October 27, 2022


Cash It: MLB World Series Bets & NFL Week 8 Picks Against the Spread

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: MLB World Series Bets & NFL Week 8 Picks Against the Spread
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: MLB World Series Bets & NFL Week 8 Picks Against the Spread

Oct 27 2022 | 01:20:51


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the 2022 World Series match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros and what bets you may want to make when one team is so clearly favored over the other. They also dive into some of the latest NFL injuries and trades and how they all affect both the fantasy football world and how we are betting the Week 8 NFL games.

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Speaker 1 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Ca it. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course, Adam Ronis. And, uh, we are an all sports podcast. We're giving you everything from, from fantasy advice to betting advice to, uh, making picks against the spread and all sorts of fun stuff like that. Does that about cover it, Adam, while we do that, do we try to entertain as well? Speaker 0 00:00:27 Yes, I would agree. We do cover all those and entertain in the process. Speaker 1 00:00:34 And I, I would say, you know, if you're, if you're a little sensitive to some foul language, you might wanna put some ear earmuffs on because Adam's got a potty mouth and you just get Adam starts talking about Speaker 0 00:00:45 That's not fuck true. What a fucking lie, <laugh> Speaker 1 00:00:50 And scene. See, look at that all about it. Um, Speaker 0 00:00:59 You know what? So I have to try so hard not to curse on my other, Shes, Speaker 1 00:01:03 I yeah, I'm the same way. I, I told you that I dropped an F-bomb on, uh, on Sirius XM last week, right? Speaker 0 00:01:09 Oh, you did? No, I didn't know that. Speaker 1 00:01:11 I think it was, it was Friday show or no, no, no, it was, it was, uh, it was last week. It was, I think it was Tuesday's show. I went on a ramp because we're just talking about trading and fantasy football and, and I was just, it, it was bumming me out because, you know, so many people sit there and they complain that nobody trades in football. Nobody trades, nobody trades, nobody trades. And one of the things that I, I, I kind of brought up was the fact that people don't have conversations. They just sit there and they, they throw an email out to somebody, they shoot somebody a text. You don't have conversations about these trades. And I, and that was, it was kind of, was bumming me out and, and, you know, listening to more and more complaints about trades, but not just complaints about people not trading, but also because, you know, people are making trades that they shouldn't even make in the sense that you're not doing anything to improve your team at all. Speaker 1 00:02:04 You're trading a, a great running back and a mid-level wide receiver for a great wide receiver and a mid-level running back. Is it making your team better or are you just getting players who you like more? And, and I think that that's a, a very key thing. And so I, I, I guess I got a little over excited. I got a little heated while it was going on and, and I think it was the, the next segment we went to break, we came back and the next segment, uh, I started talking about something and I, I basically was just about to say, I don't give a fuck what you do, but, you know, of course it's serious except, so I'm like, I don't give a fuck. Don't care what you Speaker 0 00:02:41 Do. A little bit Speaker 1 00:02:43 <laugh>. I got the fuck, I didn't get the cu in there, so I was safe. But I, I don't think I've done that. I think the last time I, I did that was probably when I was working the Sunday night show like 10 years ago. It's tough. It's tough, especially when I do this show with you because you're just, you've got such a potty mouth. Speaker 0 00:03:03 Yeah, I'm such a bad influence. Blame me. Speaker 1 00:03:07 I, I do feel like it's, it's your influence. It is. Okay, because I'm not in New York anymore. I'm out in California where everything's, you know, easy breezy. Hey man, it's okay man. It's okay. Don't get so worked up. And you, you're just like, Oh, the fucking mess down. That's Speaker 0 00:03:23 And what time do the Yankees play tonight? Speaker 1 00:03:26 Well, now that's just being hurtful. That's just, Speaker 0 00:03:28 Well really you took jabs at me last week. So how's it feel now? Speaker 1 00:03:32 You took jabs at me last week too. Speaker 0 00:03:34 I didn't, I said The Astros are gonna win cuz that's what I truly felt. And boy did they ever, I mean, it was a sweet, Speaker 1 00:03:40 Well it wasn't even close. It wasn't even close, which is a great way to transition into some baseball betting talk Astro's favorite. They're like a one 90 favorite in this. I mean, obviously you don't wanna bet one nine, I mean, listen, I'll, I'll bet one 90 if I'm just gonna make a couple of bucks cuz I'm pretty damn sure that the Astros are gonna win. This is, do you, um, do you find value on betting any of the individual games? Do you bet how many games a series is gonna go? Is there any MLB betting that you, uh, that, that you think is worthwhile for the World Series? Speaker 0 00:04:16 Yeah, I mean, you could do how many games or you could do the individual games. Look, the Astros are clearly the better team. They have yet to lose a playoff game. But I'm a little scared that Phillies have this magical run in them. I mean, it's amazing what they're doing. And I know going into the year, a lot of people thought this team could be good. And I know Bryce Harper missed time with Injuries Act Wheeler missed time. But, and I've said this before, it's not like the Phillies, the season strong and just got hot. They limped into the playoffs. They were eight and 13 over the last 21 games, four and eight over the last 12. And it was Milwaukee that just kind of let them slide in. If Milwaukee played better, Philly might not have been in. And then game one, uh, against St. Speaker 0 00:04:56 Louis, they're down two, nothing in the ninth inning and they put up six and all of a sudden they can't lose. And Bryce Harper, you can't get him out right now. You got Schwarber and Hoskins, the up and down of Jean Cigar who makes a great play and then makes a dumb play. You know, they got Wheeler and Nola, but I think the Astros just have too much here. Uh, my concern that I had with the Phillies, even in this previous series against the pads, was after Wheeler and Nola, what are they gonna get from Rangers Suarez? And then Bailey Fulter couldn't make it outta the first inning. Um, and their bullpen, which has been better. But you know, Zach Lin, they're asking to get a lot of the bullpen and Robertson Dominguez has been pretty good. And even Lvra who I've always liked, but the problem with him, and you see it in the playoffs, is he can just lose command of the strike zone at times. Speaker 0 00:05:46 Um, so I mean clearly the Astros are the better team, but I'm a little scared that Phillies just kind of have this magic run and they might be able to pull this out. And I hope I'm wrong. I do not want them to win. Um, but again, cuz everything, everything points to the Astros winning, right? Like they're the better team. They've been the best team year. They have so much depth in the pitching staff. Even if one of their starters fails, they can bring in Luis Garcia outta the pen. And we saw what he did against Seattle in that extra any game. Um, their bullpen has been phenomenal. Um, they got a bunch of guys who can beat you throughout the lineup. Uh, they're good defensively. Uh, I guess the one thing, I don't know if you've seen it, just a vers career stats in the World Series are terrible, so maybe you wanna be on against the Astros a game one. Speaker 0 00:06:33 I don't know without Anoah going. Ah, but yeah, I mean I think the Astros win, but I am like, I know a lot of people like oh yeah, Astros are better. Definitely. I just, I'm a little worried that Philly kind of has this, this magical run that maybe they knock off Houston and that would suck. I mean, and if they do, man, you talk about a, a ridiculous post-season run cuz they had, they had the fewest wins of any post-season team, right? 87. I don't think anyone in the American League had fewer than 87, right? Um, Speaker 1 00:07:03 No, no, no. They had the fewest Absolutely. Of all the playoff teams. Speaker 0 00:07:06 It's insane. Yeah, cuz Seattle had 90, oh no, Tampa had 86, so Tampa had the fewest Speaker 1 00:07:13 Oh. Speaker 0 00:07:14 But still like, oh man, three 100 win teams in an out. Speaker 1 00:07:19 So is that, is that like you, I mean, <laugh> I'm not, it's not a matter of like poking the bear or anything like that, but I do, you just do, do you want not want this magic like you feel this magical run? Is that more self deprecating because you think God hates you because you're a Mets fan kind of situ situation? Or do you just like, Speaker 0 00:07:39 Has nothing to do with that? It has Speaker 1 00:07:41 Nothing to you Don't subscribe to the whole, I'd rather if my team's not gonna win, I'd rather us be losing to the team that does eventually win. Speaker 0 00:07:50 Well, the Mets didn't play the Phillies in the Speaker 1 00:07:52 Play. No, you didn't. But the, the Phillies are the ones who are coming out of the nl, which is Speaker 0 00:07:56 No, I, dude, I don't want them to win. I don't want a division. We are, I had to deal with the Braves and the Nationals in the last few years. I don't need another team in the division to win. So no, I don't want them to win at all. But I mean, look, they, they beat the Braves who were like the hottest team since June 1st, and they won and they basically, they basically dusted the Braves pretty easily, man. I mean, game one, they had the lead and it got close, but they were ahead the whole way. They lose game two, three, nothing. Then they win nine one and eight three. I mean, that Philly crowd is electric. They don't lose at home. I mean, they've had four games in the post-season at home. They've won 9 1 8 3 4 2 and ten six. Um, and the Padre, uh, you know, had them, you know, was close to winning Game five and then Bryce Harper when the two were run home in eighth inning. And I don't know why they didn't bring in Josh Hater there. What are you saving him for? You really want Bryce Harper against the righty. Like bring in Josh Hater. I know it was the eighth inning, but your season's on the line, so I didn't get that. But they're just playing like great baseball right now. And we saw last year the Braves got hot at the right time. The bullpen