December 15, 2022


Cash It: NFL Week 15 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs & NBA Prop Bets

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: NFL Week 15 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs & NBA Prop Bets
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: NFL Week 15 Picks Against the Spread, Fantasy Football Playoffs & NBA Prop Bets

Dec 15 2022 | 01:15:33


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis recap their 2022 fantasy football leagues, discuss their playoff expectations, talk NFL injuries, make their NFL Week 15 picks against the spread and throw down some NBA player prop bets you should be watching for this weekend.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here by my side. What's going on, Adam? It's n f l Week 15. How, how'd last week treat you? You know, we do these shows now. It's like we do 'em weekly, um, instead of the Daily Show. So it's, it's tough to kind of recap on, uh, on everything where we were going, especially, you know, when we talk about our leans and things like that. But how did, uh, how did last weekend treat you on the, uh, on both on the fantasy side and the betting side? Speaker 2 00:00:32 Betting side was very good. Uh, I had a good week. Um, DraftKings had like this contest where you picked five games a week by the spread. Um, and I went five and oh with my picks, and I think, uh, like at 62, 60 3%, um, there's like six figure people in the field. Was it like 170,000 or something? I'm like five something right now. So that was a good week. Um, but man fantasy was not great. Uh, missed out on the F S G A playoffs. I had a couple injuries. I was already shorthanded with no Pitman to Watson put Corey Davidson, he exits early. Um, someone else I think got hurt too. Uh, and I had to play in Nelson Aguilar. That wasn't good. So that one. Then in my home league, um, all the teams around me won and I had a chance to split. And I had Kyle Murray needed a big game from him. Third play of the game, at least my night, at least my night ended early. Don't stress it out, just hit it over with Speaker 0 00:01:32 <laugh>. Lemme ask Speaker 2 00:01:33 You this, just kick me in the nuts and let me, you know. So I'd rather that, I'd rather that than watch the whole fucking game and get to the end of the fourth quarter. And I'm sitting there, I need four points. I need five points, get a touchdown. I'd rather just get it over with, you know, save me the fucking aggravation and stress. So at least that happened. Speaker 0 00:01:48 I, I hear that. Let, I mean, have you ever, because, you know, we deal with, with bizarro injuries that, that happen all the time, but in inopportune times, I mean, there's never a good time to get an injury in fantasy, but here we are now, it's like week four coming into week 14, we were dealing with all of these QB injuries, and we're looking at all of these, uh, you know, all of these potential options and, you know, how, how low do you have to go to, to use these guys? And then all of a sudden we come away this week and you get another round of, like, Kenny Pickett's got a concussion and, um, and, and Russell Wilson has a, has a concussion, and Kyler Murray tears his a ac like, I mean, have you, have you ever seen where a a a quarterback frenzy of, of injuries has happened this late in the season? Speaker 2 00:02:41 Yeah, it's bizarre. I mean, obviously it's more so in Superflex leagues that it's a real problem, even though in redraft, because I think there's a, the, there's not a lot of good quarterback matchups this week, man. They're even the guys you were rolling with, some of them have some tough matchups. So yeah, that game was even worse. Cause Stevenson left, uh, then came back, then left again. Connor looked like he got hurt. He came back. Devonte Parker, well, I'm sure people use when Jacobi Meyers out and the six teams on by, and he looks like he's getting off to a good start, and then he exits with a concussion. So, man, it's, um, it's, it was crazy. Speaker 0 00:03:18 It was one thing after another, after another. Like legit, we're sitting here talking about just the bottom of the barrel as far as quarterbacks go. And like, even, even the guys that, that people have been in on now, like, uh, like Mike White, um, not really. I mean, there's, there's a, there's a lot of warts even with the low end guys, like more wardy than before. Like I look at Mike White right now, and, you know, the announcement of, of Zach Wilson's gonna be his backup. It's not gonna be Joe Flaco. Um, you know, the press conference asking Zack Wilson, you know, what he learned him talking about, you know, making football fun again, this whole thing. Like all of a sudden now I'm like, hmm, you know, uh, Detroit up 17 three in the, you know, in the second quarter. And then all of a sudden, suddenly, Matt, you know, uh, Mike White takes a, a hit from Aiden Hutchinson, and, uh, and he's slow to get up. And then what happens? Zach Wilson comes out and, uh, and, and saves the day and everything's fine and forgiven, like legit could happen. Speaker 2 00:04:30 Yeah. I mean, he took a bunch of hits last week, somehow hung in there. So there's a, there's definitely a lot of concerns as we get quarterback to it. I mean, you were probably feeling great about two last two weeks, Speaker 0 00:04:42 All of Miami right? Speaker 2 00:04:43 Now, I don't know if I said it on here, but I know wherever I was, I said before the Chargers game. No, before the, um, who was the first matchup that they had two weeks ago? Oh, San Fran. I said, we're gonna learn a lot about Miami over these three weeks at San Fran, at the Chargers and at Buffalo. And what we learned right now is they are not a contender. Um, and it's not gonna be any better this week. You know, you're looking at potential snow. It's a Saturday night wind, and, you know, is it teams that figured out this offense? Is it too, is banged up? I know they've had offensive line issues. Some will say, oh, they've got their injuries on offensive lot. Okay, every team has injuries, man. But that was just embarrassing how bad it was. And of course, the, uh, DraftKings Boost on Sunday night was Tua and Herbert to throw for 250 yards or more. Speaker 2 00:05:29 And of course, I didn't touch it. <laugh>, um, N F NFL boosts I find are really shady. The N NBA ones, I think are a little bit better. I, me and Fey played one last night. Um, it was Giannis to get a double, double at plus 100, and he got it in the third quarter. So, but the NFL ones are so shady. There was another one where Waddle needed to get 40 yards receiving. He didn't, so I always worry those boosts for the N NFL are always shady. But yeah, like tour, I mean, it was a guy that, that you were like, all right, I got Tua every week. And now you're like, uh, can I play him this week in Buffalo? You know, that. So there's a lot of situations like that this week. Speaker 0 00:06:06 Yeah. Where do you have, um, because you know, and, and I'll say this, yeah, losing both your tackles Yes, everybody's dealing with offensive line injuries, but you know, Tara and Armstead on, on one side, Austin Jackson on the other, uh, doesn't sound like Armstead is even gonna play this week. Um, so, you know, I I mean, I I could definitely get, you know, understand that. But yeah, I mean, we've seen that now where he doesn't have the protection, um, and he's, he's not, he's not playing with the confidence that he had before Speaker 2 00:06:34 He was three of 17 at one point. I'm, Speaker 0 00:06:37 I'm embarrassing not playing with the con the confidence that he had before. I think I genuinely believe he's afraid to get hit. I think he's afraid that he is not going to get that, that he's gonna get leveled in the, uh, in the backfield, that he's gonna get sacked and, and it's gonna, and it's fucking hurt. I kind of feel like that's the case right now. Speaker 2 00:06:57 Yeah. So, uh, I was not, uh, the only bright thing for fantasy this passing. Cause for me, I was in a RT championship, uh, semi-final, and I won that. So I'm playing for the championship this week and then the overall of the next three weeks. So I had that going for me. But, uh, everything else was, was kind of a shit week. And then Kyla Murray going down, basically, I mean, my team was playing very well in my home league, and of course I had like my worst week in the most critical week. So that was pretty bad. And I, and to make it worse, I had Trevor Lawrence and Evan Ingram on the bench. Speaker 0 00:07:31 Ah, <laugh>. Who is the tight end that you started? Speaker 2 00:07:35 D Speaker 0 00:07:36 Everybody loves d Speaker 2 00:07:38 He's good. He's getting the targets too. I mean, Ang has been solid, but I mean, no one saw that coming. Speaker 0 00:07:45 No, I don't think anybody saw that coming. I just, you know, again, I'm having, I'm having the issues with, you know, again, with people who are sitting there and you've got a d or you've got an Ingram on your roster, and then you come back the following week and you're like, um, what do you think about using Hunter Henry this week? Or What do you think about using Foster Monroe this week? Like, chasing those tight ends has just been a nightmare. Like, I would just take one guy and just fucking use 'em. That's it. Just use Speaker 2 00:08:13 Them. Yeah. But don't Speaker 0 00:08:14 Even need the backup. Speaker 2 00:08:15 Yeah, I, it's easier said than done because No, it's Speaker 0 00:08:21 Easy to do. It's not Speaker 2 00:08:22 Cause all, all the, okay, all those guys are inconsistent though. So if you have increment dosage, who would you have? And you know, you had the results in front of you. Who were you deciding weeks ago to go with Speaker 0 00:08:32 Weeks ago? Oh, I was going with Evan Ingram weeks ago. I was, I have, I've had Evan Ingram sitting on my, on my roster in multiple leagues where I had, you know, I, I, there were some leagues where I drafted him as soon as he started seeing regular targets, like good targets, not just like three here and then seven, and then two, and then one, and then six. Like, I mean, he was, you know, he was seeing some decent targets. And I was like, listen, this position is horrible right now. Let me just grab Ingram, you know, or, or take Ingram. Stick him in my lineup. And for better or for worse, if he gets me a two, he gets me a two. If