December 01, 2022


Cash It: NFL Week 13 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Advice & NBA Prop Bets

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Week 13 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Advice & NBA Prop Bets
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Week 13 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Advice & NBA Prop Bets

Dec 01 2022 | 01:25:15


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the latest NFL injuries and how they affect the fantasy football landscape, make their picks against the spread for every NFL Week 13 game and highlight a number of NBA players to follow this week for NBA prop bets.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome to ca. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course. Adam Rons come to you from the Land of Fantasy Alarm in the Spotlight Sports Group. Thanks so much for tuning in. What's going on? Rons Thanksgiving now in our rear view mirrors already neck deep in week 13, NFL week 13 stuff. Um, how's it been, man? Dude, my GST team took a huge, huge kick to the growing this week. Oh yeah. Y Speaker 1 00:00:34 Yeah, my GST team is not good. Uh, just etn left the game early. Uh, Moony out for the year. Um, just have nothing at running back. Uh, tight end has been a disaster, so, um, I'm gonna need like a 200 point week and one of the next two weeks to have a shot to get in on points. So it's unlikely that's gonna happen. Uh, then I have another league where through this, this is what I hate about fantasy and I've talked about this for years and it's gotta change man. Um, some leagues do it well, you know, the Fs g a we've talked about, they do top three records, then next three teams with the most points. I like that. But there's still too many leagues that go solely by record. So I'll give you an example of a league that I'm in. Okay. So the first place team is 10 and two. They have 1,619 points. I have 1557, so not that far behind, right? About, you know, 60, it's not a big gap, right over the long haul of the season, they have 1433 points against, I have 1635. Oh, Speaker 0 00:01:42 So yeah, Speaker 1 00:01:42 202, they're 10 and two. You want to guess what my record is? Speaker 0 00:01:47 You're like six and Speaker 1 00:01:48 Six, five and seven. Speaker 0 00:01:49 Five and seven. Yeah. So, Speaker 1 00:01:51 And I, and I went, and last week I lost having the third most points in the league cuz I went against Josh Jacobs. So now I'm in a position where I have to win the next two weeks and I need help to get in when my team, I believe has the third most points in the league. The, uh, fourth. So, but not that far. I mean not that far from the first police team. So it's just one of those years. My home league's kind of similar. Um, but that now I'm back to 13 and 13. We do double headers. So the, the next two weeks are critical. But yeah, it's just kind of frustrating when you are in these situations where you know your team's pretty good and all you gotta do is look at the points against column and it's just so frustrating, man. Speaker 0 00:02:36 Um, ridiculously frustrating. So I, I'm in a similar boat. The reason I asked you when you said, guess what my record is and I said six and six, it's because that's exactly where I'm at right now. Um, in the, uh, in, in one of the, in the Sirius XM Super Flex League. Um, I am six and six, I am the points leader sitting in seventh place right now. Um, and if you look at the points against, um, I have 16 80 16 82 0.2. Uh, the guy behind me looks like, um, looks like Colton and the wolf man at, uh, at at 1604. So most points scored against me, locked in over at the uh, as the points leader and dangerously in danger of missing the playoffs. Speaker 1 00:03:31 Yeah, it's crazy man. Um, I don't know why that league hasn't shifted, but it's something that I've talked about for, for years man. And I employ, I mean you see the gst, what I do, you know, we do top record is the one seed. Then out of the next 11 teams, the team with the most points. So you could be four and 10 and you have a lot of points. You're gonna be the two seed. Um, then next three and four next teams with the best record. And then out of the remaining teams, the teams at the most points. So I see at your league there's a team that's way under 500 that would be in the playoffs today. Yeah, so Speaker 0 00:04:07 I think there, there are two teams actually who, oh well we have two teams that have like real crappy records that have Speaker 1 00:04:14 A lot of points. Ton of points. So they're gonna be rewarded. It doesn't look as of today one of them's getting in. Um, it's possible both get it. But the point is that we all know this man, I just don't get the pushback. Sometimes I've put this out on Twitter and I've had a couple people like, oh I disagree. Your record is what it is. It's like, dude, that's not real fucking football bro. We're not Bill Belichick a fucking defense. Speaker 1 00:04:37 We're at, we're at the of a random fucking schedule. And some people, there are some leagues where if it's a 14 week regular season, you're playing like two or three teams twice. Those are random. You could get lucky and have the two worst teams and you're playing against them now you got Ws. And then the other team could be playing against, you know, top teams that set their lineup and all that shit. You know, there's teams that are not gonna set their line up over these last couple weeks no matter much we talk about. So now that's gonna decide the shift and balance of a playoff spot. That's not right. You could get look and I've been on both sides of it, like I'm nine and three in an RT sports championship league and as I'm probably not making the playoffs cuz I don't have enough points. Speaker 1 00:05:18 They do top record is the one seed that out of the remaining 11 teams most points is the two. Then the next record is the three. And then most points is the four. There's two teams that are 10 and two, I'm nine and three. Both those 10 and two teams have more points and there's another team more points. So unless I put up 200 this week, I'm probably not getting in. I'm not gonna be upset. My team didn't have enough points. So I got fortunate on the schedule and got some Ws and I don't have enough points I got, I'm gonna live with it. That's part of it. So yeah, because people might listen be like, oh you're just bitching cuz it's screw you. No I'm, if I'm on the other side and I'm benefiting from it, I don't deserve to get in. I'm not gonna complain. Speaker 1 00:05:57 I just think it needs to be fair. The other argument against is like, well yeah you have a lot of points but you had like one or two big weeks where you put up 200. No man, I mean so that doesn't count now. So we're gonna x out the big Josh Jacobs game or Joan mixing game. Like it doesn't count. I mean come on. So I just want more fairness in fantasy and as voices in the industry, I've always preached it for years to change it, to have points be rewarded in some way. Cause you can't have the team with the most points not make the playoffs. I just, I don't understand how anyone feel that that is justified. Yeah, yeah. You know, he didn't deserve to get in how man, like you clearly had some bad luck along the way and the immediate thing to do always say what's the points against? Speaker 1 00:06:43 And it's always that you just have like a bad luck schedule where you're facing a high scoring team every week. So whether you want to do double headers, victory points, there has to be some way that we amend a playoff structure that it doesn't go top six records. That's it. You gotta do something different. Again, I commend to FS g a top three records next three with most points like that, the GST format that we put together. High stakes league format. But you can't just have top six records. Cause almost, almost every league, or if you play in 10, you're gonna be a victim of bad luck. And on the other side, good luck. Like my friend in my home league, he's got, he knows he's getting, he's like eighth or ninth in the league in points, but he's in third place right now. So he knows he's gotta win these next couple weeks because he's gonna lose any points. Tiebreakers like, I have more points than him, but he's at the season end of day he's in the playoffs. I'm not. So we go through this all the time and I just don't understand how there's not more outrage. If you played fantasy for a long time or you play in multiple leagues, you have had to be on the bad side of this bad luck. How do you not wanna chase? I don't get it. Speaker 0 00:07:52 Yeah, I don't, I don't get it either. I actually, I, I went on a, a bit of a rant, I think it was last week on the fantasy alarm show, just talking about points and, and how it does matter and you know, you and I have had this conversation over and over again. We talk about the, the the, the randomness of the schedule, right? And, you know, all you're doing, you're not, you're not plotting out. The schedule isn't plotted out in any way, shape or form. It's random how that schedule gets, you know, you, you click a button and it randomizes your your league schedule. So there's really no, there's no rhyme or reason for it. And that obviously adds to, to that luck factor. And I've said to people because I had, I had people come back at me and they're like, you you, you win your games and it's head to head and and that's what it is. Speaker 0 00:08:39 Cuz I think there was, there was one dude who was complaining to me about being a points leader and his league its record. Then the next tiebreaker from that is head to head record. And then the next tiebreaker from that is division record. And I'm like, how the fuck does your division record? Um, you know, like even like how is that even relevant? Like it's not even remotely relevant. Um, when you're playing everybody in your, your league, it's not, you're not playing, you know, you're not playing your division mates twice. You're playing everybody else in the league. So if, if you do double up and there is happens to be a double up in your division, then so be it. But, uh, yeah. And, and people fight against that so much and I, I don't really, I mean I just, I I I genuinely don't understand it. It's um, it's, it's a weird thing. And you know, listen, the the leagues that I'm in, uh, where points matter, I'm definitely more appreciative of that. I think that it's, uh, it's something because, you know, again, we're not <laugh> we're not dismissing head to head record that Speaker 1 00:09:44 Right? I think that's what people losing sight of cause they're like, oh well then head to head is meaningless. No, we're including record as part of it. Speaker 0 00:09:52 Right? That's what I do with my, uh, you know what I, what I do with my home league for years, six people make the playoffs. We had two divisions. And so yes, your two division winners, they got their, their, they, that was your, your treat for, for being a division winner was that you get the buy week. But it's six teams that make the playoffs and