December 22, 2022


Cash It: NFL Injuries, Fantasy Football Playoffs and NFL Week 16 Picks Against the Spread

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Injuries, Fantasy Football Playoffs and NFL Week 16 Picks Against the Spread
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Injuries, Fantasy Football Playoffs and NFL Week 16 Picks Against the Spread

Dec 22 2022 | 01:07:16


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the latest rash of NFL injuries, the impact on teams in the fantasy football playoffs and their NFL Week 16 picks against the spread ahead of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day slates.

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Speaker 1 00:00:05 What is going on everybody? Welcome to Cash It with Howard Bender and Adam Ronis, where we give you all the news you need for fantasy football, for betting football, betting basketball, baseball, you name it, we cover you all over the place. All sports here, baby. We are here courtesy of fantasy alarm. You can get on over to Fantasy Alarm and uh, get yourself a little subscription over there if you like. And get all the content from me and from Adam Ronis over [email protected] slash holiday. Use the promo code holiday and get yourself a, uh, a nice little discount and a, and a free swag bag. Ronis. You old? So-and-so <laugh> holidays coming up, man, this weekend. How are you? Uh, how are you fixing for the holidays? Are you excited for the, are you a holiday guy? Speaker 2 00:00:55 Um, it doesn't feel like the holidays. Maybe it's cuz like I have no kids or a big family, so it doesn't really feel any different to me. I mean, it's mostly gonna be watching sports anyway, five n b a games on Christmas, three n f l games, although they kind of suck. But, um, but yeah, my holiday spirit was dampered a little bit, man. I had a horrible fantasy weekend, man. Like, everything, this feels like it's been one of the worst seasons I've ever had. <laugh> my luck, my luck is just not there. And someone feels that maybe an ex cursed me because shit has just gone wrong for me this entire year. Speaker 1 00:01:34 Um, you know, could, could listen. I, I probably know an ex or two of yours who, uh, who probably could have put a, a little hexing, dude. It, but I mean, listen, it was, it was, I mean, listen, we, we, I we talk about this on the podcast all the time. I mean, it's just, it's funny. We, I mean, we, we talk about this being one of those times this week here and, and I was talking about this on the Fantasy Alarm Show, uh, earlier today. Adam and I are recording this on, uh, on Wednesday, uh, 7:00 PM Eastern Time. So that's the news that we have, um, for the time being. So when we give you our picks, those are, uh, those are more leans, but you know what I mean. Listen, the game's, uh, on Saturday, it's, uh, pretty close. Um, but I mean, listen, yes, this was just, this was such a bizarre, like I thought everything was fine on Saturday. Speaker 1 00:02:22 The games were good. Um, well, I mean, well the, the Baltimore Cleveland one was atrocious, but the, the, the two games that bookended it, um, were both really good and for fantasy purposes. I mean, it was, you know, we, we had a lot of chalk ca I mean, we had Jonathan Taylor go down, uh, you know, on the first play of the game or whatever that was. I lost him in, uh, in one league. And, um, but I mean, like Sunday was the day where it was just like none of the chalk hit, none of the studs performed. It was, you know, it was like one of those days where I feel like the teams who made it into the, you, you know, who advanced in the fantasy playoffs were the teams that were struggling to get into the playoffs that had the random guys in their starting lineup because they couldn't do any better. Speaker 1 00:03:10 Like, for example, me and the F S G A, you know, my team has just been decimated by injuries throughout the season. It's a 14 team and it's impossible to do. But somehow I ended up like, you know, with glue and rubber bands putting this stupid team together and I won this past week. I couldn't believe it. I won the, my playoff matchup this past week in the F S G A because the guys, you know, team just didn't perform. And so I kind of feel like that's probably a little bit of a growing trend that we're seeing right now, is that a lot of the best teams in your fantasy playoffs probably lost this past week. So I I you can take some solace in that, can't Speaker 2 00:03:48 You? No, I don't. I'm sorry, I don't <laugh>, I don't. Um, so I played in the RT Sports Championship. So they have the league championship in week 15 and then if you make it, you play in the overall championship for weeks 15, 16, and 17, which I'm still alive in, but I don't have the team to win that overall. So it started on Thursday at my opponent at Gino Smith at DK Metcalf. Okay, not that bad, right? Quarterback 17.7. Metcalf 12 and half. Okay, not too bad. Now I looked at his team, pretty good matchups. Uh, Saturday comes, uh, Justin Jefferson, 30.3 for me feeling good. Raven's defense, four <laugh>, okay, whatever. It's a defense, right? <laugh>. And then, um, so it's a tight battle. Um, you know, he is got Kelsey. Kelsey didn't find the end zone but 20 and a half and then it was basically late in the, I guess it was the 4:00 PM games. Speaker 2 00:04:44 So Mike Williams was sitting on two for 18 and he had Mike Williams and it was like I was seeing our deficit like okay, we're losing, uh, cuz I do this with truck, our buddy who's in the GST league with you and we have Christian Watson lap. So Mike Williams is two for 18, the final drive, he makes two big plays. So he goes from 3.8 to 10.7. Doesn't sound like a lot, but those seven points were crucial. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, Christian Kirk six for 92. Nick Falk had a 50 yard field goal, 14.1. So like he didn't have anyone go off, but everyone gave him between 13 and 20. And then I have Donovan Knight, 2.3, Greg D 2.1, and then I needed 14.1 from Watson on Monday night to win. And it's looking bad early, he's not getting targets. And then if you wa, I don't know how much you watched the end of the game, there was a play, I think li around two minutes, a little into two. Speaker 2 00:05:47 Watson was coming like to the sideline, caught a pass and I have to watch it again. I think it looked like he fell down. I don't even know if he was tackled. I was like, damnit, there goal is my opportunity. I needed him to score there. Then they run the ball with Aaron Jones to get a first down. I'm like, okay. Then they run a play. If you Aaron Rodgers signals on his hand in Audible, he drops back, throws the pass towards Watson who's not even looking. And then after that the game's over and then they interview Roger after. He goes, well if you want to catch touchdowns you gotta run the right route. But then I saw something today that said that Rogers makes it kind of complicated with his audibles to receivers and guys like Jennings and Devonte, all these guys said the same thing in the past. So it was just brutal cause I kind of knew I was done and then I got that glimmer of hope with those two plays and wound up losing by 5.1 and you know, I hate to fucking lose and this shit just eats me. And then, okay, now all right, fine. I still have two teams alive. You want to guess what happens with those two teams who are applying this week? Speaker 1 00:06:55 <laugh>? Um, I can only imagine Speaker 2 00:06:59 Jalen Hertz is the quarterback on both teams and one is a Superflex league. Speaker 1 00:07:03 Ah, well, I mean, listen, it's a good thing that you now have your choice of guys like Trace McSorley or you could probably get um, Nick Folz who's starting for the cults this week. Speaker 2 00:07:15 I already got Gar Minsu because in that league I Speaker 1 00:07:18 Had the most, there you go. I Speaker 2 00:07:19 Had the most, there are four teams left. Um, one person had a dollar, two and zero. I had 17. So just been $2 on the players I wanted. I got Minu and Zach Moss probably not playing boss, but keep 'em away. And I'm playing Scott Angle man. And then this dude gets Dallas Scott are back like, what the fuck? My, like you could say what you want losing Jalen Hertz is massive. That guy's putting up 25 to 35 points every fucking week. Even last week he didn't even throw a pass against down. He rushed for three. So look, there's nothing I can do. I know people like, oh, he might play, he's not playing bro. Vegas would not have moved the along like that. Although maybe you remember Was there, was there a situation like that this year where we thought a quarterback was out, they moved the line and wound up playing? I thought it happened this year. Am I wrong? I, I know I'm asking you on the spot, but can you recall anything like this where they moved the line and then the quarterback? Speaker 1 00:08:08 It does sound familiar. I wanna say it happened with like Minnesota, but it wasn't cousins, it was whoever they were playing. Speaker 2 00:08:15 Okay. So I can't remember offhand and I didn't do research on it, but my guess is he's not, look, if you're