October 20, 2022


Episode 1: Ante Up is now Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis

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Adam Ronis Howard Bender
Episode 1: Ante Up is now Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis
Episode 1: Ante Up is now Cash It w/ Howard Bender & Adam Ronis

Oct 20 2022 | 01:25:05


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Howard Bender and Adam Ronis return with the all-new Cash It! podcast where they discuss the MLB playoffs, betting the start of the NBA season, a splash of hockey and, of course, make their picks against the spread for Week 7 of the NFL season.
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Speaker 0 00:00:03 What is going on? Everybody? Welcome in to Cash It with Howard Bender. Me and Adam. Rons this guy right here. That's right. The former Annie Up podcast is now cash it with Bender and Ronis and, Oh, baby, you are psyched to be back here. At least I am. I don't know. Adam, are you, are you excited to be back here? Speaker 2 00:00:25 No doubt. I mean, it was always a lot of fun doing the podcast with you, and it's been a long time, so definitely thrilled to be back. Speaker 0 00:00:33 I've missed you. I'm not gonna lie. Like the fact that now this podcast here, because we've got the start of the NBA season and you're crazy bogged down and NFL has got me going. We got the baseball playoffs. All the stuff's happening here at once. So we're gonna start this at least just a weekly podcast. We'll give you all the information that you need to know for betting games in the nfl, and we'll talk some props and some stuff like that. Um, but we're gonna start off weekly, uh, and get my, you know, Adam and I back into the groove of things and, uh, and keep it going. But same format. This is just a freeform show. Adam and I schmooze in sports, talking fantasy, talking, betting. You guys pick up the information along the way and, uh, and, and we're good to go there. So how you been, man? Like, I haven't spoken. I like, we've talked a couple of times, but like, we definitely don't talk like we used to, and that, that kind of, it made me sad, made me upset and I, you, I, you know, said, I asked you if you, you wanted to get back onto this and, uh, and, and do that. So, so what's been going on, Adam? And, and all this time that's passed since, uh, since the old aup days, Speaker 2 00:01:48 Man, it's been a long time. So a lot has gone on, obviously. Uh, time flies, man. I was thinking about it today. I'm like, are we really? Towards the end of October, like 2022 is almost gone, like thinking like, wow, Thanksgiving's around the corner, the holidays, New Year's, it flies by. So I believe the last time we did something was end of May, right? Speaker 0 00:02:12 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was end of May. I do believe, I believe you were, you were saying something to the effect of at that point Jacob deGrom had more RBI than he did turn runs. I believe that was the stat that, that last we discussed. How's, how's, Speaker 2 00:02:30 No, I couldn't have been, It couldn't have been to ground because he didn't pitch in me. Speaker 0 00:02:35 <laugh>. It's so easy, Adam, it's so easy. You knew I was gonna come at you at the Mets at some point. You knew I was going to. Speaker 2 00:02:45 Yeah. Okay, well, are your Yankees gonna beat the Astros? Speaker 0 00:02:49 I don't know. That's, that's a tough one. I I, I, my fandom says, of course, right, they're gonna go to seven games and then in the 14th inning Aaron Judge's gonna hit the game winning home run. That's just, you know, you know that that's gonna happen. Um, that's my fandom side. The obviously the realist side, it's tough. Like I, you know, I I I wouldn't bet on the Yankees, I wouldn't, you know, I'm, I'm not throwing hardcore wagers down there, but you know, I, I think it's gonna be a, a hard fought series. I don't think that that the Astros who, let's face it, I mean superior talent right now across the board, like pitching, uh, you know, top starters as far as that goes. Um, bullpen, the Astros definitely have the edge on the Yankees at this point right now. And, you know, when you look at like Jordon Alvarez and, um, you know, Kyle Tucker and these guys, I mean, you can't, it's, it's hard to, to shake the Astros here. It really is. So, um, I'll, I'll just stay with my fandom and say, Yeah, Yankees and seven, dude, what's your problem? Speaker 2 00:03:56 Yeah, I don't think that happens. But I thought all year the Houston was the best team and Houston has played well against the Yankees this year. Uh, and now you have to go with TA and game one. Uh, I know Verlander got smacked around in his game against, Speaker 0 00:04:13 Oh, Cortez Cortez's pitching tonight. It's not ta Speaker 2 00:04:16 Uh, Cortez pitch Game five against Cleveland. Speaker 0 00:04:19 I thought he was the, I thought they were talking about him doing, uh, three days rest. Speaker 2 00:04:23 He pitched. Speaker 0 00:04:25 Oh yeah. Oh that was what it was. Yeah. See, get me outta football. Can you just get me the hell outta football for crying out loud. Speaker 2 00:04:32 Um, but yeah, as far as the Mets, yeah, I wasn't disappointing into the season and I knew they were screwed when they didn't win the division. I was saying it all year, um, that they had to win the division. It was so important with this setup. And of course only the Mets. The Mets have been in first place the most out of any team over the last two years. They have not finished in first place. And this year they were in first place 175 out of 180 days. And of course the last day they weren't, they needed to win one game in Atlanta with their three best pitchers going and they didn't. And I knew they were screwed. Even I was at game two against the Padres that they won. And I guess I should have went to game three, but it was a NFL Sunday, cuz I think they only lost one game when I was there this year. Speaker 2 00:05:12 But I knew they were screwed. And you know, part of it is they didn't do anything at the trade deadline to really bolster the team, but at the same time, there was no excuse for not taking one game against Atlanta. I mean, now the loss of the Padre doesn't look as bad with the way the Padres, you know, went through the Dodgers and, and eliminated them. And uh, we're sitting here recording during game two and the Padre were down for nothing. They're now seven four, their bullpen has been lights out, they're starting pitching as excellent. So, you know, things just broke, right? And for the Mets, unfortunately, they played their worst baseball in the final month of the season. And that's the worst thing is like this team was really good most of the year they won 101 games and that's it. It's done. And I was arguing back and forth with Matt sells about this on Twitter. Speaker 2 00:05:59 I hate the new setup for the baseball playoffs, man. I know why they do it and it's not gonna change. They do it for tv. But I just think it's a joke that we have six teams from each league getting in now. We had three 100 win teams in the Nation League. None of them are playing in the Nlcs. We have an 87 Win Phillies team that finished in third place, 14 games behind Atlanta and the Mets and the Padre were 89 wins. And then Sells tried to tell me, well the Phillies earned their way into the playoffs. No they didn't. They were eight and 13 over the final 21 games and four and eight over the last 12. They backed in because Milwaukee played like shit and decided to hand it to them. And then the playoffs start and the Phillies fucking get hot. Speaker 2 00:06:44 It's fucking a joke. And everyone argues, well it's like that the rest of the playoffs, no other sport plays 162 games, none. They play half like it. To me, the regular season, you're lessening it. And I'm not saying this cuz the Mets got screwed. If the Mets were in the Philly spot, I'd feel the same way. I'd be happy like, hey, my team took advantage of it, but I think it's, we shouldn't have six teams in man, like 87 and 89 wins. And I know Atlanta won last year with 88, 89 wins, but they won the division. But, and it happens way more in baseball. You don't see this in the nba. You hardly ever see, I know the Nicks as a eight seat made it, I think that was a lockout year. The Rockets is a six, but you hardly see teams 5, 6, 7, and eight win a championship or make it football. You don't see it that often. I know the Giants then it is a six, but you don't see it a lot. But I think in this new baseball format you might see it more. I know in the AAL it went to four, one and two, but I think most of us saw that come in. I thought in the National League, I legitimately thought four teams had a shot and it was not these two. No one picked a Phillies and a Padres. I'm sorry, show me your tickets. No one did. No one did. I Speaker 0 00:07:56 Actually, you know what? My preseason prediction Speaker 2 00:07:58 Not pre-season. I don't care about that. A lot of people were on the Phillies before the year before the playoffs. You did not pick the Phillies Speaker 0 00:08:04 <laugh>. This is like, so, so wait, so you're, you're, you're saying to me so that the best team doesn't always win in baseball. Speaker 2 00:08:12 Well I mean it seems like it happens a lot more in baseball than other sports, Speaker 0 00:08:16 Right? But so you're saying that the best team doesn't always win, Speaker 2 00:08:19 But this is not even the fifth best team man. Speaker 0 00:08:21 No, no, no. I'm not talking about that. I'm just talking about the Yankees chances against the Astros now. Speaker 2 00:08:27 Um, I mean yes, of course could, I don't think they can beat 'em though, the way they're built, their bullpen's a problem. Um, and plus, you know, not having the day off. I mean, cuz Cortez now can't go to what Game four I believe, right? Yeah. So it kind of hurts them a little bit. Um, again, anything's possible. We've seen it. Um, I know the Astros, Swep Seattle, but two of those gave that, that first lost to Seattle. That Seattle blew that I knew it was over then when Seattle was up seven five in the ninth and Joon hit the, that's it, it was over as. And I thought Seattle was a dangerous team. Like if Seattle would've played the Yankees, I would've taken Seattle. Like Seattle to me was a dangerous team. That game one lost and they didn't fold the next two games. Speaker 2 00:09:11 And then they had the 18 inning game, which was absurd in game three. So they didn't fold, but it was over when they lost game one like that, that is for a young team too. That was a devastating loss for Seattle. So I knew they were done. Um, but to me, the American League, there weren't a lot of good teams. Like I Tampa couldn't hit like Cleveland. I don't know how the Yankees went to five games with Cleveland. This is a bad baseball team. I mean, they have McKenzie and Bieber. They can't hit, they cannot hit at all, man. I knew it was over when standing the three my home, I'm like, this game's done. It's over. The Cleveland's not coming back from that. They were a product of a weak division. The White Sox completely choked this year. I know they had injuries, but there's no excuse for them not winning that division with the way cease pitched. Speaker 2 00:09:53 I know Geo Alito sucked and that Cleveland did nothing at the trade deadline. They didn't want it. They just happened to back into it. They weren't good. If you go look at their record