November 10, 2022


Cash It: NFL Week 10 Picks ATS, Fantasy Football, MLB Free Agency & NBA Prop Betting

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Week 10 Picks ATS, Fantasy Football, MLB Free Agency & NBA Prop Betting
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Week 10 Picks ATS, Fantasy Football, MLB Free Agency & NBA Prop Betting

Nov 10 2022 | 01:15:10


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis deliver first-class analysis on everything from season-long fantasy sports and DFS to proper betting across multiple sports. In this episode, they cover a variety of NFL injuries impacting fantasy football rosters, NFL Week 10 picks against the spread, NBA prop bets to watch for throughout the week and even a splash of MLB free agency as some of the top superstars could be landing on new teams. 

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Speaker 1 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cas It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here by my side. What's up, Ronis? How's the world treating you right now? Speaker 2 00:00:14 Uh, it's pretty good, man. Busy time as always. Lots of football. Middle of the season here already. Week 10, got MBA going on. So always a busy time. Speaker 1 00:00:25 Always a busy time. Last week could very well have been one of my worst weeks for, for betting for picks. I think it was just, it was just not a good week for me. I crushed in season long, uh, and I, and I, you know, got my head handed to me by betting. It was, uh, it was, it was very upsetting for me. So, uh, I'm looking for a big, big rebound this week, man. Big rebound. Speaker 2 00:00:46 Yeah, it wasn't good for me either. Betting, I mean, we, I think we agreed on a lot, so <laugh>, so maybe that's why, uh, season long. It was not a good week for me. Um, it's been one of those years where I feel like in a lot of leagues I have so many points against. And even in my home league where we do double headers, right? I'm eight and 10, um, and I have more points than two teams that are 13 and five. And this is with double headers. So, I mean, I, it's not like every league. I'm doing great, but it feels like there are leagues where I'm doing well and the record is not reflective. I do have some bad teams though, as well, but it's been one of those frustrating years I think so far. So I'm just looking to try and sneak into the playoffs in a few leagues and then we know the landscape just changes dramatically, right? Speaker 2 00:01:33 You look at the Bear's offense the first four weeks, you're like, Oh my God, gotta get out. And now you're like, Oh, Justin Fields is a QB one the rest of the way. Top five quarterback. You know? So that, and that's why I tell people, you know, no matter how bad it looks, you know, if you're three and six, you know, you are looking at a team and first like, Oh, this team's unbeatable. Things change drastically. So you just gotta keep putting your best lineup out there and just get into the playoffs. Like, I had Justin Fields in the GST league. I dropped them because I, A deck and Fields is the second quarterback. Dak obviously got hurt week one. All right, Now I'm starting Fields week two. Oh boy, that is horrendous. I don't remember if I started in week three, two, I probably did. And then that was when the Bears offense was just horrendous. Speaker 2 00:02:18 They didn't even pass. Like he had what, 11 pass attempts? 12 pass attempts. They looked awful. There was no creativity. They didn't have him go on the, on the run. So I'm like, all right, well I can't start fields. I don't wanna hold three quarterbacks. Time to cut 'em loose. Yeah, the first three weeks, 17, 11 and 17 pass attempts, two touchdowns, four interceptions, and he wasn't even running 28 yards, 20 yards, 47. I had to cut 'em, went with Mariota, then went with g o Smith, and then someone else picked up fields in is, uh, getting rewarded with, uh, phenomenal weeks over the last, uh, three weeks, especially this past week. So that's how quickly the landscape could change the cols. We were feeling good about them. Melina year, now we want no part of 'em. So it can happen. And that's why you just gotta hang in there and try and get into the playoffs. Speaker 1 00:03:09 Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, it's, it's really funny. You know, one of the things, you know, you bring up Justin Fields. Think about all those people who, uh, dropped Darnell Moony, you know, and sat there for the first like five weeks, be like, This guy sucks. This guy sucked. I want nothing to do with him. And now I guaranteed Moony is probably more of a thing moving forward the rest of the way than, than a lot of people expected. It's one of those things where now, I mean, listen, I get it. It's, it's week 10, but we've actually seen fields show marked improvement now over the last, what, four games, five games that we've seen. So, you know, to me, the, the lesson learned is when you build your bench, like when you, when you're building your bench and you're picking these guys, these, you know, late round, high upside guys who hopefully have a path towards something, if, if, if they don't do anything in the first week or two of the season, you don't drop 'em in order to just pick up some flavor of the week who did something great, you know, for one week. Speaker 1 00:04:15 You know? I mean, yes, obviously there are situations where you use waiver priority or whatever, and you pick up a Kenneth Walker and you, and you hold a guy like that, but Kenneth Walker obviously could have been a guy that you just, you stashed the whole way. I guess my big thing about it is, is that all the people who like dropped players haphazardly for the first three or four weeks rotating guys in and outta their benches, keeping three tight ends on one roster because they wanna play tight end roulette. Like this is the lesson learned because they don't have the opportunity to add Justin Fields or they don't have the opportunity now to, to add a a, a Darnell Mooney or just anybody. Jeff Wilson Jr. Um, who's, you know, probably the biggest wave wire darling ad this week. You know, we saw what he was doing with Miami. And so, you know, it just, I I I kind of, I I chalk it up to you. You gotta learn the lesson that rotating out guys. And I mean, cuz there are people I guarantee you that went from like, you know, KJ Hamer to uh, you know, Michael Gallup to D Ridge to Jarvis land, you know, and just kind of kept rotating 'em out like that instead of actually putting together a, a group of bench players who, you know, you could kind of afford to wait on and see how they develop. Speaker 2 00:05:39 Yeah, I mean, you do need to be patient. I mean, I have money in multiple leagues. I'd never considered dropping him. Um, and obviously feel much better about him now and this week Good match up against Detroit. So yeah, you, it, I think it depends, like if you drop Cole Ette, I can't blame you. You know, you, he was giving you nothing. And I did, I was very high on cold command. I dropped him in pretty much every league I had him and I did get him back in one league today for cheap, uh, cause I have Darren Waller in that league and I don't know if that guy's ever gonna play again. So, uh, you know, need to have someone ready on standby. But yeah, I mean there are situations where the drop is uh, valid. Other times people are just too impatient and know that it's a long season and things can change and the Bears is the perfect example and you know, we kind of saw no signs of it, you know, but you also had to figure, okay, there's no way an NFL team can have their quarterback though 17, 11 and 17 past attempts throughout the entire season. Speaker 2 00:06:34 It just, it cannot happen. Speaker 1 00:06:36 I said, I said it early in the season, I was like, there's no way. Like when people kept asking me about dropping Moony, I was like, there's no way the bears are going to stay this bad the rest of the way. Either the coach will get fired or they'll, they'll, you know, they'll, they'll bench field, whatever the case may be. There was no way they were staying that bad. And so when they do figure it out and they do click, I want Darnell Moony because that's the wide receiver won in that offense. And that's the guy who's gonna see the bulk of the targets when they do click. And that's what I'm there for with Darnell Moony. And I said that to a ton of people and of, of course, you know, everybody you know, at that point was like, ah, you're crazy. You don't know what you're talking about, blah, blah, blah. And uh, and, and now they're all like, Oh man, I, I wish I had Moony on my roster now. I wish I, I wish I listened to Bender. Speaker 2 00:07:30 Yeah, I mean look, I, I know for us, we don't play in a lot of shallow leagues and he was probably dropped in none of our leagues, but I am helping a friend with his office league and that's more of a casual league, not deep benches. Someone dropped money in that league and I picked him up from my friend last week and probably gonna start him this week. So it can happen. Speaker 1 00:07:52 It can definitely happen. By the way, the GST league, did you see? Yeah, you're co-owner of my team because I want access over here. Did you, did you see what Team Bender did to Michael SAOs team? Speaker 2 00:08:07 Yeah, man. Uh, cuz you had mixing, right? And, and Speaker 1 00:08:11 Maholon Mahome. I had Kelsey, um, Christian Kirk and Curtis Samuel both did. Well, it was, it was quite the day. Speaker 2 00:08:23 Yeah. I see that you're doing very well. I am not doing well in my, I am, I'm four and five and I'm going to have to probably get in on points. I have a shot, but I, I need like a, I need a 200 point a week. That's, that's