June 22, 2023


Cash It: The Reds are Dominating MLB, the NBA Draft & Unsigned NFL Free Agents

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Cash It: The Reds are Dominating MLB, the NBA Draft & Unsigned NFL Free Agents
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It: The Reds are Dominating MLB, the NBA Draft & Unsigned NFL Free Agents

Jun 22 2023 | 00:51:26


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis discuss the MLB excitement surrounding the Cincinnati Reds, the 2023 NBA Draft and where fantasy football players wants some of these unsigned NFL free agents to land for the upcoming season.

  • MLB & Fantasy Baseball - 00:00:35
  • 2023 NBA Draft - 00:22:38
  • NFL Free Agents & Fantasy Football - 00:30:03

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome in. It's cash. Itt Howard Bender. Adam Ronas. What's going on, Adam? I got, you know, no basketball now I, I, I, I don't, I don't know how, how are you doing? How are you coping? Does the, does the n b A draft kinda scratch that itch for you this week? Speaker 2 00:00:21 No, definitely not. Baseball does. Um, certainly not the fucking Mets. Uh, you know, they Speaker 0 00:00:27 <laugh> Really, we're just on, we're on that boat. Come on. Vogel Box hitting home runs again. Speaker 2 00:00:32 Oh, dude. Uh, cuz the game's on. Now, just let me rant on the Mets just for one second. I won't go too into it. I know we have been, but first inning for the New York Mets today, they load the bases with nobody out. Christian. Javier cannot find the strike zone. He had already walked two guys and the Mets scored no fucking runs. I mean, it just sums up their season. And the worst part is, so Alonso got called for running out of the baseline and it was a legit call. So it turned into a double play. He, he checks, swings the ball in front of the plate. They get that force at home, throw it first, it hits him, goes down the line. He was out of the baseline. All right, fine. Second and third. Now. No, first and second. Two out fam walks. Bass is loaded with two out. Speaker 2 00:01:16 First pitch McNeil fucking swings and pops up. Like you see, the guy has no command. He just walked up out of the first pitch your fucking swing, and you hit a weak pop up. So it's the same shit. Um, they do this all fucking season long and, you know, they had the two game winning streak. And people get excited. They beat the outros. 11 won. What'd they do the next day? They do nothing. So I don't wanna hear this shit. Cause I still hear people saying, oh, well, the Phillies came back last year. No, man, until the Mets win 10 out of 12 or put on a winning streak like the Reds. I don't wanna hear shit. Cause these one, two game winning streaks don't do nothing when you're 75 games under 500 Speaker 0 00:01:52 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:01:54 This team sucks, bro. And they're not coming back. I hope I'm wrong. I hope people can play my soundbites and be like, oh, remember what you said in June? I will gladly be wrong in this case if they pull off what the Phillies did. I don't see it happening at all. Speaker 0 00:02:08 Yeah, I mean, it's, yeah, it's, it's, it's a definite, it's a tough spot. It's absolutely a tough spot. So, uh, you know, I mean, listen, I I it's really, it's tough to have any kind of sympathy, you know, when you get, you know, Mets fans, trolling Yankees fan, like needlessly trolling Yankee fans, like, you know, you, you've got a enough of a mess in your house. And yes. Oh yeah. You know what if, if Anthony, Anthony Ano is listening right now, yet this Speaker 2 00:02:35 Is, I didn't do that. Like, even when the Mets beat the Yankees one game, I didn't say shit to any Yankee fan. You know that. Did I say anything to you? No. Why do I, no, there's nothing to fucking say. Speaker 0 00:02:42 They suck. They fucking Speaker 2 00:02:44 Suck. Like, come on man. You gotta be a realistic here. I know there's certain fans who are very optimistic and they're cheerleaders. At some point, you gotta fucking wake up and look at reality. This team is garbage. How can you, oh, well, you know, they're, they can, there's still time. It's June 21st. <laugh>. Come on, man. Speaker 2 00:03:03 They fucking suck. It's every day. It's the same shit. They can't put together a winning streak. It's embarrassing. And it's always something. It's not like one thing. One day the starting pitching sucks again, again, the series in Atlanta, you have a three run lead in every game. You lose Scherzer. I know he had a good game against Houston, against the Yankees and the Braves, though. What happened? You, you give the lead back and the team loses the game against the Cardinals. They're down five one, they come back tied at five, then they're down seven, five, they tied again. And then again, buck Schaal making bad decisions. He let David Robertson pitch the eighth inning in that game. He did not throw a lot of pitches. You have Monday off. You know, you, why don't you go to him, let him throw two innings. Speaker 0 00:03:47 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:47 You know what I mean? You can't worry about the next few days and resting guys. You gotta win games. Now, Speaker 0 00:03:53 You would think, you would think Showalter as a, as a veteran manager would, would be confident enough in a, in a vet like Robertson to give him the, uh, what was it? It would've been a five out save or just, Speaker 2 00:04:05 No, it was a T game game. It was, it was a tie game. So he pitched the eighth. So just let him pitch the ninth. I mean, Adam outta Yeah. Came in to give up a fucking home run. I mean, he sucks. I mean, that's also part of the problem. To be fair to Buck, at least with the bullpen, he can't, there's no confidence in anyone. It's Robertson and Jeff Brigham has actually been one of the guys out of Vino Stinks. So they don't have a lot of options considering all the money they spend. They don't have a good bullpen. And they're starting pitching horrendous. They have one of the worst rotations in baseball. First inning woes are just, it's unbelievable. When you look at the numbers, they can't score in the first inning, and they give up runs first inning, every game, every fucking game. They're down. Speaker 0 00:04:45 Well, that's baseball, Susan. Speaker 2 00:04:47 Nah, man, that's not Speaker 0 00:04:48 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:04:48 It's just, and I, and, and, and I just watched this team every fucking day. And then I'm sitting here like, why am I doing this? But you know, when you're a fan, you're a fan. I mean, I watch other games too when they're not on. Um, but you know, you're a fan. You're a fan. You can't help it. But it's just frustrating. It's one thing like, you know, it's one thing if you're losing and everything, but you're doing the fundamentals playing hard and all that. But they just, they're just so such a dumb baseball team right now, the complete opposite of last year when they did every little thing. Right. And you have the same manager and