November 23, 2022


Cash It: NFL Week 12 Picks Against the Spread Starting with Thanksgiving Day

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Week 12 Picks Against the Spread Starting with Thanksgiving Day
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Week 12 Picks Against the Spread Starting with Thanksgiving Day

Nov 23 2022 | 01:16:32


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis break down all the latest NFL injuries and everything fantasy football players need to know about the Thanksgiving Day games and the rest of NFL Week 12. They also make their picks against the spread for every game.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome in to Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Rons by my side special early episode here of the Cash It podcast due to the fact that obviously it's Thanksgiving this week. We've got three football games in the NFL on Thursday. Uh, and there's a lot going on here between, uh, line movement point spreads, who's in, who's Out injuries, fantasy football, people getting their lineups all set and squared away, uh, before the Thur, the Thursday games, all the movement afterwards. So, Adam, I thought it'd just be best if we, uh, if we stayed honed in on, uh, on the NFL here today, we'll make our picks against the spread. But, you know, just a lot of, uh, a lot of advice and some thoughts moving forward, um, about, you know, the NFL in general here in week 12. There's a lot of stuff going on. Speaker 2 00:00:56 Yeah. There really is just so much constant movement. And you know, we're doing this really early here on a Tuesday, so things can change, doing some more digging on these games. Um, yeah. And injuries are a big factor as well. So, just gonna give a nice kind of summary here. Our initial thoughts on these games. Speaker 0 00:01:17 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Actually the, uh, you know, we'll, we'll lay down what our, our leans are for the picks and, you know, again, if there is like some news that really kind of turns the, turns, the tables on it, well, you know, you can, you can always reach out to us. I'm at Roto Buzz guy on Twitter. Adam is, uh, at Adam Ronas. Uh, and you can, uh, you can hit us up and, uh, and see if we, you know, if we've changed our minds on, uh, on any of the games here, based on some of the recent news that's been going on. Um, so let's just, let's just hop right into it here and let's just, cause you know, cuz I wanna do it from, from both a betting and a, and a fantasy angle here, because there is a lot of stuff happening. Number one, Adam, I think that that big moves here late in the season from teams cutting, running backs, Denver cuts, Melvin Gordon, uh, and then the Rams turn around and they release Darrell Henderson. So all of a sudden now that's two backfields where for waiver wire purposes in fantasy, it kind of, you know, shakes things up a little bit. But also, you know, people who have been sitting there with Henderson or using Melvin Gordon at least trying to, um, I think this is big movement here in week 12. Speaker 2 00:02:33 Yeah. Although I don't think there's like an immediate jump to get someone, at least in the Rams backfield, it's been nonproductive this entire season and I saw people a few over the last couple weeks. Oh, get Kyrie William Stash him. I'm like, what? Running back has been productive in this backfield. They've had a horrendous offensive line the entire year. So yes, opportunity matters, but this backfield has not been productive. And do we really think this offense is going to do anything going forward? It doesn't look like Matthew Stafford's gonna play this week. They, he is in concussion protocol. It's two straight weeks. He's had a concussion, so I don't see him playing. Um, so, and they go into Kansas City. Uh, so yeah, you're desperate. You wanna add Cam Acres Chi realm? Sure. There's no teams. I'm buying week 12. You really gonna start them? Speaker 2 00:03:23 I don't see it. The Denver backfield, I mean Latavious Murray, sure. But I think he's been rostered in a lot of leagues. I will keep an eye on Mike Buno to see if he's activated from ir. Um, that could be a guy that, that plays a role there. We know Chase Edmonds was placed on ir, I know they have Marlon Mac there, but really, and again, this is Denver's offense, which has been pathetic. Uh, they can't put up, uh, 20 points on any given week, but I mean, Latavious Mauria cuz he should get a lot of violence. But I would keep an eye on Mike Boone in Deep Performance and Adam in case, um, he plays a role there. Um, and as far as Acres and Kyro Williams, again, if you're desperate, but like, don't add them thinking like, oh yeah, I got the be I mean, really, like, okay, acres had a decent game last week and it still wasn't great for fantasy. Speaker 0 00:04:06 Wait, wait. You're saying that Latavious Murray is not going to be this year's, I dunno, CJ Anderson, remember, remember when, when he shipped the bed the entire year was like a non-factor and then showed up for the Rams for the last like four games of the season? Speaker 2 00:04:22 Yeah. Probably not gonna happen. I'll say to break it to Speaker 0 00:04:25 You. No, go on, man. Not the age of Latavious. Speaker 2 00:04:29 Nah, I mean, again, if he's out there, sure, I mean he is okay. I mean, he's gonna get the volume. Um, but again, we're looking at two really horrendous offenses right now. Speaker 0 00:04:38 Yeah, well that was, that was the, the thing also is that, you know, when I was talking to people about it, um, and like you always gotta remind them that yes, opportunity opportunity's huge, but I mean, what are we looking at for Latavious Murray? We looking at like an average of like 15 carries out of the backfield of Denver's offense and how quickly they've abandoned the run at times and just, uh, it, it hasn't been great. So there is definite opportunity and if you, if you're hard up for running backs, I mean, you know, you, you can make that move for sure. But yeah, I mean, I, I'm with you on, on not expecting the, these guys lurking or, or like sudden league winners, um, <laugh>, I mean there's, there's a lot of people, there's a lot of desperation out there right now, you know that right? There's a lot of desperation out there. Speaker 2 00:05:30 Yeah, I mean, look, I had to start Henderson in two leagues this week. It was bad. I have, you know, etn on by and some depletion in the backfield and he Henderson started, I'm like, okay. And then he was done. And then I was like, what happened? Why would you start Henderson? Then we hear, oh, he is dealing with like a knee issue or something, whatever, man. I mean, his contract I think's up at the end of the year. So they probably said, yeah, you're not gonna play so we'll let you go. Maybe someone else will pick you up. Speaker 0 00:05:56 Other injuries that you guys have to sit and monitor, uh, I mean Justin Fields with the dislocated shoulder, Adam, that obviously is, uh, I mean, it, it's just, it's, it's a straight up, it's a concern. Um, but, you know, it was kind of funny because I was talking, I I, I was talking to Jim Bowden about this on the Fantasy Alarm show and I said to him, I was like, yeah, you know, cuz he said, you gotta, you gotta figure out plan B. And I was like, yeah, but like Justin Fields was plan B for a lot of people. And you know, he's been going through this phenomenal stretch of games where, and people have been legitimate and asking, you know, do I start Tua or Justin Fields? Uh, do I start, um, I'm trying to think of like just a, a you know, another, another decent quarterback who, you know, Gino Smith or, or Justin Fields. Speaker 0 00:06:46 Do I start Justin Herbert or Justin Fields for that matter? Like, I've heard all of that over the past couple of, uh, couple of weeks. But like, that's the thing, you know, I don't know how many people, I'm sure there are a ton of people who traded for Justin Fields because you're sitting there stuck with like a shitty QB situation. Um, but I mean, I think I, I still feel like he was, uh, you know, if you've gotta replace him, chances are is there's probably somebody sitting on your roster that you can at least get away with. Speaker 2 00:07:20 Maybe, again, it depends to, some people will only have one quarterback on the roster if it's a shallow league. And once you saw Fields play that way, you were probably like, yeah, I'm rolling with him the rest of the way. Um, he does have a bi week coming up though. I think they have a buy in week 14, so I maybe you looked ahead and said, oh, you know, the buy's coming out on you have another quarterback. So I guess it depends, um, because he really has evolved into a QB one where you're pretty much starting him every week. Uh, and yeah, I mean, oh, he, he could be day to day or he could miss the season. Okay, thanks. Really Speaker 0 00:07:53 Could be out the rest of the year. Speaker 2 00:07:54 Cool. Thanks. I appreciate that. Speaker 0 00:07:58 I mean, I kind of, you know, I, it's funny you say that, like people like you and me. Yeah, we'll, we'll grab a quarterback and then if we need a roster spot, then, you know, we'll, we'll get rid of the backup. You know, we don't need to sit and play the matchups. But dude, I, I'll tell you man, I'm willing to bet that more than more than 75% of the listeners that we're talking to have two quarterbacks on their roster. It's just, it, it just, it seems like every single person who comes looking for advice is always like, you know, in some sort of a weird quarterback snafu when it comes to having fields. Speaker 2 00:08:36 Oh yeah. I mean, I, I'd go through this every year. We're in the same F sga that's a Fourt team league, and I see all these teams drafting backup quarterbacks when we have six bench spots. And I say, okay, I know half of you are gonna cut that guy in week one or two because you have, you'll have the buy weeks, you have injuries. It's hard to hold two quarterbacks in a league with six bench spots. So, and it happens every year. These guys start getting cut. Um, so yeah, if I have, and I play at many leagues with 20 roster spots, I'll have a backup quarterback, you know, because I have the ability in the roster space to do it. Um, now