March 16, 2023


Cash It: NFL Free Agency and Fantasy Baseball Outfielders, Starting Pitchers & Closers

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Free Agency and Fantasy Baseball Outfielders, Starting Pitchers & Closers
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Free Agency and Fantasy Baseball Outfielders, Starting Pitchers & Closers

Mar 16 2023 | 01:03:40


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss NFL free agency and then dive into MLB with outfielders, starting pitchers and closers for fantasy baseball. They even squeeze in some NBA betting talk.

NFL Free Agency -- 5:20
Fantasy Baseball Outfielders -- 22:10
Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitching & Closers -- 45:00
NBA - 58:09

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash. It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis by my side. Adam, what's going on, man? How you doing today? Speaker 2 00:00:12 Uh, doing good, busy time. A lot going on right now. This is an insane march is always, I always say March and August are the two busiest months, and then it's crazier because, you know, obviously I'm deep into NBA fantasy baseball drafts and the real drafts are coming up already done some real ones, but you know, the big ones now over the next couple weeks with the season two weeks away, we're all baseball classic. I think you're gonna start to see some juice there as we get further NCAA tournament, uh, N F L free agency. So it's just an insane time right now. Speaker 0 00:00:48 Yeah, it really is. Are you, are you into the NCAA tournament? Like, I don't know shit about college basketball. Like, people ask me stuff, I'm like, listen, there's a reason that I always have Dan Serio on the show, or today I've got, you know, because we're recording on Wednesday. Uh, my friend Jason Lisk, who works over for Team Rankings, he's gonna pop by. I, I just, I defer, I don't know shit about college hoops. You, Speaker 2 00:01:11 No, I'm not an expert. I just, over the years I follow it less and less, uh, just because, you know, I'm so deep into the nba. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's been difficult. So, you know, I'll follow it. It's gonna be tough this weekend though, to watch all of it because, uh, giraffes and t wars and everything. So, uh, I'll definitely follow it, but it's gonna be difficult to watch everything. I mean, it's really nice, uh, to kind of have it on TV while you work, uh, throughout the day. But, um, I'll probably be out most of the day on Friday and Saturday. Speaker 0 00:01:43 That's right. I forgot it's Tout Wars weekend coming up this weekend. It's so weird that I'm not gonna be there and like, I'm just, and I've already, I finished my Tout Wars draft and hold draft already, so, you know, there's, there's nothing for me for this weekend and I'm not doing, all the broadcasts are gonna be local in New York, so, um, I won't be doing that at all. Um, the league that you're in is, which one? Mixed option. Speaker 2 00:02:08 No, I'm not. I've already drafted my Tower Wars team. Oh, Speaker 0 00:02:10 All right. So you're just broadcasting that. Speaker 2 00:02:13 Yes. And, um, that's right. Yeah, Saturday and then the N F B C I was supposed to be in Sunday, but they, uh, canceled this Sunday. And now I'm probably not gonna be able to do the auction, cuz the auction's Friday at 9:00 AM And, um, I have work obligations, so I can't be there. So I'm gonna hope to be at a main event on Saturday at 2:00 PM I'm gonna have to rush from the Tout Wars broadcast to the N F C draft to do the main event. Speaker 0 00:02:42 Okay. All right. Damn busy, busy, busy for you. I, um, I don't know, man. I'm, I think I'm gonna sit and fart around this whole weekend. I'll watch the World Baseball Classic. I'm not, I'm not into the, the tournament. I don't even, I, I think I filled out a bracket, uh, only because Sirius XM was like, what's your Final four and your final, and your, and your pick for the winner for whatever graphic they, they want to do. But I was like, ah. I was like, all right, here you go. Here, here's my, uh, my, my bracket, which, I mean, literally, you know, every time somebody tries to get me into an NCAA pool for the brackets, I'm like, why, why don't you just take my, my 25 or 50 bucks and uh, and just go and just, you know, or just piss on it, put it in the street and take a whizz on it, because that's probably about where you're at there. Speaker 0 00:03:29 I have, uh, no, uh, no belief whatsoever in, in any of my picks. I just don't watch it. I just don't watch college basketball enough, uh, to make that happen. The World Baseball Classic. Um, definitely like you said, getting a little bit more juice in on that just because, I mean, tonight's game is gonna be, uh, is gonna be fantastic. We're, again, we're recording Wednesday, March the 15th, and this is, um, Puerto Rico versus Dominican Republic, and this is actually a winner win, you know, winner Advances Loser Goes home for this one. So it's a very tough group here, uh, to say the least. Or, uh, I, I don't even know if there's like another way for, for both teams to get in or to advance any further. So should be very, very interesting to see how this game pans out. I was actually running a, a mock draft and, uh, Joel Pinero, uh, former Seattle Mariner's, uh, pitcher, um, he was actually gonna do the mock draft and then he realized that it was Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. He's like, I can't do the draft anymore. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm like, dude, it's, it's totally cool. I totally get it. Um, no worries at all. So that'll be a fun one to watch there, and then I'll probably just kinda catch up with it on, uh, on, on the weekend and, and do that. Or I might, I might, I might, Adam, I might just take it easy on myself. Maybe I, maybe I don't do any sports this entire weekend. I, I think that'll, uh, that'll fly with the peoples. Speaker 3 00:04:56 No. Fuck <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:05:01 Alright. Um, alright, so College hoops, world Baseball Classic Tout Wars drafts, uh, N f NFL Free Agency has been, um, you know, I mean, crazy hectic. I, you know, I don't know how closely you're, um, locking into it just because you have so much going on with the NBA as well, and I don't have anything going on with the N nba, so I've kind of been locked in. Not to mention the fact that, you know, this Aaron Rodgers nonsense with the Jets is just, I mean, it's really just, ugh, it, it's, it's sticking me and it's like a, like a thorn in my side the entire time. Uh, very, very upset about it. Why? I just, I, I don't want, I don't want the media circus. I don't want, I don't want all of this shit. I mean, look at what's going on with the Jets right now. Speaker 0 00:05:52 We can't go into the season with Zach Wilson, Mike White signed with Miami, uh, Derek Carr is with the Saints. There's no other quarterbacks who are really legitimate quarterbacks are available. Um, Aaron Rodgers has dragged this shit on, you know, long enough. The Packers, uh, continue to drag this shit on long enough. So now there are no quarterbacks available at all. And basically the Packers are gonna price gouge the, the Jets and they're gonna try and demand, you know, multiple first round picks in order to make this trade. And I don't know, man, I listen, do I think Aaron Rogers makes our team better in comparison to Zach Wilson? A hundred percent. A hundred percent. But the, the non-stop media circus, the constant back and forth, the bullshit, the fact that we could end up mortgaging first round picks multiple first round picks to get a guy who is past his prime. Speaker 0 00:06:49 I don't see him taking us to the Promised Land. I don't see him out dueling guys like Josh Allen or out dueling, uh, pat Mahomes. I, I mean, I even think that the Jets might have trouble with a, with a team like, like the freaking Jaguars who look fantastic for, for the upcoming season. Like to me, the juice is not worth the squeeze here with Aaron Rogers. And it's just, you know, we went through this with, with Brett Favre and, and him using the Jets as leverage to go to Minnesota because the Packers didn't want to deal him like within the division, like all of this nonsense. I mean, to me, this is just, this is more aggravation than it really needs to be, uh, needs to be worth. And, and I was watching, um, you know, yes, I, I