February 02, 2023


Cash It: NFL News, Early Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis & NBA Prop Bets

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL News, Early Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis & NBA Prop Bets
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL News, Early Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis & NBA Prop Bets

Feb 02 2023 | 01:02:54


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis break down Adam's NFBC Fantasy Baseball draft, Super Bowl bets and props, NFL news, and NBA Prop Bets! Don't forget to get your copy of the Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide if you go to fantasyalarm.com/mlbdraftguide. ITS FREE!


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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here by my side. What's up, Roe? Oh, baby. Right. We, uh, we get a little breather here from some football. You got two weeks in between the, uh, conference championships in the Super Bowl. So gives us a, gives us a little bit of flexibility today. Speaker 1 00:00:22 Certainly does. It's obviously a good time to start preparing for fantasy baseball if you haven't, obviously still full swing in N B A and betting on a nightly basis. So, um, there's never really a break, but yes, a little bit of a hiatus from football for now as we gear up for the Super Bowl and all the millions of player props and crazy props that will be available for us. Speaker 0 00:00:49 Well, I mean, the props are, are utterly ridiculous. And we, we do the, uh, the whole, we do the, the big game contest [email protected]. You guys can go to fantasy alarm.com/big game. It's a free contest. It's a mixture of novelty props and, and player props from the Super Bowl. And $250 in cash for, uh, first prize, second prize, uh, full year subscription [email protected]. Uh, third place, uh, three month subscription, uh, over at Fantasy Alarm. So everybody loves that process. Do you guys, I mean, are you, uh, you're, you know, you do the show over the Better Sports Network, and forgive me for not being able to listen Adam, but some genius thought that it would be great for our shows to be on the exact same time. Um, and so, uh, you know, do you guys have that, you know, football mandate still over there? Are you, uh, are you able to sneak in a little bit of, uh, non-football talk? Speaker 1 00:01:44 Yeah, we do a lot of N B A, um, pro, we, sometimes we do an hour of N B A A day, usually in the second hour looking at DFS player prop slates. So yeah, there's, there's no mandate. Pretty flexible on that. Speaker 0 00:01:59 Okay, that's good. That's good. I mean, you know, we still have to kind of touch on it over at, at Sirius xm, we're, we're kind of trickling out certain things like, you know, like every, every day we've done like a position comparison, you know, Herz versus Mahomes, McKinnon versus Sanders. You know, we do like that, that whole thing. But I'm super stoked to be like driving in some, uh, some, some fantasy baseball content, especially because dun da da, the fantasy alarm draft guide, the MLB Fantasy Baseball draft guide dropped today. It is there on fantasy alarm.com/mlb draft guide one word, and it is free everybody. It costs nothing. You just have to have an email address registered over [email protected] and go check it out. I mean, articles are, are, are already out for league specific strategies, draft strategies, sleepers, busts, rookies, uh, all the, all the major standards that you have. Speaker 0 00:03:03 Plus, uh, between now and opening day, we are piling out more content. More and more we're doing, you know, some specific, uh, position specific articles and talking about the depth of each position. I mean, just go and check it out. It doesn't cost you anything to do it. Fantasy alarm.com/mlb draft guide, or you can just go to fantasy alarm.com and it's right there in the, uh, in the top of the menus for you so you can, uh, check all of that out. But I mean, I'm super stoked, man. I'm like, I'm pumped to do the mock draft Army. Uh, you're in the middle of this. Um, is it Draft Master, not draft masters? That's, uh, that's RT Sports. What is it? A draft champions draft over at, uh, at the N F F C N F bbc? Speaker 1 00:03:48 Yes, it's, uh, 15 Team League 50 rounds. Uh, you set your lineup each week. You can change offense on Friday. Pitchers are set earlier in a week, so it's great prep. Uh, that's really kind of where I really start to immerse myself and, you know, you're kind of doing research as the draft is going on, remembering things from last year. So, um, it's usually the way I start my prep and, um, did pretty good last year. I think I like a top three finish in a couple. Um, I did I think like four or five last year. Um, so in the middle of the first one. Now, uh, usually once that one wraps up or gets near the end, start a second one. So about halfway through right now. Um, so I'm still kind of in the early stages of, you know, my baseball prep, not really fully where I need to be yet. If I, I don't think I'm ready to do like a draft today, but, you know, you gotta get started somewhere and kind of start figuring out plans. So I like to just jump in and I think actually the first one I did last year was the best one. It finished highest, which is very weird cuz I was the least prepared for it. So I guess sometimes, uh, the initial instinct is, is right or could have gotten lucky, I don't know, Spencer Speaker 0 00:05:01 Skype or you just, yeah, maybe you, maybe you, you overthink it a little bit too much and, uh, instead of just kind of going with the, uh, your gut instinct, so plus Speaker 1 00:05:10 The ADP changes as you go along. Guys get pushed up, guys get pushed down. So maybe players you were getting early, the price goes higher and you don't get them, you know, a lot of times too, it's where you draft, you know, maybe one draft you're picking top five, all the one late different, ah, there's so many factors. But, um, I always, I think it's like the best prep and you're kind of doing research as you go. This one is a four hour clock. They have ones that are two or one, you can do 'em at one. So whatever works best for you. Speaker 0 00:05:37 Definitely looking to, uh, to jump in on that, especially with the fact that I'm probably gonna be paring down, uh, other leagues, uh, as we kind of, you know, move closer and closer to it. Um, I mean, so, so I have, I have rank, I have like my first incantation of, of fantasy baseball rankings, uh, up there on fantasy alarm.com. It is part of the draft guide. Um, so we got 'em for free and um, you know, I mean, listen, that those are, those are my rankings. They're kind of loose right now. I expect a lot to change here and there. Uh, just because so much is, is still to happen. I mean, we haven't even, pitchers and catchers haven't even reported yet. Not, you know, I mean there, there are players being projected for numbers that I, I just, I I, I can't see them actually, uh, even achieving. So lots of stuff that it's, uh, gonna be very fluid and, you know, obviously I update my rankings. Um, how do you go about doing a draft champions? How are you, how are you drafting 50 rounds without your own personal rankings? Is it just based off of ADP and gut instinct? Speaker 1 00:06:45 No, it's just, you know, what I kind of feel, um, the players gonna do, I mean the ADP is just the guide, uh, but in these drafts you'll see I guys get really pushed up, uh, that they might not be ranked accurately again cuz it is early. There are some players that have buried that all of a sudden have jobs now. So it's, yeah, it's just kind of a feeling out process and you know, you have your initial thoughts and then as you're doing the research, something could change. You might go, you know what? I'm too high on this player. I'm too low on this player. So that's why I like doing these to kind of figure things out. Speaker 0 00:07:23 And how many are you gonna do? Speaker 1 00:07:25 Uh, three or four, probably Speaker 0 00:07:27 Three or four of these. Are you gonna do other best ball drafts or are you gonna