the issue is, um, I'm gonna need one desperately. I think there's potential, uh, with some of the players I have, but it's just has not been going well. So hopefully I can, can somehow get in. We have an undefeated team in our league. Speaker 1 00:08:54 You have an undefeated team in your league? Yeah. Speaker 2 00:08:56 Who is it? It is, um, oh my God, what's his name? He's a high stakes player. Um, and I did like his draft. I remember it's, uh, oh my God, it is, uh, hold on. Anthony Castle, right? Yes. Um, so yeah, and uh, I played him and he barely beat me. Mean team is good. Barrow Eckler, Swift, Boyd, Hopkins, McLaren fan, Dylan Metcalf, Fry Booth, Nku Sutton. Ah, okay. But, uh, I don't even, Is he first in points? He might not be. He is not first in points. Ah, he's only eight, eight behind the next guy. Um, so Speaker 1 00:09:36 See at least the leader, the points leader in, in, in our conference here, um, is also the first place he with how many Speaker 2 00:09:42 Points? Speaker 1 00:09:44 Um, what is it? Uh, 1,416. Speaker 2 00:09:48 Okay. First in our league is 1422. Speaker 1 00:09:51 Okay. Uh, how many 1400 point teams do you have in yours? Speaker 2 00:09:56 Two Speaker 1 00:09:57 I us two I'm the other one. Speaker 2 00:10:00 Okay, good for you. Speaker 1 00:10:02 <laugh>. <laugh>, do you remember how much I hated my draft Speaker 2 00:10:08 After this? Yes I do. Speaker 1 00:10:10 <laugh>. That's the Speaker 2 00:10:11 Ironic. You know what, that is the perfect summary of this year because when you think your team sucks, it's good when you think you have a great team, it's bad. Like this has just been an insane year because Speaker 1 00:10:23 No, no, no, no, no. Kyle pits in the third round was a bad decision, especially when I took Kelsey in the first. Speaker 2 00:10:31 Yeah. You you thought it was Ffpc rules Speaker 1 00:10:34 <laugh>. Nah, I was just, I was just kind of, you know, it because I, I, I know that, you know, there's certain people in in, in my league who, who really liked Kyle Pits. Um, I was having a conversation with somebody about it and I mean it was just, you know, it was one of those things where it was like, if Kyle Pits is there in the third round in the, at the end of the third round, I mean it's almost a, you have to take 'em kind of a conversation. And I was like, yeah, you know, I could definitely, uh, I could definitely do that. Having two flexes in the league. I figured if Kyle pits hit then beautiful, I could flex pits the entire time. Kelsey is my tight end when Kelsey's on a buy. I replaced him with pits when pits is on the buy, it doesn't matter. He my flex spot anyway. So I kind of felt like I was taking a top tight end off the board from everybody else while still knowing that I was gonna be able to play them both at the same time. And, and who knew that I would, uh, much rather have played, um, I don't even know, uh, a piece of shit with a, uh, with a smile on it rather play that than, than Kyle Pits. Cause he's just been, I mean, just a disaster. Just Speaker 2 00:11:43 A, well, having my, See, one of the reasons why you're good is having Mahomes and Kelsey, if you got an elite tight end this year, cuz they're hardly none and you have a top quarterback, you're in good shape. I mean, cuz if you look at the starts of my draft, you'd probably be like, Oh, it's pretty good Cooper Cup. Right? Can't fault that, right? Speaker 1 00:11:59 Oh, how do you, you know what, before like I almost wanna like shit on all your players right now. Um, how are you feeling about the fact that Matthew Stafford just went into concussion protocol on Wednesday? Cause he was exhibiting symptoms. It it's not, that's not a good thing for Stafford for this weekend. Speaker 2 00:12:18 Well, no it's not, but the Crams office is just get it in the hands of cup. Fuck everyone else <laugh>. So Speaker 1 00:12:24 So that's Walford's job right Speaker 2 00:12:26 There. Exactly. Just you see Cooper Cup just throw him the ball every time. Okay, I can do it. Um, then I took, I mean this one looks bad now. Michael Pitman and the round two, you know, but at the time, in the first four or five weeks with Ryan were feeling good ETN and round three. Um, and obviously first few weeks not good now loving it round four Moony. Okay. I mean it's the guys I passed on because I picked four. So the guys who went after Moony Acres, Bateman, Deontay Johnson, Gabe Davis, Judy Godwin really didn't miss anything there. Hollywood Brown around five, Hollywood Brown was tearing it up before he got hurt. That is a huge loss cuz again, we have the extra flex sleeve. But Hollywood Brown was, you know, he had, before he got hurt, he had three straight games, uh, three of his last four games, at least 20 points at a ppr. So that was a big loss. Um, so I don't regret that pick, but yeah, it's, uh, but I don't have the elite tight end and I don't have an elite quarterback and, you know, unless Dak finishes strong or Gina Smith, but they're not up there a drafted Colette. Um, and obviously cut him. I do have now Greg DOLs, who I like a lot. Um, I think he's gonna finish strong. Speaker 1 00:13:42 Uh, yeah, I, you know, I mean I hope he finishes strong. You know, I just had this whole conversation about Russell Wilson this week. It's, it's, it's a, it's a good matchup against Tennessee's shitty secondary, you know, that, that the Titans are just gonna run the ball all over the place and it's just gonna be Derek Henry and Rebel. I mean, the Titans play at the, at the slowest pace of t and Rebel's just gonna control the clock and he is gonna control the game. He is gonna utilize that. But that's gonna put, it's gonna put Denver on its heels a little bit, I think, and kind of force them into, into passing a little bit more because they're gonna be behind early because they can't really stop the run that well. And so I'm like, hmm, out of all the garbage that's sitting on your waiver wire right now at the quarterback position, something tells me that at the top of that heap, Russell Wilson's just chilling out there. People have just abandoned him. And so the question is, is do you look to a Russell Wilson this week as a possibility? And if so, could this be a, a good solid game finally for him and Judy and, and Cortland Sutton? Speaker 2 00:14:52 Uh, I'm not convinced now. Maybe the buy week helps fix things, but yeah, Tennessee's been really good against the run, so that's probably gonna be a problem for Denver. Um, I mean they could, I mean, but I haven't seen Russell Wilson on the wave wire and a lot of leagues, but I don't think you could feel great about starting him though. He, but he, he should be forced to throw a little bit more this week and you hope that over to bye. We, him and Sutton got on the same page cuz Sutton's had some down games lately and we've seen dosage come along. So I think you just have to, okay, maybe the buy helped them, you know, get, get things together a little bit. But I'm not convinced that's gonna be a low scoring game. Speaker 1 00:15:34 Oh yeah, it's definitely gonna be a low scoring game, no doubt about it. But it would be nice if Dich actually did something that we actually could kind of get excited about. Cuz no, there's nothing exciting about the, uh, about the tight end position <laugh> in any way, shape or form. I, so I, I went to the site to look at my draft and I still, I look at my draft and I'm like, wow, I I really, I hate this as much today as I did yesterday, Joe, mix it in the first round. Travis Kelsey in the second, then, uh, then, then God struck me dumb and made me take Kyle Pitts in the third Elijah Mitchell in the fourth. Hello Ir sitting behind Christian McCaffrey now, um, Pat Mahomes in the fifth Christian Kirk in the sixth, I'll tell you, you wanna know where the money picks are The money Pick right here. Josh Jacobs in Round eight. Round Speaker 2 00:16:24 Eight, Yeah, man, I mean, people were very down on Josh Jacobs this year, you know, so, and I could understand why. Um, but yeah, round eight seems really, really late. Um, he has been hit or miss. He's obviously had a few that stretch that three week stretch where he was unbelievable. But we have seen the downside of him over the last, uh, well last two weeks I guess. Yeah, I mean, he had against the Saints where no one showed up for that team. They didn't even get off the plane. 10 carries 43 yards, two catches, 11 yards, and then even last week against Jacksonville where they blew the lead, 17 for 67, 3 for 20. So, you know, 11.7 you'll take it in a ppr but no touchdowns. Um, and then he had no touchdowns the first three weeks, so it looks great because he had that stretch of six touchdowns in three games with at least 143 rushing yards and three straight. But then you've kind of seen mediocre games surrounding that. So in the end, he'll, he's definitely gonna outproduce where he was drafted. But the Raiders are just such a, such a bad team man. Like, they lost a lot of close games early on, but you blew the lead against Jacksonville last week. Like, you, you can't lose that game and then you don't show up against the Saints. They've been, they've been a very odd team this year. Speaker 1 00:17:44 They've been a really odd team. It's very tough to invest in them. I sadly did in the Scott Fish bowl with my, uh, my big Raider stack that I, uh, that I leaned on so bad, so horrendous, so awful. I mean, at least it was, it was Derek Carr with Devonte Adams and Hunter Renfro as opposed to Speaker 2 00:18:02 Suck too, bro. Speaker 1 00:18:03 Oh, he's been terrible dude. Speaker 2 00:18:05 So many of these guys this year. That's the thing. And I know, I think we, we discussed a little bit, you know, you don't have one of these top quarterbacks and you waited this year, like you got absolutely screwed. And I'm, I'm very interested to see how it translates in the early drafts after the season. Are people gonna push the quarterbacks up and shoot for Mahomes, Alan Hertz, or are they gonna be like, ah, it's an outlier, or it's a bad year? Offensive line play was down because I mean, if you had Brady, Russell, Wilson, Carr, Stafford, my goodness, you just, like, my team sucks. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:18:42 Waiting on quarterback was literally the worst. Like, I mean, everybody who waited on quarterback, I, I'm sure everybody waited on quarterback, has spent some sort of f bidding on Geno Smith this Speaker 2 00:18:55 Year. Oh, I did in one league. Well, like I said, the gst, because I had Dak he got hurt and then I couldn't play Fields early. Mariota had a couple good games, and then it was like, okay, they're never gonna throw it. And I'm like, Yeah, I gotta get Gen O Smith. I mean, and if you would've told me that for the year, I would've been like, No fucking way. No Speaker 1 00:19:11 Way. Zero chance. I have G Smith on any of my teams, Zero chance. And he's starting for me at quarterback in three leagues right now. Speaker 2 00:19:19 He is playing so well too, man, it's amazing his transformation and just, uh, his accuracy. He just looks so good out there and the fantasy numbers have not been monster numbers, but he's running a little bit 38 rushing yards last week, 26 the week before multiple touchdown passes and three consecutive games, and six of the last seven doesn't sound like much, but when you compare him to the other quarterbacks in the league right now, you're like, Hey, I get two touchdown passes and 200 plus yards. Yeah, give it to me. So yeah, I mean, again, it's nothing outstanding, but he's been productive and you didn't pay much for him. And yeah, it's better than, um, you know, you can't play out in Rogers right now. Like, I don't even know how people roster at Rogers after what we've seen the last few weeks. I mean, oh my gosh, you shouldn't have even been in your lineup against Detroit. I know it was a great matchup, but three horrible interceptions and you're throwing David b who's coming off an injury and you're asking this guy to fucking catch a touchdown pass. I mean, come on, Speaker 1 00:20:23 Dude. I, um, you know, I, because listen, I thought, I mean this matchup against Detroit with the, with the way that the Packers had been losing and the shit that Rogers been taking it, that I just thought that, I mean, it definitely for me, DFS wise, it lined up as, you know, Rogers wanted to, um, you know, exact some revenge and what better way to take out four weeks worth of frustration and losses than to get to face the Detroit Lions, uh, past defense. And dude, I was sick to my stomach. So here's, here's the funny thing. On the fantasy alarm show on Friday, dude, I said, I'm gonna manifest what we want from our players this week. And I manifest, I tried as hard as I could to manifest 285 yards and three touchdowns for Aaron Rogers. I know I was shooting for the moon on that one. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:21:16 Dude, it was never gonna Speaker 1 00:21:17 Happen. But I tried to manifest, dude, he threw for 283 yards, but instead of three touchdowns, it was three picks all made either at the goal line or in the fucking end zone. Speaker 2 00:21:28 Horrible. Yeah, he's just, he's been, this whole team has been horrendous this year. Um, so watch them show up this week and play well against my cowboys. Speaker 1 00:21:38 Oh, oh, there's, there's zero chance I bet that game at all because of that fear. Yeah, but I mean, but it's, it's the Cowboys on the road. If it was the cowboy, if it was the Cowboys at home, I'd be taking the Packers plus the points, no doubt about it, because the Cowboys are always like favored by too much at home, um, when they do that. But now it's on the road. I I, you know, to me I'll look at that and be like, because it's only a five point spread Speaker 2 00:22:06 Full. I mean, in Green Bay, you would've never thought that before the year Speaker 1 00:22:10 Though they're so bad. Could you imagine your Dallas defense against fucking Aaron Rogers and, and, and the Cripple Creek State Teachers college offensive line that they're throwing out there? Speaker 2 00:22:23 Yeah, I know, I know. But still, still a little worried about it. I mean, they should win, don't get me Speaker 1 00:22:29 Wrong, But, uh, your heads look at you. Speaker 2 00:22:32 I mean, look, this team lost five in a row, man. They lost five in a row. They, I didn't realize they played three straight row games after playing three straight home games. So very, very odd scheduling there. But, um, yeah, I mean, look, they, they're not a good football team. They're just not. And I mean, they got good news. Aaron Joe owns is practicing. Looks like he'll play, um, do's gonna be out. Looks like Watson's gonna be okay, but yeah, they're, they're just a mess. Um, and I see a lot of times Roger's just dropping back to pass and throwing deep and I'm like, it's not working. Why do we keep, why do you keep doing this man? Um, I don't know. It's just they're a mess. Speaker 1 00:23:08 <laugh>. Yeah. Hot sizzling mess. Uh, no doubt about it. Um, anything else? Uh, fantasy football wise, you know, some words of wisdom to endow on people maybe as they go into to week 10? Are you stashing Odell Beckham? Will Odell Beckham be a cowboy? All these questions that everybody wants to know, this has been, this has been the week where everybody's picking up Cleveland Browns pass catchers. Right. And a joke. Who's back? Speaker 2 00:23:39 Dominic? Well, we don't know if he's a back. Speaker 1 00:23:42 No, no. I mean, you know, he's supposed to be back. Yeah, he's questionable for, for the week, Correct. Correct. Speaker 2 00:23:46 Yeah. He might not play. I mean, Speaker 1 00:23:47 He might not play. Yeah. But what I'm saying is, is what everybody's doing is they're grabbing Cleveland Pass catchers because it's almost Deshaun Watson time. Speaker 2 00:23:57 Well, I I love Donovan People's Jones this week against Miami. That's gonna be a shootout. Miami's defense has been terrible. Like that's gonna be a fun game this week. People's, I think you could start People's Jones this week. Speaker 1 00:24:10 Um, I listen, his target rate, his target rate has gone up since Na Yoku went down and, and he's definitely been, been carrying the, the load a little bit better. Uh, yes, I agree with you. I love him in this matchup. No doubt about it. Um, but I'm talking about like, people doing a lot of, uh, a lot of stashing, you know what I'm saying? Like grabbing Odell Beckham, uh, if Jameson Williams is sitting there on the waiver wire, because there's no ir, people are starting to do that, making moves like that. How far in advance are you looking week to week in order to make a move like that? Speaker 2 00:24:46 Um, I don't have teams that can afford to do that this year. So <laugh>, I'm not doing that. Um, I Speaker 1 00:24:53 Would Oh, you, oh, you're with the poor people, Speaker 2 00:24:55 Huh? Yeah, I am. It's, uh, yeah, I'm not, I'm not in that position. I think, you know, those are the teams that are like, you know, doing like eight and one. You can afford to do that in Hebrew roster. I still would've trepidation about be, I mean, he hasn't even signed yet. When is he gonna be ready to play? Week 13, week 14. And then it's a new offense. Okay. Maybe they have a handful of plays. You know, we saw hos come in and perform Well, ho's healthy though, you know, but we saw other situations. Claypool didn't have great numbers. He did draw a pass interference. I had an impact. Na Hines barely played. He played three snaps. So every situation is different, but like, if you wanna add Beckham in a league with 20 rosters, it's fine. But what are your expectations for him? Speaker 2 00:25:37 Like, it can't be high. What is he gonna do? Come in there and go four for 80 at a touchdown immediately? I mean, you can't expect that Jameson Williams, I mean, people were already stashed him earlier. Think it'll be back. I mean, we're in November. Oh, we hope he's back in December and this is a team that's gonna be out of it. So you gotta be careful with that. I know there's not much on, this is week 10, I think is the worst wave wire, uh, of the season, um, in deep format. There's nothing out there. There's some leagues where I'm like, Right, I'm not even putting in a bit. And I never do that. I'll put in a, a small token bit on something. It is bad this week, at least in the deeper formats. There's not much out there at all. So I could see why people in deeper formats that are doing well, maybe wanna stash someone. If you have a deeper bench, you have five or six bed spots really hard to stash with. We still have bi-week and injuries and everything. So I think it's harder. Just ask. Uh, but again, you gotta temper your expectations for guys like Becca and James and Williams. Like what do you expect them to do? Speaker 1 00:26:36 No, I totally get that. I, and I said to people who've asked me about it, and my, my standard answer is, if you're six and three or better, you can consider it. If you have space on your bench, like you need to be dropping that backup tight end, or you need to be dropping Darius slate or you know, something, something like that, in order to make that move in order to, to grab the player and stash him away, you have to be in that, in that kind of a winning spot. And I agree with you, you, you wonder what these guys like week 13 and 14, These are crucial, crucial weeks for if I win 'em in the playoffs. You know, the win in your end scenario, uh, always