got Phish hooked into watching this stupid Pat McAfee show this afternoon to just kind of see what was being said. Speaker 0 00:07:42 And basically there was, there was nothing said, it was Aaron Rogers saying, yeah, I think I wanna still play more. That's what I, that's what hit me when I came out of the darkness. Um, but please, Jetz vans, I have nothing to do with these negotiations at all. So, um, you know, the, the, the Adam, he told Adam Shefter to lose his number because the, uh, the wishlist was apparently not true. Or at least Rogers is denying that wishlist being true. And, um, you know, it's just ugh, ugh, is is what I have to say about it. I just, he's he's not gonna be, it's not gonna be worth mortgaging first round draft picks for a guy who, I mean, what he's got another year or two left in him. And then is that gonna bring us to the Promised Land? No, definitely not. Speaker 2 00:08:30 I don't, I don't know if the Packers have much leverage here. Speaker 0 00:08:33 I don't think they have much leverage either. I mean, but what are they gonna do? They're gonna, they can't, they're not gonna cut him out, right? Are they, is there a cap hit? Speaker 2 00:08:41 Probably There is, yeah. Um, cause uh, he has a 58.3 million bonus that's due no later than week one of the season. Okay. So if they trade him before June 1st, they absorb 40.3 million in Dead, dead money. Speaker 0 00:08:56 If they trade him before June or after June 1st Speaker 2 00:08:59 Before. Speaker 0 00:09:00 So then what's the, what's the, what's the point in trading him then? Speaker 2 00:09:03 Well, that's, they, they're saying that the Packers can wait this out. That's the other thing too. The, he's gonna be a jet though. It's gonna happen. I think it's pretty clear. And Speaker 0 00:09:12 What are we gonna end up, Speaker 2 00:09:13 But if you don't want Aaron Rogers, then what do you want the just to do? Speaker 0 00:09:17 Oh, no, no, no. I mean, I, I, we're getting, we're stuck with Aaron Rogers. We're stuck negotiating. That's the problem is that there's nothing available right now. There's nothing out there. We don't have any other choices. We don't have any other choices, but to pay what the Packers are asking for. And that's, that's what I think the big problem is because this whole sh all this shit got dragged out and, and Rogers was like, you know, he dragged it out for his own personal gain. Um, he dragged out, you know, the Packers are gonna drag this shit out and then what are the Jets gonna do? They don't have any other options. There are none. There, there, there's literally, there are no other options around them for the N F L. Every other freaking quarterback. Maybe, maybe, maybe Teddy Bridgewater's available. Do I want fucking Teddy Bridgewater at the Jets? No, I don't, but I don't want to give up two first rounders for, for Aaron Rogers. Speaker 2 00:10:11 I don't think they're gonna have to. Speaker 0 00:10:14 I hope not, dude. I hope not. Meanwhile, I got Jim Bowden wh and crying on the show that your cowboys, uh, haven't done anything on offense. They, they've shored up the defense, which is great, but they still have no fucking weapons. Speaker 2 00:10:31 Yeah, I mean, it looks like they're cutting Zeke, so that'll free up some money. But yeah, they need to get a wide receiver. So whether it's through free agency, a trade or the draft, they definitely need to upgrade the offense. Speaker 0 00:10:42 Yeah. Well, Stefan Diggs taken off the table, he restructured his deal with the bills so that he can stay there. I know that was, uh, a player. Um, what do you think you would've to give up in order to get Deandre Hopkins? Speaker 2 00:10:55 You know, I don't even know if I want Hopkins at this point. I think he's getting close to being, you know, he's an older receiver. He wasn't great last year. Towards the end, I don't know. I, I don't want to give up much for him. I'd rather get someone else if they have to give up a lot for him. Speaker 0 00:11:14 Do you have any players in mind that you wanna see? Speaker 2 00:11:19 Um, I pro probably in the draft. I think they could draft a receiver. Maybe Odell Beckham is a guy that seems that they're in on, don't know if that's gonna work out either. I don't even Speaker 0 00:11:30 Know if they're, they're in on him. They didn't even go see his workout. Speaker 2 00:11:33 Yeah. And they kind of shot away from him last year too. Speaker 0 00:11:36 Yeah, I think they, they, there's something about o o BJ that it's not sitting well with Dallas. Speaker 2 00:11:42 It's a bad free agent market for wide receivers. That's the problem. Speaker 0 00:11:46 Yeah. Yeah, it is. Juju Smith used to just signed with the Patriots today. Speaker 2 00:11:51 Yeah. So, and he's not even that good. Speaker 0 00:11:54 No <laugh>, he's not, I mean, this was, and that was the big problem for the Jets also, is that this wasn't even a good year for free agent quarterbacks horrible year. Horrible. So the Speaker 2 00:12:07 Jets just need, you know, I know Aaron Rodgers wasn't great last year. He did play through a thumb injury, but they don't even need the Aaron Rodgers M v P level. They just need a competent quarterback that can just keep the offense moving. I mean, you saw how bad it was last year with their quarterback situation and how great the defense was. But the other problem is the A FFC is so tough. That is the problem. You have so many good teams in the A F C, whereas in the N ffc you don't, it's more wide open there. Speaker 0 00:12:34 Yeah. Oh, I definitely agree with that. Say, which is why, I mean, like, you know, all these, all these idiots who are, I was arguing with, uh, with Cino, Michael Cino on, uh, on Twitter yesterday, because I was just like, this is just, this is a, a crock of shit. This is terrible. And he's sitting there, he starts, you know, he is telling me that, uh, you know, jet fans don't understand, and he did the math and this, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, dude, your math is fucking ridiculous. It's not true. You can't sit there and talk about how many wins Aaron Rodgers is worth, uh, when he is playing for the Packers versus what he would be worth playing for the Jets. It just doesn't like football. Shit doesn't translate like that. And, and so, you know, he's going off on it. And, and I was like, at, at one point, I was just like, you know what? Fuck this. Let's just agree to disagree, just like we did when you were fucking telling me that Adam Gates was a decent coach and the Jets were gonna be fine with Adam Gates. I was like, so what kind of fucking bullshit is that? Unreal. And, and I just think that, I think that, that there are just, there're delusional people out there who think that Aaron Rodgers in a Jet's uniform puts us on track for the Super Bowl, Speaker 2 00:13:47 Uh, makes them a better team, obviously, because their quarterback play was atrocious last year. And Uhhuh <affirmative>, they don't need again. They don't need Aaron Rodgers of five years ago at the N V MVP level. They just need a quarterback that's gonna manage the offense, keep the offense moving, not turn it over. And that's one thing about Rogers, he's always been good at protecting the football and not turning it over. Speaker 0 00:14:09 Yep. Yep, yep, yep. I mean, I, I, like I said, I'm not saying that it's not gonna be an improvement. It'll, it has to be an improvement. You couldn't get any worse than what our, uh, what our QB situation was last year. But I mean, are we saying that that's like automatically gonna translate to the playoffs? No, it's not. Um, not when you're dealing with like the Bengals, the bills, the, the, the, the Chiefs. Uh, even the charges are gonna be better Speaker 2 00:14:39 Dolphins. The Speaker 0 00:14:40 Dolphins, um, you know, the Patriots always have our fucking number no matter what. That's always a problem for us to scrape out winds there. The Jaguars are getting better. That's another team that you have to look at as, uh, as as possible contenders for a, uh, a playoff spot. I don't know about the Vegas Raiders with Jimmy Garoppolo over there, but like you said, it's so tough. The grind in the AFC is so much tougher than it is that, you know, even with the improvement at qb, I think you need Aaron Rodgers to be vintage mvp. Aaron Rodgers, in order to, to make it to the fucking Super Bowl Speaker 2 00:15:22 Kills me. Uh, yeah. I mean, ask him for the Super