it's the two division winners and it's the next three buy record. And then the, the, the last playoff spot goes to the team that has the highest point total of the remaining non play teams. And so I said, I'm like, we're we're taking into account record, not a problem. We're using points as a tiebreaker, but for that last playoff spot, it should just be points in case somebody does end up getting screwed like that. And it's, yeah, it's, it's, I I I don't understand the uh, the fight against it, but you know, I mean it is what it is. There's nothing, nothing, nothing we can do. We're not apparently rational arguments that we've given over the years, Adam. Not enough to change some people's minds. Speaker 1 00:10:55 I don't get it. Um, I don't know if it's just people are reluctant to change, but I feel like if you kind of explain it and break it down and put yourself in the shoes of a person in that situation, I would hope you would be like, yeah, you know what? I see it. You're right. You know, it's just not fair. It's, I just don't get it. Cause like I said, if I'm on the other side where I'm eliminated, I can live with it. Um, cuz like I, I've mentioned too that my home league, we do double headers and I was like, okay, double headers is probably gonna offset a lot of the luck factor. So every year it was like, all right, we're doing double headers. So if you run into a high scoring team multiple weeks, then you probably may, if you had a good week, you'd get a win in your other game. Speaker 1 00:11:38 So every year, like the legit teams got in and then one year the team with the second most points in the league didn't get in. And I was like, oh shit. I even told him, I was like, damn man, I'm, I don't know if I said I'm sorry but I'm like, yeah, you got screwed. He's like, ah, no big deal, you know, blah blah. I'm like, nah, it is. So I changed it. Now it's top five records and then out of the remaining seven, the team with the most points get in the year after I change it, the team with the most points, if I didn't change it would not have gotten in. So he got in because I amended the rule. So even double headers and victory points doesn't completely eliminate it. Which goes to show you the randomness and the luck factor. And luck is a part of fantasy. Speaker 1 00:12:15 Luck is a part of life. But to me, as commissioners or people in the industry, our goal is to eliminate as much luck as possible. It's never gonna be a hundred percent skill. We know there's gonna be luck involved, especially when you get to the playoffs, right? We've all been there. Number one seed. Most points in the league, uh, have a bad week in the semis or you go up against a team that explodes and that's part of the game and a fantasy playoffs. But over the course of an entire season, you wanna eliminate that luck factor as much as possible. Which is why I think points need to be taken into account for at least one, if not two playoff spots. Speaker 0 00:12:48 Dude, the Fs ga league, it's kind of funny that you talked about, you know, top three on record and then the next three on on point. Um, it's really funny, we have three teams that are nine and Speaker 1 00:13:00 Three and one doesn't belong there. Speaker 0 00:13:02 Yeah, well yeah, I know that. Um, three teams at nine and three. One team at eight and four, one team at seven and five and then four teams at six and six. Speaker 1 00:13:13 Yeah. If it ends today, you're eight and four. So you're in, I am like 20, 21, 22 points out of a playoff spot. But my team is just limping in, you know, I lost so many guys. I mean, Brice Hall a Robinson, Irv Smith, um, there's probably another Speaker 0 00:13:32 Cry River dude. Dude, Speaker 1 00:13:34 It's a 14 Speaker 0 00:13:34 Team lead. I'm still starting frigging Tyler Alge, Speaker 1 00:13:38 <laugh>, I'm, I'm gonna have to do, I might have that Speaker 0 00:13:41 This week. Speaker 1 00:13:42 I mean I have Naji Harris, I don't know if he's gonna play d and Pierce who's done nothing. Um, Speaker 0 00:13:48 How do you have more carries than, than yards and, and over a two game span? Speaker 1 00:13:52 It's the Texans is just pathetic. So, um, well Speaker 0 00:13:56 Would you, would you start Damien Pierce this week against Cleveland knowing how bad they are against the run? Speaker 1 00:14:01 Yeah, I think you kind of have to, and this is a 14 team. I have no choice bro. I only actually, right now I, if Harris doesn't go, I'm in trouble cause I have Pierce foreman on a buy key. We're gonna buy an Alexander Madison. So I don't have anyone else right now, so I'm kind of screwed cuz obviously this is a must win week for me, um, to get in. And I need a lot of points, so I'm kind of in trouble here. Um, yeah, it just, it just has not gone well. Um, and then, you know, Pitman's been hurt by poor quarterback play, um, tight end, uh, dosage is good, but that offense is terrible. So, hey, I'm, I'm kind of in trouble here. Um, Speaker 0 00:14:40 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:14:41 I mean, I hope, I hope Speaker 0 00:14:42 He, I just found out Lamar Jackson has a quad injury now also. And uh, and, and so now I'm gonna end up getting screwed out of that. Speaker 1 00:14:50 I'm hoping he plays. Um, but yeah, quad's not good for running quarterback in an offense that sucks right now too. I mean, I know, you know, because you have Lamar, he's been terrible man. I have him in two leagues and it's, the problem with a guy like Lamar is you're afraid to sit him because you know that he can still get it done on the ground and the floor is still high. The ceiling has been massively low. But like who are you benching Lamar for right now? You know, I actually this week, if you wanted to say Trevor Lawrence, I couldn't argue with you, it's that closest week. But like when you get down to Brady, Roger, you're not playing those guys over Lamar. They just don't have the ceiling. Speaker 0 00:15:28 What about Deshaun Watson Speaker 1 00:15:31 Maybe? Um, he's tricky for me this week because I get it, it's his former team, so, you know, they'll probably want him to get a touchdown pass the two. But the Texans are so bad against the run that and, and Cleveland's strength is the run. Like how do you not run Nick Chubb, Andre Hunt, even Watson a little bit. Um, cuz if you look the Titans, so numbers are good against the past, but it's misleading because teams just run on them all the time that there's no need to pass. So, um, is there rust? Um, so, Speaker 0 00:16:00 Well I think, I think there, I definitely think that there's rust and we, yeah, we, we'll we're gonna obviously break down the games, uh, you know, in, in more detail. But like, one of the things that I was talking about today on, on the fantasy alarm show was just the, um, you know, like just, you know, you know when you just, there's just rank stupidity in the NFL and you're just like, why, why does it, why does it team do you know, like when we say you, you know, you, you, you ride a a a couple of players, great players, you drive down the field and then once you get into the red zone, then all of a sudden you start the cute shit. Like you're gonna suddenly fake everybody out with a, with a double reverse end around to your third string tight end. Speaker 0 00:16:40 Like we see stupid shit like that. And one of the things I was talking about today was I'm, I'm genuinely concerned because I know that while Cleveland has been finally giving Nick Chubb the ball on the regular, like I have that, just that horror show feeling that Stephan's gonna be a a just a total idiot. And and he's gonna say, well we're gonna, you know, we, we want, you know, it's, it's, it's, you know, Deshaun against his former team and we're paying him all of this money and we need him to throw. And it's, it's about that as opposed to, I mean, cuz I think Cleveland like needs to, what are they, four and seven? They need to run the table to even think about getting to the playoffs at nine and seven. So, you know, their, their whole like that whole, we're gonna focus on DeShaw, which would just make me violently ill, Speaker 1 00:17:34 Yeah, I don't, I don't know if they can do it drastically. I mean, you still, you gotta look at it and go, this team is horrible against the run. We have the best running back, if not one of the best running backs in the nfl, we're gonna feed 'em. You hope they don't get too cute. I guess there's a possibility people fall susceptible to storylines and the human element so that, that's the concern this week. But I mean, can you play him over Lamar if Lamar's not a hundred percent? I guess you can. Speaker 0 00:18:04 I guess you can. Yeah. You know, but, um, man, why, why is Lamar gotta do this to me? Speaker 1 00:18:12 I don't know man. I know I have them in two leagues and one of 'em I definitely need to win this week. So Speaker 0 00:18:18 I have one bid dollar left in the Fs g a because I was also dealing with like losing GTE Williams and, uh, Kyle Pitts and somebody else in there also, and just like drop guys dropping like flies and now it's like, man, if, if Lamar doesn't, cuz you know, my team has definitely been kept afloat with Lamar, with Kelsey, um, Josh Jacobs, but you take one of 'em outta the equation we've talked about that you can have, you know, if you, you can get by on three guys, good consistent performances, but, you know, moving, moving, you know, out moving one of those guys out of it. Oh man, here look at what's on the waiver wire. Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannahill, Mac Jones, Sam Darn, Speaker 1 00:19:10 Who's on by. Speaker 0 00:19:13 Oh yeah, Mike White. Speaker 1 00:19:16 There you go. Don't worry, I'm not picking them up. I have, I actually have two quarterbacks because last week I did not wanna play cousins against the England, so I picked up G o Smith I think, and they both kind of scored similar, so it kind of didn't really matter, I guess. Speaker 0 00:19:33 Wouldn't that be just the absolute just kick in the ass that I have to use my last bid dollar on Mike White Speaker 1 00:19:41 And maybe he delivers for you. Speaker 0 00:19:44 Do you think he will? Speaker 1 00:19:45 Yeah, I mean, Minnesota's secondary's bad. He's got weapons. I mean, I know those questions. We'll, we'll get to that game, um, because everyone's gonna be like, oh, look at Mike White, but, and it was the Bears and everything, but you could see though, at least the first drive, man, early in the game, there was so much confidence, man. Like it just, he, he lifted that team. Speaker 0 00:20:03 He definitely did lift that team, but yes, Boden tried to like, you know, talk it up and, and whatever. And I was just like, Jim, Mike White is not our future. We know he is not our future. Go look at his game log last year he looked fucking amazing his first game out and then what happened? Three games later, uh, a hundred and, you know, 10 yards and four interceptions. So I mean, let's not, you know, anoint him as the, uh, the savior of New York football, uh, in 2022. Please, I would, I would be devastated if I had to use him this week instead of Lamar Jackson. That would, that would feel like I would, you know, I would, I would have to like really do like, like we should do like a, like a just a five minute segment here on the show where I just cry sob hysterically. You think people would tune in for Speaker 1 00:20:58 That? I think they would Speaker 0 00:21:00 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:21:01 Between that and you potentially dying during the show. We'll go viral somehow. Speaker 0 00:21:05 Oh my God, dude. Don't, don't even tempt me. That would be Oh baby. Oh baby. Oh, right. You'd fill in for me, wouldn't you Speaker 1 00:21:17 Fill in for you Where? Speaker 0 00:21:19 Everywhere, man, if I, if I kick the bucket, dude, Speaker 1 00:21:22 Uh, how can I fill in for you everywhere? I have my own stuff. I, how am I gonna be double? Speaker 0 00:21:27 Oh yeah, that's true. That's true. The sim cast. Maybe they'll agree to a sim cast Speaker 1 00:21:33 Maybe. Speaker 0 00:21:33 Yeah. Extenuating circumstances and be like, yeah, yeah, we'll just with sim cast, uh, you know, Ronas and Fey on the, uh, on that, for those of you who may not know what we're talking about, you gotta know what we're talking about. Adam Ronas and Justin Fensterman have the Fantasy Alarm. The Playbook, which is their show on the Better Sports Network. And you guys, uh, if you, if you've never heard of the Better Sports Network, go to, uh, what is it? It's at Better Sports, B E T T O R Sports on the old Twitter machine. Um, and you can find the app and you know, whatever your app store you deal with, and, uh, download that. And from five to 7:00 PM that's Adam and, and Fede, it just happens to be on the opposite side of, uh, me and Jim at Five to Seven on Sirius xm. So, you know, apparently we're making you choose <laugh>. Do you wanna listen to Fede and Rons? You wanna listen to Bender and Boat? Speaker 1 00:22:30 Or you could listen to one on Demand. Speaker 0 00:22:32 You could listen to one on Demand. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. That would be the Fantasy Alarm show on Sirius xm. That's on demand. Uh, you guys don't have it on demand yet? They Speaker 1 00:22:42 Do. Speaker 0 00:22:43 Oh, you do? Yeah. Oh, looky, looky. Where do I get that? Is that just part of the app? Speaker 1 00:22:50 Um, I think it's a, a sub That's 2 95 a month I believe. Speaker 0 00:22:55 Oh, I gotta pay more money to listen to you, dude, I have to put up with this shit here on the show all the time. By the way, everybody cash your tickets if you had 4 45 as the first fbo, uh, by Adam Rons <laugh>, there's a, there's a group of us, we have like a secret DM chat where we talk about, uh, how long it takes for you to, uh, to say the word fuck, uh, on the, uh, cash at podcast. Speaker 1 00:23:18 It was 4 45 today. Speaker 0 00:23:20 It was roughly about 4 45. Bad. Speaker 1 00:23:22 That's that's pretty good. Speaker 0 00:23:23 That's, yeah, that's actually, it's, it's, you know, listen, I definitely, I think I set the over under at two 14. Okay. And, uh, and I definitely was taking the uh, the under on that. So I lose, I lose apparently people are, uh, definitely more patient. Um, let's stay with the fantasy football stuff. Anything in particular that's kind of catching your eye? Um, as far as what's going on in the, uh, in, in the realm? Any, uh, massive injuries, any concerns over? I don't know, man. Just some of the shit that's going on. It's crazy, dude. It's crazy. Dealing with Aaron Rogers thumb worrying about Josh Jacobs and his calf worrying about man, who else? Oh, NA Harris. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't suffer a serious abdominal injury, but we do know we're getting jail La Warren back this week. Speaker 1 00:24:16 Yeah, I do have a jail. La Warren in my home league, so, but I have Na Harris in the Fs g a um, yeah, I mean it sounds like Warren's good to go. I'm thinking NA's not gonna play. So Warren would be in a good spot. Maybe they mix in McFarland a little bit or Snell, but I think Warren would get the bulk of the touches. He's probably not available in a lot of leagues. But Speaker 0 00:24:40 Did Warren get the touches over Snell considering how well Snell played last week? Speaker 1 00:24:44 Yeah, but Warren was ahead of him before and they talked about getting more and more involved even when Naji was active. So I I think it's gonna be Warren would be my guess. Speaker 0 00:24:55 That's a backfield. I don't want any fucking part of Speaker 1 00:24:57 <laugh>. They do play Atlanta this week though. Speaker 0 00:25:00 Oh, even, even worse, right? It's a smash matchup, <laugh>. And you gotta sit there and wonder which guy's gonna get the touches. Speaker 1 00:25:09 Yep. So, um, I mean, Denver's office is just pathetic. I mean, I don't even know if you could use anyone anymore outside of Sutton, maybe Murray, but then Mike Boone could be back. I mean, they're just pathetic, bro. I mean, it is really like, I can't recall a more disappointing team than the Broncos. They went and they traded and gave up everything for Russell Wilson. Then they paid on 240 million and they are the worst offense in the nfl and one of the worst offenses we've seen in 20 years. Uh, they would not have scored a touchdown last week if it was not for a penalty extending the drive, they would not have scored. I mean, it's just pathetic how bad. I don't Speaker 0 00:25:47 Understand why Hacket still has its job right now. Speaker 1 00:25:49 I don't either. Speaker 0 00:25:50 I mean, you just want 'em to finish out the year it's a last year. Just Speaker 1 00:25:53 Think they do that sometimes. And, but yeah, it's, it's a disaster like across the board. Um, the defenses played well, but it's only a matter of time before, you know, they give up a play and the offense is doing nothing. So, um, Broncos Rams on Christmas as the middle game. Look forward to that. Speaker 0 00:26:11 Are you fucking kidding Speaker 1 00:26:12 Me? I'm not, bro. Broncos Rams is the middle game on Christmas, so I Speaker 0 00:26:16 I was literally just going to, I swear Speaker 1 00:26:19 Slate is horrendous, bro. Speaker 0 00:26:21 I swear to God. I was just going to say to you, you know what Adam, I'd love to see the Broncos take on the Rams who are giving up on the season. Like I legit did not know that they were playing on Christmas Day. Speaker 1 00:26:33 Yep. So the Christmas slate is Packer's, dolphins at one Broncos, Rams at four 30 bucks, Cardinals at eight 20. That is a horrendous Christmas slate. And why would you watch Broncos Rams at four 30? Like you could say, well, fantasy semi-final week. Who are you playing in that game? I mean, the Rams, forget it. <laugh>, you're not playing anyone. And the Broncos, I mean, are you gonna advance far with a Cortland, Latavious Murray? Probably not. Maybe you have one of those. I mean, I wanna say dosage, but it's getting to the point. You can't play him. He did have a touchdown call back, but again, this offense can't score so the ceiling is low on all these guys and it's, it's not gonna get better, bro. We've, we've seen a large enough sample here that it's not gonna get better. Um, so the good thing is, um, there's uh, some good games on Christmas for the NBA <laugh>. I think I know the five o'clock game. I think it's Milwaukee, Boston, which is a phenomenal game. So I'm kind of glad that the, um, the way that is set up, I mean, I'll have both on tv, but I'm just like, okay, at least there's a really compelling game to watch in the NBA opposite Rams Broncos. Cuz again, you really have to be into torture or you bet that game and I don't know. Okay. You can bet the under if you want maybe the Broncos team total the Speaker 0 00:27:53 Game team total. I bet the over on Total punts. Speaker 1 00:27:55 There you go. Um, oh, it's, yeah, it's Milwaukee, Boston at five o'clock in the nba. That is a phenomenal game. Two best teams in the east. Um, so that's, that, that's gonna be fun. So I'll definitely be paying more attention to that. But yeah, that Christmas slate is horrendous and Broncos Rams. Oh boy. Speaker 0 00:28:14 Yeah, dude, that's like that, that, you know what I gotta tell you, the NFL needs to stop. Speaker 1 00:28:22 Yeah, but you're go, okay, to be fair. Speaker 0 00:28:24 No, no, no, no. Let me, lemme just let, let just finish right? You have Thursday night football, you have Monday Night Football, okay? You have Sunday. You own Sunday, then all of a sudden you start getting closer to Christmas time. You start creeping into Saturday for a, for, for a couple of games. And, and now here with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, the NFL who moved into Christmas action, was it last year or the year before? The first time they did it, Speaker 1 00:29:00 They only, well the, they only do it if it's on a weekend, right? Um, I think they had a Christmas game on a Friday two Speaker 0 00:29:06 Years ago. Yeah. I feel like, so it was Speaker 1 00:29:08 Saints, saints and someone on a Speaker 0 00:29:10 Friday, but so Christmas Day belongs to the nba. Let the NBA just have Christmas Day. I don't wanna, not only do I not wanna have to, you know, I mean listen for a variety of reasons here, that Christmas Day Slates ass, because their shitty game games, okay, I'm a Jew dude. I don't, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do spend that day going to the movies, getting Chinese food. That's what my wife and I like to do. We like to, now I gotta sit and I have to not only like watch three of just the shittiest football games in the world throughout the day, but then I also have to endure all the Christmas bullshit and the crap holiday music and people talking about families and carvings and this and that, the other thing and all of that bull. Like I have to get inundated with that shit on Christmas Day when I could be at the fucking movies watching a rom come with my wife. Speaker 1 00:30:10 Would you feel differently if there were three, three really good games on? Speaker 0 00:30:14 Would I feel differently? No, no, no. I feel the exact same way that the NFL needs to leave Christmas Day alone. I think it's garbage. It's garbage. It's greedy. It's, it's just, the NFL is just so fucking greedy that, I mean, it just, it drives me nuts. I would appreciate if there were three good gig. And listen, they can't, they, they don't know. They thought that Aaron Rogers and the Packers were gonna be, you know, we'll put in hollering. They thought that the Rams were gonna be, you know, in it to fight, you know, to, to defend their Super Bowl title Russell Wilson. Wilson was supposed to be a, a great player and we were supposed to have a, a strong Denver team. So I, I get why those games are on the schedule. It just happens to be that they all suck right now. And that's a total bummer. But I get just leave fucking Christmas Day alone. They don't think they Speaker 1 00:31:03 Don't it, they think they own everything and you know that. So I get Speaker 0 00:31:06 You're saying all games on Saturday, so just let 'em all play on Saturday. Why