almost the same team. That's what makes it just, it's mind boggling how quickly they went from what they did last year to this year. And yes, you wanna say they overachieved and they probably weren't as good. That's fair. I, I'll, I'll, I'll say that. But they played smart baseball. They were a fun team to watch. They're not fun anymore. Speaker 0 00:05:36 Yeah. You know, and I'll, my Yankees really aren't any fun to watch either. I mean, it's no, you know, I mean, yes, we've got a winning record. Um, but I mean, no, it's just, it's, it's no, you know, it's no real picnic. You know, we lose two in a row. We win one, we lose one, we win one, we lose one. Um, you know, we just come, came off of a four game losing streak. Uh, you know, there's nothing worse than getting swept by the Red Sox. I mean, that just, that makes my skin crawl. Um, but, you know, I mean, I I also feel like we're doing it with like this, you know, patchwork group right now. Um, which I guess takes the sting out a little bit. I mean, the fact that, that my outfield is Jake Bowers, Billy McKinney and Harrison Bader, and it wasn't even Bader, it was Willie Calhoun before that. Speaker 0 00:06:24 So my outfield is absolutely atrocious. We're we're still humping Josh Donaldson out there at the hot corner. And, uh, and Anthony Volpes really, it looks like pitchers have made the proper adjustments. They found, you know, like a little weakness. And he's not making any adjustments back. He looks a little overmatched. Um, and so, yeah, it's, uh, it's really tough and, you know, I'm looking at my, uh, my pitching and it's like, you know, in and out with, uh, you know, with a couple of injuries and some backend guys don't look good. And sometimes they look real good and, you know, at least the, uh, the, there's optimism here. It's like Aaron Judge could come back soon. Carlos Rodan is starting to look good. I have optimism. You got your fucking best guys out there on the field already. Speaker 2 00:07:09 Yeah, I mean, the Yankees lineup is definitely surprising to see what they're running out there. But, um, like you said, they have reinforcements on the way. Uh, the Mets really don't at this point. They got Alonzo back, surprisingly. I was stunned to see 'em come back on Sunday. So yeah, pretty much there's really no one else that's gonna help. Uh, sure. They in Verlander are in the rotation. Verlander clearly not what he was last year, which is not surprising considering he's 40 years old. Um, and, you know, had a, a long season coming off, missing time at the Tommy John surgery. So, yeah. And you know, they're in a division where, you know, they have some good teams. I mean, obviously we know how good the Braves are, and they just keep winning like they usually do. Um, I mean, coming into Thursday, the Mets are 13 games out. I mean, it's just stunning. So, and the Phillies are starting to play better Baseball as well. They've won seven of 10, and the Mets have to go to Philly this weekend. Miami, surprisingly, is nine games, over 500 with San Alcon pitching, like absolute shit. He had another bad performance on Wednesday afternoon. So it's just, you know, again, you, I didn't think the Mets were gonna win this division, you know, that we had this discussion before the year. Speaker 0 00:08:20 Yeah, we were talking, we were talking about the Braves for, for, you know, throughout, I don't know what the last eight months. Speaker 2 00:08:26 Yeah. I mean, even last year I thought the Braves are a better team and you could sense them coming and overtaking the Mets. And when the Mets, they didn't show up in Atlanta. It wasn't surprising. So I thought all year the Braves are a better team, but I never thought that this team would be five games under 500 here in late June. It's just embarrassing. And something needs to be done. I understand Cohen doesn't wanna overreact and make a rash change, but you gotta do something. You can't let it, it's not changing, it's not getting better. It's the same bullshit every fucking day. There's nothing changing with this team. So what are you gonna do? Just let it continue. You gotta do something. Speaker 0 00:09:03 You do have to do something. Uh, it'll be very interesting to see, obviously the trade deadline at the end of July. We're coming up on the All-Star break, uh, in a couple of weeks. So maybe, you know, that kind of does like a, you know, clear your head kind of thing, stop, regroup, really take, you know, some, some analysis in there. Uh, and see, you know, it, it should be very interesting to see how things go over the course of the next I, you know, I think the two weeks before the two weeks, right after the All-Star break really kind of determine, you know, what we're gonna see at the trade deadline, who the buyers are, who the sellers are. Um, and I, you know, so I, I kind of lean on that. I I'll tell you what, let's, let's, you know, so, so we don't have to talk negativity ne negatively about our teams cuz you know, you know, Adam and I are lollipops, rainbows, and sunshine all the time. Speaker 0 00:09:53 That's why you guys come and listen to the podcast because you're like, these are, these are the two most jovial men we've ever sat and listened to. And we get that. So we, I don't want to go negative here with, uh, with, with your Mets or my Yankees or, you know, anything like that. Let's talk positive mlb. Does it get any better with the Cincinnati Reds right now? Um, I mean, we'll, we'll, we'll ooze on a little fantasy deliciousness on that. But let's talk about the Reds. Let's talk about the fact that they are now, I I, I don't even, I didn't even look at the, the odds today, but I think last night I saw that the suddenly the, the Reds were like a plus 3 25 favorite to, to, you know, to win the, or that plus 3 25 to win that, that central division. Speaker 0 00:10:38 They're super exciting. They're super young. They've got a great leader back in Joey Vato right now. I mean, I'm talking to Jim Boden and you know, Jim Bowden obviously, uh, Red's general manager for years, his first job as a general manager, the youngest GM in the history of MLB at 31. So he's got like those proud papa vibes, even though, you know, he hasn't drafted any of these players, these young players. But he actually is a big part of, you know, Joey Vato being with the Reds. So, uh, he's got that like, that, that just that vibe right now. Fucking Reds dude. I gotta tell you man, if the pitching gets healthy and Nick Crawl goes out and gets himself a frontline starter, this team's gonna be a lot of fun for the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:11:25 Yeah, look, I think they're a fun team. There's no question about it. I'm still not sure if they're gonna make the playoffs and obviously they have to win the division. Uhhuh <affirmative>, uh, they've, they've won 10 straight going into Wednesday afternoon. And as we're recording, they're up five three going to the ninth. I'm pretty sure Alexis Diaz is not available. He threw like 31 pitches on Tuesday. They were down three nothing