December 08, 2022


Cash It: NFL Week 14 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs, NBA Prop Bets & MLB Free Agency

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Week 14 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs, NBA Prop Bets & MLB Free Agency
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Week 14 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs, NBA Prop Bets & MLB Free Agency

Dec 08 2022 | 01:15:07


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis deliver a classic all-sports podcast episode this week. They dive into the latest NFL injuries impacting the fantasy football playoffs, MLB free agents Aaron Judge signing with the New York Yankees and the New York Mets trade-out of Jacob deGrom for Justin Verlander, top NBA players to watch this weekend for betting player props and, if course, they give you the full breakdown of NFL Week 14 picks against the spread. They give you everything you need for a successful and profitable betting weekend while also helping to pave your way to a fantasy football championship.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome to Cash it. I'm Howard Bender with me. Of course. Adam. Rons, uh, how's the week been, Adam, how did, how did NFL week 13 treat you? How have, uh, how those NBA prop bes treat you last week? Uh, what's going on, man? Speaker 1 00:00:19 Uh, pretty good. I mean, an NFL week 13 wasn't great as far as fantasy. Uh, got eliminated in the league where I have the fourth most points in the league. I have more points than two, eight and five teams, but I'm five and eight, so I'm out. So that sucked. Uh, my home league got better. I moved up to third place, so should get in. My GST team sucks. So that's pretty much done unless I put up like 300 points this week and I have, uh, three or four players on by. So, uh, wasn't, wasn't great, wasn't awful, but, you know, just kind of frustrating when you put up a lot of points. And, uh, you have more points than teams with better records than you don't get in, cuz they only do the stupid top six records. Speaker 0 00:01:06 Um, the serious XM super flex host league, I am six and seven in like seventh place and I am the points leader for that league and I'm missing the playoffs. Speaker 1 00:01:21 It's just so dumb, man. You know, I don't understand how in those leagues we're not, I remember one because I have not been in the host league every year I'm in this year. Um, but I remember I felt like two or three years ago we did a lot one the final spot for points. Like, I don't understand how they're not doing it in those leagues, man. Like, I just don't get it, man. Speaker 0 00:01:43 That's probably because that was a league that Matt Deutch con, you know, convinced me to commission somehow and I set up the playoffs in the proper fashion to make sure that that happened. I remember I did that and, you know, for like my fantasy league one year for him where I kind of set everything up. So yeah, dude, it's, you know, and, and, and we've, you know, we've kind of been around, I mean, you and I have been around and around about this, you know, entire topic. Um, I'm sure you're championing it on, uh, on the BSN show, the Better Sports Network Show that you and Fey do. I've been talking about it a lot on Sirius xm. It's, you know, yeah, it, it, it totally sucks. Like, to sit there and, and to put together, and again, like I said, we're not, we're not saying everything has to be on points. What you just, you know, one team make one team at minimum, one team gets in just based on the total number of points that they have. That's it. I mean, that right there just eliminates that little, just, just that ounce of, you know, like a, like another bit of luck gets taken away from like the whole head to head format. Speaker 1 00:02:53 I mean, in your GST league, I was looking at it right now, if the season ended and obviously this week left, there's, there will be a three and 10 and a five and 18 getting in on points, Speaker 0 00:03:05 Really, on my in mind. Speaker 1 00:03:08 Yes. Because the way we do it in the GST league, which is the Green Street Tavern League after, uh, Christopher Carroll's bar in, uh, New York City is, um, we do top record gets the one seat then outta the remaining 11. The team with the most points gets the two, those two get a vibe. And the three and four, the next two best records. And then the final two are most points outta the remaining eight teams left. And in that league, the two with the most points, one is five and eight, one is three and 10 as of right now, that can obviously change based on week 14. Uh, but that's how it is right now. Speaker 0 00:03:41 Now what happens? Help me here. Um, cuz in, in my league, I mean, I love the fact, I mean, if we're gonna have a team that, that jumps in on points at, uh, at at three and 10 is is, I mean, it's hysterical. It's really hysterical to see that. I didn't even, I, you know, it's so funny, I didn't even look that far down. I'm all doing it. The, I Speaker 1 00:04:02 Mean, it's, it's our, it's our guy Joel Dega who co-owns the bar. Christopher Care, he's got 1,862 points. Yeah. And he has three and 10. But, um, he would get in and I know some people might be outraged by that. Um, and then team Tim Heney, he has 1,917 points and he's five and eight. So right now they're the five and the six. Speaker 0 00:04:22 Oh boy, that's actually, that's, that's pretty funny. It's kind of cool. I'm very happy about that. I think that that's, uh, I mean, again, yeah, I agree. I think, you know, and listen, I get it, I get it. I love the head-to-head format and the talking smack and the back and forth and picking up wins that way. But I mean, when, when it comes down to it, right, don't you, don't you want the teams that score the most, you know, that have the strongest teams? I, I guess it, it doesn't necessarily mean that, that, you know, that it is necessarily the, the best team or, or higher scoring team. They could just have a couple of, do they have a couple of weeks where they like went absolutely bonkers or you know, have they just been steadily all along? Speaker 1 00:05:05 Yeah, and that's I guess the one argument that I've gotten against. But, you know, there's always a multitude of factors as to why those teams are in that position. But I usually look at points against, and it's usually that it's a little misleading in this league cuz we did all play for the first three weeks and I had to manually put it together. So those points against are a little skewed because of those three, right. Um, so what I tried to do is put the highest score against the low score. So, you know, it's a little misleading, but in a lot of other leagues where you're just doing, you know, one matchup, um, again, I'll all for, there's a multitude of ways to do this and you know, I won't go too in depth cause we've done it a lot on this podcast, but maybe people are listening for first time. Speaker 1 00:05:44 But like F sga top three records, next three most points. I like that. Playing the Flex league, they do a median score. This was instituted this year, so there's a median score. If you're above it, you get another win. If you're below, you get another loss. So it's kind of like my home league where we do double headers. And even the double headers for years worked. And then there was a year where it didn't. So now even with double headers, I do top five records and then outta the remaining most points. But look, if you played fantasy football for a long time, you've been on both sides, you've been a low scorer that had a good record, and you got in and you know, you got lucky and you probably didn't win the championship and you've been on the other side where Howard's team, my team that we just alluded to, you put up a good amount of points. Speaker 1 00:06:24 You're anywhere between one and four in the leading points. And I always know what it is. Well, yeah, I'm six and seven, I'm five in it and didn't get in. What's your points against? And it's either one or two in the league. It's always why, it's always why it's never fails. There's a reason why you are up in points, but your record's not good because every week your points against are high. And again, the schedule is random. There's no logic to it. This is not the nfl. We're gonna play our division teams twice, then we're gonna play a first place schedule. If you finish first, there's no, it's all random and it's luck where you might just be facing a team that never has their top players on buy. And then on the flip side, the team that's above you with the low points against they, um, you know, get the top player on the other team on buy every week. Like, there's so many things. And like anything in fantasy, I think commissioners, people do content. The goal is to eliminate as much luck as possible. You're never gonna eliminate completely. It's the same thing in life, right? You get lucky. A lot of life is timing and you know, you have friends like, damn, they're just lucky. Like things just break right for them. And you have other friends where they're just unlucky and nothing goes right for them. So it happens in fantasy, but we have the ability to eliminate some of that luck factor. Speaker 0 00:07:44 We do the best that we can with it. No doubt about it. Eh, I, uh, I need a big week this week of the gst this whole Joe mixing situation is just coming at the, just the, the absolute worst time for me. Um, you know, because in this league, I I, and I feel like I I may or may not, I don't think I did, I don't think I ever drafted Samage Prine as the handcuff. And I think I just didn't go after him. Probably when I should have for, uh, for, for making sure that I like took care of, you know, my backups and made sure that I did that. And that's, uh, uh, troubling because in this one here, top record overall gets paid out and then Top Points getter overall gets paid out. Also, if you have the top record and the number, top number of points, you're getting paid