February 09, 2023


Cash it: Super Bowl 57 Picks & Props, NBA Trade Deadline & Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash it: Super Bowl 57 Picks & Props, NBA Trade Deadline & Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash it: Super Bowl 57 Picks & Props, NBA Trade Deadline & Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

Feb 09 2023 | 01:08:40


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis make their picks against the spread for Super Bowl 57 and discuss NFL prop bets they like, crazy neighbors, NBA trade deadline thoughts, NBA prop bets to watch and some MLB fantasy baseball draft strategies. You may also hear about some Super Bowl snacks and plans for the big game on Sunday!

NFL Super Bowl 57 - 00:00
Crazy Neighbors - 35:51
NBA - 41:48
MLB - 50:28
Snacks & Sob Stories - 1:05:00


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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What's going on everybody? Welcome into Cash It. I'm Howard Bender. Adam Ronis here by my side. What's going on, Adam? Super Bowl week, baby. Are you, are you super excited for the big game? Speaker 1 00:00:15 Yeah, it's getting closer. <laugh>. Um, Speaker 0 00:00:18 Are you done talking about it now for two flipped weeks? Speaker 1 00:00:22 I know, right? Yeah, let's just play the game already. But yeah, it should be a good game, obviously, the line's very close. Um, I'm, I obviously have a rooting interest here. I don't wanna see Philadelphia win as a Cowboys fan, so I am rooting for the Chiefs, but I do think it's an intriguing game and, uh, hopefully we get a competitive game. Cause I think the playoffs overall have kind of been overwhelming. We had the first really good weekend, but, um, obviously the N FFC championship game was a disaster. AFC championship game was good, but it's kind of been a little underwhelming overall, I would say, for the N F L postseason this year. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:00:56 The Eagles have had two of the softest Squishiest games around over the last, you know, from the, uh, the divisional route to the conference championship. Speaker 1 00:01:03 Oh, well, yeah, I tweeted that out last, uh, you know, right after the game was over. And I got a lot of shit from Eagles fans, man. Speaker 0 00:01:11 Oh shit, Speaker 1 00:01:12 <laugh>. Because I said, has there ever been a team that had an easier path to the Super Bowl than the Eagles? And people took that as me hating on the Eagles. And it really wasn't, like I've said all year long, that the Eagles are a really good team. They were my pick to win the N FFC East before the year as a Cowboys fan. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But, and it wasn't even alluding to the regular season schedule. I know they had a f easy schedule, but I was talking about that. But they beat a Giants team that come on. They overachieved, they weren't that good. Anyone knew that. And then they beat a 49ers team where both quarterbacks got hurt. And it's not to diminish their accomplishment. Not only, Speaker 0 00:01:45 Only, not only both quarterbacks, but those quarterbacks were the third and fourth string Speaker 1 00:01:50 <laugh>. So like, and then all these Eagles, oh, people disrespecting us. They give us no credit. Like, first of all, why do you care what anyone else says? And can't you just admit that it's the truth? It doesn't mean you guys suck. Yes. You guys had a great regular season 1483. You beat everyone you're supposed to beat. 49ers had a week schedule too. The NFL's just not that good this year. So I know I'll say that a lot. Um, Kansas City, I think did have a tougher schedule though, than both those teams. Obviously the n ffc was a little bit down, but it doesn't mean the Eagles stink. Yeah. They're top three in offense, top three in defense, but they really haven't been tested. It still doesn't mean that they're bad and they don't deserve to be there. And all the cry was, and it's mostly Eagles fans too. Speaker 1 00:02:32 And then they're like, oh, you're a bitter cowboy fan. Dude. I, it has nothing to do with that. I'm objective when it comes to that shit. You know, that I'm not a Cowboys cheerleader. I picked the 49ers to beat Dallas. I didn't think Dallas was gonna beat them. So I, I've said this, uh, you know, I despise the Yankees. I had every Yankee starting pitch on my fantasy team last year. So I don't take that bias or hatred of a team into my analysis or into my fantasy or betting inc. But what I said was a fact, I mean, you brought it up before I, even without prompting me, we didn't discuss this and you brought it at all up about, cause I, I think the same thing. Now, maybe there were other Super Bowl champions that a easier path. The Eagles, the year they got there in 2017, by the way, um, <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:03:14 Oh, now crossing, crossing the line, you're Speaker 1 00:03:19 Cross the keenum that year from Minnesota was the quarterback in the nfc? No, I'm just kidding you fans. You guys are great <laugh>. Um, and you won the Super Bowl that you beat New England. Great job. Give me credit. I'm not, it's not about that at all, man. Like, so they did have an easy path and look, win this game and then, you know, there you go. And, and why? I don't, why do you care? Like why do fans care what other people say? Like your teams in a Super Bowl enjoy it, relish it, enjoy the moment. Speaker 0 00:03:47 Yeah, well, I mean, come on. That's, I mean, do do we want, do we wanna sit, you know, at the F S G A conference, I'm gonna be moderating the panel on social, the role of social media and content creation, which, you know, obviously it'll be a a a fantastic panel. But I mean, dude, social media is a, is is just, it's a fucking cesspool. It is. I mean, Twitter is, is is dog shit. Uh, the trolls that are there are so crazy abundant Facebook at this point right now, if, yeah, if you wanna see what your grandma's, you know, uh, neighbor looks like at, you know, Del Boca Vista, phase two, uh, then, then you can see that Instagram, I, you know, I, I, I get, I get too many, I get too many like spam bots. I'm like, there is definitely, there are not this many hot women interested in following me on Instagram. So, you Speaker 1 00:04:37 Know, you're a stud bro. Come on, give yourself more credit. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:04:41 <laugh>, right? There are chubby chasers out there, no doubt about it. I get that. Uh, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm cuddly and lovable. I I definitely am. But, you know, so I mean, it is just, social media just drives me just flipping insane on, on, on the, on the whole anyway. But yeah, I mean, listen, it's, it's fandom and, you know, it's, it's, it's, what's really funny is yeah, I I, I can't say to me, there are fans of the game and then there are hometown fans, and the fans of the game are, are those who are capable of looking at their team objectively. Okay. Then there are hometown fans and, and their teams can do no wrong. And it's always their year. And there's hope and there's do this and, and, you know, if, if they win a game, uh, in, in incredibly sloppy fashion, they, you know, and you say that they won it in sloppy fashion, they're like, oh, no, you know what you're talking about. So I, I mean, I, I get that. I, I really do. I can imagine that, you know, Eagles fans, you're, you're lucky that they weren't like waiting outside your apartment, you know, building, uh, getting ready to like Chuck batteries at you. Speaker 1 00:05:48 Yeah. And then someone gave me like a stat, I guess of, um, post-season success that it was, they, the Eagles were up there with, um, some of the best teams ever. I go, okay. I guess the, their Eagles are one of the best teams ever. Got it. Speaker 0 00:06:02 Yeah. Um, the New York Jets are, uh, undefeated in the Super Bowl. Speaker 1 00:06:08 Yeah, there you go. Speaker 0 00:06:09 <laugh>. I mean, Speaker 1 00:06:10 You can take so Speaker 0 00:06:11 Many steps. You can pick anything you Speaker 1 00:06:12 Want to go any way you want. You can take stats and screw them the way you want it to go. Speaker 0 00:06:17 <laugh>. It's unreal. I can imagine that. That really just rather, I mean, because I mean, let's face it though, Philly fan base is, I mean, they, they get uppity. They definitely get uppity. Philly to me is like Boston South, and, and they're ev everybody from Boston hates me for saying that. And everybody from Philly hates me from saying that. But if I'm picking two cities where the people kind of remind me of the other people. Yeah. It's, it's that Boston very much reminds me of, uh, of Philadelphia. They both, they're both rich with American heritage. Adam. Speaker 1 00:06:55 Yes. Speaker 0 00:06:57 And certainly nobody there is an asshole. Speaker 1 00:07:00 No, not one person. Speaker 0 00:07:01 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's why Bill Burr, like his whole, like all of Bill Burr's fame came from that one moment where he was doing a standup show in Camden, New Jersey. And, and then he just destroyed the, the crowd. He destroyed Philadelphia and he just ruined them. And that, that's why Bill Burr's famous right now. But like, if, if that moment did not happen, because that moment was, I mean, lauded by every comedian in the world, and it, and it, you know, and the