in this game and came back Jake freely with a home run. Uh, he's been really good. The problem is, if you're in a weekly league, I think they had three lefties this week. I had to bench him in labor, you know, Uhhuh. Cause uh, you know, if you're in a weekly league and he is gonna play three, yeah, he can pinch shit and everything. I just can't do it in a 12 team league, 15 team league, even 15. It's tough. So it sucks. Um, but there'll be a league, Speaker 0 00:12:04 You want Jake Fraley and Luke Rayley on your team so that you can mix and match with the two of them. But between the two of them, you'll get somebody who plays every day. Speaker 2 00:12:14 Yeah, potentially. Um, but it's gotta be a daily league. If it's a weekly league, then it's tough to really play either. Um, correct, correct. Because you, you need those at bat. So I have freely on the bench this week in labor, so, uh, I didn't look at it to the schedule next week, but hey, maybe they get six righties and he goes back in the lineup. But I think the issue with the now look, they're a great story. Everyone's talking about 'em. I still think they have major concerns with his pitching staff. Uh, and you know, part of the reason they've had success recently, this schedule, but they beat some good teams too. It's not like they're just beating up on the Rockies at home. Uh, if they win this year, they just swept the Astros. And I know the Astros are struggling right now and in third place, but still to, to sweep the Astros is a big deal. Speaker 2 00:12:53 They swept the royals. Hey, they, you're doing what you're supposed to do. You took two outta three from the Cardinals who suck unless they play the Mets. Um, and they did their job there. They took two or three from the Dodgers. So, um, this team is, is on a roll right now. They're playing good baseball, they're fun. Obviously they called a lot of their youngsters up. Ellie De La Cruz came up, Mac McClain came up, Abbott who finally allowed a run, the first batter of the game, Brenton Doyle with a lead off home run. But we knew Abbott was gonna give up some run. Sure. Hunter Green just went on the il though. That's kind of a big loss. Lolo's still out. So that's my main concern. But the division, as we've talked about for a few weeks, I think when we last spoke they were plus 800. So in the division now it's plus three 90. Plus three Speaker 0 00:13:36 90. Speaker 2 00:13:37 Yeah. Yeah. Brewers are still favored. Brewers obviously have had their issues as well. You know, do they get branded Woodruff back? Burns has pitched a lot better outside of his last start when he got bombed. Peralta has been up and down. Uh, their lineup's been inconsistent. They still have a bunch of good veterans. So it's not a lot that the Reds winning division. I know everyone's excited and they're the talk of baseball and it's good for baseball, man. I mean, you know, they're more fun than my team right now than the Mets. You know what I'm saying? It's just, it's crazy. It's like I'm sitting here and like, if you would've said, Hey, the Reds, Marlins will have a better record than the Mets on June 21st, I probably would've lost a lot of money. Probably would've lost a lot of money even though I wasn't that confident in the Mets. Uh, hopefully I wouldn't have put it down. That would've been a disaster. But, uh, yeah, they're a fun team right now and they're having a really good year and everyone's gonna start, they're kind of America's team now. I think everyone's rooting for them. Speaker 0 00:14:34 I think everybody's rooting for them as well. And I mean, that's the thing. You know, you, you nail it with the pitching. Uh, the hitting has been absolutely adorable, right? You got Vato now at first, which pushes Spencer's steer into the outfield. Although Steer played third base today cuz they gave Matt McClain the day off. I mean, it's just, you know, but you've got Vato at first, India at second, you know, Ellie de La Cruze at short, uh, third base is, or Matt McClain at, at at short and, and Ellie de La Cruze playing third, you put steer in the outfield. Nick Zel, come on, let's yell a little rejuvenated. Nick Zel. And then, you know, whatever. I don't know, Fairchild or whoever's gonna play centerfield for them, I guess Denzel can play centerfield for Speaker 2 00:15:14 Them. I think, I think Denzel's only gonna play against right-hand, uh, left-handed pitching. That's the way it seems. He started yesterday. Um, he didn't start today. So I think he's really gonna be hurt here. Um, that's the problem too, right now. And remember they're still in Cario Strand in the minor leagues, but mm-hmm <affirmative>, they really, they're kind of outta ara a roster crunch right now. I mean, they released, uh, will Myers, which they kind of had to do. He was doing nothing anyway. What Speaker 0 00:15:37 Do you mean they have a roster crunch? They don't have a roster crunch. They got some great shit going on here. What Im Speaker 2 00:15:42 Saying, they don't have, they don't have room for in Kone Strand right now. Speaker 0 00:15:46 No, no, no. I mean, yeah, the only time I I I think that you bring him up is if Vato suddenly like completely goes in the tank, but I mean, Speaker 2 00:15:54 And the res just extended their wind streak to 11 Buck Farmer with the save Speaker 0 00:15:58 Buck Farmer. Um, you know, Frito Will Benson's kind of come to life a little bit here too. So, I mean, you know, and like you said, Fraley there over at dh. Yeah, they've got, this is, this is fun. So I mean, it's, it's about the pitching. It's all about the pitching. And I, you know, they've got a decent farm system. They're not gonna give up one of these kids and they're not gonna give up Ben Kazi strand. Um, but they still have a decent farm system. So then it's like, all right, well who are the pitchers who are gonna be available come the trade deadline, you know, at Speaker 2 00:16:35 Zer Speaker 0 00:16:36 <laugh>, you know, I mean, zer, we would be interesting if Scherzer could show that he's back to being a strikeout pitcher and he's not fucking pitching to so much content. Cuz I, that's what I think you either need like, um, like a super strong ground ball ace, you know, somebody who's just got like, you know, killer, like a 50% ground ball rate or higher. Like, if you get somebody like that or you just get a high strikeout pitcher, you know, who can handle the, uh, you know, the, the ballpark and pitch with confidence. Man, I, I don't see why you don't have, uh, you know, why you don't make that move. I mean, I just don't know who's gonna be available, um, for them to do that. Who could end up being that team. You know, that player. I mean, you know, do you make a pitch to bring Sonny Gray back? Speaker 2 00:17:24 I was just gonna say that's the guy they could use that they traded away last year. Speaker 0 00:17:28 <laugh>. Yeah. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:17:31 I mean, the twins are still in contention in that shitty central in the other league. So Speaker 0 00:17:35 Yeah, but I mean, it would, so, all right, so no there, um, would the, you know, would the, the Giants consider trading Logan Webb if they fall out once they fall out of it? Speaker 2 00:17:47 Yeah. I mean, they're also one of the hottest teams right now, Speaker 0 00:17:51 Right? Yeah. But again, you know, shit cools off. Speaker 2 00:17:55 Yeah, but the, you got the extra playoff spot that's gonna keep teams in longer, man. Cuz remember, we're about a little over a month away from the deadline. So that keeps teams in, man. That's the only issue. There's not really a lot. The problem is there's not gonna be a lot of teams out of it. Um, okay, so you've got the AL East, uh, you know, the Red Sox are four games above. I mean, unless they fall apart, they're gonna think they're in it. The central, as bad as the White Sox are, they're four and a half out of first. So the Royals are out of it. There's no pitchers you want on that team. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:18:27 What? What are you talking about, man? Brady Singer. He's the best. Speaker 2 00:18:32 Uh, Al West. You got the a's dead last. There's no one desirable there. I mean, do the Mariners fall way back? I mean, they're nine games behind the division. Uh, they, Speaker 0 00:18:40 Yeah, but I mean, are the Mariners gonna, you know what the Mariners will be like? All right. We we got Marco Gonzalez for you. Speaker 2 00:18:45 Yeah, exactly. Um, Speaker 0 00:18:46 Right, they're not gonna trade Gilbert or Kirby. Speaker 2 00:18:49 I mean, yo, it's crazy. I don't know if they'll do it, but the Mets might become sellers, man. It might get to the point where they're sellers. I know. They don't want to Speaker 0 00:18:58 It be interesting Justin Verlander Yes. Or, or Zer. Like if the Reds, can you imagine if the Reds picked up either Sheer or Verlander Speaker 2 00:19:09 Sheer would allow like what, uh, three Home runs a game in that park. Speaker 0 00:19:13 <laugh> billion home runs, dude, A billion. Speaker 2 00:19:16 Um, I mean, do the Cardinals fall out of it? I mean, it's not like they have great pitchers anyway. Um, Speaker 0 00:19:20 Yeah, cuz I, yeah, I don't want Jack Flaherty or Miles Michael as that, that doesn't do anything for me Speaker 2 00:19:25 There. Yeah, Wayne writes at the, at the end. Um, and it that, I mean, look, there probably will be a team that falls that, but yeah, I mean, what Speaker 0 00:19:32 What about Stroman from the Cubs? You think Cubs give up Stroman? Speaker 2 00:19:36 Um, there's been, I mean, they're right there though, too. They're winning again today. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:19:39 Three and a half out. Speaker 2 00:19:41 Yeah. So, uh, I don't know, man, it, it doesn't seem like there's gonna be a lot, uh, then the pod, I mean the Padres are fourth, but you know, they, they've started to play better, although they lost a couple recently, but they're gonna think they're still in it, at least in the Wild card too. And the Diamondback side, I don't think keep this pace up. I mean, they, they need another picture too. Yeah. Like they have to get a picture. They, they, they have nothing, um, behind Gallon and Merril Kelly. Speaker 0 00:20:15 Well, I gotta tell you that. See, and that, that, like I said, the two weeks before the, two weeks after, the All-star breaker going to be absolutely crucial. Like what, what the, what the Reds need is the Reds need somebody to go on this horrendous losing streak over the next couple of weeks. Like a really just a, just a and, and like a, like a team that's in contention that has some pitching that, that they could move. Like if the Cubs were to lose like 12 out of the next 15 games, Speaker 2 00:20:45 Yeah, strongman would be great. That Speaker 0 00:20:47 Would help. Great. Speaker 2 00:20:47 Stroman would be great in that park. He's an extreme Gru Bowl pitcher too. Speaker 0 00:20:50 Yeah. Uhhuh <affirmative>, yeah. Oh geez. That would be sick. That would be, that would be fun. Because yeah, they, the, the Reds are an exciting team. And you know what though, like little slice of me when I was growing up and I was doing like book reports and shit like that, um, it was always, you know, obviously there was, it was all Yankee related, but I had to mix it up and it was always, it was about the Big red machine. Yeah. Always been, you know, I've always had a soft spot for the, uh, for the Reds. And, uh, and how about this? You ready for this one here? Boden hit me with this one. I, it was, I thought it was absolutely hysterical when, uh, when gambling became legal in Ohio, uh, one of the casinos had Pete Rose make the very first bet, like legal bet at the casino, and he bet the fucking Reds to win the World Series and he could stand to to win, uh, 3 million from year from that bet. This. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:47 Wow. Oh my God. How ironic would that be <laugh>? Speaker 0 00:21:50 That would, uh, dude, I would, I mean, I would fucking love it. That would be the, just the most amazing thing. Banned from baseball and wins 3 million on a bet in Ohio. Yeah, well, I mean when was, when did Ohio legalize? Like three months ago? Four months ago? Speaker 2 00:22:07 Yeah, I think so. Speaker 0 00:22:09 So, yeah, I mean he was the, uh, the first one, uh, in the casino who did that. So I, I thought that was pretty fucking great. <laugh>. Give it up for Charlie Hustle baby. Give it up for Charlie Hustle. Um, alright. Right. So baseball completely occupying your time. No n nba do you have any interest in the N B A draft? Do you watch the N B A draft? Do you know the players? Have you scouted the players at all? Speaker 2 00:22:41 Not a lot of 'em, no. Not at the back end. So, I mean, I'll follow it. There's only three baseball games on Thursday night and I'll be on the air anyway, so we'll be following it. Um, yeah, baseball just, uh, a weird schedule on Thursday. I mean, we know teams are off and, um, is it the Cardinals and the Cubs are going to London, so they're off Thursday and Friday, so they're playing in London Saturday and Sunday. But yeah, there's only, uh, three games Thursday night, it's Royals Rays, I mean McClanahan's pitching Pirates, Mar Pirates, Marlins good match with Bill Mitch Keller and Braxton Garrett, and then the Yankees Mariners with Woo against Herman. So I mean, yeah, the NBA a draft will probably take, uh, some, the spotlight there because there's just not much going on in baseball that night. Speaker 0 00:23:31 You should, uh, you should parlay a, uh, a a no-hitter for Shane McClanahan with We Yama becomes the, is is the number one overall pick. Speaker 2 00:23:42 Yeah, someone put a bet of, uh, man, what was it like, it was like 40,000 to win 300. I'm like, okay, for what weapon? Yama number one pick. I mean, look, he's gonna be the number one pick, but you really, what if something crazy happens? You know, Speaker 0 00:23:57 I mean if, uh, my, my question is, is if you've got that kind of money to throw out, then what does the $300 mean? Like, if, if you're willing