do you have to do three games on Christmas Day? Speaker 1 00:31:13 No, I agree, but I'm not surprised by it. They, they even are gonna have, um, Saturday games in week 15. I don't know if you know that cuz it's not on the schedule. But in week 15 they have five games with A T B D because three of them are moved to Saturday. Yeah. And I can tell you the games that are gonna be moved already, it'll be Dins Bills, Ravens Browns and Giants Commanders is my guess. So those games will go on Saturday, the, uh, 17th and then in week 16, um, no that's already set because it's Christmas Eve and then, um, week 17 they will be moving. Um, no it's Sunday, the, the week 18. They're gonna move two games to Saturday, January 7th. And then there's no times for Sunday January cuz it's the last week. So they have to decide what's gonna be the Sunday night game, which two will go on a Saturday and then obviously align the times. They'll probably have the early games where they meet nothing and then the games will playoff implications. Late Speaker 0 00:32:11 Dog shit. Dude, that's dog shit. What are they doing on, uh, on New Year's Eve? New Year's Day, week 17, we got Speaker 1 00:32:19 All the games are New Year's Day, new Speaker 0 00:32:22 Year's, day's a Thursday, new Year's Day and there's, uh, okay. All right. Stupid nfl. Let's, let's cha we'll we'll come back to the nfl. We'll we'll do the, um, we'll we'll pick all of our games against the spread and stuff like that. But for right now, the NFL has pissed me off enough that I'm gonna switch it up to some NBA right now. Adam, give me something good with the nba. I know you got your prop article that comes out on picks Wise every Friday. How, how, how's your, uh, how's, how's your prop betting been going? How's your, how's your NBA betting going? Speaker 1 00:33:01 Um, well this past week was a bounce back week cuz I had a rare oh and three the week before. So this week we bounced back and went three and oh um, you know, and I'm giving out picks pretty much every day on the show. The Better Sports Network. Um, so a weird schedule this week. So Monday was heavy Tuesday, there was only three games we're recording Wednesday night, huge slate, I think it, is it 13 games tonight? One game on Thursday, <laugh>, I dunno why. Um, I was like, what is going on tomorrow that there's one game? Uh, but there's one game. Um, and then Friday is pretty busy, I think Saturday's kind of light. So it's, it's kind of a weird week. Um, but yeah, I've been pretty good. I mean some of the prop bets are similar. I mean, tar Halliburton is the guy that's been making me a lot of money and he's in a revenge spot Wednesday night against the team that traded him. Speaker 0 00:33:51 Are his props low or he's just smashing it? Speaker 1 00:33:54 Um, he's, well his assist prop now is 11 and a half assists and he goes over it almost every night. I play his points in assist. So it's been 28 and a half, 29 and a half. It's 31 and a half on Wednesday night. Um, I think it was 32 and a half on Fanzo, but I, I'm playing it. But, um, his assist, he just went through a three game stretch. It was never been done in the history of NBA where he had 40 assists and no turnovers. So his assist lately have been 40 14, 11 15, 14, 14, 14, 8 11 15, 12, 13, 9. He's averaging 12 and a half assists in the month of November. And then, um, for his points he's averaging 18 and a half. Um, he's not, he doesn't take, he takes like 15, 16 shots a game. He took 22 the other night against the Lakers and I expect against the Kings, he probably takes 18, 19, 20. Speaker 1 00:34:45 Um, so his totals, points and assist. The last few games have been 38, 26. He didn't hit that night. I didn't play it that night cause they were playing the Clippers low pace game. So I stayed away. That was the one night I didn't, and it was Sunday too. I don't really bet NBA as much on Sunday unless something screams at me cuz I really don't look that closely. So that one he missed then he had 36 24 cuz he shot 4 15, 32 36. So he's been often over that. So this is a great match up against the kings, the team that traded him. Both teams don't play much defense fast paced. So I'm going back to it. So I play at most nights. Yeah, there's a couple times he's missed. Um, but I don't really get upset at it, so we'll have to see if they move it, they move. Gil Alexander line up, he still hits a lot but I got hooked the other night. Um, I'm looking at some turnovers too. Jalen Green of the rockets, his number's two and a half, he's been going, I think he's gone over that nine in the last 10 and not just going over it by a little. He's getting five, six turnovers a game and the line is two and a half. Speaker 0 00:35:50 Committing or cost Speaker 1 00:35:51 Committing, no committing. So his turnovers last few games are 5, 4, 6 0, 6 5, 3 5, 4 3, 5 3. So in the month of November he's gone over every game except one. So, um, I'm going back to that. Um, again on Wednesday is Juto minus one 50. Um, Kyle Kuzma, his props, he's been good. His prs, I mean he's just, it rebounds assists, he's crushing. Um, Jamal Murray's starting to heat up for Denver. He's coming off the torn acl. They were limiting his minutes early, his minutes have gone up and Michael Porter's been out. So his point line has been sitting around 18 and a half, 19 and a half. So I've been looking at that. Um, so yeah, I mean there's, there's certain guys where they're still kind of crushing. Um, Pascal Cak just came back from injury. That's a guy to start to look at because um, he missed about a month with a growing issue and he is averaging on the season 24.1 points, nine and a half rebounds, 7.4 assist. Speaker 1 00:36:56 So I saw, I didn't play it tonight cuz I don't know if he, if he's on a minutes restriction, he played 31 minutes in his first game back, but they did pull away with that game cause Raptors, uh, Nick Nurse tends to play his starters huge minutes, like 35 to 40 minutes. So that's great for player props. See how outcomes, rebounds and assist was 13 and a half at plus money. I didn't play it, but he's averaging nine and a half Rebels, 7.4 assist does a little bit of everything. So kind of looking at that. Um, so yeah, I mean, and you know the, there's certain teams that we know. Oh, Anthony Davis for the Lakers, it's been great lately. That's the guy I've started to look at. He's healthy, he's putting up big numbers. Uh, Anthony Simon Davis. Speaker 0 00:37:38 Isn't that dude like, like 60 years old? Speaker 1 00:37:41 Nah, Davis is 29. Speaker 0 00:37:45 I must be thinking of another Anthony Davis. Speaker 1 00:37:47 He's just been in the league for a while cause he came in young but he came up with the pelicans and went to the Lakers. But you know, you always worry about injuries with him. But his line has been about 37 and a half points rebounds lately. And um, he's had last few games, 25 and 13, 25 and 1537 and 2130 and 18, 38 and 16. So there's always injury risk with him cuz I think there's a Twitter account that says, is Anthony Davis hurt tonight? Or something like that. <laugh>. Um, cause he's so I used to joke, I'm like, yo, this dude must have women in the locker room and that's why he's always going cuz someone can't get hurt every night. Like he'd, he'd always make a trip to the locker room almost every game. I'm like, this dude must have women in there man, <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:38:28 So there's always risk with him getting hurt. But you know, he's been crushing his prop. Miles Turner, another guy from Indiana, um, cuz he started the year injured. I've been looking at his points rebounds a lot. So yeah. And then there's other players that come along due to injuries that we like. Amie Simon's from Portland D and Willard's been out, he's been crushing it little, it looks like he could be back though December 4th. So that's something to keep an eye on. But yeah, I mean it's, it's fun. Um, been doing pretty well. I got hooked twice on Monday, man. The absolute worst man. The hook <laugh>, oh man. Like, so shake gills, just Alexander, I had over 41 and a half points threes of assists. He's sitting at 42 point gain. He drives the lane with two seconds left. Whistle blows. I'm like right. He's gonna hit at least one free throw. I cash they call the charge. So I missed out on the hook. On the hook. Speaker 0 00:39:20 There's really nothing worse than going down by the hook. Speaker 1 00:39:23 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:39:23 But I, there's really nothing worse. Speaker 1 00:39:25 There isn't. But at the same time, you know, I I told you I've been playing the Gil's Alexander props a lot. The two previous games for him, I needed overtime for him to hit his props and the game went overtime. So, you know, you hope that it, even you hope you don't hope it evens out. You hope you win more in the long run. But you know, we're easy. Like, oh, I got burned by the hook. But we also kind of forget where we got a benefit of the doubt where the coach left the starters in, in a blowout. The game went overtime. Um, so I lost a seven leg parlay last night. Speaker 0 00:39:53 No, no, no. Listen, winning by the hook is savvy, smart betting. Speaker 1 00:39:58 Okay. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:39:59 Yeah. Losing by the hook. That's, that's just, that's fucked up man. That's just, that's yeah, that's, that's the, the world's shitting on you cause Yeah. Come on dude. Speaker 1 00:40:09 Don't, it's the worst. Say Speaker 0 00:40:10 It like it is. Speaker 1 00:40:11 Nah, it's the worst man. Cause you're sitting there, you're like, if he just hit one more free throw, if he didn't do this, you know, and you're just like going over everything and it drives you to nuts, Speaker 0 00:40:21 Dude, listen man, there's nothing, there's nothing worse than like sitting there playing that game at the end. Like if you've got, if you've got action on a game, just like trying to like narrate in your head what you need for the, what to happen in the game in order for you to do it. Like, I've sat there and I'm like, all right, so they can give up the field goal right now, but then it's gotta go into overtime. But then they gotta win the coin toss and then they gotta win and they gotta score the touchdown and then they gotta hold like, I mean it's like, it's, it's, it's so, you know, just playing that game at the end is, uh, you know, I just, just let me know right from the start. <laugh>, I love those games where you're like, you know, you make the bet and then you're just like, within like the, the first 10 minutes of the game you're like, I'm so locked in on this. Speaker 1 00:41:09 Oh, I thought you were gonna say, I thought you were gonna say, damn I fucked up. That was a bad bet. Cause I felt that way about Paris Campbell the other night. Speaker 0 00:41:16 <laugh>, oh dude, listen, that's again, you know what I'd rather that than sometimes than to just have it like tear my heart out slowly, Speaker 1 00:41:24 Right? You're like, yeah, this was probably a bad bet. Okay, let me just shut it