do any of the mock drafts that I'm gonna put together? Speaker 1 00:07:33 Yeah, I'll jump in the mock drafts. I really don't do the best ball stuff. Um, I don't know, maybe I will. I'll see. Speaker 0 00:07:41 I'm not, I'm not forcing you to, I'm not a huge best ball fan. I, I mean, I get it, you know, I, I get why people do it to me. It's, it's, you know, it's, it's the lazy man's fantasy <laugh>, you know, I mean, I don't have to, I don't have to make lineup decisions. Oh my God. Like when you're doing draft champions here, you're going 50 rounds. But I mean, like, you have no information at, at it right now and you're drafting a roster that's deep enough to withstand injuries. Um, that's Speaker 1 00:08:14 Not always, not Speaker 0 00:08:15 Always. I mean, no, not always. Obviously yes, if <laugh>, if the asteroid that was that starred in the movie Armageddon actually hit your fantasy baseball team, no, you probably wouldn't be able to. But come on. More often than not, you're probably drafting a team off of this at over 50 rounds. You're probably drafting yourself enough depth that, you know, injuries aren't gonna kill you. Speaker 1 00:08:39 Um, it depends. There are some times that you do not have, uh, you're, you're not able to even put forth the full roster. I know it did happen last year. Um, you know, especially too if some of the guys you take late don't make the majors or so, I mean, you need a lot of luck to go your way, even with 50 rounds. Uh, cuz you're, there's so many injuries in baseball that, um, it could play a role. Speaker 0 00:09:04 Um, as you look at your draft board and as it's going, cuz we'll talk about your team here in just a second, but just from, uh, you know, from like the bird's eye view, the view from, you know, 50,000 feet and you're looking at this draft board, um, yeah, I get it right. I mean, we already talked last week about you drafting a manual class A with your second pick because you know, there's, there's no roster moves. There's no waivers or anything like that. So you wanna make sure that you, you know, you lock down that closer. Are there, are there any Ill, were there any kind of glaring, you don't have to out anybody or whatever, were there any glaring things that you were like, man I would never in a million years have drafted that guy at that spot or better yet, were you like looking around? Cuz you are right now if, uh, this is accurate. You are 25 rounds through, so you are, you're halfway done with this draft or you're in, in the 25th round. Um, you've seen enough where you're like, oh shit, that guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was a really great pick. Anything like really stand out to you too much? Speaker 1 00:10:11 Um, yeah, I mean I think there's some good pictures coming off bad years that are going late that are not bad buys at this point. Um, some hitters as well. Um, I think this guy is starting to rise though, but Will Meyer is going to Cincinnati. I know health has been an issue, but man, that park, I kind of like that he went around 15, so I thought that was a, a pretty good buy there. Um, like John Gray in round 13, I really like, we saw he went to Texas last year, performed well, did have some injuries, but it's a pretty good park. So, um, like that. So yeah, there's a couple late and then of course you really, it's speculating for closures late. You know, you saw a couple in round 17, Evan Phillips, well he close for the Dodgers. Dylan Floro, um, Trevor May who could close in Oakland. I mean that team's just a disaster. Um, I kind of like Justin Turner around 17. Um, he's going to Fenway now. Speaker 0 00:11:04 You love Justin Turner. Speaker 1 00:11:06 I do. I mean, the guy's a flat out great hitter, <laugh>, but you know, but it, I know the power is down last year, but it, it, it could go up a little bit. Remember too, he's probably gonna dh he's been playing third base a lot. So, uh, yeah, he's 38, but he had 2 78 the last two years and it's hard to find batting average late. Uh, so I think you, you can get, if he can hit two 80 again, I mean the counting stats should be pretty good. Of course it's health, but if he's gonna dh, um, that's, that's really gonna benefit him. So, and you're seeing guys who were hurt last year, um, you're getting a cheaper prices. A guy like Jorge Polanco now in round 11, he had a lot of injuries last year. Max mune, if you, people might have forgot, but if you look at Max Mune when he did the last two months, he bounced back. He obviously, I was not interested because he had that elbow issue and I think it clearly bothered him for four months and I guess he played through it, but he really rebounded in a big way. So, you know, there's some injury discounts, um, and then some guys who underperform going late. And then it's really the, the speculation for closers man, um, finding that, cuz there's so many teams right now where it's unsettled, we don't know who's gonna close. Speaker 0 00:12:13 Yeah, yeah, I think that's definitely, that was one of the hardest things. I'm in the, uh, Sirius XM dynasty league and we had to trim our rosters down from like, you know, I had 54 guys sitting on my roster and uh, and they were like, you gotta trim your roster down to 40 players. So I'm like, shit man, I got cut 14 guys outta here and it ended up I had to like cut like a, a bunch of, uh, a bunch of middle relievers who I had who were, you know, part-time closes at one point or speculative ad at another point. And so, you know, you throwing out names like that. What'd you say? You said Evan Phillips, uh, was a name. I, I just, I was looking at the draft board here. Carlos Estevez is another guy who, uh, you know, kind of bounces in and out of that and just, you know, it's kind of funny. So, uh, guys who I've actually had to, uh, to already dump, so that's always the worst. I mean, I, for a draft and hold situation here, that's the toughest part. I mean, getting those saves. So I can definitely understand why you would draft a, a class A that close up to the, uh, to the top really. I mean it's, ugh, I'm just looking at some of these names that are just going through the, uh, through the list and it is, um, it it's pretty grotesque actually. Speaker 1 00:13:29 Yeah. And this is 15 teams too. So like, uh, I want to get that once solid guy that I know has the job outside of injury and then you're gonna have to piece together the rest. You know, you're gonna have to get a couple set up men that maybe worked their way into the job during the year. But you know, if you get that one guy who gives you 30 to 40 saves, um, it at least puts you hopefully in the middle of the pack. And if you could hit on another one, then at least you could be in the top five potentially. Speaker 0 00:13:59 Yeah. All right. I'm with you. I'm with you. All right, let's take a look at Adam's team. Well, he's a partner in this team. Shout out to Brian Ambos. What's up Brian? Uh, always great to, uh, to see him and tout wars when, uh, you know, like when he, he's, cuz he always comes and hangs out for tout. I'm gonna be bummed that I'm not gonna be there this year. Hey, do you wanna, uh, I, I need, I think I need you to swap leagues with me, Adam. Speaker 1 00:14:22 Uh, I'll see if I can. I Speaker 0 00:14:24 Appreciate Speaker 1 00:14:24 That man. As long as I'm available I will do it. You know that Speaker 0 00:14:27 I, I appreciate that very much. Very, very <laugh> <laugh>. We had this conversation right before we started recording, um, but let's take a look at it. Uh, team ronis slash ambos. Um, <unk> Uh, you, you picked third overall in a 15 Teamer <laugh>, I gotta tell you, man, I don't know if it's more brutal to be on the end or in the middle in a 15 teamer. Those, these drafts can be, uh, absolutely bon. What do you prefer? You prefer to be on the, uh, on the ends or you prefer to be in the middle on a 15 teamer Speaker 1 00:14:58 Right now? Top five looks good or the back end, uh, compared to the middle. That's from what I've seen so far. Speaker 0 00:15:05 Okay. Okay. I like it. Makes sense. Um, third, overall, so Turner and Ramirez went first