happens around there. And are you really, are you gonna trust Ode Beckham in your lineup? Are you gonna, you know, even to Sean Watson to that, to that point, you know, he is coming back week 12, Speaker 2 00:27:36 Isn't it? 13 week Speaker 1 00:27:37 13, Yeah. The he's 13 he gets in Texas. Speaker 2 00:27:39 There's no script on that, but Speaker 1 00:27:42 No, no, no, no, no, no. That's, it's all on the up and up. It's all legit. Speaker 2 00:27:45 Let's see, let's suspend them. How many games, When do they play to Texans? Oh, Speaker 1 00:27:48 Okay. Leave it to the, leave it to the fucking nfl. To, to like milk every dollar out of every scenario. Both good or Speaker 2 00:27:56 Bad. And by the way, week 14, six teams on by Speaker 1 00:28:00 Oh, another buy 'em again over there on week 14 too. Yeah. So that's gonna be the Speaker 2 00:28:05 Last week. Yeah, last week at a fantasy regular season in a lot of leagues. So, uh, you gotta be really careful with that. I mean, there are a couple teams in there where we don't use many players. The Colts, I mean, by then, who knows, uh, the Falcons, right? I mean, it's the running backs. I mean, you don't feel good about Pits or Drake, London, Washington, uh, they, you know, Mc, Lauren, Speaker 1 00:28:26 Here's Samuel. Speaker 2 00:28:27 Yeah. So that the Bears, I mean, Bears went from like, God, we don't want anyone, Oh, gimme fields, Gimme Moony. So, uh, the Packers and the Saints. So not like powerhouse, but still, I mean, you know, you could have one player on three of those teams. That's a big deal. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:43 Oh, Camara from the Saints. And then you take, um, what's that? A lave. Yep, yep. So yeah, there are a lot of, listen, it's, uh, it'll get you at some place. I, dude, it's so funny in the King's classic 14 teamer with fairly deep benches and three flex spots also that you're dealing with, um, no depth whatsoever. Uh, available on the waiver wire. And I who have like withstood a Jovan Williams and a Bruce Hall injury in the King's Classic. Um, I have no running backs for this week. I have, I have like three running backs on my roster, and they all have a buy this week. And so I ended up having to pick up, Are you ready for this? My starting running backs. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:29:33 Go ahead. Speaker 1 00:29:35 Kenneth Gain. Well, Avery Speaker 2 00:29:40 Williams, Oh my God, that is the bad one. At least Gain Well, has an opportunity to score what I believe Washington is number two in Dvo A against the Run. So if they have to pass a little bit more that's good for gain. Well, they, he's, he can get a goal on Carry, so that's not the worst. But Avery Williams, what is he like fourth on the debt chart now? Fifth with, uh, Patterson back. Oh, boy. Speaker 1 00:30:02 Right. Well, I'm, I'm hoping that he returns a, a kick or a punt front Speaker 2 00:30:05 Text. Oh, there you go. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:30:07 <laugh>. I mean that's really, that's where I'm at. I mean, it was either, it was either Avery Williams or Amir Abdullah. Speaker 2 00:30:15 Yeah. It's not good either way. Speaker 1 00:30:17 No, it's really not good. It's what Speaker 2 00:30:20 Happens in a 14 or 16 team league with Bud. Man. Speaker 1 00:30:23 Brutal. But, uh, dude, I'm six and three, I'm third. Overall, I've withstood those, um, you know, the running back losses, I feel like the Gods are kind of smiling on me in that league. And Avery Williams is gonna suddenly like, turn out and do something like randomized. It's Carolina, right? They suck the worst. I tried using the Carolina Defense last week in dfs. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:30:47 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:50 Oh my goodness. If it wasn't for the fact that I had so much Joe Mixon this year, I, I would've been devastated about week 10. Like, that was, that was the best part about, is I was looking at all my teams that I drafted early. I was like mixing and GTE Williams mixing and GTA Williams. Um, and it was just, uh, and it was fantastic. If I didn't get mixing and I got GTA Williams, okay, that was one league there. Uh, but if I didn't get GTA Williams, but I got me some Joe mixing, I felt really good. There's nothing better than watching your guy score five touchdowns and then going through your, your leagues and being like, Ah, I have so much of this guy. Oh, this is great. <laugh>. No, you don't know that feeling this Speaker 2 00:31:36 Year? Oh, not that, No. I did not have mixing anywhere <laugh>. Not that I didn't like him, but I was taking like Barclay and digs in that area. Hmm. Speaker 1 00:31:46 Dude, uh, digs the Josh Allen situation's gonna be, this is gonna be, this is a little crazy though. I, I know he dealt with it. He said he dealt with it before, but this is a UCL issue. It's, it's, it's, fuck it up his elbow. It's, it's affecting the nerves. So he is having trouble gripping the ball also. Um, I kind of don't think that he plays this week. I think Speaker 2 00:32:09 You've already seen the Vegas line, right? It's definitely, Speaker 1 00:32:11 Oh dude, it, so I, I wrote it up for picks wise sitting there on like Monday and I was like, Oh yeah, yeah, sure, sure. I'll write up the, uh, the Vikings Bills game, you know, Bill's minus six at that point. And then all of a sudden all the Allen stuff just poured out. And the next thing I know I'm like, Oh, okay, now I gotta write this article about not Josh Allen double revenge game narrative here. Digs and digs. Speaker 2 00:32:40 I think digs will be fine. I'm not downgrading him. I worry more about Gabe Davis. Speaker 1 00:32:46 Gabe, what's the word? The dude's. So Boomer busted. Speaker 2 00:32:50 I know. That's the thing. I mean, the target share has not been there. And if he's not getting long play than it's been a problem for him this year. Speaker 1 00:32:59 It's been terrible for him this year. Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:33:01 <affirmative>, Speaker 1 00:33:02 What are you gonna do? What are you Speaker 2 00:33:04 Gonna do? Right. That's it. Speaker 1 00:33:05 All right. Well I wanna talk some more football. We'll, uh, we'll go through, uh, through the rest of the, uh, the games. We'll go through all the games and we'll make our picks. Uh, but you know, we are an all sports podcast here, so I wanna jump real quickly. Uh, from, from the Grid Iron to some lb Adam Free agency opens up tomorrow. The question I think on everybody's mind is, whose heart is going to break first? Yours or mine? When I, when Aaron Judge signs anywhere but the Yankees and Jacob deGrom goes to the Braves, Speaker 2 00:33:45 He better not go to the Braves. Man. Like that would really fucking suck <laugh>. And the bottom line is too, I'm pretty sure the Mets are giving him whatever he wants. So if he leaves, it's cuz he didn't want to be here. It's pretty clear at this point, I don't think the Mets are gonna shy away from money. They paid Edwin Diaz. I don't think money's gonna be an issue. So, you know, there's been conflicting reports. I know Zach Wheeler is like, Oh, deGrom wants to stay there, He likes New York. He just wants to be a paid appropriately. So we'll see. I mean, obviously I would like him back, but again, it depends what else they do. Um, I would definitely like him back. He's a homegrown met. Um, he was the one guy that pitched well down the stretch in the big games for the Mets. He did not fail to show up like Scher am Bassett. He was good. Um, you know, you always worry about the injuries with him. Um, so I don't expect 30 starts from him and that, I guess that's the issue of like, do you wanna spend big money in the sky? But again, money should not be an issue for the Met. So I'm hoping he's there. Yeah, and it sounds, I mean, Judge, it sounds like San Francisco's a real possibility, right? Speaker 1 00:34:59 I hope not. And I'm trying to, I'm trying to manifest it. Not <laugh> happening. I I'm being very cautious after the Aaron Rogers incident. Um, but I, uh, ah, dude, I, I I just, I I just don't want 'em on another team. I don't want 'em mean, listen, I, I get it. It's, it's gonna be, it's gonna be, it's gonna cost a ton. And you know, with the way that the Stein brainers are kind of running the, uh, the, the team right now, it's uh, you know, they're, they're not looking to, you know, spend so much money anymore. So I, I worry a little bit about that, but I mean, there are a ton of names out there right now besides Judge and deGrom. Tre Turner is a, uh, is a free agent. You've got Speaker 2 00:35:46 I would Bob Turner on the Mess, but I, I don't see it happening cuz he probably wants to play shortstop and they're not gonna move Linor. Speaker 1 00:35:53 No, they're probably not gonna move Lindor, which takes you also out of these Zender Bogarts running too, doesn't it? Speaker 2 00:35:58 Unless he's willing to play second. I mean, I'd much rather have Turner though than Bogarts. I mean, Bogart's a very good player, but I mean, the Mets have a lot of work to do with that pitching stuff, man. I mean, Bass, it opted out. You know, Carrasco is a free agent. Um, so they, they have a lot of work to do. Um, O Pen, pretty much almost everyone there. I mean at least they brought Diaz back. So yeah, I mean, got a lot of work to do. Speaker 1 00:36:25 A lot of work to do. You gotta get yourself some brand Nimo, right? You gotta make sure that he's, uh, locked in still. Speaker 2 00:36:30 Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, he's a free agent. Speaker 1 00:36:33 Got a lot of guys out there. We're gonna have a, uh, a full free agent tracker [email protected] so you can follow where all the MLB players are