against the Central, that's how they won the division. They were not good against the rest. Like people like, oh, this Cleveland team, they're playing well on the second half. Go look at who they played. So I didn't buy Cleveland. Toronto I didn't think was good enough. I thought Seattle could have been dangerous. They just ran into Houston. Where in National League, you know, you had the Braves, the Dodgers, the Mets, and obviously the Padres with their, you know, when you have Dars Snell and Musk Grove and their bullpen, That's the thing in baseball, man. Like last year, the bras bullpen got, they, you, they got everyone out and now it feels like the Padre's bullpen is doing that. So, um, but I just, I don't like six teams in the playoffs and then you have a best of three and a best of five. Like, the best of five hurts the better teams. Speaker 0 00:10:45 Oh, the best of fives are the worst. I hate the best of fives. And yeah, I listen, I, I agree with you. I think that that we dilute because the, the, the big money is in the playoffs and teams and owners want the want the big money. The league wants the big money as well. And so more teams that make the playoffs bigger opportunity for a money grant. That's really, that's, that's really all it comes down to. It has zero doubt. It is zero to do Speaker 2 00:11:09 With, it's not even a discussion. It's all these sports too. The NBA's doing it now with the playing game. The Speaker 0 00:11:13 Yeah, Hockey's Got it. Speaker 2 00:11:15 Yeah. I mean it's just, I mean, look, I know there's nothing we could do because it doesn't matter. It's not gonna change to me though. It should have been four teams in you play at best of seven in the first round. Best of seven Nlds, Best of seven World Series. But it doesn't matter because they're never going back. So it's kind of useless talking about it. But to me, I just, I hate seeing this like the fifth and the six. We have an 87 and an 89 win team playing for the Nlcs. I mean, come on man. I get it. The Padres and Phillies fans are excited. They should be. Like I said, if it was the Mets, I'd be excited, but I would've the same opinion. So if this happens next year and the Mets get in and you, you want to go, Hey, what would you sayest? I'll be like, I agree, I hate it. Am I happy? Yeah, if my team's in there, I'm gonna be happy. I'm not gonna be like, I'm not watching cause I hate the playoff setup. No, I'll be happy Philly's fan should be happy. Padre's fan should be happy, but I will have the same opinion. I don't like this setup. Speaker 0 00:12:08 <laugh> the boycott that does absolutely nobody good. Speaker 2 00:12:11 I'm not watching my team play for her championship. Ugh. Speaker 0 00:12:14 My god. Dude, that was, that was tremendous. See that's the stuff, this is the stuff that I missed that you and I not doing the podcast before because what started off as like a beautiful, you know, nice knit sweater, I start needling you about the Mets and you can just see, right? I like on Speaker 2 00:12:32 You should have did the podcast when that shit was going on. I was so fucking disgusted that Braves weekend, dude, that shit ruined my fucking weekend. I'm sitting there, I'm like, are you kidding me? Shazer giving up bombs against the Padres. I mean, I think he was heard, he's never gonna say it, but I think he was heard Scher give up four home runs in a game. Um, the grand did what he did. Um, I was at game two and you know, but they look, they didn't do enough at the trades online. That's the most disappointing thing. Um, because you see what the Padres did, they went out and I got someone to own and hate her. Like this is New York. And you know, Cohen came in there and said, what it vach and Darren Ruff and then, then the bullpen, Michael Gibbons, who didn't even fucking pitch down the stretch <laugh> like, what are you doing? Speaker 2 00:13:18 And what did the brains do? They got Rossius, which was, I know it didn't work out in the end, they didn't advance. Um, but that was a great move cuz not only did you get up this year to set up if Kenley leaves, now he's your closer signed for the next three years. Like that was, and he pitched great for them. So that was the most disappointing part is the Mets didn't do enough and you know, they, they didn't have enough offense. And losing Starling Marte, I know we came back for the playoffs, but not having him against the Brave series was brutal. But it's on them. Alonso said it, We didn't lose this when we lost to the Braves, we lost when we got swept by the Cubs. You can't have that in September. You got swept by the Cubs at home and they lost it. Speaker 2 00:13:56 They had, they had an easy schedule in September, one of those games you win. And I don't know, maybe they still would've lost in the Wild card. I mean in the division around, maybe they would've lost to the Phillies too. I don't know. But when you put yourself in a spot to play a three game wild card series, you knew that you could lose that. And I knew going to the Padre series, they were done. I was hoping, I'm like, Please let me be wrong. Come on, do this. It's a new season. But it was hard to have optimism after seeing them go out there and just be embarrassed by Atlanta. That was just, it was unbelievable. So it sucks because like most times you would go, Wow, they had 101, 101 win season, second best ever what they did. So many good things played well, had a lot of wins. And you really can't look at it like that because you got all these free agents too. How's this team gonna look next year? It was just really, really disappointing to like basically have a great five months and then have it ruined in the final month of the season. Speaker 0 00:14:57 I gotta tell you, it's probably pretty good that we weren't doing the podcast during all of that because I mean that, you know, I don't know if you would've been able to handle that much needling from me as it was, was all going on would've just, Speaker 2 00:15:08 Because Speaker 0 00:15:09 You know how I feel about, you know, about Mets fans in general and you know, not, not you in particular, but you know, there's, there's a little splash of you in particular in there. So I, I do like to kind of needle things as they, uh, as, as they, as they go through. Especially when, you know, when it's a fan base like the Mets who's like, you know, they come out of the gate white hot and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Where the greatest team, it's like the greatest team that ever walked the planet was suddenly in Flushing Queens. And, and so to see it kind of unravel like that, like the sweater, I'm just pulling like with you, like you're a sweater right now and I'm just, I'm pulling that thread. I'm pulling that thread. I'm pulling that thread until you start spouting FBOs left and right and there you go. Now you're just a big ball of yarn sitting there on the <laugh> on the floor. Speaker 2 00:16:01 Oh yeah. You know what else I'm fucking pissed about? Speaker 0 00:16:04 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:16:05 No, listen to this Speaker 0 00:16:07 Just peed a little. Speaker 2 00:16:08 I don't, I dunno if this is a, a Met Policy or mlb. So when tickets went on sale, I got tickets to game two of the Wild Card and Game three of the Nlds if they made it cuz it was a Saturday. And Saturday's perfect for me to go. So I was like, okay, so I buy the tickets and they say, you get a refund. If you don't advance, you don't get a fucking refund until three weeks after the World Series is complete. Why can't I get my fucking money now? Why do I have to wait? You guys aren't playing it. You have to wait until nothing's gonna change. They're not playing. Give me my fucking money now. Why do I have to wait till late November? What kind of bullshit is that? Speaker 0 00:16:48 <laugh>? Listen, you know what Steve Cohen knows what Steve, what he's doing with money. Speaker 2 00:16:51 I don't, I don't know if it's, if that's the Mets policy or mlb, I mean, I know I bought the tickets from the Mets, but I don't know if every MLB team did that. Like, I don't know, hit me up on Twitter at Adam Ons. But you got tickets for a team that didn't advance and you're waiting for a refund. Do you have to wait until three weeks after the season ends? Like it's ridiculous. Do they think I'm gonna forget <laugh>, but yeah, maybe he'll forget. We won't, you know, credit his credit card. I'm not gonna forget. Fucking call your asses up. I want my money, man. Speaker 0 00:17:22 <laugh> Well, with that refund that you're gonna get, or you know, we assume you're gonna get, um, if you had to slap it down on, uh, on your, on your pick to win the World Series Astros are a plus one 40 Padres are plus three 20. Phillies are plus three 30 Yanks are at plus three 50. Where are you putting your, uh, your money? Speaker 2 00:17:40 Astros, Speaker 0 00:17:42 Right? I how in the world do the Astros only plus like at plus one 40, like I feel like the Astros should be even money at best. Speaker 2 00:17:51 Yeah, with the way they played, you know, winning 106, you look at that rotation, the bullpen, um, you know, breeze through, I mean, not breeze through, but they did sweep, but it wasn't easy. I mean, Seattle did give 'em a battle, man, that was, that game one was insane, man. Uh, but Alvarez is just a stud though. I know two big home runs. And then Jeremy Pena with the big home run. Um, it was, yeah, they're just, they're a really good team man. And, um, I don't know man. I start to think I'm like, Damn dude, the Padres or Phillies have this magic or something with the way, I mean, look, people talked about the Padre before the year. It's just that, and then TAs got suspended. So cuz I, at the trade deadline, people were like, Oh, Beta Padres, look at this. They got soda, they got hater. And at that time we thought tats was coming back. Cause I thought like, dude, we didn't talk Man T Wars. I had like 120 points, right? And I was battling with Mike Gene. We were both in the plus like one 20. I was like, okay, cool man, I'm gonna get tattoos back here around August 13th. Speaker 0 00:18:57 It was, I I, we, we, you and I actually, we had a, we we didn't record, but we did have a conversation about Speaker 2 00:19:02 This. Yeah. And I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna get tattoos back. My number one pick was been all year. I'm in, I got 120 plus points. This is great. As soon as it was. Oh yeah. Cuz we were, oh wait, we're re we were in Canton, Ohio when it was hap when it was announced. That's why. Yes. And Speaker 0 00:19:18 We were at the expo. Speaker 2 00:19:18 Yeah. So that was like what, August 12th or whatever. So we were at the expo, the news broke. I was talking about it right when that news broke, bro, I am not kidding. I don't know if it's Quincy or not. My team absolutely fucking tanked. I got his low, I got as low as 80 points. I went from one 20 to 80 and I'm sitting there like, holy shit, I did wind up. I mean, it sunk for a while and I wound up finishing, I think in the nineties. I didn't win obviously, but I mean my team just absolutely bottomed out when that tattoos. Uh, I finished with 99 and a half to finish fit. So still 20 out of first, so that sucks. But man, like it got bad. Like I was just sitting there like, how is this possible, bro? So that killed me. But yeah, when the Padre made that trade with Soda and hater, a lot of people like, Oh, Padres gotta bet. Damn, look