Philly, there's no point in playing him If he has any type of injury and I know he got hurt in the third quarter and finished the game, sometimes that's adrenaline. Whatever the soreness kicks in more. If you're Philly, you only need to win one of your next three to get the top seat. I would not play him this week. I would not play 'em next week. And if you somehow lose both games, which they probably won't happen, maybe they lose to Dallas, then they play the Saints, man, they gonna lose that game. And Mitch you's not, not that ma massive of a downgrade, you know, this is the best array of weapons he's ever worked with. So they can win either of the next two and if they somehow lose both, okay, you bring him back to face the Giants in the final week, win that game and get the top seed. So it doesn't make any sense for Philly to play him. If he has any type of pain, like you cannot risk it, you need him for the postseasons. So I don't think he plays, but it's just like, it's one of those things, it's like I have two teams that look good and then now I'm probably not gonna have hers this week. So it's just been that type of season for me where it feels like, like anything that could go wrong has, Speaker 1 00:09:27 Yeah, I listen, I I there are a lot of us who, who think that, was it James, William Jameson Winston or James Winston with um, with the Saints? Or maybe it was when, who's Speaker 2 00:09:38 Don't think line would, I don't think a line would move that much for Winston to Dalton Speaker 1 00:09:43 Though. Was it two of them? Maybe it was two of them. Speaker 2 00:09:46 Hey, I can't remember man. But I mean, you know this, I mean I was following in a real time. I was tweeting out. I was like, oh wait a second. Dows went from minus one of minus six. Yeah. Uh, Hertz is, something's probably wrong. And then like, you know, 10, 15 minutes later story started to come out and then Chester and them started saying it. So I mean it was pretty obvious. I mean you don't, there's no way Dallas was gonna be favored by that much with Jalen Hertz play. So, and I, you know, it sucks as a Cowboys fan cause that game means shit now. Cause the Cowboys fucking do what they usually do. Um, I was waiting for Philly to lose against Chicago just to make it worse. But I mean all, all Dallas ha is playing for is pride at this point and to show, hey, we can beat Philly, but even if they win this game, it don't mean shit. Okay. Wow. You beat them without hers. What does that do? Nothing. So the game really doesn't mean anything cause Dallas is not winning all three and until he's not losing all three. So the game just lost a lot of luster because of Dallas. Speaker 1 00:10:45 Yeah, probably. Well, I I mean listen, what, what, what the fuck is Dallas doing right now? Also, they, they, you know, the game against the Jags, the game against the, um, the Ts the Texans and then even no problem, the, the week before that against the Colts, they looked like shit for three quarters. Speaker 2 00:11:01 Yeah. Their problem is the secondary. He dust in the fourth, the injuries with Anthony Brown and Jordan, it's a problem you saw. They were getting, they were getting picked on by Jacksonville. I mean they just exposed him. So Speaker 1 00:11:11 Kelvin Joseph is terrible. Is there any way that Kelvin Joseph starts this week? Cuz if there is, I wanna know who the Philly receiver is. It's gonna be opposite him. Speaker 2 00:11:20 Yeah, it's a problem for them right now. I mean, if their pass rush doesn't get home, then they're in trouble. So, you know, the injuries have taken a toll in the secondary and digs is a guy who gambles a lot and gets beat. So yeah, it's a problem right now. Um, and uh, it's probably gonna prevent them from making a deep run. Speaker 1 00:11:40 Wow. Sorry to hear Speaker 2 00:11:42 That. Yeah, I'm sure you are Speaker 1 00:11:44 <laugh>. I'm all, I'm all broken up. I'm all broken up inside. Speaker 2 00:11:47 Yeah, I know. I'm just someone who works with, uh, you know, a thousand Cowboy fans. I'm sure Speaker 1 00:11:52 It's a, it's amazing how many Cowboys fans I work with. Like I I I find that like really kind of crazy. And you know what the interesting thing is is that you're, you're a New Yorker and you're a Cowboys fan. Jen Piete is from Texas and she's, you know, so she's a Cowboys fan. Then I've got, um, Glen Colton, who's a New Yorker and a Cowboys fan. Then I got Bowden who is, who kind of, I mean, he's more, he's more New England than he is Florida at this point. I mean, lives down in Miami. But you know, he grew up in the Boston, you know, near, near the Boston area. So like, you guys are all over the place here. It just, it's it's crazy, crazy for me, crazy. I don't, I don't, I don't understand how you guys are all Cowboys fans. I know we can have this conversation about who's the front runner and blah, blah, blah. And I feel like that's kind of where we, where we're at. Like you and me were close enough in age that you remember the, uh, the early Dallas Cowboys, um, you know, God, they were like, they were, they were, they, they were excited. They were fun to watch. What was, do you remember what I mean? I guess you're not, you're you were in the eighties, weren't you? Speaker 2 00:13:12 Yeah, first year I became a fan was 89 when they were actually terrible, right? 80. So right before they started, yeah, Speaker 1 00:13:19 I forget how much older I am than than you at times 89. I'm like, shit, man, damn. I don't know man. You cowboys fans driving me nuts, but so I'm, I'm, I'm, yeah, I, I gotta be honest with you, I'm, I'm not really that bubbly, Speaker 2 00:13:34 But see, I'm, I'm, I'm not the the cheerleader pompoms cowboy fan that Bowden is. Speaker 1 00:13:41 You're all cheerleader pom pom. Speaker 2 00:13:42 Oh, I'm not dude Cowboys, dude, I just had a big argument when Fey after the Colts game, he's like, you gotta be happy. I'm like, why should I be happy? He's like, they're doing good. I'm like, Fey, I have seen this so many fucking times over the years. I'm not getting excited in early December. The same shit happens every year. They do well and what happens in the playoffs? So until they make that run and get to an NFC championship with Super Bowl, why am I supposed to be happy for it? I see this shit all the time. Yeah, it's great. They beat the Coles big deal. And then you see what happens last week against Jacksonville. So I've seen this shit too many times to get excited. Speaker 1 00:14:14 You're definitely more of a realist than, than most I will, I will give you that. But when shit's grooving, man, you are, uh, you're, you're right up there with Speaker 2 00:14:23 Them. No, I'm not, man. I'm really not. Again, I, that was after that Colt's game. I was like pouring water on the fire that Fe was trying to leave. He's like, you gotta be happy. I think the cow was gonna, like, I have seen this too many times, man. I've been through this. I don't want to get hopes real high. Yeah, they have a good team and they have the ability, but the bottom line is, you know, you can't lose that game to Jacksonville. You know, you just can't. I understand you have issues and Jacksonville's hot, but you had to lead, man, you gotta close that out. And I, it wasn't on Dak, that throw was not a bad throw. It was low. Noah Brown couldn't catch it. It pops up in the other and Jacksonville got the fortuitous bounce, but they lost it before then. Speaker 2 00:15:01 Man, like Marvin Jones is getting open again. The secondary's a real problem, but it, it's just, you know, and watch, you know what's gonna happen? They'll go this week they'll beat Philly. Oh, Cowboys and contender again. Again, if they beat Philly, it really doesn't mean much If Jalen hurts don't play. I'm sorry. I said the same thing when they lost to Philly and everyone was talking. I'm like, well, Cooper Rush was the quarterback and that was his first big test. He threw three picks. So yeah, of course they were gonna lose. It's gonna be the same thing this time around. If Dallas wins, I'm not even sure they win the game. Let's say they do. I can't gloat and take credit in it. If Jalen Hiz doesn't play, that's not their full team, that's not their quarterback, that's not the team you're gonna see in the playoffs. So it don't mean shit. Speaker 1 00:15:40 Well, you are a man alone on the island of Cowboy then. Speaker 2 00:15:46 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:15:47 <laugh> because oh, the, the the talk that I have to endure on the regular, but all right. You know, uh, we, we can, we we can move off from that. There is like a ton of shit going on though that like, I mean from a fantasy perspective and you know, listen, I, I think that, that we're all kind of getting hammered and, and waylaid with this stuff. It's like, like legit. I saw the rankings over at Fantasy Alarm and if you guys don't know, Adam does weekly rankings for half point, full point and standard uh, leagues. And uh, and, and I gotta tell you man, I did not envy you with the quarterback situation this week because Speaker 2 00:16:28 Same thing last week too. Last week. Speaker 1 00:16:30 Here