too. You guys took a Kuya then Class A, like we said, I think we talked about Linor last, uh, last week on the episode. You grabbed him in the third round. I love that, you know, his next season back here with the Mets, I expect a bigger year. Schwarber love them. Crazy, right? Schwarber like, I mean, he's really just kind of blossomed into this unbelievable, uh, player. And now, now with, with the, you know, banning the shift, how great is that? Like Turner on first Schwarber just sitting there and, uh, and, and just the, the big gaping holes that are gonna, he's gonna have to hit through while they try to hold Turner on the first base. Damn, you're excited, aren't you? Speaker 1 00:15:57 Yeah, I mean, just hope that the average is not as bad. You know, you're gonna get elite power though, so hopefully the average can go up and, you know, hitting second might lead to some more rbis, especially with Turner in front of him. Speaker 0 00:16:08 Yep. Louise Castillo in the fifth. I love that pick. I, I'm a big Castillo fan. I like him a lot. I love him even more now that he's not in Cincinnati. Uh, Jose Abreu. Um, did you grab Jose Abreu in the sixth round because you everybody was running outta first basement or, um, is there, uh, were were there other guys there that you were considering for that kind of power? Speaker 1 00:16:34 No, I mean, we didn't see a lot of power from Abra last year. I just think that he's going to a better spot now. Going to Houston, uh, short porch there and left field, another guy, a lot of average and his stack cast numbers were really good last year. Average exit velocity expected batty, average max exit velocity, hard hit percentage, X sl, all like in the top, uh, 90th percentile. Um, bated 3 0 4. Remember everything went wrong for the White Sox last year. Speaker 0 00:17:02 Everything Speaker 1 00:17:03 Went wrong and he only had 15 home runs. I'm not even, I don't even, I'm not saying he's gonna hit 25, I'll take 20. I would love 25, but I think the runs in rbis are gonna be really high in that Houston lineup. Uh, and the average, I mean, he had 3 0 4 last year, so, um, you know, getting batting average early is pretty important, especially, you know, had schwarber there, so that's gonna hurt the batting average a little bit. So, um, yeah, I just think Abre was a little undervalue right now. Um, I know he is older, but he's really not showing any signs of slowing down. Uh, it's 36, but going to Houston in that lineup, man. Um, I think you could put up some really good numbers this year. So liked getting him there. Uh, I'm, yeah, I mean in that round, yeah, there wasn't a lot that I loved there. Speaker 1 00:17:49 Um, yeah, I mean, Wanda Franco went after Kenley. Janssen was gonna take a second close there. Xander Bogart. So I don't love moving to San Diego. He has good average, but he is not good a hit for big power. Um, I know Pa PAs guino I do think is interesting. Um, but I still like a bravo a little bit better. But we did see good things for PAs Catino last year. Good walk rate. Um, I still, but you know, it comes down. So I think the Astros lineup is better than Kansas City for an, uh, PAs canino not as much experience, but you know, he, uh, he had 2 95 last year. Uh, he had a good hard hit rate. I mean, he had an 11.4% strikeout rate and an 11.7% walk rate that is just phenomenal. So I think he could be good, but I'll take a brau in a better Houston lineup. Speaker 0 00:18:31 I can dig that, I can definitely dig that gonna be hitting, you know, lot of, lot of RBI I opportunities for a brau this year. Lot of RBI I opportunities. Uh, you go catcher next Wilson Contrera. So here we go. So you've got the top al fielder in Ronald La Kuya. You've got a high end closer in Class A. You've got, in my opinion, a high-end shortstop in Linor strong power outfield, uh, from Schwarber. You got a, a good solid s p one in Luis Castillo. Now you get yourself, uh, you know, I would say, I mean, let's just let a brave top seven, eight first baseman probably in that area. Top 10. Speaker 1 00:19:12 Definitely top 10. I mean, he could be top six. Speaker 0 00:19:17 All right, take it easy, Speaker 1 00:19:18 Buddy. What are you talking about? No, I'm just fucking with you. <laugh>. Oh, Speaker 0 00:19:22 <laugh>. Dude. I need a little levity in my life. My life 2023 has been just a dog shit year already for a Speaker 1 00:19:30 So one month in. Yeah, I mean, it happens, right? Speaker 0 00:19:33 Seriously. Like, so what? I had to cancel my trip to New York for New Year's. Uh, we dealt with massive flooding here in in Half Moon Bay. There was a shooting a mass, two mass shootings in Half Moon Bay a couple of weeks ago. Uh, a Bobcat Cub bit, some five year old kid, uh, two days ago here in Half Moon Bay. Uh, I mean, it's just, it's like, like dog shit on top of dog shit on top of dog shit that I'm just, and now one of my pups malignant melanoma. And so, you know, I'm gonna end up dealing with all of that shit. So yeah, 2023 is a a, a real dicky kind of year for me right now. So I'm, I'm hoping for anything better. Speaker 1 00:20:20 Well, the good news is Valentine's Days around the corner. Speaker 0 00:20:23 Oh yes. <laugh> somebody, they asked me that on, on the air today. What do you, what do you like to do for Valentine's Day? I'm like, my wife and I like to eat our feelings. So we buy each other five pound boxes of candy and then we sit on the couch and we eat it so much until we're so fat and gross that neither one of us even wants to get up off the couch to go have sex, let alone have sex. I'm like, happy fucking Valenti's day, Speaker 1 00:20:48 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:20:50 Fucking Hallmark bullshit holiday. Speaker 1 00:20:54 The worst. Speaker 0 00:20:55 But I digress, don't I? I <laugh>. So I go through all of this here with your team. Top outfielder, top closer, top shortstop, power solid s sp one, and, and Castillo, even though some people will be like, guys, he is more of an s sp two, um, but he's your number one starter there. You've got great guy in Abreu Wilson Contreras. You go to the top of the heap in, uh, in and the catchers right there. What's, what's wrong with that? I don't see anything wrong with that. Speaker 1 00:21:24 Yeah, I mean, catcher is a little bit deeper this year, but, you know, I thought that was the right spot for Contreras, uh, could hit two in that lineup. That's a really good Cardinals lineup that they have there. Um, and you know, we know Contreras has been a, a top catcher, so, um, felt that was a, a good spot to get him to get at least one solid catcher. I mean, um, again, a lot of the stat cast numbers were really good for him last year as well. Um, and hits the ball. His hard hit rate, 48.6%. Um, so yeah, I mean, if you get, hopefully the average can be a little bit better is a catcher that is gonna play a lot and, um, you know, could hit 20 plus home runs. So that's nice. And he did have four steals last year. Speaker 0 00:22:13 Yeah. Um, you then go back to back starters. Logan Gilbert, who I'm a huge fan of, I love Logan Gilbert, such a great live arm, great stuff, you know, I, and developing, like developing great stuff, which is even better. And then Kyle Wright for the Braves. Now I know you hate the Braves and that probably drives you nuts, but I mean, those are tho I think those are two of, uh, potentially top young starters, uh, in the game right now. Speaker 1 00:22:43 Yeah. I don't care what team of player is on, uh, I actually had every Yankee starting pitcher on a roster last year, which sucked. Cause I'm like, oh, I'm like, oh, I hope the Yankees loose tonight. Oh, damn. I have Cole on my team. Oh, I hope the Yankees loose tonight. Oh, damn. I have Severino. Oh, I have Toyota. Oh, I have Cortez. So yeah, I don't care about that. Um, but yeah, right. Won 21 games last year. Uh, it's gotta be hard to, for him to repeat what he did, but yeah, it was backed by a really good offense. We saw the walks get cut down. That's gonna be the key. Does that continue? Because that was the one problem throughout his career. He cut his walk rate in half