double, right? Speaker 1 00:08:38 Yeah. And right now both leagues have the same guy with both. Speaker 0 00:08:42 Yeah. Well, I love you Joe Galina, but I'm coming after you, man. Speaker 1 00:08:46 It's not Galina in your Speaker 0 00:08:47 League. Oh, it's not? Who is it? Joe, Speaker 1 00:08:49 Joe D dmo, if I'm saying his name right. Speaker 0 00:08:53 Oh, Joe. Speaker 1 00:08:54 Oh yeah, you weren't, oh yeah, you were, you weren't in the Dr. Live. That's right. So you probably didn't meet him. Speaker 0 00:09:00 I did not. I did not. All right. I thought it was Joe Galina. Speaker 1 00:09:04 Nah, gal's in my league. Speaker 0 00:09:07 Okay. All right. Well, right Joe, Joe Deo. Hey Joey. Joe. Hey Joey though, Jacko, I'm from Brooklyn. Yeah, I, I really, uh, just sit your eyes today, this week. Just you can have the record. You can have the record. I just, uh, I I want the, uh, I want the, the, the points. Then give me the points. What happens if we tie, what happens if, uh, if he and I have the same exact record. Um, but one person has more points than the other. Speaker 1 00:09:35 The tiebreaker is points. Speaker 0 00:09:39 Oh, so I gotta, I, I can't tie. So, alright, so I have to beat 'em in points then? Yes, completely. All right. I, whoa. Speaker 1 00:09:47 I mean, but you should still, you're still in good shape to get a, well, no, I guess. Yeah. Um, you're still in good shape to get a first round by. Speaker 0 00:09:58 Yeah, I mean, well, I mean, and Speaker 1 00:10:00 You couldn't get outscored. I mean, you have 2017, the next highest is 1968. So Speaker 0 00:10:09 Don't put that negativity out there, Speaker 1 00:10:10 Adam. I'm not, I'm stating facts. Don't get mad at me. Speaker 0 00:10:13 I'm not getting mad. My Speaker 1 00:10:15 Team sucks, Speaker 0 00:10:15 Man. I'm sorry that you're, this Speaker 1 00:10:17 Is the worst. This is the first year. I'm not gonna make the playoffs in the gst. Just pathetic. Speaker 0 00:10:22 My heart breaks for you kid. My heart breaks for Speaker 1 00:10:24 You so bad. Speaker 0 00:10:26 Dude. There are a couple of leagues where I'm like really, really like, yeah, it's, uh, it's, this is, I mean let's face facts. This has been a really weird year for fantasy. Speaker 1 00:10:37 I think it has. And I know a lot of people say, oh, we say that every year. I really do think this has kind of been a weird year, just cuz offense has been so bad and quarterback play's been bad, you know, when years pass we're like, oh, you can wait on quarterback, you could this year. Cuz those mid-range quarterbacks have all sucked or haven't been great. Right? Speaker 0 00:10:57 Yeah. All right, well, um, listen, uh, it's playoff push time and, you know, we do the best that we can to kind of help you guys out. Um, we make ourselves fully available, uh, at Adam Ronas on Twitter at Roto Buzz guy for me, uh, answering questions, you know, if you're, uh, if you're part of Fantasy Alarm, uh, we do the q and a always in, uh, in, in Discord. Uh, we can help you out over there. Adam's got his weekly rankings, weekly fantasy football rankings over at uh, fantasy He does 'em for standard half point and full point ppr. And, uh, I got the DFS work, uh, coming in on the, uh, on the weekends as well. So, um, anything, I mean, are you just, are you so disgruntled right now about fantasy football that you just wanna start talking about something else? Speaker 1 00:11:50 No, I'm good either way. I mean, I have some teams, um, that are actually, I think I think we spoke about on here, but I had an RT sports championship team where I thought I was gonna be illuminated. Where going into last week I was nine and three, right? Yeah. I was nine and three and I didn't have as much points. There were two 10 and two teams and I thought I was done and I got in, I got a win last week. One of those teams lost and I was able to get in with this, uh, second record. So that was, uh, pretty, pretty cool cuz I thought I was done. I was like, oh, and I wasn't, I couldn't be upset because just like I argued, I didn't have enough points. I'm like, all right, but fortunately I got a team to lose that I need to lose. Speaker 1 00:12:30 I gotta win. Uh, and I'm in. So, um, even though I did have Jimmy G on that team, and I do have Trevor Lawrence and I saw, and I was like, uh, and this is the last week of, uh, fab in that waiver wire and I have the least amount of money of the four teams <laugh>. So I'm like, all right, all the money's going on. Huntley hope I get him. But it sounds like Lawrence is gonna play, but still, you know, he obviously had the injury last week and I remember watching him like, oh, are you kidding me man? Cause I had Lawrence in a couple leagues. I was like, please come back, please. And he actually did, didn't have a great game. Um, but they, it does sound like he is gonna play, but you never know. Like he could be worse later in the week. So, uh, just I'm happy to get in in that one. Speaker 0 00:13:12 Let's, let's talk about the quarterback situation right now, because this is actually, this is kind of a, a, a pain in the ass for a lot of people. Uh, you know, I lost, I lost Lamar Jackson, the Fs g a, right? I mean, I'm, I'm clearly going to the playoffs. There is not a single, oh, I didn't even, oh, waivers runs tonight, doesn't it? Yeah. Yeah. So I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do over there. I mean, you know, I don't have any fab left and I'm gonna have to just, basically Speaker 1 00:13:39 I'm gonna bid $1 in Huntley just to fuck you, Speaker 0 00:13:42 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:13:43 Nah, I'm not, honestly, I wouldn't if I was playing you, that's different. I have no problem with that. But I gotta worry about my team. I'm, I'm like 26 points out of a playoff spot right now and I, I don't have Pitman in Watson this week and this is a 14 team league, so I'm kind of fucked. Speaker 0 00:14:01 Oh Speaker 1 00:14:01 Yeah. So I, I mean look, I, I just hope my guys have big games and I can get in somehow, but, uh, Speaker 0 00:14:08 I can't even, I can't even make a claim. I have no bid. I don't think you can bid $0. You Speaker 1 00:14:13 Can't. So you have to wait until after fat bronze when the first come, first serve. Speaker 0 00:14:18 Yeah. Which means that what I gotta, I gotta get up at, you know, at the, at the ass cracker. You're Speaker 1 00:14:23 Up, up, you're up early. Anyway, Speaker 0 00:14:25 <laugh>. So that I can, so that I can snag me some, some Davis Mills, who's the new starting quarterbacks with Houston, Speaker 1 00:14:33 You know, someone's gonna take Huntley, I would think, you know what though? Speaker 0 00:14:38 I don't know if somebody's gonna take Conley because I'll tell you what, look who's available here. It's Jared Goff. Yeah, Matt Ryan Russell Wilson. Ryan Tannen is available. Speaker 1 00:14:47 Ryan's on by. So no one's taking him. Matt? Speaker 0 00:14:50 Oh yeah, yeah. Ryan's on by. All right. But here, Goff Wilson. Tannahill Mills. Mack Jones, those are the guys who are available. I'm sure. Um, Sam Darn and Tyler Huntley all available. So, I mean, I'm gonna, you know, just, I'm gonna have to just, it is what it is. There's nothing else I can do about it. Hope for the Speaker 1 00:15:14 Best. I was just gonna say, so I go to the roster grid. I see this team probably hasn't checked their team all year, cuz I was gonna say, oh, this is a team that needs a quarterback. Aaron, Roger, Bob, they still have Stafford on their roster. And Carson, we, oh, this is a joke with some of these fucking teams, man. Speaker 0 00:15:28 Yeah, it's mean. Drive me nuts, man. It Speaker 1 00:15:31 Drives me nuts. It does, man. Like again, I know this is not a high dollar league, but people do pay $50 to be in this and it's the FSG a and there's a lot of people who wanna be in this who do take this seriously. And then we got these clowns in here that fucking don't do shit. Yeah. There's a team. I don't even think that's touched their team. Like how is this happening? Speaker 0 00:15:53 Um, how is it happening? I, I see that's the thing, you know, and, and I'll tell you what, one of the biggest problems that I have and, and you know, I mean, yes, this does happen at the, uh, at the higher level as well in the Champions League. But, you know, here's the thing is like, we're sitting here, you know, they, they built out all of these extra Fs, g a leagues, they talk about fucking relegation and like, I got screwed. I had like, I, I had like the, the the, I was like right in the middle of total points or like, there were like four people who had fewer points than I did. But on my team got relegated because I had a shitty record. And I was like, I had like, you know, one of the, the, I think the last place record or the second, the last place record. And so I get relegated into one of these other divisions and now, you know, and, and, and I'm supposed to be playing my way back in, but I got fucking guys who I'm competing against who don't give a shit. Yeah. Like why do we have so many leagues? If we have guys who don't give a shit, Speaker 1 00:16:50 They should be eliminated. And honestly, if it happens like the first two weeks, they, their, their team should be given to someone else. I mean, it, it's really bad. Um, there is one team that will be, and they are in playoff contention that will be after a quarterback. They have Jimmy G and no one else. Uh, NBC Sports Edge. Do they have any money left? Let's see, NBC Sports Edge, they have $3. Speaker 0 00:17:17 Um, I'm sure he's gonna probably go after Jared Goff Speaker 1 00:17:21 Probably. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:17:22 Which will be fun. You, you, Speaker 1 00:17:23 You might, you might, you might get lucky and get Huntly for nothing. Now I got a bit on him now just to fuck you Speaker 0 00:17:29 Such a dick, man. You, you, you bullshit six and sec seven record and got Speaker 1 00:17:36 Behind you in points. So shut Speaker 0 00:17:38 Up. Are you total points? Yeah. Piece of shit. Speaker 1 00:17:41 You got how many points you got? Speaker 0 00:17:43 How many points? I got 1585. Speaker 1 00:17:45 Okay. I got 1536. Speaker 0 00:17:48 Right. So you can take your piece of shit record and your crap fewer points. Speaker 1 00:17:54 You shouldn't have brought this up. I probably should do this cuz I am trying to catch you. Cuz I could Yeah cuz if you lose, you could fall out of the top 30 records and then we be battling for points. I might have to. Hmm. Interesting. But the problem is, man, my team is Speaker 0 00:18:12 Hurt. I can't, I Speaker 1 00:18:13 Already have, I already have two quarterbacks on my roster, which I never do. What happened was, I think it was the cousin's Jets game that I was worried about and Gino Smith was available. So I picked up Gino and I've obviously started Gino the last two weeks and he's been really good. Um, I mean, cousins does have a good match against lines, but I've seen the Lions past defenses Top five in Dvo a the last four weeks. Um, but yeah, I'm hurting at the other positions cuz right now I got a Deandre Carter in my lineup. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:18:40 All right, well then why don't you, I'll tell you what you fuck me on. The quarterback just drops on of the night. Speaker 1 00:18:46 No, I gotta figure out if I'm gonna play 'em. Hashtag Speaker 0 00:18:49 Hashtag night riders baby. Speaker 1 00:18:51 I have, uh, Naji Harris, Dian Pierce. Speaker 0 00:18:55 Yeah, I know. Who's on your fucking team? Nobody. Speaker 1 00:18:56 Yeah, boy, I gotta figure out who to start. Speaker 0 00:18:58 You get shit. Who's on your team, Adam? Team Speaker 1 00:19:00 Suck sucks. I need Cie lamb to put up 40 this week. Speaker 0 00:19:04 Yeah, good luck with that. Speaker 1 00:19:05 Damn. Not having Christian Watson this week is such a fucking kick in the nuts. The guy has eight even though he has eight touchdowns on his, uh, last 17 touches, which we know is not sustainable. But that's a big loss. Speaker 0 00:19:17 Mm, that's Speaker 1 00:19:19 All right. I think, I think neither of us are winning this league anyway, right? Speaker 0 00:19:22 Yeah, probably not. I mean, listen, I, yeah, I'm like, I'm at the point where I'm just, I'm looking at this team. I mean, I, I've been keeping this shit together with smoke and mirrors the entire time. Uh, and now, I mean, like, you know, this week I've got, you know, I I don't think I have anybody to even play. Like it's, it's, it's, it's almost, uh, this team started off so well and then just fucking injuries decimated me the rest of the way. Speaker 1 00:19:47 So wait, Des, how was this team is seven and six that has Carson Wentz on their bench. Speaker 0 00:19:53 Oh, I Speaker 1 00:19:54 Dunno, dude. Like, okay, this is a 14 team league with six bench spots. Your quarterback's Rogers Stafford. Why is Carson once on your team? Speaker 0 00:20:06 Dude, I don't know. I, I have no idea. I don't know, I don't know who these guys are. I don't know how they're, I know Chris Wilson from NBC Sports Edge, like I know him and he sat next to me at the draft. I don't know any of these other guys. Scott Speaker 1 00:20:21 Engel. Scott Engel's in this league. Speaker 0 00:20:23 Who's he? Speaker 1 00:20:24 Which is in this league? Speaker 0 00:20:27 Who? Speaker 1 00:20:28 Bob Long. Speaker 0 00:20:29 Oh, I know Bob Long. Oh yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:31 Okay. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:20:32 Long. I know. Speaker 1 00:20:33 You gotta make sure you get that invite back to the, uh, Speaker 0 00:20:36 To the expo. The Speaker 1 00:20:37 Expo. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:20:38 <laugh> <laugh>. Oh man. Yeah. This, so, so yeah, the quarterback situation I think is really what's, what's been like the big sticking point all week for, for a lot of people, um, where to go with it. Like if Huntley were available to me, great. Um, I'm sure somebody already owns Mike White, but I'm not interested in Mike White anyway, uh, going up against Buffalo. I have no desire for that. Um, yeah, it's like this, you know, you, you, you know, you get to a point where people are sitting there, they're, they're coming to you for help. They need to, you know, I don't know what to do Howard. I lost Jimmy G uh, my backup just got benched and, and I don't know where to go. And it's like, you know, you're, you're at week 14 and you know, and it's like if somebody came to me with my Fs g A team and they were like, what, what do I do with this with the playoffs? And I'm like, I don't fucking know, dude. I honestly, like, there's just some, there are some injuries that, I mean, I'll always fight against to, to make sure that, you know, I I I put my best foot forward, but dude there is just, there is so much falling apart about this team with injuries that I'm like, uh, probably gonna have to pack it in. Speaker 1 00:21:55 Yeah. Almost. Speaker 0 00:21:56 Almost. Don't wanna make the playoffs. Speaker 1 00:21:58 Um, I wouldn't go that far. You always want to get in, but real, you know, you realistically assess your team and you're like, yeah, this team is probably not going anywhere. I mean, look, I don't blame anyone for not having a backup with Lamar Jackson if you only have six bench spots. Uh, I do have Lamar, I have Lamar Jackson in two leagues, one six bench spots, so I have no backup. I did get, I'm eliminated though, but I still, you know, I played at the end. So I think I, did I pick up Huntley? I think I did. Yeah. Um, and even Huntley, like, people act like, oh, Huntley's the answer. Let's not forget. Lamar Jackson has not done well in this offense. So why would Huntley do well? Like he can run, but this offense has been a problem the entire year. They can't run the football, they have no weapons of wide receiver. The Steelers defense is playing better. It's a divisional rival. I don't expect Huntley to have a huge game. I mean, Lamar Jackson has it. He's been a disappointment. I have him in two leagues. It has sucked. Speaker 0 00:22:52 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. Listen, I am, uh, I'm, I'm not thrilled with the, uh, with the recent performance from, uh, from him as well and yeah. You know, yeah. I look at Huntley and I'm like, you know, I mean, and I think I said this to somebody, I'm like, you know, it's not like Lamar Jackson was really excelling, hunt Huntley does have some rushing upside as well. So, you know, I'm, I'm not, you know, I'm not sure. It's like, you know, the complete end of the world having to use Huntley, but you know, yeah, obviously you, you want Lamar, geez, I gotta stop talking about this fucking team. This team looks terrible. I can't believe that this team even exists right now. It's great. How do I even win a game last week? Speaker 1 00:23:29 I know like both of us were like near the top early in the year and it's just like you get a, you know, it's a 14 team week, so you get a couple injuries, a couple bad weeks, and all of a sudden it's just like, ooh, okay. And that's why we always tell people, like keep battling, fight it out every week. Cuz like you see teams like us who are kind of, were looking good and now they're on the borderline. And then you could have been that team that was, eh, it's not looking so good. And now maybe you picked up a free agent or one of your players that was under performing is doing well, or you know, you have a quarterback that is coming on and then all of a sudden you look good. That's why you just can't give up. And I think sometimes people like do pack it into it. Like, oh, this team up top, they're so good. They two, two injuries can change things drastically. Speaker 0 00:24:13 Oh, it's insane how quickly this can change on a dime. No doubt about it. One injury, two injuries. It can decimate an entire team. No doubt. No doubt. Especially if it's like, if it's a key player. So, oh, alas. All right. I, I need to move away from the fantasy football talk here because now it's starting to make me a little bit sad and I also have to go and deal with my, uh, GST bids, uh, for tonight's action. No fat's sad. And I know that you don't give a shit about your GST bids. Speaker 1 00:24:42 I put, I put in bids. I'm blowing my whole budget. It's the last week of fam. Well, Speaker 0 00:24:46 Yeah, I gotta blow my whole budget there, but you know what, you also need to do something I didn't do last year. Gotta, you know, roster a second kicker. Gotta make sure that I gotta back quarterback. Like I've got Mahomes, I'm gonna obviously ride Mahomes, but if something happens like last year heading into the GST playoffs, my, uh, my kicker got hurt and so I didn't have a backup kicker and I, and waivers were over. Speaker 1 00:25:11 Yeah. You know, I don't know if CBS has the option, but, um, maybe we'll do team kicker next year to avoid that. I know some of the high Stakes league are doing that now and I'm fine with that. Speaker 0 00:25:21 Oh yeah. I didn't give a shit. I just say I gotta, yeah, I gotta roster the kicker and the extra kicker. I gotta make sure that I gotta back up for, for my homes and then, oh, I gotta make sure I gotta back up stupid tight end too. That's uh, that's gonna be now the bidding and stuff like that. Can I pick up a guy for free still tomorrow? Speaker 1 00:25:39 No. So I guess, have you been paying attention to shit, bro, Speaker 0 00:25:42 On Saturday Speaker 1 00:25:43 Fab? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:25:44 Fab on Speaker 1 00:25:45 Saturday, Wednesday and Saturday Night Fab runs and then, uh, free pickup Sunday morning. Speaker 0 00:25:50 Okay. So I can, I can just grab a stupid bag, tight end then I don't have to, Speaker 1 00:25:55 I, you know what, I'm not, I'm not completely out of it yet. Um, but I'm gonna have to put like 200 points to have a shot and I don't think that's happening. Speaker 0 00:26:05 Right, right. Well let's, let's move off that. Let's, I'll tell you what, let's, uh, let's go from, you know, and later on here in the show folks, we'll, we'll Adam will give you some, uh, some NBA players to look at, uh, for props this, this coming weekend. And, and of course we're gonna make our picks against the spread. But for right now, I wanna take a quick turn over to some baseball. So Adam, the free agents have signed the Phillies have Trey Turner, the Yankees retained Aaron Judge, the, the Texas Rangers stole Jacob deGrom from you, you turn around, grab Justin Verlander, um, as your replacement. How are you feeling about that whole thing? Losing deGrom, getting Verlander? Um, are you okay with that? Are you bummed about that? What's going on? Speaker 1 00:26:56 Um, I would've preferred deGrom to stay, but I kind of got the feeling that he wasn't gonna stay, whatever the reasons are. Um, maybe he didn't want to be in New York anymore. There was some rumors about that. Um, cuz he didn't give the Mets the opportunity to match it reportedly. But I don't think the Mets, I think the Mets made the right call. I don't think you can go five years at that money for deGrom. The guys pitched 224 and a third innings over the last three years. He's been hurt each of the last two years. I know he is still one of the best pitchers in baseball when he is healthy, but can we count on that? I mean, and he's 34, so it's not going to get better. So, and he wasn't there for most of the year last year and they still had a good year. So I wish him the best. I would've preferred he stayed, but I think that vets made the right call in not, um, uh, paying him. Speaker 0 00:27:49 And how do you feel about Justin Verland coming your way? Speaker 1 00:27:53 Uh, I figured that was gonna happen. Uh, they had, they obviously had to bring another pitch and I'm fine with it, you know, it's only a a two year deal. He's coming off a saw young award. I know he is older and that's the concern. Insurers in ver are are older pitchers and, you know, pitchers bring injury risk and then you're talking about guys 39, 40, it's enhanced even more of a vers been pretty healthy for most of his career outside of the surgery a couple years ago. So if there's anyone at his age that I think can be productive, it's him. So, you know, they have to do something of that nature. So I was fine with it. It's only two years. I don't care about the money. As long as the money's not gonna preclude them from adding other players, then I'm good with it. Speaker 1 00:28:32 Um, although Jose Catana was a good cheap deal, I think that's a good fit. Only two years. Uh, he's not an elite strikeout guy, but pretty good control. I think that's a good part for him to pitch in. So I thought that was a solid addition and we'll see now if they add another picture or, um, you know, the bottom of the rotation, Peterson and, uh, McGill. So, but they gotta get nimo back. I think that's a big guy. And I know he's drawing interest. Uh, not a lot of good center field is out there, so Nimo is a guy I want them to bring back. Speaker 0 00:29:04 Okay. All right. See, uh, you know, when, when, when deGrom signed with Texas, um, I I I felt kind of the same way as you like, you know, Rangers fans are going absolutely bonkers about it and I'm like, do you guys not remember like how hurt deGrom has been? Like that's definitely something that you have to kind of factor into this whole thing. Um, I agree the the Verlander move made sense. You just, you know, you're you're you're gonna replace one ace with another. Um, yeah, I mean I think that it was, uh, I think it was, it was perfectly fine for, uh, for you guys, uh, the Yankees turn around and uh, and, and pay Aaron Judge 40 million a year for nine years. Um, you know, it's so funny, like people like freak out about that and his age and stuff like that. I'm like, you know, not all of that 360 million is for the future. Speaker 0 00:30:02 I'm like, there's this little back pay there <laugh>. I mean, with the amount of money that Aaron Judge was making off of his, you know, first big league deal. I mean, he really wasn't making a a, a ton of money. I mean, he got the, the, the, the arbitration number, they agreed to avoid arbitration. He got like 19 mil, uh, for, for last season. I'm not gonna thumb my nose at that and say that that's, you know, it's, it's, you know, poo poo in that amount. But I mean for, for everything that that judge has done and for everything that apparently that the Yankees wanna do, because I mean they wanna, they wanna, you know, give him the captaincy they want, you know, him to, to be that, that leader of the team. And I think that's kind of what we're paying for because listen, anybody who expects Aaron Judge to hit 62 home runs ever again, 60 home runs ever again, be hard pressed to see him hit 50 on the regular. Speaker 0 00:30:57 But you know, for for, for what he brings to the table as far as leadership, personality, um, you know, he's not a guy. He stays out of trouble. Like he, it's been just a, a very good first nine years with him in the, or inside the organization from the minors up. And I, you know, and I'm okay with it. I mean it's, it's obviously, it's, it's a huge overpay, but you make 'em a Yankee for life and, uh, and, and you kinda, you you go from there. It has that, that jetter esque quality just without the World Series titles. Speaker 1 00:31:33 And you look, four of the top five players at baseball right now are Yankees and Mets. So New York, you gotta pay these guys. Speaker 0 00:31:43 Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do. Um, it's interesting stuff. It's definitely interesting stuff. Any of the other signings are you, are you bitter about the Trade Turner one? Speaker 1 00:31:55 Yeah, I would've rather seen him go somewhere else. Apparently. What? Saint A offered him more money and he turned it down. Speaker 0 00:32:00 Yeah, I didn't understand that one either. Speaker 1 00:32:02 Yeah, I don't know what's going on there, but yeah, sucks to see him go to the Phillies. They were already very good last year, made the World Series. Now you add him to the lineup. Obviously Harper won't be ready to begin the year, but still he'll be back. And as we've seen, you just need to stay afloat in a regular season and get the playoffs now that they let pretty much everyone Speaker 0 00:32:19 In <laugh>, everybody's allowed to play. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:32:22 So, yeah, no, I hated seeing that again man. The division, the Phillies are good. And then the Braves got all these cheap guys under control, man. It's just like, I think someone tweeted out like, oh, the Mets are paying verlin insurers of this and the Braves are like for that combined price paying like 10 really good players. Like yeah, I know, but don't fucking remind me. Um, so yeah, it's a tough division so I did not like seeing Tre Turner go to Philly. It's obviously good, I mean he was great anywhere but uh, definitely helps his fantasy value. Speaker 0 00:32:50 Definitely helps the fantasy value, no doubt. No doubt about it. Uh, anything else? You got comments on Jose Abreu, any of the other free agents who have signed? Speaker 1 00:33:00 Nah, Abre was a smart signing by Houston. Not in a lot of power, but still is for average good fit. I thought they did a good job with that one. Speaker 0 00:33:06 Yeah, like an upgrade to Yu Yuur, Speaker 1 00:33:10 Right? Speaker 0 00:33:11 Yeah. Is really all they, they were, they were looking to do. You guys can check it out. We've got all the articles breaking down all of these signings [email protected] plus we've got a free agent tracker. Uh, just go to our MLB page and you'll see the, uh, the free agent tracker gets updated, uh, to the minute signings, uh, with full analysis. Colby Conway and Matt sells, uh, are, uh, are are banging that drum for us here in the off season for M L b. Let's move it over there from the diamond to the hardwood. How's uh, how's the NBA treating you lately? Speaker 1 00:33:51 Um, pretty good. I mean, there was a night that I didn't do well. Um, I think it was a little bad luck. Uh, I had a Pascal Sicom and Foul trouble and he fell just short. Um, another prop that missed by a half. So that's gonna happen from time to time. Uh, last, uh, Tuesday night, everyone was on Anthony Davis and I stayed away. Davis has been slaying and he left after eight minutes due to Mud Butt. He had the flu <laugh> and, and Draft Kings and Fandel, uh, return everyone's money who bet on him, uh, for the, you know, the obvious PR stunt that they do. Um, which to me is like a little crazy cuz are you gonna just do this all the time? Like, and what happens, like someone tonight leaves early, I mean, I guess injury, they're gonna be like, oh, it's injury, the flu. I don't know man. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:34:41 But where do you, like, where do you draw the line? I know where you start giving back people their money for bets, right? Speaker 1 00:34:46 That's fucking bet. It's a PR thing though, man. You know, oh, look at draftings and Panal giving money back. I'm gonna go play on there. They're so nice. Fuck outta here. Stupid people. Speaker 1 00:34:59 Um, but yeah, it's, it's, it's been pretty good for the most part, but it's been more, it's challenging man. You're having a lot, so many damn injuries. A lot of last minute tonight was like at the last like, uh, right before like seven o'clock Jazz ruled out Laurie Marking and I was looking at his player prop. So Warriors are sitting Curry, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins. Um, so it's a lot of that stuff you really have to pay attention. We usually talk about that more in a second half of the year. But it's been a lot, a lot of injuries and guys being out this year and safety protocols, health and safety protocols. There were two players put in it today. I'm like, it doesn't happen in the nfl. Speaker 0 00:35:48 It does not happen in the nfl. I mean listen, that's definitely, I mean it's one of the things, you know, I talked to, I mean you talk about it, I talked to I Pemba and Grande James Grande and John I pemba about it. I mean it's really, I mean would you say that it's gotten really crazy over the last, I mean how before Covid, how crazy was it as far as like all the last minute scratches? Speaker 1 00:36:13 No, it's always been bad. This, this, I mean this one is specifically not covid related. They're, it's not a lot of guys going in, but there were two guys put in the health and safety protocols today and we've had a couple others already missed multiple games. I just kind of unclear why when I haven't seen any of this in the nfl. I know they play once a week and the NBA travels more, but I thought most of the players were vaccinated. I don't whatever, I don't even want to get into it. And that's not really the big deal. It's just a lot of injuries and um, warrior sitting out players like I just don't get it. Um, a lot of players sitting on back to backs like LeBron sitting today back to back. I know he is been banged up. But yeah, it's just a lot of last minute things that's uh, kind of tough, especially when you're doing content makes it difficult. Speaker 1 00:37:06 I mean even, you know, I do these value videos and a lot of times, you know, you gotta get 'em in by a certain time. They gotta be edited and they need to have a shelf life. And so many times I'll do it and then after it's posted a ton of value opens up because yeah, oh this guy's out. And I always say in a video, Hey this is as of right now, make sure you come back to fantasy alarm right before lineup block cuz more value could open up. But it sucks when you do a video and the most obvious, I think it was, was it last night or two nights ago for Memphis, John Moran was out, the Ti Jones becomes the best value on the slate. And my video was already posted by then, but when the news broke, Speaker 0 00:37:43 Yeah, you know, it's like it's the the fine line for content creators because yeah, you do, you want to get a bunch of eyeballs on it, but you also, it's like you and I recording this podcast on, uh, you know, on Wednesday night, I would much prefer that you and I, we could talk about the Thursday game and publish, but then I'd rather like, I'd rather do like a second episode where we're picking the games on like a Friday or a Saturday, but it doesn't have like, it doesn't have the, the the same shelf life and we need to get this, you know, out to everybody on the regular. So doing it on a daily basis with the NBA is a pain in the ass as it is. So I totally, I I feel you. But I mean it's good. Like, you know, at least you point out to everybody, you know, and you constantly, you constantly remind people this is where it is now. Speaker 0 00:38:33 You know, you have to, and for anybody who's gonna be, you know, if, if you're, if you're betting, if you're just getting into betting and stuff like that, there, there are times you just, you have to, you have to learn. You know, it's like getting all the news. You know what, it's so funny I was talking to somebody about and not, you know, just to kind of pull it back or connect it at least to fantasy football. Um, you know, people who sit there and, and ask these start sit questions on like a Tuesday or a Wednesday about guys who are banged up and we don't know what's going on and we say to 'em, you don't need to a, you know, do a start sit right now, you know, it's too early. You gotta get all that information. And what kind of becomes a little frustrating is that every single year we get the same exact questions over and over again. Speaker 0 00:39:21 And it's like, you know, you're like, are people learning from year to year? Are they actually learning from year to year so that that way they're not asking the same dumb questions or they're, they're not, you know, they're, they're not mistakenly signing off on their NBA lineup at one o'clock in the afternoon because they're out, they're on their lunch break and they go and they set their their DFS line to not look at the news at least an hour before a lineup block. I mean it's just, it's such a crazy mistake and there's so many people who still don't do that. I don't understand that. Speaker 1 00:39:55 Don't get it Adam. I'll give them some advice. If you are one of those people that plays NBA DFS and you set your line up early in the afternoon, you don't check, just take the a hundred dollars that you're playing that night and PayPal to me because you're gonna lose the money. So just give it to me. Make me happy because you ain't getting the money back if you're setting your line up at 1:00 PM Eastern and you're not returning to check the news. Cause there's just too much news in the NBA that breaks last minute and it's frustrating. Like again, I've always said this, if it's a problem for you like on a given day, don't play DFS that day. If you know your hey I'm not gonna be able to check anything that last hour for lineup block, do not play that day to just don't. Speaker 0 00:40:37 Do you wanna give them your Venmo right now? You Speaker 1 00:40:40 Can tell I don't have Venmo but I got PayPal, <laugh>. Oh my man Halliburton's playing tonight. It's uh, what time does I get, I'm not gonna bet his props he's coming off an injury. I usually always bet his props but he's been out a couple games. He's back Oh eight o'clock. Oh I got 10 minutes. Speaker 0 00:40:58 Oh Speaker 1 00:40:59 Let me see what his props are. <laugh> go ahead <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:41:02 Go ahead. Well I was gonna ask you which players you're kinda looking at as far as like moving forward. So talk to me about Halliburton. Speaker 1 00:41:09 Well yeah I've been talking about 'em all year. Him and Shaa gal, Shaa, Gils Alexander have made me the most money this year. Um, Halliburton's been out, uh, a couple games that groin injuries, so this is first game back in a couple, um, on Wednesday night. Uh, good match him against Minnesota but I'm probably not gonna play his props. Wanna see him back for a game. Um, let's see, uh, who else? I think the Wizard team you look at now barely deals out. So Kyle Kuzma, Kris Ds Pez have been playing really well. Pascal Sicom just came back from injury of course the night I write him up on picks wise he was in foul trouble and a blowout against the Nets and he still almost hit the over on points. Rebounds came so close and since then he's slate it. I did not play it on Wednesday cuz they were playing the Lakers and they were 12 and a half point favorites Lakers that had no LeBron, no Anthony Davis. Speaker 1 00:41:59 So I was worried about the blowout so I stayed away. Um, let's see who else, uh, jar Jackson from the Grizzlies. He started the year coming off surgery was out. Um, his points total has been around 18 and a half points and he's been 20 plus and six of the last seven. So you always worry about foul trouble with him, but he's done a better job since coming back and he's only been playing 25 to 30 minutes I guess cuz they're easing him back in. But he's still been going over his totals. D Montes SAS has been going over six and a half assists consistently now. Wednesday it was six and a half juiced up at like minus one 40 and it's against the buck so I stayed away even though that game total's 2 36. Uh, I think Minnesota's a team you look at now at Car Anthony towns out, you gotta look at Anthony Edwards a lot, maybe Rudy Gobert. Speaker 1 00:42:53 Um, Zion Williamson's playing at a ridiculous level right now and Brandon Ingram remains out. Uh, Jason Tatum's been saying, oh I didn't play the Marcus Smart. I might play Marcus Smart. I still have a couple hours for that. Um, Chris Paul looks like we'll be back on Wednesday night. He's been out a while. Um, Devin Booker has been putting up big numbers, uh, the Rockets, I talked about this Jalen Green over two and a half turnovers. I did play it one night, it did not cash. And then the other night he had like seven. It's always like two and a half. Um, so yeah, those, those are some guys. Um, the heat you can look at like Tyler Hiro when Butler was out, he had a monster game. Um, Anthony Simons, it looks like we might have to wait for the numbers to go down cuz Damien and Willard's back. I mean Simon's was just absolutely crushing with Lard out, but Lard just came back. Um, so yeah, I mean those are some guys and obviously with injuries, um, that can open up. Uh, we get some value on props as well. Speaker 0 00:43:52 Cool. All right, well as always guys, Adam's got an article [email protected], uh, that is uh, uh, available on Friday. So you'd be able to check out, uh, his props that you, uh, that you want to use. Um, I do not have any game previews this week for nfl, uh, over at picks wise. Uh, he had, uh, some, some stuff to deal with today. I didn't get a chance to write up my game. So, um, so best then that we, uh, we just kind of pivot over here, uh, on the podcast. So we go from fantasy football to MLB to NBA prop betting to everybody's favorite. That's right. Let's talk about the NFL picks against the spread. Speaker 0 00:44:43 Adam, I'm feeling pretty good. I mean, you know, it was good. Well, actually no, last week, uh, I had a couple of really, uh, a couple, couple of bad beats there. The, uh, the Ravens were just a, an absolute abomination. Even though, you know, you can blame the Lamar Jackson injury all you want, they suck before that. They suck before he got hurt. So, you know, it was just, it was, it was terrible. Um, yeah. So let's, uh, let's, let's rebound here. Week 14, we got six teams on fucking buy this week. Again, such a nightmare. The funny thing is, is like the teams that are even on the buy, not not, you know, not amazing organizations. So I'm not gonna miss too much of what's happening. Uh, are you ready to get started with picks against the Spread? Speaker 1 00:45:29 Let's do it. Speaker 0 00:45:31 Let's do it. Let's talk Raiders Rams Thursday Night Football, uh, six and a half points. The Rams are the, the home