look Linor is gonna want putting up decent Homers and RVIs. I don't know how much he's gonna run. The average isn't great. Castanos obviously has turned it around. I've been playing his props lately, although he didn't come through for me on Tuesday. Um, only at three at bats cuz they fucking scored. So Speaker 0 00:42:27 I have going right back to the well with him today on total basis. Speaker 2 00:42:32 Yeah, I have no, he's he's seeing the ball very well right now. Uhhuh, he's crushing it. So, um, yeah, I have no problem with that. He's been hitting second day. Oh yeah. Destroyed. He's Speaker 0 00:42:45 Not, I mean he's not, he's not powering up the way you, you, you kind of hoped or wanted him to, but I mean, you know, 35 R b I right now, seven home runs, I mean listen, as long as I mean the, the three 15 average, I, I don't necessarily, I don't think that holds right. I do. I'm, I'm a huge Castanos fan. I do like that. I feel like he is Sac he is adding batting average at the expense of power, um, is kind of where I see him right now. The Linor situation again. Yeah, that's, that's kind of troublesome because I mean, what are you gonna get from him for the rest of the season is, you know, are, are you, are you really legitimately gonna get 25 more home runs, uh, out of him or 20 home runs? Are you gonna get another 10 home run? You know, kind of a kind of a half. And if he's not stealing the very many bags and he is not hitting for a good average, you know, I believe everything that you said about Shane Bieber and getting rid of him, I'd rather, you know, I'd rather keep burns and hope that burns turns everything around even more. So if Blake Snell can have even, you know, partially good second half. But yeah, Seager is the linchpin for me here. Um, probably post-career numbers I think. Speaker 2 00:43:57 I Speaker 0 00:43:57 Mean, I don't know how much he, uh, he had a great year of life, the missed time is gonna, is gonna kill that, but no, he Speaker 2 00:44:02 Didn't, uh, probably not. Um, but he had 33 home runs last year. That was his career best. But yeah, I mean he's been phenomenal this year. Um, JD Martinez is another guy. Um, I played his total bases on Tuesday. He is one of the hottest hitters in baseball right now, so, and Marcus Simian too. 25 game hitting Street. So hit, so DraftKings, I think Prize Picks has it too. You can play Hits plus Runs plus rbis, Uhhuh <affirmative>. It's one and a half for Simeon. He's gone over it in 25 straight games. Speaker 0 00:44:37 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, I've been, I've been hitting that, you know, hits plus runs plus RBI prop, uh, a bunch too. Um, it just always seems like, you know, they're, they're very in tune with, uh, with I'm surprised it was, uh, was one and a half. I didn't even look cuz on a 25 game hit streak where, I mean, he's just, he has been absolutely killing it. Like, you know, immediately jumps to two and a half, you know, every time I look at the player Don't, who's been doing well. Speaker 2 00:45:03 Yeah. I don't know why I saw it today. I played it one and a half. Um, so yeah, sometimes I think Castros might have been two and a half I think on Tuesday actually. I was like, Ooh, okay, <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:45:15 Um, Speaker 2 00:45:16 But yeah, I mean there's, some of these guys are just consistently going over their profs. I mean, if you parlayed Simeon to get a hit and Luis Arias to get a hit, you'd probably be making a lot of money. Speaker 0 00:45:28 Oh, aw. Rise Jesus again, that's another one. You've just been like cruising through on the props with him. He's, he's Speaker 2 00:45:34 4 0 1 going into Wednesday. Man, Speaker 0 00:45:36 Isn't that nuts? Speaker 2 00:45:38 You know, I, I wanna see what his strikeout prop is too because he, I I think his strike area is like 3.8% is what I saw. The, uh, yesterday I was looking it was like three or 4%, which is absurd in today's game with all the guys coming in throwing heat. So I'm sure it's probably juice. It's probably under a half strikeout. It's probably like one minus 200. I would, I would probably parlay that with something like every day. It just doesn't strike out. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:46:06 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:46:06 Where is it? And I'm looking it now. I can't, I don't see it. Speaker 0 00:46:11 Parlay it with a Tyler Anderson walk prop Speaker 2 00:46:14 That was Yeah, Speaker 0 00:46:15 Every five days. <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:46:16 It was one and a half. It was juiced up and I didn't play it, but I, you know, that's, yeah. Cause I was looking at that yesterday. I almost put that in and I was like, ah, it's juiced up. But you know what, man, when those are juiced up, if you are that confident, it's gonna hit, just fucking play it, man. Who cares? I mean, you hate paying that juice, but parlay it with something, Speaker 0 00:46:36 Right? Well, that's the thing, man. I mean, that's kind of where, um, you know, it's, it's kind of funny because, you know, you go through like the cycles and you know, you watch as the books tighten up and money lines and run lines right now are are, you know, for full games are are, you know, crazy with the, uh, with how much juice you have to lay for, you know, a lot of the action. And now all of a sudden now you see it. Now everybody's drifted over to the first five innings. And so now all of a sudden it's like, now all of a sudden you look at the, the first five innings and you're seeing, uh, more one and a halfs instead of half runs, uh, on the run lines and you're seeing it, it tighten up and the, there's a lot more juice play in those first five innings. Speaker 2 00:47:15 Dude, you want to guess what the juice is on Luis Rise under a half strikeout, what's your guess? Speaker 0 00:47:21 Under a half strikeout? Yeah. Is probably like minus one 60, Speaker 2 00:47:25 Minus two 80 Speaker 0 00:47:27 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:47:28 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:47:30 Like, I mean, at that, what, at what point do you even bet that like, you know, like really like that to me is like, you know, why, why? Even, you know, why even, you know, think about that. Like I, I'm sure there are some people who would be like, I mean maybe if you wanna parlay that, uh, with, with something, Speaker 2 00:47:50 You know how many times he struck out this year though, when? 212 at bats? Speaker 0 00:47:54 Four Speaker 2 00:47:54 11 Speaker 0 00:47:56 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:47:57 So he struck out four times in April, five times in May and once in June. So he's basically hitting this all the time and he's going against Jordan Lyles on Wednesday. Speaker 0 00:48:11 Oh, I know. That's always the best. Right. Every time you got Jordan Lyles. I have, um, what did I I I I bet that today I bet the, uh, I bet Luis arrive on the, uh, on the, the total basis prop, uh, over one and a half. Where did I get that at? I got that at, um, yeah, over one and a half total base. I got it for minus one 10 on Ben MGM this morning. Speaker 2 00:48:34 Wow, okay. He's had multiple hits and six of his last eight, oh actually no, seven of his last nine games. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:48:40 Yeah, yeah. I was surprised that there wasn't any, yeah. There wasn't more juice on that. And it always, of course it always makes me fucking nervous too, right? Yeah. When all of sudden it's like mm-hmm. <affirmative> it, it doesn't happen with that. I also took the Marlin's first five innings, uh, you know, minus a half a run on the run line. Um, you know, going up against Jordan ly. I love picking on Jordan Lyles. It's, uh, it's, it's, it's almost as nice as picking on, I was so focused on picking on Noah cigar today. Speaker 2 00:49:06 Oh yeah. He socks Speaker 0 00:49:08 Like, I mean it's, it's, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm trying to, I'm trying to find some more targets for myself at least before the books like totally catch up on it. But I mean, you know, even the, even the props on, uh, you know, even the, the stuff for the Reds today was all, uh, juiced up because of cigar McClean over one and a half hits, runs R b I still minus 1 35. Right. Red's team total over four and a half. Now mind you, sy in six of his last seven starts has allowed at least four runs. Speaker 2 00:49:39 Wait, the Red's team total is four and a half. Speaker 0 00:49:42 Four and a half was minus five. And five Speaker 2 00:49:44 Means the Dodgers is The Dodgers is six and a half then Speaker 0 00:49:48 Because um, yeah. Wow. Speaker 2 00:49:50 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause the total's 11 and a half. Wow. Okay. I mean, yeah, they're going up against Williams lefty. Yeah, lefty. The ballpark. Yeah. It's the Dodgers are minus one 60 favorite with synagogue on the mountain. That's Speaker 0 00:50:06 <laugh>. I hear the frustration in your voice. I love it. I love it. You know, Speaker 2 00:50:12 DraftKings has a good promo that started yesterday. You bet. The money line and if your team is up at two, two runs more, at any point you automatically cash. So I did it with the Cubs and then they had a early two nothing lead, so I cashed it at even money. So I'm trying to figure out who to bet today. I mean, obviously you wanna try and get it. I