was lights out and you're seeing it again with the Phillies. Speaker 1 00:09:02 You are seeing it again. All right, well, so, um, listen, I, I'm rooting against the Astros. I'm rooting for the Phillies. I Speaker 0 00:09:09 Know that Speaker 1 00:09:09 Only because, uh, Yeah. And I can't, I, I can't get behind the Houston Astros and, you know, maybe, maybe there's a little, maybe there's like a shred of Jen p Chanti in there that, that also, um, you know, she, cuz she and I, we go back and forth all the time and we, we jab each other about baseball. So, you know, there, there is that. But you know, also, I mean, listen from a, from a a an analyst standpoint, a fantasy player standpoint, I, you know, I mean, how do you not love Alvarez and how do you not love, um, you know, just this, this whole Astros team like Jordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker are, are gonna be two long term really strong assets for the Speaker 0 00:09:53 Us. The Jeremy Paya, the ALCS Speaker 1 00:09:55 Pena. Yeah. Again, that, that, and that one kind of came from outta nowhere. That was like a, a huge shocker. It was almost as good as when Scott Bros won the World Series with the Yankees and he was like this amazing third baseman just for that one year he could end. Speaker 0 00:10:10 He just been good though the whole year. Like I I, I drafted him in some draft champions leagues before. I mean, at that point we didn't know where Karea was going. Right. So I was like, you know, I kind of had a feeling he wasn't coming back. So I'm like, all right, let me, And you know, in the early drafts you were able to get paying your cheap once, obviously he got the job, he moved up. But, um, you know, it's still definitely kind of surprising that he had the year that he had, uh, but not surprising that he won A L C S N V B based on what we saw from him this year. He, he had a really good year, um, for the Astros. Speaker 1 00:10:43 Is he considered a rookie? Speaker 0 00:10:44 Yeah, this is first year in the league. I know he is 24 or 25. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:10:48 It feel, it feels like it's, he is older, but obviously Yeah, you're right. You're right. That's, um hmm. Rookie of the year. A little mvp. Nice stuff, man. And it pains me, right? It's the Astros. I hate the Speaker 0 00:11:02 Astros. I know, but I mean, I think at least most Yankee fans that I've talked to, all of them felt that they were not gonna be Houston. Speaker 1 00:11:09 Oh, I definitely knew we weren't gonna be Houston. I said, I thought we talked about there's, I mean, it was gonna take like some crazy magical run, you know, the, the aura and mystique of being in Yankee Stadium and playing there and uh, Yeah. You needed a lot of things to break, right? I was not, Speaker 0 00:11:27 It's crazy cuz I thought, like Houston to me was like pretty easy to come outta the a I just didn't see anyone challenging them. Um, and the all, I thought four teams had a shot to go to the World Series. The Phillies were not one of them. So, you know, uh, it's just, it's crazy. They just, they just got hot man. I mean, some people were telling me, well, they didn't have Bryce Harper and Zach Wheeler. Every team has fucking injuries, man. I don't wanna hear it. You know, every team dealt with shit. Speaker 1 00:11:52 Yeah. No, no, no. Listen, I'm, that's the, it's the thing that I hate the most about the end of a season is that the excuses just come pouring outta people. It's like, duh. Listen, the Yankees were a flawed team. Yeah. They knew that they were a flawed team and then their whole bullpen got hurt. They just, they couldn't put anything together. So Yeah. Yeah. We lost, that was it. We move on. We, we lived to fight another day and we go after it when people start making excuses and Oh, this and that and whatever. No, just wherever you finish, you finish. And if you win the whole thing, great fucking job. Very proud of you. I like it. I actually, I picked the, I picked the Phillies to win the nl I had them losing the World Series to the White Sox, but I at least had the Phillies. Speaker 0 00:12:41 Yeah. I mean, that's what I'm saying. A lot of people before the year thought this was a good team, and then obviously they struggled. They fired Gerardi and um, you know, they turned things around. But like I said, it's not like they came into September on fire. They didn't, they limped in, I don't think people realized that they really just got hot in the post-season. And it was really game one where they were down to nothing in the ninth. And the Cardinals kind of imploded. But, you know, so last year the Braves won the World Series with 88 wins. You had the Giants with 1 0 7, The Dodgers were 1 0 6. The, uh, Tampa with a hundred and the Braves go in with the, uh, fewest amount of, uh, wins in the National League of the playoffs. Team 88 get hot, uh, the Braves and win it all. So you're probably gonna see this a lot in baseball, um, in the future if you're gonna expand it and have 12 teams get in the playoffs. Now, the Braves did win the division last year, and they were a good team. It's just, uh, you know, they had the Kuya in injury and one without 'em. Um, but you know, the, the Phillies backed in and got hot. Speaker 1 00:13:45 It is the ultimate microcosm of the fantasy sports world right here because, you know, it's why I say in fantasy football, just make the playoffs. That's all you need to do is make the playoffs. You don't, you don't need to win every game. I'll give a shit if you're, you know, if you're, if you're 12 and oh, like people post their, their records to me, you know, when, when they, they're like locked into a bus, you know, Oh, I'm eight and three and I'm looking to, you know, get the number one overall seat, whatever, dude, just put out your best lineup and win. That's, that's what the fucking goal is. But if you're, you know, an on the bubble team, just make the playoffs. Don't worry about it. Like, people sit there and they freak out. They're like, Ah, I'm four and oh right now I'm super psyched about my tebo. Speaker 1 00:14:30 Don't worry again, if you take a loss, it's not the end of the world. Um, and that's just, that's right there. It's diluted playoffs. It's, it's, it's how anything can happen once you make the playoffs. So in the fantasy realm, just make the playoffs. In reality, they're trying to make it a little, uh, you know, a little, I mean obviously it's just, it's, it's a, it's a straight up money grab. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But yeah, that, that actually, that, that brings about in real life sports, the fantasy aspect of just make the playoffs. So all you gotta do, just make the playoffs. Speaker 0 00:15:04 Yeah. That's what I tell everyone down, you know, teams with uh, two and five, three and four records, you're not out of it, you know, injuries. Well, it was a big week of injuries in week seven. Yep. Um, and a lot of teams got hurt and there'll be more teams that get hurt. So you just gotta keep plugging away and just get into playoffs. Doesn't matter what your records is once you get in, you know, you could have, your roster could be at the strongest point of, at any point of the season, there will be guys coming off waivers that win championships. Like it's been so long ago. I don't remember who the guys were last year that were picked up off the wave wire in weeks 15, 16, 17. But I know there were a couple running backs that came in and helped people win titles. Speaker 1 00:15:42 Rashad Penny last year. There Speaker 0 00:15:44 You go. Yeah, I mean, he finished the season as one of the best running backs, uh, late in the season. And, uh, he definitely was available off the waiver wires. So, you know, you hang in there, you just get in and you never know, you pick up a, a player like that or two. I mean, look, there's teams right now, you're looking at like, damn, this team is good. It's unbeatable. I guarantee you that's gonna change in five weeks. Speaker 1 00:16:04 Oh, it's, it's already, I mean, you know, this is a tough week for me for nfl. You know what, let's just, let's just, you know, cause I don't, there's nothing else I care about talking with the Phillies or the Astros. Uh, I'm not betting it. Um, I, I, I'm with you. If I'm gonna lay a bet, I'm gonna say either the Astros Sweep or the Astros in five. That's, that's where I'm, I'm at. I'm not even afraid of like sprinkling a little something onto a, a Phillies magical run. It's not exactly worth it for me, um, to, to do that because I just, I I don't, I mean, I get it. I just don't believe in it, so I'm not gonna put some money behind it. So let's, um, let's move over to some, some football, some fantasy football injuries is just absolutely bonkers. Um, but it's also, it's by weeks, you know, Kansas City. Here's, here's the problem. When you tell people that they should invest heavily in the AFC West Players <laugh>, and you've got the charges and the chiefs on the buy this week, that is, um, that's put me in quite the bind as far as waivers go. I actually had to go out there and like put actual legitimate money on Marquis Goodwin and I don't even feel good about it. Speaker 0 00:17:14 Yeah. I mean, there's just so many teams that don't have reliable options at this point. It's actually only two teams I buy this week. But yeah, the Chiefs are a prolific offense and if you have Mahomes that hurts. And the Chargers have a lot of injuries anyway. Once again, we know Mike Williams gonna be out at least four weeks. We'll see if, I would assume Kenan Allen is good to go after the buy. Um, but he didn't play in the second half this past week. Um, and Palmer should be back from his concussion. Uh, and we got six teams on by coming up next week. But yeah, if you have, uh, a lot of Chiefs of Chargers, it can be a tough week. And then, then the injuries, you know, with, uh, DK Metcalf, I don't think he'll play. I know they're like, Yeah, we're taking a day by day. Yeah, he's not playing. Uh, come on. Um, Alan Lazard likely out, uh, looks like Zeke could be out this week as well. I know they haven't officially ruled him out and Zeke Yeah, Speaker 1 00:18:06 We're getting conflicting reports on that. Speaker 0 00:18:08 I so look, I think the Cowboys need to step in. They didn't do it last year and be like, Look, you're sitting this week. We have a buy next week. You'll get three weeks off. You're not playing this week. We dealt with it last year. We let you fight through it. We love your heart and grit to play through things, but you saw last year you weren't effective. You're sitting this week, they need to do it. You know, let power go out there. You know, I mean, obviously you would say, Oh, they're gonna beat