at this team. But they, they didn't play well though, you know what I'm saying? Like, Speaker 0 00:20:16 No, they did not. They definitely did Speaker 2 00:20:18 Not. I mean the Dodgers always beat and that's the other part, crazy part, the Dodgers took 15 of 19 in the regular season. They've been beating the shit outta the Padres the last five years. And the Padres walk in there and fucking win four man. Insane, bro. It's just, it's so crazy. But yeah, the Padres didn't really play well after that trade. So I, so I see where people are like, well you said you picked the Phillies before the year. And I did see people take the Phillies before the year. Um, and then the padre too, they can touch with me back, but they, both teams did not play well. Um, most, I mean especially in the second half or most of the season. I mean, again, they had 89 and 87 wins. So it was just crazy like for the bras to, I mean the bras were like the best teams since June 1st. Speaker 2 00:21:06 And Phillies just went in there and basically handled them pretty easily. That was stunning. So I don't know if like the Braves just, you know, wiped out all their emotion against the, the mats. I don't know. I mean, again, the Phillies, think about this too. Phillie's game one against the Cardinals we're down two, nothing in the ninth inning. They scored six runs and then swept the Cardinals and then took care of the Braves. And for, it's just, it's unbelievable man, how like you just in the instant, these guys just turn it on. I mean, and the Phillies do have a wheel or a noer. And see that's why I think that helped them in a short series. I think it's gonna hurt them against the Padre. Cuz now you have to pitch Swo as, and I guess they used Cigar at game four, he only won three innings. I think that is a weakness for Philly and their bullpen. Speaker 0 00:21:57 Yeah. Yeah. I think the bullpen is definitely gonna be a, a, a problem for the, uh, for the Phillies. Um, you know, especially matching up, uh, from, from that Padre's lineup, even from head to toe, even though the bottom end of that lineup, uh, can definitely produce so well. Speaker 2 00:22:13 Yeah, Frank Grish, I'm killed the fucking Mets fucking guy. Guy hits one 90. He's in home runs left and right against the Mets. Speaker 0 00:22:19 Dude, you just, you're cracking me up with this man. Oh, like this, I, I'm, this is what I missed. This is what Oh, just that level of frustration hearing in your voice. Like, you know, a good, a true friend would be like, Ah, dude, it's okay. It's okay. No me, I'm, I'm kind of reveling in this. I really am. I really, I love you to death <laugh>, I'm definitely reveling in, uh, in, in this a lot, especially, you know, I mean, listen, I, you know, me, I go back and forth with Mets fans on a, on a regular basis throughout the, cause There's just, there's so much hyperbole, you know, like dealing with people who just refuse to look at their team objectively. Like, that's what I respect about you. You could look at your team objectively and say what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are. I know when you're speaking like a fan and when you're speaking like a true analyst, uh, right. We've had those conversations before. So, but for the most part, the more, the most, the the majority of people who I deal with on a regular basis are like just fan fans. And, and it's just, it's, it's unbelievable. So, um, yeah. All right. So, so you got, you got the Astros, you're picking the Astros to win it Speaker 2 00:23:32 All. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:23:36 So Unfun, but Right. I gotcha, I gotcha. I mean, listen, I, what I like about the fact is that it's plus one 40, so at least you turn a decent profit on it, right? Instead of it being like a minus one 10 or a minus one 15. I like the fact that it's plus odds here. I might sprinkle a little something with my Yankees just for the fun of it, but I'm afraid I might jinx them too. Speaker 2 00:23:58 Yeah. And we're talking about this before game one of Yankees, Astros. So that price could change, uh, if the Astros wouldn't game one. If they lose game one. Speaker 0 00:24:07 Oh yeah. By the time you guys, Yeah, by the time you guys hear this. All right, well, so there you go. So Adam says, the Astros. Um, and we'll just kind of move on from there, uh, because those games are going on now. Let's, uh, let's, let's bounce over to the, uh, stay on the hardwood here and, uh, and talk a little nba, you know, I'm not an NBA guy, but season is just starting up this week. We've got, you know, there's, there's plenty of excitement. I'm sure that you're, you know, handicapping games. I'm sure that, you know, you guys are all, you know, neck deep in, uh, in DFS and I'm sure you guys are doing a ton of props. How, uh, uh, how, how excited on a, on a level of one to 10, one being you're the Mets trying to look in the playoffs, and number 10 being you're the Astros the favorite to win. On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you for the NBA season? Speaker 2 00:24:58 Oh, I mean, it's gotta be 10. I mean, it's just, I always, the start is always tough because, you know, still got baseball was going on. NFL always takes up a lot of time, so it's always rough early on. But definitely glad to have it back. It's one of my favorite sports to bed and, and look at player props. So, um, take taking it easy early on though, like there's 12 games here on Wednesday and I didn't find a lot that I like as I was going through it. Um, opening night was Tuesday and I had un beat over three and a half assist at plus 1 35. He had five, so that worked out. Um, I was on Philly though, and they lost, they, they played really poorly in the fourth quarter and turned it over a lot. Um, so yeah, I mean kind of gonna take it light early on, you know, kind of see where the value is. Speaker 2 00:25:49 You know, some of these props, um, the market has assessed properly right now. Um, there's always a few guys they're off on, so I'm trying to find who they're off on and, you know, ride that for a while. You know, a couple years ago was Jeremy Grant because he changed teams and went from a bench player role to a starting minutes and the books took a long time to adjust to that. Um, a guy that I was cashing in on and wrote up a lot last year was Jalen Green from Houston and looking at his props for Wednesday, it's 22 and a half points and uh, over three and a half threes at plus money. So, um, I didn't take it, uh, kind of like it, but I'm like, eh, it's kind of about right. He had a great preseason. So I'm kind of just looking for things, um, that maybe the market is off on a little bit. Speaker 2 00:26:36 Tyrese, Halliburton could be one of those guys. I talked about it on the, um, Better Sports Network and I didn't play it. I think think his prop was 25 and a half points in assist and I, I kind of liked the over, I didn't play it. And uh, with two minutes left in the first quarter, he has 10 points in one assist. So it's looking pretty good so far. But I didn't play it. So kind of just eyeing things here first few days, I'm not gonna go too heavy. And then trying to figure out, okay, where, where are the books wrong? Where's the market wrong on and what player so far? Um, I will say this man. So I don't know how closely each show is. Did you see the draftings uh, boost for Justin Harbert on Monday night? Speaker 0 00:27:18 No, I didn't Speaker 2 00:27:19 See it. Okay. I mean, cuz it's, I saw it a lot on social media, so I get the alerts. I usually stay away from them cause I don't trust them. So this one was Justin Herbert to throw one touchdown or more plus 100. It went from uh, minus 800 to plus 100 max bet 25 bucks. You would've taken that right? Speaker 0 00:27:39 Yeah, probably. Speaker 2 00:27:40 Uh, so it's the fir 26 of his last 27 games he hit that he didn't hit it Monday Night Speaker 0 00:27:46 <laugh>, that's like, that's like, that's like, like, like your friend telling you to bet on, uh, Nick Chubb's longest yard, longest run from scrimmage over 18 and a half yards and, and you, so you bet it. And then all of a sudden Nick Chubb only runs for as long as he's 18. Yeah. So I miss it by a half point. Like kinda like that. Speaker 2 00:28:08 Yeah, just like that. Uh, and that was a prop I've been writing for a long time. <laugh>, of course that was the week he doesn't fucking hit it. See that's why you keep this shit to yourself or publish it cause you know, like, oh yeah, that really worked out. Um, so, and then there was another Draft King's Boost when Baltimore played Buffalo, Josh Allen over one and a half touchdown passes. I was like, Oh yeah, I'm taking this one. I mean, I didn't know about the weather at the time. He didn't hit that. So tonight's uh, Wednesday night Kevin Durant 20 points some more and I was like, I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. I did it. So if it doesn't hit, I'm done. I'm done, I'm done. If it doesn't hit, they're not gonna sucker me anymore. And usually I don't like them because, oh wait, there there's a few, these other ones I didn't play. It was all it was. Speaker 0 00:28:56 Look at you, Look at you. You they are, they're fish hooking you in. Speaker 2 00:29:00 Well look, come on. I went over Duran has been under 20 points like two times in the last 30 games and it's opening night against the Pelican. So if he scores 19, I'm done. But it was, this one was a joke of a one. It was Miami. Who was it against? Was it Miami? I gotta find him. Man, this one was like really bad. I didn't play this one. I'm like, yeah, I'm not doing this. It was Miami against I think maybe week four. Hold on, I gotta find it. My, yeah. Okay. Miami Bengals that Thursday night game. Okay, this one was Jamar Chase 40 yards or more. Tyre kill 40 yards or more. Jalen wa 40 yards of more that's gotta hit right Howard? Speaker 0 00:29:48 Well, I mean just like re just receiving yards or as long as half, Speaker 2 00:29:52 No, they have 40 yards or more for Tyre. Kill Chase and Waddle. You would, That's like, Speaker 0 00:29:59 Yeah, I would, I would bet that Speaker 2 00:30:01 Jalen wa finished with 39 yards <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:30:05 I didn't play that one. I'm like, that's too much. But you're, that's the thing they like when I see shit like that and it, I'm like, it's gotta be fixed, bro. I mean that's the first thing that comes to mind. I hate to say it, but I'm like, how is this possible, bro? Of all the nights now the Harbor one, I will say Denver's defense going into that game and still has allowed only three passing touchdowns this year. They have been good. I tweeted out the other night, I'm like, the bro's defense has to be infuriated. They've allowed 19 points of fewer in five or six games. They've allowed three passing touchdowns. They've been great and they're sitting there two and four cause the offense is a piece of shit. But dude, these, these boosts are insane, bro. There was one with Travis Kelsey against the Chargers and I remember I told Justin, I'm like, Nope, I am not playing this one because Darwin James, when he is on the field, has been good against Kelsey. Kelsey did not hit it. So I usually don't play them. But like that Herbert one come on one touchdown pass. I gotta play that. I gotta do it and I would do it again. But it's it's mind by what Speaker 0 00:31:06 I said I would've been on in on it, right? Speaker 2 00:31:07 Yeah. I mean, again, I it's