if I have my homes, Allen, I probably won't. Maybe as I get closer to the bye week, maybe I'll look at someone. Speaker 2 00:09:19 But you're starting my homes every week, you know, if he gets hurt, I mean, chances are your season is probably over, um, or, you know, maybe there is someone to pick up. But so it, it really depends on the situation. Um, but if I had fields, I'd probably be like, I'm good to go the rest of the way with Fields. I mean, he's, I I know there's a couple tough games coming, coming up. If he stays healthy, I don't think it matters. The guy's just running at a ridiculous level that I would just continue to play him. Speaker 0 00:09:49 Yeah, really. He was just, you just continue to play him. Speaker 2 00:09:54 Yeah, definitely. I mean, I think he had, um, who are the two tough matchups coming up? Um, yeah, I, I play 'em, I mean the guys Speaker 0 00:10:00 Jets, the Jets are, are the Jets are an accident. I mean this, and it's not a, that's not, to me, that's not a a a cake walk matchup. Jets do have a decent past defense. But yeah, they've gotta co they've got like a Buffalo game coming up. Speaker 2 00:10:13 The Jets, I looked this up. So the Jets haven't faced many mobile quarterbacks this year. They faced Josh Allen at 80 at Rushing Yards. Why can't Fields do that? Speaker 0 00:10:21 Well, he can definitely Speaker 2 00:10:22 Do that. Yeah. So that's why they have, yeah, they're at the Jets home to Green Bay, home to Philly, home to Buffalo. So they have two, you know, tough eagles and, and Bills back to back. I would probably still start 'em those weeks. I, I don't see how I would have 'em not as a QB one those weeks. Cause you start comparing em to the other quarterbacks, the pocket passer quarterbacks that, you know, they have one touchdown at two 50 fields is still gonna do better than that even if he doesn't have a great game. And we've just seen him run every single week and have 15 to 15 carries every week. So he did it against Dallas. Like we considered Dallas one of the top defenses. Right. He did it Speaker 0 00:11:01 Against them. Dallas sucks, Speaker 2 00:11:02 Dude. Yeah. Okay. Tell that's at a Viking expense. Speaker 0 00:11:06 Oh, please. Even you, you've sat here on this podcast since the day we started up the Kat Podcast again. You've talked about how Minnesota is not a legitimate eight and one team or wherever they, they were at at that point. So you Yeah, you they Speaker 2 00:11:22 Got this dude, they got destroyed 40 to three. Come on. Speaker 0 00:11:25 They did. They did. Do you know how I equated it? I, I actually, I equated it. I thought it was pretty funny when I was doing this, but I don't necessarily know if Jim got the, uh, the imagery here. Do you ever watch, like, one of those nature shows, those National Geographic shows and they show like the ocean ones and they'll show like, uh, an orca with like a, like a seal. And the orca is like, you know, he grabs the seal, then he's like throwing it up in the air and he's basically like playing with his food. He's like, you know, know he's beating the crap out of this seal and he is like knocking it up in the air and he's tossing it with his tail and he's doing like, have you ever seen those? Speaker 2 00:12:01 No, Speaker 0 00:12:01 You've never seen those. See, I guess that's what it's, you guys need to watch more nature documentaries, man. Speaker 2 00:12:06 I'm sorry. I'll stick it out. I'll stick to porn. Speaker 0 00:12:10 Oh, please, dude, like you, listen, I love porn <laugh>, I love porn. Okay. I always have. But come on, you can't tell me you wanna sit there and watch a little Nat Geo Wild and, and watch some sort of nature documentation. That's true. That's soothing. It's relaxed. Speaker 2 00:12:27 Oh, by the way, you said you put me onto the show. Do you, do you know that Yellow Stone is back? Of Speaker 0 00:12:32 Course. I, we Speaker 2 00:12:32 Okay, idiot. I don't know. Speaker 0 00:12:34 Hope I not Speaker 2 00:12:35 Know. We haven't spoke. I didn't realize it until the day before. I didn't see, I don't know how, I didn't see anything. And then all of a sudden I'm like, I saw something that said Yellowstone Sunday. I'm like, oh shoot. Awesome. So, um, yeah, but Speaker 0 00:12:48 The week before, the week before that, that premiere, yeah, the season premiere, the week before mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I went back and I watched the whole fir the first four seasons again. Speaker 2 00:12:57 Oh damn. You fit his that quickly? Speaker 0 00:13:00 Well, I mean, I was just, I, I watched him straight through. Like anytime the wife wasn't around, yellow Stone was on, she would go to bed, I'd be up working. Yellow Stone was on, I went through and I watched the first Four Seasons again. So that way boom, uh, I could, uh, I could just lock right in. Cuz I think the, uh, the day that, the day that Yellowstone premiered, the season premiere was two hours. Yeah, two episodes. What's Speaker 2 00:13:25 That? Yeah, two episodes. Speaker 0 00:13:26 Yeah. Yeah. I had the Sunday morning show, which starts at 4:00 AM my time. So I'm up at two. And, and then I needed to fill in, I, I guess, uh, oh yeah, because I think the 49ers were playing on Sunday Night Football and Hal wanted to be off for the, uh, the show, the Sunday Night Show. So I did that nine to midnight show on top of that. And, you know, so for me it was like 2:00 AM to 9:00 PM was all work and football and everything like that. And then I immediately like went into the house and I said to, to my wife, I said, we, I need food and I need Yellow Stone and I need those right now. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:14:06 Yeah. I did the same thing once that Sunday night game in that I went to watch Yellow Stone as well. So, um, but yeah, with Fields too, let's not forget, he also did it against the Patriots. So to me, the defense doesn't matter and we'll see what happens, but I'm, I wasn't concerned about the Eagles bills match up. Maybe the floor is lowered, but he's done it Pat, he did it against the Patriots and the Cowboys on the road. So I'm not deterred by any defense right now when it comes to Justin Fields. Speaker 0 00:14:35 So how worried are you about his shoulder then in the condition? I Speaker 2 00:14:38 Think you have, you have to be worried. I mean, again, we really haven't gotten any updates. Uh, I guess maybe we'll know more Wednesday as people are listening, but Yeah, I mean, you have to be worried. I mean, this potentially could be a season ender. And so yeah. If you have fields and you've been counting on them, you've gotta seek a backup plan immediately if you don't have one on your roster. Speaker 0 00:14:59 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Uh, keep watching injuries for Kyler Murray with his hammi. As Adam said, Stafford back in concussion protocol again. You'll probably have John Walford there, uh, mixing and concussion protocol that bums me out. I, you know, I could have sworn that I had Samage Prine on my bench in the GST league this whole time. And I, and I went through the transactions. I never owned him. I feel like somewhere he was on my team and, and he just disappeared and he ended up on SAOs team and I don't really understand why. Speaker 2 00:15:35 Mm. I didn't even check. Is he available in mine? I haven't gone through waivers on that league yet. I usually do that last since it's the last one that runs. Oh, man. Have Speaker 0 00:15:43 You seen, have you seen my GST team? Have Speaker 2 00:15:46 You? I you have Mahomes and Kelsey, that's why. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:15:49 I do. Speaker 2 00:15:49 It's amazing, man. Yeah, that's the, the stack this year. I don't have either guy anywhere, so that's why, uh, I'm miserable right Speaker 0 00:15:55 Now, dude. Did you see? All right. So I like just to, cause I, I love this stuff. Like this is, this is the stuff, this is the shit the fantasy football is all about for me, right? Because I had to, I like pay my Maya cope on the air and, you know, and, and let everybody know that, you know, I, I'm sorry that I suggested Carys Tony and he got hurt. I, it happened to me also in the exact same boat. So, you know, shit like that happens. But in the GST league, Adam, I was sitting there, I was up I think after the Sunday night, so I was, I was, you know, I was getting beaten up throughout the day. My guys were like this colossal, colossal disappointment. Um, and I was just, you know, I was like, like mixing with the, uh, with the concussion. Speaker 0 00:16:39 I was like, oh shit, that's not gonna be good. And, uh, Gallup didn't do anything. And uh, Curtis Samuel, he got into the end zone, but he didn't really have that great of a day. What, you know, so my team was like, you know, and I lost Kyle Pitts to ir, but, you know, whatever, dude, that's, that's fucking addition by subtraction at this point in time. Um, so that game is, I'm, I'm having that game. And, uh, and, and Joe de Galbo is, uh, is who I'm playing Cup of Joe. And, uh, and I'm looking at his, Speaker 2 00:17:09 Do you know the, the last time I checked, he was number one in the N f Ffc Silver Bullet contest, which is really, yeah, a single entry thousand dollar entry. Um, I think last they sent an email. Did they send an email on Tuesday? Did I get it today? Tuesday or Wednesday? I don't know. He was number one the last I saw. Speaker 0 00:17:28 Oh, good for him. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:17:30 He's a good, very good heist stakes player. Speaker 0 00:17:33 That'll, that'll at least soften the blow a little bit because he's sitting there, right? And he, you know, Aaron Rogers with 25 points from Thursday night, a lave had 20 plus points. T Higgins, uh, he had Tony Pollard, uh, Harrison. Harrison Butcher had 14 points for him. Uh, you know, so he had a couple of stinkers in there. I was up by 14 or less than I was like, up by like 13 points going into last night's game because Kelsey and Mahomes were like, I mean, they were monsters, right? I mean, 75 points between the two of them was just, you know, phenomenal. And, uh, and he had Ron Del Moore and the 49ers d and I was like, oh, I'm, I'm done. The way more has been getting targeted left and right. I was like, this is just gonna be, uh, you know, it's just like gonna be like a slow death. Speaker 0 00:18:23 And I'm sitting there and all I'm doing is I'm watching the total points in the league because I know that I'm scoring a ton of points. I just know that I'm gonna lose. So I wanna know where am I gonna end up with the total points, because I'm obviously gonna be like fourth place based on record. Well, sure as shit, Ron Del Moore hurts his groin puts up a zero for him. The 49ers defense only gets 11 points for him. And I come away with it with the victory. And now I'm not just the points leader, but I'm also tied for the best record, uh, in this league as well. And I am, uh, I'm, I'm pretty happy about that, Adam. Speaker 2 00:18:58 Uh, you should be. I mean, we only got a couple weeks left, so you can lock up some, uh, guaranteed money. Potentially. Speaker 0 00:19:05 That's what I'm hoping for. Do you need my Venmo? Speaker 2 00:19:10 <laugh>? You just, you just, uh, Speaker 0 00:19:12 I just fucking jx myself. Speaker 2 00:19:14 You did, bro. Oh man. Speaker 0 00:19:16 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:19:18 Kelsey is limping off the field. Speaker 0 00:19:21 Oh, that's <laugh>. Oh no, don't say that. Well, Speaker 2 00:19:24 Holmes hold his arm. It does not look good. You Speaker 0 00:19:27 Know what? Up here, you already ruined me in Survivor, obviously take the Saints and you were like, take the Speaker 2 00:19:32 Giants, dude. I, first of all, I said the Giants, Speaker 0 00:19:35 It's all your fault. It's all your fault. Ab you made me take the Giants Speaker 2 00:19:39 Look, I, they were all risky picks, bro. We talked about it. It was Packer's, giants and Saints. Like, dude, Speaker 0 00:19:45 I had to try and I had to try and, and, and like explain this to my wife also, who's a diehard Giants fan who said, why would you put it on the Giants? And I was like, I'm like Saint's offensive line. Half of them are out injured and there's no secondary there and Stafford's back and he's not concussed anymore. And I was like, so, uh, I don't really know. And I didn't wanna take the other team because it was in a road game. And, and yeah, trying to explain that was just like, like a, like a nightmare dude. Like a nightmare. Just brutal loss for the Giants. Speaker 2 00:20:20 Yeah, I mean, I think this is the beginning of the downfall for the Giants. They've played very well, but we know they've overachieved. We know they're not as good as their record is. And now this schedule gets awfully difficult. They got a short week in Dallas. They have to play Washington, Philly, Washington again, Eagles again, uh, Minnesota, the Colts. I mean, this is a brutal stretch for the Giants. They've had injuries. That offensive line looks shaky this week against Dallas, WDE Robinson to ACL for the year. So to me, this looks like the beginning of a slide for the Giants. Speaker 0 00:21:01 Um, I feel like it's, uh, definitely the beginning of a slide for the Giants. Is it enough of a slide to not to, to lay nine and a half points with Dallas at home? Speaker 2 00:21:15 Um, it's hard for me to back the giants here. Speaker 0 00:21:17 I know it is, but wait, I don't, I don't want your answer yet. I wanna, I just want, I wanna put that out in the universe. I just want to tease that a little bit here, Adam. Just, just a little, just a little taste a little baby teases of, of what's to be. Um, I just want, I wanna throw down the rest of that injury news here just to make sure that everybody's, uh, set and squared away. Jamar Chase. Sounds like he's gonna be back practice this week. I just, I love that. Um, Mike Williams injury with re-injured the ankle. They're saying that it's not that serious. I didn't think it seemed that serious, but obviously, you know, I'm not Mike Williams ankle. What do you think? Does he, does he come back and play? Cause this is actually a really, really tasty matchup for the Chargers this week. If, uh, if Mike Williams is back, I mean, come on Arizona. Speaker 2 00:22:05 My guess is he doesn't play. Speaker 0 00:22:07 Really? Speaker 2 00:22:08 Yeah, it's a high ankle man. And then you heard it again. Speaker 0 00:22:14 Oh no, man. Kind bums. Now you're bu me Speaker 2 00:22:18 Out. Sorry, I'm just being honest. Speaker 0 00:22:21 Are you though, are are you being honest? Yeah, I don't want you to be honest. Speaker 2 00:22:24 I love watch or Mike Williams play. I don't have, I have him most, I don't have a Mary Jeff, but I do have him in Best Ball, so I would love to see him play. I mean, a guy's a fun receiver to watch. Speaker 0 00:22:34 He definitely is a fun receiver. Oh my God. That, that catch that he re-injured himself on. Did you see that cat? How sick was that cat? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:22:41 He's really good, man. It's just, I just wish he could stay healthy, man. But he's such a big receiver and he often lands hard on his body. Speaker 0 00:22:50 Yeah, well that was exactly what it was. Just a, just an absolute sick little toe tap double drop, a double toe tap drop in there was just so good. So good. Um, you talking about the Giants Ride receivers, WDE Robinson, torn ac I don't even know what they use for wide receivers now. I mean, are we, are we back to like the Richie James nonsense? Is Kenny Go gonna actually be a thing? Speaker 2 00:23:15 Nah, I think Slate is the only guy you play there. That's it. Speaker 0 00:23:20 Yeah, probably, probably, uh, Carys Tony experiment. That was, uh, that was short lived and such a waste. Speaker 2 00:23:30 Yeah, that sucked. I had him in my home league, played him. I've been waiting like all season. I'm like, all right, this is the week I can get him in. I didn't have him in the week before. And, uh, I gets hurt. I don't it. Thank you. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:23:42 Um, and then at the tight end position, like you said, Kyle Pits torn mcl sounds like surgery's coming. I, I mean, I kind, I gotta be honest with you, man, I think, I feel like it's addition by subtraction, just for the same Speaker 2 00:23:54 Thing. Don't, you don't have to worry about thinking Should I start him? Will he go off? Yeah. Now it's just like, okay, good. Don't have to worry about it. Speaker 0 00:24:00 Some dude called into the show today and he was like, you know, I lost Kyle Pitts. I was like, good for you buddy <laugh>. He was like, I need to pick up a tight end. And, uh, and, and he like, he's like, you know, Dossett Knox, Jwan Johnson, uh, I was like, yeah, any one of those guys will do. I mean, I'm not gonna say that they're any better or worse than, than, than, you know, Kyle Pitts. They're just, they're all, they're all, it's a shitty position you gotta do with it. So I ended up, I was like, listen, here's what you do. I was like, you go to fantasy, you go to the NFL menus, you go to tools and reports, and you look at points allowed by position and then just sort by tight end who gives up the most points and then just go to your waiver wire and just, there it is. Speaker 0 00:24:49 The first ti the first name that you see available, like from a team that gives up is, you know, the most points against the tight, just use them. I don't even give a shit what, what the situation is. I don't even care if, if this dude gets like, you know, three targets a game because they never throw to the tight end. It's just, it's no better, no worse than, uh, than than dealing with Kyle Pitts. And of course one of the names that he gives me is Dawson Knox. I'm like, dude, why don't you just grab Dawson Knox Detroit gives up the second most fantasy points per game to the tight end position. Sometimes he gets targets, sometimes he doesn't get targets. I think it's a pretty good chance here on Thanksgiving that he sees some targets against the defense. Like the Detroit Lions does that. Like, like to me, to me that's like, like why do you have to, why do you have to ask that question? Like, it it, to me, it just seems so easy, doesn't it? Speaker 2 00:25:40 Yeah. I mean, look, the tight end position we know is a disaster now. Or it's gone. Got it gone. Pit's gone. So you're just looking for, you know, that there's a potential that whoever you pick up could give you zero, could give you two, you know that, but you just look at the matchups and hope that, uh, someone can come through for you. I mean, Logan Thomas, I thinks another name too, that played more snaps this past week looked better. So, but yeah, tight end is, and you don't have, like, if you have Kelsey, like, you're just such a, so far ahead of everyone now, Speaker 0 00:26:14 Dude having Travis Kelsey and and Patrick Mahomes together is, I mean, it's so yummy. It's so like, you never feel like you're out of a game at all. Like, you never as bad as my day was, I was like, Ooh, let's just see what Kelsey and <laugh>, let's see what, what Kelsey and, and Mahomes do always keeps me in on it, man. Always keeps me in on it. Ah, and then you throw a little Josh Jacobs in there too. I need another wide receiver though, Adam. That's my big problem. My wide receivers are dog shit. Dog Speaker 2 00:26:50 Shit. Yeah. Mahomes and Kelsey overcome that. Speaker 0 00:26:53 They definitely do. They definitely do. The problem is, is like my receivers are like Robert Woods, um, Jarvis Landry, Curtis Samuel, Michael Gallup. There's nobody that, that like does anything with any kind of excitement. There's no Gusto boy, I f Christian Kirk. That's right. Oh, how easily. I forget the guy who's on a bi week this week. Speaker 2 00:27:15 Yep. Comes back. Speaker 0 00:27:17 Oh, hello Christian. Welcome to the Baltimore Ravens Secondary. Could you please do me a favor and carve them up like a Thanksgiving, Turkey, <laugh>. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? You doing anything? Speaker 2 00:27:31 Yeah, I'm gonna go to my friend's house. Speaker 0 00:27:33 Oh yeah. You gonna watch the games over there? Speaker 2 00:27:35 Yes, Speaker 0 00:27:35 I does. He do like a big thanks. Wait, wait. Was this the same friend that you were at last year for Thanksgiving, where there was like a room that everybody was watching the games in and everyone, everyone was talking? Speaker 2 00:27:47 Um, Speaker 0 00:27:49 Was that not you last year? Was it somebody else I was talking to? Speaker 2 00:27:52 Yeah, probably someone else. Speaker 0 00:27:54 Oh, you go to your friends to watch for Thanksgiving. Is there like a, is there like a big spread? Is there like a whole thing? Speaker 2 00:28:02 Um, Speaker 0 00:28:03 Actually watch the games. Speaker 2 00:28:04 Oh, I'm watching the games. I already talked to 'em. I said, you know, I'm gonna be watching the games in a basement, right? He's like, yeah, I know. I was like, okay. As long as we're we're cool with that Speaker 0 00:28:13 In the basement, in the rumpus room downstairs. Speaker 2 00:28:17 Oh, it's a nice basement. And then he is got a, a bar area too. It's like a little bar with like a bunch of liquor and everything. It actually would be a pretty cool place to have a fantasy football draft. Speaker 0 00:28:27 So do you, do you just like, do you grab your plate from upstairs and just bring it down there and watch the games? Or do, does somebody serve you? Do they know who you are? Do they know who Adam Ronis is? Speaker 2 00:28:39 Yeah. I mean, look, the Giants cowboys play four 30, so that's where I'll be. So it depends on what time the food is, you know, maybe during a commercial I'll go get a plate, but I mean, come on man. They know I'm a Cowboys fan. I'm watching that game. Speaker 0 00:28:53 <laugh>. Yeah. I'm so excited to have my wife by my side for three hours <laugh>. She's watching this miserable fucking Giants team. How they broke our hearts and stole all our money. That's why I gotta win GST man, and make up for all that make up for that. That a hundred k that I missed out on because the giant suck. Survivor. Survivor. Brutal. All right. Any more fantasy talk? Any other things that you, uh, that, that you wanna make note of here, Adam? Any other injuries that I might have missed out on or, uh, or do you want to go pick the games? Speaker 2 00:29:34 Uh, we can pick the games. Speaker 0 00:29:36 All right, well there you go folks. We're gonna pick the games. Start off with the Thanksgiving slate. Nine 30 in the morning for me. Noon for you, Adam. Well, noon 30 Buffalo Bills hosting the de oh no, sorry. The Bills are now the road team in Detroit. So it's the Detroit Lions hosting the Buffalo Bills. They are a home dog by 10 points. Adam, 10 points. Speaker 2 00:30:03 Yeah. Since it's 10, I'll probably take the Lions. Um, you know, they played better football lately. Um, the bills have a tendency to blow teams out, but they've been a little shaky lately. And I think you do have to worry about Josh Allen's arm a little bit. Um, I know they were able to, to beat the Browns last week, but it was a backdoor cover. Um, they have not won a game by more than 10 since they beat the Steelers 38 to three back in week five. So their last victories have been by eight, 10 and four. Um, so I'm gonna take the lines, getting the points. Speaker 0 00:30:42 Take the lines, getting the points. I mean, listen, you know me man, I hate, I hate laying double digits. It just, and, and I, I like, I mean, that burned me last night on the, uh, on the Niners game. Um, but yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm with you on the, uh, on the points. Uh, I, I feel like on the national stage in Detroit on Thanksgiving and you know, listen that over under Man 54 that we're gonna see some freaking points in this one. Speaker 2 00:31:11 Yeah, I mean, I, I don't see how the lines stock the bills. So the bills could put up 30 here. So it's a matter of can Detroit put up, you know, 24 25? Um, that is, that is my concern a little bit. Um, but I'll, I'll take, it's, you know, it could be a backdoor cover. Some, some of Lasty, right? Cleveland, they, they were losing and bills were covering and then backdoor cover or push, depending on the number you got. Speaker 0 00:31:41 Yeah. Oh, that eight and a half was delicious. When I had that fucking seven and a half that I had to write up for picks wise, it was like, oh, oh, I loved it. I loved it at eight and a half. I hated it at seven and a half. Um, alright. Uh, New York Football Giants going down to Big D nine and a half points here. Um, again, I'm going to, I'm go as bad as the giant, like that's the thing. Like the Giants as bad as they looked and as great as Dallas did look against, um, Minnesota. I just, short week, whole Dallas defensive line has the flu right now. Um, I I just, I I think Dallas wins this game easily, but I think the Giants can at least put up enough points to cover the spread. So I'm gonna take the points here also. Speaker 2 00:32:33 Yeah, I'm gonna take Dallas here. I just think the Giants are in a really bad spot. Lot of injuries, outfits of line's a problem. Um, they gotta travel on the short week at least. Dallas is home. Um, and Dallas in their last, um, five wins have covered this number. They've won by 37, 20, uh, 18, 12 and 15. So I just, I don't see how the Giants put up points here. Uh, Barclay had 22 rushing yards against Detroit and if Barky doesn't do anything, this offense goes nowhere. Speaker 0 00:33:09 Well, and see that's the thing. Like, and, and I didn't really understand, I mean, did like Detroit sell out that much in order to stop Saquon barky? Or did the Giants not put the ball in Barclay's hands in the right situations and just run 'em up the gut at these guys like everybody else seemed to do throughout the entire year? Speaker 2 00:33:31 Yeah, I mean, you gotta figure, teams have been key in on Barkley all year, cuz you know, he's the guy that that's gonna beat you. And that's what the Giants do. So, um, I mean, part of it was the defense couldn't stop them. And I also think they might have, when they realized it was con lop I and knowing there was a short, we kind of curtailed the workload from Barclay. I mean, Brita got that touchdown. I was like, what are you doing man? Cause I barky in a lot of fantasy teams Speaker 0 00:33:58 <laugh>, I, I built two tight, two, two lineups for, uh, for dfs. One was a, uh, a Justin Fields, Saquon Barky starting point, and the other one was a Daniel Jones, David Montgomery starting point <laugh> who've thought that my field barky lineup would've shit the bed as badly as it did. Speaker 2 00:34:19 Yeah. So, I mean, look, I get it. Divisional game. I, I just, I don't see how you back the giants here. I I just, I don't, I don't see how they move the football. Speaker 0 00:34:32 Um, I, I don't see a clear path for it either. I just kind of nervous and yeah, again, divisional game. We'll, we'll see. I get, I get the whole thing. Speaker 2 00:34:41 It was a divisional game. 49ers Cardinals. Speaker 0 00:34:46 Yes, it was. Yes, it was, uh, the night game, new England Patriots visiting the Minnesota Vikings, Vikings are favored by two and a half Vikings coming off of that horrific loss to Dallas. The Patriots coming off of that fierce battle against the Jets. Speaker 2 00:35:05 What a terrible loss that was. Man, I, I can't believe that fucking happened, man. Speaker 0 00:35:09 Yeah, me neither. Speaker 2 00:35:11 Fucking ridiculous. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:35:13 Thanks. Speaker 2 00:35:13 No, I mean, it's fucking crazy, man. We were, you know, the, the, the total in that game in the third, fourth quarter was 12. The live line was 12. I don't think I've ever seen that Speaker 0 00:35:26 <laugh>. Oh, I love that <laugh>. I love that. Um, where you going with this one here? Do, uh, do the Patriots squeeze out another victory to, uh, to the Minnesota Vikings redeem themselves? Speaker 2 00:35:44 Um, it's down to two and a half, isn't it? So I think money's coming in on the Patriots, but I just think the Patriots suck. I really do. Man. Their offense is abysmal. Um, I know it's Belichick and everything, but this team is just not good. I mean, two of the wins are against the Jets and we know he owns the Jets. So I'm gonna go with Minnesota. Speaker 0 00:36:06 I like it. I like it. I I like the Vikings in a rebound here as well. And I agree with you. I mean, listen, Belichick has to scheme now to stop Justin Jefferson and Delvin Cook. That's tall order, man. That's definitely a tall order because if you do that, okay, fine. Theon Osborne, Hawkinson Patriots don't do a good job against the tight end Hawkinson could be, uh, a nice little pickup for this week. I, I'll have to, I'm gonna take a look at, uh, at his props, uh, closer to the game. See what I can do for, uh, for that there. So I like the Vikings here at minus two and a half as well. Um, alright, let's move over to Sunday's games. Here we go. Big ass point spread here. 13 and a half point Miami Dolphins over the Houston Texans <laugh>. I mean, again, I hate laying points and you know, Miami's defense not that great at times. They've, they've definitely struggled, but I mean it's Davis Mills to a couple of hodgepodge receivers or it's Dian Pearson. You know, Damien Pierce got shut down last week. I'm hate doing it, but I just think that Miami just rolls over these guys. As much as I love Lovey Smith, I just don't necessarily know if they can do it. Speaker 2 00:37:26 Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I know it's a big line and we've seen Miami's defense give up some leads, keep the game close, but the Texans might be, this might be the beginning of just packing it in. Um, and it was pathetic this past week. You know, I give Washington credit, that was a really good win for them. They were coming off an emotional Monday night win over Philly and you always worry about the letdown. And I thought, um, I know they got the early pick six, but that they dominated, I mean, Pierce, what was it? 10 carries eight yards or eight, I think it was 10 carries eight yards. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, they did nothing in that game. Um, people talk about the Jets offense and how pathetic they were. The Texans were just as bad. Um, Miami's coming off a by the only, the only concern, I don't, I can't say this is a factor. Is there a look ahead to the following week against? Speaker 0 00:38:11 Oh my God, I was just thinking that. Speaker 2 00:38:13 Yeah, cuz you know, uh, MC uh, McDaniel going against Watson. Yeah. What Speaker 0 00:38:18 Watson's back in, in Houston next week. S Speaker 2 00:38:22 Um, Speaker 0 00:38:23 Is that not what you're talking about? Speaker 2 00:38:24 No, I'm saying Miami's look ahead to the following week against, uh, the 49ers. Speaker 0 00:38:30 Oh. Speaker 2 00:38:31 You know, old, old team for McDaniel. Speaker 0 00:38:34 Oh, that's so funny. Cuz I was like, you know, is Houston just, you know, do they, do they really do they, they, are they thinking about this nightmare, this like debacle of having Deshaun Watson start his first game for the Cleveland Browns against the Houston Texans? I didn't even think about the whole Mike McDaniel again. San Francisco. She, yeah. Speaker 2 00:38:57 Cause so they're home to detectives and then they have three straight role games at San Fran, at the Chargers, at the Bills. So they have to win this game this week. So, um, for sure. And they will. Um, yeah, dude, I think they won. Speaker 0 00:39:16 I think they Speaker 2 00:39:16 Cover Yeah, me too. Speaker 0 00:39:19 Ravens Jaguars in Jacksonville coming off the by. It's a four point, uh, they're a four point dog hair to the Ravens Ravens defense looks really, really good. Speaker 2 00:39:33 Yeah. Mentioned it last week. They were, if they were available somehow in fantasy, I was picking 'em up. Um, and I spent I think 68 bucks in one league. Um, they're gonna fit, their schedule is very favorable. They, you know, added Broan Smith got some guys healthy. Um, so yeah, they're defenses. I I know it was Carolina, but man, this fucking outfit, bro. Holy shit. Speaker 2 00:39:56 I mean, what the fuck? I have Lamar Jackson in two leagues. It's been a disappointing year, man. It's like one touchdown every week, no yards. I understand. They don't have a lot on offense. It's Mark Andrews and DeMarcus Robinson a hundred yard game. So Yeah, I mean, you could pick 'em up off flavors if you're desperate. Um, but don't expect that again. But this is a major problem. Like, and and we've seen it every year with the Ravens. They're gonna have a great regular season, but I don't think they're gonna be able to do anything in the playoffs. It's gonna be the same story. And the difference this year compared to recent years, they can't run the football. Um, I know the Dobin is hurt. We'll see. Go Savage could be back. Maybe that helps. I mean, Kenya, Drake, justice Hill, they can't run the football and they have no one outside of Mark Anders in a pass game that's like a playmaker. So with that said, I think I'm gonna take the Ravens here. I would've obviously liked it better at three, but I think this defense will will do enough. Um, I You're going with Jacksonville, aren't you? Speaker 0 00:40:57 What? What are you talking about? I didn't say nothing. Speaker 2 00:41:00 I don't know. I'm guessing. Speaker 0 00:41:02 Um, no, I'm not, I don't, you know, I don't really know if I'm going with Jacksonville here. I mean, I like the Jags. I really do. I'm just, I think the Ravens defense though is just really, really solid that, Speaker 2 00:41:14 You know, Trevor Lawrence is throwing a stupid pick in the red zone this way. Oh, Speaker 0 00:41:17 Easily, dude. Easy. Speaker 2 00:41:19 You know what, let me write that down. Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Speaker 0 00:41:21 Lawrence, stupid Speaker 2 00:41:22 Pick. And let me, let me see what the, what that number is this week. Speaker 0 00:41:26 Yeah. Um, you know what's so funny for Lamar Jackson? I, I I guess I, I just, I just kind of looked at their, at the game log here. Like I didn't realize that, or at the time I wasn't realizing that the Ravens for their first four games, they played the AFC East, Speaker 2 00:41:44 They, they've actually played one of the more difficult schedules. They Speaker 0 00:41:48 Went, I mean the Jets open the season Miami, new England and Buffalo. Speaker 2 00:41:53 Yeah. I Speaker 0 00:41:53 Mean, and they absolutely destroyed. Like they, like he killed it in the first three weeks then he struggled in the game against Buffalo. Right. 144 yards. Speaker 2 00:42:03 It was, I think that was bad weather in that game. Speaker 0 00:42:05 Yeah, I do too. I do too. It was, you know, a home game. I believe there was rain involved because that was a game. Yeah. That was the game. But we were all like, oh my God, this is gonna smash the Ravens defenses week. But look at the points they're all putting up. Lamar Jackson had 10 touchdowns to two interceptions in the first three weeks of the season. And then that Buffalo game happened and, and it's just been shit ever since. Speaker 2 00:42:30 Yeah. And it's not like he's face top defenses like Cleveland. They're terrible. He had 120 passing yards. I know. Tampa's not what it was last year. Um, I mean, Carolina bro coming off the by and I know Carolina actually has some pieces on the defensive line and they have a good secondary, but you knew their outfits wasn't move into football. You're gonna get s 209 passing yards and just 31 rushing yards too. Like it's been, that's terrible. It's been a disastrous season. Um, for the, and the problem with the Mar Jackson and fantasy is you, you just, you gotta play him. I mean, unless you have fields ort, you pretty much have to play 'em like mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I know it's ugly, but you're like, all right, well one of these weeks he's gonna have a big week. But it's, he's underachieved in a major way. Cause after the first three weeks you were like, oh, I got Lamar, man, this is gonna be great contract. Speaker 0 00:43:18 He's betting on himself, you know? Yeah. Speaker 2 00:43:20 This is gonna be, I mean he had 2 1 2, 100 yard Russian games in the first three weeks and ever since then, it's just been bad. But, um, I mean I think Rashad Bateman was a big loss, you could say. Well, he wasn't putting up numbers, but he was a deep threat at least that the defense had to worry about. Yep. And it's, it's not like they had good weapons to begin with. And yeah, there's a team that's gotta put some, some weapons around Lamar and no running it. I mean, I've been saying it all year. I'm like, they cannot run the football. I mean, week one, I know the Jets are good against the rum, but you could see it, they have not been able to run the football all year long. So you can't run the football. You have one weapon in Mark Andrews. Like, what are they supposed to do offensively? Speaker 0 00:44:00 I hope you're just, you're you're saying that in like a rhetorical sense that you don't Speaker 2 00:44:03 Yeah, man. I mean I just, I think, look, I think they're gonna finish strong. They're gonna get a, a good seed. I just don't see how this team does anything in the playoffs. I just don't, I mean, on as much as I've shitted on Tennessee, and I've been dead wrong on that. And Mike Rebel is a hell of a fucking coach, man. I don't think he'd get, I think smart football player. People give him credit. But the job he has done with his team this year has been amazing. Amazing. And if Baltimore faced Tennessee in the playoffs, I think I would have to take Tennessee. And I can't believe I'm saying that, but, and they have even less weapons and a worse quarterback, but they find ways to win. So I just think the Ravens are, are gonna be in trouble once they get to the post season. Speaker 0 00:44:52 I can, I can, I can agree with that statement. I can. Cause Speaker 2 00:44:57 We've seen better versions of this team not make it. Why, why is it gonna change this year? And unless you say, well, the rest of the league is down, even Miami, Baltimore, I would take Miami. I know Miami beat them and they needed that 28 point fourth quarter if Miami faces b uh, Baltimore to playoff. So I'm taking Miami. Speaker 0 00:45:14 Yeah. I would side with that. I would side with that. That being said, I am gonna take the Jaguars Speaker 2 00:45:19 Now. Okay. Speaker 0 00:45:21 I'm gonna take the Speaker 2 00:45:21 Jaguars. I'm kind of torn on it. I I lean Baltimore, but I can easily see, Ja this could be a field goal game. I mean, I just, I just feel Lawrence is gonna throw like a backbreaking pick though, that maybe gets Baltimore to cover. Speaker 0 00:45:33 Well, maybe, maybe it's, um, you know, you know, I did this for the, uh, for the, for the Bears Falcons game. And I didn't, I didn't really like make a big deal out of it. I don't remember whether it was here on the podcast or whether I said it on fantasy alarm on Sirius xm, but I said that the, the Bears Falcons game, you know, it was, it was, um, Falcons minus three. And I said, this game has all the earmarks of being Oh, because the over under was like 50, 50 and a half. I said, this game has all the earmarks of being a 24 24 game. And then the Falcons kicked the field goal. So it, it turns into a push and the over hits and it screws everybody out of the, uh, the whole thing. Like that's what I, I actually said that, and I can't remember if I said, does it sound familiar to you? Speaker 2 00:46:25 No. Speaker 0 00:46:26 And I said it on fantasy alarm. And uh, and we'll have to, I'll have to dig up that audio because I mean that's really, I said that about that game and uh, and, and I feel very strongly about that. And now looks, now now you're talking the Ravens Jaguars game. So here you go. If it's like, uh, like it's 20 to 20 and Justin Tucker kicks that field goal and uh, and it's 23 to 20 Ravens and the Jags get the ball back with like a minute 10 minute 15. And that's when the backbreaking pick happens. Just as long as it doesn't go for a pick Speaker 2 00:47:02 Six, let's go to the house. Speaker 0 00:47:04 Cause if it goes to the house, then it grabs the ravens. The point spread, but then it also pushes it over, which is at 43 and a half, I'm gonna take the Jags and I'm gonna take the under in this game. And there you go. So now you can, you can have the, uh, the Ravens and the over, and you can screw me over on that with your, with your back break, your Patrick Queen backbreaking pick tipped up in the air by Roman Quinn <laugh>. I, I'm just manifesting it all for you here. Falcons Commanders, four point spread Commanders favorite at home. We like, Speaker 2 00:47:53 I like the commanders here. They're playing really good football defenses. Uh, played well. Could get Chase Young back. Um, you know, Atlanta. I just don't think they're that good. I don't know how this team has five wins. Uh, the division socks, that's part of it. Um, I mean this is a team that lost to 10 to the Panthers two weeks ago. <laugh>. Uh, they got, they got the fortunate with, you know, the Bears just have been losing games as much as they've, uh, performed well offensively losing a lot of games. So, again, could be wrong on this, could be a field goal game, but I just think Washington's playing really well. They're gonna be able to run the football on it. Atlanta, uh, Atlanta's passing offense has done nothing. Um, Speaker 0 00:48:34 Nothing. And they lost Kyle Pitts now. Speaker 2 00:48:36 Yeah. So I'm gonna take Washington here, man. Damn. This team has a shot to make the playoffs, man. Speaker 0 00:48:41 Yes they do. Yes they do. I concur. Uh, bears are a four and a half. How are the bears? A four and a half point under Oh, because of just the field. Yeah, exactly. We don't know if field is gonna play. Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:48:53 <affirmative>. All right. So, and we don't, we don't know what the quarterback is for the Jets either, but I don't think it's exactly Wilson bro Ifs came out and said that that means he's not the quarterback. Don't you agree? Speaker 0 00:49:03 To me? It was a, um, it was a, it was a slap to like a kid. You know, like when you have to like, when you, when you're teenager mouths off stupid. Speaker 2 00:49:12 Cause Zach Williams comments were fucking ridiculous. Did you let the defense down? No, I did it. Come on man. Be fucking honest. You did bro. The defense fucking went out there, played their fucking asses off. If you had a competent quarterback. The throws that Zach Wilson were making were absolutely pathetic. Not an NFL quarterback. It was fucking embarrassing. Speaker 0 00:49:31 It was a horrendous, horrendous performance. Fucking Speaker 2 00:49:35 Tell the truth, bro. You let the fucking defense down. Don't act like you know, whatever it's comments, whatever. But I just, and then you could see the, there, there are people in that locker room that are upset. Even the offensive players, they were like liking posts from reporters. Yeah. It's just a problem, man. So yeah, I can't look, if Fields doesn't play, I'm taking the Jets cuz that def the Bear's offense is gonna do nothing. They will not be able to move the football with Trevor Sim in a quarterback. And remember too, the offense is built around fields now you're taking a completely different quarterback to come in and play and you're gonna feed Montgomery to bowl 20 times. Jets ain't gonna let him do shit. So it feels out. You gotta take the Jets. Speaker 0 00:50:18 It Fields is out. You take the Jets. I'm with you. I'm with you regardless. Um, alright. Cincinnati against Tennessee now. Here we go man. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:50:29 This is tough. This Speaker 0 00:50:30 Is tough. Hey, so, so, right. My lean here is I'm taking the Titans in the point and a half because, you know, just the way they run the ball and I just rebel, rebel gets so much out of his players. It's, it's amazing. It's unbelievable. It is. Speaker 2 00:50:44 It Speaker 0 00:50:45 Really is. Unbelievable. Speaker 2 00:50:46 We sit here, we criticize bad coaching in the NFL a lot cuz there are a lot of bad ones. But I can't give Ray Bowl enough praise. Right. He's never had a losing season. This is not the most talented roster. And for him to sit there, it's seven and three. Yes. It's a bad division. I don't care. There's seven and three. Dude Speaker 0 00:51:05 We were taking, we were, we were smashing the under on, on the nine win total. Speaker 2 00:51:09 And, but I don't, I think we had this discussion, my two concerns were Rabel is a hell of a coach. He's never had a losing season and the division was weak. Yep. So, and both those things have come to fruition. I mean, cuz look, and we could do this with every team and this year more than ever with the Pardy, it's not like they have impressive wins. They beat the Raiders by two, the Cols by seven, the commanders by four, the Colts by nine, Texans by seven Broncos by seven Packers by 10. Doesn't matter. They're, they're winning the game. They lost it at Chiefs by three in overtime. I don't know how the fuck they stayed into overtime. If you look at a stats in that game, you'll be like, uh, how did the game get here? They lost, they got trounced by the bills in week two. Speaker 2 00:51:50 Understandable. And they lost the Giants by one, with the Giants Pepper Two. But it's all verbal. Um, he gets his team to play every week. They're smart, they're prepared, they look ready to play. They don't beat themselves. Now they do have some tough games coming outta Bengals, Eagles, Jags, chargers, Texans, Cowboys, Jags. And the, the Cowboys are in such a bad spot for that game. They, the Cowboys play the Eagles on Christmas Eve and then they gotta play a Thursday in Tennessee <laugh>. So you can, if you wanna bet a look ahead now, take Tennessee. Cause Dallas is gonna be like emotionally drained or whatever. That is such a bad spot for Dallas. You play the Eagles on Saturday or Christmas Eve, then you gotta go play the Titans on a Thursday night. Um, but yeah, I'm gonna take the bagels. I don't feel good, man. I might switch to Tennessee. I might switch. Speaker 0 00:52:42 That's Speaker 2 00:52:42 Like, how can a be against Rainbow? But this is a really important game. More so for the Bangals though. I mean, Titans locked up the division. Um, they are playing for seating, obviously. Um, I don't think the, Speaker 0 00:52:53 Uh, Speaker 2 00:52:54 Yeah, they're not, no, they're not gonna get the one seat unless Kansas City falls off, cuz they already lost to them. Speaker 0 00:52:59 But Kansas, look at Kansas City's schedule coming up. Oh Speaker 2 00:53:04 Dude, they, and they already beat the Chargers twice. I tweeted this out the other night. I'm like, it's so funny. Everyone tried to hand this division to every other team except Kansas City and, and Kansas City. It's like three up on the chargers to who they beat twice. Like it's over. Speaker 0 00:53:19 Yeah, it is. A hundred percent is <laugh>. I remember it was the AFC West. The wild, wild west can be amazing. Meanwhile, the Raiders are trash. Denver's disgusting. The Chargers have been dealing with injuries the whole time. Kansas City's just been like, yep, here we are just doing, Speaker 2 00:53:39 Wait a second. I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize this. Do you know who has scored the fewest points in the NFL this year? Speaker 0 00:53:48 What team has scored the few points in the nfl? Speaker 2 00:53:51 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Speaker 0 00:53:52 Um, Denver. Speaker 2 00:53:54 Yeah. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:53:57 Denver's averaging like, like 14 and a half points per game and they give up 16 per points per game. Speaker 2 00:54:05 I don't know, you probably saw this stat this week that in Denver had scored 19 points every game in regulation. They would be nine and one. Speaker 0 00:54:14 Yeah. Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:54:17 <affirmative>, I mean, I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize they had the fewest points in the nfl. I thought the Texans would be less. I know the Texans that played one less game, sot Speaker 0 00:54:24 They each played Speaker 2 00:54:26 10 Tev. Speaker 0 00:54:26 Every fucking Denver game is gone. Speaker 2 00:54:28 I didn't look, I knew it was bad, but if you had asked me who scored the fewest points in the nfl, I wouldn't have said Denver. And I knew it was bad. Holy shit. 147. Holy shit. Speaker 0 00:54:41 Yeah. You know what? You know why I fucking knew it. I have a, I have a bunch of best ball, uh, with Denver stacks in them. And guess what the, guess what those best ball teams are doing right now? Speaker 2 00:54:51 Trash Speaker 0 00:54:52 Garbage. Speaker 2 00:54:54 I took, I took, I mean, I was on Sutton. Um, I have dosage in leagues. I picked them up. But yeah, I wilson, I, I think I only took Wilson in the Roswell. I don't think I took 'em anywhere else. Um, but I Speaker 0 00:55:06 Wilson I have a ton of GTE Williams. Speaker 2 00:55:10 That was good. Pick. That was injury, so I can't Yeah, yeah, yeah. But the rest, this offense is just, my goodness, it's embarrassing. It isn't, honestly, this, this might be one of the worst, um, worst situations I've seen. I mean, and I set it back in week three or week four. I'm like, the Denver defense has to be exasperated. They're going out here playing fucking great. I mean, what one of their wins was 1110 against San Francisco. Yeah. Um, their defense has been phenomenal. But I, I wonder like, when is it gonna just like implode? Um, I mean, it kind of has already, but like, is it, is there a point where the Denver defense just says, just gets worn out? Or just, I mean, they kind of did an overtime, Adams was wide open, but I'm just saying like, Speaker 0 00:55:52 <laugh>, there was nobody even remotely near him on Speaker 2 00:55:55 That. Yeah. I was like, yo, what the fuck, <laugh>? Um, so I was going against Adams on a couple leagues. I'm like, okay, thanks guys. Um, but oh man, this is, this is just a disaster, man. Just a disaster for Denver. Speaker 0 00:56:08 Yeah. Horrible, horrible. Let's, let's go to, let's just, might as well go to their game right now then. Uh, dude, they're, they're on the road in Carolina and they're a two and a half point favorite. Speaker 2 00:56:20 How can you take them as a favorite right now? I know Caroline's bad and Sam Donald is starting, but can we really take Denver as a favorite over anyone? I can't. I can't either. The game total's 35 Hammer the under <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:56:33 I'll tell you this. Yeah. This game's fucking, this game's nine, six. Speaker 2 00:56:37 What is the Denver team total that, you know, I'm so upset at myself. I started thinking about this week and I said, why haven't I been betting the Denver under total every week? Speaker 0 00:56:45 Oh my God. I was just talking to a buddy of mine. I was like, why are we not betting number of punts in a Denver game? Speaker 2 00:56:52 Yeah, man. Oh, we, we, we dropped it, man. I mean, there's so much, there's so many things to look at in a game, but I was, this week, I was like, wait a second. Why have I not hammered the Denver team total under every week? I mean, I don't even know what it's been. So, I mean, I'm sure the books have caught up by now, but I don't even know what it's been. Speaker 0 00:57:13 Oh, it's probably between like 14 and 17 all year long. Speaker 2 00:57:16 It can't, it can't be 14. I mean, okay, the team total's 35. I don't even, what is the implied total for Denver? It's, they're favored. My guess is what It's gotta be 18. No, it's gotta be what, 19? Speaker 0 00:57:32 Oh, let see if I can look it up. Speaker 2 00:57:34 Yeah, it's probably 18 and a half 19 for Denver and 15 and half, 16 if the total's 35, somewhere in that range. Speaker 0 00:57:43 Oh, uh, Denver team. Total points 17 and a Speaker 2 00:57:46 Half. See? Yeah, I would take the under <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:57:50 The under Speaker 2 00:57:51 It's Caroline. Uh, that's Caroline's defense, but still, ugh, Speaker 0 00:57:55 Minus one 15 on the under. It Speaker 2 00:57:57 Could get a pick six though. I mean, okay, here. Well, okay, let's look at their total. 