he gets me a 20, he gets me a 20. But like sitting there, you know, again, listen, I did this in 2017 and I, and I, and I did and for, for what? For 16 out of 17 weeks. Um, oh no, I was 15 outta 17. I picked a tight end. Who caught a touchdown? I did. That was I, I I, I went through, Speaker 2 00:09:33 See is he, you're Evan Ingram argument. It, it doesn't hold any weight because you want to know what he's been doing lately before this big blow up he had shit. Yeah. So, you know what I'm saying? If you say, if you said, you know what, I'm gonna stick with Ingram. You were stuck with one for eight, three for 14, one for four fi. You know what I mean? So that's three weeks in a row. He did nothing. You're gonna continue to run him out there with that. And then you can't tell me the targets. The targets were two, four and one. Speaker 0 00:09:59 The targets were two, four and one there. Yes, they were right. So now, but before that, before that, he was seeing 10, 6, 7, 6. So, and so he goes through, so he goes through a three week span right around his bi week, you where he's garbage. But who are you fucking picking up there that that was gonna suddenly do great for you? Speaker 2 00:10:18 D Speaker 0 00:10:20 And dosage has been, dosage has been consistent money in the bank. Greg, Speaker 2 00:10:25 No, no. Tight end is money in the bank outside of Kelsey. Not even Mark Andrews. He sucks right now too. That's the whole point. You can't just pick right, Speaker 0 00:10:32 Go with it. Right, right around, listen, right around Evan Ingram's nice little like lull. You got a one for 11, a four for 30 a, two for 11 from D. Speaker 2 00:10:43 But all these guys are like that, man. Speaker 0 00:10:46 I know. That's why I'm saying just stick with one. So that way you get like the best of him and you deal with the worst of him, but you're never gonna sit there and, and correctly pick what bullshit waiver wire, tight end, you're gonna suddenly get, suddenly get great points from. Speaker 2 00:11:03 See, but see almost all of Ingram's production came this past week. Speaker 0 00:11:08 Yes. He's scored a touchdown the week before too. Speaker 2 00:11:11 Yeah, on five for 30 before that he had two touchdowns. I I actually won. Speaker 0 00:11:17 I understand that. I understand what I, I understand exactly what you're saying. What I'm saying is, is that these players, they go through their highs and their lows. You can sit there and try and play the matches, but Speaker 2 00:11:29 To me that, that by sit by saying, I'm just gonna stick one guy in rolling the whole year, then you're not putting in any effort. Speaker 0 00:11:35 That's not true. Yes. An effort on my other fucking positions, I'm not worrying about a dog shit trash position, like the tight end. Speaker 2 00:11:42 Okay. But you just said a few years ago you picked one where you've gotta touch Speaker 0 00:11:46 When he is 17. And, and, Speaker 2 00:11:48 But that's what you should, that's what you should be doing if you have the ability or if you have Speaker 0 00:11:52 To. But you can't do that that anymore. Nobody can do that anymore. It hasn't been, you should try though. It hasn't been something that you could do for, for the last couple of years. I mean, think about it, man. Think about it. Travis Kelsey, seven straight thousand yard seasons. The dude is fucking amazing, right? We keep trying to put players in his level. Like Darren Waller has a great season. Suddenly Darren Waller's, the be all end all of tight ends and he's, you know, suddenly he's a, he's a top three tight end. What's he done since that year? It's the same thing. Mark Andrews. Mark Andrews been shit this year. You've been horrible in comparison to where you drafted him. Like that's, that's what I'm saying is that, that we keep trying to, you know, we keep trying to find players who we can kind of push up and, and you know, and, and try and put into that, that upper tier and they never pan Speaker 2 00:12:47 Out. Okay? But that's not the discussion. We're not talking about guys drafting round two or three. We're talking about the rest. I just don't think it's, I'm just going to pick this guy and leave him in and I'm gonna deal with the one for eight and one for nine. Cuz I know a big game is coming. I mean, I just don't think that's the way to manage it. Speaker 0 00:13:03 But, but you're, but like, who are you that the thing, the question that I'm asking you is who are you picking up? And you say, Greg Dich, and then I just rattled up three shit weeks that d Okay. And I gave you right around the same time Speaker 2 00:13:15 I gave you three even worse weeks by Ingram that you continue to stick with. Speaker 0 00:13:21 But, but if I switch to D during one of those weeks, alright, guess what? D didn't do anything Speaker 2 00:13:26 Either. You're okay. We just picked dosage. I can find someone who had good weeks Speaker 0 00:13:30 And then, okay, go ahead. Speaker 2 00:13:32 I don't have it all in front of me. Everett, whoever did the Joe, Speaker 0 00:13:35 It doesn't exist. Speaker 2 00:13:36 Yes it Speaker 0 00:13:37 Does. I'm telling you here, I got this shit in front of you here, man. I got this shit in front of me. Let's talk. You wanna talk tight ends, you wanna talk tight ends there, Ronas. Oh, we're wasting our time. Tight Speaker 2 00:13:45 Ends with you. We're wasting our time. The point is, is that I don't think you should just, ah, this is gonna be my guy and I'm gonna roll with him unless it's like Schultz, fryer, booth, nuku. If you're, if you don't have those guys, you gotta do something and try and figure it out. And yet there's some weeks you're gonna get burned, but you can't tell me, oh, I'm just gonna roll an Ingram all year long. No one's had an Ingram ranked in the top 12 every single week. Speaker 0 00:14:08 No, nobody has had Evan an Ingram ranked in the top 12 again with the exception of Kelsey or Andrews or Fryer, moth or, you know, Gotter earlier on. Speaker 2 00:14:18 Those guys have bad weeks. Speaker 0 00:14:20 I mean, all I'm saying is, is that our top 10 of tight ends <laugh> not great, dude. I mean, of course nobody, Speaker 2 00:14:28 And Ingram goes from, and I don't like the total points, but like, I think he's fourth and total points. I think he was outside the top 12 going into the week. It's just so misleading. I mean, ERZ and Godard are top six tight ends on points per game and they've missed weeks. Speaker 0 00:14:45 Right. I understand. I'm just saying like you, you talk about y y you know, you're not gonna stick with Ingram after he has, let's say, let's say he is a bad week or two bad weeks. He had weeks, Speaker 2 00:14:58 He had three awful weeks, bro. One for eight, Speaker 0 00:15:00 Three for Speaker 2 00:15:01 14, Speaker 0 00:15:01 Still starting four. Are you still starting him in that third week? Speaker 2 00:15:05 I mean, against Baltimore? No, Speaker 0 00:15:07 I'm just saying No, no, no, I mean just, I'm just saying if, if your tight end, if, if your tight end has two shitty weeks and then you, you've got the option of fishing for another one on the waiver wire or sticking with him again and hoping that, you know, things pan out for him. The question it, the the problem is, is like, where are you going for your tight end? Because now all of a sudden, if you're going to your waiver wire looking for tight ends, d Fant, Dawson, Knox, um, Austin Hooper, Cade Otten, Tyler Higbee, Tyler Conlin, like, what I'm saying is, is that you're just, you're spinning your wheels. You think that, okay, I'm gonna get a guy who's got a better matchup here. But if that guy doesn't produce, then you really, then you haven't done anything but either waste fab or possibly drop a guy who's just in a rut that shouldn't be, you know, that won't stay in that rut the entire time. Speaker 2 00:16:04 Yeah, but what guy are you dropping that was consistent. I never dropped Ingram. I've had 'em all year long, so I never dropped him. Cuz he had a bad, you're Speaker 0 00:16:12 You're one of those multiple tight end guys. Speaker 2 00:16:14 It depends on the league. I mean, I, I don't, what is the problem with having multiple tight ends? If you have the roster space, Speaker 0 00:16:20 If you have the, if you have the roster space, then you have the roster space. I just, I Speaker 2 00:16:23 People hold, people hold two quarterbacks all year long and it's a fucking waste of time. Speaker 0 00:16:27 I understand that. I agree with that statement as well. I agree with that statement that during the year you don't need a fucking backup defense. You don't need a backup kicker. Yeah, I don't don't think you need a backup tight end either. Speaker 2 00:16:37 I think if you don't have an elite one and there are very few, I think it does pay to have two. If you have the roster space Speaker 0 00:16:45 And then you're, yeah, and then you're, you're, you're basically, you're playing the matchups there and you're trying to figure it out and you end up starting d over Evan Ingram Speaker 2 00:16:55 And all right, you're, you're not gonna get it right all the time. Speaker 0 00:16:59 And then what happens, right? I mean, that's the thing. Speaker 2 00:17:01 But it's to me, I'm just gonna stick with this guy and he's had three, you know, one for eight, two for, I mean, you, you're just gonna keep rolling him out there. What if he, Speaker 0 00:17:09 But, but you sat, you sat him after a, after a seven target, five catch 30 yard and a touchdown day. Well, Speaker 2 00:17:16 You Speaker 0 00:17:16 Sat him the week after that against Tennessee. Speaker 2 00:17:19 And Tennessee is a pretty good defense. And DL was no Courtland Sutton in a game that they were playing from behind at home against Kansas City where he was lining up in the slot a lot and he is running routes 90% of the time. Speaker 0 00:17:36 Yeah. And look what he gave you. Speaker 2 00:17:39 All right, so now everyone's gonna go to Ingram this week. What is he gonna do? Speaker 0 00:17:43 Oh yeah, he's gonna shut the bed this week because that's what happens. Because the, you know why? Because the tight end possession Speaker 2 00:17:47 Sucks. It does, but I mean, that's why you have to, you have to try and do something. Speaker 0 00:17:51 But, but if you're, if you're, if you're gonna, if you've got Evan Ingram, are you gonna sit him now because you don't like this move against