off. Now, you know what I do, I don't know if this is superstition, but if it's a big NBA slate, I usually have four or five, six bets in mm-hmm. <affirmative> and say I'm following, like, I think it was the other day I was had the Halliburton bet and in the first quarter he had zero points for assist and he tends to start slow where he doesn't take a lot of shots and he's setting up his teammate. So I'm like, fuck, let me turn away. And then I was like, I was like in my head, in my head I'm like, get me 10 points at halftime. Cuz now if you have 10 points, I'm sure it'll get a couple more assists. You know, you get 10.6 assist and the line is 30 and a half. Speaker 1 00:42:07 I'm halfway there so I turn it away, check it halftime, he's got like 10.6. I was like, okay, I tend to do that cuz if I follow it and I'm looking and I see they're doing bad, I start to get depressed. I'm like, you know what, let me just turn away and come back. I did it with go to Alexander the other night. He got off to a slow start, a text defense thing. I'm like, damn, SGA off to a slow start. I turned away, I came back and he was right there in line to get it. So I kind of, instead of torturing myself and watching the pain of, uh, the minutes go by at no point. So I'm like, let me just turn away. And a lot of times it works. Speaker 0 00:42:41 It works well, it does. I mean, Speaker 1 00:42:48 I'm telling Speaker 0 00:42:49 You. No, no, I know what you mean. Speaker 1 00:42:50 You know what I'm saying. Speaker 0 00:42:53 Football, I was gonna ask you if you're a superstitious guy, but you just, you just told me right there. Cause you said it works. No, it's, it spares you the aggravation. Yes it does. It saves me of following. Speaker 1 00:43:04 Yeah. It saves me a little stress. Speaker 0 00:43:06 And, and, and if you turn back to it and it's working in your favor, it's a nice little, you know, prop. If you turn back to it and it's not, then at least you're like, well, at least I didn't have to just watch that last fucking 10 minutes, Speaker 1 00:43:18 Right? And go through the, so last night I did it because it was a light slate. So Fal runs a risk free same game parlay on the TNT games. So I said, okay, I'll put it in because if I lose to get my bet back. So I did a seven leg parlay, uh, Luca, 25 points or more, Luca, six rebounds of more Luca, six a six more curry, 20 points of more Curry four threes a more Andrew Wiggins, 15 points of more. And, uh, ZBOX, eight and a half rebounds of more the Warriors said six points in the first six minutes. I was like, these fucking guys, man, they're gonna ruin my night in vetting. And it's early, it's early. So I knew, all right, they'll probably come back. But I was like, right. I stopped, I watched till I had to leave and then I went to dinner and while I was at dinner, I didn't fucking pull out my phone. Speaker 1 00:44:01 I'm like, fuck this shit, I'm not gonna look. Then I decide to look. I'm like, oh shit. Luca, Luca already cashed. Curry was good and Andrew Wiggins had no points in the first quarter and two at half time. So I was like, all right, I need Wiggins to get going. So it was like early fourth quarter. Wiggins had 10 points. I'm like, okay, I got life. Motherfucker finished with 10, so I lost it. One leg outta the seven leg. Parlay Wiggins to score 15. The guy averages 18 this year and he had gone over 15 and six straight, straight. And I'm like, really man, this is the night that you fucking score 10. So Speaker 0 00:44:36 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:44:37 And of, I should have known because the most popular bet on Draft Kings last night was Andrew Wiggins over 16 and a half. Speaker 0 00:44:43 Oh yeah, then you're done. You know, you're Speaker 1 00:44:46 Dude these promo, oh my God, these promos, the boosts that they have are fucking absurd. They hardly ever cashed. There was one night, I don't know if I told you this one, they had a NBA promo with four players to score 20 points or more. It was Trey Young, LeBron, um, someone else that was good in Tatum. Tatum scored 19, the fewest amount of points he had all year. And to that point was 23 Tatum's averaging 30 a game. He had 19 fucking points that night. How, how did he have fucking 19 points that night? Speaker 0 00:45:19 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:45:20 Come on man. This shit is shady. Speaker 0 00:45:23 Dudes. Listen, there's definitely some, some times where you're like, uh, this seems a little fucked up. It seems a little scripted. Speaker 1 00:45:30 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:45:33 <laugh>, you know, it's kind of funny though because it does sort of seem scripted. There, there are times where like, you know, I, I've looked like I've looked like a genius in front of people because I've been like, you know, I'm thinking about what the over under is on the game and where it is right now. And I'm like, you know, alright, well if Vegas is right and it's gonna get to it, then this is what we're looking at people. They're gonna go down the field, they're gonna score that touchdown, they're gonna leave too much time on the clock. They're gonna come back, they're gonna kick the field goal and actually end up covering that spread. You know, like you just, you kind of go through it like that and people are like, wow, how'd you know? Because you just, it's, it's a numbers game. Speaker 1 00:46:14 How about this perfect example of what you're saying, Thanksgiving Day, Cowboys Giants, giants, uh, Speaker 0 00:46:19 Oh my God, dude, I lost a fucking ton on that. Daniel Jones Garbage time touchdown pack. Speaker 1 00:46:27 Yeah. The Giants covered to spread on that and the total went over. Speaker 0 00:46:31 Fuck, fuck. I literally, I was sitting there, we were talking on, um, on Fantasy alarm. We played beat the book every Friday where we sit there, we, we like pick games and shit and uh, and, and everybody went, uh, giants and the under on, uh, on that. And I was like, you know, the fact that all you guys wanna take the Giants and the under now makes me want to take, and this is also, you know, offensive line issues for the Giants. I was like, I kind of wanna take the Cowboys in the under because this, all of a sudden now it feels like, like a, you know, like a 28 to 10 game, uh, because of, you know, everything that we're seeing here. And, and when he fucking threw that touchdown at the end, that didn't mean anything in the world. Speaker 1 00:47:19 And ma or Mr. Field goal too part of that Speaker 0 00:47:22 Dude, it just, yeah, that, that, that killed me. That oh my God, why? Why would you bring up such a horrible game to me? No. Speaker 1 00:47:33 Cause it was an illustration of what you were referring to. Perfect example, Speaker 0 00:47:37 A horrible illustration. Okay, no more, no more, no more arts and crafts for you. No more drawing <laugh>. Um, alright, check out Adam's, uh, article [email protected] under the NBA group. Uh, you wanna check out his props that he is gonna have over there? Um, you, there's not really a whole lot of MLB stuff to, to sit and go. So let's just, um, let's go back to the nfl. Let's go and talk. Uh, let, let's pick the games, let's pick the spreads and uh, and have some fun, right Adam, let's start off with a little Thursday night football bill's, Patriots bills are three and a half road favorite. And this game does Bill Beek have his guys doing good here? Where you got this one? Speaker 1 00:48:32 Yeah, this line's moving too in the favor of the Patriots. Um, cuz it was five and a half, four and a half. So now it's three and a half. Um, really tough to figure out this Buffalo team. I think they're good, but they're not playing like a top team right now. Uh, Josh Allen has been struggling. He's throwing interceptions. I think the elbow was an issue for him. Um, divisional game. I thought Mack Jones played really well on Thanksgiving. Speaker 0 00:49:01 I thought he played fantastic Speaker 1 00:49:03 On Thanksgiving. Yeah, he made some phenomenal throws in that game. Um, Speaker 0 00:49:08 But do you, do you see like, I mean yeah he made great throws, but was that more like an indictment on how bad the Minnesota secondary really was? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:49:17 But he still put the ball in some good spots. So I think it's a combination, but I thought that was the best game he's played in a while. We know Damien Harris is out so a lot ofAnd Stevenson, which is great if you have him in fantasy. Um, the Bill's defense hasn't been great either. Um, and they have some injuries. They do have Aous White back, Levon Miller's out. I think that's a pretty big loss, man. I just hate taking the Patriots here cuz I, I could see the bills just kind of exploding at any point, but they, they, they struggled to beat Detroit, uh, I think Ole New England, but I don't feel great Speaker 0 00:49:54 Gonna lean New England with the points. I mean, that hook, there's that hook staring at you, isn't it? <laugh>? Um, uh, I I I mean I feel like I I have to lean towards the Patriots in this one as well. Um, obviously a lot of what you just said, even though, even though I do like, what, the fact that the Bill's secondary is healthy now, Poer is back, Dravious White is back. I, I I just, I think it, it's more about Bill scheming against them and, and I think that when you have a, an offense that is so pass heavy, I mean, I'd love to see Buffalo turn around and be like, Ooh, ooh, we're gonna, we're gonna run it a little bit more. But I think that, you know, I think, I think if, if has like the spy on Allen any brackets, Stephan digs, I mean go ahead, try and beat me with the uber inconsistent Gabe Davis. Um, it pains me, but I think that, you know, like I, I kind of look at this game and as funny as it seems, I I, I'm leaning on the under as well, uh, because I do think that the New England defense tries to do their best to kind of clamp down and I just don't know if their offense is really that good enough. Speaker 0 00:51:13 So I think they keep it close. I think it stays within that field goal. Yeah. Uh, jets Vikings next game there. It's the first Sunday game, Mike White <laugh>. You know what? I'm just gonna take the Vikings at home and, and I'm gonna throw the points. I just, I, I can't buy into Mike White. I get that. The, the Jets are looking better. I, I just, I, I, I can't, excuse me, I, I, I just, I, I can't buy into it. I think that the Jets right now, they got a a, a nice win against Chicago last week. Um, they played well. Mike White played well. He was inspiring to his teammates. Um, but I mean, I think that, you know, we also kind of forget that it was this crazy torrential downpour. And if you've ever, you know, I think it was, uh, was Jim pti, uh, and I, we interviewed Brian Acker, and Acker said it. Speaker 0 00:52:12 Acker was like, he's like, when it comes to lousy weather games, the advantage always goes to the offense because the offense knows which way they're running. They know which way they're blocking, they know who they're following. The defense