whole thing went viral. Uh, and that's what put Bill Burr on the map. He was def I mean, I don't, I don't, I'm not saying that he wouldn't have had some sort of a, a strong rise, uh, to fan to fame on his own. But I mean, that moment right there of just shitting on Philadelphia and the assholes that are in there, um, you know, put 'em on the map. I love Bill Burr. I don't Speaker 1 00:07:56 Know. Oh, he's one of my favorite. Oh, yeah. I watch all his Netflix specials. Yeah, he's phenomenal. Speaker 0 00:08:00 So good. So good, so talented. Speaker 1 00:08:04 And he's like me. He's gonna get married at like, he got married at like 50, I think, and then kids leave Speaker 0 00:08:09 <laugh>. Really? I love the fact that you're holding out hope that you're gonna get married someday. Speaker 1 00:08:14 No, it's, it'll probably happen. Um, I just don't, you know, I might be later in life. That's all. Speaker 0 00:08:23 You don't, you don't make enough money to, to marry later in life. It's not, not, not with your taste in women. Speaker 1 00:08:30 It's not. What does that mean? Speaker 0 00:08:32 That means you like younger Speaker 1 00:08:34 Girls? I do. Speaker 0 00:08:35 Yes. When, when you're 70. When you're 70 years old, Adam, I mean, you better, you better bake a fucking g p dude. Or like, or hit like a huge crazy long shot single game parlay. Uh, if, if you don't wanna be, you know, with the 20 year olds. Speaker 1 00:08:51 Then I didn't send you this, but there was a headline the other day. I still have it, right? I didn't delete it. Oh, please don't tell me. Oh, I'll definitely find it. Um, where is it? Oh, did I delete it? I'll find it. Oh, there it is. Um, feeling judged. A 24 year old woman marries an 85 year old guy who is 13 years older than our grandpa. And it's, um, I'll send you, I didn't give you the exact specifics because people might, um, judge me on it. I'm actually gonna text it to you right now, <laugh>. This, this, Speaker 0 00:09:22 I'm gonna text it to you. I'm not even gonna put it on the computer. Speaker 2 00:09:25 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:09:26 I just texted you, Sue, check your phone. That is me probably in the future, but no, I'm not talking in the seventies. I'm talking more maybe fifties. You know, you get to the point like, all right, I had my fun. I need to <laugh>, you see, that is me, right? Speaker 2 00:09:42 <laugh>, <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:09:49 I mean, you put a ponytail on that old man and Yeah, absolutely. That is, that is definitely you. Speaker 1 00:09:54 Yeah. Someone sent it to me like, this is you. I'm like, it's, and I started sending it to other people, like, yo, look at this is me. Speaker 0 00:10:02 I mean, I'd like to know what this guy is in his bank account. Speaker 1 00:10:06 Ah, yeah. I'm sure he has my, you know what? I wouldn't care if I'm 86 at that point and I'm bagging a 24 year old. Hey, take my money man. Dude, Speaker 0 00:10:13 If I ever reach 86, there's no way I'm still having sex at that age. It's just never. It just won't work. <laugh>. It won't work anymore. It'd be like, it'd be like, you know, like, like throwing a piece of loose, you know, spaghetti at her or something. Speaker 1 00:10:27 Yeah. But it doesn't matter. You might get excited just seeing her start to unbuckle her top and that's it. You're good. Oh, Speaker 0 00:10:32 Well that, that happens to me with my wife anyway. My wife shows like a little bit of cleavage and I'm like, all of a sudden I'm 13 years old and it's like, I gotta go change my, I gotta go change my pants now. Shout out to my wife for still being able to do that for me, huh? Speaker 1 00:10:51 Yeah. Good job by her. Speaker 0 00:10:53 Sorry honey. I wish, I wish they lasted longer. Oh, well. Whatcha you gonna do? Can't help it. Sometimes I just get really worked up Speaker 2 00:11:03 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:11:07 I don't even, how did we get onto this topic conversation? Speaker 1 00:11:10 It always happens. It always happens. Speaker 0 00:11:12 It really does. Do we, should we, should we reign it in or should we just go really off the rails here? Speaker 1 00:11:16 It's up to you. You're the conductor. I'll follow Speaker 0 00:11:19 <laugh> Choo Speaker 2 00:11:21 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:11:21 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:11:25 I mean, damn. I would, you know what I mean? It's so funny too. I'm, I'm so, I'm so talked out about the Super Bowl right now. I really am. I mean, it's been, you know, again, that's the, that's the whole thing, you know, and, and I actually, I brought this up on the, uh, on the show with Jim Bowden today. Um, you know, I hate two weeks in between conference championships and, uh, and the Super Bowl. I absolutely hate it just because, I mean, how much you can, can you dissect one game like this and, and, you know, whatever. But for the same token, like this Super Bowl, I think the two weeks probably did wonders for Mahomes ankle. I'm sure it, it's really helped Jalen Hertz in the shoulder, um, the wide receivers. I mean, Nicole Hardman went on, uh, back onto ir, but all the wide receivers got healthy for, for Kansas City that these teams are actually coming at each other in with full strength. Speaker 0 00:12:16 Like, it's not, you know, we're not sitting there worried about, you know, you know, how much hobbling is Mahomes gonna do and what happened to Juju's, you know, knee, and where are we at with that? You know, AJ Brown's been a little dinged up also with the hip. So I feel like, you know, I, I'm, I'm torn here now. I don't want to go back on my, my belief that I think, you know, one week in between is enough. But yet when we see two teams right now, and it's two of the top QBs in the game, it's the two number one seeds, uh, from, from each conference. Uh, and, and these are just, these are two high powered offenses. Uh, the Eagle's defense is, is no joke. So, you know, like I'm, I'm torn there with whether or not I should be happy with the extra week or just annoyed still, because here we are, you and I are recording Wednesday before the Super Bowl, and we've literally spent the last what, 10 days talking about all this. Speaker 1 00:13:12 Yeah. I think from a content media perspective, yeah, it can get beaten to the ground because you're trying to find some different topic every day. And we're talking about some stupid props, like National anthem and coin toss stuff that we never talk about, right? Yeah. It's, we don't bet on these things and what's Rihanna's first song and her last song, and, you know, there's an insane amount of props that you can bet. So I think that's what it is. It's just, there's so much, um, the Gatorade color, I mean, we could go on and on with the ridiculous props that are out there. So Yeah, I mean, we just, at this point, you just want the game to be played. Speaker 0 00:13:50 Should we, uh, should we, should we go through some of these ridiculous props? Do you water go, do, do you have, do you have any favorites? Speaker 1 00:13:58 N and with those props No, I, I, Speaker 0 00:14:00 No, no, no. I, I don't, I don't mean those. I mean, listen, go to fantasy alarm.com/big game, and we've got our free fantasy alarm Super Bowl contest. And, you know, that's got the, uh, that's got the props in there. Like, you know, what's Rihanna's first song gonna be and what color is the Gatorade gonna be? But then we also obviously string in a bunch of, um, you know, mid-range, you know, like player props that, that we're looking at there. So are there player props that you have, uh, an affinity for? Speaker 1 00:14:33 Yeah, Derrick McKinnon longest rush under eight and a half yards. Uh, we've seen, he just hasn't been getting a lot of carries. He had the one game against Jacksonville where he had 11, um, and he's barely gone over this this year. His last few games, longest run 4 7 7 4 5. He had a 26 yard run against Houston. But they're a bad run defense. We know Philly's good. So he's only gone over this about four times this year. And again, I just don't see the volume being there. Uh, Clyde Edwards could be active. Pacheco gets most of the run on the ground. It's a tough Philly defense. So, um, if McKinnon is gonna be involved us in a passing game, so I don't see him breaking a rush that long. Um, I like, uh, I got it, uh, at 55 and a half. I think it's 60 and a half on other books, but Miles Sanders over rushing yards, it was 55 and a half on, um, what points bat I think, uh, that was on Tuesday. Um, but Sanders usually does very well against defenses that are not in the top 10, um, in Kansas City's not. Uh, and I know we've seen Game, well get a lot of touches the last two games, but those were blowout, Sanders was dealing with a little bit of a knee issue. They probably wanted to do a little maintenance with him. Speaker 0 00:15:41 Yeah. But I kind of, you know, I, I, I look at that cuz it's really interesting cuz I'm, I'm kind of on the opposite side with, with Sanders because I don't feel like he does enough outside zone work. I think that they, I feel like they use him between the tackles a lot and I don't necessarily know if that's the way to attack the Chief's defense with the run. I feel like you wanna, you know, cuz you got like Frank Clark on the outside, you've got, I mean, was it, uh, is it