we go. Speaker 2 00:16:31 We got be a terrible week. Speaker 1 00:16:32 We got Brock Purdy who is questionable still, right? We got that happening. Um, you've got Russell Wilson who's coming back, but what's he worth? Colt McCoy is gonna be out, trace McSorley is gonna be taking over. How the hell do you rank that situation? Nick Folz taking over in Indianapolis for Matt Ryan is, um, I don't know, for lack of a better word, vomitus Gardner Mink's gonna start for the Eagles most likely. You still have Desmond Ritter crapping it up for the Falcons. Um, Zach Wilson's gonna still lead the Jets. I mean this is like, what was the last time that you saw Lamar Jackson's questionable? Tyler Huntley is technically questionable, but he'll probably be the one who starts Kenny Picketts returning from his concussion Davis Mills back. Oh, Ryan Tana probably doesn't sound like he's gonna fucking play either. Speaker 2 00:17:27 Yeah, they're saying his season might be over, man, Speaker 1 00:17:32 Malik Willis, like, I mean, oh Speaker 2 00:17:33 God, that's, they're gonna, they did this, didn't they play, I think they played Willis against Texas last time and they ran the ball like 75 times and threw like five passes. Speaker 1 00:17:43 Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, Derek Henry is your lock button play for, for, for all things DFS and season long, Speaker 2 00:17:50 See. Yeah. And the thing is, most people will be like, well, it's the semi-finals. Most people have their quarterback, not if you have Jalen Hertz, you know, um, and I, I'm not, I don't, I don't wanna put this person on blast, but we talk about this all the time. Know your league rules. Someone in my G S T league has Jalen Hertz, no backup quarterback. They text me How come my, uh, waiver wire ad drops are off? I'm like, cuz you can't make pickups anymore after week 14. Wow. Okay. So then I can make I, so once waivers run, I could add someone. No, this is your roster for the playoffs. Oh, well I guess it was a hell of a season and I thought I was ready for them to blame me and I had the screenshots ready. I said, I sent, I sent an email like in week 10 saying, Hey, just Speaker 1 00:18:38 A reminder, hey I remember I Speaker 2 00:18:39 Get it. I sent it at the beginning of week 14 and it's on the message board where it has all the prize distributions and the rules. It says waiver wire closes week 14. And this guy played in the league last year, so he didn't complain, he didn't blame it. He's like, oh, I guess I forgot to read that. Yeah, you did. And now it's probably gonna cost you. We did have a situation years ago where, um, Tammy, who's in the league wasn't her fault. She had two quarterbacks and both got hurt after Wave stopped and she was in the running for an overall and obviously didn't win cuz she had no quarterback. So, um, yeah, we, we talk about it all the time. Read the rules. This is a, you know, decent entry fee where you don't wanna mess this up. And that team had a shot, um, to win at all. And now they're like, if Herz doesn't play, they're taking a zero this week and probably won't advance. Speaker 1 00:19:30 Hey man, that, that happened to me last year in the G S T playoffs. I, uh, I didn't have a kicker. I didn't have a backup kicker. Speaker 2 00:19:37 Well, is that, I mean, you knew the rules so you just decided to go that way, Speaker 1 00:19:41 Right? No, yeah, I just, I, you know what, I knew the rules. I just spaced getting the backup kicker. Speaker 2 00:19:47 Okay. Speaker 1 00:19:47 You know, I was like, I was like, I don't need a backup defense. Right. I, you know, back up tight end to make sure that I make the playoff run. I got a backup, you know, quarterback. So I was just kind of, you know, I was making all my, my moves and stuff like that and I just, I think I just kind of forgot to add that second kicker and as it would happen, my kicker got hurt <laugh> and I couldn't pick anybody up. Speaker 2 00:20:10 Yeah. So, you know, it's, it's very important to know your league rules. And I say that all the time and I know people probably like, oh, it's so basic, how could you not know? It happens every year. There's someone who doesn't know they don't read it, whatever it is. I mean, just like anything in life, you gotta pay attention to details if you want to be successful. I mean, you know this, you manage people. There's so many people that don't read things and they just assume things. And you've got, if you wanna be successful in life, you've gotta pay attention to details. Speaker 1 00:20:44 Yeah, well a hundred percent man, a percent. I mean, listen, it's, it's no different than signing a contract where you don't read the fine print. Yes. Like you can't, you wouldn't, like if, if you're going and buying a home, you're not signing away shit without reading it thoroughly or at least having a lawyer look through Speaker 2 00:21:05 It. Yes. That's the key. Yeah. If you don't know the vernacular, you get a lawyer. Speaker 1 00:21:09 Yeah. If you can't figure out your league rules, then ask somebody to explain 'em to you. And I'll tell you what man, because I, I talk to people, I talk to people in our discord at fantasy alarm all the time and, and, and it's, it's crazy how some people don't read the rules or read how to do something and, and, and you know, and like the ex here's the example. Do you know how few people out there know that on like Yahoo or E S P when you're setting fab bids up that you should set up contingency bids. Like I want $8 on Ryan Tahi drop, um, you know, whatever drop Zach Wilson. And then after that then you go, I want $6 on Malik Willis drop Zach Wilson $4 on Kirk Cousins drop Zach Wilson. Like you set up contingency bids for yourself so that way if the first guy, if you don't get that first guy, you're not being skipped on waivers completely. You're just, it's going to the next player you have. Do you know how many people have no idea that you can do that? Speaker 2 00:22:24 Yeah, I mean you should see mine sometimes, especially during a real, I'll put in like 15 for one player. Yeah. You know, a lot of them, a lot of 'em at the end of dollar, like I know it takes time, but hey, if you wanna win and be successful at anything in life, you gotta put in time. If you just put in two players, you're, especially if they're popular pickups that week, you're not gonna get 'em. And I don't know what it, I guess yeah, people not paying attention to detail, people not investing the time. I know waivers can be a pain in the ass. It's tedious, but hey, if you signed up to play fantasy football, baseball, basketball, whatever it is, there's injuries things ha you gotta be aggressive on the waiver wire. I mean, I always say this, go back and look championship teams you won, look at the team you drafted or look at the roster from day one looking at the end of the year, more than guaranteed you're gonna see anywhere from 35 to 65% of the roster has changed. Speaker 2 00:23:19 You know, there's gonna be times you nail the draft and a lot of guys stay healthy, very unlikely in football. But your roster, major turnover, getting those key players off the waiver wire is important and you just gotta put in the time of work. And you know, we're here, you know, at Fantasy alarm providing all the content and these podcasts on our shows to help you, you know, make it easier. You know, we understand you have lives and you work, we try to break it down for you, but you still have to invest a little time by putting in the contingency bids. I mean, I can show you two weeks where like, you're like, oh my goodness, yeah, I don't play around. I put in a ton even this week, um, in a semi-final week where, alright, no one else probably needs a quarterback. I still put in like five quarterbacks dropping a player because I had Jalen Hertz. Speaker 1 00:24:01 I kid you not, I blew this dude's mind, I blew his mind when I sat there explaining, setting up contingency bids. Like, and, and, and, and it was just, I mean, I, I mean, you know, I would like to think that it was the rarity and not the norm, but I mean, I could probably crowdsource and I bet you there would be a significant percentage of people who just didn't even think about that, like didn't even think to do something like that. And, and it's, uh, you know, and that's, that's one of those, uh, it it's crazy. It's, it's just one of those things that, you know, you talk about Yeah. Reading the league rule, like you, you'll learn stuff like that and I mean it's, yeah. Wow. Oh, <laugh>, you know what's so funny, man? I like went on this whole thing to like, like open up the fantasy alarm show today. Speaker 1 00:24:56 Um, talking about like, people just getting crazy now with the playoffs and doing crazy dumb things with their roster, like sitting there and you know, like, I get it. There are cer certain cases, like, you know, if, if I'm sitting there and there's four of us, uh, left in the league and you lose Jalen Hertz and it's a Superflex league and I've got a roster spot to give, right? I've got like a, you know, an extra kicker tight end for no good reason, then, then I'll go and I'll make a bid on the last QB available just to block that person. But people are sitting there talking about like, what, what was the, um, I don't remember who the player was that they want, there was a QB that they wanted to pick up for a block and, and, and they were like, and I'll just drop Jamal Williams. Speaker 1 00:25:52 And I'm like, what, what, what, what? Why would you do that? And he was like, well, because Jamal Williams is like my fourth running back. I don't, you know, I'm not gonna stardom. Yeah. But like, what's the flex position looking like on your opponent or, or somebody else who's in the semi-finals right now? Like, you're dropping a guy who's got 15 touchdowns on the year so that you could pick up one of these three shitty quarterbacks that, that your opponent is looking to grab like that. Like, it's, it's stuff like that that I see. Um, you know, did, did we talk about Chris Moore? You and I, Speaker 2 00:26:28 I don't think so. Speaker 1 00:26:29 So, so last week everybody was totally in on Chris Moore because of what happened in the Cowboys game, right. Chris Moore abuses Kelvin Joseph fact, but like all of a sudden everybody was like, ah, you know Chris Moore, uh, I, I gotta get him. He's in a, he's in a great matchup. I don't know who was, um, who was Houston playing or they were playing Kansas City. Ken, Ken City. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And they're like, oh, games script says that they gotta throw and this and that and, and like, and people are sitting there legit, I mean, aside from saying stupid shit, like, I'm gonna bench Jalen Waddle because of the weather. Alright, we're talking about Chris Moore and I'm like, why are you getting sucked into this shit? Why are you trying to, why are you fucking around with Jeff Driscoll as your tight end? Like, why are you, and and I equated it to you watch like a team like the Saint March down the field, go, go down like, you know, 85 yards, you know, Alvin Camara, a couple of runs, couple of passes to Crystal Lave, couple of passes to Jujuan Johnson, they look great, they look good. Speaker 1 00:27:37 And then all of a sudden you get inside the fucking red zone and you're doing double Jet sweep reverses with Marquez Callaway. Like why, like Tays Hill is doing all sorts of, he's, he's, he's, you know, pitching the ball underhanded. Like, why are you like, you're, you're doing all of this. You're, you're doing everything you're supposed to do to get down to the field. And then all of a sudden once you get inside like, you know, near the end zone, you start doing all this crazy, gimmicky, wacky shit. Like, oh, I'm gonna fool them instead of just doing what, what naturally got you down there. And I feel like, and I feel like I'll tell you this, I feel like because of how crazy fucking week 15 was, I think more people are buying into it far too much. I kept telling everybody, I was like, don't look at Chris Moore, look at who the Jags receiver is gonna be going up against Kelvin Joseph. Speaker 1 00:28:31 Now I thought that they were gonna leave Joseph in the slot, but they obviously took him out of the slot because fucking Christian Kirk runs out of the slot for the Jags. And what happened? Zay Jones blow up, blew up. What did Chris Moore do? He caught four fucking passes for 42 yards. It was a garbage, it was a garbage time. He had a terrible matchup against luxurious Sneed, but nobody was listening to that because they were so caught up in doing like what the, the fucking mindless, senseless herd is doing. And, and they, you know, when they, when they hear it so much over and over again, they think that's what you're supposed to do. They think that's the norm. And, and, and I think that what we're dealing with right now is people who are like in the championship or you know, in their semi-finals or whatever are like freaking out and overthinking this way too much right now. Like, they need to fucking chill. Speaker 2 00:29:28 Yeah. And it's not gonna help with the weather this weekend either. Speaker 1 00:29:33 No, it's definitely not gonna, did you see the weather <laugh> Good transition, Adam, good transition. I feel like we could just, I feel like we could just zip to the games right now and, and talk about them, but let's, let's hit the weather. Let's, besides Cleveland, Adam, what else is upsetting? Speaker 2 00:29:50 Yeah, I mean obviously that one is pretty bad. I mean, even Thursday night, uh, MetLife it's gonna be windy and rain. Um, so I think the passing game could be a concern. Um, but obviously Cleveland and New Orleans, 25 power winds maybe up to 40 some snow. Um, Atlanta Baltimore looks like there could be some wind, Buffalo Chicago as well. So, um, just, uh, just wait till the last minute, uh, because the, the same thing happened Saturday, Buffalo Miami. I was getting questions with Wild All. I'm like, look, just wait. And then even you gotta be careful too. I mean this is, uh, uh, we don't talk politics, but <laugh> be careful what you see on TV and in the media because it's misleading. If you were watching the, um, boring ass Browns a Ravens game, they showed a picture of Buffalo and all the snow coming down, that wasn't the stadium. Speaker 2 00:30:43 If you went on social media, there were people who took pictures of the field a couple hours before the game and said, Hey, look, field is clear, no snow. All the snow was in the stands as we found out when the fans were throwing snowballs. And then what happened? Most of the game, first three quarters, nothing, no snow, nothing. So if you made a mistake and bench those guys, that's on you, man, I get it, it's a Saturday, but you gotta pay attention to these things. Wait, don't read the weather report two days before. Now these winds look like they're gonna be a factor, but it could easily change weather changes quickly. We all know that. Where no, wherever you live, um, unless you get no rain, no snow or nothing, then it's the same all the time. You don't know. But, you know, being on the East Coast, man, like you see these things and a lot of times it doesn't happen or it doesn't come at a certain time, so just wait till the last minute. And really the factor is the deep passing game. Okay? If you got a tight end, probably not gonna be affected that much. He's probably catching five yard passes anyway. It's really the deep passing eight. So a guy like Donovan Peoples Jones, he's gonna be affected more. Speaker 1 00:31:49 So, all right, let me, let me, let me ask you a question then, because you've got Trevor Lawrence ranked ninth, um, right now. Like how con so you're, it doesn't seem like you're too concerned with the, uh, with the weather. Well, Speaker 2 00:32:04 I mean, again, we talked about the quarterbacks. I mean, how many quarterbacks my supposes push over him? I know it is a tough match up against the Jets too. That's concerning. But I mean, he's, he's been playing very well and I kind of have more confidence in him than some of the other guys. Speaker 1 00:32:23 Yeah. Is Lamar Jackson gonna play what Speaker 2 00:32:26 He, I don't know. I mean, I put him in thinking he would come back, but he hasn't practiced, he didn't practice on Wednesday, so I'm starting to think he's not Speaker 1 00:32:33 Yep. Curious to see what happens there. Yeah, listen, I'm just, yeah, I, I agree with you on the weather. Like you have to wait until the last minute. I mean, I was sitting there, I was writing up this, um, this, uh, the, the Cleveland game for picks wise, and I was like, you know, listen, currently right now it's saying an inch of accumulation on the field and it's saying, you know, 30 to 35 mile an hour winds with gusts up to 40 and 50 miles an hour throughout the entire day. So I said, but that's, you know, that's now you're gonna have to check back, uh, a little closer to it. But yeah, I'm, I'm with you, man. Like, I mean, I think, yeah, you have to, and we, and we try to do this on the, uh, on that Sunday morning show is I've got people like scattered all over the country who tweet at me while I'm on the air to tell me what the local weather is like if there was supposed to be a situation. I got a dude who like drives Uber, uh, in Chicago. He always gives me, he, he'll like, send me a picture, he'd be like, all right, I'm over at social field, right. Soldier Field right now. This is where it's, uh, this is what it looks like, uh, like having that boots on the ground kind of a thing. Speaker 2 00:33:43 Yeah, I mean, I'm near midlife and looking at the weather for Thursday, rain is starting at 11:00 AM and it's showing a hundred percent four o'clock, five o'clock, six o'clock, seven o'clock. So I mean, it's pretty, pretty much, it's gonna rain to the, the key is the window. Um, I mean, even when it's not very windy, it, the wind is pretty impactful at MetLife. So it's more, I mean, I don't, I'm playing Garrett Wilson in a playoff matchup, so, uh, Speaker 1 00:34:11 <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:34:12 I need him to come through. Um, I actually, yeah, I actually am, uh, in that RT championship where I'm still alive for the overall, but again, team's not good enough. But