is the one that has to kind of make those pivots, uh, at, at the last second. And, uh, and, and so I just, I feel like the, the, the Jets looked a lot better than they actually were. I don't like Minnesota's secondary, but I'm not, I'm not doing it Adam. I am not falling, I'm not falling for the banana and the tailpipe. I'm taking the Vikings. Speaker 1 00:52:51 Uh, I wanna take the Jets <laugh>. I might by the end of the week. I lean the Vikings right now though, cuz again, different scenario on the road. Um, and we've seen the consistency and it was the Bears Defense. Um, but I think this Jets defense is really good. It could cause problems for Minnesota. So, uh, I lean Minnesota now, but I might change my mind later in the week. Speaker 0 00:53:14 Okay. All right. Well, uh, we'll find out. Head up Adam on Twitter at Adam Ronas and ask him if he's changed his mind. Uh, and he is pivoting to the Jets, uh, battle of the NFC East two teams. You are very familiar with the New York football Giants, home dogs by two and a half points against the Washington Commanders, who, let's face it, commanders are playing some good ball right now. Speaker 1 00:53:38 They are. But I like the Giants here. Um, as home Dogs divisional game, I'm gonna take them. I know they've had some injuries. They might get some players back, but I can't take Washington as a road favorite in this, in this game. You know, they've been, you know, people act like Taylor Heineke is like this Pro Bowl quarterback. He really hasn't done much. They've kind of, man, he's managed the game. It's their defense. Um, that has played really well. Um, maybe they get chased young back, but this looks like a ugly game, but not much offense. Um, and, uh, you know, we, we've seen this home underdogs, especially in division. You want to go that way. So I thought the Giants actually hung in there against Dallas. Um, they came out early. They were passing instead of running. But I'm gonna take the Giants as home dogs here. I think they win this game. Speaker 0 00:54:29 Really, really very interesting. Um, I'm gonna take Washington here and it has nothing to do with them being like Heineke being strong or good or anything like that. I, I, I think that, I think there's a, there's a, there's definitely a problem with the Giants personnel-wise. Just like, I think Brian, Dave Ball's a fantastic coach, but, you know, one of the things they, yeah, they came out throwing, they should have gone back to running the next series. They needed to go back to the run is that's how you beat Dallas. And they decided that they were going to stick with the past too much. Now it's tough to run on Washington. This is a team that, yeah, even if they don't get Chase Young back, they do a good job against the run. And you know, I feel like the Giants don't fucking have anything except for Saquon Barkley. Speaker 1 00:55:23 But it's been that way the entire year and they won seven games. They've Speaker 0 00:55:26 Yeah. No, no, no. They definitely have, and their defense has kind of kept them in it. Cuz the defense has kept a lot of these games super close. I don't know, man. I just, I can't ah, Speaker 1 00:55:37 I mean the Commanders barely struggled to beat Atlanta last week. Speaker 0 00:55:42 I think Atlanta, I think Atlanta gets a, a bum wrap at times. Speaker 1 00:55:45 I think they suck. Speaker 0 00:55:47 I don't think their offense is any good. I think they defense is, is Speaker 1 00:55:50 If they were in a different division, they wouldn't be Have the record. They Speaker 0 00:55:54 Have that division's atrocious. Speaker 1 00:55:56 Yeah. And unfortunately someone has to win it. Speaker 0 00:55:59 So we're split on Washington and, uh, and the Giants and Speaker 1 00:56:02 Washington plays a lot of close games. They beat the Bears by five packers, by two Colts by one. They lost in Vikings by three, the Eagles game, obviously the final scores misleading cuz they scored on the final play of the game. Um, but that was a tight game. Okay. They beat the Texans by 13 on the road. Great. Everyone does. And they won by six last week in a game where Atlanta had the ball at the one yard line and fucked it up and then gave them another penalty when they were punting to end the game. So they've caught some breaks along the way. Again, this is tight game. I just, to me, giants is home. Dogs divisional game. I think there's a spot where they win. Speaker 0 00:56:35 I understand, I understand. You know what, Adam and I hate Speaker 1 00:56:38 The Giants. Speaker 0 00:56:39 Okay. For us to be on opposite sides of the game. It is. Its, it's okay. It's all right. Let's move on. Tennessee, Philadelphia, here we go. Uh, Eagles are a five and a half point favorite, uh, over Tennessee. Um, you know, listen, I and Doon Sue Lenal Joseph added to the mix. I just think that it's, it's more than just being, you know, not having the, uh, the big men right in the middle on that defensive line. Um, I think it's, it's very tough for me to, to bet against, to, to, to not take the points with Tennessee with the way they do run the ball. I mean, listen, the, the, the Eagles past defense rock solid, the Eagles defense overall rock solid. But again, this is just, this is, you know, if you can't stop the run consistently and we haven't seen them stop it consistently, um, then I gotta go with, uh, you know, getting this many points here, uh, Tennessee. So I'm taking the Titans and the points on the road Speaker 1 00:57:42 I am too. Uh, the Eagles just have not been that same dominant team lately. The Packers hung around in that game as well. They lost to Washington. They struggled against the cults. Um, the defense has not been as dominant lately, even with the addition. So they have been susceptible against the run. So we know Derrick Henry's gonna get foot fed and very bull as a a underdog. It's just ridiculous. Um, as an underdog of three points or more, he's 21 and seven against the spread. So <laugh>, it's ridiculous. Um, so I'm gonna take the Titans too. Uh, they should keep this game close at least possibly could win. I hope they win. But I'm gonna take the two with the points. Speaker 0 00:58:26 All right. I like it. I like it. Now let's go to, uh, the, the game of the week. The Denver Broncos traveling to Baltimore. Um, the Ravens are a home favorite by eight and a half. I actually wrote this one up for picks wise. Do you want me to say what I wrote up first or do you want to go first for this game? Speaker 1 00:58:50 Go ahead, read it <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:58:56 Um, alright, so, so I said I'm taking the Rav. Okay. Assuming that Lamar Jackson plays gotta go at the assumption that Lamar Jackson plays, I'm still taking the Ravens and I'm still laying the points. And, and I know that it's a, it's, it's, you know, not a great feeling because again, my normal tendency is wow, everybody's 100% out of the, on the Broncos. The Broncos absolutely fucking suck. They can't put anything together. It's, uh, it, it's crap, whatever. And then, and the Ravens, you know, needing that revenge game now, not, you know, revenge, but to like avenge last week's heartbreak loss and stupid loss to, to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which cost Howard a ton of money as well. So, you know, if, if the, the Ravens are so hell Ben at coming back and the Broncos are so atrocious, well then, you know, everybody else is gonna take the Ravens, which makes me want to take the Broncos, but I'm not going to, because Broncos now they've given up, their defense is starting to soften. Speaker 0 00:59:59 They're, they're obviously upset about what's going on. We saw the whole Mike Perel Russell Wilson thing that, that took place on the, uh, on the sidelines. The last two games. The Denver Broncos who have only allowed 17.4 points per game on the season, um, have given up more than 20 points in each of the last two games. I think the luck is running out on their defense. I think the Ravens do smash this spot. And, uh, I feel like this is a game. This is a game to me. I love the fact that it went up to 38 and a half, cuz I haven't bet it yet. But I wanted to, uh, I wanna take the Ravens laying the points, and I want that under this, this has like 31 7 written all over it. Speaker 1 01:00:40 Denver has gone under in every game this year, except one. Speaker 0 01:00:44 Crazy, right? Speaker 1 01:00:45 Yeah, they're terrible. Yeah. I I can't take Denver right now. I know it's, it's tough to lay points with the Ravens cuz theirs is really struggling right now. It just has not been good. But their defense is still good, even though they weren't great against Jacksonville. I just don't see how Denver puts up points here. Uh, it's every week it's the same story. They don't get better. They get worse. So I'm gonna take, I I take the Ravens laying the points. Speaker 0 01:01:12 All right, look at that. I, I kind of worried that we were gonna not be in lockstep about that. You, you scared me last week when you were like, yeah, I'll take the, uh, what I, when I said I was taking the Panthers and I had written it up, Speaker 1 01:01:26 I said, and I like the Panthers. I said, Speaker 0 01:01:28 Did you, I thought you took the Broncos. Speaker 1 01:01:30 No, I do. I said, how can I take the Broncos as a road dog? I can't do it. Speaker 0 01:01:34 Ah, okay. I was wrong. Speaker 1 01:01:35 Okay. I mean, a road favorite. My bad. I'm like, I can't take the Broncos as a road favorite or anything. Speaker 0 01:01:39 Bronco is any kind of favorite. Yeah. Even it Speaker 1 01:01:41 Gets the Panthers fuck Speaker 0 01:01:43 That road. It doesn't back <laugh>. Um, alright, so there we go. We're both taking the Ravens, laying the points. Cleveland seven Point Road favorite over the Houston Texans. It is the return of Deshaun Watson. It is a revenge game for Deshaun Watson. It's a revenge game for, I don't know, the people in the front office of the Houston, uh, organization. Uh, this one here. What, what's your lean, Speaker 1 01:02:11 Um, Texans with the points, man, this is their Super Bowl, basically. Um, I know they've been terrible, but I think they'll be motivated in this game. And it's not like they're, they have to tank for a pick. I mean, they're pretty much getting the one, even if they lose this game, they're one, nine and one. And then you have teams at three and nine, three and eight. So they're not gonna lose their number one spot here. And, and players don't think like that anyway. Um, looking at the rest of their schedule at Dallas home to the Chiefs at Tennessee, home to Jacksonville at the Colts. Maybe they beat Jacksonville the Colts. I doubt it. Um, but I think they can keep this game close. Um, the Browns have been at disappointment, you know, we're gonna lay seven with the Browns. Uh, yeah, they got a good one against, that was more the aptitude of Tampa. Speaker 1 01:03:01 Um, I was talking about how Tampa had multiple opportunities put that game away and they didn't. I, I sensed it coming. Um, as I was following, I was like, they're Tampa's gonna blow this