Justin Houston, uh, coming in as a, uh, as, as a, an edge rusher that I feel like, you know, to neutralize those guys, you either run it to the outside, you take it to the outside and, and hope the guy, you know, either turns the corner or you let him over pursue and then you just kind of drop it into Kenneth Gain. Well, there, so I'm, you know, that I, I guess we're just on the, on the opposite side of that. I, I get what you're saying, um, that I think a lot of people are also gonna be in on gain Well, because of the touches. Hmm. You like Sanders on the over over what, over how many yards? Speaker 1 00:16:45 55 and a half. Wow. Speaker 0 00:16:48 That's actually gone down because the last time I looked Miles Sanders was at 59 and a half on DK Sports. Speaker 1 00:16:55 No, on, yeah, on some other books. He's like 60. Um, but I, it was 55 and a half on points. Oh, okay. On tu on Tuesday. Uh, let me see what it is right now. Oh no, now it's 60 and a half and 61 and a half on FanDuel. So, but it was, um, but yeah, I mean he's average 4.9 yards per carry this year. Um, and he's gonna, he's gonna get to football. He is got the two weeks to rest. I mean, they didn't need him. San Francisco's a tough matchup. I wasn't taking the, I was on the under on that. Um, and he was 11 for 42 Giant, 17 for 90. Um, but against the weaker defenses, he tends to put up big numbers and I see him getting, you know, 12, 13, 14 carries. I look, Gameball I think will be involved a little bit. We've seen him come on, but I think a lot of that was the blowouts. Speaker 0 00:17:46 Yeah, I definitely think that, you know, I mean, if you're gonna spare the wear and tear, it's why I don't think Jalen Hiz was doing a whole lot of rushing either. People are like, well what about his shoulder? I'm like, yeah, but I, I just, I don't think that they really, they, they needed to put him at the risk. Speaker 1 00:18:01 No, they were so comfortably ahead. And I do like their receivers too, um, with, uh, brown and Devante smidt their props. I mean, that's the one thing about Philly, you know, where the ball's going? It's basically three guys. Um, and you know, this is a game where Philly's played from a head basically the entire year. This could be a game where maybe they're trailing and they're gonna have to pass more too. You also have to go with what you think the game script's gonna be. If you think it's gonna be a low scoring tight game, then obviously you're more on the unders. But I think this will, there will be, uh, points put up in this game. Um, so I see, uh, we know AJ Brown's had two really down games. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but, you know, Speaker 0 00:18:40 But they haven't needed to throw. Speaker 1 00:18:42 Exactly. And Devonte Smith is like 16 and a half, two. I mean, that dude is, uh, has been balling out, man. Um, so I, I like the two receivers there. I mean, Kansas City's tough because I mean, yeah, everyone's gonna look at Kelsey, Kelsey anytime Touchdown Mahomes numbers are really high. Um, you know, is Juju gonna play? And Tony, we think they are. But you know, those, that's what's amazing about Kansas City though Mahomes Band because because of the four teams that that made the championship games, he had the worst weapons of all four of those teams. And he's the guy that you're most scared about. If you're picking Philly in this game, you're definitely shitting yourself because you don't wanna bet against Mahomes as an underdog. And Andy Reid with two weeks. That's the one thing, like to me, if you look at the rosters, if you look at the rosters, Billy has the better overall roster. But like, they have Mahomes and Reed Man, and they've been there before. And look, I, I thought, I thought Kansas City might got knocked off this year. Um, cuz I just thought they didn't have enough. But Mahomes just makes it happen, man. Speaker 0 00:19:47 Mahomes just makes it happen. That's the the best way to sum it up, to be perfectly honest. I, I, listen, I'm taking the Chiefs <laugh> and you're giving me a point and a half. I say thank you very much. Um, yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:01 I, I agree. I I don't feel strongly, I don't think I'm gonna bet on the side if you said, what's your pick? I'll say a Chiefs plus one and a half. But I don't feel strongly about it. Speaker 0 00:20:11 Um, I mean, listen, I mean, how strongly can you feel about it when everybody's sitting there and, you know, I mean, and you like doing the analysis yourself. You know, you know that that Philly's offensive line is ridiculous. You know, that Philly led the team in Led led the league in Sax this year, their defensive line and their past rush is, is absolutely delicious. Um, you know, we know this, you know, we know what Jalen Hartz has done. We know how much of a stud AJ Brown is. But you know what, what did every, everybody knew at the conference championship also how great Joe Burrow is, how amazing Jamar Chase is, how they can, they can run the ball, you know, in the second half and just hold that lead. T Higgins is a number one on any other fucking team, but you put 'em on the, on the Bengals and he is number two behind Jamar, chase, Tyler Boyd, uh, you know, Hayden Hearst was coming on strong. Speaker 0 00:21:00 They were playing at a whole other level that nobody else was. And everybody was like, Bengals, Bengals, Bengals, bangs, Bengals, and exactly what you just said, you're gonna give me the Chiefs, uh, you know, Mahomes as an underdog. And I know that, I know the Chiefs were favored in the, uh, in the game against Cincinnati. But, you know, with the way everybody was just all in on the Bengals. You know me, man, I'm going the other way and I'm taking the Chiefs. And we talked about that for the conference championship. And I feel like we're in that same spot right now where everybody's like, there's just so much greatness about the, uh, the, the, the Ben the the Eagles. And there's so many question marks still surrounding the Chiefs. Speaker 1 00:21:45 Yeah. Which is why I think you see the Eagles favor people like, oh, the Chiefs wide. It's not like, does it even matter what the Chiefs wide receivers, I mean, it's been this way the whole year. I mean, Juju hasn't done much. I Speaker 0 00:21:57 Took my homes. He's not gonna do anything without Tyreek Hill. He's gonna be Speaker 1 00:22:00 Terrible. I mean, it's insane, man. Like how just whoever's out there he produces even on a bad ankle. It's just, it's crazy, man. What he does, Speaker 0 00:22:08 He made Marquez Valdez scandal look like a fucking all pro in the combat Speaker 1 00:22:13 Championship. That, that throw on that touchdown was all him, man. I mean he just, they had, um, Kelsey on the left side and you saw the safety coming over. Like that was all him, man. Just the, the little things when you look at the breakdown, that was just all Mahomes made a perfect throw. And he obviously prayed that mvs can catch it, cuz that doesn't happen often. But, um, you give him credit, he was in the right spot, made the catch. But that was all Mahomes on that touchdown man. So, yeah. Uh, just, it it's, it's scary to bet against Mahomes when he is a dog. Even if it's only one and a half. It's just still scary. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:22:49 I hear you. Um, the, the bets that I laid down, uh, I took the Chiefs plus the one and a half <laugh>, I took the over and I got, I the over was 50 and a half, uh, uh, the, the line was 50 and a half and I took the over, cause I kind of feel like this has like that, you know, like a 27, 24 vibe to it. Um, and, and so, you know, that's kind of where I'm, I'm leaning for the game itself for props. Uh, I took AJ Brown over 72 and a half receiving yards. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I took AJ Brown at any time. Touchdown at plus one 10. Um, and then here's, here's what I'm gonna do. You know what I was gonna ask? Should I, I meant to text my guy earlier in the afternoon cause I wanted to have the, uh, the odds for it, right? You know, right now for you. But you can look him up right now. Right? Can you, uh, yeah. Can you look up a, a quick little parlay for me? Speaker 1 00:23:48 Sure. Let me, uh, open the book. Speaker 0 00:23:56 Yeah. What you got? Um, I want AJ Brown. First touchdown. Speaker 1 00:24:03 First touchdown. Okay, there Speaker 0 00:24:05 We go. That's like plus nine 50, right? Speaker 1 00:24:08 Um, it is first touchdown AJ Brown, plus 900 on dk. Speaker 0 00:24:12 All right, good. Plus 900. Can we parlay that up with the, uh, gotta go to the novelty props and go to, uh, Jersey numbers that the, uh, the first touchdown score jersey number is under 11 and a half. I believe that was like minus 1 25. Speaker 1 00:24:34 All right. I, yeah, I got, there's so many of these. Speaker 0 00:24:39 You might have a right across the top. It might say Jersey number might go to it also. Speaker 1 00:24:44 I don't see it anytime Speaker 0 00:24:46 Because I'm, because I'm in California. Speaker 1 00:24:48 I novel. No. Oh yeah. Let me do novelty props. Queen sauce. Nope, it's not Gatorade color. MDP jersey number there. It's okay. So, um, Jersey number first touchdown under 11 and a half you said? Yeah, that's minus one 30. So if you parlay that, it is, they don't allow you to parlay it DraftKings weird like that. They don't let you to parlay some