Bowl. That's lofty expectations, but he makes them a better team. I mean, that defense was phenomenal last year, and they would've won a lot more games had they had Aaron Rodgers at quarterback last year. Speaker 0 00:15:36 Yeah. I look, I very much look forward to our, our our first round playoff exit. Super excited about that. Speaker 2 00:15:45 Fuck. Okay, so Jets fans who are never competitive are now gonna bitch if they make the playoffs. It's so funny. Speaker 0 00:15:52 <laugh>, I'm not bitching about making the playoffs, I'm just bitching about the way that we're going about it right now. Speaker 2 00:16:02 I mean, I, I don't What do you want them to do? I mean, they, you can't just sign Rogers. He's not a free agent. Speaker 0 00:16:09 No, we should have been, we should've been more active. Listen, I think we would've been just as fine with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. I think we would've been just as fine with Derek Carr under center. Both of those guys make the Jets better than they were last year. They've done Speaker 2 00:16:23 So well on their previous stints. Speaker 0 00:16:26 Jimmy Garoppolo winning record is winning percentage is pretty fucking good, dude. Speaker 2 00:16:31 Yeah. And why, why was it good? Speaker 0 00:16:34 Because of the rest of the 49ers around him. Speaker 2 00:16:36 Yes. Speaker 0 00:16:37 So you're, we're we're saying the same thing about the Jets. Great defense, great offensive line. They have Wilson, Speaker 2 00:16:44 Do they have the same weapons that San Francisco had? No, Speaker 0 00:16:46 They don't have the same weapons that San Francisco has. But, but you're, at least you're surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo with a, a rock solid team. Speaker 2 00:16:56 Yeah, I don't know, man. I still, I think he was just in the right system. Speaker 0 00:17:02 Um, I think he was in the right system as well. I definitely do. But we also know that Robert Sole, uh, is, is employing that same system that Kyle Shanahan, uh, implements over there in, uh, in San Francisco. Oh. Oh. Now, because we've got Nathaniel Hackett, the guy who couldn't fucking coach his way out of a paper bag, and now he's our, uh, he's our offensive coordinator. So you give, you give Nathaniel Hackett, Aaron Rodgers and Alan Lizard, and suddenly we're going on the fucking playoffs in the Super Bowl. Come on. Come on. And, Speaker 2 00:17:37 And you, so you would feel more confident that the team would go to the Super Bowl with Garo? Speaker 0 00:17:42 No, I'm saying that we are equally probable e our, our chances are equal, whether it was car, whether it was Garoppolo, or whether it's Aaron Rogers. I think our, our chances of being in the Super Bowl are probably at about equal. I don't think Rogers is very good anymore. Uh, he doesn't want to get hit at all. He doesn't run. He's not mobile. Um, I, I just, I I don't think that, I don't think that he moves the needle much more than a guy like Carr or Guy like Garoppolo does. Speaker 2 00:18:15 Uh, Garo has a very difficult time staying healthy. So you're talking about quarterbacks that don't wanna get hit. He can't stay on the field and Carr is mediocre. Speaker 0 00:18:24 Yeah. And Aaron Rodgers is mediocre right now. Speaker 2 00:18:28 He's, he, this'll be the best set of weapons he's had in years. Speaker 0 00:18:34 Yeah. Well, he, Speaker 2 00:18:36 He hasn't, he has not had good wide Speaker 0 00:18:37 Receiver. I don't know. Does he, does he have really that great set of weapons? Um, we don't know what Bruce Hall's gonna be like coming off of the a c L injury. Uh, we just signed a, you know, Alan Lazard, uh, because that's what, you know, apparently everybody thinks Roger's gonna get. And he gets, uh, and he, and he gets Garrett Wilson Speaker 2 00:18:57 And a Eli. Speaker 0 00:18:57 I mean, the dude had Devonte Adams for years and years and years. So you're gonna say that there, there's significant, he had significant upgrade weaponry. Speaker 2 00:19:08 First of all, he had Devonte Adams, that was the only receiver he had. What did he have last year? Two rookie receivers. Two inexperienced receivers. No tight end. He didn't have anything. And he played with a bad thumb Speaker 0 00:19:21 And he played with a bad thumb. Listen, I, I, you know, again, I I, well, I mean, we, we can agree to disagree. I, you know, and, and the proof will be at the end of the season when we see what happens with the Jets, but, well, what's Speaker 2 00:19:34 The proof? If they don't get to the Super Bowl, then you're fucking right. I mean, come on. That's ludicrous. There's no proof. No. Speaker 0 00:19:39 Let's, what is the, what is the endgame? Let's see how the team plays. Let's see how the team plays. Let's see if they make the playoffs. If they do make the playoffs. Let's see what the draw is. Like. I'm not gonna sit here and pass any judgment, and I'm not gonna turn around and say that I was right and everybody else was wrong until I see what happens. Because I'll tell you what, if we make the playoffs and we get bounced in the first round, can we say that legitimately having Aaron Rogers was that much better than having Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo? I, I mean, we'll just, we're gonna have to wait and see. Um, you know, I'm not gonna sit there and like, you know, Aaron Rogers gets hurt in week three. I'm not gonna sit there and turn around and take a victory lap over it. I'm just gonna say flat out, I mean, listen, this is, this is what it is. This is what the Jets have. This is the bed that they have now made for themselves. They're gonna have to lie in it. And we'll see what happens. I'm just not gonna sit here and say that Aaron Rodgers is all of a sudden gonna be the difference maker that the Jets have needed all this time. Speaker 2 00:20:41 Yeah. And I don't think car or grapple were either. I mean, cars had one season of 30 touchdowns. I mean, he was supposed to be great last year, right? Oh, Adams Waller. Renfro Jacobs had a great year. 24 touchdowns in 15 games. Speaker 0 00:20:56 Well, I mean, that was also a terrible, like, I mean, he just couldn't figure out that fucking offense that Josh McDaniels was running Speaker 2 00:21:03 14 interceptions each of the last two years. Mm-hmm. Speaker 0 00:21:06 <affirmative>, yeah. Both Bolts sitting there with, with Josh McDaniels and an overcomplicated offense that he was obviously too dumb to figure out. That's why they went out and got Jimmy Garoppolo, because at least Garoppolo knows, uh, you know, and has experience with McDaniel's system and knows what he wants to do. I'm willing to bet that that Garo has a better showing in Vegas than Carr has over the last two seasons with McDaniels. I'd say that's, I mean, Speaker 2 00:21:31 It's not, it's not a high bar. It's not a high bar to clear <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:21:35 No, it's definitely not. It's also not a high bar to set that the Jets are gonna have improved quarterback play with Aaron Rodgers on their team, because last year was disgusting. Speaker 2 00:21:45 Yeah, it was terrible. Speaker 0 00:21:47 Horrible dude. Horrible. Um, all right. We've spent far, much, far too much time on off-season football right now from me. I'm so disgusted by this whole thing. I'm so disgusted with so bad. Let's talk. Can we, can we talk a little m l b? Can we talk some fantasy baseball? Let's Speaker 2 00:22:03 Do it. Speaker 0 00:22:03 Let's do it. Let's talk some fantasy baseball. Let's start off here. What we're gonna do is for, uh, b because we've been covering, we did middle infield last week, corner infield, the week before that, catchers the week before that. We're getting down to crunch time here. So let's just, let's talk outfield, starting pitching. And we can talk closers too, because I mean, it's just the nature of the beast. And people are gonna have some serious drafts coming up here, uh, this weekend. And, uh, and the weekend after. I can't believe it's almost March 30th, almost the start of the season. Dude, that's super, super exciting. Um, let's start in the outfield and, uh, and, and let's talk about it. How are you, uh, how are you handling your outfield, uh, in drafts this year so far? Speaker 2 00:22:50 Um, I don't have a set plan for it. I know people are like, especially in 15, 15 leagues old, the outfields real thin. You gotta get 'em early. Look early on, I'm worried about getting the