I have Lawrence, so he'll be in there. Um, I guess, I mean, look, it's a tough matchup that Jets defense is no joke. That's a real interesting game, man. I mean, it's so huge. Jacksonville clearly, um, playing excellent football. I thought they had a shot to win the division before the year, and then I looked like an idiot with the way they play now. They control their own destiny. They went out, they're the division champs cuz they already beat Tennessee once and they get 'em in week to 18 and what potentially could be a Sunday night game, but this is going to be a really tough game. I know Zach Wilson isn't great, but this Jits defense is no joke. And that was a real tough loss for them last week on a stupid fourth and one, they leave the tight end that wide open. Um, Speaker 1 00:35:00 That was, that was a, an abomination. Speaker 2 00:35:02 Yeah. Um, so this is, this is a real tough game. I mean, Jacksonville, look, Jackson, if Jacksonville gets this w they're winning the division. They're at the Texans now. I know you'd be like, well, it's the Texans division rival, if I'm not mistaken. Isn't the Texans have beaten them like all the time. Yeah, they lost to the Texans this year at home 13 six <laugh>. I I, if they win this game, they're winning out. I I they're winning the division. They'll beat, if they beat the Jets, they're at the Texans and then hold to the Titans, and the Titans are reeling. Could be, um, Willis. So this is the key game for Jacksonville. They have, they gotta get this w it will not be easy. This Jets defense is no joke. Speaker 1 00:35:41 Jets d is no joke. Ah, I love, I love hearing that. I love hearing that, knowing that it's coming from a very sincere place too. Speaker 2 00:35:48 I root for the Jets. I have no ill will towards the Jets. I hate the Giants as a Cowboys fan, so I I have a lot of friends who are Jets fans, including you. I would love to see the Jets get in the playoffs. I hope so. I really do. Um, I'll tell you this, I do not wanna see Tennessee in, and as much as I've loved Baltimore all these years, they are boring as fuck and they suck. I don't wanna see them get in. I really don't. Um, I like it, you know, when you talk about teams you wanna watch in the playoffs, and I know the Jets aren't exciting, but they're good defense. They have good young players. Um, Garrett Wilson's awesome. So I would love to see the Jets in the playoffs. They've had a good year. I don't wanna see New England in, I don't wanna see Baltimore in, I don't wanna see Tennessee love to see Jacksonville in please get the Chargers in so they can, you know, ruin my, ruin my optimism once again. Uh, but from a Watchability standpoint, those are the teams I want. And it's NFC too. Like I want Detroit in Detroit's a fun team right now. Um, I'd rather see them than shitty ass Tampa. Unfortunately. They're probably gonna get in, you know, I haven't seen anyone do a piece on this. Is this the worst division in the history of football ever? The NFC South four teams right now. This is their point differential minus 41, minus 38, minus 29, minus 27. This has to be the worst division in the history of football ever, right? Speaker 1 00:37:04 In the history of football. Speaker 2 00:37:06 Yeah. I mean, the first place team is six and eight. Speaker 1 00:37:11 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I get they don't have, I'm, I'm just trying to, I'm trying to think of like, I get they don't have a AFC South. At some point, I guess you've had the, you, you had the cults who are always good, Speaker 2 00:37:21 Right? I mean, I know you don't have a one or two win team, you know, someone could say, well, is it that bad? They have three, five and nineteens, but let's be honest, they, they're kind of beating up on each other in, in a way and they all have negative point differentials like <laugh> anyway. All right, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll look at that another day. But yeah, from a watchability standpoint, you know, I'd much rather have Detroit in, I mean, the Giants in Washington are boring as fuck. Who wants to watch them? Nobody. Yeah. So, but it looks like the Ravens will probably get in somehow. But, um, I would love to see the Jets get in, but they, they probably, they probably have to win this game, right? To get in? Well, Speaker 1 00:38:02 Not, not probably. They have to win this game. I Speaker 2 00:38:04 Mean, yeah, then at Seattle you can't, can't at Seattle. At Seattle for the Geno Smith revenge and then at Miami Speaker 1 00:38:11 <laugh> at Seattle for the Geno Smith revenge. Speaker 1 00:38:21 Oh my Lord. All right, well, <laugh>, we got a very interesting, uh, set of slates coming up. Obviously we've got the Thursday night football, um, and then we've got 10 games on Saturday, and then three games on Sunday, and then one game on Monday night. So really, really stretching it through the, uh, the Christmas season here. So, uh, how about we, uh, we go through the games, we make our picks. Um, we wish everybody, uh, you know, a lot of, uh, ho ho ho and missile toe bop on down to Shirley and Ron's place, and get yourself some eggnog and, uh, and make a couple of bets at the same time. Does that work for you? Speaker 2 00:39:04 Let's do it. Speaker 1 00:39:05 All right, well, here we go then. Let's start with the Thursday night game. Jaguars Jets, uh, Jags are a one and a half point dog. You just kept saying Jets D. Jets d ah, I tell you, my Lean is the Jags on the road only because, uh, you know, the Jets. Speaker 2 00:39:24 I have a real hard time in this game. I have like, no lie at all. I just don't. It's a game. I would not bet if you're asking me to take someone, uh, Speaker 1 00:39:35 I'm not, I'm not asking you to take a, you don't have to, you don't have to. Listen. Jets are a minus one 20 money line favorite. All right? Jags are plus 100. Uh, the fact that it's not apic them and that there's actually a point and a half kind of makes me crazy. I mean, it's, you know, whoever, you know, this is, this is who's gonna win the game. And, uh, and yeah, and I'll just, I think the Jags kind of want it more. Speaker 2 00:40:01 I honestly really don't know who's gonna win the game. I don't. All right, welcome. Speaker 1 00:40:04 Let's go to Christmas Day site at Christmas Eve. You're okay. You're okay, Adam. Nobody's, nobody's putting a gun to your head saying, make a fucking pick. Speaker 2 00:40:12 I have to make it for my weekly pool. Let me pick every game, but, huh. Let's see what I picked. I did it like a day. I just, they're Speaker 1 00:40:20 Like, oh, Speaker 2 00:40:21 When they come out, I just make a pick and then I go back to it. And then after I do more research. So let's see who I picked. Speaker 1 00:40:26 Let's see what that, what the instinct said, what the gut feels. Say Speaker 2 00:40:30 The line has the Jets minus a half. I took Jacksonville plus a half <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:40:34 There you go. All right. So there you go. Uh, we'll start off on the Saturday Christmas Eve slate, even though it's 1:00 PM it's not in the nighttime. Uh, chief's 10 point home favorite over the Seahawks. Um, like, I don't understand how this point spread got so fucking big. You got Kenneth Walker coming back. Gino Smith, Kenneth Speaker 2 00:41:00 Walk, Kenneth Walker did not practice today again. Speaker 1 00:41:02 Oh, really? Speaker 2 00:41:03 Yeah, just came out like, uh, a couple minutes ago actually, so, oh, yeah. Uh, president at practice, but not doing anything early. So I guess they're waiting for it, but I thought I saw a follow up after that, said he, he didn't practice and then DJ Dallas is back, so something to keep an eye on. Speaker 1 00:41:21 All right. Something to keep an eye on. I still can't, I, I still can't lay 10 points. Chiefs at home. They haven't been covering at home. Speaker 2 00:41:27 Yeah, they haven't been good. I mean, I know Seattle's kind of been floundering, but this is a big game for them. I'd have to take the points too. Speaker 1 00:41:34 Yeah. Uh, Buffalo, Chicago, it's gonna be butt ass cold there. Josh Allen did practice in full Josh Allen and the Bills know how to play in the butt ass cold. What's your lean? Speaker 2 00:41:49 Um, I'm okay. I'm kind of surprised Justin Fields came back in the game last week, and I don't know why he's still playing, but he did talk about breaking Lamar Jackson's season rushing record, so I guess that's what he is playing for right now. He's been sacked 46 times this year. Um, oh man. I, uh, bills haven't been blowing teams out either, man. I, I'll take the points with the Bears. They find a way to keep it close, even though they have no wide receivers. Justin Fields is a magician and he'll find a way to break a big, long run. Um, I think the Bills win, but I'll take the Bears to cover kind of similar to the game against Philly last week. Speaker 1 00:42:31 Okay. All right. Yeah, it is a tough one for me also because I kind of, you know, I, I do, I know the bills haven't been blowing teams out, but, you know, yeah, it's Justin Fields and, and David Montgomery, and that's kind of, you know, that Speaker 2 00:42:44 That's ele Harbert will be back. Speaker 1 00:42:46 So, so I mean, are we just looking at, just gonna run the ball down the throat of the bills, slow this game down, uh, kind of a situation there. Kind of keep it on the under 40. 