last year to 7.2% strikeout rate went up. Um, so I don't think he'll be as good as last year, but I don't need him to be, I need him to just be, you know, solid like mid three eras. Um, decent whip and uh, on that team, he should be in position to win quite a few games. Speaker 0 00:23:33 Then you go Harrison Bader, uh, next, which I love. I think Beter could actually lead off for the Yankees and that would be yummy. Delicious. Especially with the, the rules changes in m l MLB and the expected boost of stolen bases. I like beter there. Then you go Chapman in, in 11. And I mean, are, are you just planning on a, a rebound from Chapman or you just, you were like, shit, I gotta get a third baseman before I end up with nothing. Speaker 1 00:23:59 I don't worry about that. People are saying that about third base. I really don't worry about it, man. I don't think you can. That's one thing. You can't be like, well, third base is thin, I gotta get someone. Now if you're passing over better value, um, things will change. Maybe someone's available on free agency during the year at third base. Um, and maybe you're strong at middle and corner and we get third base. So I don't really worry about that. I think with Chapman, there was still a lot of good things. Um, in the underlying numbers. Uh, it's all about Kenny rebounding the average. Um, they are moving the fences in, in Toronto, but they're, the walls will be a little bit higher. But there was still a lot of good things for Chapman. Uh, the hard hit contact was 51.2%. Uh, strike right actually went down last year. Um, it was above 30% in 20 and 21. It was 27.4% last year. So it's all about, um, if his average can rebound. Um, so I'm hoping he could, he could get to two 50. I mean, that would be fine. Um, it's better than the 2 29 he gave. So if that average rebound, Speaker 0 00:25:03 Who the hell, who the hell leaves Oakland to go to Toronto and then hits worse? Speaker 1 00:25:09 Yeah, I mean, I could be, is it the first year where the new team type thing? I don't know, man. I mean, he had two 10 though in Oakland in 2020 1, 2 29 last year. Um, two 40 career hitter. I mean, the batting average of balls to play was kind of similar to his career number. Slightly below was 2 77. Career numbers, two 90. I mean, he does hit a lot of fly balls, so that's gonna, you're always gonna have a lower babo if you're hitting that many fly balls. So, uh, but the hard hit rate was way up. So there maybe there was some, some bad luck there. Uh, I'm hoping that he can hit 2 50, 2 42 50, but you're probably gonna project, uh, two 30, unfortunately. But, um, so that's the one thing, and I've said it like that's the one thing I have to be more cognizant of. Speaker 1 00:25:56 I think we get so enamored with power, oh, this guy has 30 home runs, and then the batting average, um, is lower. So the batting average could be somewhat of an issue here. I mean with, uh, Schwarber and Chapman potentially, um, una Una's kind of kinda his average differs year to year. Um, we've seen him hit really well and then seen low average. I mean, last year I just don't think he could drive the ball. I mean, he had 2 66, uh, I don't think that's him though. I think he even admitted after. Uh, so I think the power's gonna be back. It didn't affect the stolen base. He had 2 66 last year. He hit 2 83 and 21 2020, only two 50. But again, you're talking 46 games, 2 82 93. So, you know, he showed the ability to hit 2 80, 2 90 before. So I, I'd say he's a 2 75, 2 80 hitter. So that's fine. I mean, you would prefer 300 with your early pick, but, um, so there is, there, there could be some batting average issue there. Speaker 0 00:27:03 Okay. All right. Well, listen, you can't, you can't dominate in every category right from the start, can you? No. Oh, I guess you could. Speaker 1 00:27:09 Not in a competitive 15 team league most of the time. No. Holy shit. I just turned around and Boston is beating the Nets 37 to nine. Good thing I got no props in that game. Speaker 0 00:27:20 <laugh>. Oh, very nice. Very nice. Um, all right, let me, uh, let, let's, uh, let's roll through here some more. Brady Singer, innings eater, you know, Kansas City doesn't get destroyed, but you know, not, not your, your favorite guy. Tyro Estrada, um, to handle some, uh, some second base work for you there. Uh, Lordes, Gio, what, what did, you said something last week about Lordes Gural. I can't remember what it was now, but yeah, I'm surprised to see him on your team. Speaker 1 00:27:57 He had off-season, uh, wrist surgery. Ah, Speaker 0 00:28:00 And that was Speaker 1 00:28:01 It, because he only hit, I think, was it four months last year? I was like, wait, what the hell is going on? This guy's always been a good power hair. So yeah, he had left wrist surgery and it bothered him throughout the year. So I think that is why we saw the power down. And you know, a lot of times we know guys are hurt and they try to play through it. Not everyone goes on the il. So, um, he also had like a hamstring strain. But, um, yeah, I mean, going to Arizona now, um, you know, going later, then he usually goes, uh, a guy that did hit for good average last year, despite the, uh, lack of power did have 32 doubles as well. Um, but I think he could bounce back. So I, that's why we saw a huge drop in home runs for him. So they do expect him to be healthy. And again, this was, uh, what outfield of four or I think at this point, uh, Speaker 0 00:28:50 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Fourth outfield there Speaker 1 00:28:53 At this. I mean, outfield get dude in a 15 team league where you gotta start five and then you have utility outfielder gets done really quick. It's, it's, it is, if you can, it is advisable to get a few outfielders early, it drops off Speaker 0 00:29:05 Off. It does, it definitely does. It's been like that for, for a few seasons now. Actually. There's like a, there's like a, like a, like a continental shelf <laugh>. You just, you're like, yeah, outfield, outfield, outfield. Then all of a sudden you get somewhere around like the fifth or sixth round and you're like, where the hell did all the outfielders go? So I can imagine in a 15 team, or when you're sitting there and you're staring at Lord's gu on the 14th round being like, yeah, all right, I'll, I'll, I mean, listen, that, that's a, that's a pick that's worth that kind of a, of a, of a speculative ad. It really is. You've got another one a little further down, which I talked about before. So, uh, I'll hustle through the rest of your roster here. Ty in Chicago now, uh, Ezekiel Tovar, uh, for Colorado. Speaker 0 00:29:48 You're gonna take a shot on, on the kids, see what he does. Edward Cabrera, we saw some really good stuff outta him, uh, you know, in very short stint with, uh, with Miami last year before he got hurt. So we'll have to see about that. Jesse Stinker, I mean, Winker, um, a return to, to the National League Central. And he's gonna get a, a much more favorable ballpark in Milwaukee. That's, uh, that, that's, I like that ad there as well in the 18th round. Brandon Hughes the 19th, and then here you go, in the 20th, you go Spencer Torkelson. Uh, again, like one of the things that I thought when I was, uh, when I was looking at the Detroit Tigers last year, um, well, I was, I was more in on Riley Green than I was on Spencer Torkelson. But I do know that Torkelson has great power and he can be, uh, a really strong contributor. Speaker 0 00:30:41 I think one of the big problems that we saw last year was he and Riley Green were like feeding off of each other in the spring. And Riley Green fouls a ball off his foot, breaks his foot misses like the first couple of months of the season. And Torkelson a man alone on an island there and fucking Detroit had nothing. You know, he was like sitting there, you know, bottom part of the lineup, no protection, uh, struggled out of the gate and never really, never really put it together. But I think that there's, I think there's enough talent here on Torkelson to wanna make that speculative ad here. I said it to you, I was like, 20th round. It's like a free pick, you