best players and the best stats. I don't care. Uhhuh <affirmative>. So there'll be some drafts where I'll have two or three outfielders in the first six, seven rounds. There'll be other drafts where I have one, um, labor. I did not spend a lot in the outfield. I spent on two players, a, a Rosana and Eloy Jimenez. Then I got bunch of ch uh, cheap players. And that's a 12 team league. Cause I allocated more money to the infield, just the way it worked out. So, uh, yeah. Is it, is it thin in a 15 team league where you gotta start five outfield? There's no question about it. But I also think there's gonna be more players available on waivers in the outfield. Speaker 2 00:23:29 So it's top heavy. You got your studs early on, then as you go, you're like, oh boy. There's a lot of question marks here. So, um, I'm not worried about like, oh, I have to get three outfielders in the first nine rounds. I'm not worried about it. Uh, I think people are paying too much attention to positional scarcity in the first few rounds. I mean, get the stats, man. Yeah. If you have to get two short stops in the first four or five rounds, do it. Just do it. You wanna get the stats so fine. You're, you're gonna be great at middle infielder, um, compared to everyone else. All right, fine. You're a little thin in the outfield. But I think more players become available on waivers in the outfield. There'll be injuries. There's obviously a lot of platoons when you look later on, but, um, I'm not gonna have it in my mind that I have to get, you know, three, four outfielders early. I'm trying to remember now. Cause I did a, did an N FBC online championship on, uh, what was it, Friday night? It was a last minute day. That's a 12 team league. So that's a little different. Speaker 0 00:24:30 Oh, didn't I call that? Didn't I say that on the last episode? Speaker 2 00:24:33 That what? Speaker 0 00:24:35 That you were gonna jump into another draft. You were like, yeah, I don't have anything for a little while. And I was like, you're jumping into something else. You're gonna, you're gonna do it. Speaker 2 00:24:42 Um, well, I was, I was asked, uh, to do it. So I said, okay, <laugh>. Um, Speaker 0 00:24:48 So, Speaker 2 00:24:48 Uh, I did start out with Speaker 0 00:24:50 Just admit that I was right. Okay. Speaker 2 00:24:51 No, I can't. Um, I started that draft with two outfields actually, uh, picking seven Kyle Tucker fell. And I was surprised. I was like, oh shit, click the button. And, uh, Mike Trout in round two. Uh, oh. Speaker 0 00:25:03 That, that's disrespectful. Speaker 2 00:25:05 Yeah. I mean, look, we all know the deal with trout, right? But when he is on the field, man, I mean, he did steal a bass in the WBC too. I'm not saying that's gonna happen, but Trout, even if he plays 120, 130 games, gonna put up sick numbers. So I started two outfielders. I didn't get my third one till around 13. So again, I'm not really, and that's a 12 team league. But yeah, I mean, look, there's some, there's some decent outfielders late that you can get. So, um, I'm not really worried, too worried about it. Uh, I'm gonna take the best players early, and like I said, it might be three outfielders in the first nine rounds. If not, I'll figure it out. Speaker 0 00:25:45 I, I mean, let's, let's look at some tears, because I think what what happens is, is that you look at it and you just look at the, look at the, the top outfielders, a Kuya, Julio Rodriguez, judge Soto, Tucker Alvarez, trout Mooky bets, you know, right over there. I mean, that's, I mean, I think trout's a first rounder still. So, I mean, other, if other people aren't gonna think that way, then, you know, so be it. Let them be, uh, morons about it. But I, I think, so those eight, I think are, are all first round picks, all of 'em. And, and I think that that's probably where everybody kind of freaks out about it. I think that there is definitely a dropoff after you get past that, you go from that top 10, you know, and you think about, you know, Louis Robert, Michael Harris Warberg, or Rosa Mullins, like, you know, in that top 15 Eloy, then you're talking like a Dollis Garcia. Speaker 0 00:26:41 So all of a sudden now there's a, there's a drop off after the top 10 or the top eight or nine, and then you've got, you know, another drop off. I would say, like right after the top 20, you know, when you start looking at guys like Quan, uh, SEIA Suzuki, um, you know, Tyler O'Neill, Santan Deer, Stanton, McCarthy, Castanos, like, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm comfortable with guys in, in that range there. Um, beyond that, like who is your who, if you didn't take a, a third outfielder until round 13, you said, who was your outfielder? Speaker 2 00:27:21 Ian Hap. Speaker 0 00:27:23 Okay. Which I, you know, I have him 33rd in my, in my rankings for the outfield. Yeah. Solid. That's not bad. That's not bad that he lasted that long. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:27:32 He's, he's a solid outfielder man. Um, you know, uh, little pop, he stole nine bases last year. Um, improved that average. So say a Suzuki I like a lot. It's the injury, man. He fell to the 13th round of this draft. He's gonna obviously miss some time begin the year, but he really improved, uh, late in the season. He was a guy I was gonna be targeting like round seven, round eight, and obviously have to back off a little bit now, but I still might be interested in him at the right price. Like, I think, um, well, I know we're gonna, like, I know we're gonna do pitchy after, but Joel Musgrove to me, has fallen way too far, bro. Like, I took him in this draft in round 10 as my third starter. It doesn't sound like he's gonna miss much time. It's a toe injury, it's not an arm. So, you know, some of these, uh, injured guys are gonna be a little bit of a bargain. But I also don't like to go into the season with already, I think you could do it with one player. You don't wanna do it multiple, because you know, more injuries are gonna come to your team. Speaker 0 00:28:35 Yeah. Oh, I'm, I'm definitely, even if you're talking about, I mean, if it's a 12 team league with unlimited IL spots, well then, you know, yeah. Then I'll grab, I'll grab, uh, Musgrove, I'll grab Tyler Glass. Now, you know, if I, if I know that there's not like a huge issue and these guys, you know, could be back, you know, sooner than later, uh, I, I'm fine with doing that, but yeah, I've never been one of those guys who like, you know, drafts the injured player, um, just to stash him away. So I, I, I get you on that one there. So gimme some, some mid-tier outfielders who you find yourself, you know, kind of landing on. Obviously, you know, it, it's always, every draft is different and whatever, but once you get to those middle rounds, there's always like certain names that just pop more for you, uh, based on where you are in your draft. Speaker 2 00:29:29 Yeah, I think Lars Newbar is interesting for the Cardinals. Um, I think, uh, Lord is Guillo, um, Riley Green haven't drafted yet, but I see he's been having a pretty good spring. Um, I think Austin Meadows has a bounceback, Garrett Mitchell from Milwaukee. I know he was dealing with a little bit of a hamstring Oscar colos from the White Sox. Uh, he's gotta win the job first. Um, I think Jesse Winker could have a good year, Milwaukee. Um, I'm willing to take a chance on Jared Cheick. Um, price really hasn't gone up too much. Uh, I just, Speaker 0 00:30:06 I just wrote up on, on that about ick being a post type sleeper, the [email protected]. I did a, um, uh, a debate with, uh, with James Grande, uh, and I took the pro Jared Kek, I love me a post type sleeper man, when everybody's off of a guy like that. I love it. Although this hot spring, everybody's like, I know. It doesn't help suddenly bringing him back. I Speaker 2 00:30:27 Know, I know. Cuz this price has definitely gone up. Uh, I'm trying to think, where did he, I'm trying to find where he went in this draft. I know I got him in a draft champions recently. Um, but that was like, he went around 17 of a 12 team league look and I'm That's fine man, because you're not investing much man in the 12 team league too. I will say this, I think we spoke about it. Yeah, we did. It was, uh, one of the sound bites. But in the 12 team league man, you're gonna make more cuts. You have to be quick. There's always gonna be more players available on waivers. So it's not a big investment