40. Speaker 2 00:42:57 Yeah. Right. She's, dude, the totals this week are insane. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:43:00 They're horrible. Speaker 2 00:43:01 The weather too, I guess could be is why that total's low also. So. Speaker 1 00:43:05 Well, you know that the weather outside is frightful. Speaker 2 00:43:08 I know. I'm not even gonna go out <laugh>. Nah, it's, I mean, obviously it's not gonna be as bad as, uh, in New York jersey, although it looks like it'll be, oh my God. Friday morning 12 degrees. Saturday 10. Speaker 1 00:43:21 Oh, baby. It's cold outside. Speaker 2 00:43:22 Yeah, the lows for the ne Friday, Saturday, Sunday through Monday are 12, 10, 14, and 16. So it's gonna go great. I'm n I'm gonna get sick now. 55 on Friday. 21 on Saturday. Speaker 1 00:43:35 Oof. Saturday Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Speaker 2 00:43:38 Unbelievable. Speaker 1 00:43:42 Unbelievable is, you know, you not jumping in on the Christmas Carol singing here. You suck. Speaker 2 00:43:46 No, I'm not, I'm not doing it, dude. Speaker 1 00:43:48 I, I, you know what? I fucking hate Christmas meeting <laugh>. I really do. I really do. I listen because my, my birthday is the day after. It's like th this whole time of year. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:43:57 You get screwed. I have a friend. Speaker 1 00:43:58 I fucking hate this time of year more than anything. I really do. I hate, I hate people while they're out shopping. I hate how crowded stores are. I hate Christmas music. I hate the cold. I don't like being cold. I don't need to be. Speaker 2 00:44:14 You don't, you don't worry about that anymore as much on the West Coast, Speaker 1 00:44:17 Dude, when it's like 30 degrees here in the morning, it's fucking cold. Speaker 2 00:44:22 It gets that cold there. Speaker 1 00:44:23 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:44:24 Oh, wow. Okay. Speaker 1 00:44:26 Damn, dude, come on. Speaker 2 00:44:27 I don't know. I've never been out to Cali. I have no idea. Speaker 1 00:44:30 Oh, you should come visit. You can Speaker 2 00:44:32 See him. I'll go with it. Yeah. Where you gonna put me in the shed? Speaker 1 00:44:34 Yeah, dude, you'd love the Speaker 2 00:44:36 Shed. Okay. Speaker 1 00:44:38 Love the shed. I keep the shed. I've got my space heater here in the shed. I keep the shed in a nice bombing. 82 degrees. Speaker 2 00:44:43 That's too hot. Speaker 1 00:44:45 No, it's so good, so Speaker 2 00:44:47 Good. I, I hardly use heat in my house. I haven't turned on the heat in my house for at least three weeks. Speaker 1 00:44:55 We, we, I mean, we, we don't turn on the heat in our house either. We have a fireplace Speaker 2 00:44:59 Though. Well, I'm saying it like it's been, you know, 30 degrees here a lot lately. I still haven't put the heat on. Oh, when it hits. If it hits 10 degrees this week weekend, I might turn it on for an hour. Speaker 1 00:45:10 You doing all that snuggling with your, uh, with your downstairs neighbor? Isn't Speaker 2 00:45:13 That right? Oh yeah, that's it. Fucking <laugh>. Oh wait, I dunno. Maybe she'll listen to the podcast and get ammo. Hi Speaker 1 00:45:20 <laugh>. Hi Speaker 2 00:45:24 Cincinnati. Hopefully I'm not making a lot of noise now. Speaker 1 00:45:27 <laugh> banging on the door. Uh, Cincinnati, they are traveling to the Patriots. Um, Bengals are minus three. I actually, I wrote this one up here for picks wise. Um, and I'm actually, I'm gonna favor the Bengals. They're, they're eight, they're 11 and three against the spread this year. They happen to be, um, what are they? They're eight and three when they're a favorite, and then they're like five and two when they're a road favorite against the spread. Um, as much as I hate betting against Bill Belichick, I just think that the Bengals are hitting their stride. I think they got good shit going on. Uh, if, if Belichick focuses on taking out Jamar Chase and or Joe Mixon, you still have t Higgins, you still have Samage, Pete Ryan, you still have Tyler Boyd. I, I think that the Bengals can, with a balanced attack, really make this happen. Patriots are not, and I, and I think I said this, they're not the discipline team that Bill Belichick is all about. Speaker 2 00:46:32 Well just watch the last play, last week's game. Speaker 1 00:46:34 Exactly. And you know, you know what? The funny thing I'll tell you, the funny thing is we had, uh, we had Andrew Siciliano on the, on the show on Monday, and we asked him about that, and he basically turned around and was like, why isn't everybody shitting all over Roman Stevenson? Like, what the fuck was he doing? It's both turning around and lateral it in the first place. Speaker 2 00:46:57 Mind boggling, man. I could not believe it when I saw it. Um, and it could cost him a playoff spot. Yeah, I'm on Cincinnati here, man. The barrow is 18 and three against the spread. His last 21 starts, the Bengals are 19 and three against the spread. They last 22. There's a really good team. And if Kansas City loses one game and the Bengals went out, they're the top seat. Yep. They, this is a scary team. Like if I, I don't think it's crazy to put money on them to win a Super Bowl right now. It's wide open. They obviously show no fear of Kansas City. Um, I think they can beat Buffalo. They're a dangerous team. They're, they're getting better. Um, yeah. And, uh, Barrow is 17 and Speaker 1 00:47:40 The Patriot's offense not that good. Speaker 2 00:47:41 Like, suck. It sucked, dude. They, we all knew this with Patricia in there and what they're, they they had in that game? They had, they, they called it timeout when Jacobi Meyer scored a touchdown. I mean, they just, they're so outta sync, man. You could see it. Mack Jones is just furious. He's always upset. I mean, he sucks to begin with too. He does not play well, but yeah. Um, I'm taking the bagels here. Speaker 1 00:48:02 Beautiful. Beautiful. Um, all right, let's, uh, let's keep rolling then. Detroit, in Carolina, uh, lion are a three point road favorite. Who do you like? Speaker 2 00:48:15 Uh, I, I, I guess I'm a soccer for Detroit. I said two weeks ago, I'm gonna fall for Detroit against Minnesota. It was right. They covered, um, I know it's on the road. It's Carolina. They're just playing so well defensively. They've been really good against Theran. We know that's what Carolina wants to do. They wanna run the football. Is Sam Darnell gonna beat them? I don't think so. So I will stay with the Lions, the red Hot Lions. So I'll take Detroit minus three. Speaker 1 00:48:45 All right. I'm on the opposite side of that. I'm taking Carolina with the points. Speaker 2 00:48:49 Yeah, you have an allegiance to Sam Donald, I get it. Speaker 1 00:48:52 No, it actually, it has nothing to do with Sam Donald. It has everything to do with, I mean, I think Donald can be serviceable. I don't love him by any stretch of the imagination. I do think DJ Moore is a hell of a receiver. Um, and I, and I, and I actually, I, I also like Terrace Marshall Jr. Um, just for Quali. But it's, it's a, it's a, a good enough passing game to get by in this one here. But yeah, I think if you, if you can run hard with Deta Foreman and Chuba Hubbard and really keep Chuba Hubbard incorporated in this offensive scheme, you're basically doing to Detroit what they do to ev they were doing everybody with Swift and, uh, and Jam, Jamal Williams, so I Speaker 2 00:49:32 That, but the Detroit has been stopping the run the last four or five weeks. And Foreman looked terrible last week. Foreman's not gonna, Speaker 1 00:49:39 Well, last week, last week, Donovan Knight got hurt here. His ankle. Okay. The three weeks before that. Yeah. They've been fine against the run. The three games before that though. I mean, all three are home games. The, the team, you know, it's like, to me, to me, when when you get those three straight home games, cuz we saw this, I think Washington had three straight home games also that they like, they were like on this like seven in one tear or six in one tear over a seven game span. And you looked and you're like, oh look, three fucking straight home games for this team, like in the middle of that. And I think that that's kind of happened with Detroit too. Speaker 2 00:50:17 I know golf is not as good on the road, especially cold temperature, but it's not like Darn is either. So I Speaker 1 00:50:23 Mean, look. No, no, no. It's not like darn is either. But I like, I'll, I'll take, I'll take the Panthers defense winning this one in a close one. If I'm gonna get points, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with the better defense here. Speaker 2 00:50:35 Uh, you're just bitter cuz Detroit beat the Jets last week. I get it. Speaker 1 00:50:38 I'm definitely bitter about Detroit beating the Jets. I'm, it's not so much bitter, more as is like, you know, every single time the Jets show that they're not the same old jets, the next week they come back and they show that they're the same old Speaker 2 00:50:50 Jets. And Zach Wilson's a part of it. Speaker 1 00:50:52 Yeah. Zach Wilson is a part Speaker 2 00:50:54 Of it. That's the thing. You guys are just like a quarterback away from really being a true contender. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:51:01 Well good fucking luck to us. I'll tell you what though. Uh, we do, we do look like a great spot for a free agent in Veteran QB right now. Speaker 2 00:51:09 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 1 00:51:10 Like that's the, I like if you're a free agent, veteran quarterback in the N F L, this off season, go look at the Jets. Like, we've got a receiving core for you. We've got draft picks, we've got a strong de defense, we've got a supportive ground game. We've got shit for you here. We got some good stuff. Good stuff. Giant Vikings Giants are a road road dog here. Four and a half points. Minnesota <laugh>. Boy, Minnesota's defense. You wanna talk about a defense that's just falling apart? Speaker 2 00:51:50 Yeah. Obviously the, uh, biggest comeback against the Cols on Saturday. That was an insane game. Saturday was just a, a great day of football outside of Cleveland, Baltimore. Yeah. Um, damn. So this was three and a half before, so now it's four and a half. Uh, I just don't think the Giants are that good. And I love the Giants last week against Washington getting the four and a half. I didn't get that. I told you that. I was like, these two teams played a couple weeks ago. It was 2020. Like why? Well, why, why is Washington getting so much respect? And I know they caught a couple of bad breaks at the end, but, oh man, I feel like I need to take Minnesota here, but four and a half Giant, I guess the, cause the thing is what's Minnesota's weakness against the past on the Giant's gonna be able to expose that enough with their weapons. Speaker 1 00:52:35 I mean, you've got, it's Daniel Jones to Darius Slaton, Isaiah Hodgins. Speaker 2 00:52:40 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:52:41 I don't think it's great. But for the same token, we also turned around and we watched KJ Osborne shine like a, like a, like a diamond. Speaker 2 00:52:51 I will, I will take Minnesota. Speaker 1 00:52:55 I I actually kind of like Minnesota in this one here. I agree with you. The fact that it's up to four and a half makes me a little bit nervous. But no, I think the Vikings here at home are, uh, are, are a good spot to go. I also think, you know, the problem is I think the Giants, you know, I I, I'll tell you what, in in dfs I'm playing Daniel Jones and Darius Slaton. I'm gonna, I'm gonna pa pair them up and then I'll have like, you know, like Justin Jefferson coming back against them. And then I'll just build my, my my DFS lineup around there. Um, I'm picking up Graham gno Speaker 2 00:53:30 Is a good kicker. Speaker 1 00:53:31 Kickers, kickers have gone ham on the Minnesota Vikings over the last several weeks. Speaker 2 00:53:37 McLaughlin, Speaker 1 00:53:38 I picked up m so I picked up McLaughlin. Did you see my tweet? Speaker 2 00:53:41 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:53:41 Like two in the morning, I'm taking a shit, I'm looking at my phone and I'm like, ah, man, I gotta fucking, I had the Miami kicker. I'm like, ah, I gotta drop this fucking guy because of the weather and I'll just, I'll pick up. So I picked up fucking Chase McLaughlin and, uh, he on the, this is the F S G A team <laugh>. So now I'm like, fuck. Now I gotta find another kicker here that, uh, that that's gonna work for me. So I gotta go. Uh, so I have no fab left. So basically at 1201, I have to go to the site Speaker 2 00:54:14 And no, it's not 1201, it's Thursday morning at 10:00 AM So Speaker 1 00:54:18 7:00 AM That's why I have to, so I have to wait. Oh, that's good actually for me. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, that's good for you. You'll be, I'll make sure that I, uh, that I do that. It's 10:00 AM Eastern. Speaker 2 00:54:26 Just double check. I'm pretty sure it's definitely not 1201. I think it's 10:00 AM I can double check for you now, but I believe it's 10:00 AM Eastern. That's when first ke first come, first serve starts Speaker 1 00:54:36 For that specific thing. I'll, I'll be Speaker 2 00:54:38 There. Yeah. Uh, yeah. May free fall. Yep. Thursday, 10:00 AM Eastern. Speaker 1 00:54:43 I will be there with Bell on because I need a quarterback and I'm gonna go after Graham. Good enough. Speaker 2 00:54:50 Good luck. Speaker 1 00:54:50 Thanks buddy. Appreciate it. Texans. Titans. Here you go. Titans are a minus or three point favorite here at home against the Texans. Where are you gonna lean? Speaker 2 00:55:01 Uh, I know 10 L could be out, but I'll still take the Titans here. They really need this game badly. They are not playing good football. Um, I was gonna say Trayvon Berks could be back, but that won't matter if Will's a quarterback. Cause you know what they're gonna do? They're gonna run the ball every play. We've seen this before, the same matchup a few weeks ago, so I know the Texans have played really well, uh, you know, against the Chiefs and the Cowboys. So they've not given up. You've gotta give them credit for hanging in there, even though they have no one right now. And Royce Freeman is, uh, running back day featured last week. So, um, I'll, I'll still take the Titans minus three. Speaker 1 00:55:36 Yeah, I'm on the Titans minus the points also. Um, all right, here you go. In, uh, in what, what, what should be, um, uh, the day after tomorrow, but on a football field, <laugh>, the New Orleans Saints, visiting the Cleveland Browns, uh, were told there's supposed to be an inch of accumulated snow on the ground during the game. Not to mention the fact of 30 to 40 to 50 mile an hour gusts of wind. Um, obviously it's, it's, you know, I'll tell you what I was, I was, I'm, I'm still in on, on Cleveland. I, I was, I was, I'm worried about Chub not playing because he didn't practice again today. But I look at the fucking Saints and, and they just, they, the Saints just always managed to find a way to fuck things up. You run against Cleveland, they, they're, you know, are they gonna do it? Will they make it happen? Um, I'm just, I'm gonna say that Cleveland knows and is smarter about it and we'll see a lot of, if not Chubb, then we'll see a lot of Kareem Hunt, who I think is a perfectly fine starting running back. Um, maybe it's splashing a little, uh, dearness Johnson or whoever it is, is the backup. But I'm gonna give the edge to Cleveland here in a, uh, a very low scoring, disgusting game. Speaker 2 00:56:53 Uh, yeah, I am taking Cleveland to Alan Kamar has had a terrible year. Man. You know, it's funny cuz we kind of talked a little bit about this on, um, the Better Sports Network, and this is something to keep in mind for next season. Alvin Kamar right now in points per game and p r among running backs is 13th. That makes it seem like he's had a good year. He really hasn't. He had, th he has three touchdowns this year. They all came in one game, one Speaker 1 00:57:18 Game, Speaker 2 00:57:19 And then I think he had another game of like 25. He's had a horrible year, man. You know, so be careful when people, they do it with total points, which is the dumbest shit. Oh, well he finished RV seven, I don't care. That's total points. If a if a running back stays healthy for the entire season, of course they're gonna be up there cuz other running backs get hurt. I still wanna look at points per game or, but even with that, you have to look, okay, where's the distribution of points? If a guy has Evan Ingram's gonna probably be one of those two. Oh, he was tight in four. Oh yeah. Well, he had like 50 points in one game. So just keep that in mind for when people talk about in the off season, you, you gotta take these things with context. So Kamara has not looked good, and I don't understand why he's not getting a ball. He doesn't have the same explosiveness, but when Mark Ingram and Da David fucking Johnson last week was getting Carries early, and Speaker 1 00:58:07 Dude, I was dying. I was dying, dude dying, Speaker 2 00:58:10 And my Kamar team are dead. I only had it in two weeks. I don't give a fuck. Oh, Speaker 1 00:58:14 I had him in, I had him in all my GPP lineups. It was such a great matchup for him. Speaker 2 00:58:17 It it does, like I don't do, something is going on there. I don't know what it is. Then the, the week before Ingram will already banked up his knee and they're throwing an Ingram on a key play late in the game, and he goes out bound and stock the clock helps Tampa get the game. So something is going on there and I don't know what it is, but his usage boggles my mind. So I'm taking Cleveland too. Speaker 1 00:58:40 All right. Atlanta visiting the Ravens, Ravens are a seven and a half point favorite. Um, I mean even, even even with Huntley, I mean, if it's Jackson, I'm definitely in on the Ravens. Even if it's, if it's Huntley, I, I think this defense is just too much for, for Atlanta. I know that, that, you