Dallas? No. You don't like the matchup against Dallas this week? Af you're gonna sit a guy who just had 11 catches for 162 yards and two touchdowns. No, Speaker 2 00:18:07 People are not gonna sit up. I mean, but again, Speaker 0 00:18:09 Gonna, they're gonna leave him in the line. Are you gonna use them this week? Speaker 2 00:18:12 Um, I Speaker 0 00:18:13 Or, or you stay with d Speaker 2 00:18:14 I don't have that decision to make. I'm done. Speaker 0 00:18:16 Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry. It's probably cuz you didn't leave Evan Ingram in your lineup. Speaker 2 00:18:24 Um, probably Speaker 0 00:18:25 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:18:29 I'm not sure I would've made it anyway, but it didn't help having him on the bench. Ugh. Speaker 0 00:18:34 This, listen, this, this was, uh, yes again, we probably say a statement very similar to this every single year. But this was a really weird fucking year. This was a no, it was a really weird year for fantasy. Speaker 2 00:18:49 It really was. And I know people, I always say, nah, this was just, just a lot of bizarre things. The scoring was down. Um, so many players that you expected to produce didn't, they were really bad. I mean, it was a ton of bust this year. It, it, it, yeah. I mean the scoring was just down. That was the problem man. It was also year two we're so used to having the quarterbacks in the mid to late rounds all hit, right? Oh, we're gonna wait on quarterback, we're gonna get this guy that failed in a major way this year. I mean, if you don't have like an elite quarterback, you're probably not in the playoff, so you're probably not winning a championship. And even some of those guys like Josh Allen's not playing great right now. I mean he still producing, but not to the level where you drafted him. But it's hurts Mahomes Allen that are up there. Fields obviously is the one late round guy that has really worked out. Um, Herbert though wasn't good most of the year. He's coming on a little bit, you know, burrows come on. But there's just not of a, a lot of, you know, a lot of people are like, oh, I can get a car and Stafford and No, I mean one of the most productive, consistent is Geno Smith. People who picked up on waivers, <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:19:56 Now Roger sucked. Russell Wilson sucked Speaker 0 00:19:58 Too, dude. Yeah. You know, I was just gonna say, there are so many people out there. It's so funny, there's so many people out there. Um, who did the, you know, ended up like with the Geno Smith route? After Los? Yeah, after dealing with a guy like Wilson all year. Like you can always tell the people who are riding Gino Smith right now and and trying to use him in in fantasy are the same people who just got just way hoed, uh, on the, uh, on the position way hoed, oh, fantasy football. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? I gotta, I gotta, I gotta sit and I gotta focus on my, my stupid G S T team, dude. Unbelievable. You wanna talk about limping into the playoffs and just seeing like money slip away. I went from like, you know, best record in the, in the league and most points to, I'm a four seed now in that thing. It's just brutal. Speaker 2 00:20:54 Yeah. And things can change quickly. I know in my league there was a guy who was pretty much ahead in points all year and he wound up losing out on best points by 2.2. Speaker 0 00:21:02 Uh, the, the saving grace that I have here, in all honesty is actually because my team is now getting healthy again. So I've got a healthy mix in and Josh Jacobs and hopefully Mahomes and Kelsey, uh, you know, don't shit the bed completely on me. Um, because of that, that whole overall, like, you know, what is it like your average point plus what you score in the next like three weeks or something like that? Four weeks? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:21:33 Three weeks. Speaker 0 00:21:34 That's, that's the money I want, man. That's the money I want. I want it all. I wanna win that. And I wanna win my league and I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. I'm, I'm calling it right now. I'm calling my shot. I'm Babe Roofing this at the moment. I'm pointing to it. It's a championship. Speaker 2 00:21:51 Good luck. Speaker 0 00:21:52 Thank you so much. Thank you. Are you gonna be, are you gonna be proud of me? Are you gonna be happy for me? Are you gonna, are you gonna join us here on the podcast and and, and sing my praises? Speaker 2 00:22:02 Absolutely. Speaker 0 00:22:03 See there, it's, that's what I wanted to hear. That's what I wanted to hear. Um, all right, let's move off of the fantasy football world. Let's talk n b props. So Adam, how's n b a been treating you? Oh, did we get it just like so close yesterday? I, for everybody out there, I was on, um, I was on, uh, the, not let's bet it, it was, um, oh N B C Battle of the Bets. And uh, and, and they wanted, you know, they were asking me to help him out and, and fill in and, you know, I was like, okay, sure, but I don't know shit about basketball. I don't know shit about be, you know, betting and hockey or whatever. And they're like, well, you know, you can pick some games here for tonight. So what did I do? I went to, I went to my boys, I went to my boys, I went to Adam for nba, I went to Dance Servio for college basketball. Speaker 0 00:22:54 And I went to Andrew Dewhurst for hockey and uh, and, and the, the Dewhurst hockey play, by the way, fucking Smoke did. He was like, take the sabers, uh, on the, uh, on the money line. And he, you know, King's whatever, blah, blah, blah. You gave me Zion 26 and a half points with like, you know, like all the, like you gave me like this laundry list of reasons for, you know, for the prop. Like you would do like a, a, a regular article. I was like, just gimme like a, a bullet point or two. So you give me all of this stuff here. And it was that fucking half point again, man, it was the damn half point. What happened to my Zion play there? Speaker 2 00:23:34 Um, he had foul trouble. So he sat out in the first half and then he was pulled with about six minutes left cause it was a lot. So he only played 26 minutes, had 26 points and 26 minutes. It was the only bet I lost last night. I had Anthony Davis over 40 and a half points rebounds that hit nice. I had, uh, James Harden over nine and a half assist that hit. I did a four game par, a four leg parlay. Cause I had a free bet on Ben mgm. So I loved, you know, harden and, and beat or just crushing it. So I did MB 25 or more points, hardened 15 or more points, hardened two threes or more and hardened nine a system or at plus one 30. And that hit, so I cashed that. Beautiful. What was the beautiful, yeah, so Zion and the Giannis double double, which was a boost. Speaker 2 00:24:21 I think it was one other things. So yeah, the Zion was the only one that lost. I don't regret that pick at all. I would make it again. And I'm same matchup he has Thursday night, I'm gonna play it again cuz I don't see them getting blown out again. And yeah, it just sucks. He was 10 to 16 from the field, missed six four free throws. Um, but yeah, 26 minutes, man. Come on man. He usually plays, you know, 30, 32 to 34 minutes he's been playing at an MVP level. Um, this team has been playing great. Brandon er remains out, so he's become Speaker 0 00:24:51 Like that. Yeah, I I didn't think Utah was gonna blow him out like that. I mean, the guy who I was going up against for Battle of the Bets actually took Utah on the money line. But I mean, I didn't think it was gonna be like that. Like, I was Speaker 2 00:25:01 Like, yeah, I mean the previous games Zion scored 35, 35, 29, 25, 30, 33. Um, he's just been unbelievable. Um, and yeah, he had 16 field goal attempts, which was his fewest in the last five games tie for the fewest. Um, so yeah, I'm, I'm gonna probably play, I think, yeah, I think they played Thursday night. So my guess is the line will be about 26 and a half. 27 and a half. I got it at 27 and a half. I gave it to you the night before. Um, yeah, 26 Speaker 0 00:25:31 And Speaker 2 00:25:31 A half. Same matchup, uh, pelicans in Utah. Um, pelicans favored by two game total. I'm gonna go right back to it. Speaker 0 00:25:40 I'm gonna do it. I'm definitely gonna do it. Listen, I was, uh, I I, you know, it was so funny too because I wasn't like really kind of paying attention. There was just sitting there last night late and I was like, oh shit, I wonder how the the picks went for, uh, for, for the show. And I went and I looked and uh, and, and I, uh, and I was like, ah, okay, ah, you know, whatever. I just, it was just, it was so funny too because, you know, like when you lose a prop, you owe, you get nicked by that half so much. And I'm sure that happens to everybody who, who plays props consistently. But it was just a, you know, to me it was like really funny. Oh. And I was like, oh, he is probably gonna think I'm gonna come on the show and I'm gonna piss on him and you know, give him shit for, for losing that prop. Speaker 0 00:26:24 I was like, nah, no, no, I got no, you know, for, for me just, you know, to, to throw it out there and stuff like that and to, I, you know, I bet everything I play, I called me, I text my guy and I'm like, this is what I want you to, you know, put down for me and, and take care of that. And um, and so I played it and actually he texted me back and he was like, you know, Zion's at 27 and a half. And I was like, Ooh, ah, fuck it. Go ahead, take it with the o dude. Hit the over on that one anyway also. Um, but the 26 and a half, that's what I was like, you know. Hmm. That was crazy. Uh, whatever dude. I mean, listen, what do you like, uh, what do you like coming up this weekend? Well, besides Zion, again, going back at the, uh, at the Jazz, what else do you like? Speaker 2 00:27:10 Um, real quick though. So Tuesday, you know, I'm giving out plays and, um, I said, I like Kyrie Urban over 24 and a half points fe. He's like, oh, I like that. I'm gonna play that too. Kyrie, I had 20 points at halftime. He scored four in the second half, full half, like four points in the second half. Four, yeah, four. Speaker 0 00:27:30 Did he fall off the edge of the earth or something? Course. Speaker 2 00:27:32 Oh man, I, I dunno what the, I know <laugh>. Um, and the worst part, well I also had Durant over 29 and a half