because they had so many drives to put it away and they couldn't move. The football couldn't convert. Um, the Browns got embarrassed by the Bills, embarrassed by the Dolphins. I mean, the one win that they've had lately by more than seven was home against the Bengals for some reason. They have the Bengals number. So I can't lay seven with Cleveland as bad as Houston is. I, I get it. Um, I think they're gonna be fired up for this game. So I'm gonna take the points. Speaker 0 01:03:36 I mean, it's a good point about them being fired up for this, having nothing like I, you know, it's kind of funny, man, I talked about Damien Pierce and just wondering, like, do you still use Dian Pierce after what we've seen? And you look at the, the, the way you beat the Browns is to just run it up the gut, neutralize the pass rush, neutralize the edge, rushers run it up the gut. Simple as that. And you know, just teams just, they, they, they don't always do it. And you know, for whatever reason, but, and it's, it's very difficult to take the Texans here. But I, I'll agree with you on that and I'll take them, uh, and, and get seven points on that one at least. Just let 'em keep it close. Lovey, come on baby Booy, please just keep it close. It's all we want. I don't give a fuck if the Browns win the game, they can win the game. All they can. I don't care. They're a minus three 20 favorite on the money line. Speaker 0 01:04:30 Here you go. The game, everybody in DFS get a stack at 'em. It's the Jacksonville Jaguars plus one. They're road dog against the Detroit Lions. And I gotta tell you, man, I have absolutely no clue who wins this game. I have zero clue who wins this game. I know what I wanna see. I know what I'd like to see. If I'm gonna make a pick, I will just take the Jags and the points and just hope for the best because of what I've seen out of Trevor Lawrence recently. It has nothing to do with last week's game because I just, you know, I think Detroit is a rock solid team and at home, I, I, I have a hard time seeing them lose this game. But I feel like this game could like turn into a bit of a shootout. It's got a 51 and a half point over under. I feel like this, if if, if it's gonna be Lawrence versus golf, then I want Lawrence. So gimme the Jags plus the point. Speaker 1 01:05:33 Um, I will take Detroit minus one, but I agree with you. It's a toss up. I don't feel strongly. I can't sit here and be like, oh, you're crazy. I do think it's a toss up, but I think Detroit's playing pretty good football. They have the extended rest playing on Thanksgiving. Jacksonville's getting all the buzz after that win against Baltimore. The signature game for Trevor Lawrence, um, doing a lot of good things done the stretch, although he did lose, almost lose a fumble on that drive. Um, but you know, they were down in that game. Um, and most of it. So it feels like people are just, and it's also an emotional win that they're coming off. How do they respond? This is a team that's not used to winning. So, uh, I'm gonna take Detroit here. And they actually open this dogs too. Detroit. Detroit Speaker 0 01:06:18 Did they what? Speaker 1 01:06:19 Yeah, it was plus one and a half tall. Speaker 0 01:06:21 Ah, okay. The line, right? Little line flippy there. Little line flippy. All right, so we're on opposite sides of this one too. But yeah, this is just, that's toss up. Uh, Steelers at the Falcons Steelers. I did a analysis for Speaker 1 01:06:37 Steelers. Cols, I was like, like Steelers. I think you were like them too, so. Yep, Speaker 0 01:06:41 I did as well. Speaker 1 01:06:42 Yeah, I mean, what's the line now? Speaker 0 01:06:45 Um, Falcons are favored by a point. Speaker 1 01:06:48 Oh yeah, gimme the Steelers as dogs. Um, I know it's a point, but TJ Watts back, the defense is better. Um, Falcons don't get any pressure on the quarterback, so it could see a DC game for pick who did miss some throws, but he's got picks Fryer booth. Um, yeah, I just, I'm taking Pittsburgh, Speaker 0 01:07:09 Taking Pittsburgh against the also Pittsburgh's defense. They handle the run very well and fucking Arthur Smith needs to get all of his running backs, touches, and he needs to just sit there and run the ball like excessively and, and not let his guys throw. Um, and you know, listen, coverage-wise also, I mean there's just, there's not enough for the Falcons, um, outside of Drake, London. Now that pits is on the shelf. Uh, you know, because I I just, I nobody believes in Ola Meats a case <laugh>. So <laugh>, I am not worried about that one. There. I'm taking the Steelers plus the point as well. Green Bay Packer, Chicago Bears Battle of the N F C North, kind of sorta kind of the battle of the bottom feeders. Aaron Rogers says he is gonna play, um, says that he got some good news on his, uh, on his test results and everything's all hunky dory. It sounds like the Bears are gonna play Justin Fields this week. Does that make the difference for you if, if they announce, cuz they haven't announced it yet. Does this line, does this go down to three and a half? If Fields is back, does it go to two and a half? If Fields is back Speaker 1 01:08:23 Maybe a point. I mean I'd be surprised if Fields plays, they have a buy next week. You have nothing to play for this guy has any type of soreness or energy. Why would you risk him knowing that he runs a lot and is more susceptible? So yeah, I think this is the game you kind of wait on to see, um, if Fields is out, I'll take Green Bay. We know Rogers owns the Bears and there's not even a lot that Simian plays either because he was dealing with the oblique, they obviously shot him up before the game and he played so it could be Peterman. So I think he kind of have to wait on this. But right now, if Eileen Green Bay, Speaker 0 01:08:58 If Fields plays, do you stay on Green Bay? Speaker 1 01:09:01 Nah, I'd probably take the points with Chicago. Speaker 0 01:09:04 I agree. There you go. I agree with that. Exactly what you just said. If Fields plays, I'll take the points with Chicago. If Fields is out, gimme Green Bay, I'll lay that. That's gonna be a, a fun one for those of you out there who play dfs, little Aaron Jones versus David Montgomery. Both, both running backs in very, very nice spots. I think very, very nice spots this week. Um, moving to the afternoon game. And here's the, this is a big one. This is like a nice little for, I don't know man, I I, I feel like this is a marquee matchup Miami against San Francisco. In San Francisco. You've got Mike McDaniel coming back to face Kyle Shanahan for the very first time. He's bringing Rahi Mo and Jeff Wilson with him. So you've got like a little bit of a reunion going on here. I am a for, for me, listen, I I Shahan is definitely the, uh, the, the, the genius over Mike McDaniel maybe, uh, I love that weaponry that they've got. I just four points. I, I want the four points I'm taking Miami, I'm back in McDaniel. I'm taking the points on this one. Jimmy G's got a sore knee. Their their background <laugh>. I saw a report today Adam, that said that Kevin Coleman could be playing a very important role in this game. And if, if, if, if we're putting eggs into the Kevin Coleman basket, now I'm out. Give me Miami. Speaker 1 01:10:35 Yeah, I think you have issues on Miami side too to run Anstead. Looks like he's gonna be out. Does Austin Jackson play? So I, I'm looking forward to this game. Here's, I wanna take Miami, but I'm probably gonna lean Miami with the points. But to me this is a true litmus test of Miami because everyone's praising now, they're 83, they play great. They have not been up against the defense like this. Okay? They put up 30 against the Texans, 39 against the Browns, 35 against the Bears. 31 against the Alliances. Only 16 against Pittsburgh. 16 against Minnesota. Um, you're gonna tell me, oh, they beat the bills. They scored 21 in that game. They didn't have the ball. Um, they had the great comeback against the Ravens a week too. But they have not faced a defense like San Francisco in a long time. Even the Jets game. And I don't think Tua played that game, right? They, they lost 40 to 17, but yeah, Tua did not play. Yeah, it was a Skylar Thompson Bridgewater game two hasn't faced the, a defense like this. I dunno if you've heard this, that San Francisco has not allowed a point in the second half for straight games. Speaker 0 01:11:42 Good adjustments. Good adjustments Speaker 1 01:11:44 And with Bosa out there. So we are gonna find out how good Miami is. That's these, these next three weeks. This is their schedule at San Frand, at the Chargers, at the bills. We're gonna find out about Miami the next three weeks and specifically this week. So I think they're good, but I still need to see them do it against the defense like San Francisco and with Armstead out. I think that's a problem. Now San Francisco, obviously as you mentioned, issues on their side, McCaffrey dealing with this knee issue. We know Elijah Mitchell's out. I mean, are we really looking at Kevin Cole? Jordan Mason says Davis Price, um, become a factor. Uh, I think they used Mason this past week cuz special teams, um, Deebo is banged up with a couple of injuries. So I'll take the four right now, but I'm kind of torn on this game. But I'm really looking forward to this cuz I think we're gonna find out a lot about Miami this week. Cuz if they don't do anything on this defense, I don't see how you can, it's one game. But I'm gonna be like, yeah, I don't know if they're gonna do anything in the post-season. Cause they've been putting up points on all these shitty defenses. They're gonna get tested this week. Speaker 0 01:12:51 They're definitely gonna get tested this week. No doubt, no doubt. Looking forward to it, man. I'm actually, I'm really looking forward to that one. Um, Seattle against the Rams <laugh>. Seattle's a seven and a half point favorite on the road. I I, you know, I I hate the hook on this one, but I don't know how you back the Rams considering they are packing it in. Like Speaker 1 01:13:19 I just, I don't see, I I know the Sea Oaks were kind of run on. Well definitely run on by Josh Jacobs last week. Speaker 0 01:13:27 Well, don't even, don't even Cam Acres me here, <laugh>. Speaker 1 01:13:31 Um, no, no, no, I'm not, I'm not backing anyone on the Rams. I mean, look, Aaron Donald's gonna be out, Robinson's out for the air cups out for the year. Stafford's not playing. I mean, it's just like, come on man. And um, the Rams are teams above 500 oh and five and lost by an average of 16.2 points. So I, I can't back the Rams here. Just can't do it. If they lose by seven, if the Rams lose by seven, uh, whatever. But I can't back the Rams. Speaker 0 01:13:57 I agree. I won't do it. I hate the the hook here. If you can buy off that, that, you know, half point and just bring it down to seven just to play it safe. I, uh, I'm, I'm okay with that. Um, but yeah, I can't back the fucking ramps. They're terrible so bad. Uh, here you go. The one that everybody wants to invest in here. Well, game number one, Kansas City Chiefs Cincinnati Bengals. It is a, uh, uh, you