only $25 max bed, so whatever. But still man, it's just like, really? And then they tweet, Sorry. Yeah, we all feel mad that you lost on that one. So here's what tonight Kevin Durant 20 points a month and I'm like, I stayed away the whole day and then this afternoon, Oh my god, I gotta do it. Speaker 0 00:31:26 Oh my God, that's too funny. See, see, I'll tell you what man, that's like the, the benefit of of being living in a state where you can't bet, and you know, anybody who knows me, I, I do bet, but I bet through a friend of mine, right? And, and he takes care of it all for me, but I give them my picks and I leave it at that. So I don't look for the boosts or, or you know, varied props. Like I'm not, you know, I'm, I'm just, I'm, I'm more of a straight game better than I am a prop be guy or you know, or, or especially like in game betting as well. I don't do that either. Um, but like, if, if if betting were, were legal here, like I would, I'd get hooked into those also. Like, you know, I'd be talking to you or John and Pemba or James Grande, you guys will talk me into something. I think there's one website that calls it the Taco. I, you know, whatever. Like all that, Speaker 2 00:32:23 All that shit. Those are Gimmies, man. I think the, I can't play price picks in Jersey. It's not legal for some reason. But I think the one last thing was like curry over half a point. Like, okay, come on man, if as long as he doesn't get hurt, that's half like, that's a no-brainer. They used to give some brainers like that. Like they, they used to have like, for every thousand people that bet on the total, it's gonna go down a point. And then you get like an NBA game where the total's like over 10 and a half. Like it gets bet that much like those are are freebies. I mean the Harvard one's not a freebie, but again, you look at the track record, it's like, okay, he's done this in every game except one in the last 27. Yeah, I think he'll get one touchdown and then it doesn't happen and it goes to overtime and it doesn't happen. I was like, you gotta be fucking kidding me man. <laugh> you really like, come on. Speaker 0 00:33:13 Oh my God. All right. So you, so your plan, like, did you, um, did you do any NBA futures at all this year? Like where, where, where do you see it, uh, it ending up? Obviously, um, you've, you've got some of your favorites? Speaker 2 00:33:26 No, not for the championship man. I think it's wide open and it's different on a lot of books here. Boston was favorite for a while, but then they had the whole, uh, coaching change with uh, u Doka going out. So that concerned me a little bit. And Robert Williams looks like he's gonna miss quite a bit of time. Um, so no, not for the, I I just think there's a, a lot of different teams that can win. So I'm gonna wait in season to see if I see anything. I mean I think Golden State has a really good shot again. Um, they're not gonna push their veterans in the regular season. They have a lot more depth though and they have some really good young talent. Um, so they might not tear it up in the regular season, but they're gonna be dangerous in the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:34:07 I think Denver has a good shot because they got Jamal Murray and Porter back to go with Yoki. The Clippers are like among the favorites at the books. Um, and they have a very deep team. But obviously it comes down to the health of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George come playoff time and the east, you know, Boston's there. I think Philly has a good shot and uh, Milwaukee. So to me there's no clear cut. Yeah, this is the team. Um, so I kind of wanna see it play out during the season and okay. See if anything opens up. Cuz I think this is a real difficult year to say, yeah, this is the team that can win it all. Speaker 0 00:34:46 All right, that makes sense. That makes sense. I I can be uh, I can be o okay with that one there. So, um, enjoy the, the start of NBA folks and uh, once Adam sets, you know, sets his sights on which props are undervalue, which players are undervalued, then, you know, we'll, we'll discuss that here on the show. And obviously you can follow him at Adam Ronis on Twitter, uh, and make sure that you are, uh, giving him a follow and uh, and tuning in for um, everything. About how long, how long do you usually give yourself, like for the start of the season you go like a full, like is it, is it two weeks, is it 10 games? Like how do you judge really where you feel most comfortable usually to start the season off? Speaker 2 00:35:30 Um, there's no, there's no timetable. Like I might spot something after tonight's game and see something and be like, Oh, okay, let me see what's the number here. Yeah, I'm gonna go with this guy. So, um, there's no exact time. Um, it's just something that, some things you see that open up. Uh, but yeah, I mean it, it's just like, it's tough with all the sports intersecting out, you know, I'm still gonna focus, uh, you know, it's baseball playoffs I'm gonna watch and then NFL Sunday I gotta tune out the NBA on Sunday. What I do is, you know, once everything is done, then kind of catch up on everything that happens. So that kind of puts me behind a little bit on Sundays. Um, but yeah, I mean, I'll get into it man. I love the, the player prop market betting the nba. So, uh, I might see something after tonight see someone like, okay, what's the number here? Oh, okay. Um, looks like, uh, actually know, I didn't even look up his props tonight, but the math, the rookie from the Pacers has gotten a lot of buzz and I do see Benedict Mathur and he already has 10 points. Um, I didn't even look to see what his prop was tonight cause he is coming off the bench. Uh, so that might be someone that I'll, that I'll take a look at and see what the numbers are, what the book's put up. Speaker 0 00:36:42 Right on. Okay. I can dig it. I can dig it. Are Rangers winning this Stanley Cup this year? Speaker 2 00:36:49 I hope so. I mean, I know they're off to a pretty good start. They look exciting, so I know they're not, they're not among the favorite stuff. Speaker 0 00:36:57 They're not among the favorites, which makes me more inclined to try to put some money on them. But I feel like I screwed them over last year by putting that money on the Rangers and uh, and Schuren. I don't think they, they were able to like cope with the fact that I was betting on them and they uh, and they, they tanked for me. Speaker 2 00:37:14 Yeah, that's why you prob I mean I I don't really like betting on my teams. I, I, a lot of people feel that way. I don't know if you do, but I don't know, I guess cause if they lose it's like a double loss. Like, oh I lost money and my team disappointed me. Speaker 0 00:37:28 Yeah, yeah. I'm usually that same way too. It's why I don't usually draft a lot of guys from, uh, in my fantasy leagues. From my teams. Yeah. Those are certain select ones you gotta, you know, do it. Like I'll draft Aaron Judge, uh, in fantasy, I'll, I'll draft Bruce Hall in fantasy football. Patrick eing in fantasy basketball. Right. I would do that. And um, yeah and Justen in fantasy hockey, but other than that, yeah I try to uh, I try to avoid it. So, um, alright, well then let's round it out here. Adam, with the big four in sports, The biggest of the big for in sports. Let's talk a little nfl. You know, you and I, we don't usually like, that was one of the reasons. It was kind of funny. I was sitting there and I was, I was, you know, looking at, you know, the games that I was gonna write up for picks wise and you know, I I I like look at the spreads on like Tuesday morning when they come out and you know, and obviously I try to like do my thing and figure out which spreads look suspicious and you know, what where, where I wanna, you know, kind of lean towards and if that game's available for me to write up over at Picks wise. Speaker 0 00:38:35 And I want to jump on that, uh, pretty quickly. But like, be you and I talking through the games and, and I, I felt the very, the same way when Craig Mis I used to do it for wager alarm. It just like, talking through the process just helps me a little bit more, you know, having that, that sounding board that you or, or or misuse to offer. And uh, and I, and I was thinking about that on Tuesday, which I, I think, well, no, it was Tuesday last week. Was it Tuesday last week when I was like, when I hit you up? But I'm like, we gotta go back and do this pot. Speaker 2 00:39:10 Yeah, it was Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember which day. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:39:14 I was missing you. I was missing you Adam. Oh. So let's talk some nfl. Let's talk about some week seven stuff. I mean, how's your, how's your, your, uh, your, your NFL uh, betting going this year? You uh, are you, are you doing well? I mean, aside from the Nick Chubb prop that fucked me over. Speaker 2 00:39:33 I'll stop. I cashed that every week until last Speaker 0 00:39:35 Week. Oh yeah. Well it doesn't matter. I be it every other week before that. Speaker 2 00:39:39 It's not my fault that, uh, you caught on late. Speaker 0 00:39:42 Um, I'm come, I'm coming at you like somebody on Twitter. Speaker 2 00:39:45 Yeah, I know, right? Um, Speaker 0 00:39:47 I be, you said it was the look and I bet my, my mortgage payment on it. Now what am I gonna do? Speaker 2 00:39:54 Um, betting from a spread perspective has been really good actually. So except the last two weeks is when I've kind of fallen off. So my record by week is 10 and six, 12 and four, 11 and five, 12 and four, seven and nine and last week eight and wait, there was eight and six. So first five weeks were real. Four weeks were really good. And then last two weeks have been a little bit tougher, um, player props, same kind of good start last couple weeks have been a little bit of struggle. Offense is down man. So if you're taking these over, that's the problem man. Like I had, uh, what did I have over last week that just missed? Uh, well the Chub one just missed and I had, oh, I had Aaron Jones, I thought they were gonna feed him the football. So over 59 and a half rushing yards that didn't come close. Speaker 2 00:40:45 The one, oh, here, you probably know the one prop though that the books are awful on now. Hall bro, <laugh> Fey played is over rushing attempts that cast easily. I played is over 59 and a half rushing yards that easily. So I'm gonna see what his numbers are this week. I know it's a tougher match against Denver, but the books are off on Breeze Hall. That guy is a stud and he's getting the football every week. So overall it's been pretty good. I've been, I've had a pretty good read on where the trappy lines are and everything, but like I said, the last two weeks I've been rough. My goodness man. Survivor, holy shit. Speaker 0 00:41:16 Oh my god, dude. Pools are getting destroyed. The Speaker 2 00:41:20 Circus survivor has 6% of the participants left Uhhuh <affirmative>. That is absurd bro. And I write the Survivor article and I've actually done pretty well the last week, bro. I was like, cuz every week I'm like, why is people on this? And the last week I'm like, well I guess I can't say it this week because I had Tampa Bay in there. I didn't have Green Bay. Cause I don't think Green Bay is that good. Um, who do I have in there that, that fucked us last week? Tampa and was one and two. I had the Rams was the top choice. So hopefully people took that