to just say, you know what, all right, four grand to win 300, like how much do you, how much do you really need that $300? Speaker 2 00:24:14 Uh, probably not much. I mean, a profit is a profit, but again, it's like, uh, okay, yes, we all know he is going number one, great, but do you really wanna risk it in case that 0.001% chance happens Speaker 0 00:24:28 <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:24:29 Where they find out Web Yama is involved with Zion Williamson and the Porn Star and then, no, I'm just kidding. Speaker 0 00:24:37 <laugh>, dude, if I have to hear about Zion Williamson one more time. So I do the, uh, the Better Morning Show, um, over on, uh, on, on the Better Sports Network and, and Corey's in there and, and for the, the first two episodes we've fucking, we've talked hoops and I'm like, ah, you know, I'm like, why am I talking hoops right now? This is like, this is like, you know, the day after the Super Bowl, when a, uh, when when, when a dynasty fantasy football person hits you up the day after the Super Bowl and it's like, alright, I gotta talk about my protects right now. Right? It's like, come on, can we just, you know, the finals just happen, the nuggets won. Can we just kinda let it marinate a little bit? But been talking about Zion a bunch, I don't think he's going anywhere. Do you think he's going? I mean, are the Pelican's really gonna trade Zion? Oh Speaker 2 00:25:22 Yeah. Well, I mean that's, I think that's the big thing for the NBA draft night is the trades. Cuz you have a Portland team that has a third pick that wants to keep Damien and Lillard and, you know, build a team that they can make a push with him. Um, so you're hearing that he could be dealt. So I think that's the big thing to watch is then there's rumors circulating today about Christoph's Porzingis being dealt. So I think that's really what's, uh, the draft. Yes, you have some of the talented players up top, but some of these trades, uh, are they gonna come to fruition? I think that's the big thing to watch. Speaker 0 00:25:55 Yeah, that's really the only reason that, you know, you would kind of tune in for it. I mean we're we, we, we know, I mean, what is it, it's like the first, how many, how many first round picks do we, you know, do we look at and say that these guys are, you know, the be all end all? Or is it just the fact that it's the first round? Rookies are always great and nobody just cares about the second round and beyond. Speaker 2 00:26:21 I mean, the second round, I mean, you get occasional players that kind of come outta nowhere, you know, so, but usually it's mostly the first round. Speaker 0 00:26:31 Okay. So anybody in the first round even pique your interest or you just really, it's just a matter of, you know, you'll just watch the draft for the sake of watching it and leave it at that? Speaker 2 00:26:42 Yeah, I mean, mean the top three picks obviously are the ones everyone's watching. Uh, with Scoot Henderson now, there's a lot of talk that he might go three and Miller will go to because Charlotte has Lalo ball. But I'm, if I'm drafting, I take the best player. Um, I don't care if I have a point guard and there's another big point guard, you figure it out and, or make a trade down the road, but take the best player. That's the way I look at it for the nba. So that's something to keep an eye on cuz I think Scoot Henderson was favored to go to. Now it's flipped. So a lot of talk is coming out that Charlotte's gonna take Miller. Um, and then there's a couple other intriguing guys. Uh, again, landing spot's a big deal, uh, the coaching staff, how they develop. So there's always, uh, a few guys that surprising kind of are under the radar that emerge. Speaker 0 00:27:33 Is there a team in particular who just routinely fucks up their draft? Speaker 2 00:27:40 Um, maybe the Knicks could be in the category <laugh> Speaker 0 00:27:45 Or what? Are you still gonna talk? Are we still talking about Frederick Weiss? Come on man. Speaker 2 00:27:50 Charlotte tends to at times, Speaker 0 00:27:53 Like, yeah, who I was gonna say who really fucks up the draft? Like, that's what I want. If I'm gonna watch any of this draft, uh, then I want, I want, I want like shit that's gonna fuck things up. Like, you know, people are gonna do stupid things. Um, is there a team that that is, you, you think is so crazy desperate to move up? They could do something crazy? Was there a team that was like looking at Bryce at, uh, at Miller and being like, Ooh, like, we'll, we'll, we'll trade with, you know, with them for the second pick. They'll take Miller, we'll be happy and then, you know, and then give a a bunch of shit who's, who's ready to move up, who's ready to make some action here? Speaker 2 00:28:29 I mean, again, the Pelicans could be that team with everything that's going on there. Um, Portland obviously is a team that could trade that pick to get a more established player to put around, uh, Lillard. Um, Washington probably could be active after they have dealt b again. And now you're hearing, I'm seeing rumors today about por zingus being dealt. Um, Boston could be involved in something. So, yeah, I mean, but you know, a lot of this too, you see it in every sport. Like all these rumors happen and then outta nowhere, oh, I didn't hear anything about that. And then it happens. So, Speaker 0 00:29:04 All right, man. Well, I mean, I, I hope it's an exciting draft. I hope it's fun. If it's not, I'm telling you what man. If it's, if it's not exciting within the first five or six picks, I'm, I'm just, you know, it's gonna be hard enough for me to like actually sit and pay attention to the draft anyway, but I figure I'll, you know, I'll, I'll pay it some mind here. Danio is writing all these great, uh, pieces over at fantasy alarm talking about the draft cuz he's, you know, Mr. Joe College basketball. Um, but yeah, I just, I need some excitement. I do, I do. Uh, the big question on everybody's mind right now is, uh, is when, I mean obviously, you know, we talk a little baseball, we talk a little bit a little, little basketball here, a little n b a draft. We gotta do it, Adam. It's starting. Usually we're used to this not happening and until the 4th of July, uh, when everybody and their grandmama start turning to the n l I guess the question on everybody's mind right now is when will Adam Ronas release his fantasy football rankings in the fantasy alarm NFL draft guide? Speaker 2 00:30:18 I don't know. We haven't discussed that, so I don't know. Speaker 0 00:30:21 I'm I'm discussing it with you right now. Speaker 2 00:30:23 All right. Um, I don't know. You tell me. Speaker 0 00:30:26 Well, um, I wanna know when you're ready for that. I, listen, they're mine are out. Uh, Andrew Coopers are out. You know, I, I we want your rankings, we love your rankings. Um, I figured, okay, let's let you know, basketball finish for him. Let him kind of decompress a little bit, get into baseball, kind of work that swing and then see when he's feeling, uh, like he's ready to do some, uh, some