know, a, a replay of the AFC Championship game, which the Bengals won. 27 to 24 chiefs are a road favorite. Buy a point and a half. I wrote this one up for picks wise. I'll let you go first. Speaker 1 01:14:38 Yeah, I lean the Bengals here. They're home. Chase should be back. It looks like Mixings gonna play. It's a pretty, pretty big game for them. They have a really tough schedule ahead. Um, they still have a chance to win this division. Uh, we saw this game week 17 last year. Burrow had a monster game. Chase had a monster game. Um, so I think Cincinnati could win this game. Um, uh, so I'm, I'm gonna take the Bengals with the points Speaker 0 01:15:04 And I am not, I am taking the Chiefs and I'm laying that point in a half that, uh, that is there. I just, yeah, I mean, listen, I get it. Everything that we're seeing with the Bengals right now, they're gonna get Joe Mixon back from concussion protocol. Jamar Chase gonna be on the field again. Swag Joe. You know, listen, there's, there's like a whole bunch of, you know, wonderful stuff going on here with the, uh, with the Cincinnati Bengals. I just, I just, I I I believe so much in Patrick Mahomes. Like, I'm not, not to the point where I'm like Chris Collinsworth with, you know, sitting on my knees with my mouth open hoping he walks past me in the locker room. I I'm just saying that I think that Juju Smith Schuster's back, they've got a good solid ground game here with Pacheco. Speaker 0 01:15:53 Cincinnati's Secondary also banged up having some trouble. They've been giving up, uh, you know, more yards lately in the past, I think four or five weeks. Um, you know, like this is a game where it's just, I mean, the point and a half this is like, who do you think wins this game? And you say you think the Bengals win. And I say that I think the Chiefs went. So, um, I, I think that's really kind of what it comes down to. What about the over under in this one? How about that 53 for you? What do you think? Speaker 1 01:16:21 Um, I wanna see what the weather's gonna be like. Speaker 0 01:16:25 Yes. Weather is definitely, could be a win a Speaker 1 01:16:27 Good thing. Yeah, it could be a win factor. I mean you would, I I would lean towards the over, I mean I know it's a high number, but I, I think we're seeing points in this game. Speaker 0 01:16:36 The over is four one and one over the last six games for the Bengals. It's five and one in Chief's Road games this season, Speaker 1 01:16:44 An eight and one in the Chief's last nine Rowan games to the over Speaker 0 01:16:49 Eight. And look at that tack on an extra three spot in there. Um, yeah, so I have the over on this one here. I think that, so for me it's Chiefs and the over for you it's Bengals and the Over. Yes, I can dig it. I can dig it. Chargers, Raiders. Did I write this one up too? I think I fucking wrote this one up up too. So man, I can't, yep. I wrote it up. So I'll just, you know, I'll, I'll go through it here first. I'll say it. Um, I'm taking the Chargers and I'm laying the point in a half. Um, I mean, first of all, we gotta see what's going on with Josh Jacobs. Like, the report is that he tweaked his calf, I guess, like, you know, on that 86 yard overtime touchdown run. That fucked me in the ass on a bet. Speaker 0 01:17:38 Um, cuz I had the Seahawks laying three and a half. Um, I mean if, you know, it comes down to Jacob's, if Jacob's is, is in, then I, I I kind of, you know, I, I worry about it, but I still think that the Chargers just, it's the Firepower man. It's Herbert, it's Keenan Allen getting back Mike Williams, or they're supposed to get back Mike Williams. But even if Mike Williams isn't there, you still have Josh Palmer, Deandre Carter. I just, I think that the, that the, the Raiders secondary is just such shit that I, I just, I have to go with the Chargers as the better offense. And then let's not forget what past catching running backs have done to the Raiders. I mean, the past catching running backs we go through it have just absolutely decimated them. So, you know, I hate taking the charges as a favorite. Mostly when it's at home in this road game here. I'm gonna take them. Speaker 1 01:18:36 I will take them too, probably regret it on Sunday night. But Speaker 0 01:18:39 <laugh>, Speaker 1 01:18:40 I will take them. Uh, it is, it's always tough with them. It's tough to trust them, but they really need this game. I know the Raiders had a good game last week, but, uh, yeah, I can't, I can't take the Raiders. Speaker 0 01:18:53 Yeah. Okay. Um, Sunday night, your Dallas Cowboys are an 11 point favorite over the cults at home. <laugh>. I know you hate this, like, like Jonathan Taylor running against Dallas and you're still, and you're such a huge favorite at home. This one grinds you gears, doesn't it? Speaker 1 01:19:15 Yeah, I would take the points, man. I mean, I think you kind of have to, maybe they keep it close. Um, obviously Matt Ryan's gonna be harassed. I mean, he looked terrible, can't move. Um, but, you know, big underdog here in a, um, primetime spot, you know, the colds could, you know, grind it out. So it's a, yeah, I mean we still, the Cowboys didn't cover nine and a half against the Giants mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So, you know, they, they probably win this game by 10, maybe. We're looking at a 24 14 27 17 game. So I would take the points Speaker 0 01:19:50 And the points we will have final game of the week, Monday night Football, new Orleans Saints against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, bucks at home as a four point favorite. I'm, I'm just, I'm taking the Bucks, Speaker 1 01:20:04 I'm taking the Saints, bro. The Bucks, I, they suck. Um, Speaker 0 01:20:08 So the Speaker 1 01:20:09 Saints, I know that, but the Saints, they'll be, I think they'll be inspired for this national and TV game. I mean, bucks might win by three. I mean, you got the, we'll see Alamar plays him and Mike Evans. Hopefully he will just for that. Then he could sit out the rest of the year. Tap tab. Brutal. Brutal man. Um, Tristan W is out. Yeah. Um, Winfield is hurt. I mean, Speaker 0 01:20:31 Oh, Winfield's back. I saw him back, Speaker 1 01:20:34 But he's been banged up. Yeah, I think, did he leave cause of a concussion again? I thought he left the game. Did I thought he left the game. Let Speaker 0 01:20:40 Me, lemme look this shit up. Let me let look this shit up before I like make any, any freaking statements. And I hate the saints. God, I hate the saints. Speaker 1 01:20:50 He's hurt. I don't because, uh, there's something about an injury update from Speaker 0 01:20:54 Balls on. Yeah, I'm seeing it. Ankle injury. Speaker 1 01:20:58 Yeah, a concussion Speaker 0 01:20:59 Suffered an ankle sprain. Jesus Christ. Speaker 1 01:21:03 Yeah. So, and he is being evaluated for another concussion. Speaker 0 01:21:08 I hate the Saints though. I hate the box. Speaker 1 01:21:10 I get it. But the bucks suck too, man. So, and it's a low total. So, um, and Brady, you know, he has not done well against the spread in Prime time recently. Speaker 0 01:21:22 I have not noticed that Speaker 1 01:21:23 He has. It's uh, I think with the Bucks he's two and 10 against the spread in prime time. Really? Yeah. So it's four. I'm taking, I'm taking the Saints again. Speaker 0 01:21:33 All right. I'm taking the Saints too. Yeah, Speaker 1 01:21:35 These Speaker 0 01:21:35 Both two and 10. Speaker 1 01:21:37 These teams are horrendous, bro. Both teams. I mean the Bucks, man, I mean they're probably gonna win this division. I'm just worried because I was talking to Corey Pars about this and he's like, yeah man, I can't wait. Dallas at Tampa at first Round. I'm like, dude, don't do this man. Tab is gonna have like the shittiest year be under 500 and then fucking wake up in the playoffs. I'm like, yeah, I just <laugh>. I hope not. Speaker 0 01:22:00 Cause Speaker 1 01:22:00 We've seen those signs of it. But you know, obviously as of right now, the, that division and winners clearly gonna be the four. If Dallas can't win the division and there two games back of Philly, they would need Philly to slip up and then they have to be Philly on Christmas Eve. Um, so it's a long shot. Dallas probably is gonna be the five, which means they play Tampa in the first round of the division winner. And man, that, I could just see that being a, a disaster. But Speaker 0 01:22:29 I love listening to this unfold because I, I can't wait to just drop this onto Bowden too. Speaker 1 01:22:35 Yeah, I mean, look, I'm hoping not <laugh>, I mean tapping beat Dallas in week one, but then again different teams, but you know, you still as bad as it's been, you're like, uh, it's still Tom Brady in the playoffs and they're home. So I would love for Atlanta to win this division, but that ain't happening, Speaker 0 01:22:51 Dude. What do you think takes the NFC South six and 10 or seven and nine? Speaker 1 01:22:56 Well, you gotta add another game. 17. Speaker 0 01:22:59 Oh, sorry. Yeah, I meant, I meant, uh, Speaker 1 01:23:02 I'd say it's pro, it's probably Speaker 0 01:23:03 And Speaker 1 01:23:04 10 it's pro. Let's see, look at their schedule. They have the Saints at home at San Francisco, home to the Bengals at Arizona, home to Carolina at Atlanta. They probably win two or three. So I'd say 8, 8, 9. Speaker 0 01:23:19 Eight, nine takes that division. Ah, so crappy. So crappy. Well, alright folks. There you go. Little, little week 13, action. A little fancy football talk, a little NBA prop betting again. Let's see Better Sports Network. Download the app, listen to Festy and Rons, uh, five to 7:00 PM Eastern Monday through Friday. They have an OnDemand. Jim and I have an OnDemand at SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. We're on from five to seven. Um, coming up, uh, yeah, like, I guess this weekend. Adam's got his article on picks wise, uh, on Friday. Um, my game previews, my three games that I wrote up over at picks wise are, are up right now for you DFS people. I've got the playbook coming out on Saturday as always. And, uh, we look forward to, uh, to crushing it with you guys. All your bets, all your fantasy games, all of your, uh, your DFS contests, uh, as well. Adam, any kind of a parting shot you want to take, Speaker 1 01:24:28 Ah, good luck to all those that need a win this week. Speaker 0 01:24:31 Everybody needs a win. Adam, don't you read your social media? Ah, bro, I need a win. I need a win so bad this week. Who do I start? Speaker 1 01:24:39 I definitely need wins in a couple of my league or my season's over. Speaker 0 01:24:43 I do as well. We all do. That's the beauty of it all. We Speaker 1 01:24:46 All, all the nine and three teams don't. Speaker 0 01:24:49 Yeah, but then they get screwed on seeding and stuff like that. And it's a problem then it's a problem. But that's gonna do it for us here on cash. It, as always, we thank you all very, very much for liking and subscribing and, uh, all the good stuff that comes with it. So for Adam Rons, I'm Howard Bender. We'll catch you next day.

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