know? I mean, it's not a free pick and a 50 rounder, but, you know, it's a, it's a, it's, it's a low enough speculative ad that, I mean, he doesn't have to do much to kind of return value for you here. Speaker 1 00:31:32 Yeah. I mean, it is a prospect pedigree, and this happens, right? Everyone gets excited, they have a bad year up. We don't want him anymore. Who's the next hot prospect that will push up the board? So it takes time. Detroit man, um, they just, things don't go right for them. They're moving in the fences too. He hit more fly balls in the second half, hit more line drives in the second half, still not like you don't see it in the surface stats. The numbers weren't great, but the hard hit rate up. So maybe he started to, to make some adjustments there. So I think that's a corner in fielder for us. So I'll definitely take the shot with the prospect pedigree there in round 20. Speaker 0 00:32:07 Logan o Hoppi at catcher, uh, in the 21st, Jose Orti, Edward Olivas. And then, oh, look at that. You double down on your Mets, you grab Lefty Jose Quin, uh, in the 24th round. And so you're two picks away, or one pick away from your 26th round pick or your 25th round pick. And, uh, I'll tell you man, at first glance again, you know, just kind of doing a, a first blush here. I don't, I don't mind this squat at all, Adam. I don't mind it at all. Speaker 1 00:32:41 Yeah, I'm pretty, pretty happy with what we have so far. We got some power, some speed. Again, average could be an issue. Um, and the Pitching's pretty solid. Got the one steady closer. So, uh, take a couple shots at some other relievers, um, and see if, uh, one or two of them can work their way in. Asa Speaker 0 00:33:02 I wish you nothing but the best of luck in this, Speaker 1 00:33:04 Adam. Thank you. I feel that positive vibes coming from you. Speaker 0 00:33:08 Do you see? There it is. There it is. I love the positive vibes. Um, all right, so folks, check it out. Fantasy alarms, draft guide. Well, Adam, what are you, what are, when are you gonna be ready to do your rankings? Like, at what point do you feel that you're, you're ready to do it? Because I'll, I'll be honest with you, I did not feel ready to, to release my rankings here on February 1st. I think that it's, you know, it's, it's a, it's a tough, you know, it's, it's there. I'm not gonna like discount my rankings. I just know that these rankings are gonna probably look significantly different in a month's time. Speaker 1 00:33:49 Yeah. Um, I mean, look, I think it's good to just, just do it, um, if you're gonna be drafting and then you can adjust as, uh, the spring starts. I mean, that we talked about it last week too. I'm just glad that we do get a full spring because maybe that's why it's been harder the last couple years to kind of find the late values. Cause um, you know, Carlos Rodan was a big one a couple years ago, and it was because I, I read an article and saw his velocity in the spring and I was like, wow. Um, yeah, always helped as a factor, but he made some changes with mechanics. He was throwing harder and that guy was like, I don't know, 20th round or later. So I made sure to get him on every team and that worked out. So I think that's gonna be the big thing is seeing the spring, seeing some of those changes, uh, velocity up, pitch mix change. Uh, that's gonna be important here in February. But yeah, I mean, I think it's, uh, I think it's a, it's about good time to start putting the stuff together. Speaker 0 00:34:47 Okay. Well, what, what do you think when are, when are, when are your rankings gonna be ready? Come on. I need to Speaker 1 00:34:52 Know when is the, uh, when is it gonna be set up? Speaker 0 00:34:56 It's already set up. Speaker 1 00:34:57 Is it? I checked the other day. It wasn't, it is set up now. Speaker 0 00:35:00 Oh, it should be. It should be. Okay. You could just, you could just put 'em on an Excel spreadsheet like I did and say, Hey motherfuckers, someone upload this shit for me. Speaker 1 00:35:10 Oh, I usually enter them myself. Speaker 0 00:35:12 I know. Do you wanna enter 'em yourself or do you wanna put 'em on a spreadsheet and have somebody else upload 'em for you? Speaker 1 00:35:19 Um, Speaker 0 00:35:19 What would be easier for you? Speaker 1 00:35:23 Probably me to do it. Speaker 0 00:35:24 Ah, okay. Speaker 1 00:35:25 You think it, you think it's not, you think it's easier to just do the Excel sheet and send it someone, Speaker 0 00:35:29 I mean, for me, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's just, you know, I, going through Speaker 1 00:35:34 <laugh>, I guess I'm so used to doing the NFL rankings every week for like 18 different positions, Speaker 0 00:35:38 Right? <laugh> the one thing. But that's putting you, when you're typing the name in and you're waiting for it to like auto fill, Speaker 1 00:35:44 Sometimes it takes forever, man, <laugh>. And you have to go back and delete it. And I'm like, what the hell is wrong with this thing? The worst part is the quarterbacks, kickers and defenses are the same for every ppr and you still have to do it. I, yeah, that's a tech issue that, uh, they still haven't solved. But that's another story, Speaker 0 00:36:03 <laugh>, that's a story for another time. Indeed. Um, I'll make sure that it's all set up. And, um, we'll get you to, uh, to throw those rankings down there in the fancy alarm draft guide. Again, fancy alarm.com/mlb draft guide, uh, is the u r URL to go to. You can just go to fantasy alarm.com, uh, and you'll see all the, uh, all the info right there on the homepage, uh, for you to get over there. Again, a hundred percent free. So get yourself in on that. Uh, Adam's high stakes, uh, high stakes room is, uh, is wide open. He's got his articles, uh, up there as well. I've got some stuff up there as well. So let's go baby Fantasy baseball. I'm super psyched, super psyched. You know why I'm super psyched. I'll tell you why I'm super psyched as we move here from baseball to basketball. Speaker 0 00:36:55 So yesterday on the Fantasy Alarm Show, John and Pemba joins us to talk about the DFS slate, right? So, yeah, what is it? Five games, six games that last night. Not a, not a big slate. That tends to be the slate where imp Pemba Grande, those guys doing the playbook really shine. They really, they, they hit it nicely. So I'm listening to EMBA talk yesterday, and we talked about, uh, LeBron, we talked about, uh, quickly being such a great value. We talked about, uh, the Hornets and what kind of a situation they were in. Um, names like Jalen Brunson thrown around there. Brandon Ingram was a, was a, was a topic of conversation for some late night Hammer. I saw. He like inspires me to put this, this DFS lineup together, uh, like inspires me and then even sends me another lineup and says, you should try this one. So I played 'em both, and both lineups did really, really well. The problem was everybody fucking did well in the NBA last night. Vukovi had 60 odd fan d uh, like DK points, um, like, like a whole ton of guys that you were just like, what the fuck just happened here? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:38:12 I mean, I had yo okay, had a triple double Lao ball. Had a triple double. Cause I saw a couple slips that people, I Speaker 0 00:38:19 Had, I had mellow in one of my lineups. Speaker 1 00:38:22 Yeah. Um, Kawhi had 33, Brunson had a big night. So yeah. Uh, it kind of happens sometimes. Unfortunately it sucks on a small slate, um, to have a guy, a lot of guys go off and then, um, you know, you don't have the, the right one. So I think even Jamal Murray at a pretty, yeah, Jamal Murray at 32, 5 and six. Speaker 0 00:38:46 Uh, dude, I don't know, man. I was just following my lineup and I'm looking at my lineup and I'm like, yeah, these guys are fucking killing it. I am so psyched about this right now. And then it just, and then it just, everything just exploded. It just completely exploded. I was like, ah, damn man. I couldn't believe it. So like the one night I play some N B A D F S and that's what happens, you know, imp PMA gives me all these great plays, but yet everybody was a great play <laugh> at, at, at some point or another last night. So I'm gonna have to, he just, he threw out, uh, he was three for three on his, uh, on his props that he threw out to us. Uh, one of 'em was LeBron over seven and a half boards, uh, with what he was doing. I can't remember what the other two props were, but, uh, he was three for three on the props. I probably should have done that instead of playing D dfs. So Adam, I come to you for N B A prop talk. Speaker 1 00:39:41 Yeah. Well, um, tonight, Speaker 0 00:39:44 Are you back on your streak yet or what? Speaker 1 00:39:46 Yeah, doing better. Um, yeah, I, so tonight I'm sweating something now. I played Ja Morant triple double at plus eight 50 at halftime, 11 points, eight rebound, seven assists. So hopefully that'll cash. Um, but yeah, I mean, and beads been killing it. That's the gotta look at. He's got 20 points at the half against the magic. Um, Jason Tatum's been killing it. I think his rebound prop, uh, was seven and a half and he had six in the first quarter. Shay yields and Alexander, once again, Rin Sagoon for the Rockets, cuz they've been, um, shorthanded. He's been crushing it. They have raised his numbers. Um, a prop that I'd liked a lot lately is Draymond Green, um, rebounds and Assist. It's been sitting at 15 and a half. Uh, he, the Warriors have changed their starting lineup. They've gone small. So Kavon Looney comes off the bench. Speaker 1 00:40:36 Draymond plays center, so it allows him to get more rebounds. He's a guy that, you know, doesn't shoot much, distributes the basketball. So he's someone to look at as well. Laurie Marking's been great this year. Probably gonna go to the All-Star game in the running for most improved. Um, so I would look at him. Um, the Knicks, Julius Randall has been crushing it, especially on the board. The scoring's gone down a little bit now that they're kind of healthy. Jaylen Brunson has been a, a great pickup for the Knicks. Um, John Moran's, other guy I mentioned, you know, looking at his triple double. Um, I also gave out his rebounds and assist total on, um, the playbook today. I think it was 15 and a half. And he's got eight rebound seven assists at the half. So he needs one more and that cashes. So that should happen early third quarter. Speaker 1 00:41:24 Um, he's been rebounding more cuz Steven Adams is out. Steven Adams is like a beast under the basket. He's been out. And the last, uh, two games, Ja Moran had 10 rebounds. This is a, you know, I'm sure you know Ja Moran and the guy's listening. He's six three, he's small, he's not a rebounder. He, they list him at 6 3 1 74. Okay. Uh, he's a great player, but he's not someone that you expect to get rebounds since, uh, Steven Adams I think is this. Well the last two games he had 10 rebounds against Minnesota, 10 rebounds against Indiana. And he has eight at the half against Portland. So he averages on the season 5.7 rebounds and in the month of January he averaged 4.8. So all of a sudden those rebounding numbers going up and his assist have always been there on the season. He's averaging 8.2 assists. So that's a number that, um, maybe the books are a little bit slow to adjust. Speaker 1 00:42:16 Um, so it's been, it was 15 and a half tonight or 16 and a half. Uh, again, it looks like it's gonna cast. So that's something I'd be looking at as well. Um, the Nick Claxton blocks came to an end. You had like a streak of three, at least three blocks and 12 straight and then went two without it. Um, hornets, obviously the mellow ball's been crushing it. Luca has been insane. Oh, the Warriors, they're pretty good. They're starting to roll now. Curry's Point, clay Thompson's points, um, and Giannis obviously is back. He's just, uh, on another level right now. So yeah, just some things to look at. And, um, yeah, so those are the ones that I'm kind of looking at it right now. Speaker 0 00:42:58 Okay. All right, beautiful. Uh, as everybody knows, or you should know by now, go to PIs wise.com and Adam's got his, uh, his N B a prop article, uh, over there, uh, as well. Just don't let, don't, don't let it be Jalen Duran over, uh, nine and a half boards. Dude. Speaker 1 00:43:19 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:43:19 <laugh>, how about, Hey, you know what? It's so funny you gave that to me a couple weeks ago and I actually forgot to bring it up on the show last week, cuz I know how much you love when I do that to you, Speaker 1 00:43:31 <laugh>. Yeah, I do. Um, how about this? So last night, Anthony Davis, right? He, his rebounding prop was nine and a half and I think a lot of people were in his double double. He had nine rebounds going into the fourth quarter and the game went overtime. You know how many he finished with, Speaker 0 00:43:50 Gimme that scenario one more time here, because I, I really wanna make an educated guess. Speaker 1 00:43:54 He had nine rebounds going into the fourth quarter and then okay, the fourth quarter and overtime they have five minute overtime. You know how many rebounds he finished with 11 nine? Speaker 0 00:44:06 Ah, Speaker 1 00:44:07 <laugh>, the prop was nine and a half and a lot of, oh, Speaker 0 00:44:09 Come on. Speaker 1 00:44:10 And the double double prop was minus one 20 and he had 23 rebounding opportunities 23 and he grabbed nine. Say when you, that happens, you're like, Hey man, the, the bet was the right play. It didn't hit. I mean, dude nine rebounds going into the fourth quarter against the Knicks who are like, don't really have a, a legit center right now with Mitchell, Roberts style. I know they played Hartstein a lot, but come on bro. Like you can't get one rebound in 17 minutes. And then I had a parlay where I had RJ Barrett to score 15 points or more. He had 13 points. He didn't play the last 12 minutes of the game. They benched him. Speaker 0 00:44:52 Why? Speaker 1 00:44:53 I don't know. I wasn't watching. I was out. And then I go to and I see, I'm like, oh, the gate went overtime. I just need two more from Barrett and I'm texting Festy, why isn't Barrett playing? Because I'm looking at the box bar, wasn't watching the game. I was like, oh man, this is ridiculous. Speaker 0 00:45:12 Unbelievable. Speaker 1 00:45:13 Yeah, the other night, the other night, cuz uh, DraftKings has been giving out these, uh, same game parlay risk free. So you can bet what you want, but they'll give you $10 back in free bet if you don't hit. So I'm like, all right, I'll do it. And then the other night I needed one point from Sicom and 1.1 assist from Paul to Cash and Phil showed. I'm like, and it's not like I'm playing the 24 and a half, like I'm doing 20 points or more things like that. You know, you bring it down. It's just amazing how like, just you missed by like one, Hey, I just, ugh, Speaker 0 00:45:45 <laugh> <laugh>, dude. It's frustrating man. It really is. It, it really is. When you start dropping shit like, you know, by a half a, you know, half point, uh, on a prop is, is frustrating. I'll drop him more. Watching guys, watching guys. Like the Speaker 1 00:45:59 Night Siia was prop the other night. It was 24 and a half. So I said, all right, I'll do 20 points and more. Which he's a cinch, he scores 19 <laugh> like, come on bro. It's like, it's like they know. Speaker 0 00:46:12 It's like they know. Well, you know, it's, it's funny that you say that, Adam, because uh, you know, the, the, the NBA and, and whether or not that's rigged is gonna actually lead or at least the betting, uh, and the props and stuff like that. Cuz you know, it's like they know. It's like they know he is gonna be benched in the fourth quarter. Hmm. Um, is gonna take us over now to the grid iron back to the N F L. So Adam, it's not really, it's, it's, I mean listen, I, I can sit here and ask you Super Bowl questions right now, but I mean, I, I think you are in the same camp as I am in the sense that I'll worry about the Super Bowl next week. There's really, I'm not looking at fucking practice reports and given a shit that somebody didn't practice this Wednesday. Show me next week on Wednesday and then maybe I'll care. Speaker 1 00:47:05 Agree. Speaker 0 