around 17 for Kel Nick. Um, if it doesn't work out, you quickly move on. Um, I like Jake Fraley in Cincinnati. Little power, little speed, great Park. Um, uh, even later, Jorge sole, I think, uh, we could see the power for him. Uh, he can bounce back. Uh, Manny Margot, I like, uh, let's see, TJ Friedl from Cincinnati and, uh, Oswaldo Cabr from your Yankees. Speaker 0 00:31:28 I'm really wondering what, cuz if you look at the Outfields for like the Reds, the Royals, um, you know, even, I mean even the Brewer's right field is still not, you know, not settled yet. And we're wondering about whether or not South Freek is gonna, uh, you know, break camp with the big club. I mean I it's very interesting that, you know, you, you, you point out guys like Frito and Fraley because, you know, the question is, is are they gonna see the at bats that you want? And, and then the, because then you have to look in and say, well does Cincinnati or Kansas City does, do they have anybody to bring in to play those spots? And unfortunately I don't think either team has anything really much behind it. Speaker 2 00:32:16 Yeah, I think you'll see those guys get playing time. I mean it probably, you know, they got Myers who's gonna play, although he can play first base to start with. Vato not ready, got Frito out there. Zel never stays healthy Fraley. Um, I think a name to keep an eye on, I don't think he's gonna start the year with the team, is Will Benson. I just took him in like round 34 of a draft champions league. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, he's, he's got some elite power, big guy 6 5 2 30 came over from Cleveland. So, uh, he might, might not be there to start the year, but I think a guy to keep an eye on, um, to see if it comes up during the season. But yeah, I mean look, you want some of those, uh, reds players in that park. We just seen, you saw jury go there and just have a career year. Uh, so this is the best park that Will Myers has ever played in. I know there's injury risk with him, but, uh, I'm open to him. It seems though that price is a, has risen a little bit. It, it's cost a little more to get him, but I'm still open to taking him. Oh, Brian de La Cruz from Miami. Speaker 0 00:33:20 They love him over in Miami. Like my good, they've, they've locked in on him as their, uh, their starting left fielder Speaker 2 00:33:27 His September last year and it's one month. But they set, he struggled. They set him down on the minors to work on pitch recognition, specifically the change up. Boy, he came up and his statcast numbers were ridiculous. So, um, definitely like him as well. So yeah, I mean look, there's some, there's some decent guys that you can get late. They're all not gonna hit, but, um, willing to take a, a few of them. Speaker 0 00:33:50 Yeah, I mean listen, I'm, I'm, I'm in on a lot of those names. Um, I don't know how you feel about Michael Conforto in San Francisco. I kind of like the spring that he's having right now. He's, um, excuse me, he's shown some, uh, some, some nice power there. Um, I agree with you that I would like to see Austin Meadows on a, on a rebound. I don't necessarily know if that's happening. Um, I'm trying to think of like, I'm just looking at the, uh, at the back end of the rankings here and trying to figure out, um, who else. You mentioned Garrett Mitchell, you know who I, we've talked Brendan Donovan before, so we don't need to, Speaker 2 00:34:30 I look at him more the fielder, but I know he has alpha eligibility. Speaker 0 00:34:33 Well that's the thing, man. I love grabbing him late and I did it in a mock draft that we were doing for, uh, for the fantasy alarm draft guide last night. Um, and yeah, and Donovan was like sitting there in like round 20 and I was like, ah, you know, first base eligibility, third base eligibility, second base eligibility. Oh look, outfield eligibility. Like, I love having those guys, those type of guys. Especially when you're talking about like a league where you can make daily roster moves. It just makes it, it just gives you so much flexibility in your roster. So much flexibility. Um, I'm trying to think. I mean, you kinda landed on a number of the guys who I've been targeting and drafting recently. Um, you know, I took a shot on just for shits and giggles, man, just to see what happens. Just a tip, Adam, just to see how it felt. I took Cody Bellinger in a draft wind's blowing out at Wrigley. Maybe the pressure's off him a little bit. Being on a, on a, on a lesser team like the Cubs than the Dodgers. I kind of feel like Bellinger could show some power again. Speaker 2 00:35:47 Um, I'm, I'm kind of torn on him. I mean, look, he had 19 homers, 14 steels last year. But if the Dodgers can't fix you, isn't that a red flag? Speaker 0 00:35:59 Um, I don't know. Is that, is that considered a red flag if the Dodgers can't fix them? Speaker 2 00:36:02 I mean, look at what the Dodgers do, man. I mean look at all the pitchers that have gone to, I mean that's the reason why I'm interested in Noah Syt is cuz he is on the Dodgers. Look what they did with every pitcher they bring in. Speaker 0 00:36:12 Okay. But Cody Bellinger doesn't pitch. I Speaker 2 00:36:14 Know, but even hitters too. I mean, guys go to the Dodgers and are really good and if the Dodgers couldn't bring back Bellinger on a one year deal, that tells you they don't have confidence in him. And the, and Bellinger big year was 2019 when everyone was hitting home runs. Speaker 0 00:36:30 Well yeah, that's cuz they were using, as Jim Bowden puts it, they're using a golf ball instead of a baseball. Speaker 2 00:36:35 Right. And so guys who have that big year at 19 and then don't do anything since you gotta be careful. Um, and I don't know what's happened the last two years, man. Strikeout rate is, is high. His walk rate is down. He just looks bad. I mean, again, you, if you get 20 homers, 15 steals, you'll be happy. The key is what are the counting stats gonna be and how bad is the average? It was two 10 last year, 1 65 and 21. I mean, and that's over 900 at bats. So we're not talking a small sampler, we're talking 900 at bats. So I don't know, I haven't drafted 'em anywhere yet. Speaker 0 00:37:10 I took 'em once just to just, like I said, just to see how it felt. See what happened. Get an, get Speaker 2 00:37:16 An td. Speaker 0 00:37:18 Did I get it? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well wait, are genital warts considered an S T d? Speaker 2 00:37:23 Yeah, I think they are buddy. Speaker 0 00:37:25 Ah, really? I just thought that that was like, you know, like penis braille. So that way we're having sex with a blind person. They can, I Speaker 2 00:37:32 Can tell a girl, Hey, um, I have general awards. What do you think? Do you think she'll sleep with you? Speaker 0 00:37:37 Maybe she takes a pen and she tries to pop 'em a little bit. So that can just lubricate. Then she lubrication Speaker 2 00:37:43 Then she really cares about you and you should marry her Speaker 3 00:37:45 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:37:52 And this is why we get nominated for awards. Speaker 3 00:37:55 <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:38:00 Um, who's the one outfielder Adam, who you love, you just haven't been able to draft him. People are jumping the, uh, jumping the ADP on ya. Um, and then you don't wanna, you don't wanna bump him up too much. Um, who's the one outfielder that that you just, you can't seem to get your hands on? Speaker 2 00:38:20 Let's see. Um, I don't think I have any Lars Newport. So I would say him. And I'm try, I think I do have a Garrett Mitchell, but definitely not as much as I want. I know someone took him into, I was kind of upset about that. Um, so yeah, I'd say those, those two guys. Speaker 0 00:38:41 Those two guys for me, it's Taylor Ward. Speaker 2 00:38:44 Oh, I, I took, where did I, oh, I took Ward and t It's o p I took him in tout. I think it, it was, might have been early, but again, you gotta throw that out the window cause it's O p I think I took him in around seven, I believe. But yeah, I like him. Speaker 0 00:38:58 I like him a ton. I like him leading off. I love the fact that he'll have trout otani hitting behind him. He's gonna get plenty of pitches to see. He's gonna get plenty of, uh, you know, time on base. The run score should be great. Um, I'm not looking at him for stolen bases because why would you run him if you've got trout otani right