the Bears well after what we saw with the Bears Monday. Maybe it's not a gimme, even though cowboys are figured by nine and a half. But if I'm the Cowboys, I'm telling Zeke, you're sitting. That's it. They have to step in and say you're not playing. Speaker 1 00:18:49 Yeah, they definitely do. You, you, I mean you, you Tony Pollard more than capable of shouldering the load more than capable of it. Speaker 0 00:18:57 Right. And you don't even need to give him 20 carries. I think he's never had more than 14 in NFL game, but, you know, give him 15, carries five, six targets and maybe open up the passing game a little bit with Dak in a second week back. But, uh, they should not be playing it. Speaker 1 00:19:11 No. I mean, they're playing the Bears this week, so Yeah, let let Tony Pollard run against a soft run defense and kind of move on from there. So, um, yeah, it's gonna be very interesting to see what happens with the, uh, with, with that. Um, Speaker 0 00:19:26 I mean, Deebo Samuel's got a hamstring issue that no one's really talking about, but he could Speaker 1 00:19:31 Be out. Why is that? Why No, why is no, it, it's, Do you find like it's really weird? I I I feel like we're getting a lot of injuries that really, they're just kind of sneaking up on us or they, they're really like people just are ignoring 'em for some reason. Speaker 0 00:19:47 Well, I think, I mean, cuz Zeke took the hit to his knee during the game. He did come back. But yes, you know, I always say, you know, there's gonna be a lot of injuries, especially on Wednesdays that pop up because guys maybe played through it in the game. Maybe the swelling is a day or two later and you know, that's when they're first coming back to the facility or whatever. Or the pain comes back a couple days later. So obviously we know Metcalf cuz he left the game and you know, those are obvious ones. But, uh, yeah. And the 49ers, I believe have a buy next week. So in this situation, again, it's a hamstring injury. You don't want guys coming back and reaggravated it. You saw what Johan Dots said. He was in practice and pulled up and now and Keenan Allen and he came back and said it was still bothering him and didn't play the second half. So you don't wanna mess around with hamstring injuries. So I know this is a big game for the 49ers division, older three and four, but you can't risk Deebo missing in an extended period of time. Speaker 1 00:20:45 No, I mean, listen, I'm, I'm always about that. I'm always about rest the guy and, and not lose them long term. I, I mean, I understand that the players are competitive and I understand that, you know, there's, there's, you know, value to the offense, but then you see so many times it's like, you know, is the player trying to play through the injury? Is that actually a little bit more detrimental to the team in the long run? Right. And that's I think one of the, uh, one of the biggest issues that yeah, that's why you can't let players self-diagnose themselves. Can't do it. Can't do it. I know Jerry likes to, I know Jerry thinks that he's a doctor, but he is not. He's not. Um, are you getting tagged with, uh, with injuries in bi weeks also? Or are you getting hit hard? Like again, like I said, this is a tough one for me because I'm losing, you know, like Mahomes in in gst, Mahomes and Kelsey for me in GST has been, you know, money in the bank and now I gotta like boo. I had James Winston sitting on my bench and now guess what? He's benched he's done. Speaker 0 00:21:49 Yeah. Um, I mean I have some injuries here and there. I don't, I don't think I have many chiefs this year, which obviously is kind of bad. Um, and Chargers, I think most of my Mike Williams's best ball, I don't have key to Allen, don't have Herbert. I do have Gerald Everett in a league. Um, no Eckler. Um, so yeah, I don't, buys not really this week, it's injuries. Losing Bruce Hall for the season hurts. Yes. Hollywood Brown is, was a big injury, man. Hollywood people don't realize Hollywood Brown was playing great man, that is a killer for me in multiple leagues. Um, and now he's on IR too. So I, I've held onto him. Um, I think one league guy IR spot, I have him in the gst. We don't have IR spots, but I'm holding 'em. That's a really deep league. Although I could be out of it by the time he comes back. Um, depending on how things go, um, <laugh>. But yeah, it's weird cause some of my leagues are really good and others are just mediocre. Um, and then, I don't know, man, I'm seeing more this year with the points differential. Like, so I'm helping my friend in his, in his office league and he's got a really good team. He's got like the third most points in the league and he is two and five. Like he has more points than the top three teams in the league. And it's just like, Speaker 1 00:22:59 I feel like he, he tweets that out to me. Speaker 0 00:23:02 He doesn't, it's not Speaker 1 00:23:03 Him. I'm thinking, it's funny because I, there's, there's a guy who's hitting me up and he showed me his team and I was like, Dude, it's just straight up bad luck that you're getting right now because this team is, is a banger team. You're just getting hit with some really bad luck. You're running into teams with really great weeks and then you're just kind of, you know, like it's like your guys are being caught with this weird like off week. Speaker 0 00:23:27 I know and it sucks. Like even my home league, we do double headers, right? There's two teams in my league that are 11 and three. I'm six and eight. I have three points less than one of 'em and nine less than the other. They're 11 and three. I'm six and eight. This is what, double headers. So it doesn't, it's not even, that's not even offsetting it, it's just every week I'm going up against the high score and even with the double headers, it still doesn't matter. So I mean it's not like, uh, yeah I'm like sixth in the league in points, but it's kind of bunched up like the number one team is just far away ahead, everyone. Then there's a two team, but then it's like 12 84, 12 82, 12 76, 12 74. And I'm a 1273. So it's kind of really bunched up. But the records don't show it. Speaker 0 00:24:08 I mean, two teams at 11 and three. So that's why I looked at it, not cause I was gonna, a couple weeks ago, I think I started one in five, actually I start one in seven I think I did. And uh, I've never been in that spot before. My homie. I'm like, Yo, what is going on? And I looked at my team and I was like, man, if I don't start getting some wins, I'm just gonna, cuz I, I started with Barclay Digs, it's a good combo. And I'm like, I'm just gonna trade one or two of them for like seven players if I have to. Then I looked at it and I'm like, you know what, it's not that bad. And um, we do reward the final spot for total points, top five records. And and that's what double headers. Um, so I looked at it, I'm like, oh, I'm still right here in the, in the playoff race. So I'm really not gonna do anything drastic and just, uh, roll with my guys. And uh, yeah, the buy week last week really hurt me cuz I have digs and Gabriel Davis in this league. So getting them back is huge. Speaker 1 00:25:00 Listen, seven or seven and five, seven and six, that, that makes the playoffs in in a lot of leagues. Speaker 0 00:25:05 Yeah. Mm-hmm. Speaker 1 00:25:06 <affirmative>. So if you're two and five and you're, you're third most in points, like yeah, you're just, you're just getting tagged with some bad luck. It's unfortunate. But it Speaker 0 00:25:14 Depend though. See, here's the thing. If, and that league only does records now, it is six teams, but you gotta string wins together. You can't afford, like, you really need to go like on a four game winning streak. Like you lose this week, you're starting to be in trouble like you Speaker 1 00:25:27 Wells. Yeah. I mean that's why I'm caping at seven and six. Seven and six gets you into the playoffs probably, Speaker 0 00:25:33 You know, well 14 weeks now. So even seven and seven you might get in, um, in a league with six teams making the league. Speaker 1 00:25:41 Oh, I'm just assuming that nobody's playing the final week of the season. Speaker 0 00:25:44 Well, no, it's, remember the right, it's uh, playoffs start week 15 for mostly 15, 16, 17. So you got 14 regular season games. Speaker 1 00:25:52 15, 16, 17. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you do have that many? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm so used to, I'm so used to getting the first round by in the playoffs that I just lost count. Speaker 0 00:26:04 Well, no, they added an extra week, Speaker 1 00:26:05 Dude. I'm kidding. Speaker 0 00:26:06 Okay. I was gonna say Speaker 1 00:26:08 <laugh>. Wait, they did what? Speaker 0 00:26:11 No, I, people can forget at times. It just started last year. So you're accustomed to a certain way and then you're like, oh shit. Oh, that's right. I forgot about that. Speaker 1 00:26:24 Yes, my jets still finish nine and eight. Hey, what'd you think of, um, what'd you think of the jet grab and James Robinson Speaker 0 00:26:31 Not really excited about it. Um, I don't know how, if Robinson has a lot left. I know I had a couple good games early in the year, but a lot of of it was like on two three long runs. Um, I still think Michael Carter will probably be the better back. I just don't think they want him to be a full time Bell Cal running back. But I think he gets most of the passing down work. They'll ease Robinson in. Um, and again, like a lot of people, it was funny, like the first two, three weeks, Oh, look at these running backs coming from the Achilles. They're so good. Look at acres of Robinson. And now we're like, Mm, maybe not. So it's still a tough injury to come back from. So I was talking to a Jets fan today. He wanted Kareem Hunt. I'm like, they probably, the asking price was probably higher. Speaker 0 00:27:21 I mean, that's the one thing you didn't give up anything for Robinson, a six round pick. That could be a fifth big deal. And you know, and I applaud the Jets for staying in it. They should be going for it. It's wide open and yeah, they're a young team and there's still questions about Wilson at quarterback and ver Tucker is a big loss, but you know what? Show that you wanna create a winning culture here. Um, so I'm glad that they're, they're going for it. The injuries definitely hurt. Uh, and I, and I hope they beat New England this week. Speaker 1 00:27:48 Well, I always hope that we beat New England, no doubt about it. Yeah, you know, it's, it's, it's funny. Like I'm, I'm caught between two issues with, you know, with the, with the Jets obviously, you know, it's exciting going after and getting James Robinson, even though you didn't give anything up for