mean, I prefer plus money because just because they're an underdog, you know, you could go up to nothing at any point. So, um, I'm trying to figure out who to put that on for, uh, for Wednesday. Speaker 0 00:50:45 I don't know. I don't know. Um, all right, let's, uh, let's keep going cuz I gotta, uh, I just wanna wrap up a couple of waiver wire thoughts with you. Uh, before I get to, uh, go step onto the, uh, the Better Sports Network sports betting show with Dan Servio, the host. I get to, uh, go hang out with him over there. I think, uh, Justin Federman is gonna be joining us. Uh, if you guys don't know, uh, better Sports, uh, betting show, Monday through Friday, 4:00 PM Eastern, uh, hosted by Dan Serio. And I, uh, I joined him a couple of days a week to, uh, to just kind of throw down some stuff there. So, uh, if you don't have, uh, the Better Sports Network app, just go to better sports.com and, uh, and get it, it's free app and you can catch that show. Speaker 0 00:51:30 You can also watch these shows, uh, secretly say in here. Uh, you can also watch 'em on, uh, on YouTube. You know, we, we broadcast them through Fantasy Alarms, YouTube, uh, as well as the Better Sports Network on, uh, on YouTube. So, uh, go check it out over there and, uh, and, and, uh, you know, hit that for, uh, for your daily, uh, best bets for, uh, those fishing on the waiver wire this week. Adam, uh, you know, your article, you just had an article that came out, uh, players to, uh, players to basically sit and watch for the week and, uh, and take a look at it. If you can pick up guys during the week. These are obviously some great names. Uh, we talked already about Andrew Abbott looking at the pitching. Um, AJ Smith Chr, uh, he's getting the start. I think he's, is he getting the start Friday, this Friday, um, against the Nationals? Speaker 0 00:52:22 He'll be, uh, he'll be up to do that. Um, did throw seven innings his last time out, um, in the minors. And so they've been trying to work him, uh, work his way up. I mean, I figure if he gets five innings against the Nats on Friday, that might be pretty good, although the Nats are, you know, turning themselves around a little bit. Not re not enough to worry about, but nevertheless, uh, you got faith in him and Smith Chava. Uh, you also have Hayden Wenski, uh, listed here for, uh, starting pitching. You like the all three, one of the three. Who, who do you like the best outta that group? Speaker 2 00:52:56 Smith Hawver. I know he is a young kid and he started the year in high A, but between high AA and Triple A 1.09, a 0.94 whip 45 strikeouts, 12 walks in 33 innings. Uh, he's only 20 years old. He did pitch Sunday against the Diamondbacks or Relief two and a third scoreless sittings with a walk in three strikeouts. So, you know, hey, this is a for organization that brought up Strider. I'm not saying he's Strider, but I would definitely, uh, take a chance on him. Um, and the Braves kind of need him right now, uh, with Max Fried and Kyle Wright still out. Uh, Soroka wasn't good. Uh, they gave him two opportunities and sent them down to the minor leagues. So, uh, him Wisneski did pitch on Tuesday, uh, was okay, couple unearned runs, but, um, we saw him have a good spring, got off to a, so start a couple bad outings, like the first two outings of the season, made his numbers appear worse, adjusting steels on the il. But, uh, I would look at Smith Chava. He's another guy too. Yeah, that, uh, I think, wait, was he available on the N FPC over the weekend? I forgot because he pitched Sunday, but it's like, I guess when they put him to the roster, I forgot if he was available or not, but yeah. Speaker 0 00:54:10 Yeah, I feel like they put him onto the roster I think on like Friday. Speaker 2 00:54:16 Yeah, if he was, and, Speaker 0 00:54:17 And then the question was were they just gonna use him out of the bullpen? Were they gonna use him to spot start at all? Speaker 2 00:54:23 I had put him in the previous article saying, Hey, he's probably gonna be in the bullpen, but he could work his way in a rotation if you have room to st him, now's the time to do it. I didn't do it myself in my leagues. Um, because again, I, I didn't know how long it would take for him to get into the rotation. Uh, but obviously he's getting the, um, the chance now to, to get in the rotation. Oh, he, he is available. Well, he is available. My, my, uh, great fantasy baseball invitational. I gotta see if he's available. My main damn man, people are gonna have no money left <laugh> after this weekend. I mean, if you, I don't know if my leagues, I look at the fab, like, okay, my N FBC main event, I'll look at the, the amount of fab people have left. Um, oh my, yeah, there's only three teams