behind him. But yeah, man, like I've got him like just on the cusp of my top 30 for the outfield and I just never seem to be able to get him in drafts. People just keep jumping on me and uh, and, and I'm like, ah, all right. I mean, I just, I'm not gonna reach too high up for him and, and push him to a spot where he really doesn't, you know, where it's not, it's not affordable or, you know, you're not getting any value out of it. Speaker 2 00:39:46 Yeah, he's, uh, I mean because the outfield is kind of thin. Like in my 12 team, he went in round nine actually one pick before me. I might have taken him had he fell to me. Speaker 0 00:39:59 And then in the, in the realm of, um, you know, there are times where you're just really fucking happy that you're drafting in in January and February. Uh, because the helium on, uh, Jordan Walker, oh my God, is not, he went in the eighth round of a 12 team mock last night, the eighth round Speaker 2 00:40:20 Mine. He went first pick of round eight. This was Friday night. So this was before the shoulder issue, which is apparently not a big deal. Cause I believe he's back in the lineup now. Speaker 0 00:40:31 Yeah, he was back in the lineup yesterday actually. Speaker 2 00:40:33 Right. So yeah, man, I mean it's just such a high price. Speaker 0 00:40:39 Yeah, I've got him, I've got him in tout. I, I, you know, I, I didn't, I didn't take him until late. I think I've got him in like three leagues. Um, and, and I don't think I, I went higher than like the 17th round for him and now I can't fucking go. Speaker 2 00:40:57 Yeah. Now I forget it. And then once they make an official announcement that he makes the team, it is gonna be even higher because the same thing happened with Julio Rodriguez last year, and I think that's what people are doing. They're like, oh, Julio Rodriguez all over. I don't think it is, man. Speaker 0 00:41:13 Um, I don't necessarily, I don't think it is either. I mean, I love Jordan Walker. I really do. I think that it's, you know, it's fantastic play, but you know, um, you know, big league hit, big league pitchers are gonna figure out, like that's the thing right now is that you look at Jordan Walker and it doesn't look like he's got any holes in his swing, which is very impressive for a guy who's what, 6 5 6 6. Speaker 2 00:41:36 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:36 To have a guy who's like that tall Speaker 2 00:41:38 Yeah. Big, bigger strike zone too. Um, and didn't, didn't play in triple A, you know, played at a, a high A and double, uh, a and double A all last year. So skipping triple A, I mean, look, he's been impressive so far in the spring, but, uh, you're, you're paying for the ceiling right now and it's only gonna get wor uh, you know, the price is only gonna go up if they officially announce he's making the team. Speaker 0 00:42:04 Yeah. What about Corbin Carroll? I've seen Corbin Carroll now go in the, uh, fifth and sixth round. Oh. Speaker 2 00:42:09 I've seen him go in the third and fourth round and I think he's another guy that's lot tough. Yeah, man. Like again, it's, I know they just signed him to a contract eight year, $111 million deal. We know he is got insane speed. You could just watch him and yeah, he's fun to watch, but I don't know if the power's gonna be there, the speed will, but yeah, people are paying a very high price tag. And we did see him a little bit at the major league level last year, 27% strikeout rate, four homers, two steals, and 32 games. So, uh, we know he is gonna play. But yeah, I mean, he is going very, very high. He went, uh, late fourth round in my 12 team league and I've seen him, I've seen him go on the third, third round of some 15 team leagues now. Speaker 0 00:42:48 Too rich for my blood, my man, too rich for my blood. Speaker 2 00:42:52 I guess if you start three bats with no speed and you want the speed, uh, okay, but you're kind of overpaying for it. Speaker 0 00:43:01 Yeah, you're definitely overpaying for it. Speaker 2 00:43:04 I mean, look, you look at last year, see, and that's the thing, people were like, well, look at Julio Rodriguez, look at Bobby Whit. Okay. And there's a lot of rookies that don't come through. I'm all for taking them. But you're talking about high price tags now for these guys Yeah. Where you need them to hit their ceiling. Speaker 0 00:43:19 Well, isn't that, I mean that's, that's kind of the way that that most rookies go night right now. I mean, it really has. I remember, God damn, I remember when it was, uh, was it 2001 when pool holes came in, um, basically from outta nowhere third base for the, for the Cardinals. They said that they were gonna send him back down. They finally turned around and said that they were gonna, you know, hold him there and, and with the season that he had from that point on, and I mean, it's kind of crazy, but from that point on, the elevation of rookies has been tremendous. And then when you get guys like Trout and Harper coming into the league, I mean, now it's like, it's, it's insane. So yeah, to see Julio Rodriguez, uh, produced like that last year, and now it's like, now Corvin Carroll and Jordan Walker all have like these crazy high price tags and you know, you just, you see the elevation of rookies. I'm not anti rookie by any stretch of the imagination. I love rookie power hitting third baseman. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. But yeah, and Speaker 2 00:44:25 I, and I was in on Whit last year. I got him in a couple leagues, Julio Rodriguez, I didn't get anywhere, but I had 'em ranked very high. Um, I had him, even when it was, I had him top 30 in the outfield. Uh, so I just, everyone else was just going like crazy for him. So I couldn't get him. But I definitely had 'em ranked high. Speaker 0 00:44:46 Uh, once the inflation starts, once the helium starts for, uh, for, for rookies, it's, it's really tough to contain. Really tough to contain. So, um, alright, let's go from the outfield to the pitching. Let's, uh, let's talk about it here. Uh, again, I mean obviously there are a lot of schools of thought where you can wait on pitching. Uh, you gotta attack pitching, you know, early. I found that in a 15 team league, I don't mind taking a pitcher or two on the early side. And we could actually, we can combine starting pitching with closers at this point because the, the high end elite closers like hater, uh, Diaz and Class A, these guys are going like late second, early third round. Um, I've seen these guys go. So, you know, I, I'm, I, you know, in a 15 team league, I'm fine doing that in a 12 team league though. I don't mind waiting on the starting pitching a little bit more. Speaker 2 00:45:46 Yeah, I think you can. I'm trying to get one of the top closers and I've been pretty successful in doing that. Uh, Tao ORs actually waited till around six and got Felix Batista. Um, actually there was a couple guys that went ahead of him that I have Batista ranked ahead of. I don't know if that was cuz people were concerned with Batista's, you know, injuries. But he did make his spring debut on Monday or Tuesday and was fine. So maybe he goes back up. But I was, uh, considering that I waited, uh, and got two pitchers rounds, four and five and then came back with Petista, I was happy and my 12 team N F B C on online championship on Friday. I took Rosselli, Gladius round five. I really like him a lot. So I'm trying to get one of those top closers for sure. Speaker 2 00:46:28 And then I'll kind of piece it together, um, take a chance on someone late work the waiver wire, um, because a lot of those mid-tier closers suck or don't have the job. Um, but I do want to try and get one. Yeah, I think we're pitching you, you can, you can wait a little bit this year. You know, I think there's some good pitchers in the rounds, four, five, and six that I have pr uh, confidence in. Um, and there's solid pitchers throughout the draft, so, um, I'm not gonna take an extreme approach where I'm gonna, oh, start with eight bats. I, I don't think I'm gonna go like that, but I think you could start with three, four bats and then grab some pitching along the way. Um, I'm all, you also kind of always say you gotta read the draft room. Like when I was in tu I could see I'm like, okay, they're pushing pitching down. Speaker 2 00:47:12 So I started with three bats and then I said, okay, now I like a couple of the arms here, so I'm gonna come back with two arms and a closer. And