16, 10, 21, 9, 16, 9 and 23 was their last big one against Oh my goodness, man. And look, they, when it gets the bad Raiders defense, one under Good Titans defense, good Jets defense, the bad Jack, civil defense or average, and they went over, that's the risk is Carolina. But the next few weeks, bro, they get the Ravens and the Chiefs. I mean the Ravens, the team total might drop to 16 or 15. I still might take the other, it's in Baltimore, but yeah, just pathetic Speaker 3 00:58:38 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:58:43 Oh shit. Um, alright, so we're both on Carolina Plus the points in, in a horrible fashion. Speaker 2 00:58:50 I would not let my money on it though. Speaker 0 00:58:53 <laugh>, uh, Tampa Bay, uh, traveling to Cleveland, Tampa Bay is a road favorite here by three points. I find that very interesting. It's the last game for Jacobi Burt, it's Cleveland Center, like just went on injured reserve. And I, I think that was kind of a, kind of an interesting thing. It was a very underrated underreported injury from, uh, from, from that game against the, uh, against the bills. He went down, I think pretty early. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:59:29 They couldn't run the football at all. Speaker 0 00:59:31 What's Speaker 2 00:59:31 That? And they couldn't run the football at all. Nick ch like one of his worst games. Speaker 0 00:59:34 Yeah. Couldn't run the football at all. So maybe that's why we got Tampa Bay as a favorite here. Which way do you lean on this one? Speaker 2 00:59:41 Uh, Tampa. I just, Cleveland is just, you know, they have not shown up in a couple spots recently. The game in Miami was embarrassing. Um, Tampa's coming off a by, I think they're starting to figure some things out. Um, so I gotta take them. It's hard. I get it. Cleveland's a home dog. But what has Cleveland shown us the last few weeks? I mean, the one good game they had was the Bengals for some reason. I guess they own 'em divisional game, but I mean, they, they've lost by eight. They've lost by 22 3 against Baltimore divisional game. Uh, 23 to the Patriots. So unless you think this could be a three point game, I gotta take Tampa here. Speaker 0 01:00:25 Um, yeah, I have to take Tampa as well. As much as I love Cleveland with that three point, uh, no, I just, I I can't do it. Their defense, not, not strong. Brady coming off of a buy week. Um, I think, what is he, 13 and six coming off of a buy week? His last 19. Speaker 2 01:00:42 Yeah, but what is this record coming off of by while he is divorced? Speaker 0 01:00:47 Well, we're getting <laugh>. This will be the first, Speaker 0 01:00:52 This will be the first. So we'll have to see. But yeah, I'll take Tampa. I'll lay the points. Um, Seattle hosting the Raiders. Seattle favored by three and a half. I'm, I'm just gonna lock in Seattle on this one. And the rate is just, they suck and I get it. Seattle's, you know, past defense, not really that strong. Um, it could be a bit of a track meet of a game. I kind of, I kind of like this game for some DFS purposes here. Um, but I just think that Seattle's just got, I mean, they both have really good weapons in the ground game. Jacobs versus Kenneth Walker, that's gonna be a nice matchup. So then it's Derek Carr and, and Devonte Adams versus Gino Smith and Tyler Locket and DK Metcalf. So I think that's kind of why I'm given the edge to Seattle. I think it'll be a close game. The obviously laying the uh, the, the extra hook doesn't make me feel good, but I'm still gonna stay on Seattle. Speaker 2 01:01:51 Yeah, I lean that way too. Pete Carroll versus Josh McDaniels. Speaker 0 01:01:56 Oh yeah. Pete Carroll over Josh McDaniels. I'll take it, I'll take it. Chargers ooh, four and a half point favorite on the road against era Zona. We don't know who's quarterbacking Arizona. Let's say this. What if Kyler Murray is under center for the Arizona Cardinals? Um, if that gets confirmed, we, you think this goes down to three and a half Speaker 2 01:02:23 Maybe. I honestly don't think he makes that much of a difference right now with the way he has played and the Hammi issue. Um, we also some injuries for the Cardinals receiver, um, round Omar getting an mri. Uh, no, not more. Moore's got, Speaker 0 01:02:39 I know Greg Dortch is getting the, Speaker 2 01:02:41 The mri, the Thumb and Rondo Moore dealing with a groin, which I saw right away that first play. You could see him limping. Um, and I think Hollywood Brown does return this week though. Um, it sounded like he was close. So I think he plays this week. I know you don't like the charges a favorite and they, but this Cardinal team is pathetic, man. Um, Speaker 0 01:03:00 Oh, this Cardinal's off. This Cardinal's defense is terrible, dude. It's Speaker 2 01:03:04 Terrible. Um, I know you don't, you don't watch the hard knocks thing, but they do an in season one with the Cardinals. I don't know if I mentioned this week, but Buda Baker man, I love that fucking guy. He fucking, he cares, he's passionate. Um, he had an ankle injury last week that they ruled him out. He fucking played that guy fucking cares. He was in the locker room after winning the games, like in tears. Like, I fucking can't stand this shit. I hate losing. Like, I love guys like that. You know? I think so. I have so much respect for him. Um, I don't have respect for much of this team. You can see Kyle Maur kind of just doesn't seem like a leader. Kingsbury doesn't seem like a leader. I, I'm like, the Cardinals must hate that they're doing this in season shit cuz they're gonna get exposed pretty bad here. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I'm gonna take the Chargers here. I mean, I really wish they would've won that game. Um, they needed that win. They always played the Chiefs. Well we were both on the Chargers getting the points and, and it covered. But again, this Chargers team should be better. I know they have a lot of injuries. They need this one desperately. I I'm gonna take them. It's also cuz I just feel like the Cardinals are kind of falling apart. Speaker 0 01:04:08 I agree with you a hundred percent. I could, I can do throw the Jim Bowden verbal retweet at you right there for that one here. Um, 49ers hosting the Saints <laugh> nine and a half points they're given, um, <laugh>. And after last night, I'm like, really? Do I have to like deal with that? I, I'll tell you what, the 49ers with McCaffrey and Mitchell in the backfield and then what we saw against Arizona, Arizona's past defense definitely blows. But you know what? The Saints don't have a fucking past defense right now. Everyone's don't have anybody in their secondary. Speaker 2 01:04:45 Yeah, everyone's even Speaker 0 01:04:47 Everyone's hurt. Speaker 2 01:04:48 Sam Jordan sat out the first game of his career last week. Speaker 0 01:04:51 Deebo a and Kittle. I mean that you wanna talk about an offense that has the balance needed. Like they'll fucking come at you every which way. And uh, and, and I just don't know if the Saints have the, the wherewithal to take it. You take Alvin Camara outta that game. I'll force Andy Dalton to try and beat me on the regular. Speaker 2 01:05:14 Yeah, I was saying, I I said it a couple weeks ago and I tweeted it again last night. To me, the 49ers should put up 30 points every week. This is an insane offense. They have so many different ways to beat you. Um, and I saw someone with, uh, someone was anointing the $40. Someone's like, oh relax, they're six and four and they've beaten the Cardinals chargers and ramps. It ain't about that man. So sometimes you have to watch a team and you see it. And I've said this as a Cowboys fan, I don't wanna play this team in the playoffs. I just don't. I hope they get knocked off. I hope they can avoid 'em. They're scary. And the odds say it in Vegas, the Eagles are the favorite in the nfc. The 49ers are second and they were last week before this game. Speaker 2 01:05:51 You know, they've had injuries, they've started, so we've seen this from them before. But they have all the ingredients you need to be a force in January. Um, so yeah, I'm gonna take them too. Uh, they just look like a machine right now. Um, and again, I know they have not really. You look at their wins, okay, they beat Seattle week two, all right. By 20. And we know Seattle's good. They beat the Rams, Panthers, Rams again Chargers, Cardinal. So they have not had a significant victory yet. I will say that. But this is just seeing like the addition of McCaffrey, what they can do healthy, um, getting some players on defense back. I think this team is, uh, ready to take off. And if you look at their schedule, they might only lose one game the rest of the way. Saints, dolphins at home could lose that bucks at home. Maybe they lose that at Seattle home to Washington at Vegas, home to the Cardinals. They're not losing more than one game. They might lose it at Dolphins or Bucks maybe in Seattle. But