that have more than 500 and the bo the bottom teams $20 55 89, 1 0 5 2 42 54. I have 2 97. I ain't getting de <laugh> <laugh> ain't happy. Speaker 0 00:55:27 You're not getting de no Speaker 2 00:55:29 Chance. Shit. Uh, bet Hope Lewis is good. He is back in the lineup, at least on Wednesday after that collision. Yeah. Oh, Smith Chavis available. So he was not available last week then. Damn bro. This weekend in the N F B C and T G F B I, Smith Chava Abbott De La Cruz. Oh man, no, there's gonna be no money left. Speaker 0 00:55:50 It's gonna be crazy. I, you know, I always, it's always so funny. I bet I I, I look through for like my great fantasy baseball invitational and I, and I look at the fab budgets that everybody has left and, you know, you see who's got like, you know, the, the money, you know who's, who's gonna be the, uh, making that big play for, um, you know, uh, you know, full bank role here for, uh, for, for one team. They're in 14th place. I do not see that, uh, happening as well. Uh, unfortunately in sixth place in, in my league, Eric Caribelle, um, sitting on $926 of his thousand dollars budget still six place only. Speaker 2 00:56:26 Well, this is the week Speaker 0 00:56:28 26 points out of, uh, out of first place. Oh, you know what, I'm in second. Speaker 2 00:56:33 Tg, F B I, for me, there's a team of a thousand. Okay? I don't know where you've fucking been. Uh, then there's 6 93 and me at 5 63. Fuck it. I ha I have to go all in because my team is not good right now. Let me see. You know, you say that, but you gotta look at the standings. Uh, like, okay, I'm in 10th, 83, 93, 33 out of first. Is it that bad? I mean, no, three, I mean, look, I have 360 2 in runs and then there's 360 6, 360 8, 360 8, 360 9. So you could pick up five points there. Winds are tight, eh, it's, it's not over. I mean, home runs I could pick. I have 98, then there's 99 1 0 1, 1 0 2, 1 0 4. I get De La Cruz and he turns into one Soto. It's over Speaker 0 00:57:19 <laugh>. Yeah, it's true. It's definitely true. It be very interesting to see what happened. I'm dead. I'm looking at my, I just, I, you know, in comparison to the other teams that are around me in the standings, I don't, uh, I don't have the, the budget to, to grab them. So, uh, I'm gonna be, uh, I'm gonna be patchworking at the rest of the way here, uh, and, and see what happens. Any hitters, uh, besides, I mean, let's see. We've got the kids, you know, obviously Ellie de La Cruz, if he's, if he's available, uh, you know, to do that. You've got some interesting names on your, uh, in your article. Uh, you know, jock Peterson, if you're just looking for some power, Mitch Garver, uh, you know, if he can, uh, if he can pick up that catcher eligibility. Now, like Adam said, he is got five games, uh, s from Milwaukee is a middle infielder, uh, Donaldson. Um, what about Will Brennan outfield out there? Um, Speaker 2 00:58:12 I picked, I picked him up last week in the N F C Main Event and my home league, and he was three for four last night. He's beginning the consistent playing time. Um, so yeah, I mean, they need him. He's got a little pop, a little speed. He might, you know, he might cool off at some point. And the other guy too is Derek Hall. He's on a rehab assignment. Could be up. He's eligible to be activated, but I think they're giving him some more games down there. We know he can hit for power. Um, he'll sit against lefties, but, um, he's a guy that can help empower. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:58:43 I mean, here's the thing. People, and, and definitely, I mean, listen, obviously you, you know this, I'm not telling you anything new, but you know, you always set those bids for those, those big time guys just on the off chance. Like it's never gonna, you know, I mean, it's not gonna happen, but, you know, is it on the off chance that you know, people just, you know, there's a huge internet outage and nobody can make their pickups. Who knows? Um, but always, you know, when you're, when you're layering in these contingency pics, I love some of these plays for you, uh, here. I mean, Garver I think is a very smart play, especially with the way that, that things are. I mean, man, ding between him and, and Jonah Heim, uh, would be a, a very interesting, you know, little catching tandem, uh, on a, on a powerful team. Uh, but I love the Will Brennan call and I love the Derek Hall mention here as well. So, Speaker 2 00:59:33 You know who else you might have to start looking at? And I can't believe I'm saying this. He's hitting, oh, don't Speaker 0 00:59:38 Do it. Speaker 2 00:59:38 Who am I gonna say? Speaker 0 00:59:41 Nah, Speaker 2 00:59:42 He's hitting cleanup on Wednesday. Speaker 0 00:59:45 He's