going. Uh, and as we, uh, as we kind of move through it and we see where everybody goes, uh, what do you think, Adam? Whose heart breaks first? Mine or yours? Speaker 2 00:36:54 Uh, mine. Speaker 1 00:36:55 You think yours breaks first? Speaker 2 00:36:57 Yeah. Looking for the reverse jx Speaker 1 00:37:01 <laugh> from the diamond to the hardwood. Let's talk about a little N b a Adam. How's, uh, how's, how's the betting world going for you? Last week you gave us a couple of names to look at for props coming up throughout the, uh, the next couple of days. Can we, uh, can we, can we do a little, some of that for everybody out there right now? Obviously your article on picks wise comes out on Friday. Um, but sort of keeping a a, a watchful eye on certain guys or certain props that maybe the, uh, the market hasn't corrected itself properly. Speaker 2 00:37:37 I mean, I'm continuing to roll with my same guys. Uh, Shy Giles Alexander, Uh, he's been cashing his points pop every game except one, it was against the Bucks and I should have known him like, uh, bucks the number one team in defensive efficiency and I should have known. So in fact, Wednesday night he's facing the Bucks and I was like, Yep, not playing it. Then Giannis Andrew Ho were ruled out. So I said, Yep, I am playing it. Um, my Tyrese Halliburton, that is my dude. I keep going with him. I did again Wednesday night, 29 and a half points in Assist. You can look at that. That's kind of where it's been around. Um, so it's still in a range where we can play it. Um, Steph Curry is another guy I looked at, uh, Monday night when everyone was playing. I'm like, the Warriors were coming off like, was it four or five straight losses? Speaker 2 00:38:24 They sat all their starters the previous game. I'm like, he is going to go off against the Kings. And I did the points assist. Uh, he, the, the points prop was 27 and a half. Uh, he scored 47 so, um, and he's been taking a lot of shots and so I'm looking at his points. Prop. Jason Tatum has been really good for props, um, with Siia out. Look at Fred VMs Lee. Um, it was only 19 and a half points on Wednesday night against the Rockets who are one of the worst teams in the league. So that's something to look at. Michael Porter has been crushing his three point prop. It's been two and a half. He's gone over it in every game except I think the first game of the year when he had two. It is getting juiced up though, so I parlay it with something. Speaker 2 00:39:09 Um, but yeah, you want to take advantage of injuries. Uh, Zion Williamson's pretty good with his points prop. Um, yeah, Tatum's been phenomenal. Larry Marketing's been great for Utah. They're the biggest surprise or one of the biggest so far in the nba sitting at nine and three, um, going into Wednesday. Um, yeah, so I mean, again, you're just looking for certain players spots. Um, John Moran's been pretty good. Devon Vall from the Spurs. Um, the calves have been really good. Good start for them. Eight and two. Darius Garland. Um, Mitchell's been great but his props were high when Garland was out. But yeah, it's been a interesting start to the nba um, so far. But yeah, it's been, it's been pretty good on prop so far for me. Speaker 1 00:39:58 How's your, uh, how's your fantasy basketball game going right now? Speaker 2 00:40:01 Uh, I only do two season long leagues. My home league has been um, I think I'm like a game or two over 500 and it's, uh, I keep running into great teams every week cause I look, cause it's head to head. We do nine categories and I look, I'm like, damn, why is this game so close? And then I'll go look at other teams. I'm like, my God, I'd be beating this team seven too. So instead I'm winning like five four every week. This past week was four 11. I'm like, this is ridiculous. So that's just a kind of bad draw on the schedule then, you Speaker 1 00:40:33 Know. Did you have, did you ask Paus if you could use Endangered species as as your team name? Speaker 2 00:40:39 Um, I did not. I didn't know I had to ask for that. Speaker 1 00:40:42 I don't know. I mean, do you need to ask for that? I'm just, I'm actually, I'm looking at the standings in your league right now because, uh, the first place team was very, very proud of herself. Yeah. For finally being in first. So she's screenshot it for me. Speaker 2 00:40:56 Yeah. Um, my team is good. I just, uh, I have Kyrie Irving and he's suspended, so I'm hoping that he comes back. And then I did a, oh I guess they are, they're calling it a Sirius XM Fantasy Experts League, um, that they broadcast. I thought it was a Roto Wiley cuz it was mostly Roto Wire guys. But I am in first place in that one. Speaker 1 00:41:15 Oh, well there you go. You better be in first place too. Well, Speaker 2 00:41:19 I mean, I had pick 12, which is not ideal. And they had me on and I said, Look, uh, my team, a lot of people are gonna look at it and say it's boring because there were a lot of people in there who, who were reaching for players and, you know, looking to take all these young players. I said, Okay, I'm just gonna take the value that falls to me. And you know, my start to the draft was Car Anthony Towns, um, Devin Booker, DeMar d Rosen, and Drew Holiday veterans that are kind of boring, but they all produce. Um, and then I started to go with some of the younger guys later on, like a Jade ivy, a rookie Laurie Marking, who you know, I knew was gonna have a good year. Oh, he's already got six points. Damnit I knew I should have played his pro. Ah, he's got six points. I'm like the first, uh, two minutes. Um, so yeah, I just kind of said, All right, I'll, I'll take these boring veterans that fall to me. And so far it's worked out well. Speaker 1 00:42:13 Right. Well congratulations man. Speaker 2 00:42:15 Well it's, I didn't win anything yet. It's only, uh, are we even a month in? Speaker 1 00:42:19 But I'm pulling for you man. I'm pulling not for you. Speaker 2 00:42:23 Okay. Thank you. Appreciate you. I think I'm the only alarm guy in there. So Speaker 1 00:42:27 I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a bad guy at all. Um, Fe's not in that league. Speaker 2 00:42:34 No. Speaker 1 00:42:35 <laugh> are you in Fe? Wait, you're not in Fe's league yet? Speaker 2 00:42:38 He's in my home league. Look all the way at the bottom for the last place team. You'll see him. Speaker 1 00:42:42 <laugh> just made my fucking knight. I <laugh>. And on that note, we leave the hard point <laugh> and we go back to the nfl. It's time to pick the games this week. All right, Adam, start off with a little Thursday night football here. <laugh>, Festy. <laugh>. I love him so much. I do, I do. I love him so much. But that just that that cracks me up. Poor kid. Poor kid because he takes that to heart. Like, you know, he takes that person Speaker 2 00:43:30 Well yeah, cuz he's been in the league for two years and hasn't made the playoffs yet. So he's like, I gotta make the playoffs this year. Speaker 1 00:43:35 So do you just abuse him on the show? Do you Just, Speaker 2 00:43:38 Not a lot, but I do get digs in here or there. Speaker 1 00:43:41 You gotta, man, You definitely gotta, I think so, Speaker 3 00:43:45 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:43:46 All right. Thursday night football. Here we go. Remember Adam and I are recording this on Wednesday night. So we've got the news that we've got and we're going for it through their Falcons minus two and a half point favorites over the Carolina Panthers. Panthers sticking with PJ Walker, who's looked, uh, Prid, um, the last game that he played. Um, I, you know, listen, I don't know gimme your take on this one here first. Speaker 2 00:44:13 Uh, no strong feel whether could be a factor. I guess there's a hurricane or something coming through cuz I know they moved up the Dallas Orlando game to 5:30 PM on Wednesday. So, um, kind of wanna pay attention to how much rain, how much wind. Uh, we obviously seen these teams play recently. It was, was a fun game. I'm hoping we get that again. Probably not on a short week <laugh>. Um, Speaker 1 00:44:36 Are, are we in on Cordell Patterson this Speaker 2 00:44:38 Week? Yeah, I think you have to be. I think you have to be. I mean, uh, they run the ball so much he's gonna get the ball. I mean, Al Geo will get the ball to, uh, Carolina's defenses kind of falling apart the last few weeks. Um, Speaker 1 00:44:55 Will Avery Williams have a touchdown? Speaker 2 00:44:57 Yes. For you? Speaker 1 00:44:58 Fantastic. Speaker 2 00:45:00 Um, Speaker 1 00:45:00 I like your style. Speaker 2 00:45:02 If it was three, I would take Carolina. If it's two and a half, I'm gonna go Atlanta. Speaker 1 00:45:06 I like that. I agree with you on that one. Yeah, definitely. On the, uh, on the, on the shorter point spread there. Uh, for sure. Um, alright. Uh, apparently there's a game in Germany, um, on Sunday morning. Fortunately they're not forcing us into some, uh, other bullshit live streaming package that we have to buy. It's the Seahawks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seahawks plus three bucks. You know, I gotta tell you, man, I, I get it. Maybe, maybe Tom Brady going to the podium after last week's win and him being like, Oh, that was fucking awesome. I, I mean, I think people are expecting, I feel like people are expecting the, the bucks to like have this big rebound. I worry about their pass catchers. They've been dropping balls left and right for Annette. Hasn't looked good. The offensive line hasn't looked good. Um, the normal contrarian in me says to take the bucks minus the three points. But I'm taking Seattle and I'm getting the points in this one. I just think that the Bucks defense is struggling a little bit too much for me right now. And man, I love the