points and he got a basket with two minutes left to go over. I was like, oh my goodness, man, I can't believe this. So, um, yeah, that it, it happens. You know, we're on the other side of it sometimes, but man, um, it, it's rough. Um, but yeah, I'm gonna be looking at, uh, let's see. Um, and Beads just a monster right now and Harden Hardens is just a Ben nine and a half. But, um, they've had some injuries and uh, he's balling out right now. Both those guys I'm looking at, they just soak up so much usage. Ba I'm at a Bio's a guy I've played a lot. I played him Wednesday night. Oh I see. Thursday against a Rocket. Speaker 2 00:28:19 Oh, that's a great matchup assuming he plays. Um, yeah, Zion has been an unbelievable, the Suns are a team that's really banged up right now. So, um, gotta look at maybe some of their players. The hawks are a mess right now. Uh, let's see. Tatum has been unbelievable. His props are always very high, but, um, oh six has played the Warriors on Friday. Ooh boy in Philly. That'll be interesting. Sicom from the Raptors I like a lot. Um, Durant and Kyrie Urban are Brooklyn's playing very well right now. They were like, it looked like they were gonna be a terrible team this year. Then they fired Steve Nash ever since then, or he left, resigned, whatever you wanna happen. And then, uh, the Nets are now 17 and 12 and playing good basketball De Durant's, putting up V MVP numbers. Uh, despite Kyrie not hitting the other night, he's been playing very well. Speaker 2 00:29:12 Continue to play SGA a Shay, Giles Alexander. Minnesota's an interesting team right now cuz Noel Carl, Anthony Town. So Gobert, Anthony Edwards, the Angelo Russell, Damien and Lillard. Oh my God, this guy's on fire right now. They will find out if I hit the Boost. But DraftKings did a boost for Lillard, um, on Wednesday night, plus 100 to score 25 points and hit two threes. I played it. He is on another level right now. I love watching him play. I really hope we get to see them in the playoffs cuz that dude is extremely clutch. He's not afraid to take the big shot. But over his last few games he scored 40, 36 and 38. Only 29 minutes on Monday. 38 points, 11 threes, 11 of 17 from three point range. So, uh, he's on another level right now. So I will continue to play his props. Speaker 2 00:30:02 Um, cuz he's just locked in right now. Uh, let's see. Oh, Anthony Davis, this dude is, uh, you always worry about him getting hurt, but I've been pretty much playing his points, rebounds, prop every time out. As I said, I played it against the Celtics on Tuesday night. It was 40 and a half. He had 37 points, 12 rebounds, those last few games. 37 and 12. 34 and 15, 31 and 12. He left the game on uh, December 6th with mud butt after eight minutes, <laugh>. Um, and of course that's the night FanDuel and DraftKings decided to refund all bets on him cuz he left with the flu. It was not on the injury report. The game before that 55 points, 17 rebounds, um, be before that 44 and 10, 27 and 1225 and 13. He's just insane right now. Um, so I'm gonna continue to play him. Uh, but yeah, it's funny too, uh, these, these these sites, man, they're all PR man. Speaker 2 00:30:58 They, they, so you saw, they refunded all bets for Kylea Murray on Monday. Why didn't you do that with Devonte Parker who got hurt left for the concussion? Oh, why? Cuz he's not a big star. And that's the problem I have. Like how do you decide when to refund bets? And it's because if it's a most popular bet that night, if it's a national TV game and if it's a star, you know, Kylea Murray Star, uh, is rushing prop I think was very popular, over 36 and a half yards. He gets hurt. Oh yeah, let's refund. Why aren't you refunding DeFonte Park Speaker 0 00:31:30 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:31:30 Because he's Nolan? Speaker 0 00:31:32 Cause he's a, cause he is a garbage wide Speaker 2 00:31:34 Receiver. But I'm saying like, I think his bet it was only like 39 and a half that night and it was a good play. He already had like two for 27. He was probably gonna get there. Onet, you call me Myers. So in against Arizona. So it's just, I get what I do it, it's pr but like you open up a window where people are gonna complain, well I saw your refund at <inaudible>. Uh, can I get my bet back on some scrub? And like, you know, I know they do it for pr it looks good. Look, go look at these sports books. They're so nice. Yeah, they're gonna take your fucking money. Speaker 0 00:32:05 I know, right? <laugh>, that's a man. I'll tell you what, that's, that's, that's the worst thing too to me. It's the worst thing because ah, you know, yeah. It's like all of these like nice favors they're doing for all of their new be things. I mean that's that, that they're, they're gonna take your fucking house and your car when you start losing to 'em regularly and all of a sudden, oh it's been done. Oh, I've been playing on FanDuel for five years. You remember when they used to used to, you know, give us our money back if a player got hurt, how come they're not doing it this time? And it's cuz they're like, fuck you cuz we did it the first year and we don't need to do it anymore because now you degenerates are fucking hooked. Speaker 2 00:32:48 Yeah. And the Anthony Davis won. I think that was also a, yeah, it was a nationally televised game and he was a very popular bet that night. So that's why they did it. Um, but yeah, I mean, um, NBA's been pretty good. You know, you always go through ups and downs. I think the, yeah, the PIs wise article this past week was two and one. Okay. Um, Speaker 0 00:33:07 Nice. Speaker 2 00:33:08 So yeah, it's been pretty good. And like I said, um, Tuesday was pretty good. Uh, just lost that Zion bet by a hook. And again, I, I don't regret that bat at all. I would do it again. I, it was a good play. He plays another two minutes. He easily, Cassius you needed one more basket. Speaker 0 00:33:24 I'm fine with that. Listen, I told you man, I just, I, I don't care. Doesn't bother me. I ask you if I ask you for a bet, if I like come out and like, you know, Hey Adam, can you help me out with this? The last thing I'm gonna ever do is come back. You'd be, oh dude, the be sucked. Oh shit, what am I, Speaker 2 00:33:42 Yeah, I mean, I played it. That was the first bet I put in, um, that night. Um, I didn't have lines for the other, like a Mt d Davis. That line wasn't out because Boston was playing that night. So they didn't have any player props for that. So I had to wait till the next day on that one. So, I mean, I, I, I want, I, I put bets in the night before, once in a while. So for like Tuesday, for Wednesday, I put in bam at bio over 32 and a half points rebounds. Cause I knew Jimmy Butler was out and it was a great matchup. But like for example, on Wednesday, I was, I in bets on Terry Roji and Kelly Ure. But I was like, you know what, let me wait to see if Lamella Ball plays and what happened. Lamella ball was ruled in like, about a hour before the game. Speaker 2 00:34:20 So I'm glad I didn't play those props. That's why you, you never wanna put in a lot of N NBA prop beds the night before unless there's something like you're, you're certain of or you feel really strongly about. You just don't, I mean, it's great to get the early line movements cuz man, those lines move so fast. It's insane how quickly the juice moves, how quickly props move up in NBA a um, but you don't wanna put yourself in a spot where a player's ruled in and now that prop doesn't look good. So I tend not to, I might put in one player prof the night before if I see something, but not many. Speaker 0 00:34:55 Makes sense. Listen, it definitely makes sense, no doubt about it. I mean, especially, I mean with just the, the whole, you know, with the way that, that the N B A is and guys, you know, just la so many last minute scratches that you don't, yeah, you can't, you can't leave yourself hanging like that. You know, it's like, you know, I don't, I don't, I honestly, I I'm, I'm not a big prop guy. When I do some football props and stuff like that though, like, I try to, you know, look for the earlier ones that I look for, like the, the the less marquee players, right? Because you know that the, you know, by the time, unless they, unless they really get one wrong with like a marquee player, you know, that the, you know, closer to game time, those props get tougher and tougher cuz they keep moving the lines on you. Speaker 0 00:35:38 So, I don't know man, I just, I like sticking to the games. Just gimme the games. I'm a happy camper that way. I don't need to, I don't need to go that granular and, and start looking at player pops, you know, again, to each his or her own. That's the way it is. I don't, I don't begrudge anybody playing a bunch of props. It's not for me. Um, and I'll stick with, uh, with games. And speaking of sticking with games, um, I know that you have a, uh, have have dinner plans, so I don't wanna, uh, keep you cuz I'm sure you're gonna wanna, you know, shower change, spray a little cologne on yourself, make yourself, uh, presentable to the world. Um, so how about we, uh, we just dive right into, uh, the N F L slate for week 15. You good with that? Speaker 2 00:36:21 Let's do it. Speaker 0 00:36:23 Let's do it. Start off here with the, uh, Thursday night football game. San Francisco 49ers, uh, they are visiting the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks are a home dog. Three and a half. Listen, we've got Brock Purdy who is expected to play now he's, well that's what we're hearing. Kenneth Walker puts in a full practice for the Seattle Seahawk, so they're getting a little better. They don't have to rely on, uh, uh, the invisible Travis Homer. Um, which way do you like on the, uh, on, on this game here to the Seahawks? Do it at home with that extra little half point? Speaker 2 00:37:00 Yeah, I lean towards taking them with the points. I don't feel great about it. I do think San Francisco is a better team, but this could be a tough spot for them. A short week, um, with a inexperienced quarterback. Yeah, he was good last week, but they were in full control. He's banged up dealing with the bleak and rib injuries as well. I know Seattle hasn't looked good, but divisional game, very tough place to play. Um, again, San Francisco's really good defensively. They've done well in this rivalry as well. Um, so I'm gonna take the points