one. It was the Rams Tampa and, well, Speaker 0 00:41:55 Green Bay was a popular, Speaker 2 00:41:56 I didn't have Green Bay. I didn't write up, did not write up Green Bay. Um, all the Ravens. Ravens, Speaker 0 00:42:02 Oh, Ravens over the Giants. I was gonna say, what about San Francisco over Speaker 2 00:42:05 Atlanta? I had San Fran the week before. I did not trust them soon. So that was a line where early in the week I was on San Fran, five and a half, then I saw all the injuries on the defense. I said I can't do it. So I switched to Atlanta. Um, I still was kind of stunned though that they lost by 14. But yeah, I mean there was a lot of weeks where I've written it up where I've been able to avoid the trap, but like really Tampa losing last week. That was a stunt. And you wanna say, well you shouldn't have taken Baltimore than I'm on a road. Fine. I mean again, I haven't really, I still haven't bought into the Giants. I know I give him more credit because of the Packers win in London and the win last week. But three of the first three, their first three wins were against like three of the worst offensive teams in football, Tennessee, Carolina, and Chicago. Speaker 2 00:42:49 Um, and then they lost a Cooper Rush, a backup quarterback. So the, here's the thing, and I've said this, I don't know if you agree, there are so many bad teams in the NFL right now. There's so much parity. Hardly anyone is good. There's maybe two or three good teams and a team like the Giants who are very well coached, that's why they're five and one like the Giants would never be five and one in any other year. There's just a lot of bad football teams right now. And you see people complaining about it on Thursday night, Sunday night. And I sit back and I go, Okay, you can't have the Bills chiefs and the Eagles at every primetime game. You're gonna have bad games because there's a lot of bad teams in the NFL right now. And I went through this today with the Eagles schedule. Speaker 2 00:43:28 I'm like, okay, the Eagles are six and all, but have they really been tested? Not really. Like they played Minnesota who's five and one and they destroyed Minnesota. Minnesota wasn't even competitive in that game in week two on Monday night and Minnesota's five and one and I don't think they're that good. They've had to, they had to come back from behind against Detroit. They struggled to beat the Bears. They struggled to beat the Saints in London. Yet here they are at five and one. And I look at Philly and I don't even know if we're gonna know how good Philly is by the playoffs come, here's their schedule. Steelers, Texans Commanders, Colts Packers, Titans Giants, Bears Cowboys, saints giants. Where are we gonna know how good Philly is? I mean if you're gonna tell me the Giants real, they play him twice. I think the game in Dallas will be a test. Speaker 2 00:44:11 Remember Dallas didn't have Dak press comp for this one. So I was not surprised that they lost at all. I was on Philly minus four and a half. I did not think Dallas was gonna win that game because Cooper Rush was gonna be exposed. Cooper Rush did nothing in the four games he won, he did nothing. They hit him, he managed the game and the defense carried him. And then I knew that was not gonna happen in this game. What happened happened three interceptions. But Philly is clearly the best team. But look at that schedule. We're not even know how Speaker 0 00:44:37 It's ridiculously soft. You after the Cowboys, it's the Saints and then the Giants again. I Speaker 2 00:44:42 Mean, yeah, so like, okay, so say Philly goes loses two games, right? Everyone's gonna be on them for the playoffs, but how good are they? They haven't been te and I think they're good. Uh, we didn't, I don't think we spoke much before year. I had Philly winning the mc East. I thought Dallas didn't do enough in, in the off season to improve. And Dallas was surprising me cuz I wrote them off after week one. I'm like, the season's done <laugh>. I said, the season's done. No d we're done. They didn't do enough the offensive line injuries, but their defenses played way better than I imagined. I knew Parsons was good, but like, this is insane. And it's the whole defensive line. So they're def and, but again, I'm more optimistic because the rest of the NFL sucks, bro. This is a bad, bad NFL right now. Speaker 2 00:45:27 There are no, there's like three good teams, The Bills, the Chiefs, and the Eagles. Like someone was like, you're giving the Vikings no respect really. They're plus 21. They and both of us were on Minnesota before the year to win a division. So this isn't like, I look at that division, I'm like yeah, cuz I'm never high on Green Bay and they've been worse than I thought. But like again, Minnesota, where's their impressive win? They beat Green Bay Detroit by four. They had to come back The Saints in London. They should have lost that game by three. They beat the Bears by seven and they beat the Dolphins with a third string quarterback in Bridgewater coming in by eight. You I know the argument is, well you gotta beat who you are and they're winning. Okay, that's fine. But I don't think they're that good. Speaker 2 00:46:17 You have the Giants of Five and ones. Does anyone believe they're that good? I mean, look at that often. So to me, the nfl and that's why you're seeing all these upsets and underdogs covered every week. There's a lot of bad teams right now. A lot. I mean, look at the NFC West. Three teams at three and three and the Cardinals are still fucking alive at two and four. Atlanta. Atlanta, What was their win total? Four and a half. They're three and three tied with Tampa Bay. The only team undefeated against the spread like this. We say it every year, all the nfl. This is one of the most insane years I've ever seen to start. And it translates to fantasy football with all the lack of scoring and the zeros you're getting every week. Speaker 0 00:46:58 Yeah, yeah. There are a lot of disappointing performances without a doubt. I, I find it, you know, it's, it's, it's very funny that, you know, you bring this up and you talk about it because of, you know, betting the unders, betting the, uh, the, you know, the underdogs and, and, and how that kind of, you know, it, it pans out and it makes sense. Um, I I didn't even think about it until you just mentioned Atlanta's right now, is that how many wind totals, um, are are getting just royally screwed. Seattle Speaker 2 00:47:29 Too? Wasn't Seattle like four and a half? Speaker 0 00:47:31 Yeah, Seattle was like four and a half as well. We got three wins. Three wins Speaker 2 00:47:34 Like that. I mean, there's so many surprises this year. I guess you have to say the Giants are the biggest surprise, right? Speaker 0 00:47:41 Yeah. Probably. Speaker 2 00:47:42 The, your jets bro. Four and two. Speaker 0 00:47:46 We're we're we're good though. We're real deal though. Speaker 2 00:47:49 No, I Speaker 0 00:47:49 Do think, Speaker 2 00:47:53 No, I do think they're Speaker 0 00:47:54 Good. Just the real deal. Speaker 2 00:47:55 Well, I mean, defensively they're good. The problem is for fantasy. They're fucking us because Elijah more with a zero. Garrett Wilson now, like, since Zach Wilson came in and they're winning and playing from ahead, I mean flocked through the ball 60 times a game now. I was like, Wilson, you're lucky if you get 20. So from a fantasy perspective it's um, fuck us. Speaker 0 00:48:16 Damn it. Well, that's why I just said to you earlier here in the show, I said Bruce Hall from the Jets, It's the only one I went on. Speaker 2 00:48:21 Yeah. For oh Fe and I did this, we went over teams like how many players can you rely on, on fantasy? You'd be surprised how many teams. I only have two. It's really bad this year, man. Speaker 0 00:48:32 Oh, it's horrible. Horrible Speaker 2 00:48:34 Dude. My home league, I on the same team, bro. And you know, the bi week issues this week, so I have to probably play all these guys. I have DJ Moore, Darnell Mooney, and Elijah Moore. Bro, how bad is that? And I gotta play these guys this week. Speaker 0 00:48:50 Like as bad as, as bad as this past week when I was like, you know, look at the GST league, right? I, Deion, Jacksonhole, Hardman Marquez Calloway. Like, these dudes were all on my fricking starting lineup. Speaker 2 00:49:04 It's, And you'd think that was bad. Wait till this week, bro. Bill's Bikings Eagles Speaker 0 00:49:10 And, Oh, I'm actually in the clear this week. I actually a a my team for, for bi weeks this week. I'm, I'm go, I'm golden. I'm all Speaker 2 00:49:18 Right. I'm lucky. I am fucked cuz I have a lot of digs in Davis, uh, cousins, Irv Smith, uh, Darrell Henderson Cooper. I am, dude, it's so bad. Scott Fish, while I have six players on by and Mar Hollywood Brown is hurt. So I have a lot of Hollywood Brown, uh, that sucks. I I'm not dropping 'em yet. Um, I saw the latest report was four to six weeks, so it is, Speaker 0 00:49:43 Oh, brown. Speaker 2 00:49:43 Yeah, it's dicey. But I play in a lot of deep leagues, but, you know, a lot's gonna depend on what my record is and what do I have. But due this week is absolutely brutal for a lot, a lot of people. Um, and then we still have some bi weeks ahead where six teams are on by. Um, and then we talk about the players that you can't even count on. And the waiver wires just been garbage. This dog Speaker 0 00:50:06 Shit, anybody, Speaker 2 00:50:09 People in my whole league have spent no fab. I went and looked, I'm like, How does everyone have eight, 900 bucks? I'm like, Oh yeah, no one's been available. Speaker 0 00:50:16 <laugh>. Nobody has been available. It's, it's true. And there's nobody available. And I mean, you know, you look at it even this past week for, for fantasy purposes. I mean, who is the big free agent out there this week? It's fucking Kenyan. Drake. Yeah. Really? That's like how many times? How many times are we gonna get fish hooked into a bullshit, you know, blow your fab on Kenyan Drake? Speaker 2 00:50:39 The problem is, I might have to do it in a league or two while I'm so desperate and like JC Dobbins gotta be worried about him. Um, I guess Gus Edwards won't be back yet. Maybe just the sale comes back. But yeah, you're right. I mean, it's probably gonna be a disappointment, but you know, there with the lack of players out there and if you need someone to start, there is a league. I think it's still pending where I did put some money on Dre cuz I need someone. And, um, yeah, I think my GST league is fucked this week. I know I have, well I should be getting Dak back. Um, my team's not doing that well, but I'm not that far out of a playoff spot with points. But I'm two and four. Um, I had Dak get hurt week one, Pitman sit out week two, and I played Justin Fields. Speaker 2 00:51:24 Then I picked up Mariota, finally got Gina Smith. And then of course, uh, the last week, it was the second week I had him and he didn't have a good game, but I thought he played well. Um, he made a lot of good throws and he was running a little bit. But yeah, this week, um, dude, I, I have a Cooper Cup on by Hollywood Brown Herd Henderson on by right now. I have DJ Char and he didn't even practice. So, um, I'm either gonna have to get someone on the wiper wire or start DJ Dallas, Dontre Hilliary, Chase Edmonds to go with, to go with Moony, with Moony and Zay Jones. Now, this is a deeply league, Howard knows we're in opposing leagues, but it's, uh, 12 teams, 20 roster spots. So free agency is