00:47:06 Okay, beautiful. So I wanna ask you, did you see the, the whole thing about Arian Foster on the macro dosing podcast? Speaker 1 00:47:14 I saw a headline, but I didn't hear the exact comments and then my friend texted me something wa was he joking though? Speaker 0 00:47:20 I don't know. Like, I only saw the little clip and here's the thing. I'm not gonna, you know, I'm not gonna use this as like click bait and go listen to a fucking podcast that I don't usually listen to. Cause I'm not a big fan of the bars stool sports guys. That's just, you know, that's me. But here's the thing, public perception is everything. Everything. And if you've got this one little clip here that Arian Foster is saying that he received a script on the first at, in, at his locker when he got to his locker on the first day of training camp, there was a script for him to look through that mapped out the entire N F L season. And I mean, listen, I I I think it's bullshit. I do, I think Arian Foster, uh, I don't know what his financial situation is, but let's face it, this is not a guy who is being given broadcast jobs. Speaker 0 00:48:14 I don't see him, you know, receiving any kind of coaching work or anything like that. I have no idea what Arian Foster's world is like, but I'm willing to bet that he got paid a big fucking chunk of money to turn around and actually say that because with gambling being legalized throughout the United States, that statement there, and, and because you know that there are people out there that are like, oh, see, I told you it was fucking rigged. The refs are known in on it and this and that and blah, blah, blah. Now the tweet itself had an amazing thread of like, just, you know, comments from everybody what the cowboys look like, uh, you know, with their, when, when they read their script. What Matt Ryan, uh, when he saw the, the script rewrites, uh, at halftime of the Super Bowl. I mean, so there's like some really funny shit there from a a humor standpoint, but from a a reality standpoint, how many people are now looking at that clip and and believing that the N F L is rigged? Speaker 1 00:49:17 Oh, I'm sure people are. Especially if, uh, they thought that and they want their thought to be backed up. I don't know. I saw something that said that. He said it sarcastically. I didn't listen, so I don't know. Couldn't hear the tone. Um, I don't know if that's backing off now. So, uh, it's, it's tough to know if it is rigged. How come they don't want the Cowboys to win? Bro, come on. You think they don't want the Cowboys to win if it was rigged? Wouldn't they want them to Speaker 0 00:49:47 <laugh>? Nobody wants the Cowboys to get to do anything. Everybody hates the Cowboys, dude. Come on. You know it, I get how Speaker 1 00:49:54 Come, how come they didn't want Brady to go out as a winner? Speaker 0 00:49:58 They they did. Well because they did him the way they did. Fucking Dan Marino. Do you remember Dan Marino's last game? Speaker 1 00:50:04 But Marino didn't even win a Super Bowl. Speaker 0 00:50:06 I know, but it's like, come on. Is Dan Marino not an iconic quarterback? Yes. Okay. His last game was a 62 to seven loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs. Speaker 1 00:50:21 Yeah. I mean, does that really matter though? Speaker 0 00:50:25 Well, I mean, you know, you, you, you want to go out on top. You don't wanna go out like, you know, that, that, but I'm saying if it people were like, oh shit, you fucking see Marino, like, why man, did that dude stay on for too long through, for 95 yards in a playoff game? Speaker 1 00:50:38 Well, wouldn't if I'm saying if it was scripted, wouldn't they want Brady to go out as a 45 year old winner and cement his legacy? Speaker 0 00:50:46 No, because I think, uh, I think they, they, they, Speaker 1 00:50:49 Are they ready to pass the torch to Mahomes or Herbs? Speaker 0 00:50:51 I think their, I think their plans got screwed from last year. I think Brady coming back like Brady retiring and then Unretiring, I think that might have, they might have had to like throw the entire script out and have to rewrite like a whole bunch of shit, Speaker 1 00:51:07 I guess. So Speaker 0 00:51:08 <laugh>, I don't know, maybe, maybe, maybe not everybody likes, maybe Tom Brady, like, fuck the script writer's. Uh, sister never called her again after that. Speaker 1 00:51:16 I don't know. And Giselle found out. Speaker 0 00:51:19 Uh, yeah, it's a very big possibility. I just think that it's, I I think it's, it's more, uh, it's just, to me it's just problematic. It's, it's problematic because you need to, like, somebody needs to get ahead of this and like really turn around and, and like dig deep on these comments and make sure, because there's a lot of money at stake. And the last thing you want to do is like, have people really concerned that it's fixed. Speaker 1 00:51:47 Oh yeah. No doubt about it. Especially with the sports wagering becoming legal in more and more states. Speaker 0 00:51:53 Yeah. What Speaker 1 00:51:54 Is It's written when I lose, I could tell you that. Speaker 0 00:51:56 I mean, what is this highlight dog? The dog track? Is it Aqueduct, harness Racing, Speaker 1 00:52:03 Wrestling. Speaker 0 00:52:05 I, that's just, that's pure entertainment right there. Are you a, you're not a wrestling guy, are you? Speaker 1 00:52:09 Not like I used to be, man. I just don't have the time. But I used to watch it a lot. Um, Speaker 0 00:52:14 When did you used to watch it, like the last time that you were like into wrestling? When was the last time you watched it? Speaker 1 00:52:23 Um, I mean, I watched it here and there. I actually did watch WW Raw a couple weeks ago, was like the 30th anniversary. And I saw the Undertaker was gonna be there, so I said I have to watch. Um, so that was like the first time that I watched the whole show in a long, long time. I would say probably, probably early two thousands. And then once I started doing the Monday night show at least, and uh, I kind of stopped. I didn't record it anymore. So probably 10 plus years ago is when I really stopped religious. See, I kind of follow it from afar, but I was even asked in fence the other day cuz he's bad. I'm like, is it good anymore? Like, is it, is it good right now? Because like when I turned it on, I didn't feel any juice. Speaker 0 00:53:04 Right? Yeah. I <laugh> I mean, for me, I mean, it's, it's even earlier than that for me. Like I was, you know, I, you know, it as like a, like a 12 and 13 year old, 14 year old kid. I was into it, right. I mean, back then it was, you know, it was, it was Hulk Hogan right after Rocky three, uh, you know, when he beat the Iron Chic, you know, and, and you know, they, they just the, because not only did you have the W W E, but you also had the N W A and the A W A, which they later turned into the W C W. Um, and so like that was when I was like super into it. I went to the first WrestleMania, I was there at Madison Square Garden. Um, I forced my dad to get me tickets to that and take me, um, and I was, I was into it there. Speaker 0 00:53:57 I think it was like the late nineties when I guess, yeah, it was like, uh, Hulk Hogan and those guys did the, uh, the whole N W O Yeah, the New World order thing with, um, well he used to be Diesel, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, and I was living with a guy in New York who was like always into it. So, you know, it was like, you know, it was on Monday night on a regular basis and he was like crazy into it. And so I, I like sat and watched it and, and watched it there. I don't think I've watched wrestling in like, at least 20 years. At least 20 years. It's, you know, I mean, I just, it's funny. I mean, and it's so funny too because I see like, um, there's a guy Mike from Long Island who, um, who's a big part of FA Nation, Mike Stencil, and he's, he like, you know, he's got, he takes his kids and his, his sons are, are into it. And Mike is like still into it as an adult, but like, I see him like bring, go to these like conferences and like, take pictures with guys like Brett Hart, <laugh>, Sergeant Slaughter, you know, like