hitting cleanup on Wednesday. A former, Speaker 2 00:59:50 A former Yankee and man. Oh Speaker 0 00:59:52 Yeah, dude, that <laugh> you. That's like the grimiest thing. I can't believe Gary Sanchez. Yeah, man. It's fucking bat cleanup for the Padres today, dude. Oh my God. Speaker 2 01:00:01 Look, I look, I've gotten shit wrong, but I said this before the year, I couldn't believe how many people were picking the Padres to win the division. Their top, their lineup is top four and that's it. And those guys aren't, I mean, solos turned it around. SAT's been good. My child's been bad. And Bull Bogarts, I didn't like going the yard. I know he is banged up with a bad, they have a lot of, they're like the mats, bro. They got dead weighting going forward. Corona work is not as good as he was carpenter Kim, this team is not good, bro. Their lineup is so top heavy. So I didn't understand why everyone loved the Padres this year. Speaker 0 01:00:37 Um, cuz you have Tattoo Soto and Machado like Speaker 2 01:00:40 That, that's fine, but like after that, yeah, they don't have much. Speaker 0 01:00:45 No, listen, I've said it, I've said it before. The top heavy lineups don't work. You need, you need consistency through there. Do you know why the Rangers have like the, you know, the best offense right now? Yeah. They're, it's because they're one through their one through four hitters are great, but it's five, six, and seven that are producing right now. And when that happens, I mean, Jo, Josh Young and and Jonah Heim have been phenomenal in the five and Speaker 2 01:01:11 Six been good. Even Leonte Tavaris has given them something this year. Speaker 0 01:01:16 It's crazy. I was talking to a, uh, to a a, a diehard Texas Rangers fan yesterday and he was just totally over the moon with the whole thing. I mean, he's just, you know, and, and the funny thing is, is you know, he's like, uh, you know, he loves to play, you know, he, he does the best ball and he does like, you know, all the underdog tournaments and the F FPC tournaments and uh, and whatever. And he was laughing yesterday. He's like, he's like, you know, you, he's like the, the, I don't have, he says, I don't have an affiliation or, or strong lean towards any N F L team and that helps me in my drafts. He's like, my biggest problem with baseball, fantasy baseball and why I had to stop playing was cause I'm too much of a homer for the Texas Rangers. He's like, but all of a sudden now he's like eight outta my 10 baseball teams right now are are cashing, uh, and, and and substantial lead here. He is like, he's like, cuz I have like all Texas rangers <laugh>, like a mix of like other, you know, high end and, and talent around there, there. But like his, Speaker 2 01:02:19 That's never been a problem for me. I, I don't know cause I didn't do the math, but I'm gonna guess the team that I probably have the most players from this year is the Atlanta Braves. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I, I have, I have Aya on several teams. I have Olson on several teams. Riley, Sean Murphy on multiple teams. Eddie Rosario, I know I picked up Intel or, and my main event, Ozzy Alby, I have, I picked up a Zuna, I have Orlando Garcia. The only guy that I don't have right now in that starting lineup is Michael Harris, who I thought was a bust in round three. And he's been terrible. I have Charlie Morton, I have uh, no free this year. I do like him. I did have Kyle Wright and Juan Rosselli, Glacia gls. I don't have a lot of met. I have no Nimo, no McNeil. I have Lin do a couple Alonso in my keeper league. Beatie in my keeper league. No Marte. Fuck Vach. I would've never put him on my team. Speaker 0 01:03:07 <laugh>. No, Speaker 2 01:03:08 No Conna, no Francisco Alvarez, no Scherzer, no Verlander. Holy shit. I, I got Robertson. But yeah, I don't have a lot of Mets because I know they suck. Speaker 0 01:03:19 Yeah, I'm heaviest with Braves and Dodgers. Also, if you, uh, if you, if you kind of go through the whole thing and uh, scope out where you've got the, the most I'm, I'm probably some Cardinal, a little too many Cardinals too. Speaker 2 01:03:31 I'm just upset. I only have one JD Martinez again. So, no, I, I fucked up with sy guard cuz I always say this, if the Dodgers pick you up, I'm interested man. If they see something. So when they, you know, had Martinez, I'm like wow. And he was cheap. I mean I understand he does hurt your flexibility cuz he's only eligible DH and I do run into that problem sometimes. Um, in the league. I have 'em, I have an F S G A, but that team's doing well in Egal. I said, all right, I'll take a chance late in the draft. But I quickly realized, uh, yeah, they fucked up. Speaker 0 01:04:03 Oh see for me, like, you