fact that Seattle is just, they're, they're crushing it with Kenneth Walker on the ground bucks. Run Defense isn't the be all end all that it used to be. So I'm taking Seattle plus the points. Speaker 2 00:46:26 Me too, man. I mean, there's just a better team. I know it sounds crazy to say it, but over the last five games, Seattle's fourth in defensive DV away. I mean, they've been really good. Um, and the Bucks haven't, I mean, I don't care about last week. I mean, that was pathetic by the Rams to let that happen. Um, and the Bucks just don't score. Um, they've had so many games where they have one touchdown, they got a penalty against Atlanta to bail them out. Um, the defense has been fine. Um, but Seattle's playing really well, man. I mean, Pete Carroll has done a hell of a job. They, they've been an underdog a few times. I mean, they were an underdog last week and, and they won. So I just don't think Tampa's any good. Um, they're fortunate to be in that division, otherwise they'd be done. Um, sorry, I'm taking Seattle. Speaker 1 00:47:19 Yeah. All right. Uh, Houston Texans, the New York Football Giants. It's in New Jersey. Giants are a four and a half point favorite off the Speaker 2 00:47:29 By, wasn't it six? Speaker 1 00:47:32 Was it Speaker 2 00:47:32 Six? I think it opened at six, I thought. Speaker 1 00:47:34 Yeah, they must have heard that Kenny Goe was gonna play. So they, uh, knocked some <laugh> some points, uh, Speaker 2 00:47:43 For his one four yard catch. Speaker 1 00:47:46 Son of a bitch. Um, I mean, come on, Barkley here. I, I like, I know that Lovey Smith, if, if the spread was bigger, I'd probably lean Houston cuz I just, I I just dig what Lovey Smith is doing. But I mean, I, I honestly, I don't, I don't know how I don't take the Giants and lay the points here. Speaker 2 00:48:05 Um, yeah, it was six and a half. It was six and a half. I'd definitely take the Texans. You said it's four or four and a half. Speaker 1 00:48:10 Four and a half. Speaker 2 00:48:12 Oh, man. I mean, the Giants is a favorite. Scares me. That's the problem. Um, I, I kind of lean to Texans. I think they can keep it close, man. They've been pretty competitive in their games. They haven't been getting blown out often. So I think I'm gonna take them if it's four and a half, I think this could be a field goal game. Speaker 1 00:48:38 Okay. All right. Can't really argue against, Yeah. Giants have been playing. Um, it hasn't been, you know, Smash Mouth. Speaker 2 00:48:45 They've had a lot of fourth quarter comebacks. Speaker 1 00:48:47 They've had a lot of fourth quarter comebacks. You're right, you're right. Maybe it's just the, the, the hope of actually getting late again on a Sunday night. That's <laugh> got me. What Speaker 2 00:48:56 Happened? What happened on the bi week? Speaker 1 00:48:59 What do you mean? What happened on the bi week? Big Jets win over Buffalo bi week. Absolutely. Oh, so Speaker 2 00:49:05 Great saying the Giants were on a bi last week. So what happened? Speaker 1 00:49:07 What happened was I was stroking it in the bathroom when, uh, when the Jets won. That was it. Okay. That was was as much action as I got. Speaker 2 00:49:14 He's like, Adam not playing. So Speaker 1 00:49:16 Yeah, she's not in the mood if they're not playing. She doesn't give a shit about football on the, on the day that the Giants were, she's a, she, she's her, her fantasy team and the man's smart woman Smarter league is fucking sick. It really, really is. Although she does have Josh Allen. So that is gonna be a, an issue for her. Her team is sick, but like, she doesn't, she doesn't obsess over this stuff like, like we do. So she loves her team, she loves her players, she loves the league. She doesn't really talk a lot of smack, but on a Sunday she's like, take it or leave it. Uh, if the Giants aren't playing, okay, what are you gonna do? Speaker 2 00:49:56 Well, at least you know the rules. Speaker 1 00:49:59 I do. I know the rules. Absolutely. A hundred percent. Um, yeah, you gotta catch the Jukebox Mondays, um, <laugh>. Go, go, go listen on the S XM app and uh, and listen to my, uh, my song Dedications over the last several weeks. It's been quite entertaining. Jacksonville Jaguar's, Kansas City Chiefs, this one's an interesting one here. It's chief's minus nine and a half. My initial blush on this game was like just, it just screamed to me that the, this was one of those games where the chiefs put up 45 points and Mahomes just fucking balls out. And you know, cuz we're all excited about Jacksonville, but you know, this is like where Mahomes and the Chiefs put them in their place. Doug Peterson from the Andy Reed Coaching Tree, that kind of a, you know, master teaching the lesson. Then I start li just diving into it for betting purposes. Speaker 1 00:50:54 And I'll tell you this, I settled in, in the weirdest fashion. You ready for this one, Adam? I said I'm taking the Chiefs. I'm laying the nine and a half points in this one. However, I'm taking the under 50 and a half and I'll tell you why. The Jags are like three and 14 against the spread in their last 17 games. Okay. Um, the, the under has been hitting more often than not for them, For the Chiefs, the weird thing, and this is where it kind of conflicts because the Chiefs have played close games at home in Arrowhead Stadium. And check this out. The under, I think it's like I got, I gotta pull up the, um, I gotta pull up the actual numbers because the, the numbers are, are quite interesting as far as the under goes in this game. Where is it? I don't have it committed to memory and I don't wanna misrepresent. Speaker 1 00:51:53 Um, B B B B B. So yes, Jaguars four and 13 in their last four and 13 in their last 17 games against the spread. Here you go. In the Andy Reed era, the chiefs at home are 51, 37 and one in games played in Kansas City, the under 51, 37 and one. And in games where the chiefs are favored by seven points or more, the under is 28, 13 and one. Obviously different teams and different schedules, different whatever. But I just kind of thought that that was really interesting that Arrowhead doesn't play as that safe home haven for the Chiefs. Like say Seattle's plays for them. It's very different home game dynamic. So, but I still, I said the chiefs to me are gonna win this one. I I'm gonna have them cover the spread, which is against the grain, but then I'm gonna take the under, which kind of goes with the grain. Speaker 2 00:52:54 Yeah, I lean the Jags here. Just Kansas City does not blow teams out, man. Right. Uh, Mahomes has a seven point favorite or more is 10, 15 and one against the spread. So I know this looks like a game. Oh, Chiefs are gonna blow. I mean, look at the Chiefs last week. That was an insane fucking game against Tennessee. You, if I just read you the stats, gave you the box score and said, What is the final score? You would've been like, Oh, Cheaps won, what? 31 to 10? No, they had so many drives and they just couldn't finish. So, um, I'm gonna take the points here, man. Nine and a half. I'm gonna take the points. Speaker 1 00:53:28 It was tough for me. It really was. But I, I definitely, I, I still feel, I feel like this could be there. Speaker 2 00:53:34 I would've, I mean, then again, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs just, you know, run them over. Speaker 1 00:53:39 I think the chiefs can run them over. But I think more in the sense of like a 31 to 14 kind of a sense, as opposed to a, you know, like a, like a 45 to 17 kind of a thing. So that's where I was at. We'll see, I was, you know, I mean, I put the over under as one star and I put the, uh, the, the points, the chiefs laying the points at two stars. It was not my three star pick, uh, for this week, but I figured I'd share it. I figured I'd share it. Uh, Cleveland, Miami in Miami, Dolphin's home. Favorite three and a half points. They're laying Where you at? Speaker 2 00:54:18 I think Miami. Man. I, I like this team. This offense has been unbelievable. And I'm telling you right now, man, you, you just gotta play Tyreek Hill and Jaylen model props every week. Um, Tyreek was at 86 and a half receiving yards. I got it at last week. They gotta start putting this guy at a hundred because it's every single week. WA was in the sixties. I mean, this team, they just can't be stopped. Now I understand the defense has not been good. Um, uh, Brown's offense is not as good on the road. Um, and the, the Browns defense has been a major disappointment, man. I thought they'd be a lot better. So, um, I know you got the hook there, but I like Miami here. I'm gonna take Miami. Speaker 1 00:55:02 I don't like the hook. I do like Miami in this one as well. It really is. Now, I mean, Browns defense, you know, Miles Garrett applies. The pressure, the, the injuries in the secondary have been probably the biggest thing Now, um, I I think Denzel Ward is still out, or he, Speaker 2 00:55:18 He's back at practice though. I Speaker 1 00:55:20 Thought, Was he back at practice? Speaker 2 00:55:21 I thought I saw that note yesterday. Speaker 1 00:55:22 Cause Newsom's back and, and, um, and greedy Williams is back also, so they are starting to get a little bit better. I just, you can neutralize a good secondary because, I mean, I think Cleveland commits to the Pass rush tremendously. Just those fucking intermediary route intermediate routes that, that Hill and Waddle are running and just picking up yards after the catch. I mean, that's just, I mean, the, you know, you pepper 'em with that and then all of a sudden, what? Then you, then they start pulling the secondary in a little bit. They start cheating in a little bit more. And the next thing you know, fucking Tyreek is 10 yards behind <laugh>. Their, their deepest guy, and