stuff. It feels like FanDuel lets you parlay everything. And FanDuel, I mean, I notice with Draftking sometimes this happens a lot. I mean, can you, I don't know if they have it under the same game parlay. Cause a lot of times you have to do that's Speaker 0 00:25:24 Well, well, Speaker 1 00:25:26 Well, why don't, I mean, I mean, you're getting post 900, just go with that solo. Speaker 0 00:25:31 Oh, I know, I know. You know, I like getting a little greedy. But yeah, I mean that's definitely, I I kind of feel like, uh, that that's, I mean, I'm just, listen, I I'm just, I'm very much in on AJ Brown. I really, really am. Uh, and you know, I mean, you can, you can look at the, uh, at, at the breakdown too. Doesn't matter if it's luxurious need or Trent McDuffy on, you know, in coverage Chiefs ranked 31st in the league in D V O A against opposing number one wide receivers allowing an average, an average of 81.2 yards receiving yards to them. Speaker 1 00:26:05 Now that's crazy. The first touchdown score, Jalen Hertz is favored at plus six 50. Sanders is next at plus 700. Then Kelsey at plus 700 Pacheco plus 800 Brown plus 900, the five Smith plus 1200. Wow. Speaker 0 00:26:25 Interesting stuff, right? Yeah. Come on. That's what <laugh> was it Craig, Craig Mish said that to me one day. He's like, prop bets is like opening up a tube of Pringles. You can't just eat one and the next thing you know, you're at the very bottom and there's nothing left. Speaker 1 00:26:41 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:26:45 Can I be careful with that? I mean, listen, I get it. It's fun. I mean, Speaker 1 00:26:48 Don't, yeah. I mean, look, yeah, you Speaker 0 00:26:49 See, it depends on what you're putting on these things. Speaker 1 00:26:51 Exactly. I mean, we always say, you, you gotta bet responsibly. Don't bet more than I always say, you gotta, no one wants to lose, but you know, you gotta bet what you're okay with losing. So if you happen to lose the bet, you're like, all right, well, it didn't cut into my rent or my food or, you know, that's, it's, it's supposed to be, yes, we will all want to win big money. Part of, you know, it's part entertainment. Um, not a lot of people are doing this for a living. Um, there are only, only a few. And, you know, everyone who says, yeah, I'm making tons of money, they're probably lying to you. <laugh>, this is not easy. Speaker 0 00:27:28 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:27:28 This is not easy. Nothing is a lock. Speaker 0 00:27:32 Nothing is a lock. No, it's not. You know, I mean, there's definitely, listen, there's, I've had a lot of conversation. I feel like, you know, I feel like these conversations are gonna pick up even more at the F S G A. Another panel I'm, I'm speaking on is, um, uh, the convergence of, of fantasy and betting content. And, uh, you know, and there's just with, with the guys who are, you know, who are doing all the betting and stuff like that, I mean, there is, you know, you really got a lot of self-control. Like, it's just, it's way too easy to get caught up in things. Um, and, and it's way too easy to just turn around and be like, oh, well I'm just putting 10 bucks on this. Oh, I'm just putting 10 bucks on that. Because the next thing you know, you've probably got, you know, a couple of hundred dollars laid out on, on bets all across the way. And, you know, I mean, if, if you lose, what are you doing to yourself? So just be careful, responsible, wagering people. That's what Adam and I are all about. Speaker 1 00:28:35 Yeah. I was watching TV and they were giving out a same game parlay with like eight props for a plus 5,000. I'm like, oh, this is great. Oh, Speaker 0 00:28:42 Geez, dude, I was reading it. There was an article, did you see the article on e s espn? I'm m I'm not really, I'm not usually a, a reader of espn, but it was a, it was a great article on the fact that, um, people like the same game Parlay is the most popular and it also happens to be the most profitable for the books. Speaker 1 00:29:07 Oh yeah. I mean, so DraftKings has the same game parlays that are risk free for the nba. I do 'em once in a while. Cause they'll give you back depending I think $10 back of your bet. Um, yeah. And I, you know, I don't win all the time. I lost one last night by one rebound. I had Ja Morant over six and a half rebounds and he got six. So that was the one that cost me. Um, so yeah, I mean, if they're gonna do risk free, I'll take a shot. But yeah, I mean, the same game parlays are just so appealing. But you're taking anywhere from two to five, six legs, man. It's hard enough to win one leg. So yeah, the books love it. They're definitely, and I think FanDuel is doing, I think, a risk free one for the Super Bowl. I know they have a, um, for the t t games and the nba. Speaker 1 00:29:52 So it is real appealing. But you gotta be real careful, man, because you just can fall into a hole where you're like, oh, okay, $10 to win 40, uh, 50 to win 180. Oh, this is not bad. And then all of a sudden you're like, oh wait, I'm down 200. How did this happen? So, yeah, it's, I get it. It's appealing cuz you're like, oh, this is not that bad. I can hit this one. And like I did one last night for the Thunder Lakers, Anthony Davis, like 25 points and more. He had a great matchup dude at 13. He took nine shots from the field. Like he was Speaker 0 00:30:24 Terrible. Terrible. Yes. He was Speaker 1 00:30:25 Terrible. Yeah. It's just like, oh really? Uh, okay, so, um, dude, I had the worst bat beat last week. We talked about it on this podcasts. I think. I know, I think I talked to you after that. I hit, remember I said I had John Marret plus eight 50 for triple double. Speaker 0 00:30:42 Vaguely. Speaker 1 00:30:42 Yeah. And I'm like, oh, he just casted. I think, I think it was after we finished the pod. Speaker 0 00:30:47 Oh yeah. Yeah. It was right after we finished the pod and the third quarter we started talking and Speaker 1 00:30:51 Yeah, do you know, and you know what happened, bro? They took a rebound away and he finished with nine rebounds and I lost, Speaker 1 00:31:00 And I saw the play. I don't know how they took it away. And the same night James Harden and I didn't bet on him that night. They took a rebound away from him that caused him a triple double. Dude. That was his fucking rebound. I was like, this is a fucking joke, man. Cuz I bet you people were, cuz someone the day before hit a triple double parlay, three legs, Lalo Yoic and someone, and Jah. So I think people saw that ticket circulating on social media and said, oh fuck, I'm gonna do this, so I'm not gonna lie. I'm like, all right, you know, let me lemme do a triple double tonight. And I was like, Ja Morant. No, Steven Adams, he's rebounding more. He had hit two in a row. It was a good matchup and he should have had it early third quarter. And that motherfucker didn't get a rebound the rest of the way. I, I couldn't believe it. I never tweeted shit out. And I tweeted out, Hey, gave this out today at the Better Sports Network Java Rap plus eight 50. It cash is early third quarter now I look like an idiot. Speaker 0 00:32:00 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:32:02 That was, that might be the worst bad beat I've had in my life, bro. Speaker 0 00:32:07 Yeah, I mean, for a, for a stack, you lost it on a stat correction, Speaker 1 00:32:10 Dude, the NBA account, John Moran third consecutive triple double, they was tweeted out and everything, and then they take the rebound away, bro. And then he doesn't get another one. I was so pissed off that night, man. Speaker 0 00:32:22 Damn. I'm glad it all happened. After the pod. You would've Speaker 1 00:32:27 Been one grumpy. Speaker 0 00:32:27 You would've been one grumpy son of a bitch. Speaker 1 00:32:29 Nah, Shannon would've had to click that. She's like, damn. I know we're allowed to have here, but this is too many. Speaker 0 00:32:41 Listen, I don't think, I don't think Shannon's ever, uh, ever hit the sensor button on. She, I don't think she's ever bleeped anything out. I think this is it. This is it folks. This is just, you know, if you got, if you got sensitive baby ears, I'm sorry, but you, you're talking to, I mean, well, Adam's over 40, right? You're Speaker 1 00:32:56 Over 40. Yes, I am Speaker 0 00:32:57 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I'm over 50. And we both fucking grew up in New York, <laugh>, so Right. New York City. We're not talking about like, oh yeah, yeah. I grew up on the, you know, uh, in, in upstate New York. No, no, no. We grew up in the city and so we got mouths on us. And that's, that's, that's the appeal. This fucking podcast. Damn it. Keeping Speaker 1 00:33:18 It real. Speaker 0 00:33:19 Keeping it real. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. Uh, somebody asked me about that. They were like, how would you describe your podcast with Ronis? And I was like, I was like, just imagine that you're sitting there and you're, you're like, Eve's dropping on two dudes sitting at a bar, drinking and talking sports. You pick up, you know, <laugh> back in the days, Adam, when we had home phones. You remember those days? Yeah. And you would like pick up the phone and you just be like, I'm on the phone. Yeah. You're like, oh, sorry. And you hang up. Like, you know, if you just picked up the phone and listened in on the conversation, I feel like that's what is, we try to, we try to, you know, speak to the people out there and, and, and hope that they do things like responsible wagering or, you know, tail some of our picks or, or you know, whatever the case may be. But I felt like I, I, I thought that was a, a pretty good way of, uh, of doing it. W would you describe it this in a similar fashion? Speaker 1 00:34:16 Yeah. Um, entertaining as well. But yeah, just Speaker 0 00:34:20 Of course, it's entertaining. Definitely. I mean, we're not Tom Segura and, uh, and, and, and Burt Kreischer doing two bears, one cave. Uh, but, you know, consider you ever listen to Speaker 1 00:34:32 That considering the, uh, the rest of the, uh, industry. There, there are some people that you just like could fall asleep too. No disrespect. Speaker 0 00:34:44 <laugh>. <laugh>. Just because you say no disrespect doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. Speaker 1 00:34:50 <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:34:51 I Speaker 1 00:34:52 Didn't say anything that Speaker 0 00:34:53 Bad. No, no, no. Dude, listen there people that agree with me, I, I totally agree with you. I've listened to, I've listened to podcasts where it's like, like worse than npr and, you know, and which is why, you know, it's always like, and, um, looking at the, uh, at the data here, and he's got a, uh, babi of, of three 10 and, uh, his Speaker 3 00:35:14 X is eight 10. But if he could lift the fly balls a little bit more, I think you could see, um, improvement this year. Speaker 0 00:35:20 If he could improve that launch angle, angle, just, you know, even, even if it's just two, 3%, you Speaker 3 00:35:25 Know, a word from our sponsor, Speaker 0 00:35:28 <laugh> <laugh>. Yeah. I've definitely listened to those. I've definitely listened to those. Yeah. It's like, you know, when, when you're looking for like a soothing book on tape to go to sleep too, Speaker 1 00:35:39 Maybe that will help cure my insomnia. Speaker 0 00:35:42 Are you dealing with insomnia right now? Speaker 1 00:35:43 Uh, I, yeah. I I've been up pretty late lately. Four, 4:30 AM Speaker 0 00:35:49 Are you making noise for your, your downstairs neighbor? Speaker 1 00:35:52 No, I'm not Speaker 2 00:35:53 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:35:54 Serious. That's, that's unbelievable, man. Speaker 2 00:35:59 <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:36:02 I feel like Speaker 1 00:36:03 If you're listening to this podcast, hi. Speaker 0 00:36:05 Hey, how are you? I've heard all about you. Speaker 1 00:36:09 I stalked my Twitter before so I wouldn't be surprised. Speaker 0 00:36:12 Oh really? Speaker 1 00:36:13 Yeah, in one of the, the letters here's, uh, it was a picture of my tweet saying, I heard noise at this time. And I'm like, does this woman know how Twitter works? Do you think I screamed that into a microphone? Speaker 2 00:36:24 <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:36:27 It was like, you know, a tweet during an NBA game. And you know, occasionally if I'm watching a game and I'll give some analysis with some thoughts and, and one of the letters, it was like, and I heard noise at this time and it was like, you know, my tweet at like 10:32 PM or whatever. I'm like, uh, okay, I guess you don't know how Twitter works. My typing was really loud at that point. You heard my fingers Speaker 2 00:36:49 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:36:50 Oh, what a world we live in. Speaker 0 00:36:52 Right? Speaker 1 00:36:54 Oh my God, I heard that noise. Speaker 2 00:36:56 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:36:57 Keep it down. Speaker 0 00:36:59 You Speaker 1 00:37:00 Thug Speaker 2 00:37:01 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:37:02 I can just see. You're like, you're like wheeling your desk chair around being like, Ooh, it sounds like she's in the other room. Let me go over there now <laugh> and drop and, and drop a bag of ball bears my hardwood fucking Speaker 1 00:37:16 Desk chair. That wheels too. That would be even great if I did. I kinda wish I did at this point. I'm getting blame for this shit. I might as well fucking make noise. Speaker 2 00:37:25 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:37:29 Oh shit. Have we talked about that? Are you on the podcast at Speaker 1 00:37:32 All? I don't think so. No, Speaker 0 00:37:33 I don't think so. Adam's having some neighbor issues. Speaker 2 00:37:36 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:37:38 Claiming I'm making a ton of noise intentionally at all hours of the day when I am like one of the most quiet people in this building. I live alone, no kids. 80% of my place is carpeted as per the, uh, regulations here. My TV's hardly ever loud. It's insane. I never have company over. I only have, you know, if I'm dating someone, come over, that's it. So, and there've been no complaints about those noise when that's probably the loudest noise. That's another story. Um, <laugh>, but yeah, I don't have like five friends over screaming, chilling. I don't do that. Speaker 0 00:38:16 Um, no, I do. You know what, like, from everything that I've heard it, it sounds more like, like she's one of those people who like, here's the, you know, the, the, the rats scratching on the inside of the wall. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like that kinda a thing where like all of a sudden you realize that somebody's got a tumor in her brain and she ain't Right. Speaker 1 00:38:38 I will plead the fifth cuz I don't want to have this come back in court. So <laugh> Speaker 0 00:38:43 <laugh>, ill, I I will gladly take the stand. Hundred percent. Speaker 1 00:38:51 That would be hilarious if she listened to this <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:38:54 It really would be. Speaker 1 00:38:56 That'll be in the next letter. I heard your podcast talking about me. Speaker 0 00:38:59 You were bad mouthing me to that. How Bender got to Speaker 1 00:39:05 I'm, Speaker 0 00:39:06 You were bad mouthing me to aew. Speaker 1 00:39:08 Soon as that letter comes, I right to you bro. Dude, she was listening. Speaker 0 00:39:15 Oh God, that would, that would seriously, that would make my day because I would just, I would have like my buddy who's a lawyer, just write a letter to her on letterhead Speaker 1 00:39:25 And just, I would appre I would appreciate that Speaker 0 00:39:28 <laugh> and just be like, uh, uh, we are moments away from filing a harassment suit against you. He's the one harassing me. I would happily take the stand for you, Matt. Speaker 1 00:39:41 Thank, thank you. I appreciate that. <laugh>. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:39:46 Um, alright, so we've given you some props that, that you're gonna wanna play, that you're gonna want to tale for N nfl we are still on N F L, are we not? Speaker 1 00:39:58 Yes. Speaker 0 00:39:58 Well we might be, I don't know. You started talking about John Morant and Bad beats and stuff like that. We'll get to some N B A in a second, but let's, let's, let's put a capper here on at least the Super Bowl so that everybody can do that. We've given you our props and like they were all in there. Like, everything that I have money on with, you know, like I said, is there, oh, I think I also, Kenneth gain well over 17 and a half receiving yards and over one and a half receptions. That was the other one that I, uh, that I threw a little sprinkle, a little something, something onto, um, okay for that. So I think Chiefs win this game. I think the chiefs cover the spread, um, and uh, or you know, with their points the Chiefs win outright. I'm taking the over, I do think that it's gonna be very, very close to the over under, but I'm just gonna tick onto the over because of how strong these offensive units are. That's, that's my final Adam Ronis. That is my final answer. What's yours? Speaker 1 00:40:57 Yeah, I got the Chiefs winning and the over as well. Speaker 0 00:41:02 Oh shit. I hate when we're always in lockstep like that, that's always dangerous, right? Well, you know, you can't, no, it's like, it, it, it's worse when like four of us on the fantasy alarm show all agree on on Speaker 1 00:41:13 Sunday. Yeah. You know, that bet's gonna lose whenever you watch the N F NFL Sunday night and they all pick the same team you like. Well, they're not winning tonight. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:41:19 Right. I mean, immediately go and I bet the other team Speaker 1 00:41:23 As you should I Speaker 0 00:41:23 Have to do it. It's, you know, I mean it's it's not science, it's not, you know, just major advice. It's just, yeah, we, we, we go through that when everybody's on a play usually is the other way around and that's what it is. Um, so there you go. All right. So some n f NFL boom in the books. How about we talk a little n b a, let's talk some hoops real quick. So you gave us your bad beat on John Morant. I'm so sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Um, I don't know how, tell me how your prop article did your prop bed article for b a did last Friday? Um, who you're eyeballing or you probably own, you probably can't even eyeball anything but the trade deadline on Thursday. Speaker 1 00:42:07 Yeah. Um, just gonna have to wait it out. Uh, there's four games on Thursday and then Friday I believe there's probably a good amount of games. Uh, let's see. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Oh wow. Yeah. Oh my God. There's like 13 games on Friday. Wow, okay. So yeah. Yeah, just gonna have to see what happens here, the trade deadline, because if trades are made a Thursday, guys can sit out on Friday. So that could open up some value. So yeah, I you, you tread lightly the next couple days. Let's see what trades are made. Obviously the big trade happened already with Kyrie Irving going to Dallas, thank goodness, because I have Kyrie Irving in a fantasy basketball league and then hearing, oh, he might sit out if he doesn't get trade out. I'm like, just get rid of this guy already so happy he's on Dallas. Um, you know, br but it's just, and I had tweeted this out the other day, I'm like, well, uh, we had too much quietness in Brooklyn, um, because Brooklyn has had drama pretty much the entire time. Speaker 1 00:43:07 Whether it's Harden being there, Kyrie and the off season. Kyrie with the tweet earlier in the year, then all the Steve Nash firing or leaving mutual party ways, whatever you wanted to say. Then Jacque Vaughn comes in, they go on this ridiculous run, they're playing great basketball. Durant gets hurt, okay. They lose a couple games. Kyrie has some big games and then all of a sudden, yeah, Kyrie, um, trade me if you're not gonna sign me. And it's like, wait, so you just can't go Brook in long in Brooklyn with peace. Like there has to be some drama. So now we're waiting to see does Durant demand to be traded? I know a couple days ago on one of the books, he was minus 200 to be traded. So gotta wait and see what happens with that. Um, but yeah, I mean I think there'll, there'll be some movement, there's a lot of teams in the Western conference that are, it's kind of open in the Western conference. Speaker 1 00:43:54 So I feel like there's a lot of teams that feel like if they can make a move that maybe they can move up. And I think that's what Dallas was thinking. They were like, look, we have Luca, it's not been working with what we have. They did take a big hit offensively. Dorian Finney Smith was their best offender. So I could see them making another move. You know, the Clippers could make a move, the Suns could make a move. Um, cuz Toronto was the team to keep an eye on. Um, there's just a lot of talk that OG Anna Nubi, Fred Van Fleet, um, could be moved. Uh, I think they said Pascal Siia can probably not, but Toronto's been one of the disappointing teams in the east, even though they're, they're tied right now for the final spot, but they've really underachieved this year. Speaker 1 00:44:36 Um, so yeah, I mean these teams in the west, you know, I think Golden State maybe, you know, Curry's gonna be out multiple weeks. They haven't been great with them. They're terrible on the road. Seven to 20 on the road. Uh, so they'll still be a dangerous team. But yeah, uh, there could be some movement here. Cause really right now there's only really four teams that are completely out of it in the nba. You got Charlotte, Detroit, Houston and San Antonio are kind of out as bad as Orlando has been. They're only three games out of that 10 spot. Even the Wizards too, they're three games. No, the oh, actually the Wizards are like right there for that final spot. So a lot of these teams are still in it. Obviously the Lakers are gonna make a Speaker 0 00:45:14 Close, but I mean, are are we, are, are these teams going anywhere? Did, did, uh, did Washington still have Bradley Beal? Speaker 1 00:45:20 Yeah, he's there. EZ is there. Kuzma. So, you know, mathematically they're still in it. I don't know what they'll decide the trade deadline, but I'm saying really there's only four teams that you could say are definitely out of it right now. Yeah. Okay. I mean, cuz even the Lakers, they're third worst in the West, but you know, they still have LeBron Anthony Davis. There's been rumors that Westbrook could be moved. Um, Speaker 0 00:45:41 Yeah. Would you think of that, that whole thing? Uh, D'Angelo Russell in a three team, three team deal. Who's the third team? It was Russell to the Lakers. It was Westbrook to Utah. Speaker 1 00:45:52 Yeah. Nothing is, uh, complete yet. So that's been rumored about, uh, you know, as we were doing the podcast today. So, um, yeah, we'll see. I mean, Lakers obviously just, they, they haven't been able to put it together. They should have beat the Thunder when LeBron broke the record didn't happen. Um, and now I could see LeBron sitting out at times to rest. Um, now that he has the record and even if they get in, it's like what are they gonna do even in a wide open Western conference? Unless they make a big splash. But, um, Speaker 0 00:46:26 Well, how many, how many teams, how many teams realistically, let's say just as they are right now, not, not no trade deadline to concern with here as they are right now. How many teams are there that are really legitimate candidates to win at Speaker 1 00:46:40 All? I'd say six. Speaker 0 00:46:43 That many, huh? Speaker 1 00:46:44 Yeah. Oh, it's, it's more wide open than ever. There's no, there's no consensus that team, I mean, Boston has the best record right now, but, um, I, I think the Bucks might be better than them. Um, I think Philly has a shot. Denver is absolutely legit in the west. No one's gonna want to give them credit. They'll be like, oh the west cars is weak. But we saw Denver make a run a couple years ago when they had Yogis, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Healthy and Jamal Murray is balling right now. He is playing great basketball and if he is that level that he was, cuz we saw him cr tear it up in the playoffs a couple years ago, this team can win. Um, they're 26 and four at home too. Um, not as good on the role, but they're the one seed right now by four and a half, half over Memphis. Speaker 1 00:47:29 Memphis is a two seed. I don't buy them. Sacramento is a surprising three seed. I don't buy them because they don't play great defense Clippers. Obviously it comes down if they have Kawhi and Paul George healthy in the playoffs, they can beat anyone. The sons are interesting. They just got Devin Booker back, he's gonna sit Thursday cuz they're on a back to back. So he'll start to get acclimated. Uh, Chris Paul is back. Um, they should get Cameron Payne back soon. So they're starting to get their guys healthy now. They're eight and two in their last 10. So they have a shot. Golden State, you can't cat out cuz you know, veteran team Curry Thompson is as bad as it has been for them this year. As disappointing. You can't count them out. And I'd say three teams in the East, Celtics, bucks, Sixers, I would've put the nets in there, but not the way they're constituted Now Cleveland I like a lot, but I think they might be another year away unless they make a, a significant trade. So I think there's, I'd say six teams that have a legit shot, which we cannot say in the n B a many years. No, Speaker 0 00:48:25 You definitely cannot. That's why I even asked the question. Obviously I'm not a basketball guy. I follow it very, very casually and I couldn't tell you. But that's, you know, that's why when you said six, I was like that many cause I was expecting you to say three or four. Speaker 1 00:48:39 Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'd say six. I mean, the odds probably, I mean, I gotta, I don't even, I'm assuming Boston's favor to win. No, I haven't checked in several days. Let's see. Um, uh, let's see. Come on man. Where is this? Futures, uh, Celtics are favored at plus three 40 Ndk box plus six 50 nuggets, plus 700 Clippers, plus 806 ERs, plus 900 Grizzlies, plus 1100 Warriors plus 1200. And Matt, Speaker 0 00:49:13 Do you have anything sprinkled on any of that? Speaker 1 00:49:16 Um, I would go bucks if I had plus six 50. Speaker 0 00:49:19 I was saying, do, do you have anything? Speaker 1 00:49:22 No, it's just too wide open this year. Um, but I would if I, yeah, I'm the Bucks. They have the best player to me still in Giannis was missed time. Uh, drew Holiday has missed some time. Chris Middleton started the season injured, came back, got hurt again, and has been on a 20 minute minutes limit, like over since he came back. And they are one game behind Boston bought, uh, the Bucks have won eight in a row, nine to 10, and they're missing Bobby Porters. So they really haven't had their entire team healthy. Um, again, I think Boston's good, but, uh, I like Milwaukee right now at that price. Speaker 0 00:50:01 Okay. All right. Very nice. Very nice. All right, so keep an eye out folks for, uh, for Adam's article on Friday after the dust settles from the, uh, from the rest of the, uh, NBA trade deadline. And, uh, you can follow all the, uh, all the news that you want, uh, at fantasy alarm.com. Um, all right, from the hardwood to the diamond, let's talk a little m l b. So I just, you know, wanna, wanna quickly go through, um, the rest of your team, your draft champions team. I actually did not ask you to send it to me because I was talking to, uh, to your, your partner, uh, about it. He obviously does not listen to this podcast because, um, I asked him about, he like messaged me. Oh, I messaged him for his birthday. He just had a birthday, uh, recently. So I, I messaged him, you know, to wish him a happy birthday. Speaker 0 00:50:58 Uh, and then he and I started talking and I said, I was like, you know, I, I liked that team