know, I, I get that like as far as like if the Dodgers do that, when the Tampa Bay raise Tampa, pick up a picture. Speaker 2 01:04:13 Yeah. Ely and they had a picture I always liked. Lin was the guy I always liked. So I drafted him. He's been phenomenal. We saw what they did with Rasmussen Glass Now Springs. No, definitely. Yeah, it's the, those are the two teams, the Rays and the Dodgers. Yeah, I mean Lou, you know, here's another guy. I don't know what his roster ship is, but Luke Rayley, he doesn't play every day. But um, with Brandon Lao getting hurt, maybe he sees more time. He's sitting cleanup, he uh, you know, he's gonna sit against the lefties. But Luke Rayley is that another good year? Um, and uh, I'm just, Josh Lowe is a guy that I drafted in draft champions. I liked his price cuz he was cheap. I just regret not going in on him more in redraft leagues. I did get him as a free agent in labor, but that guy, man, like that's the perfect guy that you draft a guy that has talent that came up to the major leagues, didn't look good his first go around. But you get 'em cheap. Cause again, if it doesn't work out okay, easy cut. If it does work out, you, you're getting a a, a major contributor this year. I mean, look at this, you could Speaker 0 01:05:17 Be, dude could be 330, 30 if you wanna talk ceiling. Speaker 2 01:05:21 I mean it's insane. Wanda Franco or Rosa or Rosa Rain was on a lot of leagues Franco. I was off. We both were. We admitted we fucked up. Paris. Paris I drafted in a couple leagues. Taylor Walls. I picked up Siri. I like a lot. I keep saying he's, he's like 20% roster to Yahoo. Like I don't understand. I get it. <laugh> I understand Speaker 0 01:05:40 Now. You didn't put him in the article Speaker 2 01:05:41 Because I put him in like every week and I'm tired of it. Speaker 0 01:05:44 I know, but I told you, you had to put him in the article and just say, because he, you fucking need to pick him Speaker 2 01:05:49 Up. I did write it. Well the last time I put him in, I think it was Saturdays and I go, well at least you guys increased his roster ship 10%. Cuz it went from like 10 to 20% on Yahoo into weed <laugh>. I know he doesn't play every day. It's the, and he hits ninth today, he's hitting seventh. It's the raise lineup. It doesn't matter where these guys hit. And yes, his average is not great, but he is got 11 home runs and he's, the steels could come. He's high in sprint speed. Ra rays are unbelievable, man. I I'm gonna become a Raises fan I think. Speaker 0 01:06:18 Oh there, it's Speaker 2 01:06:19 Just kidding. I always stick with the meds cuz I uh, Speaker 0 01:06:21 He's not kidding. He's not kidding people. You know what? Look, look, actually know what? You know what, we're just gonna end the show right here on that. Now. That's it. Adam, Adam Ronis. Speaker 2 01:06:31 No, no, stop outta Speaker 0 01:06:32 Bed. Spend anymore. Speaker 2 01:06:34 Not insane that be Speaker 0 01:06:35 Raised. Speaker 2 01:06:35 Don't fucking put words in my mouth. I might not be married, but I'm a very loyal person. So when I do find that one that will be very loyal. I stick with my teams. Now you can end it. Speaker 0 01:06:46 Well, we'll see what happens here people, cuz it's kind sounds a little shifty shady to me. Speaker 2 01:06:51 Ah, let's go Mets. Speaker 0 01:06:53 Yeah, right, right. You know, you didn't even, I didn't even hear any heart in that. You know, there was no heart when you just said that. You'll, so you'll see, Speaker 2 01:06:59 You'll see me at City Field in a couple weeks. I'll be back. I'm a sucker. Speaker 0 01:07:03 Adam Ronis is dead inside now people. That's it. It's over for him. His Mets love is gone. He's a Tampa Rays fan. Go raise. I'll buy you a Josh Lowe jersey at the end of the season. Speaker 2 01:07:14 Adam A. Rosa Reina. A Rosa Reno. Speaker 0 01:07:17 Oh, alright. Right. I'll get you the Euro rosa, Reina jersey. No problem, no problem. All right. Now we do have to get cut, cut out outta here. I've got, uh, the betting show I gotta go do. Adam's got a bunch of shit to do. We got shit to do. But we thank you all for liking and subscribing and uh, and always giving us a a listen here. As always, if you've got any questions, thoughts, commentary at Roto Buzz guy on Twitter at Adam ronis on Twitter, you can email [email protected]. Uh, you know, and just, uh, you know, check in with us. If, uh, there's more that you want to hear, give us a, give us a shout. We'll definitely, uh, pay attention to that. Uh, in the meantime, that's gonna do it for us here today. Uh, for Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Benner. This has Ben Cash it and we'll catch you next time.

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