very thin, man. So, um, yeah, I mean, having, I drafted Cole Comme and I've had to, I picked up Evan Ingram and played him. He's been okay. But that's the thing, man, if you don't have a good side end this year or a good quarterback, you're kind of fucked. Speaker 0 00:52:20 Um, Yeah. You know, which is why in the GST league I went Pat Mahomes and Travis Kelsey. Well, Speaker 2 00:52:26 Good for you, Speaker 0 00:52:28 <laugh>. Well then I also was like, I'm gonna go with the two tight ends because of the extra flex. I'm gonna draft Kyle Pits like an idiot. <laugh>. Yeah, that's, if I could have, if I could have that pick back, because I probably would've, like at that point in the third round, I probably could have been looking at like, like Brice Hall. Speaker 2 00:52:49 He, you know, it's funny because, okay, so we did the F SGA a draft back in June. I took BRI Hall on a 14 team league in round four. But if you remember, there were some reports, Oh, Michael Carter and Bri Hall started to drop in some drafts. Mm-hmm. Speaker 0 00:53:05 <affirmative>. Speaker 2 00:53:06 Um, yeah, if we were doing it again today, Yeah, I'm trying to, let me see, where did Bruce Hall go in fourth round? Pick three of round four. So, um, yeah, almost made it dude routes three, four, and five with some of those wide receivers have sunk teams, man, they have sunk teams. You got guys like, uh, Terry McLaren, Brandon Cooks, Alan Robinson, Darnell Mooney, even the Johnson hasn't been great. Um, Juju has been disappointed. Michael Thomas, Elijah Moore. See, there's just so many landmine picks in those rounds, bro. Wide receiver, man. Speaker 0 00:53:46 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Without a doubt. I, you know, the, it's so funny you bring up the Fs g a cause I'm, I'm actually, I'm, I'm six and oh in the Fs g a did Speaker 2 00:53:56 You see what happened to me this week in that league? Speaker 0 00:53:59 Um, no. What happened to you this week? Speaker 2 00:54:01 Uh, okay, I was winning going into Monday. I had the Broncos defense. My opponent had, uh, Josh Palmer in the Chargers defense. I was winning. Remember when the Broncos muffed that punt and the chargers were covered? Speaker 0 00:54:16 Oh, yeah, Speaker 2 00:54:17 Yeah, yeah. I lost on that one. 41. One 40. Oh, I had the second highest score of the week. So that screwed me. So I should be five and one. But then I'm gonna be fair though. I've, I guess I've been fortunate with some of my wins. Um, you have, I mean, my points are not that bad. Now, um, you have 8 0 2, I have 7 55, so I'm not that far behind, but I think, Oh wow. Who hit that? Holy shit. That was a bomb. Reese Hoskins five and eight. Um, damn man, you're, you're messing up my flow tonight. I solely engrossed in this conversation that I'm not, I'm missing nba um, <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:54:55 Stay with me. Cause what we'll do is we'll go through the point spreads here and uh, and then, then you can go off and, and do your thing. Well, Speaker 2 00:55:02 No real quick. So yeah, in that league, and I like the way they do this. Top three records, then the next three most points. So I guess if this season ended today, oh, I would make the playoffs by 0.06. That's crazy <laugh>. Wow. Yeah, but look at this league, bro. You're six and oh, then you've got three teams at five and one, and then me and another team at four and two. So, you know, that loss does hurt because, um, had I won, I have a better more points than two of the five and one teams. So I'd actually be in third. So it kind of does hurt. But, um, but I, I don't, I think my team has problems, man. I don't Speaker 0 00:55:42 Think my team definitely has problems in that league. Dude, I lost Javonte Williams who was a a, a super high draft pick for me. And, you know, and, and, and trying to work the waiver wire for running backs in, in this league is like next to impossible. Speaker 2 00:55:57 Yeah. I spent like 26 bucks on Eno Benjamin last week. And that was because I needed to back that week with injuries. Um, cuz I had a hear, uh, on buy. So I get Speaker 0 00:56:07 Impact. Yeah, you beat me. You beat me for Eno Benjamin, Speaker 2 00:56:10 By how much would you have? Would you? Speaker 0 00:56:12 I don't remember, but I, I I ended up with Deion Jackson and, well, I think I came out ahead on that one. Speaker 2 00:56:17 Uh, you did? Yeah. Um, I did have Deion Jackson in a couple other leagues, so it worked out. Um, because in some leagues he didn't go on the initial waiver wire run, which I understand cause it looked like Taylor could be back. So I don't want, I play in an RT sports championship and Deion Jackson was available on the second waiver wire run on Saturday night. And I was like, Oh shit. And I mentioned that to people. If you play in like the high stakes leagues or the leagues where they have a waiver wire Wednesday and then Saturday that second one, people ignore it. Take advantage of it. Make sure if you're in like, uh, N F F C RT Sports Championship ffpc, that's second waiver wire run, make sure you don't miss it. That's how I got Dion Jackson. I think I bid 88. Speaker 2 00:56:57 I knew I didn't have to go two 50. I'm like, all right, half these teams are not even gonna check. So I went 88 bucks and I got 'em and I needed them desperately and he had a big week. So make sure you do that. But yeah, right now, I don't even know if I'm playing eel Benjamin this week. I wish there were trades in this league. I would trade with you. Cause I have, uh, four decent running backs right now. I'm thin at wide receiver. That's my problem. Cause I like a idiot drafted Michael Thomas. Speaker 0 00:57:22 Oh, uh, you know, I mean, let's, Speaker 2 00:57:24 It was June, bro. In fact in June, and I mentioned this, you know, in June, I I'm not doing a lot of research for football in June. I'm still doing basketball and baseball. I took Naji Harrison at eight or nine. And as I started doing my research, I'm like, that was a bad pick, man. My final ranking show it. I had Saquon Barkley ranked fifth. Like I, so if we did this draft a month or two later, I would've taken Barley. Barclay went at the end of the second round in this fucking draft. Speaker 0 00:57:49 Oh yeah, dude, listen, I believe me, I'm <laugh>, I'm a hundred percent with you cuz I'm looking at my team and I'm just like really like the, like legit, like Lamar Jackson, I, I, Lamar Jackson. Speaker 2 00:58:02 That was a good pick though. You in hindsight, man, with the Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Had three weeks. But Speaker 0 00:58:07 Carrying my team is Lamar Jackson, Josh Jacobs and Travis Kelsey. Speaker 2 00:58:13 That's the thing though, Howard, this year, if you have those players that are producing every week, two to three of them, you're in good shape because people are getting crushed by the guys who are inconsistent. Like Kelsey is such a huge advantage. The tight end landscape is brutal. People are streaming every week and they pick up the guy who scored a touchdown last week, put him in and then he doesn't score. Oh, I gotta drop him now. Who scored a touchdown last week excited. Oh, I'm gonna get him now. You put him in your line up, he gets zero and you keep playing that fucking game and you keep coming up on losing end. So, and then with quarterbacks, you know, if you have, I know Lamar's had three bad weeks, but you have Lamar Mahome, Josh Allen, Hertz, like you're ahead of people. So it's a, it's amazing that you said that because that's the way it is this year. Speaker 2 00:59:00 If you have those two to three consistent players, and most people don't, especially at tight end in quarterback, you're gonna be ahead of a lot of people this year with the way the landscape has gone. I don't know if it's gonna change. Like, I, I thought the first three weeks I was like, all right, this is still kind of preseason. No one played in the preseason. There's only three pre. Okay, maybe it'll pick up. It hasn't, man. Like these offenses, Green Bay, Denver, they horrific like Arizona, like i, these they are so painful to watch. So, um, you know, that's why you are where you are me. Cuz you have those three guys. I mean, for me it's I guess Bruce Hall now and Damien Pierce, Pitman. But there's a lot of holes. Like I look at this team, I'm like, yeah, I have Alan Robinson that I've held onto. Speaker 2 00:59:46 I obvious obviously haven't played 'em, but I didn't want to drop 'em because you saw last week there was a glimmer of hope. Now I don't know if that's gonna continue, but I'm like, it's a 14 team league. I kind of have to hold them. So yeah, I don't look at this team as a, a great one. And this is the only league I have. Naji Harris. I didn't draft him anywhere else. I was just very worried about the offensive line. And he was not gonna get the check downs that he got from Ben last year. He was a product of volume last year. He's not an explosive runner and it's not there now. So even last week he scored a touchdown. If he didn't get that touchdown, it would've been another shitty week for him. Speaker 0 01:00:20 Yeah. Uh, agreed. I actually, I have no shares of, uh, of Naji Harris this year. None. Cause there were a ton of times Yeah. Where we talked about the, um, the offensive line and all the uh, the other stuff going on through there. Um, Alright, well listen, well let's, uh, Speaker 2 01:00:35 Yankees, Yankees are up, bro. Harrison Baer hit a home run. Speaker 0 01:00:38 Oh, come on. I'm taping it, man. Speaker 2 01:00:40 I'm Oh my bad. Oh, you're Speaker 0 01:00:42 Not on my beta max. Speaker 2 01:00:43 Really? You're gonna, so you're gonna ignore social media and then go back to the first inning after we, Speaker 0 01:00:47 You know me, dude, I love to ignore social media. Speaker 2 01:00:52 Oh my bad. I didn't know you should have forewarn me. You know, I talked. Speaker 0 01:00:55 I'm kidding. You think I like really? Speaker 2 01:00:57 I don't know. Some people are crazy like that. They would, I can't blame you. Like, hey, they'll tell me what's happening. I'm gonna, Speaker 0 01:01:03 Nah, freaking This isn't eighties. This isn't the eighties anymore. Oh, David, I'm David. I'm David. Don't tell me, don't tell, don't tell me. No. Fuck that man. Speaker 2 01:01:12 Just, here we go. So I, the one prop, one of the few props I played tonight, Jaylen Bronson over 22 and a half points in assist 2000 the first five minutes. Speaker 0 01:01:20 Oh, sitting down. Speaker 2 01:01:22 Yeah. Five minutes. Son of a bitch, man. Speaker 0 01:01:25 All right, well let's pull you away from that. Let's do a quick run of the spreads, uh, for this week, especially cuz by the time people are listening to this, it's still gonna be almost time for some Thursday night football. So let's go through it and, um, we'll give some thoughts here and, uh, on which way we're going and, uh, and then we'll get back to it. Cuz now I got, now I gotta get to me in my Yankee game now. Um, alright. Thursday night football, the Saints two point underdogs on the road with the Arizona Cardinals. What you lean Speaker 2 01:01:57 This game? I have no idea. Uh, I'm gonna take the Saints, The Cardinals just suck as a favorite on the Kingsbury. I know the Saints have a ton of injuries, but man, how can you trust this Arizona team? They've looked like complete garbage here. I know they get Hopkins back, but, uh, I'm gonna take the points with the saints. Speaker 0 01:02:15 See, and all