thinking that they could keep it close. It's really important for them too, to keep their playoff hopes alive. They have a very difficult schedule and if San Francisco wins this game, they clench the N FFC West. So, um, it is concerning a lot of the matchups. You know, Gino against this defense, um, is Kenneth Walker to be able to run the ball on them. But, um, tough place to play. Short week, divisional game. Uh, looking for Seattle to keep it close. So I'm gonna take the three and a half. Speaker 0 00:38:02 I like the three and a half points as well. I do think that it stays close. I like Kenneth Walker coming back. It's not a short week for him. He sat out last week, so, uh, I think he's got fresh legs and he's good to go. And you know that Pete Carroll's just gonna run, keep running the ball, Adam, you know, I mean, listen, you're gonna have, you're gonna have Christian McCaffrey going up against the Seattle Seahawk and that's gonna be a, a smash spot and everybody in their grandmother's gonna want it and they're gonna end up using him as their, uh, DFS captain because you know, that's the play. But yeah, I agree with you man. I think Seattle, whose defense has actually improved a little bit over the last few weeks. Maybe they focus on taking out, uh, Christian McCaffrey. Maybe they focus a little bit on, uh, you know, trying to make sure that Brock Purdy has to pass the ball. Speaker 0 00:38:47 And if Purdy's not cable, he is got no Deebo Samuel. Yeah, you got iu. Yeah, you got Kittle. Really haven't been using these guys all that much or all that well this season. So I like Seattle here as well. I'll take the points and, uh, and enjoy it. Uh, Saturday Slate three game on Saturday. And for everybody out there who's gonna be listening to this, uh, just so you know, um, I'm gonna put a, a special playbook out just for the Saturday games. Uh, I'm gonna put that out on Friday. That's gonna be free. So if you don't subscribe to Fantasy Alarm, you listen to this podcast, check it on out Friday, I'll have a, uh, a three Game Playbook out. I will post some example lineups on Saturday. Those will be free as well. You know, take it for a spin and check it out. Speaker 0 00:39:34 And if you like it, well then you're gonna have to subscribe because you're gonna want Saturday. You're gonna want Sunday's playbook then as well. And that one's fixing to be, uh, some fire there. The DFS watch list is already out on Fantasy Alarm, so, uh, enjoy that. But we're gonna do a free playbook for the three games on Saturday. And it starts with the Cols Adam against Minnesota Vikings. Uh, Vikings are a home favorite by four. You know, I think the Vikings win this game. Now, whether or not they can cover the spread makes me a little bit nervous here. The Vikings secondary is shit. And while I'm not really all that into Matt Ryan, I do think he's got some decent weapons in Michael Pittman and Paris Campbell and Alec Pierce. So I worry that, that, that the, the Colts do a, uh, a little like late cover here because it's the four, right? It's not the, not the three points there, it's the four. So I'm gonna lean Cols here on the road with the points, but I think the, the Vikings on the money line are the and the play. Speaker 2 00:40:38 Yeah, I'm gonna take the Vikings here. You know, last week I was against them. I like Detroit as the favorite. You know, some people didn't, but I thought that was the Vegas had the right line. It played out that way. Yes, the Vikings have deficiencies. They're not great, but they're at home. This is a bounce back spot for them. I know the cultures are coming off of by, it's just trusting Matt Ryan. Yeah, he's got weapons. And I know the Viking secondary is rough, but you know, if they can get some pressure on him, it's, it's gonna be a problem. So I see the Vikings bouncing back here and, um, covering this. Speaker 0 00:41:10 All right, cool. Um, Ravens Browns, that's the midday, uh, fiesta for you here. Ravens at the Browns, Browns are a three point favorite against Baltimore. Tyron, uh, Tyler Huntley is supposed to play in this game. Deshaun Watson's definitely looked better in the last game than he did the game before that. It's a tough defense with the Ravens, obviously, you know, since adding Roan Smith, what Patrick Queen has been doing has been absolutely fantastic. So which way do you lean on this one? Speaker 2 00:41:45 This is a real tough game. <laugh>. I mean, I know the Browns are favored by three. You know, the Ravens have been bad offensively. The defense is still good. I'm gonna lean the Ravens with the three. This could be a three point game. It might be a push. I think Watson played a little bit better last week. Um, shanky has never been good as a favorite either. And as a division Speaker 0 00:42:07 Favorite. What a, what a shock. Speaker 2 00:42:08 Shanky. He's one in seven against the spread as a division favorite. There you go. I'm gonna take the points with the Ravens here. Speaker 0 00:42:15 Yeah, yeah. Kevin Stefanski is the banin of my existence. I absolutely hate the guy. He is just a complete moron. Uh, and I agree with you. I think that, you know, I mean, listen, I didn't even, I didn't even know The Stefanski is a, as a favorite, is, uh, one in six against the spread. Uh, and I was still leaning on the Ravens there, so I'm with you. Speaker 2 00:42:35 And then as a favorite, as a coach, he's nine and 17 against the spread as a favorite. Speaker 0 00:42:40 Oh, Jesus. He's so bad. You know why? Because he thinks that he's like outsmarting people by doing things that you shouldn't do. Like, oh yeah, I'm gonna go up against the, uh, the Houston Texans. So I'm gonna unleash a guy at quarterback who hasn't played a game in two fucking years instead of leaning on the most incredible running back in the NFL right Speaker 2 00:43:03 Now. And they got fortunate to win that game. Two defensive touchdowns and a special teams touchdown. I mean, that's so gross. It was embarrassing. Speaker 0 00:43:09 So gross. So gross. The night game, Miami Buffalo with the way everything's looking. Listen, Tyre kill, uh, full practice today. We're, again, Adam and I are recording here on Wednesday evening. Um, but we just, we talked about it with Tua. He doesn't look good. We, you know, the offensive line issues, uh, Buffalo at home in the shitty weather, whatever it's gonna end up being. It's gonna be bitter cold. Um, I'm just gonna take the bills and I'm gonna lay the points. Speaker 2 00:43:42 Me too, man. I just don't see how you can back the dolphins. I watch 'em cover and win straight up. Cause I don't, maybe people have the same mentality as us, but remember too, the bills already lost to Miami this year. They're gonna, you know, want that payback. And they dominated that game. They had the ball for 40 minutes, um, and ran like way more plays than the Dolphins. So it's just hard to back the dolphins right now. I think, as I said, we'd find out about them and they have not been able to step up against better competition. I mean, they, the Chargers defense, which is not that good, and they couldn't do anything against them. This Bill's defense is playing better. They're at home. Um, and you know, Josh Allen probably not in the MVP conversation now if he comes through with a big game here in primetime, maybe he puts himself back in the conversation. But, um, I just, I can't back Miami Emmy right now. Speaker 0 00:44:32 I can't back him either. I can't, I won't, I don't need to. And we'll move on from that. Uh, that those are the three games on, uh, on Saturday. Uh, Sunday starts off here, uh, 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific. The Eagles against the Bears. Eagles are nine point favorite. Jalen Hertz looks amazing. AJ Brown is amazing. Devonta Smith is catching touchdowns. Miles Sanders looks like an absolute beast. You do have Justin Fields on the other side. I gotta tell you, man, this one, this one's a tough one here because I feel like, you know, even with even <laugh>, even with as, as shitty as the Bears Defense is and can be, I just don't know if I want to go with a full nine points here. Even though I think the Eagles crush in this game. I think they win. I think they cover kind of where I'm leaning right now. Speaker 2 00:45:32 Yeah, I'll, I'll take the points here. You know, the one thing that Philly is a little susceptible to, although I know they've been better with some of the defensive tackles they've added, is the Run Defense Field is just so dynamic. So Philly could be a big, and Fields breaks over a long run and kind of gives you the backdoor cover. Um, we've seen dogs around this number have been covering a lot lately. Yeah. So in Philly it's kind of a, a look ahead spot too. Um, they got Dallas on Christmas Eve, which essentially, you know, they can lock up the division with a win there. So, um, I'm gonna take the points with the Bears thinking that they can stay competitive and they might be down, you know, 17 late and then 16 and come back and score a touchdown for the back door cover. Speaker 0 00:46:21 Well, I hope they don't Adam, for, for my sake at least Speaker 2 00:46:24 <laugh>. Okay. I mean though I'm not strong on it, like, I I No, no, it's so good, man. You know, so I hear you. I wouldn't be surprised if Philly blew them out at all. Speaker 0 00:46:32 No, I wouldn't be surprised that that wasn't bit, but I would probably like wanna lean on the under then if I think that Philly's gonna blow him out. Speaker 2 00:46:40 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:46:43 Um, all right. Dallas, Jacksonville, this, I, you know what I mean, this is, this is kind of a, a of an interesting one in, in my opinion, only because we know that Dallas is bet on by more people than any other N F L team and you know, yeah, they, they, they came from behind. They struggled against Houston. But you know, before that, I mean it was just like they're blowing everybody out, blah, blah, blah. I feel like that, I feel like Vegas is begging the public to bet Dallas. Oh yeah, we could beat the Jags by a touchdown. We could do that. I feel like that might be where we're at. But do I really want to take the Jags and the points? Trevor Lawrence going up against this defense. I know you lost Jordan Lewis your slot corner and that's, uh, uh, that was the, your Achilles heel with uh, Chris Moore. But I don't know, man, which way are you leaning on this? Speaker 2 00:47:42 Well, I'm leaning Dallas. I mean, you know, obviously Dallas almost lost to the Texans. They probably took them lightly. Jacksonville got a lot of breaks against Tennessee and I was on Jacksonville on that game, getting the points, but my goodness, they got so many things break their way. Derek Henry with two fumbles. So, I mean, we've kind of bit through this with Jacksonville. They had the big win against the Ravens and I knew the next week they were gonna have the letdown against Detroit and they did. So I think that's what people do. Oh, Cowboys barely beat the Texans. Oh, Jaguars had I impress when it gets Tennessee. Yeah, Jackson was gonna cover the one thing about Dallas, uh, eight of their 10 wins this year come by at least a touchdown, so. Right. Um, their defense is playing very well. I think that was a wake up call. I guess with them. The risk is too, do they look ahead again to Philly on Christmas Eve, but, um, Dallas has a top-notch pass rush number two in past defense D V O A. So I'm gonna take Dallas minus four. Speaker 0 00:48:38 Are you worried about what, what's your level of concern with Terrence Steele being lost for the season now and going to like Jason Peters on the right tackle Speaker 2 00:48:45 A little bit, but they'll get Tyron Smith back soon. Speaker 0 00:48:49 Isn't Smith gonna play the left side? Speaker 2 00:48:51 Yeah, but I mean, at least he'll, he'll help the line. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:48:55 Um, all right, well I wrote this up for picks wise. I believe I actually took the Cowboys minus the four. Um, so I'm with you on that one there. You know, like that's the question, like which way is the, uh, you know, is the public money gonna come in here? It was actually, it was at four and a half earlier, so it's down at four. So obviously some, uh, some money's coming in. Chiefs Texans, I wrote this one up here for picks wise as well, chiefs favored by 14 over the Texans. I feel like, yeah, like, I hate laying the points like this. I really hate laying 14. Not good, especially against a team like Houston. But I think that everybody's gonna look at this one here and say, ah, you know, you know, they, the, the, the text, you know, the, the chiefs, they, you know, they, their offense hasn't looked great over the last couple of weeks and they lost that game to the Bengals and blah, blah. Blah. I think, you know, Houston played Dallas so tough. Um, that I think actually the Chiefs blow 'em out. I think the chiefs cover this spread. And I also take the under on the 49 and a half. Speaker 2 00:50:04 Yeah, this one's tough. I, I guess I kind of leaned to, I mean, Houston had, I mean, think about it. They're, they had two games where, okay, they got up for Deshaun Watson. Right. I, I figured they would play in that game. And I know they didn't cover, but they should have, uh, all those stupid touchdowns. And then of course, cowboys, you're gonna get up for that in-state rivalry, you don't really have much to play for. They got up for it. Um, it's just, the one thing is that just Mahomes has never been good. His double digit favorite man, that's the one thing that worries me, but Speaker 0 00:50:34 They're two and two against the spread this year with when they're favored by more than a touchdown. Speaker 2 00:50:39 He's in his career, he's five 10 and one against the spread as, uh, favorite double more than 10. Your favorite More than 10. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I mean, I guess, I mean, and last week too, how the fuck did they, it was 27. Nothing. They let Denver right back in the game. So I guess I leaned Kansas City too. Speaker 0 00:50:59 Okay. Uh, jets hosting the Detroit Lions Jets are favored by Juan. Did I set this tone for you here? Did I tell you what was gonna happen? You know how the N NFL scripted, right? Speaker 2 00:51:11 Is it? Speaker 0 00:51:12 Yeah. Well, so I saw the, I saw the screenplay for the new movie that's coming up. And uh, and what's going on here is the Jets are gonna be losing 17 to three, right? And then Aiden Hutchinson's gonna come in, he's gonna level, and this is like end of the end of the second quarter. Towards the end of the second quarter, he's gonna level Mike White. And he's gonna, he's gonna hurt him. He's gonna hurt him bad. Mike White's been ineffective for the first half. He's now banged up even more cuz he takes that hit. Jets go into the locker room down 17 three, they come out and to a, to a cacophony of booze and cheers with a splash of hope. Everybody's gonna realize that Zach Wilson's coming in for the second half. He leads the New York Jets to a victory over the Detroit Lions at home and keeps those playoff hopes alive and all is forgiven. His teammates forgive him, and the public forgives him. And Zach Wilson's back in Everyone's good graces and the Jets win. This one, Speaker 2 00:52:18 Eileen, the Jets here. This is the probably the most fascinating game of the week. I mean, this is huge. Jet's still vying for a playoff spot. And I really want, I, I had this discussion with Fe this week. I think Detroit's the fourth best team in the n f right now. I mean, gimme, you'll put Philly, Dallas, San Fran, above them. Is there any team in the n ffc you would put above the lines right now? Speaker 0 00:52:37 Philly, Dallas, San Fran. Is there another team in the N ffc? In the N ffc Speaker 2 00:52:43 Yes. That you would say is better than the Lions right now? No. Right. No. So I really want to see them get in the playoffs. It's gonna be a tough road. I think if they lose this game, they still could get in. Um, at Carolina, home of the Bears at Green Bay. Does Rogers even play that week? Who knows? So I think there's still a shot. They're obviously gonna need some help. They'll need Seattle and the, the Giants to lose along the way. Um, so there's still a shot. But Eileen, the Jets here, their defense is so good. Detroit's not as good on the road. Like the Detroit just played three straight home games. Yeah. They beat the Giants 31 18. The Giants are just not good. They're falling apart. Predictive. Speaker 0 00:53:19 I, I don't know if the Giants win another game this year. They look Speaker 2 00:53:22 Terrible. I think they have the cult at home, so they might win that. But yeah, it's possible. The Giants don't lose, uh, lose don't win a game. It's absolutely could happen. So, you know, good win on the road. But, and then they barely beat the Bears. 31 30, um, against Dallas. They scored six Patriots. They got shut out. They're way better at home. They averaged like more than 30 points a game at home. It's a tough matchup. Jets defense is no joke. I mean, jets should have a few more wins if they had a better quarterback in offensive line. I mean, their defense shuts teams down. They have really held the bills and checked this year. So I'm gonna take the Jets and this is, this is one of the biggest games of the week. Speaker 0 00:54:00 It definitely is. I'm very excited about it. And I'm looking forward to seeing if, uh, Zach Wilson can be forgiven by the rest. Because I just don't think Mike White is the answer. And I wanna see more of Zach Wilson before I realize that we need to go out and trade up for another QB in the, in the fucking draft. And Speaker 2 00:54:19 Howard rooting for an injury. Unbelievable. Speaker 0 00:54:21 I'm not rooting for an injury. You, Speaker 2 00:54:22 You just said you wanna see Wilson come in and it's, uh, Speaker 0 00:54:25 I wanna see Wilson come in. I don't, I don't need Mike White to get injured. I just need Mike White to suck in the first half and have Robert Solid be like, here's the kid's moment. Okay. Like, this is, this is your moment. Zack Wilson, you're at home. It's must win. Bring us back from the dead against this shit sucking lions defense. This is really not a great defense. They do have, you know, some good moments there. I do like Acuta. I do like Hutchinson, but I can't really say that I am enamored, uh, with this Lion's defense that much. So yeah, I just, I think that it's, you know, if the N NFL's gonna be scripted, then uh, then, then here we go. That's what I wanna say. That's what I wanna see. Doesn't need to, Mike White doesn't have to get Speaker 2 00:55:08 Up. This is such a tough game for me, man. I want both teams to win, bro. I wanna see the Jets in the playoffs, but I wanna see Detroit in too. Then again, do I wanna see Detroit as a Cowboy fans? No. I'd rather play Washington. Nah. Speaker 0 00:55:19 How what you worried about, you're gonna lose to Tampa Bay in the first round anyway, Speaker 2 00:55:23 Dude, if that happens, man, I'm fucking done. Speaker 0 00:55:25 I know, I know. We, we already, we, we've talked about this. We actually have it on record where you, you said that you'd be done with them, but then I said, really mark the tape. And then you were like, well, I said they'd pride probably be done with them. So I didn't really commit to, Speaker 2 00:55:40 To it. That would, that would be a devastating loss. And then I know for sure the N F L is fixed that they did the Brady witchcraft and they need Brady to make a run. I'd be convi. I mean, I'm already convinced that it's kind of is, but I would be a hundred percent completely assault. It is fixed if that happens. Speaker 0 00:55:55 <laugh>. Alrighty. All right. So Jets Lions will leave that one there. We'll go to Pittsburgh against Carolina. Pittsburgh's on the road. There are three point underdog to the Carolina Panthers. Who do you like? Speaker 2 00:56:10 I've been picking the Steelers every single week. Um, Speaker 0 00:56:16 And Speaker 2 00:56:17 Caroline's been playing well, man. Uh, their defense is good. It really is. Um, this was two and a half, now it's three. Um, ooh, I know Carolina's a favorite is weird. But do you believe it or not, Carolina controls their own destiny. Destiny, if they went out, they win the division, they've already beaten Tampa and they get 'em again. Do Speaker 0 00:56:42 You want me to help you make this decision? Speaker 2 00:56:45 Uh, Mike Tomlin? Speaker 0 00:56:46 No, no, Speaker 2 00:56:47 No, no. Sam Dar is a favorite Speaker 0 00:56:49 <laugh> I'm talking about, I'm talking about Mason Rudolph taking First Team snaps alongside Mitch Trubisky. Speaker 2 00:56:56 Yeah, I mean, all week I've been on Carolina and I saw his two and a half. I'm like, I like Carolina E. Even I'm still gonna, you know, I'm still taking Carolina. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:57:03 Yes you are. Yes you are. I'm with you. I'm with you. Speaker 2 00:57:08 They're gonna run the ball 50 times. This this is, Speaker 0 00:57:11 Yeah, I mean, listen, y the foreman Black Shear and Cuba Hubbard, Speaker 2 00:57:14 This isn't under too, cuz both teams are gonna run the hell of the football. The clocks are gonna just tick away. What was the game this week that ended like three 30? It was a game that ended like 3 30, 3 35. I forgot which game it was, but I was like, I, I can't remember now. I forgot. Whatever. Anyway, go ahead. Speaker 0 00:57:30 I don't even remember what I was gonna say. Am I starting Cuba Hubbard in the GST league this week? Speaker 2 00:57:35 Uh, yeah, I picked him up last week in the gst. Too bad. I don't get to use him again. I'm done. But, um, yeah, he's not a bad play. I mean, depending on what you have, but yeah, he's not a bad play. I mean, they're, they're gonna, they're both getting touches. They're gonna run the hell outta the ball. They're trying to hide. Sam Don. Speaker 0 00:57:50 Ah, poor Sammy. Poor Sammy. I love the fact that another USC quarterback got the Heisman Trophy award. Speaker 2 00:57:56 Yeah, can Speaker 0 00:57:57 He was, he was really can't wait to see what, what team he disappoints this year. Speaker 2 00:58:01 Yeah, I mean, he was really good though. But, um, my friends a Panthers fan. He's, he's kind of torn because he wants to draft a good quarterback. And I texted him, I'm like, Hey, you went out, you in the division Dallas plays in Carolina first run. And I said, if that happens, we're fucking going. And he's like, ah, I want, he's like, I want a quarterback, man. This is not good. Speaker 0 00:58:20 <laugh> <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:58:22 Because you know you ain't going, you know, you ain't going nowhere if you make the playoffs, right? Speaker 0 00:58:30 Are you asking me? Speaker 2 00:58:31 No, I'm saying, yeah, I mean, yeah. You know, they're, they're not going anywhere if they make the Speaker 0 00:58:35 Playoffs nowhere. No, no, no, no. Nowhere. Nowhere. Um, all right, next game. Falcons Saints, saints at home, they're favored by four and a half Falcons coming off of by the debut of Desmond Ritter. And I think, um, I'm about, take the Saints, I'm gonna lay the points. I'm not gonna say that Camara has that six touchdown game again, but I think Alvin Camara dominates in this matchup here, even though he is done. Shit. Speaker 2 00:59:07 Yeah. You, you want, I don't know if you know this, Kamara has three touchdowns this year. They're all in the fucking same game. Yep. Speaker 0 00:59:13 I know. Two receiving one rushing Speaker 2 00:59:15 Fucking guy. Speaker 0 00:59:17 Now. Well, here you go. Five games later. It, it's gonna happen right here. Alvin Cammera. I'm locking him in for fucking dfs. I just know it's gonna happen. You know, it's gonna happen. The fucking Falcons run. Defense is terrible. Ritter is gonna Speaker 2 00:59:29 Ingram, Ingram is out. Speaker 0 00:59:31 Ingram is out. Ritter is gonna cause so many three outs this week that I, I feel like the Saints just have to run the ball. They have to just go with Camara. Speaker 2 00:59:41 Yeah, I mean, you know, if you're playing that rookie quarterback angle, I mean, look, it could be the opposite. You could come in and spark them, but Sure, sure, sure. It's, it's, um, saints have, uh, won eight of the last 10 against Elena and Atlanta's defense is bad, especially on the road. So, uh, I'll take the Saints as well. Speaker 0 00:59:57 All right. We're sharing in the Saints New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders, Patriots on the road, favored by a point, uh, bill Belichick versus Josh McDaniels. Speaker 2 01:00:08 <laugh>, uh, see, this one seems too easy, but believe it or not, McDaniels is two and oh against the spread against Belichick. Speaker 0 01:00:16 What Speaker 2 01:00:18 One was a preseason game though? Speaker 0 01:00:21 Oh, yeah. All right. Well, Speaker 2 01:00:23 Um, oh, geez. Speaker 0 01:00:25 Yeah, come on. Give it to me, babe. What do you got? What do you got? Speaker 2 01:00:30 I think I'm gonna take the Raiders. Speaker 0 01:00:34 Ah, <laugh>. Speaker 2 01:00:36 Am I wrong? Speaker 0 01:00:37 No, I don't think you are. That's the, the worst part about it. Like, I hate be betting against Belichick. I really do. I really fucking hate betting against Belichick, especially when he is going up against a former coach, especially when he is going up, uh, against the team. Now I think working in the Raider's favor, I'd like to see if Hunter Renfro or Darren Waller steps out on the field, because who's Belichick gonna go after? He's gonna go after Devonte Adams. He's gonna go after Josh Jacobs. Speaker 2 01:01:08 Okay, so let me ask you this. I have this decision to making a playoff game. I have Waller on ir. If he's back, do I play him over Dulce? You're gonna say yes, right? Speaker 0 01:01:17 No, I'm definitely not gonna say yes. Speaker 2 01:01:19 Oh, you, yeah, I mean, I, dude, Speaker 0 01:01:20 I can't, I Speaker 2 01:01:21 Can't trust you might get hurt warmups, right? Speaker 0 01:01:22 I can't, I can't trust Darren Waller. Yeah, I mean, that's like, I would trust, I would trust Goddard. If Goddard's gonna be on the field this week, I'll trust Godard, but I won't trust Waller. Speaker 2 01:01:32 I have Goddard in that RT Sports Championship, so it's Goddard and D. So yeah, I think if Godard goes, I'm gonna put him in. Speaker 0 01:01:39 Yeah, I think, Speaker 2 01:01:41 Yeah, waler Waller might get hurt a warmup. So the first play of the game, man, and the worst part of the worst part about that Howard, is I didn't want Waller. He was not a Target. So that was a Superflex League. I already had my two quarterbacks, it was end around seven. And I'm like, damn, Waller still here. All right, I'll take him, man. I'm, you know, I'm not reaching for a tight end. I know that maybe that's more six round, cuz the Superflex League, but I already had, I think I already had one running back two quarterbacks and like three. Good. Well I thought they were good receivers at the time. It was like Chase, Pitman and Sutton. I mean, going into the era, I was like, oh yeah, look at that <laugh>. I think I'm up, I think I might not even be playing Pitman this week. I think. Well, yeah, I think he's up right now. I'm playing Garrett Wilson over him. Chase Devonte Smith. And I have Christian Watson, so I might not play Pitman this week in that league. And Sutton I'm not even considering and he probably won't play anyway, so how quickly things change. Um, but yeah, um, I think I'm gonna take the Raiders and I do not feel good about it. Speaker 0 01:02:42 Yeah, it's, it's, it's definitely a no bet for me if I had a pick up. Speaker 2 01:02:45 Yes. No bet. Picture Raider, Speaker 0 01:02:47 Um, Arizona against Denver <laugh>. This one, this, you know, so this one, I, this Speaker 2 01:02:53 Is a shit bowl. Speaker 0 01:02:54 It does it crack. I mean, this cracks, cracks me up because you're gonna end up, it's gonna be Brett Rippy and under center for, for Denver. Okay. And, and you're gonna have Colt McCoy under center for the Cardinals. Now Denver's got a, a great defense teams consistently play down to them. Is Denver's offense gonna be, I mean listen, the, the, the Cardinal's defense not that great, but Denver's offense totally blows. So for me, in this game here, and I wrote this up over at Picks wise, um, I just, this, this to me is like a, a a, you know, a a a 13 to 12 game, a 1413 game or some bullshit like that. This one here is gonna be super close. I don't give a shit who wins. I want to be on the side of the points with Arizona. I'm gonna take them, uh, a hundred percent. Speaker 2 01:03:46 Uh, I'll take Denver. Speaker 0 01:03:49 You can have 'em. Speaker 2 01:03:50 Yeah, I mean, what Arizona's not in the right home about either. Um, they're, this is pro two, two of the worst coaches in the N F L, um, backup quarterbacks here. Denver's a tough place to play. They're at home. We did see some light from them last week. Jerry, Judy, uh, who should have been ejected from the game, but, you know, he wound up staying in and getting three touchdowns, uh, bumped an official. Um, so I just Speaker 0 01:04:13 He didn't take his helmet off though. Speaker 2 01:04:15 Yeah, he did. No, Speaker 0 01:04:16 I'm just fucking with you. I know he did. He was terrible. He should have been out. Yeah, he should have been out. Speaker 2 01:04:22 Um, so yeah, I'll take, I'll take Denver there. You got a really good defense. Uh, McCoy was under so much duress. I mean that second half, but I, that was, that was the game I had on, but I was really not paying attention to it. I didn't even realize Hopkins had seven for 77. And so I was looking at the box tour. That was how disinterested I was in that game and I didn't care. And I'm usually not like that, but it was just, maybe I was just, maybe once Murray went down, I was just done. So my heart was ripped out. But Ilene Denver, but I don't feel good about it. Speaker 0 01:04:50 <laugh>, uh, I'm with you as well, uh, for, I'm, I'm Arizona, but I don't feel great about it either. Uh, Bengals, Buccaneers, Bengals on the road in Tampa, minus three and a half favorites. I'm just gonna say this in my heart of hearts, I feel like the Bengals should win this game. That the, that the bucks are terrible. That they're awful, but it's fucking Tom Brady and it's at home and you know, and, and I don't wanna bet against it, so it's a no bet for me. But I like the Bengals here. I I, they're just, they're, they're a better team. They are a hundred percent. They're a better team. Speaker 2 01:05:33 I didn't see, is Brady on the injury report? Cause he hurt his thumb late in that game. He hit his, uh, ha, uh, thumb on a helmet and was shaking it. Speaker 0 01:05:42 I saw that, but I don't know if he was on, I don't know if he's on the injury report. Speaker 2 01:05:45 Okay. You Speaker 0 01:05:46 Think you, you think, do you think Brady practices on a Wednesday anyway? Speaker 2 01:05:50 No. Um, but I and the teams lie anyway, so it doesn't matter at Speaker 0 01:05:54 This point. And the teams lie anyway. He is not listed as