N F L rankings. I always like to, to make sure that you're, you know, you're, you're comfortable, Adam, that you know, I'm not being like, you know, not under the gun here I want because I, I want the, the care and the love to go into the rankings all the time. Speaker 2 00:31:05 Yeah, I'm good to go. Speaker 0 00:31:07 Well, fantastic man. It's all ready for you on the website, so whenever you're ready, let me know. We'll make it all happen. We'll do a big launch party, we'll, we'll like crack some champagne, we'll eat a little caviar, smoke a few. Yeah, feel good about that. Um, you're obviously inundated with all the football news. I'm sure, you know, you're kind of walking around here looking at, uh, you know, Deandre Hopkins, where's he gonna land? Dalvin Cook, where's he gonna land? Um, any thoughts on, uh, on what's going on the current state of the N F L? Speaker 2 00:31:43 Yeah, I mean obviously the landing spot's gonna be pretty important, um, especially with Hopkins. Uh, does he go to a team like Buffalo where you gotta digs there? Does he go, you've heard New England as a rumor team, um, Kansas City. So lot's gonna depend on where he lands. You know, I thought, you know, he came back and looked pretty good last year. I was a little worried cuz two years ago I thought he was slowing down. He had a bad second half, but he got a lot of volume in Arizona. He's going to need that volume to continue to have, uh, top fantasy value. And Dalvin cook's gonna be really interesting as well to see where he lands. I mean, he did have some breakaway runs last year, but some of the underlying metrics showed he slowed down a little bit and clearly Minnesota didn't want him there. He wants to get paid and we know how it is for running backs. Uh, you've heard Miami as the rumor, that would be pretty bad. Um, cuz they have all those backs there already, so. Yeah, I mean right. Wouldn't Speaker 0 00:32:38 You, you well, yeah, but wouldn't you think that that, of course, that Dalvin Cooke would get the, uh, the lion's share of the Carries that, you know, yeah, you've got Raheem Moster and Jeff Wilson who you could mix in rookie Devin a chain, you know, maybe he just kind of sits and he and he learns a little bit, or maybe they trade away one of these like veteran backs. Wouldn't you think that if you were bringing in Dalvin Cook that he'd be your primary ball carrier? Speaker 2 00:33:05 He on that team? He should. Um, I would think. I would think so. Speaker 0 00:33:13 Okay. I I would think he, on Miami, he would also, one of the things that, that we were, you know, did you hear what Deandre Hopkins said the other day? Speaker 2 00:33:23 Uh, something about how if he, whatever team he goes to, he'll make everyone better, something like that. Right. Speaker 0 00:33:30 Um, well, I mean, he did say that. He said whoever I, I, you know, wherever I go, the other receiver is just gonna get better. So, you know, that was a, a great comment there. Which, you know, I mean, listen, it is true, uh, he will draw that coverage and that other receiver, if it's a solid passing game, we'll we'll do it. I'm talking about the fact that he wants to do like the Marvel team up and he wants, uh, him and Dalvin Cook to go together to a team. Speaker 2 00:33:58 Kind of good luck with that, Speaker 0 00:33:59 Which I thought was, you know, really kind of funny. So, you know, obviously went exploring a little bit to see, you know, what teams had the salary cap ability to do that. You know, you bring in Cook on a short term deal, like on a, you know, on a one year deal, uh, you bring Hopkins in on a two year, three year deal, whatever you wanna do with that. Um, and to see which teams had it. And it was all, it, it was, it was really kind of interesting, um, where it was, I think the, the most positive landing spot that somebody said was actually, um, well it would be Miami if something happened to Tyreek Hill, that would be obviously, uh, spot number one. Spot number two, somebody said the Bears, um, you know, Khalil Herbert doesn't pass block. Um, you know, Roshan Johnson's a rookie. You've got, you know, you brought in Deta Foreman, but I mean, you know, whatever is, is that, you know, uh, your bread and butter and uh, and you give Justin Fields that supportive ground game there, uh, and you give him another weapon in, uh, in Hopkins, Speaker 2 00:35:07 I don't see that happening. I Speaker 0 00:35:08 Don't see it happening either. I'm just, I don't see it. I'm having some fun with it. I'm opining a little bit. Speaker 2 00:35:13 Yeah. I don't think both go to the same team. It's nice that they thought about that, but I don't see that happening. Speaker 0 00:35:21 Um, I don't see it happening either. But a a girl can dream and Speaker 2 00:35:24 Oh, definitely nothing wrong with dreaming. Speaker 0 00:35:26 And you know, it was kind of funny though, is I, I, if, if there was one place where I actually thought that it would be really kind of cool, <laugh> would a and and you know, again, you know, sucks for me as a Jets fan, but New England has the cap space to do it. You make Dalvin Cook, you bring him in on a one year deal, you make him past catching Speaker 2 00:35:47 Back. Don't, they don't need Dalvin Cook, which Steven, Speaker 0 00:35:49 I'm saying you just, you know, they've listen, they've got Pierre Strong and they've got Time Montgomery, and there's a lot of talk about, you know, those idiots being third down pass catching backs. You know, even though Ram, Andre Stevenson, he, you know, he's like, he's like fucking Nick Chubb, they, they don't wanna throw it to him for whatever reason, but he's the primary running back. So imagine this, you know, because they are talking to Hopkins, uh, you know, as a possibility there, even though it's for less money than what Odell Beckham signed for in Baltimore, but whatever that is. But imagine what that offense does then, you know, cuz it's built off of a, off of a, a power run game that that's Earhart Perkins does that, uh, you know, has that, you know, that scheme. So you, you know, Ram Andre is like your primary between the tackles guy. You just use Cook as like your past catch and back then you fucking add Deandre Hopkins. I might, I if that were ever happened, I might even think about drafting Mack Jones as a third quarterback in a Superflex. Speaker 2 00:36:50 I look, I know the market will dictate things, but Dalvin Cooke's not gonna want to be in that situation. Speaker 0 00:36:58 Yeah, I know. Speaker 2 00:37:00 Yeah. And Ste Stevenson's a really good pass catching back too. Speaker 0 00:37:04 I listen, I like him a lot here. I, it's, it's, it's, you know, maybe it's, it's just the fact that Coop is listening to too much, you know, local, you know, local media in Boston, but he came out with like a, a a time Montgomery take about, you know, third down pass catching and I was like, ugh. Like that. You know, if if they're, if they're thinking about doing that and uh, then why the fuck not Go over go overpay instead of sitting in last place in the, uh, in