the more reason why like with the saints, with the points, points that they've put up over the last two weeks and as shitty as Arizona is, um, or how they've looked. Yeah, I'm gonna take the home favorite here. I'm gonna lay the two points. Um, I listen, I, I, Kyle Murray needs, needs a, needs an ass whooping. He really does. Because this dude is so afraid to get hit. It's frightening that I, I just feel like if he just took an ass whooping that it would kind of let soften the blow from him. Uh, running scared. But I think Hopkins coming back will be fine. Ah, I'm a little bummed that James Conden practice. But again, you know, the Saints, their, their wide receiving core is out. I can't get behind Andy Dalton under center. Don't fucking talk to me about Taum Hill. Speaker 0 01:03:03 They got no wide receivers. They got a good defense. They've got a good de like a run defense. But I'm still, I'm gonna take the, the cards, I'm gonna lay the two points. Um, Sunday's games, Giant three point underdog to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I don't really understand this line. Um, I, I just, that's, I don't understand this line. I don't get it. I'm just gonna take the Giants and, and the plus three, which I think is the suckers end of this one here. Like why would the fucking Jaguars be a three point favorite over the five and one Giants who granted not a great five in one team, but Brian Day ball has them playing good motivated balls. So I don't understand this line, dude. Speaker 2 01:03:50 Yeah, I'm worried that it is a sucker one too. But, uh, I'll take The Giants getting three. Speaker 0 01:03:55 Yeah, that's, that's the sucker play <laugh>. Um, Speaker 2 01:03:58 Jack's. Whipple. Speaker 0 01:03:59 Oh, Jack. Easily, easily Jags Jags win this one by like 12. Fuck <laugh>, uh, Falcons. They take it on the road. They're a six point road dog to the Cincinnati Bengals. Uh, Falcons played a a a great game last week when they, uh, when they pummeled San Francisco, a beaten up San Francisco team that traveled across country too. Um, where do, where do you lean on this one? Speaker 2 01:04:28 This is tough. Atlanta's been undefeated against the spread. I don't know how they're doing it. They're having success running the football. The Bengals have not been very impressive. Um, I'll take Atlanta, getting the points, Speaker 0 01:04:44 Taking Atlanta, getting the points. I'm take the home favorite again here, uh, opposite you. I just, yeah, I I I Speaker 2 01:04:52 I don't wanna take the Bengals. My initial lean was Bengals. You know what I'm going The Bengals. Speaker 0 01:04:56 You could take the Bengals, you could come back to me. Uh, it's right. Yeah. I I just don't understand Atlanta. I really, I Speaker 2 01:05:02 Lot of these teams, we don't understand this surely nfl. Speaker 0 01:05:05 That's right. Right, right. But they lose, they lose Patterson Alge isn't being used all that much and, and often Caleb Hunt gets Speaker 2 01:05:13 10 passes a game. Speaker 0 01:05:14 What's that? Speaker 2 01:05:15 Mariota attempts 10 passes a game, Speaker 0 01:05:17 Right? <laugh>. Yeah. I mean, it's fuck. Right. Which pisses me off even more because I'm like, I've got a bunch of Drake, London give me some fucking double digit targets and some, some killer passing. There. Never happens. But I, I take the Bengals here. Uh, Packers on the road against the commanders Packers are favored by four and a half. Uh, I I just, I think that Aaron Rogers is a man on a mission. Um, and I think that, uh, I think that the Packers win this one. I think that they cover the spread. Um, but I think it's like a, like a late touchdown that seals the deal. Not necessarily like a, a close. I think Washington can put some points up on them. And I, and I dig Taylor Heineke and Terry McClure this week, but I, I just, I don't think the Packers are gonna be denied this week again. Speaker 2 01:06:09 Have you said that the last two weeks? Speaker 0 01:06:11 No, I have not. Speaker 2 01:06:12 Okay, so you thought the Giants and the Jets were beating them? Speaker 0 01:06:15 I thought, I thought that. No, I said that I thought the Packers were gonna beat the Giants. Um, when it came to going up against the Jets, why the spread was like, it was like seven, right? Speaker 2 01:06:24 Yeah, seven. I took the Speaker 0 01:06:25 Jets. I took the Jets too. Speaker 2 01:06:28 Uh, Speaker 0 01:06:29 Because because Aaron Rogers in the, the floor era, the packages never lost two in the row. I think that Speaker 2 01:06:38 Narrative, it's such a different team. Um, so Speaker 0 01:06:41 Different. Speaker 2 01:06:42 This is tough cuz I really don't wanna back Green Bay right now, but the commanders are awful and obviously Heine Key's in there and they got fortunate to win against the Bear. So I guess I'll go Green Bay, Speaker 0 01:06:54 Tampa Bay on the road. Carolina Carolina is a home dog at plus 11. And listen, as bad as Tampa Bay looked last week, I just can't, I I can't get behind Carolina in this at Speaker 2 01:07:09 All. Yeah, neither can I, I mean, it's tough to do seeing that Tampa lost in Pittsburgh. But you know what? Pittsburgh is coached by Mike Tomlin, he's gonna get his guys to play still inexcusable for Tampa, but I mean, Carolina is just absolutely lost right now. And how are they gonna put up any points on Tampa? So I, I gotta go with Tampa. As scary as it seems. Speaker 0 01:07:33 Um, I, yeah, it is, it is a little scary. Here's the big one for you, Adam. Detroit in Dallas. Cowboys are a seven point favorite in this one. Detroit coming off the buy week. Who do you like, Speaker 2 01:07:47 I'm gonna take the points with Detroit. I mean, we still have to kind of see their health report. Uh, it looks like St. Brown is back practicing, but Josh Reynolds wasn't dj Char wasn't. Swift said he hopes to play. I think he does. Um, but how does Dak look in his return? Uh, we've seen Detroit be a team that maybe sometimes, uh, you know, gives up the lead, they're behind and then they make it close. Um, I know Dallas is defensive line. Creating pressure on golf could be an issue. Detroit supposed to have a better line. I know they haven't been great at times, but, uh, I'm gonna take the points with Detroit Speaker 0 01:08:23 Taking the points with Detroit. I like the, the points with Detroit as well. Um, they just, they do, They, they are playing some tight games. Uh, and, you know, listen, Dallas Defense is fantastic. Uh, the past Rush is, is absolutely tremendous. It's gonna be a very, very tough game for Jared Goff. Um, I'm actually putting him on the bench in fantasy this week because I do worry about how much time he's gonna have. But for that same token, Dallas is, uh, has, has given, you know, can give up the big plays and that's kind of what Detroit relies on a lot. They, you know, they get those big plays out of, uh, out of Deandre Swift. They get those big plays, uh, out of a Monro Saint Brown. So I'm with you on that one. I'm gonna take the points, uh, over there. Uh, Cleveland on the road in Baltimore grounds are a six and a half point underdog against the Ravens. Speaker 0 01:09:19 I think you can run on the Ravens here, Adam. I I'm gonna, I'm gonna take the Browns and I'm gonna take the points. Even though the Browns fucked me against New England last week, I'm still gonna, I'm still gonna lean on, on the, the power of Nick Chubb. And not to mention the fact that the Ravens defense saying what it used to be, man, the secondary is hot trash. I think Lamar Jackson has a great game for them. Probably gonna run for over a hundred yards against Cleveland. But I'm, I'm taking the Browns and the points. Speaker 2 01:09:50 Eileen, the Browns two, I mean, the Ravens have led by double digit points in all three losses. They had the game against Miami, they allowed 20 in the fourth quarter. They had, uh, the blue is 17 point lead against the bills you wanna say? Okay. Those pretty good. Well, I mean, I know Miami hasn't been great, but Wsu they've been fine. Bills obviously are really good team, but like the Giants game last week, you blow that too. So that's been the biggest concern. This is a really important game for Baltimore. I expect them to win, but I will take the points. Uh, I just worry that bet throws like an interception late that has Baltimore cover. Speaker 0 01:10:28 Why, why you, you open the back door. Don't open the back door, man. Damn Colts Titans. I actually wrote this one up for picks wise. Um, I don't know if you saw it yet, so I will just, uh, I will let you choose first. Uh, Titans are a, well, it's now two. I was looking at it earlier today and it was two and a half, uh, for the Titans at home. Where's your lean? Speaker 2 01:10:56 This one's a tough one, man. It's tough to figure out the cult right now. I know last week was a good one, uh, game for them. Um, I have been really down on the Titans and um, they continue to surprise. I mean, a lot of it is Mike Rebel at what a good coach he is. Um, I do see he is, uh, for no and for no against the spread coming off of bi week. Um, man, uh, they're rested Speaker 0 01:11:25 <laugh>, Speaker 2 01:11:26 Uh, man, I, I don't think Tennessee's that good, but yet they, I guess this is a year again where coaching makes a difference. Cause I don't think this is a good team. Um, and I know we both were on the under on their wins before the year <laugh>. Um, man. Speaker 0 01:11:43 Yeah, but I mean, we got the under on their wins. They were, it was nine and a half, Speaker 2 01:11:47 Dude. Yeah. Um, which still could happen. It's just that division is so bad they could still win this division. Speaker 0 01:11:53 Yeah, probably. Speaker 2 01:11:55 Um, I'm torn on this one. What did you got at two and a half or three? Speaker 0 01:12:02 I got it at minus two and a half. I took the Titans laying the points. Um, I, I, you know, listen, I I think that, you know, a lot of people are just, uh, they're, they're, they're anticipating, you know, Shaq, Leonard should be back, you know, deforest, buckner's fine there in the middle. Um, they, they could, you know, they, they'll probably try and sell out to stop the run and force Tan Hill to pass and the col secondaries is, is good. And those guys are getting healthy again. I just, I, I cannot, after what I've seen from this, uh, from this Colts team with Jonathan Taylor, without Jonathan Taylor, I, I cannot buy into what we saw from them last week. And you know, me, dude, you, you know, I'm like, I, I've, I've always been one of the biggest Colts fans. I love that team. Um, but I just, I think that they are fake and, and I think that, like you said, I think coaching wins this one and, and Rebel Out does Frank Reich all day, every day. So I'm, I took the Titans Speaker 2 01:13:10 Yeah. At at two and a half. I'd probably leave the Titans. If it gets the three, I'd probably go the calls, but I don't feel strongly about this one, obviously. Speaker 0 01:13:16 Yeah. I mean, doubt at two now. So I don't know if it's getting up to Speaker 2 01:13:19 Three. Okay. Speaker 0 01:13:22 Um, Jets, Broncos. Broncos are the home favorite by a point. Might as well be a pick 'em. Where are you? Speaker 2 01:13:31 Is Russell Wilson playing? Speaker 0 01:13:33 I don't know yet. Let's say Russell Wilson plays, Speaker 2 01:13:39 Uh, I'm gonna take Denver. Speaker 0 01:13:46 Hate you. Speaker 2 01:13:47 Why? Speaker 0 01:13:47 What? Oh, I'm sorry. What Speaker 2 01:13:49 I'm rooting for, I want the