as injured in any fashion. And Speaker 2 01:05:58 Then t Higgins and Boyd practice, like, I thought Boyd was out <laugh>, what the fuck is going on? The T Higgins thing was a fucking ridiculous ass week. Um, Bengals have been really good against the spread. I think they're one of the best teams against the spread this year. I don't have the number in front of me, but I remember seeing something like that the other day. Um, Speaker 0 01:06:16 Well look it up right now while you're Speaker 2 01:06:18 Talking. It's 13 and three against the spread. Their last 16 road games. Um, yeah, they've been good. I'm gonna take them. I know it might feel like a trap and maybe Tampa get the feel. Tampa's been awful against the spread too. One six and one against the spread. Their last eight home games. Um, they're one nine and one against the spread. Their last 11 overall. Um, yeah, I'm gonna take the Bengals. Speaker 0 01:06:43 Yeah, that's, that's where I'm going also. Just, Speaker 2 01:06:47 But I can't wait. It's, Speaker 0 01:06:48 It's gonna fight. It's just gonna piss me off when, when Brady like brings 'em back for like, some backdoor like fucking cover. Speaker 2 01:06:54 Well, I, or they'll win and then I'll, we'll hear up. This is it. Tampa's gonna make a run because we saw this, they had that win against Seattle in, in Germany. Oh, here it comes Tampa. Then they lose and fuck it overtime and Cleveland blew it. Then they have the miraculous come back against the Saints where they were down 16 three. Oh, this is the beginning of a run. <laugh>. And then they get smoked in San Francisco. So they'll win this game and they, oh, Tampa's back. Here we go. Um, yeah. Okay. Speaker 0 01:07:19 Love it. Um, all right. Ne next game. I think this is my favorite, actually. Speaker 2 01:07:24 Yeah, I think I Speaker 0 01:07:25 Is my Speaker 2 01:07:26 Favorite. I think I know where you're going. Speaker 0 01:07:28 <laugh>. It's, it's Tennessee on the road facing the Chargers. The Chargers are a home favorite here, a three point favorite. Um, yeah, Derrick Henry, 277 yards, three touchdowns. There is no way the Chargers win this game, let alone cover the spread. I will take Tennessee, uh, and I will, I will bet the farm on it. Speaker 2 01:07:52 I want to take the Chargers, but it's so difficult every time you think they're gonna get it done, they don't. I know they have the pieces now on offense with Mike Williams and Keenan Aback and Tight and the Titans are susceptible against the past. You can't run on them. It's unbelievable. You just cannot run on them. And it doesn't matter because the charges really don't run echo a lot anyway. They, so it makes sense. But yeah, they're susceptible against the run. And as long as the Titans keep this game competitive and they'll fall behind, they'll be able to keep running. Henry, they have not been able to do that a couple times recently, especially against Philly. So I'll take them getting three. Tennessee getting three as well. Speaker 0 01:08:30 Uh, I Speaker 2 01:08:30 Remember. And I really wanna see the fucking Chargers win and make the playoffs, Speaker 0 01:08:33 Please. I do too. They hurt us. They, they hurt us last year, Adam. And, and, and we, and we went Speaker 2 01:08:38 Right back to them and they're gonna stab us in the back again and we're gonna go right back to them next Speaker 0 01:08:43 Year. Speaker 2 01:08:43 Nope. No, I think I'm done with them after this year for real. I am done with them. Don't let, don't let me pick them next year. Speaker 0 01:08:49 I will try not to. I listen, I will go to Balls to the Wall for Mike Williams. He is the, the one guy on that team that I will always use. I love Mike Williams. Rest of them all just go spit Giants Washington Sunday night football. Um, I mean, listen, I'm gonna take the commanders. I'm gonna lay the points. I mean, I, I don't like laying four and a half in a, uh, in a divisional game. But man, dude, the giants just look so bad right now. Barclay's not a hundred percent. The line doesn't do well. The passing game. Hmm. I don't know. And I think the weather's supposed to be like super shitty too. So I, I mean, I just, I I I feel like the commanders are gonna win this one. Speaker 2 01:09:36 I will take the points. Um, these two teams just faced a couple weeks ago. It was 2020. Uh, everyone loves Washington now. Uh, they take advantage of a pretty easy schedule. Um, again, I, the Giants have a lot of issues and I think they're trending downward, but I think they can keep this close. It's a divisional game. The total is low. So again, if you think it's gonna be under, you want to take the points in a situation like this, it's 40 and a half. Um, and, um, Daniel Jones has been good as a, a, a road dog. So, um, teams know each other well. I'm gonna take the Giants and the points. This should be a field goal game, if not another Tie Speaker 0 01:10:18 <laugh>, if it's another tie, Speaker 2 01:10:20 <laugh>, that'd be awesome. Right? It would not be good for Speaker 0 01:10:23 You. That would, that would actually, that would be amazing. I'm a hundred percent now rooting for a tie. Again, Speaker 2 01:10:29 <laugh>, I, you can bet on a tie on some books, right? Speaker 0 01:10:32 I'm sure you can listen, dude, you Speaker 2 01:10:33 Can, you can bet on anything. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:10:36 Yeah. It's called Double Zeros on the Roulette Wheel. Go ahead. Bet the tie. Um, all right, let's wrap it up here. Monday Night Football, the Packers seven point favorites over the Visiting Rams. It's Baker Mayfield Show for, uh, for Los Angeles. I'll tell you what, man, I don't think we, we even, we didn't even get a chance to talk about this. I think, I think Sean McVay is in like a, like he's got his ideal situation right now because he's got a quarterback who's not bereft of skills. He's not a great quarterback. He can be a serviceable qb, but Sean McVay can yammer in his ear and tell him exactly what to do and exactly what to look for and exactly what could happen if, you know, once they shut off the, the com, the coms, uh, inside the helmet with 15 seconds left on the, on the play clock, he can already feed the information to Baker Mayfield and he'll just say, this is what you're gonna do. This is how it's gonna happen. It's a great situation for McVey because he is got a puppet and does that. But, but does that mean that they're gonna end up like covering the stuff? I don't know how Green Bay's a fucking seven point favorite in this one. That makes no sense to me at all, because I'm not in love with Green Bay. But I'm gonna take 'em and I'm gonna lay the stupid points. I'm gonna hate it, but I'm probably gonna do Speaker 2 01:12:03 It. Yeah, I'm with you. I think again, people, uh, you know, I get it. It was a, a good story. 98 yards, no timeouts. They were shit the rest of the game. Okay? That was the net that, that Vegas loss just kind of summed up their season. It was the fourth game that they've blown 13 point liter more fourth game that they led it to half and lost. They just were not aggressive at all. How the fuck does Derek Cartel 20 passes? Devonte Adams had six fucking targets, bro. That should be, you should be fired for that. Devante Adams made the great one-handed catch in, uh, with a defender all over him. Made another catch with Defenders draped all over him. I don't give a fuck if he wasn't open. Throw him the fucking football. I get Josh Jacobs was good, but he had a 27 for like nine. Speaker 2 01:12:47 It wasn't efficient. Why aren't you throwing the football? Like they came in and played so fucking conservative. So the Rams weren't good the rest of the game. What's Green Bay's weakness against the run? Can the Rams run the football? No. So, um, I, I gotta take Green Bay here, man. <laugh>, um, you know, there, he Rogers usually plays well in in prime time. It's just the ramp suck, bro. That, that was kind of a fluke. Um, and I think people are just like, oh, it was such a good story and it for one night. And, you know, people like that stuff, right? Oh, baker Mayfield. No. One, one him. He comes in, hasn't practiced, doesn't know these guys. Cool. Yeah. Now you're going to Green Bay and again, green Bay's not good. Uh, same sentiment that you had, but I'm taking Green Bay here. It's just a Ram suck. That's why they've been so bad for so long. Speaker 0 01:13:35 So, and I've told you, I told you it's, it's all scripted. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And, and they, they scripted that whole Baker Mayfield thing. Listen, I'm telling you, it's gonna happen with, with Zack Wilson this week for the, for the Jets. They're gonna come back, they're gonna beat the Lions. Um, and then next week everybody's gonna be in on Zack Wilson, the Jets and the fucking Jags are gonna destroy 'em. Speaker 2 01:13:55 All right, I can see that. That's a Thursday. Yeah, that's a Thursday night game. Speaker 0 01:13:59 It's a Thursday night game. Yay. All right. Well, there you go folks. Those are our, those are our leans towards what we're looking at for this week, as always. Um, be sure to look for Adam Ronis article on PIs for his, uh, N B A props on Friday. Uh, you can go to PIs right now in the N F L picks section, you'll see my writeups for the Chiefs Texans game, the Dallas, uh, Jacksonville game. And, uh, what was the other game that I did? Uh, yeah, it was the, uh, Cardinals against the Broncos. So you can check that out again for you DFS players out there. Uh, Thursday Night Showdown, slate Writeup will come out from me on Thursday, on Friday. I'm gonna do a special free playbook for everybody out there on, uh, on for Saturday. That's gonna come out on Friday. So you'll have that example lineup Saturday morning. And then, uh, you'll also then get the full Sunday playbook there on Satter Day. So, uh, that's what you got for this week. And, uh, yeah, Adam, any, any parting shots, any final thoughts here? Speaker 2 01:15:07 Nah, good luck to everyone, uh, in the Fantasy Football playoffs this weekend. Speaker 0 01:15:11 Luck to everybody in your Fantasy Football playoffs. Hundred per cent. That's gonna wrap it up for us here on the show. Big thanks to all of you for liking and subscribing. This is the Cash It Podcast. I'm Howard Bender. He's Adam Ronis, and we'll catch you next time.

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