him, but to go out and aggressively go after him, like that was, was huge. I, I've, I've never seen, it's a very un jet like thing to do. And you know, in, in all my years as a fan, I mean, I was joking around with it on the, on the fantasy alarm show today. I was talking about it and my, uh, my love letter. I've seen four AFC championships in 51 years of football. No, granted, find it when I was one and two years old, I wasn't watching football like I watch it now. Speaker 1 00:28:35 But I've had a couple of winning seasons here. The Jets have never had that like killer instinct to say we're five and two, we're still in this, We can replace him. Yes, it sucks that we lost him, but let's, you know, let's not lose steam with what we're put together right now. So like to see that it excites me as a Jets fan. It gets me all sorts of work. Juices are flowing, baby juices are flowing. Um, but yeah, on the other hand it's like, okay, listen, I like Robinson. I like the player he is coming back from that Achilles. There is the, the, you know, some knee soreness that he was dealing with. He was falling out of favor in Jacksonville. Now, you know, falling outta favor in Jacksonville doesn't affect me that much because once they drafted etn and, and Trevor Lawrence together, the, the handwriting was on the wall. Speaker 1 00:29:25 That was exactly the direction that they wanted to move as a team. And so Robinson's days were, were already kind of numbered, like you just said, the offensive line Elijah Vera Tucker gone for the season. They just had to put George fan the, uh, the left tackle he went onto, uh, onto ir. So he's gone. And this all happens with an offensive line that's already been shuffled up because you lost Mackay Becton earlier in the season. So I'm worried about the offensive line. Um, I don't, you know, to me James Robinson was never gonna be Bruce Hall. What I thought and what I'm hoping for and something that we're just gonna see, and we're gonna watch Michael Carter, I agree with you. He becomes, he's the past catching back. He's the third down guy. They'll weave him in like they did early on in the season when it was Carter and Bruce Hall. Speaker 1 00:30:16 Bruce Hall showed his abilities and pushed Carter down the depth chart showed the jets that there was no reason to use Carter when you could use Bruce Hall as often as you're using Bruce Hall. I feel like Robinson does have the opportunity to do that. I just don't know if he's going to, and I think it's gonna take a couple of weeks before the Jets start to start to gel with their running game and their offensive line. So I think it's gonna be a little bit rough early on. But overall, I mean, listen, you, you Robinson went from being on the fantasy scrap heap to like, you know, RB two status if he's gonna get, you know, a a a substantial chunk of the carries. Speaker 0 00:31:01 Yeah. And I'm sure a lot of people probably held onto him. Um, or maybe they were about to drop him after this past week. Speaker 1 00:31:08 I was, I was about to drop him in two leagues. Speaker 0 00:31:10 Yeah. So now you're like, Oh, wait a a second, I'll just hold onto 'em. And Yeah, might not be heavily used this week in his first week. Um, but as they go along and, uh, they got a tough stretch coming up, uh, Patriots, Bills buy Patriots again. Speaker 1 00:31:30 Wait, wait, say that again. Speaker 0 00:31:32 Patriots Bills bi week Patriots again. Speaker 1 00:31:36 Patriots. Bills bi-week Patriots again. Well, if there's, Yeah, listen, if there's definitely, if there's a time to be roughed up <laugh>, that would definitely do it. I don't, I, you know, that's a man, what's up with the schedule makers? That's not a good, like, I'm not even worried about the, the offense of, uh, of the Patriots. It's that Patriot's defense. Speaker 0 00:31:58 Yeah. Especially coming off that Monday night, uh, whatever the fuck that was against the Bears. Oh Speaker 1 00:32:03 Dude, that was, that was Speaker 0 00:32:04 Terrible. I'm, so, I, I think I, I don't know if I texted you about it or talked to you, but like the NFL was just summarized up in weeks seven. You had Tampa Bay, a 13 and a half point favorite in Carolina. Not only did they lose, they didn't score a touchdown and then you had the Patriots minus eight and a half at all we talked about. I said, Yeah, how are we gonna take the Bears? I don't see any reason to take the Bears. If the Patriots were playing good, they shut, shut out Detroit. They force four turnovers against Cleveland, Chicago's near the bottom, and all these outfits and categories. Belichick all week. Oh, talking up fields, talking up Moony like, you know, we're all sitting there like, Yeah, you're full of shit. And then all of a sudden, <laugh>, they're fucking getting demolished. And you also had the circus survivor where the Patriots and Bucks were two of the top three teams. 94% of the pool was out going into week seven. Now you just knocked off, I think, what, 46% of the Patriots. Like, it's insane. I've heard some survivor pools that are over already. Speaker 1 00:33:03 Um, I, I, you know, the, the two main ones, So three main ones that I do, I'm, I'm already out completely in two of 'em. And that's, and that's with multiple picks. It's just been, Speaker 0 00:33:13 It's, I'm not surprised. This has been in just an absolute blood bath. Every single week I write the article and like last year I got hardly anything wrong. I had a one and two week this week I, I put the Patriot Patriot's, Bucks and Raiders. Hopefully someone took my Raiders pick. And it's just mind boggling. Like a 13 and a half point favorite lost. Like, you hardly ever see that. Yeah. They don't cover many times you see it all the time to just lose. And especially since Tampa Bay the previous week lost to Pittsburgh. It's just, it's insane. And the Patriots one, like someone I was talking to was like, Yeah, man, they were in the circus survivor. And they were like, Yeah man, I took the Patriots. I was gonna take the Cowboys, but I was saving 'em for next week. I'm like, Dude, you didn't make a, the Patriots, I mean, if you were gonna use 'em, isn't that the time to use 'em at home against the Bears where Belichick was trying to also break, uh, the coaching wins with Halas against the Bears. He was tied at 3 24. Like again, I didn't see any way the Patriots lose that game. I just, they were starting to come on. You want to tell me, Well, what about the quarterback situation? That's hindsight man. No one picked the Bears to win that game. If you do show me your money line ticket. Speaker 1 00:34:27 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm looking at, at my, my main survivor pool and yeah, like, I'm, I'm looking at it right now. Uh, 178 people, um, took the, had the Patriots and the, uh, and the Buccaneers. Um, yeah. Wow, wow, wow, wow. I'm just looking at, there were, it was more than, more than half the field is gone. Uh, from that, it's, this one started, the, the, the whole thing started with, uh, 1,222 entries. Speaker 0 00:34:59 How many are left? Speaker 1 00:35:01 172. Speaker 0 00:35:03 Yeah, man, it's just, it's a blood bath. Speaker 1 00:35:06 It is, it is a, it is an absolute blood bath. It is an absolute blood bath. And now I gotta, now I gotta figure out, there's, I've got one team, and I'll tell you what, here's the, this is the great thing. The one team that I have, this pool has buy back rule. And that's why this pot gets as crazy as it does. Um, you, it's $50 for an entry and then you have the opportunity to buy back into the pool up through week eight for a hundred bucks. So with, with all the people who were in the pool originally, that's why you got over 1200 entries right now, <laugh>, because people are just piling in. And so my, my final team that I have coming into week eight, I can still buy back. So I feel very, very good about that. Speaker 0 00:36:00 I mean, look at this stat, the circa survivor, survivor pool in 2020. At this time, 74 per 8% of entries were eliminated last year. At this time, 47.8% this year, 98% are gone. That's insane, right? I mean, oh man. It's, it's been difficult, man. Just like, it's insane and between fantasy and betting and survivor. Cause I, the first four weeks I was great betting in the last couple weeks it's been hovering around 500. Speaker 1 00:36:35 Um, yeah, I mean, I, I, my, my winning percentage, I mean, yeah, I definitely started off the season really well. I went, I I I slumped for like a week, maybe two, and I was just kind of average, but I've kinda, I've kind of, you know, hit a, the, the groove where I'm actually, you know, I, I mean, because obviously like I, I do the picks over it, you know, for picks wise and I bet those on the side. I don't bet those, like with my normal betting, because those are just the games that I'm writing up. And I, you know, and I always say I will, if I'm writing it, I'm gonna play it. Um, but I've got like, you know, my, my picks wise kind of not an account, it's the same stuff. I'm just tracking all of that for like, my own personal bets for the ones that I like. Speaker 1 00:37:23 Cuz I don't, I don't always get first pick of the, I don't get first pick of the, uh, the games to write up over at Pi Wise, right? So, so some of the games are games that, you know, like that I really wanted to bet that somebody else took. So I was like, okay, I didn't get to do that, but I'm betting that in my, uh, in my own account. So, you know, I do it that way, Um, with that. But yeah, I'm doing probably, I'm, I'm probably about 58, 50 9% on the season still. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. I'm feeling all right now I gotta figure out what team I'm going to use. Granted, I can lose this week and buy back in, but who wants to do that? I don't need to spend more money. I don't even know where I'm gonna go with this game. Are you, are you ready for these, these options? Speaker 0 00:38:15 Okay, Speaker 1 00:38:15 Did I lose you? Speaker 0 00:38:16 I'm here. Speaker 1 00:38:19 Jaguars, Broncos, these are the teams I have left. Jaguars and Broncos playing each other. Cardinals and Vikings playing each other. The Lions at home against, uh, the Dolphins. I can do the Cowboys, the Bears. I could do the Bears over the Cowboys too. Saints and Raiders playing each other. I can use either one of them, Panthers, falcons, I can use either one of them Patriots Jets. I could use either one of them. I can use the Steelers over the Eagles. No, I can do either the Titans or the Texans. I can do either the Giants of the Seahawks, I can do either the Niners or the Rams. I can do either the Commanders or the Colts a piece of shit games. And I got, and I've got the Browns available if I want them over the, the Bengals. Like the Cowboys is like the easy Speaker 0 00:39:15 Pick. It has to be. Speaker 1 00:39:17 But is that or am am I getting, am I getting fucked on that? Is that my, is that this week's Tampa Bay and, uh, and, Speaker 0 00:39:25 Uh, I, I hope not. Um, yeah, I mean, cuz the, they're the them and the bills are the two biggest favorites of the week. So I'm sure people use the bills already. Um, I did. Yeah. Man. Yeah. This is a tough week. Speaker 1 00:39:44 Like, you gotta go with the Cowboys, but you, you can't feel good about Speaker 0 00:39:48 It. I mean, do you feel good about any game you pick right now? From what we've seen this year? No. Right, right. Even even though I wrote up Tampa last week, I didn't feel good about it, but I'm like, you're playing a team that went through a coaching change that traded a receiver, traded their best running back and a team that was coming off a bad loss. Okay. But did I feel good? I haven't felt good about Tampa all year long. Um, Speaker 1 00:40:09 If I, if I had the, Speaker 0 00:40:10 Did you feel good about Patriots though? I'm, I did not see them losing. I was just sitting there stunned like, is this really happening? Even when it wasted nothing, I'm like, okay, they're gonna come back. And they did. And then the Bears just continued to run the fucking ball down their throat. Speaker 1 00:40:25 It's crazy. It was absolutely nuts. Literally the only game on the slate on, on, you know, on on this week that I would have any kind of confidence is if I had the Eagles going up against the Steelers. Speaker 0 00:40:40 Yeah. And there's only one game this week that has two teams with winning records. Giant Seahawks. That's it. Speaker 1 00:40:49 Ugh. It's a tough week. Can't believe I'm gonna have to root for the Cowboys this week. It's painful. Speaker 0 00:40:59 You'll be fine. Speaker 1 00:41:01 It's painful. Yeah, I, you know what, I will be fine because, uh, there's uh, there's, there's a lot. I'm very excited about this, uh, this pool. Very excited about it. See how much is, let's see how much is left? There's how much is in this? Dun dun. It's not the CI million. Sorry. This is just a friend of mine's pool. $170,000. Speaker 0 00:41:27 That's still a nice prize. Speaker 1 00:41:29 Yeah. Oh yeah. No, no, not me, man. I'd hate that if, if I won this by myself, dude, I'd win this with like 10 other people and not give a shit <laugh>. It is unbelievable. Um, alright, let's, um, listen, we did the, uh, we did the Survivor talk here. Let's, uh, let's, let's get to the, to the weeks games. Why not? Why not Take a look at, uh, at, at game lines here. Where is my, where's all my bets? Come on, Where are my game lines? There we go. Um, alright. You ready? Speaker 0 00:42:06 Yes. Speaker 1 00:42:07 You sure? Speaker 0 00:42:09 No. Speaker 1 00:42:09 Oh, by the way, the reason there's no money in your PayPal account is because, um, I did not win my parlay yesterday. Speaker 0 00:42:18 Oh, that's unfortunate. Speaker 1 00:42:21 It was unfortunate. I blame, I blame I Peppa and Grande. It wasn't, it wasn't any of the plays that you gave me. It was the, those two guys. Speaker 0 00:42:28 Yeah. Tough. Speaker 1 00:42:29 No, I'm just kidding. It was one of yours. Speaker 0 00:42:30 Two. Which one? Ivy? Speaker 1 00:42:33 Um, yeah, the Ivy one didn't Speaker 0 00:42:34 Hit. Yeah, I bet that myself. Um, the, so this was last second. It actually broke during our show cuz uh, Gil just Alexander was ruled out the day before and then, oh, he is questionable. Then during our show they're like, Oh, he's playing. I immediately, and I gave it out to him. I'm like, ah, points and assist for Gil. Just Alexander, hammer it over 32 and a half and he crushed it easily. And I'm gonna go right back to it on Thursday against the Clippers. Um, Paul George should be back, but if Gils Alexander is active, I'm playing it again. He's just been crushing it every game this year. Points and assist. Speaker 1 00:43:07 Well, that's a shame. I didn't get to play that in my, uh, in my little boosted parlay. Thank you underdog. That was, uh, it was very nice of you guys to, uh, to gimme that boosted parlay. Um, you got my five bucks. You got my five bucks back. I, I played a, uh, uh, uh, an NFL contest. I did one of the little NFL drafts. Um, I finished in the money in my, uh, my group and my prize was, uh, was obviously the money, but then I also got the, uh, the booster, uh, with the, uh, ludon, uh, over th it was over under 30 and a half and getting that as the booster. And then I tried, I hit you up, I hit grande and, and I pemba up and just kind of got their feel for, uh, for what they liked on the props and gave it my all. It just didn't happen. Didn't even happen. I actually forgot about it, uh, until I looked up the, uh, looked everything up this morning. So that was how much basketball was on my mind. Speaker 0 00:44:07 I see. Speaker 1 00:44:08 All right, let's go to the NFL games right now. We'll start off with Thursday night, Adam, The Ravens, the Bucks, um, Ravens have Gus Edwards, Mark Andrews, and Rashad Bateman all questionable. Uh, the buck say Julio is a game time decision. Not that that ever matters, but Russell Gage is out, uh, Bright is out as well, uh, for Tampa Bay. Uh, it's a, it's almost a pick. Bucks are favorite as a home team by one point. Who do you like? Speaker 0 00:44:43 Uh, don't like this game at all? I would never bet it at all. Um, if I had to make a bit. Oh man, Speaker 1 00:44:54 I, I mean it's not even that. I mean, who do you think wins this game is really what it comes down to. Do the bucks come back and win and bounce back from looking like absolute dog shit. Or do the Ravens win cuz they're just the better team. Speaker 0 00:45:10 Uh, I think I'll go with the Bucks, but I don't feel good about it. I it's hard to endorse them after what we've seen. Yeah. <laugh>. Um, Brady looks, I don't know, he looks bad too. Like you've seen his face and everything like, um, Oh man. But Speaker 1 00:45:27 The stress, the wear and tear a divorce. Yeah. I mean, come on. There's a lot of shit going on. Speaker 0 00:45:32 I know. And, um, the Ravens have been a really good team that have led most of the year. It's really the second half collapses that have cost them, but, Oh man. I guess I'll take the, but Well now they're favorite though. I would've, I liked them earlier when they were two point underdogs. Um, I'll, I'll go the Ravens, but I am not betting this game at all. Speaker 1 00:45:52 I'm not betting this game at all here. And I will take the Ravens getting the point just because Yeah. I, I, you know, I tried to, I tried to, to get, you know, to like Tom after he left the bo the, uh, the, the Patriots and everything that was happening for him in Tampa Bay. But I'm just done with it. I'm ready to move on. Denver. Jacksonville, I actually, I wrote this up for, uh, for picks wise. Um, originally I, I feel like did this open at three or three and a half and it's down at two and a half now. Cause I feel like it was at at least three where I was like, ah, you know what I mean? If it's three points, I wanna be on the Denver side of getting the points. And it went down to two and a half. I mean, here's the thing. Bronco's defense Speaker 0 00:46:40 Really Speaker 1 00:46:41 Great has given up what, 16 or few? They're, they've given up and they get average of 16.4 points. Speaker 0 00:46:48 They've allowed three passing touchdowns this year. Two of 'em came in week one of Gen Smith. Speaker 1 00:46:53 Yeah, dude, it's, it's crazy how good this Denver's defense is and how underrated this Denver defense is. So they're doing a great job containing teams. The problem is that they can't fucking score points to save their lives. I want so badly to take the Denver Broncos with the two and a half points, but I think that this is one of those games where it's like fucking ten nine and all of a sudden, you know, somebody kicks a field goal or some, whatever the case may be, it's gonna be a, a low scoring game. I think the Jags actually win this by a, a field goal. Speaker 0 00:47:30 Uh, I'll take Denver. It looks like Russell Wilson's gonna play. I don't know if that's good or bad, but, um, I'll, I'll take Denver here. Speaker 1 00:47:37 I just can't take him on the road. If it were at Speaker 0 00:47:39 Home, it, it's London. Speaker 1 00:47:41 Oh, that's right. Yeah. Even worse. Even worse. The Jags love London. The Jags love London. Speaker 0 00:47:50 That's a shit game. Speaker 1 00:47:51 It is a shit game. It's dog shit. Uh, Jets, Patriots. I hate even thinking about betting this game. Patriots are favored by two and a half over unders 40 and a half. I mean, what's that tell you? The jets have to run the ball on the Patriots. It's one of the things that you have to do against New England. You have to run the ball. So a lot of Michael Carter, but for the same token, we're gonna see a lot of Stevenson on the other side. I, I don't, I don't have a feel for this game. I don't have a vibe on this game. I think that I'm a, I'm I'm being too much of a Jets fan to even recommend taking either side. Speaker 0 00:48:30 Uh, yeah, I'm gonna go with Patriots coming off a loss and being embarrassed. Bitch. No, I, dude, I want the Jets to Speaker 1 00:48:37 Win. I'm kidding. I'm Speaker 0 00:48:38 Kidding. Okay. Um, yeah, I'm gonna go with Patriots. Uh, coming off an embarrassing loss the way they did, I gotta think they bounced back in a big way and the injuries to the Jets, and no bri we'll hurt them in this game. So I still think they can win, but I would take the Patriots here. Speaker 1 00:48:54 Patriots, indeed. Steelers on the road in Philadelphia. Eagles coming off of a buy week there, a 10 and a half point favorite. Um, I absolutely hate laying these kind of points, especially with that extra hook in there. Just, uh, you know, garbage time. Gar you know, the, the Eagles. I know that they short up their defense even more today with the, the trade with the Bears. Um, man, I mean, I just, I hate laying 10 and a half. I think on principle, I, I wouldn't bet this game, but I think on principle, if I had to make a pick, it would be the Steelers plus the 10 and a half. I don't think the Eagles absolutely blow them out. Speaker 0 00:49:37 Yeah. Or you could see a back door cover. The one thing, if you look at the Eagles, they're great in the first half and then they kind of take it easy in the second half. I, I don't know why, but that's been happening. I mean, you saw it against Dallas, right? They dominated early and Dallas came back in that game. Yeah. Um, and you know, Pittsburgh does have some weapons, you know, if picket cannot turn it over, I mean, uh, with Pickins and Deon Johnson and Fryer