know, Tyler Algier had such a, a brilliant game last week and, and you know, 130 plus rushing, I just don't think they're putting that up on the, uh, on the Ravens, um, at all. Speaker 2 00:59:11 Yeah. And I, I feel like this is a spot a lot of people are gonna be like, oh, I gotta take Atlanta with the points. Baltimore's been terrible, but this could be a game where the defense just suffocates them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and Dobbins. I know he's had two long runs where he kind of slowed down. The bottom line is he's still producing man. I mean, he's been efficient. Yeah. He's not gonna break off a 50 yard run for a touchdown, but he's picking up yards and Edwards has been solid. So I played Gus, his prop last week was 37 and a half rushing yards. I played that. So even Dobbins I think was 48 and a half. I didn't play it, but keep an eye on the Ravens running back props. Uh, they were too low last week. Speaker 1 00:59:45 They were too low last week. Um, alright, so, all right. So you're on the Ravens minus the points. Speaker 2 00:59:52 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:59:52 Okay. Washington, San Francisco in San Francisco. This line's been going between seven and seven and a half. Speaker 2 00:59:58 I don't care. I've taken San Fran. Speaker 1 01:00:00 Yeah, okay. Me too. Yeah, I mean, come back. I wrote this up for picks wise. Speaker 2 01:00:03 Yeah, I mean this, this team's a machine right now, and I know they might slip up somewhere, but Washington, they're just not that good. They really aren't. Speaker 1 01:00:13 I agree. And this Speaker 2 01:00:14 49ers are Speaker 1 01:00:15 Scary, man. 49ers defense against Heineke. Come on. Speaker 2 01:00:18 Yeah, come on. Speaker 1 01:00:20 Um, Eagles Cowboys. It's a five point game. Cowboys are favored. Speaker 2 01:00:25 I'll take the Eagles. Speaker 1 01:00:26 I'm taking the Eagles too. Minu magic baby. Speaker 2 01:00:30 I mean, look, if Hertz is out and I have Minu in two playoff match, I'll take it. Look, I hope Dallas wins, but this is this, all the pressures on Dallas in this game, man. <laugh>, you know, they're favored. They're home. No, Herz and Philly's still a good all around team. I mean, yeah, Herz is a big reason for this success, but Minu has had some success in the NFLs. He had some failures, but this is probably the ba I can't, I don't remember him having these type of weapons, man. And Goddard should be back. So yeah, I'm gonna take Philly with the points. Yeah, Speaker 1 01:01:03 Me too. Uh, Saturday night special Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh. Steelers. Steelers favored by two, um, <laugh>. I mean, I'm, I think I'm just gonna take the Steelers. Speaker 2 01:01:16 Well, yeah, Fran o' Harris passed away, so Speaker 1 01:01:19 Oh, did he? Oh geez. When was that? Speaker 2 01:01:22 You're kidding, right? Yeah, I'm kidding. Okay. I figured that. <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 1 01:01:28 Well, no, I've been in a, I've been in a bubble. That's Speaker 2 01:01:30 Ok. Been in a bubble. Alright. Right. Bubble boy. Um, Speaker 1 01:01:34 <laugh>. Yeah. Whoops. You said Speaker 2 01:01:36 Whoops. Yeah, I, I don't even know, honestly, I don't know what this gave either. Two shit teams. Uh, I, I guess I'll take Pittsburgh. I don't know. Yeah. Am I gonna watch this fucking game? Speaker 1 01:01:48 We'll go for the heartstrings. No, I'm Speaker 2 01:01:50 Not gonna watch that. I don't think I will either. There's no hoops on. I'm working Christmas Speaker 1 01:01:54 Eve. Speaker 2 01:01:54 I'm working that day till five anyway. Yeah. Fuck it. I ain't watching that game. Speaker 1 01:01:58 There you go. There you go. You're working till five on Saturday. Speaker 2 01:02:02 I'm actually sh I'm doing a Twitter takeover for Sirius XM fantasy from 10 to one, and then I'm on the Better Sports Network from one to five. Speaker 1 01:02:10 Ah, there you go. There you go. I'm doing a, uh, I think I'm doing a Christmas night show on Sirius XM on set. I think you are. What's Speaker 2 01:02:21 That? I think you are. Speaker 1 01:02:22 I am. I'm doing a Saturday night show on Christmas night and then on, uh, and then on on Saturday morning I'm doing a, uh, so yeah, Saturday morning I'm doing that 7:00 AM fucking show that I usually do on Sundays. Speaker 2 01:02:35 Son. Yeah, same thing with me. My Sunday show got shifted to Saturday. I said, all right, fine. I'll do it. Speaker 1 01:02:41 Right, exactly. Um, all right, so those are the games on Saturday, Christmas Eve. Let's go to the, uh, horrible looking. Oh my goodness. Christmas Day S Slate Packers, dolphins, Miami's favored by three and a half. I'll take the fins. Speaker 2 01:02:58 Me too. I mean, I know people have started to talk to Packers up and Oh, they got a shot now. Come on, you guys beat the fucking Rams. Let's relax Miami, you know what? I give Miami credit, they showed up in that Buffalo game. They played well after not playing well against San Francisco and the charters. I thought they played well. Two are rebounded. Um, Miami's home. Yeah, I'm taking Miami here. Fuck Green Bay. Speaker 1 01:03:21 Fuck Green Bay, <laugh> Denver. Two and a half point favorite over the Rams. Speaker 2 01:03:28 I think you're taking the Rams, right? Speaker 1 01:03:31 Nah, I'm kind of leaning and taking Denver here. Yeah, Speaker 2 01:03:33 I don't know how you can pick the Rams right now. I know they're home, but Baker Mayfield, Speaker 1 01:03:38 Like really Ben, Ben Karran just Alpha season. Speaker 2 01:03:41 Yeah, they're centers out and center Speaker 1 01:03:43 Is out Speaker 2 01:03:43 For the season. Russ, they already had a shitty line to begin with. Russ is back knowing Russ, he'll finish the season strong just to fuck with people. Um, Speaker 1 01:03:51 Oh yeah, that'd be great. Speaker 2 01:03:52 And Sutton might play too. Yeah, I'll take Denver and, but I'm not putting my money on this game. Speaker 1 01:03:56 I'll take Denver and I won't put money on it either. Uh, Tampa Bay, Arizona, seven and a half Points, man. But it's Trace Mc. Speaker 2 01:04:05 I know, man, like Tampa is so bad, but Arizona could be the worst team in football right now. I mean, Texas's a point better than them. So I hate doing it cuz if you would ask me three weeks ago, I'd be like, I will not lay seven and a half points with Tampa against anyone. But in this case, how do they not Speaker 1 01:04:23 James Connor's not gonna be able to do it all by himself. Speaker 2 01:04:26 Right. Speaker 1 01:04:28 I d you know, and here's the problem. What do you do with Deandre Hopkins in fantasy Fucking cha. It's like, like semi-finals in playoffs. Like how do you sit, uh, Deandre Hopkins yet? How do you start 'em with Mc Solia under center? Speaker 2 01:04:44 Yeah, man. I think it depends on what you have, but it's hard to sit the guy. Speaker 1 01:04:50 Yeah, Speaker 2 01:04:50 It's it's, it's a bad situation though. It's tough for anyone to be in. Speaker 1 01:04:55 Sorry. Peoples, uh, Monday Night Football, Colts, home Dogs Five Points Chargers, uh, Nick Folz under center for the Indianapolis Cults. I'll take my home dog, Adam. Speaker 2 01:05:10 Yeah, I'm gonna do it too. Um, just when you're ready to say, here come the Chargers to play. I mean, they didn't even play well against Tennessee. Everyone was in on those guys for DFS and props. Um, I had a Mike Williams prop and I got lucky to hit that with those two plays on the last drive. Um, so yeah, I mean, I think the Chargers win, but they're not gonna make it easy. So I'll take the calls with the points. Yep. Speaker 1 01:05:34 Yeah. Chargers can win this game. I don't give a shit about that, but Five point favorite. No, not in my world. Nope, nope, nope. It's gonna come down to Dicker the kicker. 23 to 20. How about that? All right, well, so there you go. Those are the games. It's what we got. I think we're, uh, we're, we're pretty well set there as always guys. Um, you can, uh, you can, you can listen to Adam on the Better Sports Network. You can listen to me on SiriusXM, follow Adam on Twitter at Adam Ronis. You can follow me on Twitter at roto buzzy. Uh, you can find us both, all over the [email protected] and picks as well. Adam, any part in shots before you go away for the holidays? Speaker 2 01:06:22 Nah, I hope everyone has a great holiday. Enjoys it. Whether you spend time with family, friends, whatever you do, just, you know, enjoy these moments. Uh, and good luck in your fantasy championships, uh, if you get there as well. Speaker 1 01:06:40 And let me wish everybody out there a very happy New Year in addition to Happy Holidays because Adam and I are not gonna be recording next week. Sorry to say. We'll have to, you'll have to, uh, get your, your picks somewhere else. Maybe I'll, I'll, I'll write up an article or I'll tweet something, but I'm the way on vacation Adam's away on vacation. Uh, we will be back after the new year here on Cash It. So for my man, Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. This has been Cash It. Catch You Next Time.

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