these guys who are like fucking geriatric at this point, who are like holding onto it. And it's like depressing to me. Well, Speaker 1 00:55:15 Why? Here's, I get what you're saying, but if people enjoy it, what does it matter? Let them have fun. No, Speaker 0 00:55:19 No, no. I mean, yeah, you go do it. But these older wrestlers who are still holding on, Speaker 1 00:55:24 I mean, they're still, I mean, they're still big names, man. I mean, I know they don't, Rick Flair is still like, you know, a big name and he's old and Speaker 0 00:55:36 So why not? Yeah, I can't, I can't watch him. I couldn't, I couldn't like, I mean that's like <laugh>, it's like watching Mike Tyson at his age right now, like still like, you know, still showing what he's got. I mean, it's, it's great. Like, he's probably still better than a number of boxers out there because he is Mike Tyson, but he's not Iron Mike. He's like hangover Mike <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:56:04 Yeah. Which is why you won't see him, Speaker 0 00:56:06 Right? Well, so I, that's why I look at these wrestlers and I'm like, man, you guys, yeah, you gotta you gotta let go at some point, man. You gotta let go. Did you ever see the movie of The Wrestler with Mickey Speaker 1 00:56:17 Work? Yeah, it was a good movie. Speaker 0 00:56:18 It was a great movie. And I'll be honest with you man, I'm, you know, I'm not ashamed of this. I cried at the end. I really did. I was like into, and Deb was like, what's going on? You know, my wife, she's like, well, why, you know? She's like, wow, that was really powerful for you. And I'm like, I just, I see these guys and like just constantly holding on. And you we're in a business here where this is something that we see on the regular, these fucking guys who are just way past their prime and they can't let go Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers enough, ready? Get rid of 'em. Speaker 1 00:56:53 I dunno. Those guys, those guys can still play though. Speaker 0 00:56:58 What, what's your take on Aaron Rods going to the Jets? Speaker 1 00:57:02 Hmm? He's got the weapons, man. He didn't have weapons in Green Bay. I know he wasn't the same, but you put weapons around him, you saw how good the Jets were, how competitive they were with no quarterback. So they just need someone who's competent. So I think you could help them. You don't want 'em, Speaker 0 00:57:26 I'm, I'm very conflicted. Yeah, I could see it. I kind of don't want him because I want him to just fucking retire. Like I, you know, I don't need Brett Far 2.0 Speaker 1 00:57:36 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:57:36 Don't, don't leave Green Bay and as this legendary QB and then come to the fucking jets and spend a year maybe two, uh, with us. And, and you know, it, it's like, you know, you, you get us, you know, into the playoffs, but, you know, do you still have what it takes to run that gauntlet and go to the Super Bowl? And I don't think he does. Speaker 1 00:58:00 Okay, that's fair. Speaker 0 00:58:03 So I, I don't want a quarterback just to get me to the playoffs. I, I think <laugh>, I, I think we can get a a a journey. I think Derek Carr can just get us to the playoffs. I want somebody who's gonna be able to like, really hold on and, and, and win that Super Bowl. That's what I want. I don't know if we're gonna get it. This, this is like the shittiest free agent class for, uh, for football I've ever seen for quarterbacks Speaker 1 00:58:28 And receivers too. Speaker 0 00:58:30 I haven't even looked at the receivers yet. I'm like still, like I I'm still like, you know, Lamar Jackson is gonna resign with the Ravens. Daniel Jones will re-up with the, with the Giants. And then it's like we're, we're fighting over Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr. And I don't, I don't, you know, I mean, jets aren't trading up to one or two to get either Bryce uh, Bryce Young or, or CJ Stroud. I ain't doing that, nor do I want, nor like, I don't wanna like sit there and spend that kind of like, future draft capital to, to land one of these guys when they could just end up being fucking Zack Wilson again. Speaker 1 00:59:12 I get it, man. I understand it. Speaker 0 00:59:14 You don't, you don't feel the same frustration as me. Hi Speaker 1 00:59:17 Dom a Cowboys fan, man. Speaker 0 00:59:19 I, I'd, you know what? I'd fucking take Dak Prescott as my QB right Speaker 1 00:59:23 Now. I mean, so many Cowboy fans complain to me about Dak. I'm like, look, the reality is he's gonna be there, you know, so they just need to put more weapons around him. He's not, he's not Mahomes, he's not one of those even hurts. He's not gonna elevate players. So you need to put talent around him and then find out Gallup had like surgery, so they need, they need to put more weapons around Speaker 0 00:59:45 Him. Oh yeah, I saw that he had a another cleanup procedure, huh? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:59:48 Hmm. Yeah. So I mean, he wasn't, you know, he wasn't a hundred percent this year. He had flashes where he made some good plays, but he wasn't good enough consistently. So they've gotta put, um, more weapons around him. Speaker 0 00:59:58 Oh yeah, Speaker 1 00:59:59 He's gonna Speaker 0 01:00:00 Be there. Jim, Jim sat there just going off on the, uh, on the Amari Cooper deal. Like letting, letting Cooper walk. Speaker 1 01:00:07 Yeah, they definitely could have used them. I know he's inconsistent. I know he's up and down. I know that, um, he, even this year he was, we've seen home road splits, but, you know, he's still a threat on the field. He would've been, they would've been better with them. I know that. Speaker 0 01:00:22 Oh, they definitely would've been better with them. Definitely would've been better Speaker 2 01:00:26 With them. Speaker 0 01:00:28 All right, well we got a lot of shit going on here. And, uh, and, and so, you know, I, I think, uh, I think this is a, a good time to just kinda, you know, put a cork in it for now. And, uh, next week when Adam and I come back, we're gonna hit you with the whole run baby. All the props that you need to know for the Super Bowl. We'll talk novelty props, we'll talk player props, we'll talk betting the game. We'll talk about everything you could possibly want. Uh, you big Rihanna fan there, Adam, you was excited about this, uh, halftime show. Speaker 1 01:01:01 Uh, yeah, I like her. I think, uh, she's a little overrated. I like her, but you know, I think people treat her like, oh my God, oh my gosh. She's, she's fine. I mean, I'd take her home. Speaker 2 01:01:15 <laugh> <laugh>, Speaker 0 01:01:18 But what? No, you know, no, no. I'm not gonna get into this conversation with you. <laugh> <laugh> on the next episode of Cash yet. What wouldn't Adam Ronis take home with him? Speaker 2 01:01:32 <laugh> Speaker 0 01:01:37 <laugh>. Uh, oh shit. All right, that's gonna do it for us here on the podcast. Big thanks to all of you guys. Uh, as always for, for listening in, like, and subscribe and sharing with your friends. Turn 'em onto it baby. For Adam or Adam, do you have any, any parting shots, any final thoughts here today? Speaker 1 01:01:57 Um, okay, so I'm sweating this job. Moran triple double. Yeah, he has 15 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists with 7 52 left in the third quarter. If he doesn't get another assist, I think I have to retire from sports betting, correct? Speaker 0 01:02:10 Yes. I would say that that is correct. Speaker 1 01:02:12 I mean, come on man. At plus eight 50 bro. And I need one assist with 7 43 left in the third quarter. Come on Ja. Let's go Speaker 0 01:02:20 Give it to him, baby. Come on. Speaker 1 01:02:23 I gave, I gave that out on the playbook. Speaker 0 01:02:25 All right. All right, well then, then everybody at FA Nation is in on it with you as well, so. Excellent. Well you happy sweating and uh, and I will definitely catch up with you next week. So thank you so much everybody for tuning in. For Adam Ronis, I'm Howard Bender. This has been the Catchup Podcast. We'll catch you next time.

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