the AFC East. Speaker 2 00:37:37 Isn't that gonna be the Jets? Speaker 0 00:37:39 Hey, Speaker 2 00:37:40 I'm just, come on <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:37:43 Why you, why you gotta be that way? Well, Speaker 2 00:37:46 How do you feel about the Jets having such high expectations? Speaker 0 00:37:49 I don't have high expectations. Speaker 2 00:37:51 No, you don't. You So what do you think they're third place in the division? Speaker 0 00:37:55 I mean, as it stands right now? Yeah. If Tua is healthy, I mean, especially if, if Miami gets Dalvin Cook Speaker 2 00:38:03 Tuas not staying healthy, you know that. Speaker 0 00:38:05 Well then, you know, oh, who's their backup now? Speaker 2 00:38:10 Is it, um, no. Is Speaker 0 00:38:11 It still Skylar Thompson? Speaker 2 00:38:13 Is it Teddy Bridgewater or he's gone? Speaker 0 00:38:17 Oh God, I hope it's not Bridgewater. If it's Bridgewater, then no, then the, then the Dolphins are finishing third behind the Jets. Jets will be second Buffalo be first. I gotta see who the backup is cuz it's, Speaker 2 00:38:32 Yeah, well it's not Teddy pitcher. He's still a free agent. Speaker 0 00:38:36 Oh, what a shame. Teddy Bridgewater's still a free agent. I can't throw it down field. Oh yeah. Oh, oh shit. How's this for Payback a bitch in the Karma world? White. Oh, white. Speaker 2 00:38:50 Yes, Speaker 0 00:38:51 You said that and Speaker 2 00:38:52 I was like, he's right, he's there. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:38:59 Welcome to being a Jets fan. High expectations with Aaron Rogers coming to town, the reunion of Rogers and Nathaniel Hackett. Yip. Fucking do da. And then we end up falling behind in the division to Miami as Mike White takes over under center, like takes over in for the second half of a game against the Jets, Miami comes from behind White leads that charge. And then boom, seven game wins streak for the fucking Dolphins. Speaker 2 00:39:32 Hey look, you know me, I'm, I'm rooting for the Jets outside of week two, um, cuz they go to Dallas in week two. Um, but yet did you see the Jets scheduled to open the year? Speaker 0 00:39:44 Yeah, I thought I did. Dude, Speaker 2 00:39:46 It, it's so brutal. So they're home to the Bills. I think it's a Monday night game too. Then they are in Dallas, home to the Patriots, home to the Chiefs at Denver, home to Philly. The Giants host the Chargers. Speaker 0 00:40:02 That's a fucking gauntlet dude. Speaker 2 00:40:04 It really is. Man. That's Speaker 0 00:40:06 A gauntlet. I mean, yeah, the Jets have like the, I think if you're looking at strike the schedule, they're like the bottom five. Speaker 2 00:40:14 It definitely looks at, when you look at the schedule. I mean, they do get the Raiders, the Falcons and the Texans, but that's in the second half Speaker 0 00:40:22 <laugh>, right? So that's what's what we're trying to accomplish. We're gonna try to be four and four through the first eight weeks and then we go on that big second half win streak. Speaker 2 00:40:32 That's, yeah. I mean, look, the a we talked about it. The AFC is so tough. That's where all the good quarterbacks are, man. Like, you need, you need to stay healthy. You need to get the bounce of the ball. It's gonna be really difficult in the afc, um, to be a division winner or even a wild card. There's, that's where all the good quarterbacks are. I mean, if you go up and down the rosters and you look at the quarterbacks, you're like, my goodness man, there's really not many weaknesses. Not many teams have a bad quarterback in the afc. Speaker 0 00:41:03 No, they really don't. <laugh>, uh, it's, it's gonna be a tough year. It's gonna be a very, very tough year. I mean, it's, you know what though? It's gonna be entertaining at least, I mean, let's say Roger stays healthy all year. Let's say he gets along great with the rest of the team and, and the team is successful, then, then you're putting, I mean that's, that's pretty insane in the, uh, in the afc when you look at it, you know, if you, you think about the, the bills, the dolphins, the pat, uh, the, the Jets, the Patriots, Ravens Bengals, Browns respectable, uh, could be even better than respectable. If Deshaun Watson, you know, tilts back. I think the Jaguars are a great fucking team this year. Uh, Denver. We'll see what happens with, um, with Sean Peyton and, and Joe Lombardi working that offense. Then you got the Chiefs and the Chargers. That's, that's fucking, that's a tight situation. That is a lot of great teams vying for not enough playoff spots. Speaker 2 00:42:07 Yeah, no question about it. I mean, you know, every team in that AFC North could be good. You know, I know Pittsburgh has some question marks, but they were nine and eight last year and you know, I think Kenny Pickett will be better. I mean, I don't like Matt Canada as the offensive coordinator, but they have talent on that team. I think Cleveland will be better. You have to understand, Watson missed a whole year of football, basically a year and a half. So yes, there were some rust, but like what they've done. So that whole division, all those teams could be good. Um, the only weak division is a FFC south, obviously. Um, I think everyone's gonna pick Jacksonville to win the division, which is the kiss of death usually. Um, <laugh> Speaker 0 00:42:45 Mean usually always, man, always. Speaker 2 00:42:48 It's again, I mean, who's not gonna pick Jacksonville to win a division after what happened last year? But we know how this goes so Speaker 0 00:42:55 <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:42:57 Right? I mean there's gonna be like a couple people who just be like going off the board and be like, oh, I'm not picking Jacksonville. Everyone is. So I'll take Tennessee cuz rebel's a great coach. Or the Col cuz Richardson's gonna be the real deal. But I don't see how people don't pick Jacksonville. Speaker 0 00:43:14 I don't see how they don't either, which makes me, again, I'll, I'll bet the, I'd rather bet the Cols or the Titans. I I'll bet their odds just, Speaker 2 00:43:21 Oh yeah, the odds, oh, the odds are gonna be way better on them. Speaker 0 00:43:25 Yeah, that's, uh, <laugh>. Oh my God. That's, that was always what, you know, Mitch and I do in the, uh, the, the Westgate super contest. We immediately look at the, uh, at the, uh, the, the consensus picks as soon as they get released and we're like, oh, fuck, we got two of them in there. We're screwed. Speaker 2 00:43:43 Yeah, gotta change Speaker 0 00:43:44 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:43:48 So yeah, looking at DODs now for the AFC South on DraftKings, Jags minus 1 65 Titans plus 4 25 Colts, plus five 50 Texans plus seven 50. Speaker 0 00:43:59 I'm going to it right now, Speaker 2 00:44:00 Man. It's crazy. The, the AFC North, like plus one 40 Bengals plus two 40 Ravens plus 4 25 Browns, plus four 50 Steelers. So all of 'em that tight man. Um, and the NFC North is similar and the South, I mean, there's only, I mean the o the the biggest long shot, uh, which not