booth. So yeah, I mean, I see it 11 in some spots too, so I would probably take the points. I'd be scared again. I'm not gonna do it, but if you're asking me to take one, I'd probably take the points with Pittsburgh. Speaker 1 00:50:11 Yeah. Uh, Miami, Detroit, Miami's favored by three and a half. I mean, I really do love Miami to win this game. Speaker 0 00:50:23 Yeah, me too. Speaker 1 00:50:24 I really Speaker 0 00:50:25 Do. I'm taking Speaker 1 00:50:26 It. I I gotta, I'm, I'm gonna take the dolphins. I think I did. No I didn't. Speaker 0 00:50:31 Right. The Speaker 1 00:50:32 Dolphins, you write this up. I don't think I Speaker 0 00:50:33 Wrote this. Dolphins fucked me on, um, Sunday night I did a five leg, same game. Parlay the only leg that lost dolphins over 16 and a half points. They scored 16 and they didn't kick that fucking field goal. And they, and they run a dumb play Speaker 1 00:50:48 About Chase. Oh dude, I had, I had dolphins laying seven and a half and I had to sit and watch a fucking scoreless second half between these two shit teams. Speaker 0 00:50:58 I couldn't believe it. I'm like, that's the leg I lose on. Cuz there wasn't a lot that I, like, I took like, you know, Tyreek 65 yards or more waddle, 50 yards or more pickings, 30 or more shit like that. And I'm like, looking, one last leg, Oh my God, a dolphin should score 17. I'll take the over six. And that's the leg that lost Speaker 1 00:51:17 And that's the leg that lost. Yeah. I can't, I can't argue against it. Speaker 0 00:51:22 I mean, I like the dolphins here. You know, I don't understand what happened. Like, they came out that first drive too. It was slinging it. They were moving it and then all of a sudden they fucking were like, I don't know. Um, but Detroit defense sucks. Um, all of a sudden their offense is not as good as it was early in the year. Um, it looks like Swift might be back, but I'll believe it. He put in a full practice Wednesday doesn't mean anything to me. St. Brown should be fine, but I mean, Tuas played well and with Tyre and Waddle. Um, I know that hook is always a concern. I I'm taking to Dolphins here, man. Speaker 1 00:51:54 I'm taking the dolphins too. Listen, I, I wrote up the, uh, you know, if you look at the, the DFS watch list [email protected], uh, I just, I I, I made a joke out of it. We were talking on the fantasy alarm show about, uh, overused, uh, cliches and fantasy sports. And, uh, and Smash Spot is one that, you know, has really turned into, uh, a very trite cliche. This guy's a smash spot, You gotta stardom. Um, so I basically, every time I wrote up a dolphin, I talked about the fact that it is, it's a smash spot for them. I love to, in this game. I like Tyreek. I like waddle as well. I far, I like goki. I like most Dirt, Speaker 0 00:52:33 Most Important's really good man. Speaker 1 00:52:36 It's real. Like I feel like this is like when, you know, the over under is 51 and a half. I definitely, I, I, I want a piece of the over, I know that the under is actually, uh, the, the, the better odds they say it's, uh, minus one 15 for the uh, for the under. Um, but yeah, I feel like, uh, you know, a little bit of a track meet cuz Miami's defense isn't what it was. And their secondary definitely struggles. So I don't, I don't hate golfing the lines in this one either, but I just, I think Miami, what they're putting together with Mike McDaniel, I think that's gonna be, sadly, I think it's gonna be special. Speaker 0 00:53:13 Yeah, I mean, I think especially with Tua back, they might start to go on a little bit of a role here. Speaker 1 00:53:17 Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Arizona, Minnesota, Oh, it's down at three and a half now. It was, uh, it was Minnesota by four. Um, I wrote this up for, for picks wise, I'm taking the Vikings and I'm, and I'm laying the points. I just, I don't believe in Arizona. I really don't. And I just, I'm not a Kyle Murray fan. Fine. They wanna force feed targets to Deandre Hopkins and kind of phase everybody else out. Uh, I don't know. Offensive line is banged up still. So Viking's coming off the bi week. Um, I preferred it when it was, I, it's funny, I I preferred it when it was minus four because I was just like, Oh, it's minus four Vikings can cover that. Now all of a sudden it's like three and a half and I'm like, Hmm. I hate the half point even though it's in the, the direction my favor. But there's just something about when you see that half point in there. But I'm taking the Vikings, I'm laying the points, Speaker 0 00:54:15 Uh, I'm taking the Cardinals. Uh, I don't like the Cardinals at all. This is, to me, just feels like a trap game where you're looking at the Vikings coming off of buy and how good the record is. And I think they have a lot of flaws. They allow a lot of big plays. They really struggle against number one wide receivers. So I could see Hopkins having a good game and, uh, Kingsbury's way better as an underdog. You never want him as a favorite, but he's been good as an underdog, especially on the road. So I think there's gonna be a tight game. So, uh, I'm taking the points here, uh, with the Cardinals. Speaker 1 00:54:45 All right. All right. I hope you lose. Speaker 0 00:54:48 Okay. Speaker 1 00:54:49 <laugh> Panthers, Falcons, <laugh> Falcons favored by four. You wanna talk about a game? I just don't want to touch this is that game. Speaker 0 00:54:59 Yeah, for sure. You know, the Panthers definitely played inspired football last week. Um, Atlanta doesn't wanna pass the ball at all, which is killing pits in London in fantasy leagues. Uh, I, I know Atlanta has a lot of injuries. A j Terrell could be out, right? Um, oh shit. I'll Speaker 1 00:55:27 Give me your super confident pick here. Speaker 0 00:55:31 I think I'll go Falcons right now, but again, another game that I really don't feel strongly on a lot of games right now, I need to do some more digging cuz I don't, there's a lot of games where I'm just, that's what the NFL has done to me this year, man. They've dented my confidence. Speaker 1 00:55:47 <laugh>. Aww, aw, you guys have damaged Adam Ros's psyche. That's not good. That's not good. I'm sorry Adam. Um, I just, yeah, I hate this game. I hate everything about, I hate the fact that Atlanta doesn't throw the ball at all. Like, you're down three scores and you're running the ball with Algier. Speaker 0 00:56:12 Yeah, it makes no sense. Speaker 1 00:56:14 It zero sense, zero sense. So, um, I, you know, it's gonna pay me to, I don't even know, I, I'm not even making a pick. Bears, Cowboys, <laugh>, I don't know man, Bears on the road when they're, uh, when they're, when they're an underdog by eight or more points, Adam, they, they really certainly turn things around. Speaker 0 00:56:38 Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:56:41 Do you want me to, do you want me to handicap this one? Speaker 0 00:56:45 I go ahead. Speaker 1 00:56:48 Uh, just asking you if you wanted me to do it first or if you wanted to, uh, to, to dive right in. I, I don't particularly care. I, I, I think the cowboy win this one and I think that they beat everybody up, but I think a lot of people are gonna take the bears and the points. I just, this Dallas defense dude is, it's insane. This has gotta be one of the best defensive units you've seen in a while. Speaker 0 00:57:11 Yeah, man. I mean that defensive line swarms Michael Parsons, if you're playing in IDP league, uh, there was a stack correction. He was, uh, awarded another sack today. So, um, if you had a close matchup, but you had Parsons, uh, he now had two sacks this past week. Um, yeah, they're just really applying the pressure and beating up on teams. So, and then Chicago's coming off a real emotional win. Chicago hasn't really gotten blown out this year. I will say that they, they lost by 17 in Green Bay Week too. Besides that, their losses are by eight, seven, and five. So as bad as they have been and their defense have been pretty good. I know they, uh, traded Quinn to, uh, the Eagles today. But, um, yeah, I guess I'll go the Cowboys, but I could, I could see the bears playing it close and feel they finally did some positive things with Fields rolling 'em out more. Speaker 0 00:58:03 And I saw it too in the pocket. He was like seven to 14, but when he was rolling out much better, and I don't know, we talked about that last year with the coaching staff, how they didn't utilize him correctly and we thought, okay, they're gonna do it this year. Why is it taking so long, man, you know, just get him running on the outside. He's such a threat. He's great on the ground. Um, and you know, that's the thing with all these quarterbacks struggling and fantasy feels is gonna become viable now. Cause you don't, if he gives you 1 75 and one passing touchdown and he rushes for 50, 60, 70 yards and maybe five, that's gonna be better than a lot of these quarterbacks. Speaker 1 00:58:40 It is gonna be better than, than a lot of these quarterbacks. Listen, I, you know, I was, I was sitting there, I had to, to pick up a, a quarterback because, um, of, uh, of, of buy weeks and, and I was like, and in one league I was like, Yeah, there's just, there's nobody there. And I was like, do I go with like a Heineke? Do I go with Elinger? And Elinger at least has the, uh, the, the rushing ability or at least a little bit of upside to actually run the ball. And I kind of, I just kind of tilted in that direction. I don't know how he is gonna do, but overall I figured if I, if I'm gonna give myself a little bit of a floor, if this kid wants to, you know, be the hero, uh, at least let me get, you know, a couple extra points of it if I can. What do you think of him? I haven't even like gotten to that game yet. It's one of the, uh, one of the afternoon games. But I might as well just touch on that now. Commanders Colts Heineke versus, uh, Elinger. It's, uh, the culture favored at home by two and a half. Speaker 0 00:59:42 Uh, I am going to take, uh, the commanders here to take the points. Speaker 1 00:59:48 No faith in Elinger. Speaker 0 00:59:50 No, it's not that. It's just, I don't know. Um, you know, it could be really good. He could get the bottle Pitman, the run game could open up. Cause the thing with Matt Ryan is he's just doesn't have the arm straight anymore. And they, the defenses he, Mike, uh, Pitman doesn't have a target over 20 yards this year, you know what I'm saying? So, um, and he has a statue back there, so it could have helped the offense. It's just that, you know. Wait, you said it's two and a half? Speaker 1 01:00:19 Two and a half. Is it? Speaker 0 01:00:20 Two and a half. Okay. I thought it was three. Um, I see it, oh, it's three on some books. If it's three, I'm taking Washington. If it's