Jets Speaker 0 01:13:50 To win. Does that come out loud? I, I mean, uh, I think I Speaker 2 01:13:53 Gotta take Denver. I mean, their defense has just been so good, man. And you know, I'd probably take the under in this game. There's gonna be no points. Um, Speaker 0 01:14:02 Oh, you, yeah, yeah. You have to take the under in fucking every Denver game until they start making the Speaker 2 01:14:08 Denver's five and one on the under. They have the fewest touchdowns scored and allowed. Speaker 0 01:14:13 It's crazy. It's crazy. I actually said, you know what, in in, in fantasy, if you pick up the Denver defense, I mean, as much as I love my jets, you know, the Denver D is just, it's, it's for real. Patrick Serta tain looks really good in coverage. Speaker 2 01:14:28 Yeah. I mean, I, we were talking about props and I was like, Yeah, I'm not playing the Mike Williams over. I mean, if you're gonna play that, you gotta take the under. And obviously he was shut down pretty bad. So, um, yeah, no, that's, their defense has been amazing. And that's why if you're the Broncos, you're like, Wait, we're two and four. Look at our defensive numbers. I mean, that's how pathetic the offense has been. Speaker 0 01:14:51 Pathetic. All right, well, you're taking the bros I'm taking the Jets because I love them so much. Uh, another game I wrote up for picks Wise, the Raiders Home favorites Seven Points against the Houston Texans. I, I've already written it up. So you tell me where you want to go first. So I don't influence you. Speaker 2 01:15:10 I'm Speaker 0 01:15:11 T I'm an influencer. I'm Speaker 2 01:15:13 Gonna take jobs. Both teams coming off of by, um, you know, Raiders have played a lot of close games. Um, I can't trust them to cover this number. I think they'll win, but I, I can't trust them to cover this number. Speaker 0 01:15:26 I concur. I also took Houston with the points in this one for exactly that same reason. They're exactly that same reason. Kansas City traveling to San Francisco Chiefs a two and a half point favorite on the road. Speaker 2 01:15:41 This feels trappy, doesn't it? Speaker 0 01:15:43 It so feels trappy. It so feels trappy. Oh, Chiefs can beat 'em by a field goal. Speaker 2 01:15:50 And I like 49ers a lot, but they have a lot of injuries on defense, uh, right now, Boa being l to. So, um, right now I would, I would take the Chiefs. I, I think the Chiefs definitely have a lot of flaws. I know I met 'em as one of the better teams. A lot of it is Mahomes, but I have not been impressed with the Chiefs this year. Um, I know they have four wins, but you know, they beat the Raiders by one. Um, the Cardinals just didn't show up week one. I thought they should have lost the Chargers in week two. They got outplayed in that game. Um, but as we know with the Chargers, that tends to happen. Uh, the week they lost in the Cols, I was on the Colts Fey's like, Dude, what are you talking about? How do you see it? Speaker 2 01:16:30 I'm like, All right, I'm telling you the Cols might not win. They're gonna cover this game somehow. The Colts won <laugh>. Um, they beat the Bucks that Sunday night, which I wasn't surprised by that. But, and then they lost the bills. Like, I don't know man. Like I just, the receiving quarter of me is still a problem. I mean, Juju got lucky on that touchdown. He should have been tackled. He hasn't been good. I thought mvs was coming along then. He has a zero last week. I mean, Kelsey's gonna do his thing. The running back situation is a disaster. But I, I got assuming a lot of the injuries are still gonna be there for San Fran. I gotta take Kansas City. But it feels a trap. Speaker 0 01:17:10 Um, it does feel like a huge, huge trap, which is go, it's gonna put me on San Francisco if, cuz this is what I need to see. Cuz you got Eban, Armstead, Nick Boza, they're all questionable. Sharia Ward, Jimmy Ward, uh, and, and Ho Fonda in the secondary. They're all questionable too. I'll say this, If Ward and Ho Fonda play, then I'm, I'm in on the, uh, on, on the 49ers. Speaker 2 01:17:43 I can definitely see the 49ers winning in this game. There's no doubt in my mind Speaker 0 01:17:46 It's the Shva Ward revenge game narrative. Speaker 2 01:17:50 Cause Speaker 0 01:17:50 I know playing Speaker 2 01:17:51 You also, you also have the Evan Ingram Revenge Game narrative. Speaker 0 01:17:54 Oh dude, I'm so in on that. Right. Okay, so that's, that's the next game we're we're piling up on. Oh no it's not. Speaker 2 01:18:01 Yeah, we talked about that one. Speaker 0 01:18:03 We did talk about that one. The Evan Ingram, Right? I just, yeah, <laugh>. How did we not mention the Evan Ingram narrative? Speaker 2 01:18:13 We did now. Speaker 0 01:18:15 We did now. Um, alright, so yeah, that's where I'm at with the 49ers. I wanna see, I wanna see, uh, what are the wards and who Fonda play. And if that's the case that I'm, that I'm in on that, I'm fine with that because I gotta tell you what man, if the past rush isn't that fierce, Yeah, you don't want Patrick Mahomes setting up for too long. But for the same token, if you chase him outta the pocket and he starts, you know, doing his thing, I think it makes it a lot more difficult for the defense to contain than, than anything else. So if you, you know, if you can tie him into the pocket there a little bit more and not get him running around and, and, you know, making that happen, then I think that you do a better job against Mahomes. I really do. Speaker 2 01:18:59 Please get out. Oh, off the wall. Damn it. But the ass tie it up. Damn it needed that ball to go over. I'll take a tie though. Speaker 0 01:19:12 Thank you so much. Really do why really do like this is just not you. You're just being Speaker 2 01:19:19 Mean. No, I'm not. I'm, I would react like this if I wasn't talking Speaker 0 01:19:24 To you. This is like our first time back, you know? Speaker 2 01:19:26 Yeah. You came out and you fucking made me relive the nightmares ending to the season. That was the mess. You deserve this shit. Speaker 0 01:19:32 That was so much Speaker 2 01:19:33 Fun. That was, yeah. Okay. Speaker 0 01:19:38 Mal nato, Speaker 2 01:19:40 Rub Catcher, uh, hitting an RBI double Nice Speaker 0 01:19:43 Chargers home favorites against the Seahawks Seahawks minus six Speaker 2 01:19:47 Seahawks Speaker 0 01:19:48 Seahawks all day every day. A hundred percent Pittsburgh, seven point underdogs on the road in Miami. Oh, I wrote this sword up for PIs wise too. Speaker 2 01:20:00 I'm assuming two is gonna start cuz he is off the injury report. They've been saying it. Right. That's, you're assuming that too. Uhhuh <affirmative>, uh, this one's seven. It's Sunday night too, right? Prime time. Yeah. Speaker 0 01:20:12 Yes, sir. Speaker 2 01:20:14 Uh, Steelers second, or you, I mean, did it matter against Tampa? They have their top three corners that make Fitzpatrick out. Um, uh, I will go Miami. Speaker 0 01:20:28 That's what I did. That's what I did. As, as poor Kenny Picket and the entire defensive unit for Pittsburgh suddenly comes down with a case of the Miami Flu. Speaker 2 01:20:39 That's who we Yeah. Speaker 4 01:20:40 <laugh>. Speaker 0 01:20:43 Uh, and then the Monday night game, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots. Oh, this, this is gone up now. Patriots are favored by eight. Speaker 2 01:20:54 I mean, <laugh>, how can you take the Bears? It againsts, Bill Belichick. I mean, Speaker 0 01:20:59 I have Speaker 2 01:20:59 No idea. Right? Like all of a sudden now the Patriots just like looking really good. Ramon Stevenson Thornton looked good last week. I mean, I mean, you could say, all right, well, are they over? I I can't, I I cannot take the Bears. I just cannot do it. I I I can't, Maybe we're overreacting the last two weeks, but how, what is your reasoning for taking the Bears Man? Speaker 0 01:21:28 Eight zero, Speaker 2 01:21:29 Right? I mean, that means the Bears will, right? Like Speaker 4 01:21:38 Yeah, Speaker 0 01:21:38 I mean that's, that's, you know, if you're, if you're talking Murphy's Law and we're so out on, you know, I can just, I can hear Mic's voice in my head being like, you know, The Bears have no reason to be in this game whatsoever. The Patriots have looked absolutely fantastic the last two weeks. Their defense has been phenomenal. They've scored touchdowns on defense. There's no way that Bill Belichick could lose or, or not cover against Justin Fields. And Matt Eber flew and sure, shit, there it is. I'll still take the Patriots and lay the aid. I can't, I can't. Yeah. I think I went against the Patriots against Detroit and then I think I went against the Patriots against, uh, Cleveland. So I can't, I can't do it again for a third week. I, I just Speaker 2 01:22:25 Can't. I know it Speaker 0 01:22:27 Is Speaker 2 01:22:27 What's gonna fuck me. I know Monday night dogs are usually good. I was on Denver this past week. Uh, I can't do it though. I can't, Speaker 0 01:22:36 I can't either. Speaker 2 01:22:42 And then did you see him say how great Chicago is and crazy what it's like, Dude, you are hilarious. Speaker 0 01:22:48 <laugh>, right? It's like I see the mouth moving, but I see all, I only hear lies. It's all I hear. Speaker 2 01:22:59 Why didn't I take the Tyrese Halliburton prop? I knew it's God man. See this? He has 19 points and two assists with 10 minutes left in the third quarter. The prop was 25 and a half. Uh, Speaker 0 01:23:11 Yeah. He'll finish with 25 and then you'll be like, Oh, see, I'm so glad I didn't do it. Speaker 2 01:23:16 I, I mean, there's Jaylen Brunson the damn foul trouble. Are you kidding me? 2000 the first five minutes. Where are we on Durant? Cause the, uh, the Nets are down 14 to the Pelicans. Duran's got 11. Come on man. He's gotta get nine more 12 now. Come on, eight more points. At least get some money. Let's go. I don't even want, I don't even wanna look anymore. Speaker 0 01:23:36 All right, well that's okay cuz I'm gonna go focus on baseball anyway and you can go and, and do your own thing. But welcome back. Yeah, just great to talk. Speaker 2 01:23:45 It'll be, it'll be a quick pot an hour and a half later. Speaker 0 01:23:48 Fuck it man. We had a lot to say. Speaker 2 01:23:51 Well, I know that, but you know, you're three hours behind me. I have to hope the places that I wanna order from now are open. Speaker 0 01:23:57 Ah, well it's alright. There you Speaker 2 01:23:59 Go. So you'll, it'll you'll have me eat crappy fast food. Thanks. Speaker 0 01:24:03 Ah, you know what? For old time sake, why not? Speaker 2 01:24:06 That's fine. I'll, I'll, I'll find something. I I don't wanna leave, man. There's too much going on. You got the, I mean, Padre's a one strike away from winning. Then I'll watch the Yankees got the nets, the Knicks, uh, nighttime basketball. So as I, uh, finalize wave wire stuff so the grind never ends. Speaker 0 01:24:23 The grind never ends. And we'll, we'll end things tonight here on that. Big thanks to everybody for, uh, for coming back tuning in, uh, you know, like subscribe. This is all brand new baby, right? I mean, Yeah. Okay. It's old time Ronans and old time Bender. And it's the former Annie up. But that's all right. We we're all new here with cash It. And I tell you what, in honor of that, we're not gonna give it to you unless we are gonna be it ourselves. So take that sucker to the bank and cash it. I'm Howard Bender. E Adam Ronans. We'll catch you next time.

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