dog here. Now I'm curious as to your take because you know, I look at this and it's like, you know, the Raiders are, are hot right now. Everybody's in on them, they're playing good ball. Everybody's off the Rams. Um, you know, we don't know who the quarterback is it gonna be Walford? I know they just picked up Baker Mayfield, but there's no, there's zero Chance Baker's gonna start here. Um, but then you look at like certain, you know, past catching running backs always do well against the Raiders. Is it Kyron Williams season? Everybody wants to know. I mean the Rams just, they look terrible. They were pretty feisty against Seattle. Who doesn't have a good defense. My lean here is the home is taking the points because of the fact that the Raiders defense really isn't that great. But maybe you have a different take. Speaker 1 00:46:32 I don't really feel strongly in this game. I kind of lean the Raiders. They're actually still alive for the playoffs. Um mm-hmm <affirmative> and they are playing Well, I mean the concern is that I guess that, um, the defense is still okay for the Rams. You'll probably have Ramsey go up against Adams. Not that you're worried about that in your leagues. Um, they are tuneable against the spread without Stafford. I mean, I know a couple of those lines were high, right? Uh, and then trusting the Raiders to like six and a half on the road. Speaker 0 00:47:04 That's what I'm saying. Yeah, <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:47:07 And you're right, everyone's gonna jump to the Raiders. So I could see taking the points. Um, I I definitely expect the Raiders to win. It is a short week. Um, I think Acres last week was game flow. They were competitive, so that's why they went with him. So if you think, if you are gonna take the points, then I think it's more of a can's game. Speaker 0 00:47:27 Um, it'd be interesting. I mean he had 17 Carries last week. That was a season high for him. Um, but for the Rams, I mean, I, I guess, you know, there's a lot of rumors circulating that Sean McVay's gonna move on after this year. Um, and uh, you know, you, you'd like to see, I mean if you've got a guy like Cam Acres, you'd like, you know, as the team, you know, you wanna see what you have in him and hope that you can feed him the rock. But yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I'm gonna stay on the Rams though. Uh, take the points and uh, and we'll go from there. Uh, Sunday Action Jets, bills, bills favored by nine and a half. Um, last year Mike White, when he faced the bills, was absolutely atrocious. I think it was like 201 yards, um, and four interceptions. Um, you know, everybody seems to be in on Mike White. I'm not, but am I, am I laying nine and a half year? What's your angle? Speaker 1 00:48:30 Uh, I'm kind of mixed on this cuz part of me is like, all right, Buffalo could be ready to take off and they're coming off extra rest. They had that grueling stretch where they had to go to Detroit to play cuz of the snow. And then they had to play on Thanksgiving. Now they have a lot of extra rest. And look, the bills have not looked great, but now things broke right for them. They are the number one seed. Uh, we did, but that Jets defense is really good, man. It is. And they gave the bills problems, um, when they played, um, earlier in the season. I, if I'm not mistaken, uh, Josh Allen had no touchdowns in that game, right? Speaker 0 00:49:06 Uh, he ran one, did he run one in? Don't think he had Speaker 1 00:49:09 A passing. He had no passing touchdowns. Two interceptions. He ran two in, he was nine for 86 on the ground with two touchdowns, but only 2 0 5 passing. I mean, that was the Zach Wilson game. Michael Carter off the injury report. Gary Wilson had a big game eight for 92 digs only had five for 93. Um, damn man. Cuz the bills, they just haven't been blowing teams out. They've kept teams in the game. Detroit could have beaten them. Uh, it's nine and a half now. If it gets to 10, I definitely feel better. Um, I lean the Jets, but yeah, I lean the Jets to keep it close. Could be a seven point game. Speaker 0 00:49:49 Um, I would love to see the Jets keep it close. I have just a sneaking suspicion that, uh, the Mike White love is gonna rapidly disappear, I think with a healthy secondary for Buffalo. Um, I feel like, I feel like the Jets could keep it closed and then, you know, like Buffalo's got like a, like a four point lead, uh, and the Jets are like driving down the field and Mike White throws a a a pick six and it ends up covering the fucking spread. So I'm gonna take, uh, but so I'm gonna take the bills. I'm gonna lay the nine and a Speaker 1 00:50:26 Half. I, I might go that way. I'm kind of like mixed right now cuz initially I'm like, I think the bills could just, this could be the game. Cuz everyone's gonna be like, oh, bills haven't beaten anyone. I think they're in a good spot here. They're home, you know, they got, they're well rested. Speaker 0 00:50:40 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah, I mean, again, we're making these picks on a Wednesday. There's definitely a lot that can change over the next couple of days, um, Eagles Giants, uh, at, uh, MetLife Stadium. Uh, giants are a home dog by seven points. Giants are nine and three against the spread this year. Adam, nine and three. Like, they, for some reason this like, I don't know this, this innocuous no name defense seems to be keeping them in on everything. I mean, there's Tibi do, I'm a big fan of, uh, of him as a, as a pass rusher. Um, I mean, I, I almost have to take the, the home dog only because of how good they are against the spread, even though the Eagles are, excuse me, a great team. Speaker 1 00:51:26 Yeah, I'm taking Philly here. Um, I did like the Giants last week getting the points. I was a little surprised they were home dogs, but that was against Washington. Philly is just one of the best teams in the nfl. I know it's a divisional game. You know, they got, um, Jordan Davis back to help them up against the run. And we've seen Saquon Barkley just hasn't been as good lately. Um, I know the Giants have kind of stayed in some of these games and I'm all for the division home underdog, but I just don't see it here. Um, I think the under is a good play too, cause I don't see how the Giants put up a lot of points. Speaker 0 00:51:59 I can see the under there also. Definitely. Um, but I do see it a little bit closer. That's cool. That's cool, man. Um, Minnesota, Detroit, uh, Detroit favored by two and a half now. It's two and a half now. I gotta tell you, man, I know everybody's riding high on Detroit and, you know, you put up a, a a 40 burger on, uh, on the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know that we, we talk about Minnesota not being as good as, uh, anything high scoring game. 52 and a half is the over under. Ooh, I know. Which way I'm leaning. Which way are you leaning? Speaker 1 00:52:40 Uh, I mean, it's like they want you to take Minnesota. It's such a big game for Detroit too, man, because it's Speaker 0 00:52:49 Such a big game for Detroit. They Speaker 1 00:52:51 Are still in it. It's a divisional game. I think we all feel that Minnesota's good, but not as good as their record. Cuz their, their point differentials plus 10 alliances are minus nine, um, lions that are playing really good football. Um, you know, they, they're only lost recently. They've won four or five. They're only lost as a three point game at home to the Bills Thanksgiving. And they could have won that game. Now they beat the Packers, the Bears, giants Jacksonville. Okay. Not the best teams. They lost to Miami by four. Um, the game against Dallas, they only put up six, but that game was close till the fourth quarter. So they've been playing pretty well. They have a three point loss to Seattle. The first time they played Minnesota, they lost by four in Minnesota. Now they get them at home where they're better than they were then. Uh, I guess I'm gonna fall for the trap and take Detroit. Speaker 0 00:53:44 Oh, Adam's following for the trap, taking Detroit. I am taking the Minnesota Vikings and I'm gonna take the points. I, I, I just feel like this is, this, this game is gonna end up like decided by, uh, a field goal or a touchdown, but it's gonna end up being like, you know, one winner. It is gonna end up being like 28 to 27 or 27 to 26, something like that. I think it's gonna be, uh, a, a pretty tight game because, you know, I I don't believe in Detroit's defense. I know that it has looked better over the last couple of weeks, but I mean, again, you know, a lot of, you know, some of that, that recent data gets skewed by, you know, Trevor Lawrence with a bum foot and uh, and, and a complete blowout. Speaker 1 00:54:28 Oh, he was playing poorly before it. Speaker 0 00:54:30 What's Speaker 1 00:54:31 That? He was playing poorly before the injury. Speaker 0 00:54:34 No, no, no. I know, I know. I'm just saying, yeah, I'm not gonna, I I can't put all that stock into Detroit off, off of this big game against the Jaguars because I still think the Jaguars are, you know, I like what we've got from them, but they're just, to me, they're, uh, very much a work in progress. I just, I feel like, you know, I feel like Minnesota can get a little bit m consistent with the Speaker 1 00:54:55 Minnesota should have lost to the Jets. Speaker 0 00:54:58 Um, you know, why they jet? Because Mike White sucks. Speaker 1 00:55:01 Jets al gain Minnesota 4 86 to 2 87. Speaker 0 00:55:06 Yeah. But it was, it was so much like late game garbage shit because the, the game really wasn't that close to start. I mean, the Jets came back, but for the most part in this game, I mean, that was more Minnesota's defense kind of, kind of sucking in that second half. Dude, Mike White, if, if Minnesota's Cornerbacks could catch a fucking football, yeah, Mike White would've had four picks in in that game. At least four picks he was hitting, he was hitting Minnesota defensive backs in the fucking chest. It's crazy. It's