two and a half, I'll take the Cols. I see it three on Fandel bed, mgm, um, Caesars, I think it's two and a half on Draftings, but it's three in a lot of other books. Speaker 1 01:00:41 Yeah. Yeah. It's kinda like the, uh, the two and a half points that I don't want to deal with in Denver and Jacksonville. Same, same Z on that one. Um, alright. What game am I looking at? I think I just scrolled way too far. Uh, Raiders, uh, Raiders, Saints. Saints are at home. Uh, they're the home dog. Point and a half. Damn. Damn. What do you think? Speaker 0 01:01:14 Yeah, this is a tough one, Man. Saints have just been, you know, they could have won last week. It wasn't for the two pick six s I think they probably would've beaten Zona, but Raiders obviously need this win to get back in the playoff race. And they've had a lot of close losses. Um, they've really struggled on the road. They gotta go west to east. I lean the Raiders right now. I mean, I, I lean the Raiders, but I'm not strong cause I can definitely see the Saints winning. You know, Saints are not out of this division, believe it or not. They're two and five, but Tampa is three and four. So, you know, they're still in this divisional race somehow. Speaker 1 01:01:58 Uh, thoughts on the benching of James Winston? Speaker 0 01:02:02 Um, yeah, I'm a little surprised by that. You know, Speaker 1 01:02:08 Due to performance too. It wasn't even like, ah, he is all banged up and stuff. Nope. Like, yeah, but he really, Allen came out and said it's bef because of performance, Speaker 0 01:02:16 But he, but we haven't seen him since that Saints game. Right. And he, and he threw like the three picks late. Um, but Dalton just threw two picks this last week. I think one, one of the excepts wasn't his fault, it was off. Was it Calloway's hands, I think. Um, but uh, yeah, it's such a weird situation down there. Landry like a ghost. Michael Thomas is a ghost. Like, are these guys ever gonna play again? Why aren't they put on ir? I mean, I get you can't predict everything, but like, it's like they don't exist anymore. Speaker 1 01:02:48 Um, yeah, I don't know. I I I I don't think Thomas comes back at all this Speaker 0 01:02:53 Year. I don't think he wants to play, man. It feels like neither doesn't wanna play. I haven't seen any comments from him or not, but it's like, it's just, well, what the fuck is going on man? You had seven surgeries like your, your toe, wasn't it his toe? Is that what it was? Yeah. Right. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It's just, I don't know, man. It's a very, something very odd going on down there. Speaker 1 01:03:09 Something very odd going on down there. I give you, uh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. Um, what do I got next? Uh, Titans, Texans, You know, I, I gotta be honest, like, I, I looked at this originally and, and, and I had to say I'm, I was surprised that it was only a two point game and that kind of made me, What's Speaker 0 01:03:32 That? You know, why it's only, you thought it would be more right? Speaker 1 01:03:35 I did think it would be Speaker 0 01:03:36 More you, you know why it's only two? Why Tana Hill status? Speaker 1 01:03:42 Oh yeah. Oh Speaker 0 01:03:44 Yeah. Cause like, I'm, I'm surprised he came back in the game last week. Um, I don't know, man, I'm kind of thinking he doesn't play. But if it's on, I, I gotta take the Titans and look, I did not love this team going in the year, but the one concern I had, there was two concerns I had while I'm like, I could be wrong with them. Mike Rebel is a hell of a coach. He's never had a losing season. He gets those guys to play hard cuz you look at this roster, it is not good. It's Derek Henry and a bag of shit on offense. Okay. But this team, and the other reason was that division is shit. So if you have a really good coach and a bad division, you could come out of it. And it's looking that way. Now. They've already beaten the coats twice and now they got another easy matchup this week. So I'm gonna take the Titans. Uh, again, we're able just the hell of a coach. Uh, he coaches them up every single week. They play hard. Uh, so again, you look at it on paper, you're like, how is this team doing it? You know, people are like, well this team lash year was the one seat is a completely different team. Completely different team. Speaker 1 01:04:53 Yeah. I mean, the offensive line is different. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:04:54 Offensive line's not as good. And AJ Brown was a huge loss and very, didn't want him to go. He was pretty upset about it. But this offensive line, I mean, uh, with no AJ Brown, it's a huge loss. You have no one that threatens the Defend. Robert Woods coming over 20 ECL at age 30. Like, come on man. And then you lose Tray on bes I and they keep doing it. Um, it's amazing. Um, for real, I very well, Speaker 1 01:05:17 Well, in this one here, I mean it's Tennessee versus Houston and we all know that everybody just runs on Houston. I said it in the Yeah, so in the watch list, I'm like, Derek Henry's gonna be 95% owned. Yeah, Speaker 0 01:05:27 I think I had him. Yeah, I think he's my number one RV this week. Speaker 1 01:05:31 But yeah, I mean it's it's gonna be, it's gonna be crazy and, you know, but then, you know, obviously I, I look at, you know, with, with with the Texans and it's like, you know, I, I respect Lovey Smith and I respected the, I respect the job that he's doing. Um, you know, they will still run the ball with, uh, with, with Damien Pierce. It's kind of why I like the, uh, uh, you know, I just, I feel like we're gonna see a lot of, uh, a lot of running early on, but I think Derek Henry's just too powerful and I think that that Houston's run defense is that poor. But I, I think that this game, not a track meet, but I think I, I have it as the, uh, I, I I pick the over, uh, in this one here because these two teams do play each other a bunch like that. But if Derek Henry's just run and run and run and run and running, and then you're gonna have Davis Mills throwing against a pretty shitty secondary for Tennessee, like a really shitty secondary. I know that Brandon Cooks hasn't had a good season. I know that Miko Collins is banged Speaker 0 01:06:28 Up. He's not gonna play. Speaker 1 01:06:30 Yeah, he's he's expected Speaker 0 01:06:31 To be Oh yeah, he's not gonna miss the season. Okay, well that the rest of the seat, Yeah, that's really a good endorsement. Thanks Speaker 1 01:06:38 <laugh>. But overall, I just, I, I feel like these two teams are gonna bang back and forth and, you know, maybe, maybe it's, it's Cooks and maybe it's Philip Dorsett or maybe this is another one of those games where stupid OJ Howard gets, you know, a, a touchdown or something. But I just, I feel like we'll see a lot of running in the first half and then they'll just, the Titans will keep going with Derek Henry and try to chew up that clock and bring in that Donal Hilliard. Um, but yeah, I think Houston tries to put some points back up on them as well. But I still have Titans minus the two. No doubt, No doubt. Giant Seahawks. Speaker 1 01:07:18 Uh, ah, I, I feel like I want the Seahawks at home in Lay the three, I know what the, what the Giants are doing is great and I think that there's a lot of great stuff going on. Saquon Barkley running against this Seahawks team is gonna be really tasty. I think Daniel Jones with the short quick passing that, you know, Juan Dell Robinson is now a, a good solid target Darius slate and to stretch the field a little bit, I love what the giants are putting together. I just feel like even with the loss of DK Metcalf, I feel like Seattle at home with, uh, Geno chucking the ball like he does. I feel like they kinda, they they win this battle. Speaker 0 01:07:59 I'm tired of betting against the Giants and losing, uh, <laugh>. But I kind of with you here, I mean the Giants have a couple injuries too. You know, Evan Neil, um, yeah, pretty big injury there. Um, Bellinger not a huge injury, but you know, he was being productive. So, uh, but no Dk Metcalf also for Seattle. Um, Seattle's played great too. I lean Seattle, but I'm scared of going against the Giants. They just seem to have magic every week. They're trailing and they keep coming from behind. Maybe this week it stops, but, uh, I'll lean Seattle too, but it's, it's tough betting against them. Speaker 1 01:08:37 It definitely is. It definitely is. I'll be rooting for 'em still because that'll just keep my wife happy and that keeps me happy. Niners Rams, uh, Speaker 0 01:08:47 Niners Speaker 1 01:08:48 <laugh> in Los Angeles, minus a point and a half. Speaker 0 01:08:51 These teams played already, didn't they? Speaker 1 01:08:53 Um, earlier this season? I feel like they did. Speaker 0 01:08:56 Yeah, I think they did. Right. Speaker 1 01:08:59 Uh, looking at the Rams right now, Yeah, the, uh, Niners 1 24 to nine. Speaker 0 01:09:05 I just think they're a better team. I know it's a divisional game and a home underdog, which I tend to like. Um, but I I'm gonna take the 49ers here, man. Speaker 1 01:09:15 Christian McCaffrey. Oh, that all went down after we were, uh, after we had done the show already. What do you think of, uh, what do you, what, what do you think of the, uh, the McCaffrey, um, and all the uh, all the fallout from from that, from both fantasy and reality standpoint? Speaker 0 01:09:32 I think he's gonna get less volume compared to Carolina, but I think it's a more efficient offense that should give a more scoring opportunity. So I think it kind of nullifies itself and he's kind of where he was, but yeah, he'll be fine. Um, it looked good last week. Unlimited touches. Um, and again, especially if Deebo is out this week, uh, they'll, they'll need him a little bit more. I mean, it's just such a good offense, man. I know Gorao can be shaky at times, but kiddo, I you Deebo McCaffrey, that's insane. So I know they're three and four, but I think they're one of the best teams in the nfc, especially when they have, uh, that defense healthy Speaker 1 01:10:08 Agreed on all counts. Uh, Sunday night game Packers, bills, <laugh> bills favored by 11 at home on Sunday night football. Again, I won't bet because I just don't like laying those kind of points, but I, I know that Buffalo's just gonna beat 'em up. Speaker 0 01:10:27 Yeah. Roger's like, Oh, this is what we need. Everyone's counting us out. Uh, no, you don't need to face the bills right now. You really do not in Buffalo. Um, I mean you, that's the thing, man, This is scary to me because like everyone's gonna be on the bills and I think this line actually has been bet down, wasn't it 12, 11, 12 at one point I think it was. Um, Speaker 1 01:10:49 I didn't see it that high. Speaker 