that you're putting together with, uh, with Ronis for draft champions. And he was like, oh, he told you about it. All right. Thanks for listening to the podcast, dude. We've only fucking talked about it for the last two podcasts. So what AVEs yo what AVEs but nevertheless, um, talk about the, because I think it's very important for a lot of people. I think the, uh, the, the draft champions, um, you know, it's a, I mean, it's just like you said, it's great for your baseball prep and stuff like that. To me, I love looking at, you know, what you do in the, you know, in, in like the last 10 to f la last 10 to 15 rounds. Cuz that's, you know, that's, that's all the speculation and that's all, you know, kind of wondering where your head's at. Speaker 0 00:51:47 Um, I mean, I could, I could list all the players in here, but it's kind of out of context for a lot of people, so I don't need to, to say anything. The one thing I did say that I, that I liked a lot, and this kind of went off of your, uh, your Spencer Torkelson pick, uh, in round 20 is, uh, is your Jesus Sanchez pick, um, in a 15 team or to get him that far down. That was, um, that's nice. I mean listen, there's, there's really, there's there's strong power there from, from Sanchez possibly. Um, he's gotta pick the batting average up. But I mean, what, is this his third season now? Speaker 1 00:52:25 Yeah, I believe so. Um, Speaker 0 00:52:27 Did you say, did I, did I lose Speaker 1 00:52:28 You? No, no. Did I Speaker 0 00:52:30 Put you to sleep? Did I put you to sleep? Discussing my conversation? Speaker 1 00:52:35 Playing time is gonna be a concern for him. Um, cause Jazz Chisholm's moving the center, they got Brian De La Cruz had a really strong finish last year. Ail Garcia, um, sole, but you know, that's why he's going around 30. You know, injuries are gonna happen. We know that, right? It happens every year. So, um, there is the power potential and I did have him in leagues last year and he was disappointing. But there is, uh, the power potential and with injuries occurring, he could get some time. He's still only 25 years old. We saw 13 Homers last year and 343 plate appearances. Uh, we saw 14 homers in 2021, uh, in only 64 games, which we knew, okay, that's not gonna continue. But, um, he did cut down on the strikeout rate last year. It was 31.1% in 2020 1, 26 0.8% last year, which is not great. But in baseball nowadays, that's not that, um, awful. Um, has to start to hit more line drives and fly balls, um, and hit the ball a little bit harder. But yeah, I mean, when you get to these rounds, a lot of times you're usually getting guys who are undervalued, coming off disappointing years, um, especially in such a sharp room. Speaker 0 00:53:46 Did you feel like you were short on power? Because, you know, I'm looking at this, you know, I've got, I see Jesus Aguiar, I see Jesus Sanchez, um, I see Nolan Jones. I love that Nolan Jones pick that late too. Um, and I see Dom Smith and then of course, like down at the very bottom, uh, even Aaron Hicks, uh, you grabbed him. Did you feel like you were short on power and you wanted to take, you know, and those were the guys who were available to you? Or what was the thought process behind it? Speaker 1 00:54:15 Nah, just looking for guys that either have potential to get at bats, um, you know, this late, you're, again, you're just, they're, you're not gonna find guys that are starting the season with everyday jobs. So, although I think Dominic Smith's gonna play every day, um, I get it. Washington's not a great lineup, but we've seen Dominic Smith Smith, uh, flash before. I know he wasn't good last year, but he didn't really get much of a chance. So, um, I think he's, he might sit against some lefties, but, um, you know, getting an opportunity to play, um, on a Nationals team. Uh, that's why I liked Tim there. Um, you know, Hicks, I mean it looks like he's gonna get playing San for eight cuz I know he recently said he, what did he say he wanted score? 30? 30? Yeah. Oh, good luck with that. Uh, Speaker 0 00:54:58 Yeah, <laugh> Speaker 1 00:54:59 And Brian is try, Speaker 0 00:55:00 Try playing. Speaker 1 00:55:01 Yeah, Brian is like, I really don't wanna do Hicks. I'm like, dude, it's Ra. He's like, I hate Ax. I'm like, it's round 38, bro. <laugh> and right now he's going to play. Um, and he did have 10 steals last year. Um, I know it's been bad. My god damn, I didn't realize how bad he's been the last four years. The average. He was always, he was an O B P guy. Still, still good walk, right? But man, um, that, that a, that looks like an outlier. 27 Homers 11 steals 2018 Speaker 0 00:55:30 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:55:31 Maybe that was a bad pick. Now it was around 38, man. Like, what are you gonna do if he plays, you know? Speaker 0 00:55:37 Yeah, listen, if he plays, Speaker 1 00:55:38 Then and you, and you'll look and you'll look back. Like, I I, I didn't look at my drafts last year, but a lot of these picks are not gonna hit. As I mentioned, not the first draft we did last year, we did get Spencer St. Strider like in the 40 something round. That's really where you, you're, you're, you get players, like these young guys that, um, could find their way to the Major League roster. Um, that's really, I think where you get, um, players that, that break out, uh, a lot of young players that maybe are starting the season, the minors and could work their way up at some point. That's really, or bounce back guys or relievers that, you know, like Jonathan Hernandez was a good pick. I thought round 36 maybe he closes for Texas. I know Clark's a favorite, but that's what you looking for. I don't know. Maybe Joey. Oh Speaker 0 00:56:21 Wait, wait, wait. Alright. Wait, wait. So, so, alright. I, I don't have the whole draft board here. Um, I thought I was seeing a a, a finished product. I didn't even count the round. We didn't finish yet. No. So yeah, I'm, I'm, I only have up until you have Aaron Hicks and Nick Allen. Speaker 1 00:56:36 Yeah, we're in round 47. The Speaker 0 00:56:39 Clock we're Hicks and Allen, Speaker 1 00:56:41 The clock goes to two hours once you hit round 30. This was four hour start. Hicks was 38. Alan 39. Speaker 0 00:56:47 Okay. All right. So you've, you've got, you tell me your last, uh, your, your last what? Six picks? Speaker 1 00:56:53 Uh, Jack Leer and, and Muno. Karl Albert, Jr. Corey, Lee, Nate Pearson. Noel Noel Marte. Speaker 0 00:57:02 Yeah. I fucking love that. Jack LePen <laugh>. I don't know if he, I I would love to see him get brought up that dude's. I mean he's just got, there's so much, there's so much that he's got and, uh, yeah. Wow. Damn. What's your take on, on lighters? Uh, as a possible come up call up this year? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:57:23 I mean, that's why he's going this late. So you take a shot and you hope that, you know, he gets an opportunity to come up and, I mean, and look, and I think, you know, Texas seems to be in a position where they're gonna go for it. You know, they spent all this money they brought into Gro. So Speaker 0 00:57:42 Is that gonna, is it gonna, is it gonna bother you if the grom play pitches, like makes 30 starts this year? Speaker 1 00:57:48 Uh, no, not really. I mean, it's tough. Like, I, I want him to do well in a way. Um, I can't take it personal that he left. He Speaker 0 00:57:59 Did you sound, you sound like you're getting a little emotional here, do you the Speaker 1 00:58:02 Moment? Nah, I mean, look, he's good at, he might pitch at, uh, city Field, Texas comes in. So that'll be interesting. He'll probably get cheered early on and then once the game starts, he'll get booed. I mean, something that, I know Mets fans are upset cuz he left, but I've always said, I can't blame these players. You gotta do what's best for you. Take the money, man. I Speaker 0 00:58:19 I, I might have to, I might have to like make a, make some sort of a like declaration that I'll do something. If deGrom no hits the Mets in city field as a Texas Ranger, Speaker 1 00:58:29 He's not going nine innings. Come on. Speaker 0 00:58:33 What time of year is this? Uh, is this uh, Speaker 1 00:58:35 Late, late August? Speaker 0 00:58:36 Oh, it's late August. Yeah. God damn. Yeah. No <laugh>. No way. Speaker 1 00:58:43 Imagine he pitches 30, he meets 34 starts the next four years. That'll hurt. That'll hurt Speaker 0 00:58:49 <laugh> that, that'll leave a mark. Speaker 1 00:58:51 That'll definitely leave a Mark Speaker 0 00:58:53 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:58:54 Those 34 starts in the next four years and wins two C Youngs. Yeah, that'll hurt. Speaker 0 00:58:59 Yeah. Well my friend, I have seen many, a many a man leave the New York Yankees for, uh, for greener pastures on the other side and uh, and does well Speaker 1 00:59:09 Oh, it's happened a lot to the Mets, bro. You know that Speaker 0 00:59:13 <laugh> I know, I know. Uh, Jason Ising housing was a, uh, was a staple. I'm, uh, one of my fancy teams cuz he just kept closing for, for the, the Cardinals and was just so good. Speaker 1 00:59:25 Yeah. Thanks for reminding me about Generation K Speaker 0 00:59:30 <laugh>. What is it? It was, that was, um, it was, it was Paul Wilson Speaker 1 00:59:34 And Bill Pulsifer. And Speaker 0 00:59:36 Bill Bill Pulsifer and, uh, and and Ising housing. Yeah. And what did Wilson and, uh, pulse