crazy. But everybody's sitting there like, oh, Mike Fing white, Mike Fing White. Fuck that. Speaker 1 00:55:47 Well, cause they comparing him to Zach Wilson. So anyone over at Zach Wilson is better. Speaker 0 00:55:51 Yeah, well, I mean, again, yeah, A fucking Ken Doll throwing a football is better than Zach Wilson at this point. Browns Bengals, uh, Bengals are home favorites by six points. I mean, you take it away here because to me, I, listen, I'm so fucking disgusted by, by Kevin Steans. Uh, and his lack of use on Nick Chubb last week against fucking <laugh> against the Houston Texans was just beyond me. Um, I wanna just take the fucking Bengals in the point and, and lay the points and say, fuck you Cleveland. That's, that's how I wanna bet this game. Speaker 1 00:56:31 Yeah. I'm taking the Bengals. I understand the Browns will played very well. They beat the Bengals earlier this year, but I think the Bengals are starting to get going here. Uh, Jamar Chase came back that helped. You know, they had a, the big win against Kansas City last week. Um, Deshaun Watson looked bad last week, throw a lot of balls. I mean, I get it. 700 days not playing football. And their offense, they won the game, but their offense put up six points. It was defensive touchdowns and a special teams touchdown for the Browns defense, which probably won a lot of people fantasy leagues last week. So, um, yeah, I like the Bengals here, man. They've just been playing a lot better. Um, they have a opportunity now to take this division. Their schedule's tough, so they really need this game. Speaker 0 00:57:13 Joe Mixons back. Speaker 1 00:57:15 Yeah, he should play. I mean, he put in a full practice. I don't think they've said he's officially been clear. Speaker 0 00:57:20 He, he cleared concussion. Oh, did call on Wednesday. Speaker 1 00:57:23 I hope, I wish he didn't. Cuz I have p run in two leagues, but, okay. Speaker 0 00:57:27 Well suck it on your p rhyme shares buddy. Speaker 1 00:57:29 My gave me, he gave me what I needed the last two weeks. Speaker 0 00:57:32 Y I've been missing, I've been missing Joe. I've been missing him so much. Houston, Dallas, <laugh>, the, the spread is fluctuating so much between 16 and a half and 17 and a half. I'm looking at it right now as Dallas laying 16 and a half points. Um, I will just automatically take Houston because that is such a ridiculously big point spread here. Um, I I, you know, there's no way Dallas loses this game, but I mean, come on, 17 points a fucking lot of points. Speaker 1 00:58:10 They covered this number against the Cols last week. Speaker 0 00:58:12 They coming these number against the Col Speaker 1 00:58:15 Dude, first of all, okay, like, Speaker 1 00:58:19 I'm not even happy right now with the Cowboys to be honest. Like, Fe was like, oh, you must be excited. I go, no I'm not. Cause I've seen this fucking shit too much. I'm happy they're playing. Well, it's great, but it don't mean nothing if until they make a run of the postseason and get to the NFC Championship in a Super Bowl. This stretch here means nothing cuz I see it all the time and I already fucking see. They're probably gonna play Tampa in the first round and watch Tom Brady fucking just resurrect this offense, beat them. If that happens. I don't know if I can be a Cowboys fan anymore. I'll just say that, but Speaker 0 00:58:49 Oh, oh, whoa, whoa. Oh, mark it down. Write it down. You heard it here on the Kat podcast. If the Cowboys lose in the first round of the playoffs, Adam is going to renounce his cowboys. I Speaker 1 00:59:03 Didn't say that. I said I might not, I didn't say I am so relax. Speaker 0 00:59:08 Oh, stop with the mic. Stop being such a pus dude. Either make a stand or don't make a Speaker 1 00:59:13 Stand. No, I'm just saying that would be a kick in the nuts. And I don't know if I could recover from that for like a month or two. Like, Tampa is not good. We all all know that, but Speaker 0 00:59:22 Terrible. Speaker 1 00:59:22 Yeah, and then they fucking won that game against the Saints. So the Saints just gave it away. Um, but we'll get to that. Um, I will take the Texans too. Just, it's such a big line here. Um, double digit dogs are 13 and seven against the spread this year. So, and they're going back to Davis Mills. That at least helps a little bit. So I'll take the points. It's such a big line. Speaker 0 00:59:45 Jacksonville against the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are a home favorite by Four Points. This is a, you know, kind of an interesting one here for me only because I feel like, you know, everybody's like, well, Tennessee, he'll just run the ball with Derek Henry Tray on Bes. I don't know if he's gonna clear concussion protocol before he gets back before, uh, before Sunday. Um, and I feel like a lot of people are just looking at, you know, oh, Jacksonville, they just got spanked by Detroit. Uh, you know, they're not as good as we thought they were, blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Which makes me then want to take Jacksonville because I think everybody's gonna take Tennessee. But Mm. I you know, Derek Henry has a great track record against Jacksonville, but he has not been running well in recent weeks as teams are really just focused on stacking the box. Speaker 1 01:00:36 Yeah. I think he might not be healthy either. I think the wear and tear might be catching up. He's not breaking tackles at all anymore. So he's averaging 2.6 yards per car over the last four games and trail on Bes being out's a big loss. He took a huge hit and somehow held onto that ball for a touchdown. I'm gonna take Jacksonville. Getting the points too Speaker 0 01:00:59 Crazy. We're crazy. Speaker 1 01:01:01 Yeah, we are. Speaker 0 01:01:03 Raven Steelers. Steelers at home minus two and a half. We taken the Steelers again. That's been our mo last couple Speaker 1 01:01:10 Weeks. Yeah. No, we've both been on the Steelers for a lot of weeks. Um, Speaker 0 01:01:15 <laugh> now they're the fucking favorite. Speaker 1 01:01:19 I'm gonna take the RAVs. Speaker 3 01:01:23 Yeah. <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:01:28 That's, that's betting the NFL right there. Yeah. Two T is fucking betting the nfl. We've been riding the Steelers, they've been great for us. Now. They're the favorite. We're taking the points. Speaker 1 01:01:39 And you gotta take the under 37 too, right? Oh, Speaker 0 01:01:42 Easily. Easily. That's like, that's a no brainer. That's like saying you're gonna take the under in a Denver game. Speaker 1 01:01:49 Yeah, dude. They have been under in every game this year except one. Speaker 0 01:01:53 Yeah. Brutal. Brutal. All right. We're both taking the reigns in the under Chiefs Broncos. Speaking of which, I'll tell you what, man. Like, I mean, team's been playing down the Denver's level. Denver's getting their nine point home dog. I mean, Speaker 3 01:02:15 <laugh>, Speaker 0 01:02:16 I feel like this loss that the, that the, the, the Chiefs took to the, to the Bengals really kind of stings again. And so, I don't know, man. I mean, I wanna see, I wanna see if I'm gonna, if I'm gonna take Kansas City in this game, then it's like Kansas City laying the points and, and just taking the under, uh, like, without even like thinking about it. So it's 44 and, and I think it could be like a 31 to seven type situation here, but fucking teams just keep getting stifled by this Denver Broncos defense. I don't, I don't really, I don't get it. I don't understand it. Where are you leaning? Speaker 1 01:03:01 I hate doing it, but I think I gotta take the points with Denver. Their defense keeps it closed. Denver tough place to play division rival. It's just like, how is Denver gonna score though? <laugh>, you know, cuz if you, if you're taking the points, that means you think that it's gonna be like 1710. Cuz is Denver getting, is Denver getting to 17? Um, and I guess if you think it could be 23 17, 24 17, but Denver just doesn't do that. Are they gonna get it on a defensive touchdown? A special teams play cuz they just don't. Speaker 0 01:03:35 Yeah, dude. Oh, I hit my, I hit my prop last week of a Brandon McManus. Uh, I took under one and a half, uh, extra points made. Speaker 1 01:03:44 Yeah, that's, yeah, that's, that should be, what was the juice on that? Speaker 0 01:03:49 Um, it was a minus one 20. Speaker 1 01:03:51 Oh wow. Okay. Speaker 0 01:03:52 Yeah. I psyched. I was like, really? Give me this fucking, I I I was like, I, I dug that up when I was looking for punting props. Take the fucking over for Denver. Um, yeah, dude, I mean, I just, I don't like, I mean, how are they gonna score? I, you know, I cut Cortland Sutton in fantasy last week. Not last. I mean, yesterday. Speaker 1 01:04:14 Well, I don't, well, he could be, he's probably gonna be out with a hamstring injury. Speaker 0 01:04:17 Right. But I mean, I had no, no qualms about, I think even if they said, you know, he's questionable for this week, but he could be back. I think I'm still cutting him. I'm just done with Denver. Speaker 1 01:04:28 Yeah. It's just pathetic. I just, I cannot believe how bad it is. Speaker 0 01:04:33 Horrible. Horrible. And you're gonna take them in the points in this one. Speaker 1 01:04:38 As of right now, I reserve the right to change my mind. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:04:42 All right. I'll I'll give you that. Yeah. We reserve the right to change. Speaker 1 01:04:45 And it's also Kansas City just doesn't blow teams out, man. Speaker 0 01:04:48 They, they Speaker 1 01:04:49 Just, they just don't, they've been really bad, um, against these high spreads. I mean, they did, uh, they beat the Rams by 16. Speaker 0 01:04:57 Mahomes didn't play well last Speaker 1 01:04:58 Week. No, he didn't. Speaker 0 01:04:59 He did not. It's Speaker 1 01:05:01 Really what it, and MBS is, uh, very good at dropping, uh, passes in the end zone. Speaker 0 01:05:06 Yeah. I believe they miss me. Cole Hardman, I really do. Panthers Seahawks Seahawks favored by four. Uh, man. Oh man. I mean, I'm gonna lean the Seahawks here. I'm a little worried that Kenneth Walker isn't gonna play and that kind of bums me out. Um, I also think that Deontay Foreman could have himself a nice big game. Seahawks do not defend the run very well. Um, yeah, I mean I, uh, I wanna, I think I'm just gonna, I'm gonna say fuck it all. I'm gonna take the Panthers with the points I shouldn't, but I'm gonna, Speaker 1 01:05:51 Yeah, I'm gonna lean Seattle, but I do see where you're coming from. And Carolina's defense has been playing better. They're coming off the buy. Um, I think the CX defense is starting to regress. You know, they started off poorly then they were playing really well, and now we're starting to see them, uh, falling apart again. Um, Speaker 0 01:06:08 Are we crazy to think that Sam Arnold is actually the best quarterback that's played for Carolina this year? Speaker 1 01:06:13 No, because they've had Dozier and Baker. So, but yeah. At least it helps DJ Moore. Speaker 0 01:06:21 I think it does help. DJ Moore is better than PJ Walker too. Speaker 1 01:06:26 Yes, Speaker 0 01:06:28 It's brutal, brutal. Tampa Bay, San Francisco Niners home favorites by three. I I don't understand why this point spread is so low. Tampa's terrible. And I don't really love their defense that much. Speaker 1 01:06:42 Dude, they are so bad. And it was funny because, uh, I saw people during the game on Monday, they say, oh, Tampa's not good. I wrote a tweet. I'm like, if you're saying that you haven't watched this team all year where you been, this has been fucking going on all year. This is not, this offense is not, that was not the first game. Like, oh wow, Tampa, they really fall off their, their offense has sucked the entire fucking year. They've been awful. And then they like, I mean the Saints just gave that game away. And I think you liked one of my tweets too, dude. I had no idea what they were doing with Al Kamar, bro. They were running him. Speaker 0 01:07:17 That's, you were like, you were like, they run Alvin Kaber up the middle and they, and they throw the ball in the next play to Mark Ingram. What <laugh> Speaker 1 01:07:28 I think they would, I think something's going on. I look, I know the week before he lost two fumbles and he hasn't been great this year, but Mark Ingram really, who fucking they put back at the game with a bad knee and now he found out he is a knee injury, he fucking goes outta bound and stop the clock. Like, come on man. You can tell me Kamar. Right. He is not the same. How are you not getting him to ball in a pass game had five catches, Kamar had two, and then you give the ball to Kamar, you run him right up the middle every fucking time on Tampa Bay. Um, I could have told you that's not gonna work. Why aren't you getting this guy the ball in space? So, and if Kambar has three touchdowns this year, they're all in the same game. He's, it's been brutal. Um, but yeah, I mean man, you know, Purdy is the question mark with San Fran. I know he came in and he played well, but you know, now you got some film on him. He was thrown into the game. Uh, Miami's defense isn't great. Uh, I think I'm gonna take Tampa here, man. Speaker 0 01:08:23 Taking Tampa. The points you slide dog, you, I'm gonna still take, I'm gonna take the Niners. I'm gonna believe in Purdy. Um, I just say, you know, I like the weapons and I get, I just don't think, although isn't Tom Brady from around here? Speaker 1 01:08:40 I think so, yeah. Speaker 0 01:08:41 Oh, alright. I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take fucking Tom Brady at the hometown fucking Tom Brady. Speaker 1 01:08:48 Shit. You know what's crazy? Oh no, I just thought of this and that wouldn't be good for me. There is a chance, especially if Tampa wins this game, they could become the three seat in the nfc. San Francisco falls off because if they win this game, they're a game behind San Fran and they'd have a win over them. So it depends on how, and then San Fran next week is at Seattle and they lose that game. They could either fall out of first or be tied for first. Speaker 0 01:09:20 Look at you. Look at you. So hoping to not face Tampa in the first round. Speaker 1 01:09:24 Uh, I don't wanna face San Fran. Even with Jimmy G out, I still don't wanna play them. Um, damn, that's a good question though. Would I rather face San Fran without Jimmy G or Tampa? With Brady? Wow. And both games on the road That is, uh, <laugh>. I dunno. Cause the one team, I mean obviously Philly's gonna be tough, but I was definitely do not wanna play San Francisco like with Jimmy G. This team is just, and everyone was saying it, they really, really good. But, uh, I don't wanna think about that. Let's move on. Speaker 0 01:09:59 Well, Sunday night game Chargers, home dogs. Speaker 1 01:10:04 Are we doing Speaker 0 01:10:05 It to the, to the Miami Dolphins? Oh, what you taking a Sunday night home dog? Is that what you wanna do? Speaker 1 01:10:14 Is that, are we doing it? Are we gonna fall to the Chargers trap like we do all year? Speaker 0 01:10:18 No, I'm not gonna, I'm listen, I'll take Miami. I'll lay the points cuz I don't, you know. No, actually I kind of, to be perfectly honest, it's, it really depends on which team's offensive line is the best. Because if the Chargers get back Corey, Lindsay, you know, then, then, then I feel a little bit better. Cuz Lindsay and Pipkin were out this past week and that kind of like screwed them with their op. Speaker 1 01:10:46 Yeah, they got destroyed on both sides. The Speaker 0 01:10:48 Line now Miami, they don't have Terran Armstead and I just saw that they put Austin Jackson on IR also Speaker 1 01:10:56 And Waddles banged up. You could see lifting in that Speaker 0 01:10:59 Game. I think we could go Chargers here. Speaker 1 01:11:01 Yeah. Which is never good, bro. Like they just, they just screw us all the time bro. All the time. All the time. I, I'm getting, I think I have to, I think I have to leave the charges after this year. Speaker 0 01:11:11 Aw my, you know, Speaker 1 01:11:13 And maybe and then next year they'll get to a Super Bowl. Speaker 0 01:11:17 You know, listen, losing Rashaun Slater at the beginning of the season was a real fucking bummer. Then you had, then you had Herbert's cracked rib, then you lost Mike Williams with the ankle. I mean Speaker 1 01:11:30 I understand, I understand Speaker 0 01:11:32 Is oh and you lost Keenan Allen for like a chunk of time in the beginning of the year. Speaker 1 01:11:36 I know, but a lot of teams have injuries and it just feels like this team doesn't adjust as well. Speaker 0 01:11:44 Maybe that, well that's a coaching thing. I mean you gotta be able to withstand injuries. But I mean those are more key players. Speaker 1 01:11:51 No, they are, they are. There's no question about it. And they just lose heartbreaking games. Like they find ways to screw up. Speaker 0 01:11:57 Like you're not sitting there and you're not like, I mean looking at like top teams, you know Josh Allen's banged up but you're not like, well Allen's got a cracked rib and Stefan digs got hurt and you know, like it's like it's, it's marquee guys getting banged up here for the charger. So. Oh man, I tell you, two's got a bum ankle too, you know. Speaker 1 01:12:20 Yes. Speaker 0 01:12:23 Mm. I need to mu this one over. I will say I'm taking my Monday night home dog, Arizona Cardinals plus two and a half points against the Patriots. Because why? Cuz fuck the Patriots and Bill Belichick. Speaker 1 01:12:40 Are you concerned that Belichick has two weeks to go up against Cliff Kingsbury? <laugh>, Speaker 0 01:12:46 I know, right? Like he needs, like he needs two minutes to go up against Cliff Speaker 1 01:12:51 Kings. That's what I'm saying. That's my only concern cuz I don't think New England's good either. The whole offensive coordinator fiasco with what's going on with him. Then again you have Kyle Murray in Kingsbury. I know you don't watch the hard knocks at all, but I watched the hard knocks in season I with them. I like it. You could see like Kingsbury's not a good coach and Kyle Murray just doesn't seem like he has it. Um, I'm interested to see. Yeah, I think there's a new one tonight. I'm interested to see after what's going on with them the last time I'm like, they, they picked the right team to fucking put on this shit. What a disaster this team is. But like I said, the one thing from there, Budha Baker, love that guy. He is so passionate. Wants to win, love that guy. Speaker 0 01:13:32 Would you like Morealle Williams from the Detroit preseason one or Budha Baker here? The Arizona, Speaker 1 01:13:40 Uh, both Budha Baker man. I mean you could just see his passion. He hates to lose and it eats at him. Um, and he had that high ankle spring, went out there and played and you could see after, uh, an interception he was limping to the end zone when they do the defensive celebration. So nah, that guy just, uh, he he he's on the wrong team <laugh>. He needs to be on better team. Speaker 0 01:14:04 So are, so are you taking the pats and laying the two and Speaker 1 01:14:07 A half? Nah, I'll take the Cardinals Speaker 0 01:14:08 Man. There. Its, there it is. All right. Well that's gonna do it for us here. Uh, appreciate as always everybody out there liking subscribing, uh, tell your friends about it and uh, again, if you have any questions about specific games that we discussed here, uh, Adam is at Adam Rons, I am at Roto Buzz Guy, uh, on Twitter. If you know, if you wanna know where the lean goes, uh, later on in the week, I'm sure that uh, Adam and I will be happy to uh, let you guys know. But in the meantime, we're gonna, uh, scoot on outta here and, uh, well I think Adam, both Adam and I are gonna end up grabbing dinner not together, but yet at the same time, indeed Big thank you again to everybody for listening for Adam Rons some Howard Bender. This has been the Cash It Podcast. We'll catch you next.

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