0 01:10:50 I see it 11 on DK sports book, 11 and a half on bed mgm. So yeah, I see it 11 in some spots. Um, I'm looking at 11. See, on a fan what? Speaker 1 01:11:01 I said it was 11 on dk. Speaker 0 01:11:03 Oh, I thought you said 10 and a half. No, I did not. Speaker 1 01:11:07 You're thinking, you're, you're thinking of that other game that Steeler's Eagle's game. Speaker 0 01:11:11 So here's the thing, like my immediate, when I said, I was like, Yeah, I'm taking the bills, but I'm kind of scared now. I kind of feel like this could be a spot where everyone's on the bills and we actually, I mean, I don't know how, just like I couldn't give you an ex, if you said gimme a case for the Bears, I would've told you none. I have none. I don't see it unless New England turns it over seven times at the, at their own five and then Fields runs it in. Like I can't give you a compelling argument for Green Bay. They look terrible. Um, Rogers doesn't have confidence in some of these receivers. Lizard's probably not gonna play. Dobbs is making mistakes. Um, I just, and Buffalo's coming off a buy and they tend to win big. So I can't give you a case for Green Bay, but I kind of have a feeling they might keep it close. But I I, I can't put my money on Green Bay right now. I can't. Speaker 1 01:11:58 No. Yeah, I can't do it either. And, and I agree with you. It's always, it's one of those situations, we deal with this all the time. We see it all the time when you're, when you're trying to handicap games, there are just some games that you just look at, right? It's a suspicious line. Uh, you know, you just, you you, you worry about, you know, what, what a team's headspace is coming in. Uh, what was the one, uh, early on the season? Oh, we, we weren't even doing the show. Um, and I was uh, I was talking about the, uh, I guess the, it was the Broncos 49ers game in Denver. I think it was like week three. And I was like this, this line, just like if, if the Broncos are that bad and the 49ers are that good and Jimmy G is saving the day, you know, why the fuck is this spread point and a half? It makes no sense. It makes no sense. And when when I see something like that, it immediately just triggers me and I'm like, done. Speaker 0 01:12:54 See this line makes sense. Cause I guess what's happened is the market has not really caught up to the Packers cuz like we've been seeing them as favorites and now it's finally caught up. Right now the market's right, Speaker 1 01:13:09 But are they over correcting here? Speaker 0 01:13:11 I, I don't think so. Cause Buffalo to me is the best team. And when Buffalo is big favorites, they tend to cover and pummel teams. Like a lot of people in week two were like, Oh, how are the Titans? The 10 11 point underdogs? I'm like, I love Buffalo. Give me Buffalo. And they absolutely got pummeled. Um, I, and we've seen Tennessee play well since then. Um, but wait, last week the Packers were, I'm trying to remember now who they played. Oh, Speaker 1 01:13:42 Against watch they played Washington. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:13:43 Five and a half point favorites on the road. And then it's like really? I know Washington's not that good but like you trusted them with a five and a half point as a favorite and, and they lost. Um, and again, my problem too is I've watched them a lot and I see a Rogers dropping back to pass throw deep like it's street football. I'm like, what are you doing? It's clearly not working. Your receivers are not getting separation. Why aren't you getting the bowl of a Jones? They finally did it last week in a passing game. You had 9 53 and two touchdowns. A J Dill looks like shit horrible. You know? Horrible. Yeah, I mean so they just have a lot of issues right now. But then I'll hear some people be like, okay fine, but look what Daniel Jones is doing and he has no one. Speaker 0 01:14:24 And that's a fair point <laugh> like I know how Roger's gonna sit here and like, oh the receivers, but you're supposed to be an elite quarterback that we know he is not the same as he was in his prime. But you can't make it work. Like Daniel Jones is finding a way to get things done and he's had no one the entire year. And I hate defending the Giants, but I gotta be realistic here. I gotta be realistic, right? I mean they've had no one Wago Robinson just stepped in and he's a rookie on their size and I like him. But you know, Rogers has had lizard Toon is okay. I mean, again, it's losing the, about Adams I thought was huge for this team. Speaker 1 01:15:03 Like do you know Dobs and Watson? It's not a tandem that's getting it done, Speaker 0 01:15:08 Right? I mean, Watson's been banked up, barely played. Maybe he returns this week. I mean lizard's a huge loss too. So, but man it's the NFL bro. So I would not, I'm not surprised by anything after what we saw last week. I'm just not gonna be surprised by anything the rest of the year. Cause those are two outcomes that I never saw coming Tampa Bay, losing a Carolina and New England. Losing at home, losing the Chicago, Chicago just can't. So would I be surprised a Green Bay won? Yeah, but <laugh>, maybe they play a close game, but I'm not putting my money on the Packers. I can tell you that. Speaker 1 01:15:37 Uh, me neither. Let's wrap things up. Monday night football, Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. Big divisional matchup. Uh, Browns are the home dog. Three and a half. Speaker 0 01:15:49 Yeah. Gimme the Bengals. They're finally playing. Well here's the thing. So the Bengals have frustrated the shit outta me this year because if you remember that game against Miami, that Thursday night game, all they did was run the football with mix it and he was picking up two and a half yards per carry. And I'm like, what the fuck are you doing? And every time Borough dropped back to pass big plays, he averaged 9.3 yards per pass attempt that game. And I'm like, why isn't Cincinnati just cut and that game? I know you might go, Well the offensive line Barrow was sacked one time in that game and I think he said that's the cleanest pocket he ever had because they clearly had issues with the offensive line early in the year. But again, they went against the Steelers in week one with TJ Wat and the Cowboys in week two, that's gonna give most teams problems. Speaker 0 01:16:31 And they even went against the jets in week three. But he was fine. I love what they did this past week. Come out and throw the fucking football. You have Jamar, Chase, t Higgins, Tyler boy is mixing good. Yes, he's not efficient this year, whether it's him or the offensive line. He averaged 3.4 yards of carry last week. And on the season he is averaging, uh, what is it? Uh, four, no, um, 3.3 yards per Gary this year for mixing. Okay, <laugh>. It's just not working. Keep throwing the ball. Look what happened last week. 34 42. Bur had what, over 300 yards in the first half. 4 81 for the game sack. Three times. Okay boy, 1 55 Chase one 30 Higgs 93 even Hayden Hurst. That's how Theves gotta play. And I hope they continue to do it. Love what I saw last week. I know the Browns have not been good defensively, but stop forcing it to Joel Nixon if it's not working. Get the ball in your hands or your play makers. So I'm hoping that they continue that next week. Cause I love what I saw from them last week. Speaker 1 01:17:31 You know, I almost always just tilt over to the, uh, the home dog on Monday night. Almost always. And I think just with all of your excitement and exuberance about Joe Burrow and getting the ball into his playmakers hands, I am gonna say, uh, gimme all the Nick Chubb you can possibly give me. I, you know, it's so funny you can't even back the Browns with their passing offense. Losing, losing David and a joke. Who's gonna be a big deal to them whether they like it or not. I mean, I I you, I don't mind Harrison Brian if you're playing in a fantasy league, but from a reality standpoint, it's, it's a tough spot to be in here. Yeah, I think that's Speaker 0 01:18:11 Brown's a last in d v a defensively. I'm stunned how bad the Browns are defensively cuz this was a team the first four weeks, loved their schedule. I picked them up and man, they just have not been good defensively. I know they've had some injuries, but they've been embarrassingly bad. So yeah. Um, can't stop. I'm usually with you on the home underdogs on prime time. I can't do it. I think the Bengals are finally starting to play good football. And this is not the team that started poorly. They're they're really getting to going. Speaker 1 01:18:36 Yeah, no, their last, their last what, three or four games in comparison to their first three or three games. Definitely, definitely a huge turnaround for them. Huge turnaround. Uh, two weeks ago I was like, I'm, I'm all in on the Bengals for, uh, dfs. I, I didn't go back to the well last week cuz I thought last week was gonna be a mixing week. And, uh, and, and it turned into another Joe Burrow, Jamar Chase. I mean these two are just, you know, the, the offense is definitely, it's in a really nice groove and it's gonna take a couple of weeks before defenses really figure out how they, how they can stop 'em. It's not gonna be easy, especially when you've got, I mean, you think about it, right? 200 yard receivers in Boyd and Chase last week and, and, and Appal Tree, what? 96 for, for t Higgins. I mean that's a trio of wide receivers I never wanna face. Never. So, and Speaker 0 01:19:31 They, and they should be a pass first team. I mean, I know people have mixing and they love him and he's still gonna get his touches cuz they're, they're, they're rolling offensively. Speaker 1 01:19:38 Use the pass to set up the run. I don't care about that. Just use mixing to close out the, you know, eat, eat up the clock in the second half. That's perfectly fine Speaker 0 01:19:47 As that in even as, uh, inefficient as mixing was last week and fantasy, he still had 17 points. Speaker 1 01:19:55 Yeah, Speaker 0 01:19:56 Because in this offense he'll get the opportunity to finish drives with a touchdown. Speaker 1 01:20:02 So there you have it. Sports fans. There's NFL Week eight in a, in a nutshell for you in a, in a nice little nutshell, an hour, 20 minute nutshell. Yeah. One day we'll speed this up. No, we probably won't. Um, but that is gonna do it for us. And we thank everybody for, uh, for liking and subscribe in the new Cash It podcast. And as always, listen, you got questions, thoughts, comments, suggestions. He's at Adam Ronis on Twitter. I'm at Roto Buzz guy. You can also hit me up, uh, [email protected]. So with that, uh, I'm Howard Bender for Adam Ronis. This has been the Kat Podcast. We'll catch you next time.

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