forever do? Speaker 1 00:59:43 Nothing. Speaker 0 00:59:45 Garbage. Garbage. And Ising housing was hurt the entire time he was with the mats. And then he goes on for an illustrious career as a closer for the garbage. Speaker 1 00:59:54 All right. Are we fucking done? Speaker 0 00:59:55 No. Now I wanna listen. You can Jay buer me if you want. I'm fine with that. I'm okay. It happens. Speaker 1 01:00:03 It just happens to the Mets. Way more Jeff Kent leaving the Mets. Yeah, the Mets even at, Speaker 0 01:00:08 He's he's an asshole. Anyway, Speaker 1 01:00:10 He was freaking good. Speaker 0 01:00:12 He was good. He did, he did great things for the, for the San Francisco Giants until he, uh, broke his arm while washing his truck. Speaker 1 01:00:21 Look, washing a truck is very intense work. You gotta be careful. You know who the Mets even had too. I know multiple teams had this guy, but Jose Batista. Speaker 0 01:00:33 Jose Batista, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That, that open stance was really fucking weird. I couldn't deal with his batting stance. Speaker 1 01:00:40 Justin Turner hurts, man. Speaker 0 01:00:42 Justin Turner. That's another good one. Speaker 1 01:00:46 Although I think did someone else didn't, did the Pirates have him too before he went to the Dodgers? I feel like there was another team. Or Baltimore, but in, yeah, I think Baltimore. He was on Baltimore then the Mets and then he goes to the Dodgers and he's a stud Speaker 0 01:01:01 <laugh>. Uh, you Mets fans. Such lovable losers, such lovable losers <laugh>. Oh man. All right. So your rankings are up [email protected] as part of the, uh, free MLB draft guide. So anybody out there listening, uh, you want rankings? We got Rankins Homes. Adam Ronis has full rankings. I have my rankings up there. We've got a top 300. I hate the top Speaker 1 01:01:34 300. Oh, me too. It's the worst for all Speaker 0 01:01:36 Guys. Can we just, can we tell that to, like, for those of you listening here, if you're doing a fantasy baseball draft, do not use the top 300. I I re you know, like for years I didn't want to do it and I would fight with them over at Fantasy Alarm because they were like, you gotta do it. Everybody else is doing it. I'm like, we're trying to teach people how to do be better drafters and using a top 300 is garbage. Um, and it drives me absolutely insane. But I had to do it anyway. I had to. Yeah, no, Speaker 1 01:02:08 I, I think it's awful because again, you're trying to accumulate stats and positions come into play. And if people, someone goes strictly off your list and say they're, they draft like, uh, Tommy Edmond, okay, not a lot of power, some speed. Now you're like, okay, who's the next highest on the list? And it's a player with a similar profile. I'm trying to think of someone off the top of my head that's, uh, I don't know, abouty, I don't know, little power speed. Corbin Carroll. Maybe, maybe not a lot of like, you know, you're, if you're just gonna be like, well I trust Howard so I'm just gonna go off his list and take the highest rank player. You're not taking roster construction into account now what? Now you might have three shortstops. So now your middle infield and utility is clogged up. Cuz remember, short stops one of the deepest positions. You're around eight. You already have a short stop, a middle infield during your utility. Now you lose flexibility. You're not paying attention to the categories. You cannot do it. It's so bad for baseball. It's by far the worst sport to do. Top 300. Speaker 0 01:03:05 Yeah. Yeah. It's there for anybody who wants it, but we obviously don't recommend it. But listen, the whole guide is free. So I mean, this is, I, you know, I know the people who follow you, Adam, are probably like, you know, with their mouths aga just being like, really, I don't have to pay for Ronis rankings this year. I fucking love that. Um, and so it's all right there. Fantasy alarm.com/mlb draft guide. Um, I fucking, I, I love what we've got going on right now, uh, over there. I mean the guide is absolutely phenomenal. A lot of content is already out from sleepers busts and rookies, um, injury reports, ballpark factors, uh, talking about understanding projections and category targets. Um, I'm gonna have an a D P article coming out soon. I'm, like I said, I'm gonna bring back the mock draft Army. Uh, all, you know, Adam Ronis is high stakes fantasy baseball articles all live on the site right now. Speaker 0 01:04:06 And, uh, you know, full DFS stuff in there. And then we've got, uh, each position, uh, has an author doing, uh, doing content specific to that position. And uh, and it's just some absolute fantastic stuff that we've got out there. And, uh, you guys should definitely take advantage of it. Definitely take advantage of it. Fantasy alarm.com/mlb draft guide. Alright, Adam, I think we've uh, I think we've entertained and educated the masses long enough here for today. Um, any big Super Bowl plans for you? You uh, you got a Super Bowl party, uh, big, you know, big like, you know, bingo card for Super Bowl. You in on watching the commercials? What's up? Speaker 1 01:04:51 Nah, no big plans this year. Speaker 0 01:04:53 You wanna come over here? Speaker 1 01:04:55 Um, sure you go. Can I expense it? Speaker 0 01:04:59 I mean, I'll just approve it. I don't know if if they'll go for it, but I'll just fucking approve it. No problem. Speaker 1 01:05:05 Alright, I'll see you. Speaker 0 01:05:07 Right. My wife's already plant, she's planted a really, like a big spread, which, you know, she was all mad at me. You know, it's so funny, right? I'm going, oh, let's get outta here right now. But yet let me, let me drone on with this last story here. Um, last Thanksgiving, you know, I've gotta sit there and I've gotta watch the games and we don't have, you know, other plans to go anywhere else. Um, and so I just kind of thought that, you know, my wife who's just gonna do what she usually does, roll out like a bunch of appetizers during the day while I'm watching, watching the games. And then we do like our little, you know, baby Thanksgiving dinner. Um, no, what does she do? She like books, A bunch of dog walking gigs. She's out, you know, meeting another friend of hers and, and the next thing I know, I'm sitting here on Thanksgiving watching these fucking games with nothing in the fucking house to eat. I was pissed off man. And so I've kind of like laid that out there. It's been a sticking point for me right now. So she knows that she's gotta step up her game for the Super Bowl. And I'd like for you, Adam, to be a part of it. Speaker 1 01:06:09 Likely not gonna happen, but I appreciate the invitation. Speaker 0 01:06:13 I fuck you. I don't want you to come over anyway, <laugh>. Speaker 1 01:06:15 Yeah, you're just a little far. That's why if you were like local, I'd definitely be there, Speaker 0 01:06:20 Bob. Dude, I'm so worth it though. I'm so worth it. Ask all those hot girls on Instagram who follow me now. Speaker 1 01:06:27 I, you know, I will Speaker 0 01:06:28 Ask, ask Tracy xxx. She's she'll tell you. Speaker 1 01:06:31 She has not responded to my dms. Speaker 0 01:06:33 Oh, she is not. Well Speaker 1 01:06:35 I will tell you this from experience, um, when I have DMed women on Instagram, uh, 90% of them don't even read the message. Speaker 0 01:06:45 Yeah. I didn't even know that there was messaging on Instagram for the longest time. Speaker 1 01:06:48 Really? Speaker 0 01:06:49 Yeah, I mean I, it's again, Speaker 1 01:06:51 That's, that's, that's how I met this girl that I'm talking to now. Speaker 0 01:06:54 You met her on Instagram. You met her on Instagram? Speaker 1 01:06:57 No, she, so on a dating site, she had put our Instagram handle in the profile. So I said, you know what, let me just DM her and I did. And she answered, Speaker 0 01:07:06 Huh, very interesting. Speaker 1 01:07:10 Very, very interesting. But other times I've done that 90% they don't even read it because you could see on Instagram if your rest message has been read and they must get so many. Cuz you know, I go after really good looking women, uh, that they probably get so many that it just gets lost. <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:07:29 Maybe that's what these porn bots are all upset with me cuz I don't even like respond to their messages. Speaker 1 01:07:35 Oh yeah. It's easy to tell when stuff is fake. It's so funny. Speaker 0 01:07:39 Well, you, Tracy xx Tracy. T r a c i. No, she's Speaker 1 01:07:44 Real Speaker 0 01:07:44 Xx. She's Speaker 1 01:07:45 Real, right? Oh, absolutely. Speaker 0 01:07:47 Okay. All right. Good. I feel much better now. Speaker 1 01:07:51 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:07:53 All right, well that's gonna do it for us, everybody. Uh, big thank you as always for liking and subscribing and, uh, yeah, enjoy the Super Bowl. Be smart with your bets. Have a little fun. Again, fancy alarm.com/big Game is a free contest to jump into. Why wouldn't you do that? Winner gets 250 bucks. Second, second Place gets a free year subscription at Fantasy Alarm. Third place, a three month free subscription at Fantasy Alarm. So jump in on all that action there. Have some fun, enjoy it. Be smart. Be safe. For Adam Ronas, I'm Howard Bender. This has been the Cash It Podcast. Catch you next day.

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