he's gone for a, a huge touchdown. Um, as a Jets fan, it really pains me to, to see it and to say it, but from, from just a football standpoint, dude, I think it's fucking amazing to see Mike McDaniels system, how it works with Tua, how he's done in this system, and then the game plan that, that we've seen where Hill and Waddle are just getting, they're peppered with targets right now, and they're, and they're, they're virtually unstoppable. Speaker 1 00:56:34 But then you've, you've also, you've floated in go, you've incorporated the tight end a little bit more, then I think what a lot of people were expecting. And now you've got Jeff Wilson and Rahi Moer in that backfield that's old San Fran backfield. I, I really, I mean, it's tough, man. I don't know how the dolphins are gonna stop Nick Chubb, but for the same token, I don't know how the Browns are even gonna slow down the dolphins. Speaker 2 00:56:57 Yeah. I mean, to his six and oh, when he is played at least half the game, Speaker 1 00:57:03 It's really, I wish I had more to a, coming into the season. Speaker 2 00:57:09 I think we all do. Speaker 1 00:57:11 I was bullish. Like I turned around on it. I was, I was very anti TOA for the first couple of seasons, and then I started diving into what McDaniel was gonna be doing, and I said it in the preseason. I was like, um, I gotta come around on this. I cannot ignore it. I have to look at Tua as a, as a viable fantasy quarterback. Especially when, you know, we're a season where everybody's, you know, grabbing Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes in the top qb. So Tua was that, you know, mid-tier guy that you should have invested in. Um, Alright, Vikings Bills I wrote, again, I wrote this up for picks wise. I basically said, I'll take the Vikings down to three and a half, but if the spread gets any lower than that, I, I have zero interest in betting this game. Speaker 2 00:58:02 Yeah, I mean, this is kind of waiting on the news at this point. My guess is Alan doesn't play seeing the line drop like this, so I think everyone's gonna jump on Minnesota, but I mean, I, I think the bills can still win, don't you? Speaker 1 00:58:18 I don't, I don't hate Case Keenum, you know, we joked around about the, the double na, you know, revenge game narrative, but like, Case Keenum can still be a viable quarterback. What, what? I mean, do we think that he's gar? I mean, Speaker 2 00:58:33 Just get the ball to digs, man, Speaker 1 00:58:34 You know, better than Trubisky. Speaker 2 00:58:36 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:58:37 He's better than Trubisky. And Speaker 2 00:58:38 The crazy, the crazy part is, so Sunday I was like, after seeing the Bills lost, I'm like, Okay, what'd they play next? Oh, Minnesota at home. I am all over the bills. And I was ready to jump on the line early, and I don't do that often. And then I saw the Allen, I was like, Ugh, let me wait. Good thing I did, because I was ready to hammer the bills at home. Speaker 1 00:58:58 Oh, see, you know, the funny thing is, is I knew Alan was injured. We then, then I had a, a conversation with somebody on Monday morning and I was just like, All right, so this is actually, this is a little bit more severe. Then I talked to Boden later on in the afternoon, and Boden was talking about, uh, the UCL and some of the things that he's seen and some of the things that he's heard. Uh, and, and we were like, we sat there on the show. We were like, fucking take the Vikings plus six right now. Do it right now because this line is going to move. And I, I texted my guy who lays some action for me, and I was like, Dude, just put it in right now. Don't wait. The line's gonna move. And, uh, and just gimme the six points. That's where I, uh, that's where I ended up with it, uh, for that. But I mean, I had having to write it up, I had to talk about the adjusted line. I couldn't just sit there and say, Haha fuckers, I got the first. Speaker 2 00:59:55 Yeah. I mean, that's again, the, uh, advantage of kind of jumping in early or if you see something, but yeah, I'm, I'm talking about right when Buffalo lost on Sunday, I was like, Yeah, I'm gonna play them. But I did see him, you know, with Elbow at the end of the game. So I was like, All right, let me hold off. Uh, good thing I did Speaker 1 01:00:13 Excellente, um, Denver, Tennessee, the third one that I wrote up [email protected]. Uh, it, this, this line is now down at minus two. Um, I wrote it up at minus two and a half. I was perfectly, I'm perfectly fine taking the Titans in this one. Denver needs to show me a little something more as far as just with the way the Titans run the football. Denver's got a great defense. They've got a great past defense, but they do struggle against the run. And you know, I think that they're, uh, they're, they're just, they're, they're vulnerable. So Speaker 2 01:00:47 You Thinkt Hill plays. Speaker 1 01:00:49 I do Thinkt Hill plays this week. Speaker 2 01:00:52 Um, I hate rolling with Denver, but I think I'm gonna take them. Speaker 1 01:00:58 No, don't do Speaker 2 01:00:59 It. Tennessee is such a, a well coached team. I don't know how the fuck they're doing this, man. I mean, it's Derek Henry and nothing. I mean, they're not even a threat in the passing game. And it's just, it's amazing what they do. So maybe can You Speaker 1 01:01:14 Can't stop. You can't stop. Derek Henry can't stop it. Speaker 2 01:01:17 Yeah, Right now You can't, um, Speaker 1 01:01:19 Can't stop it. Speaker 2 01:01:21 Well, the Titan's all vulnerable in the secondary. Speaker 1 01:01:24 They are, but <laugh>, you know, uh, off the garbage. He, we got good old Russell Wilson. I Speaker 2 01:01:30 Mean, they look, the thing with Deborah, they have moved the ball offensively. Their problem has been in the red zone, Speaker 1 01:01:36 Can't finish it. Speaker 2 01:01:37 Right. So maybe they fixed it over the by. But I'm, I'm gonna take Deborah, I don't feel good about it. Speaker 1 01:01:44 Bear's lions, Bears minus three at home. Lions offenses look like shit. Yeah. I Speaker 2 01:01:54 Mean, it's a swift barely place. Um, Reynolds was out. Uh, no Hawkinson, I'm going with the Bears. I mean, they just on a roll right now. It should be a high scoring game. I would definitely take the over, um, the have, uh, been in very high scoring games. So the Bears, I mean, the Bears have become an over team, man. So, uh, Gimme the Bears. Speaker 1 01:02:16 Do we worry that it is a little bit of that trap? You know, Justin Fields rushes for 178 yards and he throws for three touchdowns, and now he's facing the absolute worst defense in the world. And the lions and the lions offense has looked like shit completely. Like, isn't that, isn't that just the way that you end up taking the fucking Detroit lines and the three points? Speaker 2 01:02:40 Uh, sure, but I'm not gonna do it. Speaker 1 01:02:43 <laugh>. Uh, you know what? I will, Speaker 2 01:02:46 It is a divisional game. So that Speaker 1 01:02:47 Go against you. I'm gonna take the points. Speaker 2 01:02:50 All Speaker 1 01:02:50 Right. I'm gonna buy a half a point though. I'm just letting you know. Speaker 2 01:02:53 All right. Speaker 1 01:02:55 Put it to three and a half. Um, Right. Last of the early games on Sunday, Saints, Steelers, Speaker 2 01:03:02 Steelers, Speaker 1 01:03:05 <laugh>, You tell, Speaker 2 01:03:08 I mean, Saints are favorite, What is it? Two and a half, Speaker 1 01:03:11 One and a half now. Speaker 2 01:03:12 Oh, okay. It's Mo. Okay. I, I'm taking the Steelers as dogs at home. What have we seeing from the Saints that they should be a road favorite? Speaker 1 01:03:18 Horrible. Speaker 2 01:03:19 I mean, come on. And I think, I think picket will be better down the stretch. Um, he's got some weapons. Saints, were vulnerable in the secondary. Yeah. I, I can't take the Saints as a road favorite. Speaker 1 01:03:32 I can't either. Again, it drives me bonkers. You, you ride Crystal Lave and Alvin Kamara between the twenties. Excuse me, I'm all choked Speaker 2 01:03:46 Up. I would be pretty ironic if you died on this podcast with, Speaker 1 01:03:50 Oh God, that please. Dude, how amazing would that be for you though? Like, that shit would go fucking viral. Speaker 2 01:03:56 I know. Thank you, man. I appreciate that. Trying to, Speaker 1 01:03:58 Bender has a heart attack on the fucking podcast Speaker 2 01:04:01 And Adam does such a smooth job of finishing it and getting 'em help in time. And then I get a, and then I'm on all these shows and I have to be emotional and act like I cared about you. Speaker 1 01:04:12 Right. But nobody, you know, But all of a sudden, like everybody forgets that the podcast continued. You finished making your picks against the spread for the rest of, and then fucking guy 9 1 1 for Speaker 2 01:04:24 Me. <laugh>, Let's look at the afternoon slate as Howard. It looks like he's dead. Ok. Cardinals and Rams. Speaker 3 01:04:30 <laugh>. <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:04:33 And that wraps it up. I am gonna call 9 1 1. Hopefully Howard gets resuscitated. This is cash it, catch it next week. Maybe with Howard Speaker 1 01:04:42 Baby by myself. Donate. Find out Speaker 3 01:04:45 <laugh> Speaker 2 01:04:48 Talk about a teaser. Right? Speaker 1 01:04:50 Right. His last words were, I made you wrongness. Speaker 3 01:04:55 <laugh>. Speaker 1 01:05:00 Oh shit. All right. Before I die. I agree with you on the Steelers. A hundred percent Fucking Saints suck, uh, Colts, Raiders. Um, here we go. Do we go with the narrative that teams who fire their coach always step up and play better and they at least cover the spread or could even possibly win an hour? Do we take that narrative with the six points here for the Cols? Or are