this team is gonna finish strong. Um, you know what, what are their odds to win a division? Because they're tied with Seattle right now, right? I I would take that. I'm, let me see. You think they're favorite? I'm gonna look it up. What would be your guess Speaker 0 01:06:58 San Francisco favorite to win that division? Speaker 2 01:07:00 Yeah, I mean they've already beaten Seattle. Speaker 0 01:07:02 Oh yeah. I definitely think they're favorite to win the Speaker 2 01:07:04 Division. They have to be cuz they've already beaten Seattle and they play 'em again. Um, Speaker 0 01:07:08 Yeah, I'll look, let me, let me scroll through. Find some tier you I got Speaker 2 01:07:13 Um, wait, where I you pass it? Uh, Speaker 0 01:07:15 Division Winner. Speaker 2 01:07:16 How come that's not up when Draft Kings? I see every division except that one. Speaker 0 01:07:21 Um, Speaker 2 01:07:21 That is, yeah, right. Same thing. You don't see it, right? Speaker 0 01:07:24 Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look at that. Speaker 2 01:07:25 What they fucking heard us talking and they took it Speaker 0 01:07:28 Down. They were like, they were like, fuck Bender and Ronans are on this shit. We gotta, uh, Speaker 2 01:07:33 I mean what would you, what would you think? You think San Fran's like a minus one 50 right now to win that division? Speaker 0 01:07:39 I would say so. Yeah, that's probably about right. Minus one 50, minus 200. Then you got the uh, the, the, the, I'd say the Seahawks are probably like a, like a plus two 50 plus 300. Speaker 2 01:07:51 Damn that. Well I guess, I mean you gotta look at it that San Fran people are on them now and they already, they already have them second in the conference to win. So it's gotta be higher. And as I said, San Fran already beat Seattle. They play him again in Seattle. I mentioned to San Fran's schedule. Yeah. Damn I should, should have looked at that a couple weeks ago. Speaker 0 01:08:13 See, this is what happens. This is why we have have to go back to doing the podcast on the Daily Speaker 2 01:08:17 Man these, Speaker 0 01:08:18 Right. Cause we don't miss this shit when we're doing this daily, Speaker 2 01:08:21 I guess. I mean plus there's so much, uh, so many things to look at in the betting market too. And plus I'm doing nba, so, but yeah. Um, I mean Buffalo's minus two 10 to win the division. Yeah. Still Eagles minus 360. Would you, would you put money on Dallas to win a plus 300? Remember they get Philly at home on Christmas Eve and uh, they lost to Philly but they didn't have Dak in that game. And the Cowboys have three straight home games right now is the Cowboy schedule. Giants at home, Colts at home, Texans at home at Jacksonville, home to Philly, at Tennessee, at Washington. Speaker 0 01:08:58 I would definitely sprinkle a little something on a plus 300 for Speaker 2 01:09:01 That. Yeah, I think so too. I won't do it cuz it's my team and as soon I Speaker 0 01:09:05 Do it, you know what, I'll do it for you. I'll do it for, well, I Speaker 2 01:09:08 Mean here's, here's Philly's schedule at home to Green Bay, home to Tennessee at the Giants, at the Bears at Dallas, home to the Saints, home to the, that's the problem man. Philly's, I mean, then again, they're vulnerable. They almost lost sort of cults. But yeah, I think at that plus number, um, if you, if you believe in Dallas, um, they, they can potentially win. That's not a bad that, that's a solid number to batt. If you believe in the Cowboys, cuz these other division winners, there's, there's no value here at all. I mean 10 cities minus 10,000 <laugh>, I Speaker 0 01:09:43 Mean <laugh>. Oh shit. All right, let me get back to, I gotta go find the fucking games now. I gotta click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click. Speaker 2 01:09:59 I think we were at um, Speaker 0 01:10:01 We just, uh, Ram just Speaker 2 01:10:02 Did Rams chiefs Speaker 0 01:10:04 Well yeah, we were at Rams chiefs right now. So here you go. Alright. Chiefs 14 and a half point favorite over the Rams. Sounds like Stafford will be out. They just cut Darrell Henderson, your defense has been shit the entire time. But you know what man? Kansas City Arrowhead. I've gone through these numbers over and over again. I think it was the, uh, was it the Jacksonville game that I was talking about it like what the, the, the under is like, like a major, major favorite in the uh, in, in Canton's Kansas City Home Games in the Andy Reed era. And when Kansas City's favored by I think like seven, seven and a half points or more than the under is like even crazier how much it hits. So I look at this game here and it's Kansas City favored by 14 and a half with an over under of 44. I'm taking the Rams, I'm taking the points, I'm taking the under. Speaker 2 01:11:09 Yeah, I'll take the points too. It's, it sucks to do cuz you think Cats get to blow 'em out, but we've seen them, they don't cover these big numbers and look, Kansas City can win 27 13, they don't cover. Yeah. And you're under hit. So yeah, it's, it's scary to do but it's such a huge number and I, I'll take the Ramps Speaker 0 01:11:30 Rams for me as well. Packers, Eagles, Sunday Night Football, um, in Philadelphia. They are a seven point favorite. I I said last week against the Colts, I was taking the Eagles and laying the seven and I looked like a fucking moron there because the Eagles just, I don't know what the hell they were doing. Um, so I'll I'll let you go first on this one. Speaker 2 01:11:55 Um, green Bay's terrible, terrible, but I'm gonna take them covering. I mean the one thing they can do is run the football and that's been the weakness for Philadelphia right now. I know they kind of, they gave up Bruns to Taylor early and they kind of locked it down, but um, you know, I Speaker 0 01:12:11 Mean you've got, they just brought it. I mean, and do Sue, I know and Lin Val Joseph, Speaker 2 01:12:15 They're still missing Jordan Davis though, which is a big loss. Yes. Uh, I look, it's hard for me to back Green Bay. I think they suck. That's why I'm so fucking disgusted at Dallas Loss that I'm at. It's just how do they fucking lose that game up 14 man, if there's any game that could cost them the division, if they lose, it's that one. Um, I'm, I think I'm gonna take Green Bay. I might change my mind on this though cuz as, as I'm sitting here I'm like really I'm taking Green Bay. Speaker 0 01:12:43 Um, yeah, I wanna, I wanna lean Eagles here, but I might change my mind too so we can leave that. Um, Monday Night Football <laugh>, it's a bar and burner my friend in Indianapolis as the Steelers take on the Colts in just a shit, shit game. But Jeff Saturday, Speaker 2 01:13:02 These two primetime games aren't appealing. Sunday night and Monday, Speaker 0 01:13:07 Um, Saturday's got his boys playing decent ball. Sort of, kind of they're inspired. Does it all just run out here? And Pittsburgh actually sneaks away with the win Pittsburgh's actually, you know, the, the picket to Pickens been working. Na Harris kinda woke up. Speaker 2 01:13:24 Yeah, I mean Naji benefited from Jaylen Warren going out. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, that's gonna be good for him. Um, we'll see, I think Warren early in the week is questionable, but you know, Harris did catch four passes for 26 yards where it looked like he might not be involved as much in the passing game. I wish this line was three so I could take Pittsburgh. Um, do I don't know if it'll move to three. I think I'm gonna take Pittsburgh though. Speaker 0 01:13:47 I don't mind taking the Steelers. I definitely don't mind taking the, Speaker 2 01:13:50 I think they're gonna play what they've played one of the most difficult schedules in the nfl. I think. Um, they're gonna play better down the stretch. They got TJ Wat back make a Fitzpatrick. So Yeah. I I I think I'm gonna take the Steelers here. Speaker 0 01:14:05 Gonna take the Steelers. I am, uh, I'm as well. Yep. A minute. Um, alright, well there you go man. A little nice little run back and forth here through, uh, Speaker 0 01:14:18 Through these games. Now again folks, just keep in mind that it's Tuesday night that we're recording and there's obviously gonna be some news and notes it's gonna creep on out, um, between now and these games starting. But you've got our early leans. We've told you basically which games that we, uh, are are, you know, seem least confident in. And we'll go from there. But, you know, I, I wanna, I wanna wish everybody out there a very happy Thanksgiving. I I hope that you all enjoy the games. Um, Adam might be going to a friend's house, but I will be the loser sitting at home watching the games and uh, and I'll be in the fantasy alarm discord in the all new family room where we just sit there and we just comment on the games and on our dfs lineups, we don't ask start sets and we don't ask waiver questions. It's not that kind of a, it's like, you know, just us chilling with you and uh, I'll be in there. So, uh, so come hang out for Thanksgiving. All right, Adam, you uh, any, any parting shots here for uh, Thanksgiving week to everybody? Speaker 2 01:15:21 No. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoys the day, watches football, spends some time with family, eats good food and hopefully the Cowboys make it a stress-free Thanksgiving for me. Speaker 0 01:15:33 Do you have a dog? Speaker 2 01:15:35 No, man, that's actually outside the, the hallway that you could hear that. Speaker 0 01:15:39 Oh, okay. I was gonna say, I was like, dude, did you get a dog and not tell me. Speaker 2 01:15:44 I think it happened the other day when I was uh, doing my show too. So I was like, wait, you got a dog? I'm like, no man, that's outside. I think the woman who lives across from me has a dog and it's in the whole barking. Speaker 0 01:15:53 Uh, alright, well Speaker 2 01:15:56 I'll probably get blamed for that. Yeah, Speaker 0 01:15:58 <laugh>. He's got a dog. Um, alright, well beautiful Adam, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everybody out there. I hope you do as well. Thank you so much for liking and subscribing Adam Ronna somehow at Bender. This has been cash it. We'll catch you next time.

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