it, and it worked out. Um, so I think it, it all depends. Um, you know, I like my online championship. I waited till around four for my first pitcher, got around five, and then there was kind of, I seen another run of pitching and wanted to grab one of those arms. So, uh, yeah, I think you just kind of wanna see what the, how the room is playing it. You know, it's always important to know your competition. You're in your home league, you know how it goes, you know, uh, the run on pitching usually, and if it changes you kind of just read the draft rule and, and draft accordingly. Speaker 0 00:47:50 Yeah. In a, in a 12 teamer that I did last night, again, you know, mid second round, Corbin Burns, Gar Cole, I had the second pick overall, um, started off with a kuya. Then, uh, in the second round, uh, burns Cole and Alcon all came off the board. I took Linor. Um, and then it came back around for me for, uh, for, for round three. And I was debating taking Edwin Diaz there. Um, but I didn't, I was just, I was like, all right, let me see what happens here as far as the closers go. I'll, I'll make sure that I attack in four or five if I, uh, if I have to. So I grabbed Matt Olson, you know how much I love him. I grabbed him in the third and then two picks later, Edwin Diaz came off, then Verlander, uh, and then it was like late in the draft, McClanahan klai all, all six in a row here. McClanahan class a DeRidder, Woodruff, Scherzer, uh, and then, uh, and then Mullens, then it was Nola. And by the time it got to me, hater was still on the board. Boy Speaker 2 00:48:59 Nola went, that Nola went that late. Speaker 0 00:49:03 Nola went, uh, yeah, four, fourth, fifth pick of round four, Speaker 2 00:49:07 That is a steal Speaker 0 00:49:09 In a 12 steamer. Speaker 2 00:49:10 Nola is just so reliable, man. The guy goes out there, makes starts. I know if you look at his numbers, they're kind of erratic from year to year. He had the 4 6 3 e r a two years ago, although a lot of that was kind of some bad luck. But the guys made at least 32 starts in four of the last five full seasons, excluding 2020. And, um, doesn't walk guys strikeouts a solid, you know, you're gonna get around 200 innings for him. I just think he's a real reliable pitcher, Speaker 0 00:49:40 Very reliable guy. No doubt about it, no doubt about it. And you can, you can build a, a great staff, you know, around him and use him as your ace. I, I agree. Um, it got to me at the end of round four and Hater was still on the board, so I grabbed him and then Bieber went, and so then it was my pick again and I was like, do I go for a starting pitcher here? And I'm looking, it's like, you know, Rodan, Manoa, Wheeler, Frid, cease, you know, I mean, good guys, but guys that, you know, weren't like really crazy. So I was like, Ooh, Luis Castillo's likely gonna be, you know, he could, if he could be available to me for my pick, and wouldn't, you know it, he went the pick right before me. But, so with round six and seven, I started off my starting pitching. Speaker 0 00:50:29 Fran Valdez and Zach Galland, two guys who I, I like a lot. They're, they're not, you know, I mean, they're, they're the number ones on their team, but you know, Neith, you know, none of them, you're not gonna confuse them with Corbin Burns or Sandy Altra, you're know, call confuse him with Justin Verlander. But I felt like it was just a, a good solid anchor to, to have there. So I went Valdez gallon, and then like three picks later, I ended up with George Kirby and then four picks after Kirby. Kirby was in the 10th and the 14th, I took Charlie Morton and then came back around in the 15th and took Grayson Rodriguez. So I kind of felt pretty good about the, you know, the pitching staff for a 12 team or also because you know that there's gonna be tons of pitching sitting on the waiver wire. Speaker 2 00:51:18 Yeah, I mean, I think there's a multitude of ways to build your pitching in a 12. So, um, I don't think it's absolutely necessary to take guys early. I think you could still get some good arms as you showed there. Speaker 0 00:51:33 Yes. I, uh, I, I agree with that. Um, all right, let's, uh, let's do pitching the way we did, uh, outfielders there, uh, mid, mid round guys who, uh, you find yourself kind of targeting on the regular? Speaker 2 00:51:48 Uh, let's see. I would say let's Nester Cortez. Um, Alex Cobb, I like a lot did last year too. Adding another, the pitch, uh, let's see, um, I'm warming up to Chris Sale. Don't have 'em yet. Uh, Charlie Morton, Jeffrey Springs, Joe Ryan, Jordan Montgomery, drew Rasmussen, Reed dks, Pablo Lopez, Brady Singer, hunter Brown. If the price doesn't get too high, I know he is, had a, a little bit of some control problems in the spring. Um, but Brady, Speaker 0 00:52:28 Brady Singer. Speaker 2 00:52:29 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:52:30 I don't like him. Speaker 2 00:52:32 Uh, John Gray, Patrick Sandoval, Trevor Rogers, Jameson, Ty. Yeah, those are, those are some guys. Speaker 0 00:52:46 Those are some guys. Those are a coup, a few of my favorite names there. Um, let's see. Um, I don't mind taking, I like Nick Nicola Dolo. I love him. Um, I think he's, he's worth looking at. I like Joe Ryan's uptick in velocity. I might give him a look. I do like Pablo Lopez. They're also for the twins. I know that there's, there's risk involved as far as the shoulder goes, but, um, I don't hate that. Uh, what do you think of Jesus Lazard this Speaker 2 00:53:17 Year? Yeah, I like him. I mean, you know, not a great team. Not a great defense, but, you know, definitely has good stuff. And when he is healthy, he's been good. Speaker 0 00:53:29 Yeah. Um, I like Jeffrey Springs. I don't mind Drew Rasmussen. Um, I'm gonna take a shot on Pat Patrick Sandoval. I know two years ago everybody was all hyped about him and, and he didn't deliver. Um, I think a lot of people forget the fact that he's only 26 years old still. Speaker 2 00:53:48 His thing is just improving command. Like he's got a nasty change up. His walk walks have always been a problem for him. Um, he does not give up home runs at all. He allowed eight home runs last year at a hundred forty eight, two thirds innings. And his career home run per nine is 1.01. It was 0.48 last year. Um, I guess the o so the thing with him is the whip and because of the walks, cuz I had 'em last year in a couple leagues, he had a 1.34 whip. So it, it's gonna take, uh, cutting down those walks because those walks are what keeps that whip at where it is 9.4% walk rate last year. So that's gonna be the key. He's gotta improve that to take that step up because I think a lot of people don't look at whip enough and that was his problem. So I'd like to see him throw more first pit strikes, it was only 58% last year. Gotta get that higher. Um, but he's got a lot of ability. I guess the other thing is angels look like they're going with a six-man rotation again. So that limits the two-star weeks. Speaker 0 00:54:44 Are they, are they gonna do that? Are they gonna do the six-man rotation? Uh, you gotta figure if they, if they, if they don't have the intention to sign Tni or res resign Tani, then it makes more sense for them to just stick with the five-man rotation and get as much out of 'em as you can. Speaker 2 00:55:01 Yeah, you would think that, but I, I believe they're still gonna go with a six man. Speaker 0 00:55:07 Oh, Speaker 2 00:55:08 Could change angels. I mean, they could change. Speaker 0 00:55:11 Oh, angels. Why, why, why? Um, I'll take a shot on Sean Manaya late is ADP is really low. You wanna talk about like how the Dodgers fix players? I like how the Giants fix players as well, you know? Yes. And Farhan anxiety when he brings somebody in, like, you know, that the due diligence is done on the players. So I might actually take a look at Sean Manaya, uh, because I mean, obviously I love that ballpark, um, for him. And I mean, it's super spacious and you know, even the right-handed, you know, the right-handed bats, uh, it's, it's not an easy home run for them. It really is not in, uh, in, in that park. So I'll take a look at Sha Manaya a little bit later on in the in drafts. Um, who else? I'm seeing if I can look further down, but No, no, no. Who's Zach Lin with Tampa Bay? Speaker 2 00:56:08 Yeah. I, I even liked them with Philly, but going to Tampa, it should be good for him. Another team that knows what they're doing. I mean, they've turned Rasmussen