surprising is the Cardinals at plus 2,500 to win their division. Speaker 0 00:44:26 That's the, the, those are the biggest odds. I'm trying to pull 'em up Speaker 2 00:44:29 Here. Yeah. Plus 2,500 Cardinals, Washington plus 1100 Raiders plus 1100. Those are the longest odds. And I don't think anyone would feel comfortable placing a wager on any of those teams. Speaker 0 00:44:40 No, probably not. Somebody will because there's always a more on out there. All right, well see. Listen, this is, see, I, I I like this. Now we can, you know, we'll, we'll cruise through, you know, we'll, we'll be able to like zip through the, uh, this podcast doing some, uh, some N F L futures. We can do some win totals. We'll do some futures as we, as we cut through and carry you guys through your, uh, your fantasy baseball championships. How are your teams doing? Speaker 2 00:45:11 Um, mostly good. I mean, tower Wars, I've made a huge, huge run. There's a team, I think I told you that had like, has been having like 1 27, 1 28. I got as close as four, getting up to 1 22. Um, let me check out, oh, I had Christian Javier today. He sucked. Um, oh, damn. Yeah, I dropped. So I'm, uh, I'm at one 19, dropped three and a half today. He's at 1 27 and a half. But my team has come on pretty strong to get back in the hunt. Uh, my team in laborers and second place, F S G A has been tied for first, let me see, oh, I'm in first now by one Labor. Second place Speaker 0 00:45:51 You're in first in your F S G A league. Speaker 2 00:45:53 Yeah, by one. Good job. Um, second in labor, second in tout T G F B I sucks my main event team in the N F P C third place in the league. Um, G S GST first. So overall it's been pretty good. I do have a couple bad teams. My N FBC online championship team sucks. My T G F B I team sucks, and I just lost Mackenzie Cobb. So I mean, like, I will keep setting my lineup. But, uh, I cut Mackenzie actually before the news. I cut him on Sunday. I knew the news wasn't gonna be good. I'm like, he's already been hurt. He is got an elbow, they're saying at least a month, my guess is longer. There's no aisle spots in that league, as you know. So I caught him. Um, I'm holding on a cob and Chris Bryant, I mean, Chris Bryant's always hurt. I probably won't draft him next year. Um, I keep saying I won't draw, I won't draft Eloy next year either. And now he's starting to hit hit. Um, but yeah, most Speaker 0 00:46:43 Aw man, I just realized I just fucking, I dropped my, uh, my Diamondback's first five inning run line. Be damnit brewers. How the fuck did this happen? Wait, can we, can we, Julio Teran, dude, I know. Seriously. Speaker 2 00:46:58 I, you know, I put him in the wave of our article once I said, look, he keeps pitching. Well, I don't think it continues. You know, it's your own risk. But I don't know how the hell he is fucking doing this, man. He doesn't have good stuff. He doesn't strike guys out. He doesn't get swings and misses and he just keeps pitching. Well, man, I just, and this Arizona team obviously is really good. I mean, he's got Corbin Carroll, oh, for three, he's walked four. Speaker 0 00:47:24 I was like, come on. Gallon versus Tehran. I was like, uh, you know, I'm sorry. I, you know, just luck had to, to run out for him and yeah, I mean, this is crazy. Fucking Riel tap you with the home run. Fucking look what I found home. Run off of gallon. Come on. Speaker 2 00:47:43 I mean, okay, so Toronto's face, Samran Toronto in Cincinnati, Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Arizona, and, and he's allowed to earn runs or fewer in every start. This is, it's mind boggling what he's doing. And I know people probably, I mean, I think the smart players haven't picked them up. And then they're sitting here like, uh, what is going on here? Speaker 0 00:48:09 I am, uh, I am upset. Speaker 2 00:48:11 Oh, yeah. Well, how about me? Well, again, I, you gotta tell me. Well, you shouldn't have done a parlay, but I did a four Legg parlay Speaker 0 00:48:19 <laugh>. The one Speaker 2 00:48:20 Losing leg today was Vladimir Guerrero. I needed one total base from him. Every player on the Blue Jays had at least one total base except VLA Guerrero. Speaker 0 00:48:30 Dude, that happened. You know what though? That happened to be last night with Jonathan India and the night before with Matt McClain, everybody around him easily cleared. I had the, the one and a half hits plus runs, plus rbi. Everybody around him fucking did it, except for my Speaker 2 00:48:49 Guy <laugh>. It's the worst man when that happens, right? It's like, oh, okay, so everyone except my guy. Cool, cool. I appreciate that Speaker 0 00:48:56 Son of a bitch. Oh my God. Oh crap. All right, well, now I gotta go and check out some bets for later on tonight. And love on that one a little bit. Ah, damn, those Diamondbacks. Damn it, damn it. Julio Teran. This is, this is upsetting. All right, well, I got nothing. I got nothing left, and I gotta go and, uh, and, and do a, another show here. So, uh, surprisingly, Adam, you and I are going to, uh, sign off here under an hour long podcast. It's the first in, I don't know how long Man does it, does it upset you? Do you want to yammer on for nine and a half more minutes? Speaker 2 00:49:39 It's definitely surprising. And a lot of people lost bets if they took the under. I mean, if they took the over, which they always do. So, uh, a lot of people going broke and they're gonna think we set this up and are, you know, with the books, Speaker 0 00:49:53 What, what are you talking about? Speaker 2 00:49:56 I'm saying people bet the over on whatever the number is. Oh, Speaker 0 00:50:01 On that Arizona game. Speaker 2 00:50:03 No, bro, forget it. <laugh>. I said, for people who bet Speaker 0 00:50:06 The minutes on the podcast kiss, oh, be for us to go over an hour, Speaker 2 00:50:09 I know you're distracted by that Diamondback's loss and Julio Terrana's fucked you up. Speaker 0 00:50:13 Gee, it's really fucked me up, man. My, my, my head's, my, my, my brain is a pretzel Adam. It's a fucking pretzel right now. Speaker 2 00:50:21 I see. Speaker 0 00:50:22 Now I get what you were saying. And yes, I heard a little something, something about some action sprinkled on, uh, the over on an hour podcast. And, and I'm gonna fuck y'all out of those bets like Julia Teran, just fuck me outta mine, son of a bitch. Well, at least I won my first five innings on the, uh, on the, on the Blue Jays. So come see, come saw. What are you gonna do? Shit happens. Uh, go Cardinals. That's what I'll have to say for the rest of my afternoon. Uh, on that note, big thank you to all of you for listening, liking and subscribing. Uh, Adam, the rankings are yours. You let me know when you're ready and, uh, and we will announce it to the world. Adam Ronan's Fantasy Football rankings coming soon, not to mention his waiver wire article for Fantasy Baseball coming out on Saturday for Adam Ronas. I'm Howard, be, this has been the Cash Up Podcast And we will catch you next time.

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