they just that bad? Can Jeff Saturday fix what's going on right now? Can the Raiders not just eat shit for the day and, and, and actually play like a frigging team? Speaker 2 01:05:42 Such a tough call here, man, I think I'm gonna take the points. It does not feel good at all, cuz the cults look horrendous, but it's the Raiders, like, they keep blowing leads. They look like a team that is terrible themselves. Although, like I said, early in the year, they were playing a lot of competitive games. But last week to me was a real dagger for them. So I I I'll take the cults with the points. I mean, should the Raiders be this high of a favorite against anyone? Speaker 1 01:06:19 Um, no, I don't, I don't think that the Raiders should be favored that high against any, any team ever, ever. Um, so yeah, I'm taking the Cols and the points as well. Dallas, Green Bay, I said it earlier. Yeah. The narrative is obviously, like you could say, you know, as bad as the Packers are, blah, blah, Nah, I think, listen, I'm gonna take the Dallas Cowboys going into Green Bay minus five, lay the points. I mean, the offense doesn't even, like, that's the thing is that the Dallas offense doesn't even need to do a whole hell of a lot because what the defense does, and given what we've seen with this Green Bay offense, the Dallas Defense, I think, I think it holds him down. I I'm like, this isn't gonna be like an embarrassing game where, you know, like Dallas wins at 31 to three and they got like two defensive touchdowns and stuff. Um, but I think they just go in there and just take care of business. Speaker 2 01:07:21 I hope you're right. I mean, I would lean towards Dallas again. There are some concerns because you know, at some point maybe Green Bay shows up, but yeah, I mean when you look at things from a logic perspective, you're like, how can you back Green Bay and Dallas is coming off of buy as well. Um, the pressure that Parsons could bring. So I guess the one thing you would say is like really that we're gonna a five point underdog, uh, on the road. I mean, uh, Packers five points at home on dogs. We're not used to seeing that. But I also think this is not the same team man. And I think for weeks people have been, they do it with the Packers and Bucks. Oh, okay, well this is the week. And it's like, guys, they're not a good team. Even the ramps, they were doing it for a while. I'm like, forget about what we've seen in the past. Look at what your eyes are showing you this shit. These teams aren't any good. I would lean to the Cowboys too. Speaker 1 01:08:15 Ah, you gotta do it. You gotta do it. Yeah. All right. Cardinals, Rams, uh, Rams favored by a point and a half. I don't know what this opened, the line opened with it opened at three. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I feel like I'm gonna bet Arizona right now and take the point and a half because I think by the time we hit Friday, this line flips. Speaker 2 01:08:38 Oh, cause you think Stafford will be out. Speaker 1 01:08:40 Cause I think Stafford will be out. But Speaker 2 01:08:41 What about Kyle Murray dealing with a hamstring injury and, you know, Speaker 1 01:08:47 Um, I mean limited. If, if Kyle Murray is limited in practice, I'm still okay with that. If he's, if there's a risk of being out Stafford Concussions and everything that we've seen this year, that tells me, I mean, come on, who goes, You don't exhibit symptoms on Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday suddenly all of a sudden she starts cropping up? Speaker 2 01:09:07 They corrected that. He actually went into the Protocol Tuesday. Okay. Not that it makes a big difference, but I'm just saying cuz I think the initial report came out and then they corrected and said it was Tuesday. So Yeah, he probably, I guess showed up to the facility or whatever and, you know, but yeah, I mean, look, this is a shit ass game, man. This is just a fucking garbage game. I, I'm so sick of watching the Cardinals Speaker 1 01:09:30 <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:09:31 Um, Speaker 1 01:09:31 Well Deandre Hopkins, 22 targets Speaker 2 01:09:34 Not last week. Um, good thing is, um, wow. So, oh, there's, oh my God, there's three, four o'clock games and they're cult Raiders, Rams Cardinals in Green Bay, Dallas. I mean, by process of elimination, that's the best game. Um, so I, yeah, I will get that in New York because the Jets are on a buy, so that's good. At least I can kind of focus on that game. Um, yeah, I'll take the dog. Yeah, I'll take the points. I hate, I hate both teams. Speaker 1 01:09:59 Yeah. Uh, yet I think that this line will flip, but we'll see, uh, Chargers, Niners of the, uh, Sunday night game Chargers a seven point dog to the San Francisco 49ers. I mean it's Christian McCaffrey, um, against the worst run defense known to mankind. Adam, where you lean, Speaker 2 01:10:17 I'm taking the Chargers, getting the points. I think the line is a little bit too big. I love San Francisco. I think everyone does. They're actually the second favorite to come out the nfc. Um, even at four and four. But we see why. But I mean, it's a prime time game. I know the charge have had a lot of issues. I don't expect Keenan Nile, Mike Williams to play. Um, could be wrong on this. I mean, 40 hours could just stomp 'em. But I'm gonna take the Chargers getting seven. Speaker 1 01:10:47 My gut is to take the Chargers getting seven as well. But <laugh> no Keen and Allen, no, Mike Williams Eckler has been good. He's, you know, he's getting match up here. End zone. Speaker 2 01:10:59 Tough match up here. Speaker 1 01:11:00 Very tough matchup for Eckler here. Very tough matchup. And even, you know, I mean with Deandre Carter and, and Josh Palmer, uh, yeah, I'm, I'm <laugh> stupidly. I'm gonna take the Niners stupidly cuz it'll come back and bite me in the ass. Uh, Monday night, no, Monday night Home dog. This week we get a Monday night favorite Eagles, 10 and a half point favorites over the commanders. I just hate laying the double digit points. I really, especially for a division game. Yeah, Speaker 2 01:11:34 I'm with you. It's, it's hard to back Washington, but I am You said 11? Speaker 1 01:11:40 Uh, 10 Speaker 2 01:11:40 And a half. Okay. I see it. 11 on soccer books. But yeah, I mean, look, uh, Philadelphia's been amazing. Um, they also get extended rest. They played on a Thursday. I don't know, they've done this at least twice this year. They have a team playing on Thursday and then on Monday. Why are you doing that? Like really? Um, you don't need to do that. Uh, but Speaker 1 01:11:58 Rich get richer. Adam, the Speaker 2 01:11:59 Rich get richer. Philly as, uh, uh, you know, they, uh, half of its games they've won by eight points or more. Uh, they've covered this line and half their games. So they have been blowing teams out. What happens though is they usually get off to strong starts. They slow down in the second half. It's amazing how they keep doing that. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, which is why, I mean, it didn't work last week, but you might wanna look at the first half line for Philly. Um, I know they got off to a slow start against the Texans and then turned it around. Um, but yeah, I think, uh, and, and Washington's run defense is good. Um, so maybe they force hers to pass more. And we have CDs and put up great passing numbers this year. So I'll take the points, Speaker 1 01:12:46 Points it, this and I'm, I'm with you on that. All right, well, good stuff all around here. Wishing everybody the best of, uh, of week 10 fantasy wise, DFS wise, betting wise as always. Adam has his, uh, his NBA props article up on picks that comes out on Friday for, uh, you DFS junkies. I've got the playbook coming out on Saturday with some example lineups on Sunday. I think that about covers it for tonight. Adam, always great to get, get a chance to, uh, to catch up with you, man. Uh, even if it does mean that, you know, you and I are gonna end up heartbroken in MLB free agency this year. Speaker 2 01:13:28 Well, hopefully you will be. Hopefully I won't. Speaker 1 01:13:31 And I wish very negative things upon you as well, sir. Speaker 2 01:13:35 Well, congratulations to the ashes. Thank goodness they won Speaker 1 01:13:39 So gross. Like you can't even feel good about saying Speaker 2 01:13:42 That. Why not? Speaker 1 01:13:44 Cause they're a fucking cheating organization. Speaker 2 01:13:46 No. See, I'm, I'm kind of tired of that. Like, so Speaker 1 01:13:49 People don't forget, Adam, Speaker 2 01:13:51 They have been good for so long. Like, it's one thing if like that year all those stats were so lopsided, that's not the case. These guys have been good. They're entire careers. So I don't know, man. I think it's like, all right, they, they've been good. You know what I'm saying? So Speaker 1 01:14:10 They have been absolutely. Listen, I got nothing but respect for the, for the team, the organization. I just, you know, I'm not, I don't, I know Yankee fans are very bitter about it. I very, very bitter. Very bitter Adam. Very hmm. Yeah. Bitter <laugh> <laugh>. All right, Well, big thanks to everybody for lichen and subscribe in sharing, you know what, share this podcast with somebody you know and love. Do that. Um, you do us a nice little solid by, uh, expanding our, uh, our reach and you know, it's just always nice to be nice to somebody and turn 'em onto, uh, some winning bets and winning numbers. Uh, and go from there. Uh, that's gonna do it for us here this week. We'll catch up with you for NFL week 11 and all sorts of MLB free agent talk and NBA bets, as well as spend the cash at podcast. I'm Howard Bender for Adam Rons, we'll catch you next time.

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