around. Speaker 0 00:56:19 They certainly have, they certainly have. Um, all right, starting pitching closers. I think we've, we've done closers ad nauseum, haven't we? Speaker 2 00:56:30 Yeah, I mean, very few at the top. And then you're really gonna have to piece it together and pay attention to depth charts and, um, you're gonna have take several shots on, um, setup men or guys that look like they could be the closer. That's what I've been doing. Jimmy Herget took leap, ran the Lopez, so take chances with guys like that. Hopefully they get the closer roll. If not, cut 'em and move on. Speaker 0 00:56:56 Cut 'em and move on. I can dig that one for sure. <laugh>, as I sit here with all these shares of Jose La Clerk <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:57:06 Yeah, I got one. I got one. Speaker 0 00:57:10 Oh boy. All right. Well, I think as far as drafting goes, people listen, you know, at Adam Ronis on Twitter, at Roto Buzz guy on Twitter, you got questions, you know, you're sitting in your draft room fantasy alarm. We've got a, uh, on our discord, if you subscribe to Fantasy Alarm and you're part of our discord, uh, we've got a, uh, a fantasy baseball draft, uh, room specifically that if you're in there, uh, and you're drafting, you got questions, we guarantee you somebody's gonna answer it and answer it in a very, very timely fashion as well. So, uh, you know, if, if, if that's, uh, uh, worthwhile to you, you know, you might as well just subscribe, get all the M L B D F S, all the other shit that we throw out there. I mean, there's tons of stuff, uh, at fantasy alarm that you're not gonna wanna miss, uh, for sure. Including, uh, all the NBA stuff that we've got. Let's hit a little n b a before we get on outta here. Adam, what are you looking at for, uh, for this weekend as the, uh, as the n NBA season starts to, uh, starts to wrap up a little bit more? Speaker 2 00:58:17 Yeah, I mean, now it's just a constant daily situation with players being ruled in and ruled out. So, um, we're seeing players arrest on back to backs. Uh, Anthony Davis wants to play, but the team, he said the team doctors and medical staff don't want 'em to play back to back. So, um, you know, he was in a great bounceback spot on Wednesday after two bad games, and I liked his props. It came through. So, um, yeah, I'm just gonna, you know, look, uh, for some value spots, maybe you're gonna look at the stars when they're playing in big spots. And then, um, you know, with Dallas, they've been without Luca Donk and Kyrie Irving. So, uh, Jayden Hardy and Josh Green are two guys to look at for DFS and props, uh, because they have to do so much more with those guys out. So, um, yeah, I mean, we had a situation with Cleveland. Speaker 2 00:59:07 They were without Donovan Mitchell and Jared Allen. So you kind of just looking for spots with teams that are shorthanded. Um, you know, Devin Booker's been crushing it because Kevin Durant been, is still out. Uh, it's gonna miss time. Um, Giannis came back, played back to back two huge games. Uh, I've been saying it for most of the year. I like Milwaukee to come out of the east, and now they have a three game lead over Boston. Uh, Boston's been struggling lately. Denver's been struggling. So yeah, I mean, we're just looking for spots with the stars in, in a good spot. And, you know, some value when uh, players are out, that opens our props. Uh, that could be lower on the board because those players have not had typical numbers in, uh, Mikel Bridges for the Nets. Man, this dude is just like, his prop last night was 24 and a half points. Speaker 2 00:59:55 And once again, uh, he had, he had, I think he had 34. Yeah, he had 34. So since he's averaging 28.1 in March and we're getting his prop at 24 and a half, 25 and a half, I believe they played Sacramento on Thursday. Go keep, keep hammering it, man. I mean, the guy has had his last seven games, 38, 33, 30 10. And that's only because they played him in the first quarter and sat him the rest of the game. And the coach Jacque Vo before the game said, yeah, we're probably gonna monitor Bridge's minutes tonight. The books had his prop at 24 and a half after that quote came out and went down in 19 and a half. So that was the telltale sign. And he played 12 minutes the first quarter at 10 points. Then he came back with 34, 25 and 34. So he's averaging 19 shots from the field in the month of March. Speaker 2 01:00:44 And that's with that game where he played one quarter net 13. So he has become the main guy for the nets and they're gonna continue to put his number at 24 and a half, 25 and a half. Man, we, we just gotta go over and, uh, same thing. Placebo karaoke, Jaguar, Ramirez, Durst, stadi, placebo debut, placebo, Sabrina Nitty suburb, sprint, placebo, nitty placebo species, stadi, Ortiz, placebo, Sabrina, Viagra, placebo, Ramirez, Edward Equinox, placebo, McCoy, placebo, Bishop, Sabrina, placebo detain, Bahrain, placebo, McCoy, placebo, stadi, placebo, Viagra, placebo, Harvard placebo, Equinox, placebo, nitty Arabia, placebo, McCoy, placebo slash Viagra, half placebo pm Yankee placebo, Equinox, McCoy, placebo. Placebo, Viagra, placebo, freeway, placebo, Viagra, placebo, Viagra, placebo, nitty, Anthony Karaoke, stadi, karaoke, McCoy, placebo, Viagra, placebo, Viagra, placebo, McCoy, LeBron Ninja, placebo, Viagras, Ortiz, LeBron, rookie, placebo results games. Dame Placebo, Ortiz, stadi, propos, placebo, Galveston, placebo slid placebo. Speaker 2 01:01:05 Idaho Ortiz, placebo syrup, placebo vodka, maximum Ursula Scoot, placebo syrup, Aramco, placebo, elastic Aramco, placebo, placebo, Lyrica parking, Sioux Karaoke, placebo syrup, Sabrina placebo, reg syrup, Equinox, Ortiz, Miranda, placebo, tour reopen. Hurry, canoe, Valenti, Ursula attempt placebo delight, placebo also placebo, sequel whisper, placebo, anthrop dissect anxiety. Amplifi placebo, Barar bar hid itself, suscept itself, empiric exit Jaguar canoe placebo playing Valenti spoil swear, suscept silicon placebo outrage, placebo, volcano, spite eyeball, illegal impulse spoil, inevit hid, uh, rookie who has really come on strong. Three straight double doubles. So his points rebounds. Look at, and Kevin Porter as well just recently came back rebounds and assists. Um, and then, you know, the usual Joel and Bead keeps crushing. Um, yeah, so it's a, the West is gonna be an interesting finish. It's all bunched up. Uh, seating is gonna be crazy. I mean, now all of a sudden Golden State is the fifth seed. They started to play better. They've won seven of 10. Uh, we know Phoenix will be dangerous with Durant. Um, so I thought the West was kind of wide open, but I'm starting to think there's only like three teams that could come outta the West now Speaker 0 01:01:52 <laugh>. Yeah. Kind of figured it was gonna narrow a little bit, uh, at, at some point or another. All of a sudden everybody starts realizing that. Yeah, it just kind of, yeah. Yeah, they, they, they could, but not, no, probably not. Um, all right, well, cool Adam's article, uh, drops on PIs for some props on Friday. Make sure you take a look at that. Uh, again, everything over at Fantasy Alarm for the draft guide, for the MLB draft guide, that's all free. Just go to fantasy You see the banner right there and points you in the right direction. Uh, if you're interested in doing any mock drafts, I'm running a couple between now and the start of the season. So, uh, you can hit me up at, uh, [email protected] or, uh, roto Buzz guy, uh, on Twitter. And, uh, and tell me you want in. Uh, and, uh, yeah, Adam, enjoy the, uh, the Tout Wars broadcast this week, man. I hope you have a blast with everybody. Speaker 2 01:02:51 Yeah, hopefully first time they're doing it live, uh, since, uh, 2019. Hard to believe Speaker 0 01:02:56 Really is hard to believe. No doubt. No doubt. Well, that's what happens when you get all those old guys and Covid i's going, yeah, everybody's, you know, no, no. Nobody wants to take any chances or all us all, all us over fifties are, uh, are at risk. Speaker 2 01:03:12 Yeah. Not good <laugh>, Speaker 0 01:03:17 We're all over 50 and we're overweight <laugh>. All right, well, that's gonna do it for us here on Cash. It, uh, as always, thank you everybody for listening, for liking, subscribing, all that fun stuff there. Uh, for Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. We'll catch you next time.

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